Bad girl (badgirl,facial,jap,jav)

Bad girl

I woke from a restful sleep on a Sunday morning. I lay in bed and started masturbating. I want to go back to the Colosseum and book two girls. Preferably Helen and Sophie, or Sophie and Sam. But Sophie and Victoria would do. I had that heavy feeling in my balls, like there was enough for two.

When my balls are achingly full like this, I think of my ex-girlfriend, Jo. In those days we were 19 and we fucked with a fury that broke condoms and furniture. We couldn’t get enough of each other and we couldn’t fuck at home, so we often fucked in public.

But there was that one time in the laundry at my mum's house, in the dark. The first time. While my sister was watching TV in the next room. Jo ambushed me in the dark and deep-throated me and the tip of my cock touched the back of her throat . . . and it wasn't long before I started squirting cum directly into her throat . . . and she swallowed!

I'd been with a few girls before that, but I'd never been with a girl who swallowed. I was stifling moans of ecstasy and trying to breathe without gasping so my sister wouldn't hear us and in the black silence of the cold tiled laundry all I could hear was the gentle gulp, gulp, gulp of Jo swallowing my heavy load and the hiss of air through her nose as she caught her breath between gulps.

Gulp, gulp - hiss - gulp, gulp - hiss - gulp . . .

I never counted squirts in those days, but Jo did and she told me enthusiastically afterwards that mine was a 13 squirt load and she'd never had to swallow that much cum before in one load and she was so pleased with herself for doing it without choking and so impressed with me for being "so spectacularly fertile", as she put it.

Over the following 18 months of our stormy relationship, Jo calculated that she swallowed nearly 3 litres of my cum. I squirted down her throat hundreds of times. And in the many years since, in my mind, I've squirted my cum down Jo's throat many thousands of times.

Today was no different and as I lay in bed with my eyes closed, I was back in that laundry with my cock touching the back of Jo's throat and . . .

Well, that’s a good start to my Sunday.

Later I go for a walk. I think about the events of the last week. Particularly Sophie. Her beauty and her remembering me and her getting wet as I fucked her doggy. And Chloe with her tight, tight pussy. That popping out. Ohhh. And Julia with her spectacular ass. I can’t believe she let me do those things. I can’t believe I did them.

After that my balls are sore again and I am chubby and I decide to go back to Silk Lotus. With any luck, Chloe will be there. I need to be hard for her, otherwise it will be a waste of money.

The car park is empty. As I walk up, I notice the manager standing behind a column, smoking. He hears me and greets me. Puts his cigarette down and opens the door for me. He recognises me.

“Take a seat please.”

I sit down in the main waiting room, the one without a curtain. The girls take a few minutes to appear. The first one has a hot little body but an ordinary face.

“Hi. I’m Mia. Pleased to meet you.” She would do.

The next one is Dora. I don’t recognise her without her yellow tank top and I don’t catch her name at first when she mumbles it. She is reluctant and seems keen to go. As she leaves I see her cut off jean shorts and hot little ass and lovely legs. She's a pretty Japanese girl I've fucked before. I would be happy to fuck her again today.

There is a pause and I wonder if the manager is coming back. There is the sound of someone maybe tripping on heels or stepping out of a robe. Then she appears.

“Hi, I’m Yuki.”

Wow. Yuki moves with slow sensual confidence. She has unusual cafe latte coloured skin and dirty blonde hair, cut in a short bob. She has a great body. Big tits bulge over the front of her bra and her lovely ass is covered by the thinnest of black thongs. She has a slim waist, but not particularly narrow. She looks muscular and strong rather than feminine and curvy. Like a female bodybuilder. Her right leg has a large elaborate tattoo. She looks like a bad girl.

She flashes a wicked smile and turns to walk away. She has another large tattoo over one shoulder. She walks away slowly. She walks like a very bad girl.

The manager reappears. “Which girl you like?”

“Yuki.” He gives a smile as if there was only ever going to be one answer. No wonder Dora was pissed off.

"One hour?” He is being cheeky. I rarely have that much time and that much money.

“Just half an hour thanks.”

“One twenty.”

He leads me down the hall. “Take shower first. Enjoy.”

I strip and stand in the middle of the floor to see myself in the big full-length wall mirror. I tug my cock to get it going. I am not nervous. I go in the shower and pee down the drain. I soap up my balls and my crack with that weird smelling soap. Artificial strawberry. My heart starts to flutter. It may be the cold. I get out and start to dry myself. I am standing naked, facing the door towelling my back when Yuki knocks and enters. She gets the full frontal view straight up, but she doesn't react.

“How are you?” She is cute and has a nice smile.

"Good thanks. How are you?”

"I’m good. How has your day been?”

"Pretty good so far. But I think it's going to get even better.” My cock is filling as I watch her move. I finish drying off. She has put her gear on the bedside table. “Where are you from?”

“I’m part Thai, part Japanese.”

"Wow. That’s a nice mix.” My delight is genuine and she smiles. She takes off her top, but leaves her thong on and comes around to the bottom of the bed. Her areolas are small and her nipples are hard.

"It’s cold.” She shivers.

“You look pretty hot to me,” I say as I walk up to her. I put my hands around her little hips and press up against her. She smiles at the compliment.

"Thanks. You make me warm.”

I hug her. She feels gorgeous. Her skin is dry and smooth and hairless. Her curves are rubbery and firm. She looks up at me and smiles warmly. She is not such a bad girl. She’s actually quite cute and just really, really sexy.

She leads me back to the far side of the bed near her table.

"I like your tattoos.” They are cool and tasteful. I grope her plump C-cup tits. She sits down on the bed. I kneel in front of her and kiss her nipples. She winces and groans as I squeeze them firmly with my lips. I am getting hard.

“Be gentle. They’re sensitive.” She stands up and I know she is going to take off her thong.

“Can I do that for you?”

"Sure.” She obligingly turns around. Her ass is more plump and hot than it looked in the intro. She actually has a nice little hourglass figure after all.

I peel off the little thong. I kiss her ass. There are no tan lines. She bends over to support herself by leaning on the bed. The thong falls, but catches on her knees. I put my hand between her legs, just above the fallen thong, and grope slowly up the soft inside of her thigh. She feels gorgeous.

I help her step out of her thong. She turns around and sits down on the edge of the bed. She spreads her legs and shows me her dark meat pussy. She parts her own lips with her fingers, to show me the glistening raw pink inside.

"Oooh, you’re nice and pink.”

She laughs. “Yes, only pink on the inside.”

"Can I touch you?” This is not the usual start and I am enjoying it. I feel much less inhibited after the session last week with Julia.

"Be gentle.”

I touch her lips and the raw pink inside of her labia. She has her own hand in place to spread her lips for me, but it covers her clit. She does a crab walk back up onto the bed, lying on her back with her legs spread. I follow her like a dog on an invisible leash, tied to her pussy. I want to finger her and I try, but she is not keen.

“Very sensitive today. Lots of work yesterday. Very hard. Look.” She pulls back her lips to show me her clit. It is hard and white. “Very sore from,” she punches an open palm with the back of her other hand to indicate hard fucking.

"You poor girl,” I say. And I do feel sorry for her, but the idea that she is so sexy that she gets fucked hard by lots of guys sort of turns me on too.

She lets go of her pussy and takes my fat cock in her hand instead. She puts her face up close to mine and looks directly into my eyes.

"I suck you now if you like.”

"Yeah. Suck my cock, Yuki."

We both get in position. She puts on a regular condom. “This just for sucking,” she explains. I grope her lovely ass as she sucks me. I also grope her belly and her tits. Her stomach is taut and sexy. Her body gets more impressive the closer I look. With most girls it’s the opposite. I get harder and bigger than the capacity of the condom. She pulls it off and replaces it with a larger one. She keeps sucking briefly and I grow to fill this larger one. She is about to climb on for cowgirl.

"Let me get on top."

"Sure.” She doesn’t finish every sentence with “baby” or “darling” like most of the Asian whores.

She gets on her back and her body looks hot. I squeeze inside her and her pussy is nice and tight, but without that popping entrance that Chloe had. Yuki keeps her eyes open and searches my face as I probe her pussy. I move my hands into position under her armpits and her fat tits brush softly against the inside of my forearm as I slide in and out of her. I bend my arms at the elbows to lower my body closer to hers. I feel her tits against my pecs. Our faces get closer. She puts her arms around me and hugs me. Then she kisses me on the lips. She’s very cute and natural. It’s as if she genuinely likes me. But I don’t feel special. I suspect she genuinely likes a lot of men. And what she says next sort of confirms it.

"You want to cum here?” She draws a circle in the air with her finger over her breasts and midriff.

“Yeah.” I smile. I like that idea. She grabs my ass and pulls my pelvis into hers as if to build the pace for me to come there and then. Wishful thinking on her part.

After a few more minutes in missionary, I tell her to get on all fours for doggy.

I get off the bed and stand beside it while she backs up on her hands and knees. She grabs some more lubricant and smears it between her legs. I slide in. She has a nice little closed brown anus. Her ass is rubbery and smooth and brown. Another perfect Thai ass. Her hips are beautifully curvy and I hold on to them as I pump her pussy. She turns around to look at me over her shoulder and smiles. I reach forward to cup her tits and feel her narrow waist. It is more narrow in this position than it looked in the intro.

"You have such a gorgeous figure, Yuki. I love holding this narrow waist.” I hold her tightly and pump her pussy. She throws her head back and drops her stomach – her ass and her shoulders rise up. Wow. With her fake blonde hair and tattoos she is like a work of art. I’m reminded of Jessica Alba in Sin City. I get harder and pump away at her gorgeous arse. She tries to push back on me, but I hold her ass steady.

“Oh no you don’t, little girl. Your ass is mine and I’m fucking you.” She stops trying to push back and stays in position on her hands and knees while I fuck her.

Unlike my perfect experience with Sophie, everything goes wrong with Yuki. My cock slips out and then bends. This happens a few times. On the third time, Yuki says:

“I finish you off with hand job.” She makes a gesture with her fist. “You feel better without a condom.”

It seems a little premature to me. There must be at least 10 minutes left on the clock. But I acquiesce. It occurs to me later that she is probably more concerned to save her sore pussy than about my lack of sensation in a condom.

I lie back and she pours oil on my cock in a theatrical way. She smiles. “You like that?” she asks as her hands start to massage my cock.

“Yeah, I do.”

She stretches me and twists her hands like a porn star. She looks like a porn star.

"Big cock,” she mutters to herself. “Biiiigggg cock.” I’m only seven and a half inches, but it’s nice to hear her say it. Her small hands make me look bigger.

She starts off slow, but quickly works up to fever pitch. I am not ready to be finished off, just yet. Her arm tires and she swaps while I just lie back and relax and enjoy the feeling. I grope her lovely body and pluck at her nipples.

"Just cup please. Like this.” She cups her own boob and lifts the nipple to her mouth. “And lick, like this.” She bends her head down and sticks out her tongue. The tip of her tongue just reaches her stiff nipple. “I like that. No pulling. Too sensitive.”

I have always been in awe of women who can lick their own nipples. Jo had bigger tits, bigger nipples and a longer tongue. She could run rings around Yuki, but I was still impressed. I love Yuki’s nipples. It’s a pity they’re sensitive and I can’t bite them. If I was her, I’d lick them all day long.

Yuki starts to rub the head of my cock against those hard nipples. My cock is big and hard in her fist and it looks hot to see her rubbing it against her brown tits. I can see my pre-cum leaking out of the tip and lubricating those hard brown nipples. My cock throbs desperately in her tight grip.

Yuki senses my increasing excitement. “Ooohh, yeah. Come for me. Cum on my tits.” She thinks I’m on the brink, but I’m not there yet.

"You want to see my cum? You want me to cum all over those gorgeous fat tits of yours?” She’s got me fired up with dirty talk now. I love dirty talk.

“Uh huh. I want to see your cum. Cum for me. Cum all over me.” She is pressing my purple head hard into each nipple (so much for being sensitive) and she puts on that raunchy Mick Jagger pout like Linda. She seems to be quite turned on.

"You fuck my tits.” I’m not sure if it’s a question or a statement, but she looks at me expectantly.

"Sure.” The first time Jo let me fuck her cleavage is one of my fondest memories.

She grabbed some lube and smeared it between her tits. She lay on her back on the bed and I kneeled either side of her chest. She held her big boobs together and I started to fuck her cleavage. It felt good.

We keep at it for a few minutes and I feel I am getting close, but I’m still not there. The position is awkward and strenuous on my thighs. In the back of my mind is a niggling feeling that my balls are empty from this morning and I won’t be able to come in the 30-minute limit. But, on the other hand, I had an aching feeling before I came here, like my balls were full. The truth is, I have no idea what is going to happen next.

"Why don’t you finish off yourself?”

There is no criticism in Yuki’s tone. She is just frank and practical. I like her a lot.

I stand up beside the bed and she lies on her back close to the edge. Her eyes are open and she looks up at me with her cute-girl/bad-girl face. I wank myself and it makes all the difference in the world. I do it slower than her and the build-up begins. Soon I am bigger and harder than I’ve been all day. Her left tit is furthest from me.

She cups her own breasts and writhes around.

“I want you to cum on my tits so I can lick your cum off my nipples.” She licks her own nipple again to show me that she means it.

Fuck!!! She is such a bad girl. That's the sexiest dirty talk I've ever heard.

“OK then. Here you go, Yuki. I’m going to squirt my cum all over your big tits.” I hear my own voice like an out of body experience. Time slows down as the mother of all orgasms spills over me. My pelvis pushes forward and points my cock at her left nipple. “Here’s some for you.” It is all very controlled. I squirt three loads of thick white cum on Yuki’s left tit. A nice white wad lies across her hard, brown nipple. It is almost artistic. I control my spasms, holding back the next one for a split second. I pull back and point my cock at her right breast. “And here’s some for you.” I am talking to her right nipple and I squirt three times on it. I hold back the next squirt momentarily and pull back further, now standing over Yuki’s midriff and pointing the weapon at her face. I know I won’t reach, but it will be nice to try. “And the rest in between.” I let go with a final spray, pumping 4 or 5 big squirts all over her chest between her tits. It is a wonderful release.

Still in a bit of a daze, I look down to survey my work. There is a trail of big splashes right across her chest. A big dollop of white semen is slipping off Yuki’s right nipple and down the side of her plump breast.

“Ooh, that’s a lot. That’s a lot.” She seems mildly concerned about the amount of cum on her chest, as if she is suspicious about where it all came from. In any event, she forgets her promise to lick it off. To be honest, I forgot myself.

"Quick. In the shower.” She gets up before my sliding cum hits the bed and dashes to the shower. “You come too,” she calls back to me. I join her. She has the water running but steps back away from the spray. “You go first.” I stand in the warm spray and start to soap up. “Are you OK?”

"Much better than OK. That was great, Yuki. Thanks.” She smiles.

I look down from her smiling face. She is soaping up her legs and her crotch, but my cum still oozes over her breasts and her chest. All the splashes have spread and joined together in a continuous curtain of cum from one nipple to the other. She sees me looking at it and looks down herself. Then she puffs up her chest and waggles her tits proudly at me, smiling. Her firm round tits are like two glazed puddings.

"When I let my boyfriend do this,” she indicates my cum on her tits with a slight nod of her head, “he always cum on my face instead. He no cum on my breasts. Only face.” It strikes me as odd for her to share these details of her personal life with me. She is looking at me questioningly, as if she expects a response. Does she expect me to be outraged on her behalf that her boyfriend would do such a thing? I'm not. I'm just kicking myself I didn't think of it. I would have loved to give her a messy facial. That was one of Jo's few prohibitions and I never got to come on her face.

Yuki slowly rubs my cum into her breasts. “Your cum is good lotion for my skin.” She looks up and gives me a sly smile. “You have bigger cock and more cum than my boyfriend. If you cum on my face," her mouth hangs open provocatively while she pauses for effect, “you cover my face like a . . .“ she searches for the word in English, “mask.” She spreads her cum covered fingers over her cheeks, rubs my cum into her skin and then drags her fingers slowly down over her face in an imitation of my cum dripping down her face. My mouth drops open as I watch her and she smirks to see that I am completely sold on the idea. She looks down at my spent cock and smiles before soaping up and washing my semen away.

I finish washing myself. She is still covered in soap as I leave the shower. Her body looks fabulous with white suds oozing over her tattoos and her brown curves.

As she leaves the shower and gets dry, I compliment her tattoos again.

“My parents no like. I say, “Is OK. Is fashion”. They say, ‘No tattoos’. My father say, 'You look like bad girl.' I say, 'No. No bad girl. Just fashion.'"

I have to side with her old man on this one. And he doesn't know half of it.

“I like them. I’m not a big fan of tattoos, but yours are very artistic, very colourful and very sexy.”

“No more. Or I look like Yakusa.” I laugh. She’s right.

I am dressed before her. She pulls on the stringy thong and steps into her stilettos. “You can go if you are ready. Don’t have to wait for me."

I make for the door. She intercepts me with her big tits clean and brown and waggling in front of her. We both lean over them for a good-bye peck. I go for her cheek, but she plants one on my lips. She smiles like she likes me. She has a naughty gleam in her eyes.

"See you next time," she says.

Yeah. Next time I'm gonna empty my load all over your face, Yuki. You're a very bad girl.

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