Dad and Sister Get Caught - sex story

Dad and Sister Get Caught

Since my mom and dad were divorced, we lived with my mom. My dad would come around occasionally to visit or to pick us up and take us out somewhere for ice-cream or something else. As we got older their relationship became less and less civil so my dad would not come around very often.

When I was 18 and in high school the summer before my senior year, my older sister was 20 and she kind of looked after me and my two younger brothers when our mom was at work. My older brother (28) at the time was still living at home too but my sis was in community college and working part time so she was home more.

I was working out for football with my buddies during the day that summer and my two younger brothers were going to a day camp at the local playground run by the YMCA. I didn’t have my own car so I would get rides from my buds to and from practice and when we went out carousing. My sister did have a little compact car that she used to get to and from school and work. My mom car pooled to work with a neighbor.

One day during the summer we were supposed to have workouts at the weight room and then go to the track for running. Well, the building the weight room was in was closed for maintenance when we got there so we could not lift. We went ahead and did our running workout and then decided to head home.

My buddy lived past our house so he would usually drop me off in front on his way home. That day, as we went down my street, I noticed that my dad’s work truck was parked on a side street about half a block away from my house. My sister was supposed to be at work at her part time job that day as she didn’t have classes. I was hoping to have the afternoon to myself, so I could get some porn from my brothers room and spend an hour or two reading porn stories and jerking off. However, when we pulled up to my house I noticed my sister’s car parked in our driveway. Damn, I was hoping to be alone!

Well, when I got to the front door in was slightly open and the glass/screen storm door was shut. I was thinking to myself it was strange that my sister was not at work, she needed the money. I was also suspicious that my dad might be in the house because I was sure that was his truck parked a block away. So I slowly opened the screen door to keep it from creaking and giving anyone the notion that someone entered. My sister didn’t think I was due back for another two hours and she had to pick up my little brothers later that afternoon.

My sister had a bedroom on the first floor and because our old house had settled quite a bit, the door to her room did not shut the whole way because the frame was off. It was how I spied on her when she was changing or coming out of the shower. As I entered the living room I could hear some muffled voices and what sounded like moaning, it was coming from my sister’s room.

I headed down the hall towards her door and stopped for a minute. Her door left a 2 to 3 inch gap between the edge of the door and the frame from top to bottom. The angle of the view into the room led right to a large mirror she had on the wall and it reflected to her bed perfectly. I peaked in through the opening and looked at the mirror and my jaw immediately dropped at what I saw!

There was my sister totally naked, laying on top of my DAD in a 69 position!! Her head was closest to the mirror and I could see perfectly her mouth dancing up and down on my Dad’s fat cock. It wasn’t super long but it was unusually thick. I looked almost like a beer can. He had a large ball sack hanging below it that looked like it contained two tangerines.

Dad is a hairy man and his bush was thick and black. He is about 5’10” and 215 lbs, with a bit of a paunch belly, which most men in their 50’s get. He died his hair so it was jet black, even though it would be silver grey. He is a handsome man with a square jaw, with a dimple in the middle. He had at least 3 girlfriends while he was married to my mom and I think he was cheating on his second wife at the time. Well, he was definitely cheating on his second wife with my sister, because I was seeing it live and in color!

My sister has big 40″ DD tits and they were mashed between my dad’s lower abdomen and her chest. She was buxom and she had a nice big round ass. Her measurements must have been 40, 32, and 36 at the time. I could see my dad’s head between her thighs, his mouth buried into her tight hot twat.

I watched almost in disbelief as she was fitting my dad’s thick member into her mouth and trying to take it all in. She would bob up and down on his shaft and then pull her mouth off his cock and lick it up and down the sides and then circle his mushroom head with her tongue.

She had the base of it gripped in her hand and was savoring his cock like it was the best lollipop she ever had. He told her lick his balls and she kind of moved forward a little and put her face down into his nut sack. She was licking it and trying to suck one of his big nuts into her mouth. At one point she stopped and was trying to get one of his black pubic hairs out of her mouth, and when she did she drove back into his loins, licking and sucking and worshipping his manhood.

I looked back to the other end and saw that my dad had his hands up on my sister’s ass cheeks and was now holding them apart while sliding one of his thick gnarled fingers around her asshole. My sister was on fire with lust and I could see her grinding her hot cunt onto my dad’s mouth as she was moaning and panting as if she was near a climax. He was slurping her pussy and the room was filled with smacking and slurping sounds as they both tried to inhale the other’s sex with their mouths.

My sister started to moan loudly with her mouth filled with my dad’s fat cock and she tensed up and froze with her cunt pressing down on my dad’s mouth. She let out a low guttural moan as she peaked and came onto his face. I could see the wetness all over his cheeks.

After she calmed down she briefly resumed sucking his thick dick until he told her to move down that he wanted to get into her tight pussy. She sat up on his broad hairy chest and then slid herself down so that her pussy was right above his throbbing hard cock. She was now in a reverse cowgirl position and I could see her massive tits. She was straddling dad with her knees on either side of his hips. She got up on her knees and grabbed dad’s dick and placed it at the opening of her wet pussy.

I could see her hot slit, it was open and puffy and very wet with her juice. She leaned back a little and I could see the tip of dad’s cock at her opening. Her lips were starting to spread around his cock as she started to descend on his pole. She went slowly, trying to accommodate his girth. As she slid forward and down on his monster, her pussy stretched to the limit as she took his cock all the way in. When she hit bottom she stopped trying to get used to being so full of his manhood.

I could see perfectly her pussy, it was stretched all the way around the base of his cock and it looked like it must have hurt. The base of his cock and his nuts were visible to me as he lay on the bed, legs slightly spread. She slowly leaned back and put her hands on his chest for support. She then lifted her legs and moved so that her feet were now next to his hips. Using her arms for support and her legs to lift herself, she slowly pulled herself up exposing the shaft of dad’s cock that had been buried in her tight hole.

When she got to the top, she paused and then impaled herself on him again, a low lusty moan escaping her lips as she savored the feeling of being so full. She continued in slow and rhythmic up and down motion up and then down, riding dad’s cock in a sensual dance. He put his hands on her hips and was helping her rise and fall off and then down onto his prick. I could see him start to sweat and he had a look of pure pleasure and lust on his face. It must have been incredible having his daughter taking all of his thick cock.

I could see his legs tensing as he was trying to push up and meet her as she descended down onto his pole with each stroke. My sister was moaning with pleasure, her head back and her eyes closed,

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me, fuck your little girl” she groaned.

“It feels good baby, your pussy is so tight” he said. “You’re my special girl, you always have been” he added.

“Oh, you feel so big inside me daddy, your cock is so hard and so thick; I feel like I am so full, it is so good” she sighed. “I love you daddy”.

They were both lost in the love and lust of it all and I bet I could have walked in the room and neither would have noticed me. By this time I had pulled my running shorts aside and released my cock from the jock strap I was wearing and was in full fledge pounding of my own meat.

I was fixated on the scene, especially where my dad’s cock was entering my sister’s tight hole. Her tits were now starting to bounce along with her motion as she quickened her pace and was moving quickly up and down our dad’s shaft. I could see the lips of her pussy almost seemed looser now, she was easily accommodating his fat cock. Juice was flowing out of her cunt and down onto my dad’s big hairy balls.

He was now mauling her big tits and nipples with one hand as he helped her move up and down with the other.

“Yeah baby, take daddy’s cock all the way baby. Your pussy feels so tight for daddy” he moaned.

His words seemed to excite her even more, like the thought that she was now fucking the cock that made her was the biggest turn-on. “Are you ready to cum yet sweetie, I want you to cum for daddy, right on daddy’s hard cock” he told her.

“Yes I’m close daddy, you’re filling me up, and it feels so good to have you in me. I want you in me forever daddy. I want to feel you cum inside me, please daddy, and fill my pussy with your hot cum” she pleaded.

They were in frenzy now, humping each other wildly, my sister’s tits bouncing all over and my dad grabbing her hips and lifting and pulling her down as hard and fast as he could.

“I’m gonna cum baby, I gonna shoot my hot load into you baby, you ready?”

“Yes daddy, fuck me harder and shoot your seed into your little girl’s tight pussy” she replied.

Suddenly dad groaned and his toes curled and he slammed into her one last time and froze. He was shooting his wad deep into his youngest daughter’s hot tight hole.

My sister was panting and moaning “yes, yes I can feel your cum in me” as she brought one hand down to her pussy trying to feel by dad’s cock throb and shoot into her. She rubbed her clit for a few seconds and then screamed with an orgasm like I never imagined anyone would.

I was still stroking myself and couldn’t hold off any longer. I held the workout towel I had in my hand in front of my cock and shot the largest load I ever had. Four thick streams of hot cum followed by three more small globs left the tip of my cock splashing onto the towel.

She slowly came down from her cum and gently lay back onto my dad’s chest. His cock was still lodged inside her wet pussy and I could see his cum starting to ooze out down around his shaft. God I wish I could have been in there to put my face in there where there sex connected, licking their combined juices.

My sister laid there for a few minutes and then finally my dad’s softening cock slipped out of her now gaping pussy. It was covered in cum and pussy juice, now half its former size. My sister slid off to the side facing my dad. They kissed deeply as she snuggled up under his armpit, draping her arm over his chest and her leg over his thighs.

They continued to kiss and she moved her hand down to his limp dick and started to rub it and stoke it, getting the sticky juices on her hand. She then brought her fingers up to his lips and he licked some of his own cum and her pussy juice form it. Wow- that was so hot.

I knew they would be getting up so I slid back away from the door and headed back to the front of the house. I decided to go outside and wait around the side of the house until I saw my dad leave. I knew this had to have been going on for a while and I planned on using this new info to my advantage. I always wanted to fuck my sis and I think I just found a way to make it happen!

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