Desires (sex,erotic,story,f/m,group)


Sexuality is so much a part of the human condition that it is almost the same as saying to be human is to be sexual. Animals are regulated by seasons and physiological changes which apparently act as stimulus triggers. A bitch in heat, for example, will accept almost any male dog that seeks to confer his favors on her. But let her be out of heat, and that same male dog will get a nip or even a vicious bite for his efforts.

The male dog, too, seems governed by the seasons and the stimulus the female gives him in the form of odors. He forgets about sex once he's mature unless there is a female filling the air with, to him, the delicious aroma of sexual readiness.

Not so with the human animal.

For centuries, through religious tenant and civil law, men and women have been urged to restrain their sexual urges. It has been taught that sex isn't nice, that it is only nice sometimes, that it is nice only with a certain person or that it is only nice at certain times of the day or night or year.

All this teaching has had no apparent affect on the love making of homo sapiens. Centuries, even eons, after this kind of nonsense started man has finally discovered the ultimate outcome; the creation of a super-profession to make things right.

For the last seventy or so years, ever since Freud and Adler and lung started discussing their theories in public, psychology has become more and more centered around the sexual problems in the human male and female caused by irrational, society dictated sexual behavior.

Not only psychologists specialize in sexual counseling, but large segments of the society of obstetricians and gynecologists. Even general practitioners find they are more and more involved in their patients' sexual problems.

The reason for this is that as the psychologists and psychiatrist generally suggest, the sexual drive is basic to all of man's functions. Suppression causes other kinds of aberrations, both mental and physical.

This novel deals with a certain kind of reality. It is not the reality of every family in America today. It is not the reality of a majority of Americans or even of a large minority. But it is a reality of a few tens of thousands of families, a drama which they live with and suffer with and face endless tragedy with.

While it is not the practice for a brother to traumatize his sister by forcing sex on her, it is not uncommon. Fathers frequently find sexual comfort with their daughters. Stepfathers are particularly guilty of this practice -- both with a voluntary and involuntary partner. And sex between mothers and sons is a common element in society clear back to ancient Rome and the legend of Oedipus. Sophocles, who turned the story into an ageless drama, was dealing with more than a quirk.

Oedipus represented the son who, no matter what, would find his mother the most desirable woman in his life. Not knowing her, they were yet attracted and united sexually despite the opposition of the most overwhelming odds. Oedipus was a man of strength and force and, this strength, which enabled him to win his mother's love, was his own downfall.

Even then, the proclivity for a boy to find his mother's womb again with his penis was recognized.

People have changed little in the past two or three thousand years. The same drives and feelings control their lives. The same sexual "misconduct" is part of their beings.

For most, sexual hysteria, the incessant desire to have sex occurs in the teenage years. But there are exceptions. And women are particularly vulnerable as the exceptions.

Teenage girls fall in love with love. Romance, hand-holding and vows of eternal togetherness mean almost as much as the ultimate physical act. For many women, their full sexual awakening doesn't begin until they have matured, blossomed like flowers whose full beauty can only be revealed by time.

This particular book is an expression of what happens, what can go wrong when such a woman after years of sexual frustration and deprivation is thrown into the wrong circumstances.

A woman discovering the full joy of sex can be a beautiful moment in life. But when that discovery is perverted and distorted the result is also something beyond the normal ken.

Perhaps there is joy and beauty to be found even when relationships transcend the bounds of social acceptability. The author of this book certainly thinks so, and we hope so. Not everyone can experience a perfect life and perfect sex relationships. So if joy is to be found, however it may be captured, it should be encouraged, not condemned.

But this is a warning, too. Each of us should tread warily least we hurt not only ourselves but others too vulnerable to be imagined.


"Stick it up my box. Oh, Jesus God, Ralph, I love that, what you're doing to me. Ohhhhhhhh!"

Sally opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling and bit down on the wadded piece of sheet in her mouth. While her head was still as a statue, her hips writhed like a hula dancer's. She couldn't stop them. Ralph's head kept bobbing up and down hard between her smooth, ivory thighs and his red tongue stabbed out and darted into her love box.

Sally was naked on the bed. Her golden skin looked out of place on the white sheets. Her lush breasts were two hillocks topped by cherry nipples that were usually soft blobs of putty, but now were pointed peaks. She was sweating a little. The soft sheen of dewy moisture covered her body in response to the urgent probing of Ralph's tongue in her crotch. And when she arched her back and pushed her cunt in Ralph's sex moistened face she sweated some more. With passion! And with dread.

Ralph's tongue was like a soft cotton ball jazzing in and out of her slot. The result was a constant hot feeling, the sparking of electricity shooting up and down her body. She wanted more and more by the minute. Her face screwed up ecstatically and her fingers wound tight in the bed sheet. She was thankful that Ralph couldn't look at her and see how helpless she was. If he did, she knew he'd find some way to make her pay for what she was getting.

"Lick it, baby," she moaned. "Lick my clitoris. Suck that little lollipop, baby. Bite it. Suck it and fuck it."

The words tumbled out of her, tinkling like ice cubes in a gin fizz glass. But what it meant was that she was getting head -- for the first time. She was thirty-one years old and she was getting her cunt sucked and dying with each pulse beat of pleasure.

If my husband saw me now... The words seared her brain like a hot brand. She whimpered at the sudden fear of discovery that crowded her brain. Crowded, because the thoughts were already sandwiched in by pleasure. Ralph's tongue was reaming her sex slot. Around and around it went. The hot probe sought out the velvet lining of her box and touched every part with authority.

"Tongue fuck me, Ralph. Honey! Don't stop. Not now."

Her golden thighs opened and slowly engulfed Ralph's head. Then they clamped down trapping his face in her crotch and she thrilled with the sudden realization of new power. He had to breathe her scent. His lips couldn't move without touching her pussy lips or rustling her pubic hair. Each moment was filled with dreadful anticipation full of pleasure waiting for the new assault on her crack to begin.

She lay on her back on the bed and stared at the ceiling and breathed hard. And slowly she raised her hands to her soft breasts and trapped her own nipples with her fingers and rolled and tweaked them until they were rigid pebbles, harder than cut glass.

The panicked movements, the frantic pleasure, both had slowed down and Sally's hips began fucking Ralph's face as if they had done it all her natural life. Up and down, and she felt his tongue respond. Up and down her slit. The hot, wet, wiggly flesh forced her labia apart and exposed the soft, inner lining of her twat.

Then the rubbing of his hot skin on hers intensified. Tremors of pleasure sprang out of her hole. Tendrils ran through her body under her skin like hot wires. More and more she was being swallowed up by the fantastic tempo of Ralph's educated tongue.

"Stick it in deeper," she moaned. "Deeper. Plug me deeper!"

Ralph strained to do as she asked. His cheeks rubbed enticingly against the soft, inner skin of her hot thighs. His nose dove and dug at her erect clitoris when he sank his tongue to the hilt in her hot well. And all the while Sally writhed in obscene pleasure thinking, If only Hal would do this. If only Hal wasn't such a prude. We could still be happy if he'd get off his soap box. His holier than thou trip...

"Oooooooh, God," Sally grunted. Ralph had lanced his tongue deeper into her sex hole than anything had been before. She almost fainted as the new waves of pleasure shot through her vibrating body.

And then, nothing...

"You're ready," Ralph said. The almost-boy had raised his head and was staring in to Sally's lust filled eyes and she was having trouble staring back without thinking about how close his beautiful soft lips were to the puffy swollen cunt that felt like a basketball hoop between her legs.

"Ready for what?" Sally asked tremulously. She knew she didn't want to hear the answer. It would be something rank and vile and disgusting as she had noticed all of Ralph's suggestions were when examined in the light of day. Of course, she didn't examine many of his suggestions at all, much less in daylight.

"I want to tie your legs down?" Ralph told her.

"Tie my legs down?" Sally stared down at him crouched between her spread apart knees. "What for?"

"You'll see," the boy said. Before she could offer an objection, he was tying her ankles to the corners of the bed, spreading her sex hole wide open to further observation.

Sally closed her eyes and tried not to think about how she looked, her red lined cunt gaping open, the halves fringed by soft, downy reddish-brown hair that made the raw meat somehow obscene.

A sudden tingle invaded her crack. She squeezed her eyes tighter shut and tried not to think about it. She knew it was her juice, come boiling out of her to now in a small flood in her slot.

Shameless hussy. Whore she thought, berating her weakness.

But heat flooded her skin. She was hot with the knowledge that Ralph could see her now in a way that she'd never been seen before. It was that excitement with the knowledge that at any moment Ralph was going to be dipping his tongue in her crack that kept her clitoris and nipples diamond hard and needle sharp.

And then she cried out. Ralph's head had disappeared between her felt-soft thighs and she experienced his tongue licking at her cunt. "More, more, more... eat me more."

She couldn't tell him, but something strange had happened to Sally. She couldn't close her legs and Ralph's tongue squirreling around inside her box seemed twice as big and twice as good.

"Oh, uh, uh, uh..." She heaved and strained, throwing her crotch up in the air. She wanted to be tongue-fucked.

"Do you want to be fucked with a prick, Mrs. Dexter?" Ralph asked pleasantly. He had moved on the bed on his knees and was controlling her uncertain hips with his fingers buried knuckle deep in her soggy snatch. Her cunt was putty around his probing fingers. Her sex tunnel responded by frantically twitching and clasping greedily at the flesh between her cunt lips.

"Oh, Lord!" Sally sighed. She felt the cords on her ankles holding her legs wide open. It was kinky of Ralph, his wanting to tie her down. She wasn't going to go anywhere. But she was so helpless this way.

"Uhuhuhuhuh!" she breathed suddenly, the breath exploding from her lungs at the sudden touch of his slick, wet tongue playing with the entrance to her sex. Her cunt lips hardened and tried to clasp the teasing intruder. The muscles in the soft inner flesh of her thighs jerked spasmodically as she tried to shut her legs and trap his head, forcing that wonderful tongue to lance even deeper into her cunt.

And then he was lapping at her slash and she laid her head back and closed her eyes. She was floating on a wonderful cloud of feeling. She wanted it to go on and on forever.

"Now I'm going to fuck you, Mrs. Dexter!"

Sally's eyes snapped open. Ralph stood over her stripping his T-shirt off. His muscles rippled in the dim light of the motel room. His pants were already gone and his penis stuck out in front of his groin like a flesh spear.

Sally stared at it with dreadful fascination. She hoped he wouldn't want her to suck it, she told herself. That would have been too gross. But she couldn't completely quell the shiver of excitement that shot through her body just thinking about taking that throbbing flesh joint in her mouth and touching it with her tongue.

Ralph smiled and reached down with his hand and caught it.

"You like it, Mrs. Dexter?"

Sally closed her eyes and nodded her head. She was breathing hard, and she knew it wasn't from lying.

"Good. Good, Mrs. Dexter." The youngster stroked his penis and it got fatter and longer and the tip was redder. And then he was on his knees between her legs and his fingers stroked up and down his sex stick while he looked into her eyes. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, Mrs. Dexter," he said very politely.

Stifling a scream, Sally heaved her hips in the air and opened her cunt to his fierce attack, allowing his hot, hard cock to stroke through the fringe of hair that guarded her cunt entrance.

In and out. In and out. The boy established a rhythm and his flesh slid on hers ill a regular pattern that twisted her nerves in knots. And Sally lay there, being fucked, trying to tell herself that it was all right. Hal, her husband, wouldn't know what was being taken from him. It wasn't like stealing. She had so much to give and he took so little himself, she couldn't see how she was hurting him.

She groaned as the boy's fingers gathered the soft mound of her breast into his hand and squashed it. Lightening seared through her body. Her cunt tightened around his jabbing cock.

"That's it. Oh, that's the way, baby."

Ralph buried his face between her lush tits and began humping his hips in earnest, Sally wanted to wrap her legs around his flailing hips and drag him down even harder into her gaping cunt. She couldn't and had to settle for holding his head tight against her tits while she shoved back hot and hard with her pelvis, jamming his pecker as deep into her slot as it would go.

His teeth were nibbling at her tit. Sparks seemed to lance through her chest. "That's right, Ralph," she sobbed. "Honey, bite me. Bite my tit. Fuck. Do it!"

Sally could feel her orgasm coming, lifting her to new heights. It wasn't that way with Hal, ever. She felt her cunt sliding like a tight condom over Ralph's cock. It was stretching and expanding to take it all. She was tearing herself in half to take it, and she loved every moment...

"Fuck! Fuck me, Ralph," she whispered fiercely into his ear.

And then she was exploding in a gorgeous burst of fireworks. The insides of her thighs ached deliciously as she bucked up to drive that wonderful penis full depth between her hot lips.

Ralph bore down as hard as he could. His pecker tried to jab holes clear through her. But Sally swallowed each stroke into her delighted hole. It was like he was thrusting into quicksand.

Finally he came. He plowed her open until it hurt it felt so good. His seed shot out of his penis, flooding her womb with liquid fire.

The heat seeped all through Sally's body and she cried with joy.

Ralph finally rolled off her soft body and Sally asked him what he was doing. His prick was soft, but still thick and rubbery and there was a certain thrill at the feeling of it being pulled out of her hole.

At first he didn't answer her. His fingers worked around her ankles and Sally assumed he was turning her loose. She didn't want to raise her head. She was still floating on a cloud of well-being that she didn't want to disrupt. She yawned and picked her wristwatch off the nightstand and held it up over her head. The hands were just hitting 2 o'clock.

"I guess it is time to go home," she yawned. "It's been really fun, Ralphie..."

"Go where?" Ralph asked. The big, tanned kid leaned over her and hiked her legs up over her head and bent her double. "We're just getting started, baby."

Incredulous, Sally stared up between her naked legs at the muscular boy who was grinning at her as if whatever she said or did didn't matter at all. At the same time, she fully realized her own vulnerability. "What... what do you mean?"

"I mean," and Ralph's face lit up in a mean grin, "that I'm going to fuck you in your sweet, little asshole, baby. That's what I mean. And I'll bet it's a virgin hole."

"You... you can't!" Sally gasped breathlessly. "You just can't!"

Ralph chuckled. His voice was coarse and Sally wondered how she could have been so naive as to pick him up. But he'd seemed so innocent then that she thought he'd be perfect for a little lay in the hay. It was her pet phrase for her innocent pastime, a lay in the hay!

He had jerked her legs further over and Sally knew there was no getting away. She was almost bent double. Her ass was exposed to his rigid prick and there was no chance that she could break free.

Tears collected at the corners of Sally's eyes. This, she knew, was her punishment. Her tender asshole puckered and tightened as it prepared a futile resistance against the suddenly vicious boy whose cock had stroked her to such sexual pleasure.

"Please," she begged, "fuck my cunt. I'll... I'll even suck your dick for you if you will, Ralph. Please..."

The boy looked thoughtful for a moment. Then he shook his head and grinned. "Shit no. You've got to be a virgin butt hole or you wouldn't be so shook up."

"You're vile! Rotten!" Sally sobbed.

"Not all that bad," Ralph chuckled. "I could have let you suck my joint and then jabbed you in the butt anyway. I..."

He was interrupted by the crunch of gravel outside the motel room window.

"My husband!" The cry escaped Sally's mouth. It was all she could think as her heart thumped against her breastbone. The thought of her husband finding her naked, in bed with a strange youth plunging his cock into her asshole was too horrid to contemplate. She stiffened and threw Ralph off the bed as her legs snapped up straight and tight together. The car door slammed outside.

Ralph caught a little of her panic. He jumped off the bed and pulled the shade on the window back a fraction of an inch. "It's some little dude with a bushy mustache," he said.

"It's my brother," Sally said in a choked voice.

"I'll take care of him!" Ralph said. There was a sneer in his tone and he strode confidently toward the motel door, his half-soft cock dangling arrogantly in front of him.

There was a terrible fluttery feeling in the pit of Sally's stomach. She didn't know why she didn't warn Ralph. Maybe it was because of the way he was going to rape her asshole. Maybe it was just because he was so arrogant and self-important.

She watched as he went to the door. She even felt attracted to him, remembering the warm flow of his muscles against her skin, the vibrant thrust of his hot, slippery soft cock up her twat. She clutched the sheet to her breast and tried to cool her cunt by rubbing it with the folds of cool, white cloth. It just made her hotter.

An imperious knock shook the door and Ralph opened it and started to say, "Scram, we don't need..."

And then he came catapulting into the room while the door slammed open all the way and Jason walked in.


Jason Arenson was a compact five foot eight inches tall. Wearing his nondescript business suit, the dark blue with the three button coat that hinted at a paunch, he looked like a pushover.

Ralph thought so, anyway.

While Jason stood, letting his eyes roam the bedroom until they lighted on Sally, Ralph got off the floor and stalked toward Jason.

"Son of a bitch," Ralph said. "Rotten mother fucker."

He was going to swing only Jason pivoted and swung a surprisingly long arm surprisingly fast from the floor and tagged Ralph on the chin with a dull thudding sound. The boy's eyes glazed and his muscles got soft in that instant that he was still rising with the punch. He fell like a sack of organic manure.

Jason blew out his breath through his bushy mustache. His eyes were veiled as he stared at Sally and seemed to take an over-long time to run his gaze up and down her naked body.

Sally shivered and clutched the sheets tighter against herself. The sheer fabric pressed close over her soft, round breast and her hard nipple poked through like a beckoning little finger. "I couldn't help it, Jason," she whimpered.

"Tell it to Hal!" His voice was humorless. "Tell it to your kids. But don't tell it to me." Angrily he reached out and snatched the sheet out of her hands leaving her standing in front of him naked.

Jason hadn't meant to do that. Sally could see the both of them in the mirror. He was like the coiled spring he'd always been as she remembered him, small but powerful and constantly on edge. And she, Sally stared at herself as if seeing a stranger. She wasn't as young as she'd been. Her creamy skin was still smooth and her small but adequate breasts rose from a flat, firm stomach like two luscious mounds of whipped cream topped by fat, sweet cherries.

Her eyes slid down that hard stomach to the neat patch of chestnut hair that formed a triangle between her thighs. At least the slit was hidden. If she didn't think of it as being naked in front of her own brother, Sally could pretend she was wearing a bikini. He saw about as little as if she was wearing one.

Defiantly she jerked her head up and let her thick curls that matched the same chestnut hue of her cunt hair flounce to the back of her head. So what if she was naked? "What are you going to do... about this?"

Jason's eyes inventoried her body again. And then Sally saw the sudden hunger in them and she realized she'd made a mistake. Defying Jason that way was like playing grab ass with him when they were kids. He'd always lurked around the bathroom door when she took showers, trying to peek in, and snatching at her robe in an attempt to get a good look or a quick feel. He'd been a horny punk and she also remembered the furtive feelings she had as she had teased him then.

Only now, Sally knew she wasn't in any position to tease her grown up brother. Not in the least bit.

"Get over there and get your clothes on." Jason pushed at her and accidentally his hand pressed against her soft, sensuous breast.

A burst of electricity passed between the two of them as Sally stumbled away and turned to the vanity against the wall. Her fingers were trembling so that she had to lean forward and steady her elbows on the vanity top in order to stick her false eyelashes on without poking her eye out.

This is silly she told herself. I don't need eyelashes to get out of here! But she knew why she was doing it. She was shaking so hard she knew she had to get control of herself or she'd never manage to get dressed. And then Jason would dress her himself. She had to avoid that awful embarrassment. She had to show him she was in control.

She steadied her hand and leaned forward to fasten the eyelash in place and noticed that Jason was practically leaning against her from behind.

"What are you doing?" She tried to turn and felt his hand on her back, holding her where she was.

"Take it easy, sis," Jason said thickly. His hands slid warmly over her back and around her sides under her arms and then he was cupping her breasts.

Sally could see it all in the mirror. His fingers were thick around her tits and her nipples stuck out between them like a tiny, red pair of penises. The sudden feeling was devastating. He's my brother. Sally told herself angrily. It was lewd, what was happening. She knew that she couldn't cooperate, couldn't let it happen. There was something wrong about what he wanted her to do.

"D-d-d-don't," she stuttered. But she didn't move.

"Don't do what?" Jason asked innocently. His fingers moved on her breasts and Sally watched in dismay as her nipples hardened and elongated under the gentle caress. Even her boobs seemed bigger and softer.

"That!" Sally tried to move away. She couldn't. Jason was pressed up tight against her from the rear. He was leaning on her back so she couldn't straighten up and his mustache tickled against the back of her neck. She wanted to tell him her elbows hurt from supporting his weight, that she didn't want him to touch her like that. But she was too much afraid or proud or confused -- she didn't know what -- and she said nothing.

After a while, Jason took one of his hands away and her fat, white tit bobbed into view, swaying hypnotically. Sally breathed easier. She had liked the feel of his hand there, but he had to let her go now. That was the most important part. He had to.

And then she felt his hand against her buttocks. It was moving down and she realized her brother was opening his fly!

"You can't..." she cried and tried to pull away.

But it was too late to struggle. Jason's fat prick was out of its hiding place and pressing against her silky buttock skin. She felt it touching her bottom and sliding greasily between her slightly spread thighs. His hand guided it and within moments the end was pressing and rooting around in her fleshy chasm. It struck her suddenly erect clitoris and Sally was made weak by the feeling that flowed through her.

"I can't what, little sister?"

"You can't do this. It's rape. You're raping your own sister!"

"That's all right. I don't think you're going to tell anyone about it. No one at all, are you, sis?"

As the full impact of what he meant sank in, Sally was struck dumb by the dual shock of what he said and the physical sensation of his free hand guiding his cock into her sperm slick channel.

"I can't..." she gasped hopelessly. She'd never fucked more than once at a time before. And now her brother was sliding into the same hole Ralph had left only minutes earlier and she cringed inside. She remembered how stiff and sore she always was after her infrequent sex bouts. And somehow she knew Jason was big enough to really stretch her cunt. "Oooooohhhhhh," she groaned as he started to cram his cock in her.

Staring in to the mirror, Sally watched the whole slow process as her brother fucked her against her will. She was fascinated by the play of light on his greasy cock as it heaved into her taut twat. The skin was loose and whitish, but it pulled back in sloppy folds as he bored into her cunt.

His other hand wrapped around her body and engulfed her bobbing tit. His fingers milked her engorged nipple making it swell even more, turning it darker red. Inside her sex hole she was on fire. Her muscles were being strained in all directions as Jason's cock reamed her hole out. She couldn't take her eyes off what was happening.

When he had driven his pecker into her slot as far as it would go, Jason slowly began to draw his cock out. It felt wild leaving her cunt and his cock gleamed with the coating of cunt juke that covered it.

Sally moaned and moved her hips. She couldn't stop herself. It was an automatic pleasure reflex that made the movement of his prick in her hot, eager body even more unbearable. She was volcanic inside.

"Don't... fuck... me!" she ordered deliberately.

Jason's fingers tightened on her boobs leaving red marks and she gasped and jerked back and impaled her crack on Jason's rigid pecker. "Ohhhhhoohh," she sirened. It felt so goooood she couldn't deny it.

Sally bit her lower lip in her teeth and watched as if she was a stranger while Jason heaved against her. His cock flashed in and out of her cunt like a sewing machine making buttonholes. His cock went around and straight in and out and left to right and then right to left.

In and out, in and out the greasy cock flesh drove in her weeping hale tying her sex organs in knots of pleasure. Sally was cresting on the wonderful pleasure, of being fucked by her brother. The sharp pangs of feeling radiating out from her nipples slammed into her raging cunt and her sex juice seemed to pour out of her cunt in response.

"Harder!" she moaned. The order was tarn out of her by the savage pounding of Jason's cock in and out of her womb. The tip of his pecker speared clear up to the beginnings of her sex channel and each time he hit her womb with a particularly hard fuck, Sally thought she'd die of pleasure. She heaved her ass back and flung her cunt on Jason's cock. She couldn't stop. She was going to fuck and fuck harder and harder until she burst. She was floating, she was higher and higher than she'd been with Ralph and she'd thought that with the bay there was nothing greater. But her brother's nonstop fucking was pushing her aver the edge of sanity into a questionable darkness.

"Cum, cum, cum!" Jason chanted. His eyes were bright from the effort of shaving his cock full force into his sister's heaving cunt. He was breathing heavily and he stood back so that he could swing his hips with sledge hammer farce. His every movement was another turn-on. His sister's tight pussy fitted his dick like a rubber glove. Jason was dizzy every time he sheathed his cock to the hilt, his balls swaying wildly and pounding feather hard against her swollen clitoris.

"Now!" he groaned. His balls felt ready to burst and he couldn't keep it up too much longer. He corkscrewed his hips and twisted his cock up her twat and the sensation was almost too much.

Heat and pleasure filled his sex tube. Jason knew he was getting ready to explode and he twisted his sister's breasts in his hands, desperately pinching her hard, rubbery nipples that seemed to grow thicker and softer and more elastic as he fucked into her.

"Yes!" Sally screamed. "Yes, yes, YES!!!"

She placed her forehead against the cool glass of the mirror and stared at the pattern of fog her breath made on it. Jason's cock still flashed hypnotically in and out of her hole.

And then she knew it was very close it was coming.

Sally clutched at the face of the vanity with her hands and heaved back with her butt. She felt Jason's soft belly fold up against her rear, and then the searing pressure as he drove his penis a final time up her tunnel. She is exploding inside. His cock was a swollen weapon filling her, his sperm poured out in a boiling river that filled her womb and uterus and backed up and lubricated her sex tube and dribbled out and ran in hot streams down the insides of her thighs.

She moaned and stared blank-eyed in the mirror. She'd been fucked good and there was no denying it. Her pussy ached. But Sally didn't care. She didn't care about anything except how wonderful it had been to be fucked like that!


Jason opened the door and Sally was blinded by a flood of afternoon sun that poured into the dim motel room. Ralph was groaning and moving around on the floor as they left. Sally didn't look back. He deserved to lay there since he'd been about to treat her as some sort of animal, fucking her in a perverted way. And she'd thought he was such a nice, clean-cut American boy until that happened.

They got into Jason's car and he scattered gravel getting away from the motel.

"That was Goddamned stupid," he said as soon as they were on the street. "The motel manager recognized you and called me. You're damn lucky it was me instead of Hal that he knew. If he'd called your husband it would have been all over for you. You know that?"

Sally huddled on her side of the car near the door and felt the steady throb of her cunt reliving the eager rape Jason had performed on her. "You too!" she said. It was dirty to say it, but she felt dirty.

"Yes, me too!" Jason's voice was a snarl. "If Hal caught you playing house with that punk he'd have a clean divorce out of it in minutes. And I'd be out of a job. I'm only vice-president of his real estate company because he doesn't think it looks right for him to have impoverished relatives. So we both have our own self-interests to serve!"

"I could tell him about your raping me..."

"Same thing," Jason said matter-of-factly. "Jesus. Maybe if I'd gotten your ass when you were younger you wouldn't be doing these things."

"Aren't you even sorry?" Sally was indignant.

"What for?" Surprise edged Jason's voice. "I thought it was a pretty good fuck. Shit, we should be able to get it on more often."

"You're... detestable!"

"You think it over, sis. I could tell you loved it despite all the complaints. If Hal isn't taking care of your ass for you, I'll make the sacrifice. It's better than you going around picking up parking lot attendants for an afternoon quickie. I might even enjoy it."

"You're the last man on earth..." Sally said. She didn't have to finish it for her brother. He knew what she meant.

Jason laughed harshly and put his hand on her knee. Roughly his fingers caressed the firm flesh of her thigh, kneading the muscle and skin and sliding down toward the juncture of her thighs.

"Stop that!" she ordered sharply. The touch of his hand was unsettling. She tried to brush it away but it started the hot chill of desire in her crotch again. The leather seat caressed the back of her legs where her short dress didn't cover her thighs and she knew the wet cloth of her panty crotch was staining the seat. Desperately she clamped her knees together. Jason persisted, running his hand down the groove formed by her pressed-together thighs all the way under her skirt. His fingers found the soft, warm bulge of her pudenda and began to stroke it.

A fever was started in Sally's pelvis. Her cunt was on fire. Her twat lips seemed to writhe and twist against each other, struggling desperately to satisfy her incredibly sudden, God-awful craving to have a man's dick stuffed up her cunt.

"Someone... might see us," she gasped at Jason.

Reluctantly, her brother withdrew his hand from under her skirt.

At the house she desperately jumped out of the car before he could do anything else. Then she ran up to the front door painfully aware of her brother's interest in the soft sliding-bobbing of her round, lush ass as she ran. Her swollen breasts bounced in the painful strictures of her bra cups. Her swollen and distended nipples rubbed against the fabric at each step and it just served to turn her on even more.

What's wrong with me? Sally asked herself tearfully. Am I some sort of sex pervert?

She fitted the key in the door and got it open. Then she turned in time to look at Jason as he pulled away from the house. He smiled at her and playfully gave her the finger.

For a dreadful moment, Sally imagined her brother cramming that finger up her twat, twisting it around inside, and then finger-fucking her furiously. She felt all weak inside so she hurried up and opened the door and escaped inside her house.

The house was a Tudor, one of the better housing tract styles that Hal was selling. They had moved in because he'd picked it up in a swap deal and he was of the opinion that the particular lot was due for a fancy jump in price in a few years. He wasn't often wrong about real estate even if he didn't know much about women, Sally thought ruefully. The one thing that she really liked about the house was that the bedrooms were upstairs and provided a refuge away from the kids.

She started up the curving staircase and then stopped and stared at her hand. It was resting on the gnarled end of the gracefully sweeping banister and for the first time she realized that the banister was almost exactly crotch height.

The gnarled end was rough and lumpy with hand-carved projections. It was one of the features of the house which had originally been spruced up as a model home. Stuff like that, Hal had said, raised the value of the property eventually by thousands of dollars.

Fuck Hal's property values! Sally told herself drunkenly.

She wasn't drunk. But it didn't matter. That was how she felt. Cautiously she raised her leg and swung it over the banister and then she lowered her crotch to the polished wood rail. Her toes couldn't quite touch the raisers and without intending it, before she knew what was happening, she was sliding down the rail backwards. But only for a few feet. And then her crotch was solid on the gnarled wood end and she wasn't sliding any more. Her clitoris rubbed against the projecting knob of the banister through the silken material of her panties. It was like a man's hard finger playing with her. Desperately she clawed at the wood rail with her hands and slid up and down a few precious inches. Each movement, however minute, sent fresh thrills coursing through her body.

"Uhuhuhuhuhuh," she grunted. The harder she worked, the further away the promised orgasm was. In a frenzy, Sally tore at her black panties with her fingernails, ripping the crotch out of them. She welcomed the feel of the cool, smooth wood directly on her wet sex organs.

Her hips twisted and swiveled as she made love to the banister. Sweat beaded her face and poured down her thighs. But it wasn't enough.

Exhausted, Sally got off the banister and unsteadily mounted the stairs. Her feet were like lead. Her cunt was an unbearable burden between her wobbly legs. Secretly she regretted letting Jason leave.

The bath had seemed like a good idea. When Sally had lowered herself in, to the foamy water and felt the subtle warmth creep up her legs and engulf her crotch and then surround the soft mounds of her breasts she had thought everything would be okay. The fire would be put out. She would be back to normal.

At first it had seemed to work that way. She was soothed by the hot water and foamy soap. The scent of rose bath salts filled the room. And then, like some sort of compulsion, she had to start playing with herself again. She thought about Jason and all the times he had snuck around trying to catch her in the bath. And that reminded her of his penis and that led, naturally, to the steady beat of his cock in and out of her clasping cunt. And that started it.

Gingerly she slid one finger in her turgid slot. It was enough to get the yearning going stronger than before. Her cunt sucked at her probing finger trying to pull it in.

She opened her thighs and lay back in the water and felt it running into her heated cunt around her probing finger. She mewed at the compulsive pleasure the feeling brought her.

Slowly she added another finger to the one already in her snatch. She twisted her wrist and felt the wonderful stretching that made her feel so good. She was like a woman released. But to no good purpose. She was sexual and yet insatiable. Laying in the tub of water, Sally knew Hal -- or any man -- couldn't really satisfy her now.

Jason's cock might do it, she knew. But she couldn't forget what was on the end of that cock: a demanding, perverted male. A man!

Recalling how close she'd come to getting cornholed by Ralph, Sally shivered even in the tub of steaming water. While one hand played with her snatch, she slipped her other one under her buttocks and pressed a finger up against the rosy opening to her rectum. It was so tiny she wondered how Ralph had planned on getting inside her butt without killing her. The thought sent strange feelings surging through her body and she couldn't stop wondering about it.

Tenderly, she pressed against her asshole opening with a finger greased by soapy water.

She twisted her hips and enjoyed the feel of her fingers twisting in her cunt. And then, suddenly, the pressure on her asshole was gone and her finger had slid up her rear hole.

"Ohmigod!" Sally cried out. Her mouth was open in wonder. The sensation was unbelievable. It was as if her finger up her butt had found another way in her sex hole and was almost touching the two fingers twisting desperately in her snatch.

The water lapped around the pink-tipped bits of her breasts that were still exposed. But down around her hips there was a steady swirl of movement that threatened to swamp her.

Sally focused on the ceiling in wonder as the feelings raced through her from cunt to asshole to cunt. This is dirty, she told herself. It's evil and I can't do this. I mustn't!

Her fingers lanced in and out of her sex hole and she almost cried out loud, it was such a good feeling. Her asshole was stinging, but it was a good sting and her finger slipped out and she stroked her breast with it. Her hand started on the soft underside of her tit and slipped up the flesh in a milking motion which ended when she pinched her nipple. The hard feel of her own fingers on her swollen and abused nipples was driving her into a frenzy. She stared up at the baby blue bathroom ceiling and breathed hard as she played with herself and tried to imagine what kind of man could entertain her.

"Mommy, what were you doing downstairs?"

Sally almost swallowed a mouthful of soapy water. She sat up in one sudden motion, slopping water on the red carpeted floor and stared at Tommy, her eleven year old son.

The boy was standing in the entrance to the bathroom and he was staring at her as if shocked by her hand on her own tit. He was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of blue shorts and the shorts were poked way out in front. A long way out.

In her confusion, Sally almost asked if it was his first hard-on.

"What... what did you say, Tommy?"

She tried to sink into the water, but her damn tits kept bobbing up and she could tell from the way her son's eyes moved that he was entranced by them.

"I wanted to know what you were doing downstairs, Mom. You know, when you were up on the banister."

"I was..." Sally looked at the boy and realized her fingers were still jabbed in her cunt and she was as excited as crazy. "Come closer, Tommy," she said. "And Mommy will explain."


Tommy reminded Sally of herself. His thick, chestnut hair with its dark red tones was tousled and curly. He had big, innocent eyes and a creamy skin. Before, Sally had always wished he'd been a girl. But not any more. The thirty-one year old housewife didn't know what had taken possession of her, but she knew her only interest at the moment was the bulge in the front of her son's shorts.

Dutifully Tommy walked all the way into the bathroom and stopped only when he was right at the tub. "Yes, Mom?" he said. His eyes kept flitting to the tips of her nipples.

Knowing he was looking at her tits, the son who had suckled on them when he was born, gave Sally a roiled feeling. She was reminded she was a mother, but she didn't feel like one. Her own eyes kept dropping to the spiked prick in the boy's pants and her mind was confused with wondering what it looked like. It had been years since she'd seen any of her sons naked. And now...?

Don't do it, her conscience screamed at her. It's incest. It's wicked to touch your own son's sex THAT WAY!

It's wicked to be raped by my own brother. Sally reminded herself. That's incest too. That big cock of her brother's sliding easily in and out of her weeping vagina, that she knew was incest and terrible and it had felt so damned good she could cry right there in the bathtub.

She needed something so bad just then... And if her brother had been good, what would her son be like? She knew he'd be gentle and tender and she could show him all about sex and...

It was too late for Sally's conscience to do anything constructive. Tommy stood right next to the tub and was looking down into the soapy water with an obvious, terrible feeling of concentration. The bulge in his pants was even bigger than it had been moments before.

"What are you looking at, Tommy?" Sally asked gently.

Suddenly the boy's face was confused and he looked away. A flood of red ran up his neck and across his face and into his hairline.

"Tell Mommy, Tommy!"

"Aw, gee, Mom. Nothing. I was looking at nothing."

"That's not true, Tommy." Sally smiled up at her young son from the warmth of the bathtub. "Were you looking at this?" She ran a hand up her firm, flat stomach and cupped her breast and held it up as a bulge of firm but soft flesh. She squeezed and the nipple got visibly thicker.

Tommy gulped and tried to look away, but he couldn't. The desire to see his mother holding and fondling her own breast was too much for him to control. He turned his head to stare directly at it.

"Well, Tommy?" Sally's voice was musical not threatening. She experienced a wild pounding within her. The excited frenzy of her heart had grown faster and faster and her own hand on her tit was hot and frantic feeling. She squeezed and was rewarded with a thrill of joy.

The boy gulped and nodded his head. He was only eleven after all and hadn't learned to lie to his mother with any conviction yet.

"Is that all you were looking at, Tommy?"

Tommy tried to evade his mother's eyes. But he couldn't. He turned his head away and got redder and finally shook his head.

The frenzy inside of Sally was a carnival now. She could barely keep her emotions in control.

"What were you looking at?"

"Your... your..." Tommy looked at his mother, helpless to go on.

"Tell me, Tommy. You can say it to your own mother baby."

"Your pussy," the boy finally gushed out. He looked as if he expected the sky to fall in on him at any minute. "The boys at school always talk about pussy and I've never seen any, Mother, and then I couldn't help wondering what yours looked like and, I, well, I'm sorry Mommy and I won't ever do it again. I promise." Tommy looked at her and tears squeezed out of the corners of his eyes.

"That's okay. Tommy. Come closer and Mommy will let you look at her pussy all you want and tell you all about it!"

The boy looked like lightning had struck. "Will you, Mommy? Really?"

He moved closer and Sally turned the lever in the tub that controlled the drain as she put her arms up and around her young son's waist. Tommy watched, glued to the spot, as some of the water swirled away. Slowly Sally's lush, mature body came into view.

First the soapy water pulled back from her firm breasts, leaving traces of soap suds on her creamy skin. Then it dropped further. The front of her smooth, sexy thighs broke the top of the bath water like glistening rocks being revealed by the falling tide. Then her legs were obvious and a trough of foamy water was trapped between her soft thighs while the water puddled around her beautiful, contoured buttocks.

Tommy was breathing hard. His little cock jumped in his pants as Sally opened her legs and let the trapped water splash into the rapidly emptying tub. She was breathing hard too. The sudden gush of water down her thighs and the weird sensation of it trickling over her aching vagina made her crotch ache with a fierce, inner heat.

With the last of the water swirling down the drain in the tub, Sally knew she had finally committed herself to committing incest with her own, pre-teenaged son!

Compulsively, she wrapped her arms around his waist and started to drag his pants down over his buttocks.

Tommy stood stock still. He may not even have known his mother was stripping him naked. He was staring at the reddish thatch of hair between his mother's legs and licking his dry lips. The hair was covered with a froth of bubbles that burst one by one but at a tremendous rate. His mother's twat was being unveiled for him as surely as if she were stripping especially for him.

The bubbles burst and the dark, chestnut hair became visible.

As Sally stirred uneasily, the hair seemed to ripple and almost part and underneath Tommy could see the hot movement of her cleft. It was almost like a strip show in which the boy thought he could see everything, but wasn't sure he was seeing anything at all.

But whatever Tommy saw, it didn't really matter because Sally could see all she wanted to, and that was everything.

Once his pants had dropped down his legs to puddle around his ankles, Tommy was completely naked from the waist down. His cock stuck straight out in front of him, like a spear. Underneath, his balls, still not large with the loose skin of a man, huddled close to his immature penis. His skin was pink and white and he didn't have a single pubic hair.

For a long moment, Sally stared at the boy's cock. It was beautiful even though it was small in comparison to her husband's or her brother's. But that made it all the dearer to Sally.

The head was baby pink. Folds of white skin surrounded it and to Sally it seemed super virginal. Clean. Fresh. There weren't words to describe the sensations that raced through her like a chill when she saw her son's sex organs.

Gently, so as not to scare him, Sally breathed on his hard little penis. It stiffened slightly under the unexpected stimulus.

Then, trying to quiet the pounding of her own heart, Sally lowered her lips until they were engulfing the boy's tender cockhead.

Tommy stopped looking with wonder at her crotch, then. He looked down and saw what she was doing. "Mother!" he exclaimed. He was speechless and couldn't say more, he was so enveloped in the hot, wet mouth that sucked at his throbbing cock.

Damning herself, but gently, Sally slurped her son's penis between her soft, pillowy lips. The minute she did, she thought irrationally that she was getting lipstick on his prick, but she didn't really care.

Once Tommy's cock was in her mouth, Sally felt herself falling into a bottomless pit of passion. His penis rolling around in her mouth, stiff as it was, sent thrills racing to her brain that almost made her faint. It seemed to Sally that her mouth had become a second, more sensitive vagina.

Tommy's response was just as immediate. He wrapped his arms around his mother's head and clung to it white her mouth masticated his little joy stick. The boy had just recently started beating himself off, but what was happening to him was so much better that he almost couldn't stand it. "Don't stop, Mommy," he pleaded with her.

Sally had no intention of stopping. The boy's penis in her mouth was like a stick of dynamite... Each touch, each bit of movement was an avalanche of pleasure. She bathed it in her saliva and wondered at the clean, smooth feel and flavor. She sucked on the rosy head and was elated to discover she loved the taste of his semen as it flowed to the tip of his cock and filled her mouth.

Gently Sally's soapy hands cupped her son's naked balls. She stroked them and pulled on them, making the boy even more excited. His cock grew harder and longer. It throbbed and pulsed.

Tommy writhed in a fit of sexual madness. His hands tore at his mother's hair as he encouraged the incessant sucking of his sex organ. "Oh, Mommy," he cried. "Don't stop doing that to meeee!"

Sally couldn't stop. She began to mouth fuck his little sucker with a sturdy beat, her head pumping back and forth, her lips softening and compressing in regular rhythm. Her breath was hot on his tool and even those steady strokes of hot air turned Tommy on.

Forgetting that she was in the bathtub, that the water was gone, Sally lowered one hand to finger her crotch. Her long, slender finger played first at the top of her sex cleft, rubbing her clitoris until it was ready to stand up hard and straight. Then her finger divided the chestnut pubic hair and found the long slot of her cunt. Delicately she began stroking up and down the elongated lips, starting electrical fires in her cunt. Her hips writhed in response to her own self-manipulation.

Tommy watched in fascination. He couldn't take his eyes away. He could only look as his mother brought herself to a furious climax by finger fucking herself. Even as she slid an index finger into her quivering sex hole and began sawing it in and out, Tommy was falling over the edge from virginity to manhood. He felt the hot rise of moisture in his prick. His muscles convulsed in knots as he felt his groin beginning to erupt into a fountain of molten lava.

Sally sensed his sexual heat. Her mouth slid faster, more eagerly, more greedily up and down his immature stem. She couldn't stop. Where before she had been turned off completely by the idea of tasting or even touching a man's pecker with her mouth, now she was in a frenzy to be rewarded for her efforts. She wanted it to happen!

Suddenly Tommy cried out and wrapped his arms tight around her head. His penis was pulsing furiously. It beat a tattoo inside her mouth that went straight to her crotch.

Her own hand was slick wet with her sex fluid. Her hips writhed and twisted as Tommy suddenly began jetting spurt after spurt of sweet sex cream in her avaricious mouth.

Sally gulped his liquid down and at the same time her body trembled in the throes of its own orgasm. She sucked until there was no more to suck and Tommy was crying, "Please, Mommy. No more."

Then she lay back in the tub, satiated for the first time in her life.


"That was... fun, Mom," Tommy finally breathed.

Sally couldn't help but agree with him. She got out of the tub and let Tommy help dry her off, encouraging his giggles when his hand slipped "accidentally" to squeeze her breast. "Do my back, Tommy," she said finally. She turned her back to the boy and relaxed, enjoying the feel of the yellow terry cloth on her skin.

He started at her neck and worked down. The towel scrubbed at her shoulders and slid around her chest where the boy gently massaged her tits. They weren't sore any more. She sighed. "Yes," she said, "that's the way to do it."

Then he had the towel around her hips. His small hands cupped her rotund ass cheeks and squeezed and pinched and fondled as much as he dried. Sally couldn't believe it, but she realized the boy was getting her hot again.

"Tommy..." she started to protest, but it was too late.

The towel had fallen out of the youngster's hands and his fingers were freely caressing her naked buttocks. She groaned and leaned forward slightly, but in an instant his warm, agile hands were caressing between her thighs and she couldn't stand it.

Sally wiggled her butt and Tommy's hands moved with her hips. His fingertips were like hot coals on the tender flesh of her snatch. Even though they were buried in her, pubic hair, the boy hadn't worked up nerve enough to actually put a finger in her box.

"Please, Tommy," Sally whispered. "Stick it in. All the way in."

She wondered if her son knew what she meant by that. He was so young! But an instant later Sally sighed with pleasure as she felt the boy's finger invade her sex slit. She clamped her legs together and trapped his hand as she mewed, "Oh, oh, oh yessss, Tommy."

His hand touched her clitoris and she went rigid.

"Tommy," she said. "We'd better -- we'd better go in my bedroom."

"Okay, Mom." The boy withdrew his finger from his mother's snatch, but it was obvious to both of them that he wished he didn't have to do that. They were both enjoying it too much.

Sally led the way into the bedroom. She let her butt wiggle as lasciviously as she could manage. The boy had gone after her ass like a natural butt man and she couldn't begin to explain how much she had enjoyed the way he played with her ass cheeks before he slid his finger in her snatch. Sometimes she wished Hal would play with her that way. But his idea of a good fuck was to hop in the saddle and pump away for thirty seconds and then go to sleep.

In the bedroom, she pulled back the flowered lavender bedspread and got into bed on the clean, white sheet and sprawled out on her back.

"Let's play a game, Tommy," she said brightly.

"Okay, Mom," the boy said. His voice sounded a note between joyous optimism and mournful speculation.

"You liked putting your hand... on my snatch, didn't you?"

"Yeah," the boy admitted. "I sure did. It was really something."

"Well, how would you like to play with me and do anything you want to do? Anything at all?" Sally smiled at him to show she meant it.

"Boy oh boy. Wouldn't I." Tommy's enthusiasm extended all the way to his cock and Sally was mortified to see how straight and hard it was barely a few minutes after she would have sworn she sucked it dry.

"Well, I'm going to lay down on the beet and you can do anything you like if you really want to. All right?"

Tommy nodded brightly and there was no question of his assent.

Sally seemed calm and cool as she stretched out on the bed. But inside she was frothing with heated emotions she couldn't sort out. It was wrong, what she was going to do. There was no doubt about that. But she wanted it so much, so hard that nothing would stop her.

She ran her hands down her body, feeling the youthful vibrance of her skin and the taut response of her breasts and nipples. She was glad she wasn't saggy and used looking. She wanted Tommy to like her body. Her thighs were hot and sweaty where they came together. Moving her hand across her crotch ruffled her pubic hair and let a cool wave of air invade her heated snatch.

Staring up at the ceiling she tried to force her heart to pump slower. But she was excited. Tense. Not knowing what her impetuous son might think of doing was terrifying in away. What did an eleven year-old know about sex anyway?

If he'd had the chance to tell her. Tommy could have surprised his mother more than a little. Staring at her naked body, he was reminded of all the things that the kids at school were always talking about, the older kids, anyway. He stared at his mother's prone body with the sweet, lush curves and knew that she was what the boys called a sweet piece.

Slowly he took his t-shirt off. It didn't seem quite right to be wearing it, and then he climbed on the bed and stood up.

Sally was startled by Tommy standing on the bed. She'd never expected anything like that to happen. She stared up and he seemed gigantic. His cock projected out over her head like a giant crane. His balls were shadowed orbs. His face looked so far away it was unreal.

"Mommy," Tommy said. "I've got to pee!"

Sally was speechless. She watched the jerkings of her son's cock as he stood over her and then the unbelieving stream of yellow urine arching out from that hairless penis to come splattering down in a hot stream to strike her body. The hot piss trailed from her frantic crotch up her body and over her breasts to splatter against her lips. Everywhere the piss struck her it was like she was doused in molten steel.

Her cunt was frantic at the sudden heat. She wanted to stuff it with cock the way she'd stuff a cabbage for dinner.

"Oh, Tommy!" she moaned. Realizing her son was degrading her and feeling that she deserved it for being a slut. "Piss on me, Tommy! Don't stop, darling. Do it to me!"

The hot yellow stuff splattered in her mouth, bitter and acrid, but she swallowed it as her punishment. She licked it off her lips with her tongue and she writhed in frenzied heat as the stream of urine stopped and she was denied her atonement. She was being punished by her son.

Suddenly Tommy slumped by her side on the bed. "Oh, Mommy, I didn't mean to do that," he cried. "Really. I didn't. I just had to go then. I couldn't stop it no matter how hard I tried, really."

"It's okay, baby. Mommy understands." Sally was shaking with the released emotions that his act had unveiled and she didn't pay him much attention at that particular moment. But Tommy knew what to do.

Appalled by what he had done to his mother, he knew he could pay her back, make her feel good about him. She had sucked his little wiener and he could do the same thing for her. He'd never done it before, but the boys at school were all the time talking about giving girls head with lewd descriptions and graphic gestures, and Tommy knew he could make it all right that way.

The boy knelt between his mother's legs and leaned forward. He smelled the heavy, sexual odor of her cunt and close up he was surprised at the thick, rubbery looking lips that surrounded her pussy. But he was determined to fix everything for his mother. And this was the only way he knew how to do it.

He held his breath and dove face first into the soft, tangled patch of hair that guarded her vaginal opening...

Sally squealed. The sudden shove of Tommy's inexperienced tongue into her tight vagina had taken her by surprise. It took her a moment to realize what the boy was doing.

At first she could hardly tell what was happening. The boy's small tongue slipping into the tight hole was lost in the vast, roaring sensation that had started in her sex cavern when he pissed on her. But it only took brief seconds for her to finally sort out the sensations.

It wasn't as good as Ralph's practiced motions and bigger tongue slurping at her hole, but it was twice as good. Knowing it was her son drilling into her cunt was qualitatively a lot better than mere size.

"Ooooooh, that's fine, Tommy," she said, encouraging the boy to probe more. She didn't want him to quit. Not now. "Twist it around in there, honey. That's the way. Now, suck my clitoris. That little button at the top. Please. For Mommy, baby." She talked to him, guiding him and occasionally squealing at the results.

Tommy followed his mother's directions explicitly. He moved from sex slot to the red-lined, beautiful lips of her cunt. His tongue shot into her hole dragging out the musky liquid that welled up from her depths, then he nibbled at the tender pubes until she screamed for mercy. Faster and faster his tongue licked, darting in and out like hummingbirds' wings.

Sally lifted her legs toward the ceiling and howled as her son sucked eagerly at the tiny knob of her clitoris, elongating it and drawing it out of her little hiding place.

Finally, when she could stand it no more, Sally grabbed the boy by his arms and dragged him away from her ravaged crotch. He licked and kissed her breasts and, suddenly, in a fit of inspiration, fastened on to her cherry-red nipple sticking up from her breast like a penis out of a snow hill.

"Oh, migod," Sally moaned. She swiveled her hips and caught her son's slender waist between her legs. She pressed him tight to her and without willing it to happen, felt his small cock slip into her soft, warm cock sheath.

"Fuck me!" Sally demanded frantically. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Tommy was as startled by what happened as Sally. One minute he was hunched over his mother sucking on her breast like a little baby enjoying every moment of it, and then his virgin cock had slid into something soft and gushy that seemed to clutch at it and hold it.

"I'm trying, Mommy," the boy almost cried as he concentrated.

His penis slipped wetly into his mother's love hole and his hips automatically began banging up and down in a cadence he'd never even dreamed he'd known.

Sally responded with frantic up and down motions. Her hips lifted the boy clear of the bed and he was forced to clutch desperately with his mouth at her succulent breast and cling with his hands to keep from being bucked off.

In and out, the smooth slide of Tommy's boy's cock drilled his mother's eager twat. It slid in to the balls until the boy thought they would also be swallowed by her ravenous sex hole. He bit on her tit until it was bright red and swollen from the constant irritation and his fingers grasped and squeezed her other breast sending startling waves of sexual delight soaring through Sally.

"Oh, ride me, darling. Ride-fuck Mommy. Do it, honey!"

Sally crooned to Tommy as she pitched him up and down, helping him to sink his balls deep in her twat time and again.

"God, oh God, oh God," she moaned. She screamed at the ecstatic feeling as her son stabbed his dick down into her and then she wrapped her legs tight around his body and tried to tug him down into her deeper and deeper until her never-ending climax would finally still.

She finally felt the wonderful flow of Tommy's hot fuck juice pouring into her vagina and she almost fainted with pleasure.

The bedroom soared and reeled around her. Tommy's weight on her body was a feather that seemed to float away and descend again with each deep, gasping breath.

She could still feel his little peter in her cunt and she had an almost insane urge to keep it there, to hold it in place until she never again had a use for it. It felt so good and comforting that she didn't want the boy to ever get out of the saddle and she fantasized going through life with her son pressed against her belly and his penis crammed up her crotch.

She wanted to walk, joined with him that way. She was sure that if she did she'd feel the wonderful shape of his pecker in her quim with each delicious step. It would be better than dancing.

"Oh, Tommy, darling! I love you, baby!"

"I love you, too, Mommy."

Sally lifted his head away from her breast and kissed him.

Tommy stared at his mother with sleepy eyes. "Boy," he added, "I'm really tired. But I feel good. A whole lot good."

"So do I, darling!" Sally didn't know how to tell Tommy how well she really felt. She just wanted him to know that everything was wonderful, that it was all right. Now, she knew, no matter what she had to put up with from Hal, as long as she had Tommy she knew she could manage to survive. He was the answer to her dreams.

As she cradled the half-sleeping boy an her breasts she thought about how nice it would be, to teach Tommy all about sex and keeping him happy and sleepy whenever he -- they -- needed it.

"I'm going to tell Dad!"

The words were explosive in the lilac-scented bedroom. And Sally sat up like she'd been shot dumping Tommy on the bed beside her.

The dr

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