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Cuckold My Wife

I would like to begin this story by telling you a little about my wife and I. I believe people hear or read stories similar to this and think that we are some type of outlier or different sort. In reality we are normal people and no one would expect that we have such fantastic sexual experiences. We are just like any other husband and wife living in suburbia. We have three kids, a dog, and even attend church on most Sundays. I work in Ophthalmology and my wife is a science teacher. I think you get the picture. For the most part we live “normal” lives.

Emily and I have been married for nearly twenty years. Our sex life has been through ups and downs and we struggled for years to find a rhythm and cadence that matched both of our desires. We also suffered from a “proper” upbringing that placed limitations on what each of us thought was permissible in a sexual relationship between husband and wife. It seemed there were many unspoken desires that we never shared because we both thought they were taboo.

Emily is 5’4”, with strawberry blonde hair and even though she is nearly 40 with three kids, I swear she has never looked better. When she walks in a room all eyes are on her. I have always enjoyed the fact that other men look at her. Emily is my soul mate and I don’t want to imagine life without her. I never wonder about her commitment to me and our marriage. Maybe this comfort has allowed me to have fantasies that might frighten others. Over the years as I have masturbated I have imagined Emily having sex with other men. For years I was afraid to share this fantasy with Emily because I thought she would think I did not love her, or that I did not think our relationship was special. I have always wanted her to feel like a princess and know that I want to give her what she desires.

Emily has at times struggled with feeling sexy. Being a mom and a wife apparently has made her feel less than sexy over the years. In my fantasies she was able to assuage her cares and responsibilities and enjoy being sexual while cumming on another man’s cock. In these fantasies I am usually watching her cum while I stroke my cock. She knows that I get off on watching her. There are many variations of these fantasies and sometimes I join in. The general theme however centers around me watching my wife fuck another man. I kept this fantasy from my wife because I feared what her response would be.

During a girls night out with a friend that Emily is very close to, her friend asked if I shared my fantasies with her. Emily informed her that I have never shared my fantasies with her and her friend appeared shocked. Emily came home and asked if I had any fantasies. I was too scared to be honest with her. I immediately realized it was a missed opportunity. Weeks later while on a date night we were having a few drinks and she brought it up again and asked if I had any fantasies that I wanted to share with her. I had been wondering for years how I could have this conversation with her without her thinking I secretly desired to have sex with other women or her thinking that I did not love her enough to keep her to myself only.

I had just enough alcohol to erode my inhibitions and told her I loved and cherished her and then said, “When I masturbate I imagine you fucking another man. In this scenario I am always in the same room with you and you talk to me and tell me how good it feels to have another cock in your pussy while you watch me stroke my cock.”

I tried to soften my fantasy and share just enough information to get the conversation started. She then asked, “Would you really let me have sex with another man?” Then of course came a question that I suspected would surface, “Do you want to have sex with other women?”

I very quickly responded that the fantasy is just a fantasy and my gratification would be derived from seeing her pleasured. I told her that I had no interest in having sex with other women and that even when we watch porn together I imagine her as the woman in the scene. At this point I was ready to get her to the room and get her panties off. The conversation made me very horny. Emily thanked me for sharing and we headed to the room.
Weeks passed and we did not mention this topic again. I wondered if it hurt Emily’s feelings and was planning on discussing it while on an upcoming date. I wanted to reassure her that I love her and that I am committed to our relationship, that I have no desire to change anything about our lives. The night of our date Emily put on a very short, very revealing black dress and I was beyond pleased with the presentation. We planned dinner followed by dancing. Things were going well and I did not want to disrupt our evening with a potentially tenuous conversation. Dinner was fun and Emily was absolutely beautiful.

After dinner we made our way to a dance club, grabbed some drinks, and a table. The club had an impressive variety of people ranging from college students to middle-aged professionals. The dance floor was teeming and people were enjoying themselves. Emily and I danced a couple of times and she was getting noticed by nearly every man on the floor. There was a particularly good looking 30ish, dark and athletic man that inched increasingly closer to Emily. Typically Emily would circle around me to get away from these types of advances. This time, however, Emily welcomed the attention. I was shocked, stunned, and excited all at the same time. I left the floor and sat at the table where I had the perfect vantage spot to see my wife dance dirty with this very attractive younger man.

As they continued to dance I noticed his cock was bulging and Emily was stroking it with her hand. I could have literally cum all over myself at that moment. After a good thirty minutes or so of dancing, Emily invited the young man back to the table and we all talked for a while. I knew that Emily would think he was attractive, but that would not be enough. I have not mentioned it yet, but Emily is one of the most intelligent and eloquent people I know. It would take more than a pretty smile and a hard cock to gain her interest. This guy had the right amount of confidence without being arrogant. I listened as they talked and discovered that the young man had just finished medical school and had only recently moved to town and had not made many friends yet. The more they talked the more I could see that Emily was enjoying her time with Mark.

Mark had been running his hand up Emily’s skirt and I was getting increasingly turned on. After talking for nearly 45 minutes, Emily leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Can we get a room and invite Mark up?” I immediately booked a room on my mobile phone and we agreed to meet Mark at the hotel. In the elevator on our way up to the room Emily began kissing me and while grabbing my cock asked, “Are you really going to let me fuck this guy?”

I responded with, “I am going to let you do what you want to do.” I was of course hoping she would fuck him and that it would be a remarkable experience for both of us.

Emily and I made it to the room and Mark arrived shortly thereafter. Once we were all in the room, I found a chair in the darkly lit corner of the room while Emily and Mark sat on the bed making out. Within minutes Mark had her dress off and began to finger her swollen, very wet pussy while kissing her. My dick was throbbing like I was an 18 year old boy. Emily began working her way down and unbuttoning Mark’s shirt. She kissed his chest, worked her way down to his stomach and then unbuttoned his pants, dropping them to the floor releasing his beautiful young cock. It was quite impressive and his dark skin contrasted against her milky white hands.

Emily started to gently suck his cock and looked over at me to see me stroking mine. This seemed to excite her and she started sucking his cock voraciously. She then asked me, “Does this turn you on? Does his cock look good in my mouth?” She then proceeded to tell me how beautiful his cock was and how much she was enjoying sucking it. She kept her eyes locked with mine nearly the entire time.

Eventually Mark pulled her up to him and kissed her then worked his way down and gently and spread her legs to reveal her swollen wet pussy lips. Mark went down on my wife and within a few minutes she was cumming louder than I had ever heard in our twenty years together. I think she was enjoying this young man and the fact that I was watching and masturbating. After making her cum several times Mark stretched a condom over his rock hard young cock and buried it in my wife. This was the first time in twenty years my wife was experiencing a cock that was not mine. In an instant I came all over myself. Cum squirted harder and farther than I can ever remember.

My wife asked, “Do you enjoy seeing me fuck his cock?” And stated, “My pussy is so wet.” She was telling Mark to “fuck her married pussy” and within moments she was nearly screaming as she came. I believe we lucked out this particular evening and met the perfect guy. This was our first experience with Emily enjoying another man’s cock while I watched and it was the most exciting sexual experience we had ever had together. Over the next several years Emily has realized that I enjoy watching her cum more than just about anything. It has also become clear that she enjoys putting on a show for me. It goes without saying that she really does love cock. Emily continued fucking Mark for nearly a year and we all had a great deal of fun together.

I have many more stories to share and will provide details of many of our experiences in the coming weeks. The last three years have been the best years of our lives in terms of sexual fulfillment and it is all because my wife knows that I want her to enjoy herself sexually and push her boundaries while including me. I often hear people say something like, “I would not let my spouse have sex with someone else.” Emily is having sex with me every time. We just happen to include another human being for her enjoyment as we can. In my next story I will talk more about the lovers that Emily has had and some of the escapades we have had along the way.

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