Destiny - sex story


He's a police helicopter pilot. His partner and best friend is a lesbian. What happens when the two of them get invited for a date with Destiny?

As strange as it may sound to some, my best friend is a lesbian. I'm a divorced, thirty-two year old male that flies a helicopter for the Washington State Police. Denise is the twenty-eight year old paramedic/observer that works with me every day. Both of us are sworn troopers and both of us have done street time of course - it's a departmental requirement - but, due to the specialty skills we possess, we found ourselves fast-tracked through the mandatory patrol time and put as quickly as was feasible into the aero-detail. Not that we minded of course, both of us had joined the department with aspirations of helicopter assignment anyway.

It's a job I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. I used to fly for the Navy, anti-submarine choppers off of a frigate, which sounds worlds more exciting than it actually is. Flying a cop chopper not only pays better but is more challenging, more exciting, and all-around more enjoyable. If I can keep this assignment until I retire, I'll die a happy man. Denise feels the same about her role. She used to be a street paramedic in Seattle. From what she tells me it's every paramedic's dream-job to work on a medical helicopter full-time. She not only gets to do that but also has the exciting enhancement of police work to go along with it. Neither one of us have ever taken the sergeant's exam, knowing that if we passed it and were promoted, we would be yanked out of aero-detail and placed back in the streets. That's a thought that doesn't even bear contemplation.

We began flying together two years ago, shortly after both of us were freed from street patrol. Denise, as I've mentioned, is from Seattle. She'd grown up there and lived there all of her life. It was where she'd done her patrol time. I had grown up in Detroit but had been assigned to Seattle in the Navy and had lived there ever since. It was where I'd done my patrol time too. So our department, in it's infinite wisdom, assigned us to the Spokane area as aero-detail newbies, a part of the state that neither one of us was the least bit familiar with. Let me tell you we were a pretty cute team trying to navigate the chopper around unfamiliar ground on the night shift for the first couple of months. In that time we became friends, very good friends. Between trying to figure out where the hell we were or where the hell we were supposed to be, we would have long, sometimes intimate conversations. I learned probably more than most heterosexuals know about the lesbian sub-culture (and more than one tip on proper cunnilingus technique) from her. Our discussions in the chopper have always been animated and without restraint. I've always prayed that we'd never get into an accident, not for fear of physical harm, but so that some FAA investigator, listening to our flight recorder, wouldn't hear what we routinely discuss together in the intimate confines of the helicopter cockpit. They sure as hell wouldn't be able to put a transcript of that in the newspaper.

Being friends with a lesbian is the best of both worlds. I could talk to her like she was a guy but without the macho blustering that is an inevitable part of male-male friendships. I didn't have to exaggerate the size of my cock, or make up fake sexual encounters to impress her, or be afraid to admit to unmanly emotions. I could also talk to her like I would a woman, but without sexual or commitment-orientated undercurrents that define those relationships. Denise could be feminine when the situation called for it, letting me know what women really want, discussing fashions or interior decorating schemes. She could also out-cuss and out-sleaze a long-shoreman. She could give valid advice on how to install a new sprinkler system in my yard or what might be wrong with my car. She could drink most men twice her size under the table. She was the best drinking and barhopping companion that I've ever encountered in my life. She also played a mean game of golf. If not for the sex thing, we probably would have married each other, we got along so well.

A few weeks ago our shift started as usual. We changed into our flight-suits (separate locker rooms of course), put on our uncomfortable and bulky shoulder holsters which contained our department issue .40 caliber pistols, weapons that we were unlikely, at best, to ever need in our current assignment (we were required to wear them on duty but you couldn't wear a gunbelt on your waist in a helicopter), and checked out the chopper before patrol. I did the pre-flight checks while Denise inventoried and tested the medical equipment, police and fire department radios, and made sure our street maps were all there and intact. We put on our flight helmets with the intercom system speakers and microphone in them and then I fired up the chopper and took us up to begin our routine patrol duties.

We came on shift at 3:00 in the afternoon, a busy time of the day, and, as such, we were immediately sent to a call in the City of Spokane to assist Spokane PD with a commercial burglary search. Spokane PD is a separate agency from ours but they do not have a chopper of their own so we spend a lot of our time doing mutual aid for them. The great State of Washington of course charges them by the call, making the decision to call us in that of a sergeant or above, but they were still shameless in their requests. We didn't mind. Spokane, in this particular neck of the woods, was where the action was.

In the two years I'd been assigned there, my working knowledge of the area had improved to the point where I knew the geography better than any other place I'd ever lived or worked before. Without even needing a map consult, I turned the chopper to the northwest and started heading for the location while Denise dialed up that frequency on our radio system and told them we were five minutes out. They gave us the run-down on what they wanted us to do; check the roof of the warehouse in question for suspects, jimmied sky-lights, or anything else out of the ordinary.

"Copy that," Denise told whomever she was talking to on the radio. She then turned to me. "Let me tell you what our plan for the day is."

"What's that?" I asked her, keeping half an eye on the landmarks below us as I cruised at two thousand feet above ground at ninety knots.

"We need to get ourselves a trauma transport today, sometime between now and eleven."

I raised my eyebrows. "Need to practice your skills?" I asked.

"Fuck my skills," she snorted. "There's a new ER nurse at the trauma center. She's a hot one. And I'm pretty sure she's of the sisterhood."

"Yeah?" I said, genuinely interested. "What's her name? Did she tell you she's a lesbo?"

"Her name is, get this," she paused dramatically, "Destiny. Isn't that a bitchin' name? She's the blonde chick I was talkin' to when we brought in that auto accident guy last week. The chick with the nice tits." She sighed for moment as she thought about it. "She didn't actually say that she was gay but, you know, we can tell these sorts of things. The way she was talkin' to me, the things she said. I think she's one of us." She quickly amended herself. "Uh, I mean one of me."

I knew the nurse of whom she was speaking. Denise was right, she was pretty hot looking. I'd wondered about making a move on her myself but hadn't had the opportunity. If there's one thing I'd learned in my career it's that women loved helicopter pilots. They would practically drop down and give you a blowjob right there when they found out what you did for a living. "Are you sure she's gay?" I asked, though I'd learned to trust her instincts on this matter.

"Reasonably," Denise told me. "Like I said, we know these things. There's a signal they give off."

"Well ain't that a bitch," I said, shaking my head sadly. "I was thinking about tryin' a little something with her myself."

"Hey," she said. "Leave her alone. There's so few women in this freakin' town for me to fuck but you got them throwin' pussy at you left and right. She's a sister, I'm tellin' you. Trust me."

"I'll take your word for it," I assured her.

We handled that call, which turned out to be nothing, and several others, which also turned out to be nothing. We were cruising around Interstate 90 east of Spokane, quite close in fact to the Idaho border, when Denise's ears perked up. She'd been listening to the fire department scanner. "There's an auto accident call on I-90 at Brantford Road," she told me excitedly. "Let's head that way."

I knew what she was thinking. If there was a helicopter requested for medivac, she wanted it to be us so she could go see her nurse. "Medi-flight will get the call," I told her, informing her of nothing she didn't already know. Medi-flight was a helicopter, staffed by two nurses (and a pilot), that operated out of the Spokane trauma center. They jealously guarded what they considered to be their calls. It was understandable. They were always under the threat of budgetary cuts or even elimination. The more calls they ran, the more they justified their existence. Our lieutenant, obviously acting on orders from above, had told us long ago not to be so enthusiastic in jumping their calls. Our budget, after all, was not in any such jeopardy and our admin was not so fond of medical or trauma aid calls anyway since they took us out of service for about an hour and half each time.

"We don't jump their shit that often," Denise said, almost pleadingly. "And they can't deny us if we're right overhead, can they?"

I turned my head and looked at her, appraising the near-desperation in her brown eyes. "When was the last time you got laid?" I asked her.

"Too fuckin' long ago," she answered. "I've rubbed myself to sleep thinking about this nurse ever since I first laid eyes on her."

"Good enough for me," I replied, turning the chopper back towards the west and putting on the power.

When the fire department asked for a chopper to be dispatched five minutes later, we were only about ten miles away, much closer than downtown Spokane, which was where Medi-flight was based. Denise jumped on the radio and, giving our location, offered our services. Medi-flight, which had been dispatched, was cancelled and we were added to the call. We were circling over the accident less than three minutes later, looking down at a twisted mess of wreckage that had once been a Volvo before it had slammed into a bridge abutment. Fire trucks, an ambulance, and several state trooper patrol cars, their lights flashing brightly, were parked at the scene.

We had arrived so quickly that we were forced to circle for five minutes before the freeway was shut down and another fire engine arrived to secure a landing zone for us. I then touched down gently on the asphalt surface of I-90, leaving the engine idling as Denise waved over a couple of firefighters to help her with our litter. As protocol dictated, I stood near the tail-rotor to make sure some incompetent fireman didn't accidentally walk into the thing, an act which would have erased his head instantly (and damaged our chopper). Denise, meanwhile, got report on the injuries and supervised the loading of the patient into the patient compartment.

The patient in question was utterly fucked. He still had a heartbeat but wasn't breathing and his skull had been split open, spilling some of his brains out. The paramedics on scene had put in a breathing tube and started an IV before transferring care to Denise so she was left with little to do but compress the bag that supplied oxygen to his soon-to-be-dead body. I lifted off after making sure none of the firemen or paramedics were standing too close and pointed the nose of the chopper to the west, heading for the trauma center at the best possible speed.

As I flew, I looked back at Denise, who was bagging the patient and talking to the staff at the hospital at the same time, informing them about what they were about to receive. Blood was running from the patient's head and onto the floor where it was already coagulating into sticky clumps. I was the one who had to clean all of this up, not Denise.

"You'd better get some tongue out of all this shit," I told her once she'd finished her report. "Or I'm gonna be one pissed off individual."

"I was just thinking the same thing," she replied.

I touched down on the trauma center's helicopter pad, shut down the engines, and a group of nurses helped Denise off-load the patient, putting him on a rolling gurney and trucking him towards the emergency room. Denise went with them to give report to the trauma surgeons that were standing by. I unstrapped myself from my seat, took off my helmet, and then exited the chopper, walking around to the back. It looked like someone had slaughtered a pig back there. With a sigh, I grabbed the cleaning supplies and went to work.

When I had everything back in order twenty minutes later I walked to the ER so I could take a piss and get a drink of water (and maybe find a willing nurse that had an affinity for helicopter pilots). I took care of my bodily functions, washed my hands, and then went looking for Denise. I found her sitting at one of the doctor's desks, writing up her report and chatting with the nurse she had the hots for. It seemed they were rather chummy with each other. Though they had the entire desk, which ran the length of the wall, to themselves, their chairs were only about a foot apart, so close that their legs were almost touching. The nurse was smiling and giggling at whatever Denise was saying to her. Again, I was struck by her beauty (the nurse's, not Denise's) and I sprung the beginnings of a hard-on as I envisioned my partner and her eating each other's pussies or grinding them together in a fit of lust. I'd never quite summoned the nerve to ask her if I could watch one of her encounters, knowing that it probably was a question that she would be deeply offended by, but I thought I might at least hint about the possibilities with this one. I could have a month's worth of jack-off fantasies just by seeing her nude. Two months if I saw Denise eating her box.

Denise caught my eye as I walked towards them and with a slight twist of her head, indicated that this would be a bad time for me to approach. I smiled my understanding. Before I turned away, she gave me a quick thumbs-up gesture. Apparently things were working out. Good. I was glad for her. I headed out of the treatment area towards triage, hoping to find an attractive nurse of my own to flirt with. Instead, a middle-aged, chubby one with bleach-blonde hair found me. She pulled me aside.

"Did you know," she whispered, "that that woman your partner is talking to is..." she looked around, seeing if anyone was listening. "Well, rumor has it that she's a lesbian." She said this last with a faint hiss of disgust. Lesbians weren't as common in Spokane as they were in Seattle and apparently weren't tolerated as well either.

"You don't say?" I said, feigning shock. "You think she might make a pass at my partner?"

The nurse shrugged in an all-knowing way. "She might. I certainly wouldn't put it past her. I've heard she's a shameless flirt with other women." She shook her head. "Disgusting. You might want to pull your partner away from there before something embarrassing happens."

Now it was no secret that Denise was gay. In fact, most people could tell, or at least gleam it just by looking at her. She wasn't ugly by any means but she presented herself in the part of a butch lesbian. Her brown hair was cut very short, shorter than mine was. She wore no make-up on her face and she carried herself in a manner that was not feminine.

"I've heard here and there," I whispered back to the nurse, "that my partner, now this is just rumor, don't tell anyone this, but that she just might be a lesbian too."

"No?" she said, eyes wide.

I nodded sadly. "She went to a Melissa Ethridge concert once."


I nodded again, concealing a smile as I thought about this nurse rushing to tell all of her comrades in scrubs the "news" after we left. We were frequent visitors to this place and most of them already knew about Denise's sexual orientation.

"Now remember," I said as I walked away, giving her a wink. "Don't tell anyone."

"Of course not," she assured me.

I decided to try my luck in the nurse's lounge where, even if there were no nurses there, I could at least score a cup of coffee. Halfway there however I was stopped by Denise, who came running excitedly up behind me. She pulled me aside, out of earshot of any passers-by.

"She's going to go out with me," she told me happily. "Tonight. After work."

"Good for you," I told her. "That makes cleaning up that guy's brains and blood out of the chopper almost worthwhile."

"But you have to do me a favor," she said, quickly. "I'll owe you a big one if you do."

"What?" I inquired, wondering what her date could possibly have to do with me. Maybe she wanted me to videotape it?

"Well," she said softly, "her sister is in town and is staying with her and she doesn't want to leave her alone. So she asked if I could..."

"Find a date for her," I finished with her.

"Pleeeeeease?" Denise pleaded. "You don't have to fuck her or anything. Just sit with her and have a few drinks with her. Keep her occupied while I go to work on Destiny." She gave me a meaningful look. "I want this chick bad."

I definitely wasn't into blind dates. It was too much like tossing a set of dice down on the craps table. But Denise was my partner and my best friend and Destiny was very attractive which made it a good possibility that her sister was too. "All right," I said. "I'll do it. But you owe me big."

"I'd suck your dick for you if I was into that," she assured me. "Thanks. Let me go tell her."

The rest of the shift went by without much happening. We ran no further medical transports so we didn't get back to the hospital at all. At 11:30 that night we touched down and secured the chopper, handing it over to the night crew. We changed into our civilian clothes and met out in the airport parking lot. I hoped we weren't going anywhere fancy. I had only a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a Mariners T-shirt on and my house was too far away to go change. Denise, however, was dressed pretty similarly so I didn't worry myself about this.

"Where we meeting them at?" I asked Denise.

"Destiny's house over on the east side. I got directions. It's just off the interstate."

"I'll follow you," I said, heading towards my battered four-runner, one of the few survivors of my divorce settlement.

A fifteen-minute drive brought us to a darkened suburban street in a middle-class neighborhood. The house was pretty nice, a single story about ten years old. I figured it was probably a rental. We locked up our cars and then walked up the lighted walkway to the front door. Denise rang the doorbell and while we waited for entry I amused myself my noting that the two of us were standing off to either side of the door; a habit we'd picked up working patrol.

The door finally creaked open and there was Destiny. My mouth dropped as I looked at her. She was wearing a silken, royal red robe that was tied shut around her inviting waist and served to accent her body nicely. The hint of her cleavage was visible at the top and it was obvious that she wore no bra beneath this. The hem of her robe came only to mid-thigh, displaying her beautiful legs for us. Her blonde hair, the color of honey, which I was used to seeing tied into a ponytail, was now cascading over her shoulders alluringly. I certainly envied Denise at that moment before wondering just what she was doing dressed like this if we were going out. Was her sister dressed in a similar manner?

"Come in, come in," Destiny said softly, standing aside to allow us entry. Denise and I spared each other a glance before stepping through the doorway.

Her living room was neat and clean, done up with modern furniture that looked reasonably new. The lights were dimmed down and a fire was crackling in the fireplace. Soft music was issuing from speakers somewhere, though I couldn't see where. A bottle of red wine was sitting on the coffee table in front of the fire. There were three glasses next to it. There was no sister to be seen anywhere. I began to sense that something was not what it seemed here.

"I'm glad you two could come," Destiny said, smiling sexily at us. She turned to me. "I've seen you around but we've never been formally introduced." She held out her hand. "Destiny Ferguson."

I told her my name, taking her hand to shake it. Her hand was soft, very feminine. She used her thumb to caress the back of my hand for a moment, and then, to my astonishment, she brought it to her lips and kissed the back of it. Her lips were gentle, teasing. She gave a quick suck and I felt the tip of her tongue just barely snake out and make contact before she released me. There was a wet spot where she'd touched. I found myself getting a little stiff in the pants. What the hell was going on here?

I looked over at Denise, who appeared just as shocked as I, both by Destiny's manner of dress and her overtly seductive behavior towards me. She seemed about to say something but was stopped by Destiny.

"Denise darling," she said, holding out her arms for a hug. "I'm glad you came tonight. Very glad." She put her arms around my partner and hugged her close. She then raised her mouth up and pressed it against Denise's, to both of our surprise. I saw Denise's eyes go wide for a moment and then cloud over with arousal and confusion. Though I couldn't actually see it, I knew that their two tongues were swirling together. I felt myself getting a lot stiffer in the pants. I imagined my partner was probably getting a little wet in her pants. What the hell was going on here?

Finally the kiss broke and Destiny released my flustered and blushing friend. "Come sit down," she told us. "Let's have a glass of wine and talk."

Numbly we followed her over to the couch and she waved us to seats on it. We sat on either side and spared each other another confused glance. We looked back at Destiny and both of us drew a sharp intake of breath. She was standing over on the other side of the table, pouring wine for us. Since she was forced to bend over to do this we both were looking straight down the front of her robe. Her tits were clearly visible to our eyes, dangling like ripe fruit waiting to be picked. They were nice ones, not too small, not too large, obviously natural. She also obviously knew of the view she was giving us.

She finished her task and stood back up, obliterating our peeping. She handed us each a glass of wine and then glided around the coffee-table and sat between us, crossing her gorgeous legs in a ladylike manner but allowing the hem of her robe to creep up to her upper thighs. I could smell a hint of perfume drifting over me, something expensive and sexy-smelling.

"Destiny," Denise finally spoke, in a voice that didn't sound quite steady. "Where is your sister?"

Destiny smiled mysteriously. "I don't have a sister," she said. "A little white lie I made up in order to get the two of you over here. It worked, didn't it?"

"You don't have a sister?" I asked, confused. "Then why did you want me to come over?"

"I wanted you both to come over," she said softly. "I want to fuck you."

I don't think either Denise or myself could possibly have been more shocked than we were at that moment.

"You want to fuck who?" Denise finally asked.

Destiny gave us each a warm look. "Both of you," she said. "At the same time. I want to lick pussy and get dicked simultaneously. I want to suck cock while my pussy gets eaten. I want to get ass-fucked while my pussy gets eaten. I want both of my tits sucked at the same time. I want you both to use me like a slut. Do you understand now?"

I was wrong. We could be more shocked. Denise and I looked at each other, wide-eyed, not knowing what to say. I had never imagined such a women even in my most detailed and perverted fantasies.

"I'm sorry," Denise said, shaking her head. "I'm afraid you picked the wrong girl here. I can't do anything like that."

"You don't have to fuck him," Destiny said, jerking her thumb at me. "You just have to fuck me at the same time he does." She turned to me. "You're up for this, aren't you?"

"I don't think so," I told her, my loyalty towards my partner overriding my desire for this woman. After all, I could go home and jerk off to her image and get her out of my system. I had to work with Denise every day.

She smiled again, not the least bit put back. "Really?" she said, setting her wine down on the coffee table again. She stood up and turned around so she was facing us. With a quick motion of her hands the tie on her robe was released. "You two don't want some of this?" She opened her robe fully, letting it drop to the floor at her feet.

She had, without a doubt, the most beautiful, alluring body that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in person. It was perfection, not a flaw on it. Her skin was nicely tanned except for her breasts and genital area. Her bush was trimmed down to a narrow strip on her pubis, leaving her vaginal area bare. Her pussy lips were swollen and red, her clit peeking out of its hood. I could smell her arousal. She dropped her hand down into her pussy, spreading it for us, showing us her treasures. She rubbed for a moment with first her left hand and then her right. And then she put her fingers under our noses, letting us smell her, letting her fingers glide across our lips which transferred her taste there. I felt my resolve slipping quite a bit but I couldn't be disloyal to my partner.

I looked over at Denise. She was trembling with desire. She looked back at me, licking her lips nervously, reading my face. Finally, she said, "I don't know about you partner. But my morals just went out the fuckin' window. I'm getting' me a piece of this."

"Fuckin' aye!" I agreed heartily, and we dug in.

We grabbed her, pulling her back to the couch, making her squeal with delight. I attached myself to her right nipple and Denise attached herself to the left. I sucked contentedly, feeling the bumps and ridges with my tongue, suckling like a baby. Her tits were firm and warm, the size of grapefruits. I kneaded the one I was working on with my hand while I sucked. With my other hand, I trailed down her ribs and abdomen, enjoying the feel of her flesh, until I got to her pussy. I was intending to finger-fuck her but found another hand already there; Denise's.

I detached myself from her breast and raised up to kiss her. She was a fantastic kisser, her mouth tasting of Merlot as our tongues dueled hotly with each other. We kissed and sucked each other's tongue for a moment and then I began planting kisses on her neck. She cooed softly and then abruptly pushed me away.

"Not so fast," she barked playfully.

Denise, I saw, was halfway down her stomach, angling for her crotch to give it a tongue bath. Reluctantly she pulled her head up.

"Get undressed," Destiny ordered. "Both of you. And let's make love."

Denise and I looked at each other for a moment, embarrassed. Though we were the best of friends, we'd never seen each other naked before. I'd never even wanted to see her naked before as I'm sure she similarly didn't want to see me. But we were already in too deep to protest. I pulled off my shirt in one quick motion.

"First one done gets the first sucking," Destiny promised teasingly.

We picked up the pace. I unclipped my off-duty weapon from my belt and set it carefully on the coffee table. Denise's weapon joined it there. She pulled off her T-shirt and tossed it in the pile with mine. While I unbuckled my belt and kicked off my shoes and socks, she undid her bra and let it drop to the floor. I was amazed to find that her tits were actually pretty attractive. I'd never really thought of her as actually having tits before, if you know what I mean. I shucked my pants and underwear in one quick motion, leaving me standing there in all my glory while Denise was still in her panties. With a sour look she dropped them too, revealing her hairy black bush to our gaze.

"He wins," Destiny announced, rolling onto her back on the couch. "Bring that cock down here," she told me and then opened her legs wide. She looked at Denise. "I guess I don't have to tell you what you are going to be doing."

"Nope," Denise said, licking her lips. She dropped to her knees and dived into some muff.

I leaned forward and put the head of my cock between Destiny's puffy lips. She sucked me in nicely and began running her mouth up and down the length of me, slurping on it. It felt great to actually have myself inside of an orifice and she was a skilled cocksucker. I groaned a little, thrusting forward with my hips while she played with my dangling ball sack with her left hand. Her right hand was reaching down and fondling Denise's left tit, squeezing it and kneading it while Denise licked expertly at her pussy. Even through the pleasurable haze of having my dick sucked, I couldn't help but be impressed by my partner's pussy eating technique. She licked and sucked confidently, obviously knowing exactly what each tongue stroke felt like. I'd thought I was a good pussy eater but I realized I was little more than a gifted amateur in relation to Denise. It wasn't five minutes before she had Destiny so aroused and so crazy that she was barely able to keep her attention on my cock. Just before she came I withdrew myself completely from her, not wanting an involuntary bite in the throes of orgasm to put a premature end to this amazing encounter (and possibly my dick as well).

While Destiny groaned and screamed her way through her come, I sucked on her tits, adding to the sensations. She seemed to enjoy this immensely. When she finished bucking and moaning, she looked at Denise, lust in her eyes. "Get up here and put your pussy on my face," she told her. "I want to eat you while he fucks me."

Denise groaned her approval at this plan and immediately took up position over Destiny's face. She lowered herself down and sighed as our lover went to work on her. I went around between her widely spread legs and placed the head of my wet dick between her pussy lips. Destiny's pussy began bucking in quick spasms the instant I made contact. I put her legs on my shoulders and sank in, feeling the exquisite sensation of her tight pussy encasing me in her body. She certainly knew what to do with her vaginal muscles as I began to thrust in and out of her. The sensation was incredible, making me have to concentrate in order not to come right away. I ran my hands up and down her smoothly tanned legs, planting kisses on her calves and sucking on her toes.

She also seemed to know how to eat pussy. Denise, who was facing me, had her head thrown back in lust and was making low growling noises in the back of her throat. As I fucked, I found myself staring at Denise's tits again. They were bouncing up and down right in front of me with the rhythm of her pelvic thrusts. They really were pretty nice tits. Larger than Destiny's though not as firm. The nipples were hard and I found myself wanting to take one into my mouth as I fucked. Not knowing how Denise would react to this I restrained myself and picked up the pace of my fucking.

Denise came first. She was very loud about it, screaming and cussing out her pleasure while her pelvis slammed up and down on Destiny's face. Destiny wasn't far behind. She began to buck beneath me and her pussy clenched and released repeatedly as she moaned. This put me over the edge. The spasms ran up my spine and I shot a large load right into her throbbing cunt, not even worrying about pregnancy or disease or anything else but the warm, sucking cavern that was encasing my pulsating cock.

We collapsed to the ground in a heap, all of us panting uncontrollably. We laid there for a few minutes, Destiny and Denise kissing softly, me planting tongue caresses on her thighs. Finally Destiny raised her head up.

"That was a good beginning," she said, smiling. "Now, let's go to the bedroom and really have some fun."

Have fun we did. We piled into Destiny's King-sized bed and spent the next three hours fucking and sucking our way through a series of blissful orgasms. I came three more times, something I wouldn't have thought possible at my age. Once in Destiny's mouth, once in her cunt, and once more in her asshole. Denise and I had no intimate contact with each other. The closest we came was when I was ass-fucking Destiny from above while Denise ate her pussy from below. Out of necessity, my balls slapped against her face and my thighs were in contact with her flanks. It wasn't a disgusting sensation at all, at least not for me. I found that my partner's flesh actually felt pretty good in contact with mine. And she had to be getting a mouthful of my previous orgasms while she licked and sucked. She didn't complain or hesitate.

Finally, when the last spasm died away and we collapsed in a heap onto the bed, we curled up together, Destiny in the middle, and all of us drifted off to sleep. When I woke up some time later I heard wet slurping sounds coming from my right. After the disorientation of awakening in another bed left me, and after I remembered just what had happened the night before, I rolled that way and observed what was going on.

The two women were sixty-nining. Buck naked, uncovered by blankets, they were slurping away at each other's cunts madly, making contented groans and grunts. My dick and balls were sore, aching like a rotted tooth from the abuse they'd taken. But watching the show, I never the less stiffened up nicely once again.

Destiny, who was on the top of this particular encounter, glanced over and saw that I was awake. She saw the state of my dick. She pulled her face away from Denise's box for a moment.

"Join in," she offered. "I could use a little dick in me right about now."

Though I had to piss like a racehorse I jumped up and walked around behind her. I slid my cock inside with a wet squish and Denise, unconcerned with my intrusion, simply moved her mouth a little to give me room. It was a hell of a way to wake up, let me tell you. Beats the shit out of coffee.

When we finished up we all took showers, separately since we were all pretty much satiated. We got dressed and ate a quick breakfast that Destiny had prepared. Our talk was friendly and non-sexual. Finally we had to leave; Denise and I had to be at work by 2:45. Destiny kissed us both deeply at the door and wished us good tidings. She gave us each her phone number and made us promise to come back. We both dutifully did so but I knew that we'd both have to do some series thinking about what had taken place.

She closed the door behind us. Denise and I walked slowly down to our cars, avoiding gazing into each other's eyes. We stopped at the sidewalk.

I looked at her, wondering if our friendship had just been destroyed. Though what had happened was nice, it hadn't been worth the loss of a friend.

"Dee Dee?" I started, not sure how to go on.

She looked at me, her hair mussed up, her eyes reddened and bleary. She smiled. "Score!" she said, holding up her hand for a high-five.

Flabbergasted, I slapped my palm against hers. And then I began to laugh, as did she. We cracked up for several minutes. Finally our laughter petered out, leaving us grinning at each other.

"You're the best fuckin' friend I've ever had," she told me sincerely. "Don't ever change."

"I won't," I assured her.

"See you at work," she said, beeping the alarm on her car and stepping in.

"You know it," I replied, heading for my own car.

It would only be forty-eight hours before we were back at Destiny's house. And that is a completely different story

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