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Dumb Luck

So i was in my early twenties when this story took place.I was very naive to say the least.

I was camping with my dad and the boys in the hot july summer in the mountains,the friday we arrived was great however through the night it started to snow and the winds were so bad my tent poles actually broke in half.Saturday morning we found three inches of snow and no sign of letting up,so pack up and go(no fishing this weekend).We made it home by noon and now i've got nothing to do.After making a few calls i got invited to a party in a downtown pub.

My evening was looking up!
Got to the club around eight and knew most of the group that was there,was introduced to the others i hadn't yet met.So there i was dirnking with friends in an irish pub having a great time when my buddy accross the table starts motioning hand signals at me.I wasn't understanding what he meant(as i later found out)I thought he was trying to get me to hit on the hottie that was two seats over from me,so i threw caution to the wind and chatted her up,bought her a couple of drinks and wound up t

aking her home.Actually we wound up in a deserted park(to look at the stars i told her)making out hot and heavy we were so into each other i was kissing her neck and nibbling her ears when she stuck her hand down my pants and started pulling on my dick as well as fondling my balls.Before i knew it we were both naked on the big plastic slide.After kissing my way through her nipples and down to her muff,i turned myself face down the slide so we could sixtynine(oh how wonderfull that was)she had the nicest little pussy so eager for me to lick.That lasted a while but i had to much to drink and started to get the spins so i took her over to the grass.
She decide to climb on top and have her way with me.After about twenty minutes or so we finally climaxed together!Iwas so amazed and we started dating after that.I still say wow to this day!

I hope this story wasn't to long or dry for you all,please let me know what you think.
By the way,My buddy with the hand signals-well he was trying to tell me to go get him another drink!!!!
Talk about my dumb luck or what!

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