Changing Sides at the Glory hole - sex story

Changing Sides at the Glory hole

It was late one night when Lana was driving home from work. She was cruising down the motorway, having drank 3 cups of coffee just to stay awake, when suddenly her bladder felt like it was going to burst. She had to stop off at the next service station she saw. She was driving for another 10 minutes before she came across a service station, and by then she was absolutely bursting.

She pulled into the car park and parked up as close to the building as possible. She grabbed her phone and handbag off the passenger seat, got out, locked the car, and briskly walked into the building.

"Excuse me, do you know where the bathroom is?" She asked a man in a suit, wearing a name tag, assuming that he was the manager.

"Yeah sure, they're just out that door," he pointed at the door she came in through, "and if you follow the building round to your right, they're just round the back there," he said with a smile.

"Brilliant," She beamed back at him, "thank you very much."

"No problem at all." He replied.

She walked out the door, and when she was sure no-one was around to see her she began running round the building to the toilet. As she was running her phone went off in her handbag, but she just ignored it. Top priority was getting to the bathroom before she wet herself, then she could see who was trying to get hold of her.

She found the door with a wooden plaque saying 'Toilets' on it, and walked in. There was no distinction between Male/Female toilets, it was just a long room with sinks at one end, and a row of 15 toilet cubicles. As far as public toilets go it was quite clean in there, there wasn't an overwhelmingly bad smell like there normally is in public toilets.

She walked into one of the cubicles, locked the door, pulled her dress up, pants down and lowered herself onto the toilet. Relief filled her body as the need to pee subsided, it was only now that she was relaxed that she remembered her phone.

She had a message from her girlfriend Ivy saying 'I can't wait to see you baby, I'll be waiting up for you. I love you xxx'

She sighed and dropped her phone back in her bag. Her and Ivy had been a couple for almost 3 years now, and they had never had any trouble, but Lana was now in her early 20's and there was something lacking from being in a relationship with a girl. She had never been attracted to guys, but there was a strong part of her that was very curious about what it would be like to be with a guy.

She sat back against the toilet and took a deep breath, she was torn, she had no idea what to do about the situation she was in. She did love Ivy, but as more time passed, the relationship seemed to be less fulfilling for her, she wanted a guy. Well, she didn't really want a guy, she just wanted sex, proper sex.

She closed her eyes at the thought, her mind drifting away to the land of possibility. A land where she can still be with Ivy, and have sex with whoever she wants at the same time, a land of freedom. She could feel the pleasure drifting through her body, all cultivating in one place, growing warmer and wetter... her pussy. Her fingers slowly trailed up her leg, reaching her groin, and waiting, then slowing moving more, over her clean shaven mound. She lightly ran her finger up her moist slit, shivering as she did.

She applied more pressure, slowly pushing her fingers into herself, imagining that she was getting fucked by a huge cock, and for the first time imagining giving head to a cock. Having it deep in her throat. Her fingers began to move faster and faster, working her pussy hard, she began to tremble and moan, but then she was snapped out of it by a heavy knocking sound.

She jumped, startled, crossing her legs, and staring at the door in front of her, then she heard it again. But it wasn't coming from the door, it was coming from the next cubicle over. She looked at the wall, and noticed what she hadn't noticed before... a hole in the wall, into the next cubicle. Her eyes darted to the other wall, the same. She lent forward and looked into the hole, she could see all the way to the end cubicle, she looked the other way to see how far it went, but she couldn't see.

A figure obstructed her vision. She could only see one part of him, and assumed that he had seen her masturbating by the fact that he already had a throbbing hard on.

Her heart began to race, 'oh fuck' she thought to herself, 'what do I do?' She was panicking, but her pussy had other ideas, growing wetter and wetter at the thought of the guy in the next cubicle. She looked again, this time he was walking over to the hole. She held her breath, trying to pretend she wasn't there.

She watched the hole from the corner of the cubicle as the guy slid his cock through the hole. She couldn't help but gasp. She was just about to slide her way past it and out the door when she stopped. She stared at it, longingly, wantingly. Was this the opportunity she had been waiting for, hoping for. Her eyes danced between the door and the hole, weighing up the options.

Do it. Her devilish side egged her on. Leave. Leave now before you do something you regret. Her angelic side argued. She took a step, but not in the direction she expected, she stepped towards the cock.

She paused again, and she could see the cock beginning to soften up. She slowly reached her hand out, and softly touched the underside of it, running her fingers along it. It began to firm up again almost instantly. She gently wrapped her fingers around it and began stroking it, her mind raced with thoughts. What the fuck are you doing? You don't even know who this is. then her devilish side took over... Why don't you get on your knees? You know you want to suck it.

She slowly lowered herself to her knees infront of the hole. Her angelic side began again Don't put it in your mouth, you don't know where it's been. You shouldn't even be touching it. She did agree with what her brain was telling her, and decided that she would just give him a handjob. She kept on jerking him off, getting into a rhythm, his cock oozed precum which lubricated the handjob, making it easier.

She could feel him beginning to fuck her hand, sliding her hand up and down his cock, as he thrust his cock into her tight grip. Spit on it! She complied with the devil, spitting on his cock, then carried on stroking it.

Go on, put it in your mouth! It egged her on, daring her to do it, but she remained strong willed and shook her head. As she carried on stroking she felt the cock swelling in her hand, then there was a knock on the wall. This confused her. She was already playing with him, but she soon worked out what it meant as the cock in her hand began pulsing and squirting jets of semen onto her cleavage. It felt so warm on her chest.

She undid her blouse quickly to stop herself getting any mess on it, and took off her bra too. Then she looked down at her skirt, but it was too late for that. There was already a small puddle of spunk building up on it. She decided to take it off so she didn't get any more on it. Then the angel spoke up Any more? You have to leave. You just jacked off a total stranger! The devil argued Don't be silly, of course you're not leaving yet, you haven't even got the taste of cock in your mouth.

She looked down at her perky breasts That's it girl, taste it, try it. She scooped some of the cum up with her finger. Don't do it, you don't know where he's been. You don't know if he's clean. She stared at the creamy goo on her finger. You wanna know what it tastes like don't you? Go on put it in your mouth. She slowly raised her finger to her lips. Do it. She opened her mouth and put her finger in, sucking all the strangers spunk off of it.

She instantly fell in love with the taste. As she washed the thick, creamy goodness over her tongue and then swallowed it. She heard a door open and footsteps as the guy left. She carried on scooping the cum from her boobs into her mouth, a little disappointed that he'd left already. Then she heard more footsteps and the cubicle doors either side of her close. A smile shone across her face.

She looked at the hole in front of her and saw a guy walk in, she put her fingers through the hole to let him know she was in there. She instantly felt a flaccid penis rub against her hand. Her fingers came back through the hole followed by the cock she craved. She wrapped her fingers around it and began jerking it off exactly the same way she did the other one.

Lick it! She waited for the angel side to argue, but there was nothing so she did. She gently ran her tongue along the length of the cock. Which made it twitch with pleasure, she smiled. She carried on licking it as she jerked it off for a few minutes and then decided to wrap her lips around the head of it. Suck it! So she did. She began sucking it as her hand continued to work it.

She could feel him trying to thrust deeper into her mouth so she let him. It reached further and further back her throat as it swelled and thickened in her mouth. She carried on sucking it and could feel it beginning to twitch, she knew what this meant. Keep sucking it, let him cum in your mouth! She did as her brain was telling her as she heard the knock on the wall, then moments later felt him erupt in her mouth, shooting jets of spunk onto her tongue. She licked his helmet as she carried on jerking every drop into her mouth. Swallow it! In one gulp the huge load disappeared down her throat.

Her body tingled with excitement and pleasure, her pussy was almost dripping it was so wet. As the cock disappeared back through the hole she turned around, remembering that someone had gone into the other booth next to her. A floppy cock was already hanging through the hole. She wrapped her fingers around it and stuffed it straight into her mouth, sucking it as deep as she could. She didn't even need her devilish side to coax her anymore.

She heard the door open and more footsteps, then the cubicle back on her other side closed... She stopped sucking and turned around quickly to see another cock appear through the hole, She smiled. You could have them both at the same time! She reached over and grabbed the other cock, the cubicle was fairly narrow, and she was able to jerk one guy off while still sucking the other one.

This guy was lasting alot longer than the rest and her jaw was beginning to ache. But then she felt the familiar twitching and knew he was close. She stopped jerking the other guy for a minute and focused all her efforts on the guy in her mouth. There was knock on the wall, and her mouth filled with the familiar taste of creamy thickness that she gulped down with pleasure.

She turned around to the other cock that was still waiting to be serviced and went to work straight away, taking it in her throat. She was so horny, her fingers worked their way back to her pussy and she began rubbing her clit. As she kept sucking and her pussy got wetter and wetter, she slid two fingers inside herself and began pushing them as deep as she could. She kept fingering herself, but it just wasn't enough. She needed something bigger inside her. Then it occurred to her. You could fuck this guy. She pondered the thought for a while. Then her angelic voice spoke up You can't do that, you don't know where he's been. He could have anything.

Then the devil spoke up again. Fuck that! Who cares? imagine how good it would feel.

You aren't even on birth control, you could get pregnant.

Thats why they invented the morning after pill.

What about diseases?

He looks pretty clean to me!

At least use a condom if you're going to do it!

She finally agreed with the angel. Having sex with a complete stranger through a hole in the wall was a bit risky, a condom was definitely a good idea.

She stopped sucking the guy. "Don't go anywhere, I'll be back in a second."

"Um... okay." Came a gruff voice, that sounded a little confused.

She picked up her purse and rooted through it, three pound coins! Perfect. She opened the cubicle door and looked around, a condom machine hung on the wall at the end of the room, just what she was looking for. She glanced around to make sure no one was about before running in only her pants to the end of the room. She inspected the machine, she only had three pound, but the machine only did packs of two for two pound.

She decided there was nothing she could really do and put two pound coins in the machine and pulled the handle. A small box fell into the tray of the machine, she grabbed the box and ran back to her cubicle.

The cock in the hole had began to soften up, but running around naked had made her even more horny, the risk of getting caught amplifying her pleasure. She wrapped her lips and fingers back around the cock, trying desperately to get him hard again. It didn't take long.

She opened the box, unwrapped one of the condoms and slid it over his hard cock. "I've never done this before so be patient with me," she said. A grunt of acknowledgment emanated from the other cubicle. She stood up, dropped her pants to the floor to reveal her sweet, shaved pussy, bent over and backed herself up to the wall. She put one hand on the opposite wall to stabilize her and with the other she reached through her legs and lined the throbbing cock up with her dripping pussy.

As she slowly eased backward, sliding the cock deep inside her warm depths, a massive wave of pleasure overwhelmed her body.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Wow!" she thrust her pussy back on the cock, harder and harder. She could feel him growing, getting thicker inside her as her pussy tightened. She was close to an orgasm but he was closer, she heard the knock on the wall. 'Fuck sake!' She thought to herself, 'you couldn't last a bit longer.' But she knew he couldn't, as soon as she felt his cock twitching inside of her.

She tried to carry on fucking him after he had cum, but he went soft and fell out of her. She turned around, peeled the condom off of his cock and drank all the cum from it just to keep her satisfied until another cock turned up. She was so close to an orgasm, she needed another cock. Her wish was the glory holes command as another cock slowly came through the hole, already rock hard, she gasped at it, it was the biggest one yet.

She reached for the other condom and unwrapped it, she placed it on the head of cock and began trying to unroll. Her hands were shaking because of the amount of pleasure she was in and how close to an orgasm she was, she needed this cock so badly. Then the worst thing happened. She dropped the condom on the floor. She picked it up quickly but it was filthy, dust and dirt stuck to it, there was no way she was having that inside her.

She sighed. Looking at the cock. You could fuck it anyway? Came the devils voice... then the angel followed, now slightly less well behaved They always knock before they cum, you could just pull out then. She smiled at the cock, Go on, take it. She gave in, she took the cock deep in her mouth to get it nice and wet and then stood up up, and using the same procedure as before backed herself onto it.

The hard cock slid easily into her dripping wet, unprotected pussy. The feel of it sliding into her was almost enough for her to cum. She thrust herself back against it, again and again and again, each time a wave of pleasure rolled over her body, she could feel the inside of her pussy beginning to tingle, her legs were beginning to shake. Oh yes! This is was it, she could feel it. Yeah girl fuck the cock. The angel and the devil taunted her.

She pushed back as deep as she could and gasped a huge gulp of air. She pushed back again, and her eyes widened. Then third time lucky she thrust back again and she felt her pussy explode. Her legs began shaking uncontrollably, she could barely breathe, she could only just keep fucking him as her pussy twitched and tensed like crazy. She could feel her own cum dripping down her leg, out around the thick cock she was fucking.

She was in a state of blissful euphoria as she wallowed in the after glow of her orgasm, still sliding her pussy up and down the length of the hard cock, her head was pounding, but she kept going anyway. Then the pounding stopped, and she felt a gush of warmth flood her fertile womb as the strangers cock twitched and pulsed deep inside of her, firing jet after jet of spunk deep inside her. It was only then that she realized the pounding in her head was actually the knocking on the wall.

Yeah girl, let that guy cum inside you! The devil teased her.

I thought you were going to pull out? Screamed the angel.

Yeah, but it feels good doesn't it?

She couldn't argue with the devil, it did feel fucking incredible.

Fuck another one! The devil was encouraging her now, and she had no choice but to give into it's wishes, after all, it had been one of the most pleasurable nights of her life. She felt the thick cock slide out of her pussy. And instantly felt a stream of hot cum trail down her leg, then within moments she felt another cock pressing against her well used opening. She allowed him entry and proceeded to fuck him, as well as two other guys afterwards, letting each one shoot their load deep inside her unprotected wet pussy.

She had a huge smile on her face as she left the glory hole and returned to the car, continuing her journey home. On the journey she had alot of time to think about things, and she decided that it was only fair to tell Ivy about the events at the glory hole, and take things from there.

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