College legend (sex stories,college,students,schoolgirls)

College legend

The campus was deserted the weekend before classes
begin. It would be a good time to walk around, get
acquainted with things, and find my assigned room. The
teaching job was only part-time, but it would bring in a
few extra bucks.

"You look lost. Can I help you find something?" I looked
around to see a tall young woman smiling at me.

"Yes, you can. I'm looking for Walgren Hall."

It had been a long time since I had been around women so
young. She was very slim, and couldn't have been more
than 18 or 19. Her long hair matched the dark color of
her eyes. Her large breasts swayed gently as she talked,
and the slight morning chill expanded her nipples
slightly against the top of her black body suit. Tight
shorts, crisp and white, accentuated her tanned, smooth

"It's that round building over there," she said,
pointing with a graceful manicured finger.

"Thanks," I said forcing myself to look into her eyes
and having difficulty not staring at her soft round
tits. The consolation was watching her perfectly heart-
shaped ass as she walked away.

The class they had assigned to me was a large lecture
hall within Walgren Hall. Seating for about an hundred
students sloped upward away from the podium so that
everyone had a clear view to the front. Instead of a
traditional chalkboard, a rear projection screen
dominated the front of the classroom.

A projection TV in a small room behind the screen
displayed everything on the screen that I might write on
a small electronic "tablet". A bewildering assortment of
light switches allowed room lighting to be dimmed or
turned off altogether. I felt like the Wizard of Oz
standing there surrounded by all that hi-tech audio-
visual equipment that I barely understood.


The following Monday, eager for the first day of class,
I arrived early. I stood at the podium fussing over my
notes, arranging and rearranging the handouts that I had
prepared, and watching the students stream in the back
of the room to take their seats. Students were about
evenly divided between men and women. And they were all
so young.

I couldn't help doing a double-take when the gorgeous
tall brunette who had given me directions came into the
class. She smiled at me in recognition and sat down a
few rows from the front. In a way, I was glad she was
not dressed in such tight fitting clothes as the first
day I met her. I would never get through the class

Her top was tight fitting but the small vest she wore
over it partially concealed those luscious jugs from
view. Her jeans were tight around her small waist, but
otherwise fairly loose, keeping that beautiful firm ass
and full mound hidden as well.

I passed out the handouts explaining the course, talked
about my expectations of them--all the standard first
day crap. I called roll and looked around the room as
each student answered to try to familiarize myself with
their faces.

When I called 'Joanne Hansen,' the woman I was already
starting to fantasize about answered. I looked up and
saw that the vest she was wearing had pulled to one side
to reveal the outline of one of her large round breasts
capped by a perfect nipple. I had to struggle to stay
cool and not give myself away. Fortunately, I could
stand behind the podium to hid the bulge forming in my
pants. I put a little asterisk next to her name to help
me remember it, but I had a feeling I would never forget

With the preliminaries out of the way, I began my
lecture. I scanned the class appearing to make eye
contact with everyone as I talked, but couldn't help
looking mostly at Joanne. Each sweep of the class began
and ended with a quick glance at that one full breast
covered only by a thin top.

As the lecture continued and she moved around in her
seat, the vest would often shift and cover everything.
Several times, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her
surreptitiously glance down, notice that both breasts
were covered, and pull the vest subtly to one side to
expose one of them.

I kept trying to watch Joanne to confirm that this tit
show was for my benefit. Finally, there was no doubt.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see that both her
breasts were covered by the vest. Just as we made eye
contact, she held my gaze, smiled almost imperceptibly,
and coyly pulled her vest to one side to show her left
breast with an incredibly erect nipple straining against
the thin fabric.

Mercifully, the hour ended and I wrapped up my first
lecture. Between first day jitters and Joanne's antics,
I was a wreck. I packed up my notes and left the class.
Hopefully Joanne will be wearing something less
revealing on Wednesday, I told myself, but in the back
of my mind I was hoping for just the opposite.


On Wednesday, I was still a little nervous about the
teaching assignment. I came to class early to make sure
everything was ready. By the time students began to
arrive, I was standing behind the podium anticipating
Joanne's arrival. Just before class was to begin, she
walked in. Baggy shirt and baggy shorts. Shit! I
couldn't help feeling disappointed.

I began the lecture, scanning the room out of habit
appearing to talk directly to each individual, but
always settling for a microsecond too long on Joanne.
She made no sign that she noticed, though she restlessly
shifted in her seat.

At one point, she put her left foot up on the back of
the empty seat in front of her. Her long slim tanned leg
led my eye up the large leg opening in her baggy shorts.
My heart almost stopped. I gulped loudly and completely
lost my train of thought. It was clear that she was not
wearing any panties. The mound of her pussy, surrounded
by luxuriously dark hair almost hypnotized me. I
struggled to keep control and not reveal what I was
looking at. I looked up to see Joanne smiling playfully
at me, daring me to look again.

I couldn't. I looked away, found my place in my notes
and continued on. I avoided looking back at Joanne for a
long time, partly to compose myself and partly to tease
myself. When I finally did get to her, she had lowered
her foot to the floor and was intently writing notes
about what I was saying. Damn, I thought.


By Friday's class, I was wondering what new revelation
Joanne would have to torment me. She really was a tease.
I didn't know how I would get through this class if she
continued like this all semester. I came into class
after everyone was seated so that I wouldn't torture
myself further watching all the 18 and 19 year old women
walking in.

I looked around the room to see what Joanne might have
in store for today, but she was not there. I checked the
"drop" sheet I had picked up in the office to see if she
had dropped the class, but her name was not on it.
Disappointed, I began my lecture and involved myself in
the graphs that I was drawing on the electronic "tablet"
to be projected to the class on the huge screen.

Half way through the lecture, the screen went blank. I
fiddled with all the buttons and controls available to
me, but didn't really have a clue what I was doing. Now
dependent on this hi-tech equipment, I was unable to
continue the class. I dismissed them early to meet again
on Monday.

I really don't have much faith in computer equipment,
and I don't really know that much about it, but I
decided to go into the little room behind the screen and
see if there was anything obvious. Then I would have
done my duty and I could report the problem to
maintenance without sounding like a complete idiot. I
went through the door and turned on a small light to
look around.

I wasn't making much progress, and I was about to give
the projector a swift kick to see if that would work
when I noticed an almost imperceptible scent of gardenia
perfume. Then door clicked shut.

"I guess I'm late. Everyone is gone. Maybe you could
fill me in on what I missed." Joanne approached me
slowly. She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned
towards me for a kiss. I needed no coaxing. I had
thought of little else but her for almost a week. I
grabbed her tiny waist and pulled her to me. My interest
was obvious as the bulge in my pants smashed softly
against her mound.

Her lips parted slightly to accept my flickering tongue.
Our tongues entwined for an instant then I ran my tongue
slowly over the edge of her perfect white teeth. Probing
again with my tongue, she pulled it hungrily into her
mouth with soft sucking movements.

My cock was trying desperately to stand erect, but my
jockey shorts kept it partially bent. I was so hard, it
was becoming painful. I reached down to rearrange and
free my cock.

"Let me fix it," she said softly. With what seemed like
a single motion, she undid my pants and pulled them down
to my ankles. Now on her knees, Joanne gently stroked my
throbbing cock with one hand and weighed my balls with
the other. Holding me like that, she began to tease the
head with her tongue, playfully touching a drop of pre-
cum and pulling it away in a long silky thread.

Tiring of this she began to swirl her hot, wet tongue
around the head of my dick. After several revolutions,
she would plunge my cock into her mouth and slowly pull
it out, with slight suction on it the entire time. A
small sucking sound at the end signaled another
revolution or so of that talented tongue and she would
again plunge my cock deep into her hot, greedy mouth.

Sensing that I could not take too much more of this,
Joanne slowly stood up, removed her top and shook her
long hair free. I turned her around so she could lean
her ass against the projector table and slowly worked my
way down and around her bare breasts. Her aureole were
small and dark, and her tiny nipples were like plump
raisins in my mouth.

Anticipating my next move, Joanne unbuttoned her short
and slipped them down until she could step out of them.
Apparently, she never wore panties. She parted her legs,
and leaned back against the table waiting eagerly for my
exploring tongue.

I slowly teased my way down from her luscious melons,
flicked my tongue in and out of her navel, then slid it
down to the edge of her soft, thick pubic hair. She
moaned softly expecting my tongue to find her tender,
swollen clit, but I continued to work down the edge of
her pubic hair along her thigh. When I had passed her
mound, I crossed over to the other thigh and began
working my way back up the hairy edge.

Reaching the top edge again, I lubricated my tongue with
saliva and swept it down the length of her hooded clit.
She reached for my head to hold me there. I ran my
tongue in the fold between her clit and her swollen lips
until her knees began to shake. She was obviously having
difficulty standing, and I considered having her sit,
when her knees locked tightly and she jammed my head
roughly into her cunt.

"Oh God! Oh God!" she cried, then slowly began to relax.
The sight of that plump pussy and dark wet hair almost
made me cum without even touching my cock. But that was
not in my plan.

Quickly I lifted the projector down to the floor so that
the table was clear. Joanne turned around and leaned
over the table pushing that gorgeous muscular ass in my
direction. Her pussy was so swollen, her silky hairless
lips protruded between her legs. I dropped to my knees,
only partially in control. I ran my tongue up through
the slit between her cunt lips, then up the entire
length of the crack in her ass. She clenched her small
buns tightly to grip my probing tongue, then relaxed it
to continue its journey.

On the return trip down that soft split, I pushed my
firm tongue hard against her tiny young asshole. I
lubricated it as much as I could with saliva and tried
to push my finger in. It was just too tight. I could not
even get my little finger farther than the first
knuckle. More saliva indicated it was not a problem with
lubrication -- her 18 year old asshole was to remain
virgin at least for that day.

Of course, I had more luck with her pussy. I stood up
behind her and swept the head of my swelling cock up and
down between those sweet lips, wetting the head with her
flowing juices. Then I slowly eased the head in.

At first, I thought I had misjudged the location of her
opening, but her young pussy was just too tight to take
the throbbing purple monster that my cock had become.
Understanding the problem, Joanne relaxed slightly and
her pussy soon swallowed my cock to the hilt. The
sensation was so strong, I almost lost my load then and
there. Pausing fully inside her, I slowly pulled out,
then pushed in as far as I could go. I could literally
feel the firm structure of her young body as my cock
slid down her love canal.

Enjoying the feel of her, I began to stroke in and out
of her faster and faster. I reached around and held the
bulging sides her breasts, partially flattened against
the cold steel of the table. She lifted up so that I
could cup them in my hands and warm them.

"Harder... please... harder!" She grunted the words out
one at a time as a slammed my thighs into her firm ass.
I grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart so that I
could see her tiny asshole still wet and inviting. My
strokes were so long, I could see nearly the entire head
of my cock, then watch the shaft disappear completely
into that tight muscular cunt.

Watching that incredible sight was a mistake. I could
stand no more. Once more my cock plunged deep inside her
and stayed there while I pumped hot cum into her
pulsating cunt. She came seconds later with a force that
nearly ejected my unsuspecting cock from her pussy.

I lay my head on her tanned athletic back to catch my
breath. As the real world began to filter back into my
consciousness, I heard the murmur of voices outside the
projection room indicating that the next class had filed
into the room.

"Do you hear that?" I asked Joanne.

"Yea... shit! How are we going to get out of here," she
said with a nervous laugh. We whispered several
possibilities to each other, each one sounding more
preposterous than the last. I pulled on my clothes and
slipped into my shoes.

"OK, how about this? I'll go out and tell everyone that
they have to leave temporarily while we look for a snake
that we discovered loose in the previous class." I was
definitely fishing on that one, but what the hell, it
could happen.

"Oh brother," Joanne sighed. "Well, give it a try while
I get dressed."

I walked out of the projection room into the lecture
hall. The lights had been dimmed for some reason, and as
I stood there in front of the packed classroom, everyone
began to applaud. They stomped their feet, whooped, and
whistled. But they were not looking at me. They were
looking at the screen.

The light in the projection room was just strong enough
to cast Joanne's gorgeous silhouette onto the screen,
and in the darkened lecture hall, every detail of her
movements was visible. I could see her pull her top over
her head, plump her tits and reach for her shorts. Some
of the spectators were looking at me as they applauded
and it finally dawned on me. Our entire escapade had
been "projected" on that screen for all to see. A bomb
would not have cleared that room.

I went back into the projection room to find Joanne
fully clothed.

"I don't know how to tell you this, but there are a
hundred horny people out there who saw everything we
did. There is no way either of us is going to sneak out
of this one."

At first, panic showed in Joanne's eyes. Then she

"Hey, what the fuck. This is the stuff of legends! Let's
enjoy it!" With that we joined hands, and walked out to
the front of the class. We stood there, then took a big
sweeping show business bow, and calmly walked out the
door to a wildly appreciative audience. Once out the
door, we kissed and looked at each other.

"We are never going to top that one," she said. "Let's
not try." We kissed again and parted company.

Joanne continued as a student in my class, but never
again showed any interest in me. She was right. We could
never have topped that one time and it was right to quit

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