Caught in the act (MF, rom, preg)

Caught in the act

My story is inspired by memories of past events but
purely imaginary in content. Any similarity to real
people is, I hope, actually possible. I enjoy reading
short stories. I think the lesser amount of detail lets
your imagination fill in more, like a woman who is not
quite undressed can be more alluring than one fully nude.
Ah well, do you know how to tell a man is getting old....
it ain't hard. Please send any criticism, I can use all
the help I can get. Thanks

It was a warm, clear, late spring afternoon. I was
walking in my favorite local park. It is a large heavily
wooded park with paved trails making it ideal for
walking, biking, jogging and rollerblading.

There were few people out since it was the middle of the
week, so I felt like I had the whole park to myself. As I
admired the beauty of the woodlands, I saw her come
around a bend in the path. She was a flash of color
against the dark greens and browns of the woods, a
woodland nymph on rollerblades. She was tall and slender,
her long, dark brown hair floating on the breeze around
her face. Her lovely face was a narrow oval shape with
deep red lips a small thin nose and large dark eyes.

She wore a long lavender print dress that was an old
fashioned design with short sleeves, a white lace collar
and buttons from the collar all the way to the hem. The
dress emphasized her girlish figure rather than hiding
it, molding to her small well formed breasts, tapering to
her narrow waist and flowing over the gentile curve of
her hips to the full skirt that hinted at shapely legs as
it swirled around her.

I noticed she was unsteady on her skates as if she were a
novice skater. As we drew near she looked up at me and
flashed a bright smile, then it happened. Her skate must
have hit a rock or stick in the path and she cried out as
she stumbled forward. I reacted instinctively reaching
out and stepping into her path.

She desperately threw her arms up around my neck as her
body crashed into mine. My arms wrapped around her waist
as I, almost effortlessly, caught her and pulled her up
against me (I'm six feet tall and weigh two hundred
twenty pounds, I'm well built and stay in good shape so
it wasn't difficult).

"Are you all right?" I asked.

"Yes" she answered while trying to gain control of her
skates, "I'm a little shaky, could you help me off the

Carefully I lifted her off the path onto the soft dirt
where her skates wouldn't roll so easily. On rollerblades
she was almost eye level with me. Her body was warm
against mine as she clung to me for support. I was drawn
to her big, deep brown eyes as she looked into my face.

"I could have been hurt if you hadn't caught me," She
said in a quiet voice, "I wish I could thank you some

With my arms around her slim waist, looking into her eyes
and seeing her lick her dark red lips I thought a kiss
would be a fine reward, but she had other plans. She
quickly looked around the area, her hands slowly moving
over my shoulders and down my arms. As she took my hand I
heard her whisper, "so strong."

I let this woodland beauty lead me through some brush and
behind the thick trunk of a large cottonwood tree. She
turned to me and slowly drew closer, her eyes searching
mine, our lips touched, softly at first, then with
growing passion as our tongues started a dance of lust.

My mind was spinning from her sweet scent of flowers and
sweat, from the taste of her, from the warmth of her
slender body pressed to mine. My hands explored her back
and down her smooth sides, her hands trailed down my
chest and stomach to my now raging cock. I heard her
breath suck in as her hand trailed over my manhood. I
stroked gently from her face down her neck to her firm
soft breast.

I was delighted to find that she didn't wear a bra. I
could feel the rapid beating of her heart as my hand
kneaded her soft flesh. As if by its own will my hand
opened three buttons and slid inside to cup her bare
breast, such a desirable handful, her hard nipple rolled
under my massaging palm. Her hands found the waistband of
my jogging shorts and slid inside to explore the hard rod
hidden there.

My senses were reeling as she again leaned into me and
our lips met with urgency and need. I felt my shorts
pushed down and falling to my feet, her warm hand wrapped
around my throbbing cock gently stroking me increasing my
desire. Her other hand was moving mysteriously between us
as we continued our heated kiss. The mystery ended as she
moved her hips closer to mine and my cock slid between
her smooth thighs, she had opened several buttons on her
dress to gain a more intimate contact.

I felt I was in heaven. I felt the smooth skin of her
inner thighs sliding against my hardness and the warm
dampness of her panties moving along the top of my cock.
As her hips moved back and forth I was sure that soon she
could make me cum. I was disappointed when she pulled
away again.

My disappointment was only momentary as I felt her hands
again between us. This time as she moved against me, I
could feel the heat and wetness of her labia sliding
along the top of my cock. She had pushed her panties down
far enough to allow my shaft to slide in contact with her
slick hot pussy. Now her juices lubricated our movements
as her hips again started their sexy dance.

I was on fire. I wanted so much to take her, to fill her,
to claim her, to make her scream in ecstasy. My
conscience held me back, no condom, no protection, we
were in a public place and could be discovered. My body
roared to hell with consequences, take her, fill her with
your cum, fuck her! I was torn, I couldn't move.

I felt her hand between us again as her fingers slid
under my shaft. She slid her hips back a little farther
than before and gently pushed up on my cock. This time as
she moved forward I felt my cock slide a little way into
her softness. Her hips rocked against me pushing my cock
a little deeper into her hot, snug cunt. My conscience
cried you mustn't but it was drowned out by the animal
roar of my lust.

She put her hands on top of my shoulders as I put mine on
the firm round cheeks of her ass. I bent my knees outside
hers to get a better angle for my steel hard rod and
pulled her against me as I drove up into her willing
body. She gasped as my shaft penetrated deep between her
girlish hips. I held her tight, her hands squeezing my
shoulders, her lips bushed my ear as she whispered, "So

Her words stoked the fire of my lust, I thrust deep into
her again and again. Her breath came out in little
gasping cries with each thrust. I was consumed, I would
own her, I would fill her with my seed. She tightened in
my hands as my shaft sawed across her sensitive clit, my
shaft driving deep into her tight young body with each
thrust pushing us higher and higher.

"So ... close, so... cl!" She gasped as her body arched
back, her mouth open in a silent scream, breath caught in
her lungs, her hands clenched painfully tight on my
shoulders. I felt her cunt squeeze even tighter on my
driving rod. I felt her body tremble in my hands as her
orgasm slammed through her.

I thrust once, twice, then as deep as I could. My climax
hit like a lightning bolt, I pulled her against me as my
cum surged through my cock into her receptive womb. My
hips jerked against hers as I emptied my sperm into her
rippling cunt. I had to fight not to roar my triumphant
conquest of her body for all to hear.

The waves of ecstasy slowly faded and I had to struggle
to keep my legs under me. She slumped against me in the
aftermath of her climax and I held her tight. I felt her
stir and regain her feet, again she whispered, "so good."
Her lips touched mine, a warm passionate kiss.

"Thank you," she said as she moved away. She rearranged
her cloths as I did mine, when I looked up she had moved
back toward the path. She turned and waived when she
reached the path and moved away with the smooth ease of
an experienced rollerblader. I wondered as I watched who
caught who?

I smiled as I mulled over this brief encounter on the
short walk back to the parking lot. Entering the lot I
saw my wife sitting in the front seat of our car, the
door open and her feet out on the pavement.

"How was your walk?" She asked.

"Ah... very stimulating," I replied. "And how was you

"Quite satisfying," She answered. "Would you help me
with these?"

I drank in the sight of her shapely legs as I kneeled
down to unlace her rollerblades. Her long dress was
unbuttoned up past mid thigh and she spread her legs so I
could see the soaked crotch of her lavender panties.

"That was rather dangerous," I said, "I didn't have a
condom along, if it's the wrong time you could get

"I know," she replied in a soft trembling voice.

My heart was breaking, what had I done, she must have
trusted me to stop, or pull out, or... The smile on her
face put the beauty of the parkland to shame. "I know"
she repeated. "Let's go home and shower together. I can
make it enjoyable for you."

I was dumbfounded, I hadn't expected this. Before we were
married we had talked of starting a family, I said I was
willing whenever she wanted, she said she would tell me
when she was ready. So that was why she wanted me to take
off work and bring her to the park. That's why she
brought her roller blades. It was her way of telling me.
I guess getting "caught" was what she wanted all along.

Always practice safe sex. The only safe sex is between a
husband and wife. One man and one woman faithful till
death, it does work, try it.

Keys: MF rom preg

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