Boyfriend fulfills her rough sex fantasy - sex story

Boyfriend fulfills her rough sex fantasy

She had this fantasy before and tonight Andrew was going to fulfill it for her. The room was very dark; a security light from the backyard caused a sliver of illumination in her room, but just barely. Her usual bed attire was a satin pajama top (no pants) and a pair of socks; Andrew knew this.

He was wearing all black: ski mask, t-shirt, running pants, running shoes. He did not wear underwear or socks. Andrew came through the backyard gate toward her bedroom, which accessed her window, some time after 2:00 in the morning. She left the window unlocked and ajar before she went to sleep about midnight; knowing he would be coming tonight.

The thoughts he had about her began to arouse him, thinking of her silky smooth skin, under that pajama top and below that top, below her navel lay that smooth, plump, juicy access of love that Andrew needed more and more during their talks on the telephone. As she slept, he slid open the bedroom window very slowly and quietly, not to wake her. Hopping up on the window opening and climbing in the window, he closed and locked it behind him.

Standing above her at the right side of her bed, Andrew watched her sleep. She was lying on her left side; the pajama top slightly covered her exposed smooth round ass. Andrew smiled as he thought of how their fantasy would occur, since she agreed to let him do as he wished.

Andrew roughly pulled the sheet away from her, startling her awake. He suddenly pulled her over on her back and placed his hand over her mouth. "Do as I tell you and I will not hurt you. Do not scream when I remove my hand. Just lay still for now and hold onto the headboard spindles, as I tie you here." Andrew removed his hand from her mouth and she said nothing and lay perfectly still, when he tied her to the headboard. In the shadows, she saw him remove his clothing and his mask. His profile was familiar; she secretly smiled to herself, knowing it was he, seeing his mouth-watering body in the shadows. Then he blindfolded her.

Andrew climbed in bed over her, straddling her tummy and unbuttoned her shirt with haste. His cock was ready for her. She had not realized how wet she had become as a result of this forceful fantasy and knowing it was the man who had previously brought her to orgasm time and time again in the past, so gently and passionately.

Inching his cock closer to her lips, Andrew told her to make him harder. "Open your mouth, now!" With his right hand, Andrew pushed his stiff cock against her lips and opening them, she opened her mouth wide, and he slid his cock inside her, leaning further sliding his entire cock deep inside her hot wet mouth. Once completely inside her, Andrew was pumping, roughly, pounding his cock inside her mouth, as he held onto the headboard for support. She was enjoying this naughty side of him. His cock was swelling and becoming stiffer in her as she sucked him harder and harder. Feeling as if Andrew would cum any minute, he removed his hardness from her mouth. He leaned over her and placed his slippery wet cock between her breasts. Holding her breasts together as he throbbed, Andrew began to slide himself slowly back and forth between her breasts. Oh, fuck this is good, he thought to himself. Suddenly, he stopped, got up from the bed.

Andrew left her in the bedroom and went to the kitchen. She could hear clicking and glass, but she could not clearly determine what the noises were, exactly. She heard his footsteps returning down the hall toward the bedroom.

She heard him place a glass container on the nightstand. The he climbed on the bed and he straddled her for a few seconds and sat there looking at her. It seemed like an eternity. Moving his body to lean over her, she felt his hardness on her breast and then his ice-cold hands grabbed her breast and squeezed her nipples. The sensation was invigorating the combination of the cold and the aching between her legs. Her nipples had always been so sensitive and this was excruciating, but good in a weird way. As he previously instructed, she continued stay quiet, but she wanted to scream in pleasure as he continued to make her yearn for him.

Andrew had an ice cube in each hand. On his knees, he moved backward toward her ankles and sat there. He told her to open her legs as he restricted her ankles. Using the ice cube, she felt him place a cube on each one of her legs rubbing them agonizingly slow, upward. She felt the coldness of the ice melting against her warm skin. He teased her at the inside and under her knees, up to her inner thighs. He ordered, "Open your legs, wider. I want to see my wet pussy, taste you, and lick my clit!" She heard his breathing becoming heavier. The ice cubes were becoming pebbles in his hands as he approached the inner creases at the tops of her thighs at the delicate paradise. Andrew held the ice there, melting, as she felt the ice dripping its coldness down her ass. He swiftly slid an ice-cold index finger into her hot wet pussy and she loved it. Squeezing the inner muscles of her pussy as he fucked her, it was difficult not to cry out, how good that felt. She started taking long deep breaths of air through her nose as she felt him add more cold fingers in her pussy and he fucked her harder. The faster and harder he fucked her the sooner she was about to reached an orgasm. Then he stopped. Damn him!

She craved that he would fuck her to oblivion with that rock hard cock; like an "intruder" would. Instead, Andrew teased her, rubbing it against her legs and stomach. She felt him return to his knees; moving up her body; that ached for his cock. Her pussy wanted him, but he leaned over for more ice. This time, he had only one cube and she felt its coldness rising up her stomach to her breasts. Andrew rubbed the ice on the right nipple as he sucked on the left nipple, consuming her breast as he swirled the ice around the right nipple; it hardened. Then he reversed the process devouring the right breast and nipple as it now felt frozen. The ice reached her neck and she felt the ice water running down her neck, then he licked the wetness, biting her neck, sucking it, knowing that marks would be remain, long after he left. He kissed her not as gentle and tender as always, but rougher, probing the inside of her mouth with his tongue, rubbing his hips against her. Feeling his cock rubbing over her pussy, and her not being able to put him inside her, made her ache for him even more. She tried to move her body in such a way to ease him inside her, but he had her pinned to the bed with his body that, the idea of hers was not possible.

Andrew could not last much longer, watching her body squirm as he teased her with the ice. His cock was so thick and hard. He needed to be inside her now. Wanting to taste her, Andrew moved down her body, biting her throat, sucking her breasts, biting her nipples, squeezing her breasts. Andrew devoured her forcefully. Continuing to move down her body, he nibbled and gently bit her skin. She was in total lust for a raw person who was taking her to another galaxy.

Not being able to put off being inside her, he took her legs and placed them on his shoulders and slid his hardness inside her all at once. He moaned in pleasure feeling her body reach up to meet him as he pushed himself inside her. She tensed up for a moment and made a noise he never heard from her before, he slid from her and pounded her repeatedly.

His hardness throbbed inside her and it felt so good as Andrew moved in and out, in and out, they both grunted as they pushed against each other. He placed his body against her and untied her arms from the headboard.

Opening her legs, she wrapped them around him and held him to her. Holding him to her, she felt Andrew's cock throbbing inside her; then she began to squeeze his cock with her inner muscles. Their bodies were motionless, yet their genitals moved in harmony. As if, there was a synchronized little dance. As she aggressively climaxed, Andrew knew he was going to cum. quickly, he pulled away from her and came over her stomach load after load. She was drenched. Andrew then lay over her and suckled her neck, nibbling, kissing, and licking. Listening to his breath, she began to rotate her hips and this made Andrew's cock which was still thick, become hard again, she held him to her with her arms as she caressed his back with her fingers in long smooth strokes and continued to move her hips suggestively.; Making Andrew harder, stiffer as he lay above her.

She felt the impressive erection coming to life again and managed to move from beneath him and placed her back against him. Andrew felt her wiggle her bottom against him. His arms embraced her from behind. Feeling his kisses on her shoulders and back, his hands massaged her breasts and pulled her nipples. Her persistent grind against him and feeling him growing harder against her back made her aware of his need. It felt larger than before.

With Andrew's knee from behind her, he moved her legs apart; taking her left thigh over his; so that his fingers could slip over her swollen wet pussy lips. She gasped when he slipped two inside to stir her nectar.

In one swift movement, Andrew entered her from behind, like only her dream had allowed, until now.

His cock seemed to grow even more than before, filling her more than the first time; like she had never been filled. Their bodies moved into each other in deep passion. She came around his cock in a gush of liquid fire and spasms. Her whole body quivered, as her pussy clamped tightly around Andrew's thrusting cock. Her fourth orgasm sent him over the edge. He violently rammed into her as he erupted inside her pussy. He was grunting and moaning as some of this load streamed out of her pussy. He held her tight as he pushed the last of his load inside her, seemingly out of breathe. Her eyes flew open, when he plunged into her the last time, but all she could see was darkness. Holding her tightly, she listened to his rapid shallow breathing. Slowly he slid from her and lay over on his back. She continued to lie on her side, turned away from him, listening to his breathing.

"That was great, baby God, you are so tight," a familiar voice said. "I could tell you liked it. You seemed to have come forever. Are you happy? I hope I managed to complete your fantasy."

"Mmmmmmmmm yes, baby," was all she could say. That was incredible. He was so intensely erotic to her. She was thinking how much this fantasy was exactly what she wanted. Andrew felt what she was thinking, and whatever she wanted, he gave himself up to.

"I'm thirsty, come on", he said as he took her hand and went to the kitchen; walking naked down the hallway; hand in hand.

Taking glasses from the cabinet, he handed them to her. Andrew removed a bottle of apple juice from the refrigerator and filled the glasses and handed one of the glasses to her. She rubbed his arm as the hair, stood up and glistened from the light outside. Andrew drank all of his juice and removed the half-empty glass from her hand.

Their lips never parted as he leaned her against the counter. She felt his rigid cock standing before her abdomen, as she wrapped her arms around him, urging him closer to her.

He turned her facing the counter; kissing her neck, shoulders and sucking her ears. As she supported herself on the counter, he filled her, finding pleasure spots that she didn't know existed. Her ass cushioned his plunging into her; deeper, luscious strokes in her pussy. His kisses never stopped. They drank from each other as the desire to explode as one. His thrusting moved her to delicious places unknown. She could feel the build-up of an orgasm that without warning caused her back to arch and she came. Her head was turned to receive his lips that kept hers captive, as he muffled my orgasmic whimpers. She could feel him thicken, pulse. With one hard thrust, he came. Sweat dripped down our bodies. However, his lips never left hers. It was her turn to muffle his cries. He held her, kissing her back and tasting her skin. Finally, Andrew pulled away, standing upright.

She turned around to face him, kissing the corners of his mouth, licking his lips, slowly entering her tongue into his mouth. His tongue danced inside his mouth. This time was infinity to her before releasing her.

"Andrew, sweetheart no one makes me cum like you do. Thank you so much for this…I look forward to fulfilling a fantasy of yours."

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