College Graduation Present - sex story

College Graduation Present

This story took place back in 1978 when I was a senior at a two-year college in upstate New York. I lived off campus at the time, and it was my last weekend. It was Saturday afternoon, and I was to graduate the next day in the afternoon. My parents were to be arriving tomorrow morning. The parents of my roommates were here already, and they were out doing some of the night-before activities. They had invited me along, but I declined, since I was to go to a party later in the evening.

They were gone by three, and the party I was going to was at eight, so I had time to kill. I was going on the off-hand chance I could get lucky. Of course, this was highly unlikely to happen, or so I thought, but always worth the shot. I didn't date much, as I'm not really a ladies man. Although I'm tall, six-foot-two, I'm skinny as a rail. And most of my dates that have happened so far in my short life had never got beyond the feely stage.

I left the apartment about three-thirty, and heading downtown to eat. It was only a ten minute walk to a burger place. After eating, I walked aimlessly, ending up in front of some bar. It mainly catered to the locals, but us college students were welcome. It was country/western in theme, something different from the disco craze which about every college bar in town had. Unfortunatly, disco wasn't dead yet at the time. I walked in, and took a seat at the bar. Other than the bartender, there were a couple of old farts at the other end of the bar, discussing the troubles of the world, and a slim redhead between me and them, so the place was empty and dead. I ordered a beer, and in no time, it was gone. This was back in the days when it was legal to drink at 18 in New york. I ordered another, the bartender sat it down in front of me and headed into the back room.

As I took a big gulp, I heard the redhead say "Hey son, you better learn to slow down."

I sat my beer down, and turned to her, saying "Oh really?"

She smiled, saying "If you drink too fast, the night will become too short."

I smiled, saying "Thanks for the advice ma'm, I'll try to do just that." I looked at her, she was definitly at least thirty-five.

Although I haven't been here that often, I didn't recognise her as being a regular. She noticed me staring, and asked "Are you graduating tomorrow?"

I said "Yes Ma'm, at one-o'clock." She got off her stool, and came down and sat next to me. I noticed the old farts give a quick stare, then continue on with their conversation on the global economy. The bartender came back, and she ordered another drink, a rum and coke. He made one and went on to taking some sort of inventory.

She turned to me and said "Yeah, I'm hoping my son goes to college, he's a junior this year."

I decide to keep up the small talk, asking "Oh, which high school?"

She looked straight ahead and said "Up by Rochester, a catholic school."

I said "I graduated from a school by Buffalo."

She asked, "Aren't your parents here, yet?"

"No Ma'm, they'll be arriving tomorrow morning." The bartender came over and she fell silent.

After he walked on by, she looked over her shoulder, then at me, and asked "Want to go sit in a booth? My back is a bit sore from these stools."

I said sure, and I grabbed our drinks and followed her over. The music was on low at the time, and she let me get in first, then she got in and sat next to me. I was surprised at this, but we started talking again. She asked questions about college life, I told her my major and that I was transferring to Cornell next year. I asked her some questions about her. She was widowed, her husband bough it in Nam. She went on and told me about her life and family.

After about an hour, and another round, she had her hand on the inside of my thigh, as she paid the bartender for the drinks. I guess my face was some sort of amusement, as he just smiled and shook his head as he headed back to the bar. After he left, she asked "Were you going to celebrate tonight by yourself?"

"No ma'm, I'm going to a party."

"Will there be a bunch of coeds there?"

I smiled, and said "Hope so, hope they're all drunk, too." She laughed, her hand moving up my thigh.

Being bold, I reached down and grabbed ahold of it. As she pulled both our hands to her lap, she said "Do you have much luck with the opposite sex?" She placed my fingers in her crotch, I could feel the warmth radiating from her twat. Shit, this looks promising.

I answered "Um, no, not really. Why do you ask?"

She smiled, as she rubbed my fingers in her jeans covered twat, "Well," she said, "If you want a sure thing, maybe you can skip that silly little party and all those stuck up coeds."

I laughed a bit, and noticed the bartender look our way. She turned to look that way again,then back to me. "Okay, now first thing first, my name is Maggie, so please stop calling me ma'm. What's your name?"

I answered "Yes Maggie. My name is Dan."

She continued. "I'm going to get up and leave the bar and go get into my car, it's a red mustang, I'll give you ten minutes, then I'll pull up around the corner and pick you up. Why don't you finish your beer, and go take a leak or something before you go, okay?"

I nodded my head yes, and she turned and got up, walking casually towards the door. Shit, I couldn't believe it. Here I am, about to get laid by a woman old enough to be my mother. The bartender came over and asked "Do you want a refill?"

I looked up and said "Um no, I have to get going, have a party to get too. Where's the mens room?" He pointed towards some doors in the rear, I got up and went and emptied my bladder. My cock was already getting swollen thinking about Maggie and her hot box. I looked at the bar clock as I passed, it read six-fourteen. Exiting the bar, I was temporarily blinded by the late day sun. I turned left and went past the parking lot and turned the corner, as a red mustang pulled up. I went to the passengeer door and opened it up.

Hope this is the right one, and not a setup. I looked in, and saw Maggie smiling back at me. I climbed in and fastened my seatbelt. She turned right and we headed towards the main street of the town. She didn't say a word, as she turned onto Main Street and headed towards out of town. I started getting nervous, thinking what if this is something kinky that I don't want. As she pulled up to a red light, she reached inside her pocket and pulled out a five, and handed it to me, along with a room key.

"Okay Dan, I'll pull into the liqour store up here on the right, go on inside and get a six pack of beer, you pick it out, then come on up to the motel and use the key to get in, understand?", she said.

I was all smiles, as I answered gleefully "Yes ma'm...I mean Maggie."

As she pulled into the parking lot, I started to lean over to give her a kiss, but she put her hand up and said "Later big boy, we're still in public." I understood, as I got out and went inside the liqour store. I ran into two of my college classmates, who asked who gave me a ride. I just said some lady that felt sorry for a poor college kid that had to hoof it.

They laughed, as I paid for my beer and exited the store, heading for the motel. I heard one of them holler after me, "Hey, where you going?"

I turned and yelled back, "To the motel, my dad wants a beer." They laughed, and I turned and walked on. That was close, and I hoped the ruse worked. It was about a five minute walk to the motel. I suddenly realised that my roommates parents are staying at the same motel. Luckily, I didn't see their car, and I found the room and stuck in the key and entered.

I placed the beer on the table by the telivision, as I heard Maggie from the bathroom yell out "Dan, is that you?"

I replied, "Yes", and she hollered back "Well, I'm freshing up Dan, why don't you open a couple of beers and make yourself at home. Turn on the television to the in-room movie channel, I already paid for the services."

I grabbed two beers and opened them both and sat her's on the night stand as I took a gulp from mine. I grabbed the remote for the tv and flipped it on. Looking at a card on the table, I seen the in-room movies were on channel 12, so I flipped up to it. I about lost it when I was greeted with a skin flick. A blonde was giving some well-hung stud a blowjob. I let out a low whistle, and heard Maggie say "Oh, is the movie pretty good then?"

I chuckled, and said "Well, it looks like it's just starting, Maggie." My cock was instantly rock hard, and it needed relief in the worst way.

Just then, Maggie walked out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a smile. Her long curly red hair hung down past her shuoulders, helping frame her small pointed breasts. Her waist was thin, giving her a nice curve, and her pussy was clean shaven. She smiled and asked "You like what you see?"

She climbed onto the bed and grabbed the tent that formed in my pants. "Oh yeah, I definitly like what I see." She smiled as she unzipped my pants, and fished my meat out. My cock was throbbing as she was gripping it real hard.

All of a sudden, she went "Wooops" as she quickly lowered her mouth to my cock. The first blast hit her chin, but she caught the rest in her mouth, as I was grunting with each blast of cum.

Damn, my first time and I shot my load as soon as she touched it. My look of despair caused her to giggle, as she swirled her tongue around my cock head, licking it clean. She pulled my dick from her mouth and smiled, as she wiped my first shot off her chin and licked her fingers clean. "Don't fret it, Dan. It always happens the first time for men. But you're young, and you do have a good piece of equipment here. I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion plenty of times tonight." Shit, hearing her say that got my cock twitching again. She smiled as she felt my tool throb. As she said "Get those clothes off boy, I want to see what I got for this evening." I quickly tore my shirt off, and kicked my pants and underwear off.

Maggie was still smiling as she took my meat and said "Looks like you're recovery time is pretty good, but I want you to do some things for me first." She crawled up and sat next to me, took my head in her hands and started kissing me. I was kissing her back, as I started letting my hands roam her body. My right hand found her left breast, and as I squeezed it gently, her nipple started getting bigger. I lowered my head from her face and started kissing my way down to that tit. Once there, I sucked it in, causing her to moan in pleasure, "Oh God Dan, you are a fast learner." As I sucked on that tit, I moved my hand to her crotch. As soon as I touched her pubic mound, her thighs parted, giving me complete access to feel my first pussy. Her box was warm and wet, as I could feel the moisture on my finger tips. I worked two fingers into her slit, rubbing up and down the lenght of it, causing more moans to come from her mouth.

She broke my tit sucking, and hoarsely said "Lets see how fast you learn to eat pussy." As she pushed my head to her crotch. In seconds, I was getting a good taste of her honey. She guided my head to where she wanted me to lick, and I was more than willing to do what she wanted. She told me to put two fingers up in her. This I did, and I thought her vagina was going to break my fingers off. Her cunt was hot and very wet, as I sucked and licked her clit. Soon, she was bucking her hips, and then suddenly she hollered out "Oh yeeeees, Dan, oh....fuck.." I kept working my fingers in and out of her tight snatch, as her juices covered my face.

Her spasms subsided, as she was catching her breath. She pulled me up to her face, and we explored each others mouths with our tongues. My cock was at it's hardest I've ever experienced, as she reached down between my legs, grabbing it with her right hand. I raised my body, bringing my knees forward and arms straight down holding me up. She rubbed the head of my cock in her slit, and then placed it at her pussy, telling me to push it in. I did like she said and sank it in all the way down, my pubic hair matting down into her shaved, wet snatch. It felt wonderful, my first pussy. My cock was throbbing, and I was worried about coming if I started to move. She giggled, and said "Don't worry Dan, I'm sure you'll last a lot longer this time." I smiled at her, her face glowing from her orgasm, as were her breasts, as I pulled out and sank back in, causing her to gasp. "Oh yeah....come on big boy...fuck me hard and slow." She reached to my waist and controlled me by pushing and pulling on my torso. I was in heaven, as my cock was pumping in and out her tight cunt. My face was grimicing, as I could feel my balls tighten. She was making me pump her faster and harder, and it wasn't long before her pussy muscles felt like they were going to rip my pecker from my body, as she came again, causing me to send a flood of come into her womb. I collapsed on top of her, trying to catch my breath, as she snuggled her face into my shoulder.

She had me roll onto my side, my cock still wedged inside of her, and we started watching the movie as we drank some beer. The action on the screen was hot as well. The same blonde from before was getting her cunt drilled by the biggest cock I've ever seen, while she was sucking on another. We had moved around so that she was on my lap watching the movie, my cock still in her tight cunt, as we watched and drank beer. I occasionaly massaged her breasts. I was amazed at how big her nipples had become, almost a half inch in diameter, and I would say they stuck out about three-quarters of an inch. She would moan whenever I played with them. The scene changed on the tube, with another blonde in a sixty-nine with the first blonde on top, as she got her ass plowed by some stud. Maggie placed her hands in her crotch, and turned her head and gave me a passionate kiss, as she started working on masterbating herself to orgasm. I nibbled on her neck, and played with her breasts, as soon I felt her body stiffen as she came again. My cock was still hard, and I didn't come this time, even as she reached down and gently massaged my balls.

Once she recovered again, she leaned forward, causing my cock to pop out, and got on her knees, telling me to fuck her doggie style. I didn't need to be told twice, as I kneeled behind her upturned ass, and shove my cock home. I grabbed her hips as I watched the movie, drilling her cunt at the same pace the blonde on the tube was getting it from her stud. I kept up with the guy in the movie, as I felt Maggie have one orgasm after another, crying out and whimpering as she did so, her pussy trying hard to milk another load out of me. She collapsed her upper body, burying her face in the covers, as I kept pounding the shit out of her cunt. I finally felt that feeling again, and just as the guy on the screen pulled out and shot his load on the blondes ass, I flooded Maggie's pussy once more, sending her into another orgasm. We collapsed in a pile on the bed, snuggled up to each other, as we exchanged kisses. I seperated, grabbed my beer and drained it. I got up and went and got another, she finished hers as well, and I opened one for her, too. We sat up against the headboard, drinking and watching the movie. She finaly spoke, asking me "Well, was it what you expected?"

I chuckled, saying, "Maggie, I just hope all women are as good as you." She laughed, and playfully tugged on my limp cock.

We talked for awhile. She told me more about herself, saying that she does this about twice a year, going to different college towns, and hitting on some stud that looks like he doesn't get it too often. I was her catch this trip, and I thanked her for it. She told me that this will be a one-night stand, and that there are no commitments involved, and I told her that I understand, that I was just happy to finally get some, and to have such a wonderful teacher.

Once our beers were done, she said "Play time, as she dove down and took my cock in her wonderful mouth again. She swung around, causing me to be flat on my back, and her snatch lowered onto my waiting mouth. As she worked on getting me hard once more, I worked on getting another taste of her wonderful cunt. I soon had her climaxing again, as my cock was throbbing in her mouth, rock hard once more and ready for another go. She spun around and straddled my groin, lowering her firey cunt onto my pole. I reached up and played with her breasts, as she started riding me like there was no tomorrow. I did have a chance to glance at the clock, it was already after nine, as she rode herself from one orgasm to another. I finally thrusted up deep inside of her, having a mindblowing orgasm as well. She collapsed forward, and I got a mouthfull of tit, causing her to moan in ectasy.

We kept it up until well past midnight, and after about four other pornos as well. They helped my recovery time, as did her wonderful hot mouth. I lost track how many times I orgasmed, by the time we fell asleep in each others arms, my pecker was hurting from so much fucking, and from coming so much. She would wake me up four times during the night to ride herself to happiness, without getting me off once, my cock must have stayed hard all night.

I woke up with her still on top of me, her pussy spasming around my shaft. I happened to look over at the clock, and said "Holy shit."

Her eyes flew open,and said "What!"

I answered "It's nine and, my parents were supposed to have arrive at my apartment an hour ago."

She laughed, as she raised her body off my cock, making an obscene plopping sound, as a trail of our juices connected to each others private parts, before breaking. She said, "Well, come on, lets shower off, then you can run on home to see mommy and daddy." I raced afer her, as we climbed into the shower. We got the water to a good temperature, and as we washed each others bodies off, she kept playing with my cock. I turned her around and bent her forward, her hands braced agains the wall, the shower hitting her back, as I entered her cunt one last time. I pumped her good for about ten minutes, and I felt her orgasm as she announced it to the world. As I felt my come boil, I pulled out and turned her around, she grabbed my cock and jerked me off, sending strands of come onto her face and breasts.

She laughed like a schoolgirl, as she wiped the come off her body and licked her fingers. We kissed as we rinsed off. I climbed out of the shower, and kissed her again, she saying "Hurry stud, or you might get into trouble."

I laughed, as we dried each other off, paying particluar attention to each others privates. I said "Oh fuck, why not," As I surprised her by lifting her up and placing her on the vanity. I got on my knees and started licking her freshly showered cunt. She protested at first, but soon she was egging me on, as I got her juices flowing as she erupted into another orgasm. I stood up, and gave her a big french kiss. She giggled, saying "You know, you're probably the best student I've ever had." As she smacked my ass. I tweaked her nipple as I left the bathroom. She padded out behind me, saying "So, you're going to Cornell next year. Maybe I'll have to make a trip down."

As I was pulling my pants up, I smiled and asked "What happened to no commitments?"

She playfully hit me, and said "There will be none, just give me your name and I'll give you my phone number for maybe setting something up next year." She went to her purse and pulled out a pen and a piece of paper. I pulled on my shirt, as she wrote down her phone number. Then I told her my name and how to spell it. We kissed one more time, as I put her name and number in my wallet. I was thinking that this was probably the last time I'll see her, but what the fuck, I'll hang onto the paper. She said "Hold on, one more thing, as she hugged me again and stuffed something into my back pocket.

I made my way out of the motel, before I decided to miss graduation ceremonies and fuck her brains out some more. It was a half-hour walk to my apartment, and was my ass dragging. I felt like my cock was going to fall off, and my legs were weak as hell. Getting there, my parents were sitting around, and my mom was pissed. She was worried that something had happened to me. I assured her that I was in good hands and that I got a little too much fun and stayed over night at some party. My dad was suspicious, and my roommates were even more suspicious. I was sure they would question me more later on the subject. I was also a bit dumfounded when my mother said my face needs washed, as it smelled funny. I had a heck of a time keeping a straight face, as I turned to go to the bathroom. I heard my mother gasp when I did so, and I felt something being pulled from my back pocket.

I turned as I was entering the bathroom, to see my dad holding a pair of very small black panties. So that was what she shoved back there, I had forgotten about them, as I was more concerned about my aching head and cock. My mother started saying something to me as I went inside the bathroom, but she started giving dad hell when he said with a laugh "Looks like someone got lucky last night.".

I came out with the sight of my dad with a big shit eating grin and my mom with a very sour look on her face. They were silent as we headed to the car and went out to eat, my younger brother bugging the hell out of me. Eventually, the day went by, I went home and spent the summer working. Nothing was ever said about it, and I did have better luck on dates after that weekend. I went to Cornell, and I did see Maggie about once a month for a while for some great non-stop weekends of sex. Eventually, we started seeing other people, but after twenty years, we still exchange notes, even though we both got married to other people.

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