Brenda, a white wife (wife, cheat, interracial)

Brenda, a white wife

While shopping one Saturday, I saw this familiar
looking lady sitting on a bench. I walked over and
asked, "Susan?"

"Yes, I am Susan. Oh goodness, it is Brenda. How are
you, darling," as we embraced. "Long time no see."

"Yes it has been awhile," as I sat down beside her to
quickly get up to date on each other lives since our
college days.

"I am waiting for my boyfriend to complete some
shopping. I was divorced a couple of years back after I
got caught cheating. Guess I deserved it as I never
really let the fact that I was married get in the way
of me having a good time when the urge came upon me.
And what about you, Brenda?"

"I'm still married to the same hard working and devoted
husband. I must admit that I too have let my urges to
have a fling now and then take control of me. I have
been lucky as my hubby has never caught me nor as far
as I know became suspicious. I try to make sure that I
don't give into temptations unless he is out of town
and then I am very careful that no one knows."

I noticed a nice looking young black man coming our way
and as he walked up to Susan he was eyeing me up and
down. Susan introduced me to Jason. I was taken back at
his youth, his build and charm. Jason then informed
Susan that he had another item to look for and would be

"Susan, if that is the cowboy you have in the saddle, I
want one too," and giggled.

"Yes Brenda, he is my young black lover. I know I am
much older but I have something he wants and he sure
has what I need as well. We are not living together but
we have been seeing each other often for the past six
months. He is a student at the university."

(As for me, I am not new to this black man wants white
woman and white woman wants black man thing. I look at
sex like I look at sweets, plain vanilla is very good
but fancy chocolate now and then is a real treat for
me. I think black guys want to be able to brag to their
friends that they have had white and they have very
special bragging rights if the white woman is a married
woman. I am not judgmental, just thinking out loud. I
consider fancy chocolate to be appealing to the eye,
well made, and very tasty. I like my men that way as
well, and when I want chocolate, I want the darkest
chocolate there is.)

"Susan, it so happens that my husband has just left for
the Middle East to install some factory equipment and
will be gone for several months. A handsome young black
guy like that would be excellent company while hubby is

"If you are serious, I will see if Jason has a friend
who is interested in taking care of a lovely white wife
for a while," Susan said.

"I am as serious as a heart attack, Susan. Oh please
find me one. I will owe you forever," as I giggled

"I will check and give you a call when I have something
definite," she said just as Jason returned and said
that he was finished and was ready when she was. We all
exchanged pleasantries and left.

My mind was spinning with thoughts of a young black
lover to play with while my husband was away. I knew it
was wrong but I realized that I was weak when it came
to sampling some fancy black while my plain vanilla was
away. I had visions of a vanilla ice cream cone as the
hot chocolate was poured all over it.

I arrived home and immediately went to the full length
mirror and looked at my 5 ft 9 in, 140 lb middle aged
white body, still firm, and breast still perky. I
thought to myself that it was still appealing and hoped
that a young black stud would find it sexy and

I anxiously awaited the phone call that I thought would
never come. On the third day after our meeting, Susan
called and said, "I informed Jason of what you wanted
and asked him about a friend who might be interested. I
told him that he would have to be very discrete and..."

"I can't wait. What is the verdict?" I said to Susan.

"You have a date Saturday night. Pick him us at 8 PM,"
she replied. "His name is Bo and he is Jason's room
mate. It took a few days because Bo was out of town for
a couple of days. He is damn good looking, sweetie, and
has never dated a white gal and is a little nervous
about you being white and married. I assured him your
husband was out of town for awhile and you knew how to
keep secrets and clever enough to not be seen."

"Thanks Susan. I owe you more than I can ever pay," and
giggled. "You are the greatest friend and I will love
you forever. I can hardly wait and you tell Bo I will
plan dinner for us at my place."

It was just a day away and so much to plan for. What to
wear, what to prepare for dinner etc. After some
thought I had it all planned out. A cozy dinner of
chicken breast over rice, a white wine from Germany, a
candle in the middle of the table with the lights low
and soft music playing. For the bedroom there would be
a candle on the two lamp tables, and black satin
sheets. For my dress, I would wear a long black velvet
skirt split up the sides to the thigh showing my nice
long legs, and a white sheer blouse allowing my black
lacy half cup bra to show through and red satin

Saturday night came as I pulled up in front of the
apartment and out walked this jet black young man and
as he approached the car said he was Bo and I must be
Brenda. I acknowledged the fact as he got into the car
and placed a kiss on my cheek. He was so handsome and
sexy, I could not believe my good fortune. As we drove
off, I could tell he was looking me over really good
and he finally said, "Jason told me you were foxy, but
that was an understatement." I patted him on the thigh
and told him how flattered I was being complimented
from such a handsome young man.

As we approached my house, I didn't want the nosy
neighbors to see me with someone so I used the remote
and opened the garage door and drove in closing it
behind me. We entered the house and I asked Bo to pour
the wine while I put dinner on the table. We made small
talk as we ate and I could not get enough of looking at
this young black man who would soon be getting the
hottest woman he had ever had. We finished the dinner
and wine and I suggested that we leave the dishes till
morning, (as I was anxious to get on with my primary
objective of tasting of the fancy black chocolate candy
that was mine to have.)

We went to the living room and danced to soft slow
music as we held each other and pulled closer as our
sexual arousals became apparent to each other. I could
feel his now hard pole pushing against my womanhood. I
soon whispered in his ear that he should follow me.

I moved to the bedroom and filled with candle light,
removed my blouse and stepped out of my skirt and stood
there as he looked at my heaving breast and pantied
covered hairy mound that he was soon to have. He kissed
me and then trailed kisses down as he removed my bra
and suckled my breast as if he were my baby. Oh it felt
so good.

He then kissed his way to my panties and off they came
as he licked my juices and suckled my clit, sending
heat waves all over my body. I was more than ready and
removed his shirt and kisses down to his trouser that
suddenly fell to the floor revealing his shorts where
his erect manhood awaited my inspection in the
flickering light.

As I freed his black pole I thought I was going to have
a spontaneous orgasm, it was so hard, black and
erotically beautiful. I knew that I needed it so badly
and pulled him to me as I laid back on the bed opening
my legs to give my self to this handsome muscular young
black stud. I knew it was his first white woman and
wanted it to be the best he had ever had.

Bo moved to place his manly cock into position as he
gently moved it into my waiting canal, slowly moving in
and out as our mouths kissed and our tongues met, our
arms encircling each other, my black chocolate pudding
on top of his white pudding. Oh me on my...

Bo increased his thrusting and I was meeting each
thrust with my own. "Oh Bo, baby, yes baby, hard and
deep, sugar, make this horny white wife go into orbit.
Oh baby, I want you so much, so good. Yes baby! You are

I could see the sweat on Bo glistening in the candle
light as he was giving me all I could handle and making
me feel so good, it was so good.

I knew we were both close as Bo was breathing very
heavy now and moaning loudly. He changed his pace and
suddenly thrust very hard and deep and moaned loudly,
"I'm cumming baby, you busted my black balls." His
balls were slapping hard and loud on my wet butt as I
held him tightly and as I felt his cock pumping his hot
black seed deep into me, I shook all over, then got
stiff and collapsed and he held me tightly and moaned
letting his manly cock plant the last burst of seed.

We both went limp and held each other for some time
till he rolled over. As we lay there in each others
arms, Bo said, "Baby, I didn't know sex was so good
till tonight. You really busted this black boy's balls
good. My mom always told me to never mess with white
women and especially married ones. I know why she told
me that but I am glad I didn't listen."

"Thanks my darling. You are the one who made me do it,"
and giggled. You are so good my love and I am glad you
were mine tonight and hope you will be again."

"Oh you can count on this black boy being back for some
more of his white sugar baby's loving," as we both
drifted off to sleep.

You can imagine that we were hot horny lovers for
almost three months till my hubby came home and found
that his wife was a hot horny woman. Of course he was
not aware where my thoughts were when we were making

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