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She was dressed in a very expensive gown, but it was a
very expensive bar that I found her in. It was full of
lawyers and stockbrokers and people like that, all
young and well-off and into the singles scene. People
came and went fast, and they only noticed one person at
a time; somebody they wanted to go and come with.

She had plainly gotten her hair done in one of the very
best places, her face had been made up carefully, and I
had doubts if those large high breasts were entirely
natural in origin. She was probably about thirty,
though I would not have been surprised at a few years

We talked for just a little while, maybe half an hour,
before she decided to leave with me. Just an ordinary
pickup for a one-night stand, at least as far as she
was concerned. She expected me to be just one more man
in her life, hardly noticed along the way.

She was satisfied with the story I gave her, and she
was satisfied that she wasn't going to be screwing
somebody poor or uneducated or unsophisticated. She
was actually impressed with the apartment. The
furnishings were worth a lot of money; those she

I gave a quick glance around the kitchen again to check
where things were in case she wanted a cup of coffee or
something before we got down to balling each other. She
didn't; frantic meaningless sex was all she had in
mind. She had been very sure to tell me that she was
making a lot of money at her investment house, but she
would only give me her first name. I only gave her one
name, and told her I worked in a congressman's district

When I started taking her clothes off and throwing them
on the floor, she got excited. I think she was excited
to start with, just in doing it with somebody she
didn't know. That's what she wanted, something fast,
hard, and anonymous.

When we were both naked, I drew back the covers and
threw her onto the silk sheets. She was ready for me
and we went right to it. She gasped as I went all the
way up in one stroke. In only a little time I was
pounding into her so hard that I was bruising her hips
every time. She built up fast, and just when she was
almost at the height, I put my hands around her neck. I
like to think that they reach orgasm when they die.
Certainly I do.

She struggled and clawed my back and her hips leapt up
as the brain and heart shut down. I love it when they
do that.

I left the body of the rich bitch lying there in the
bed. The man who lived here would find her, two days
dead, when he got back into town. What he did with her
was his problem. I'd like to know what he told the
police, actually.
He couldn't claim that anybody broke in. There wasn't
going to be any sign of forced entry, and nothing was

I had just used the extra key I made the last time the
lock was changed, two months ago. Nobody who lives in
these places pays any attention to somebody who makes
keys in a shopping mall, especially nobody who pays for
a thing like key copying with a check.

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