Eva's Long Run (M+/F, slut-wife, intr, nc)

Eva's Long Run

Eva awoke at her normal hour for a weekday. It was 4 am
and as she did every morning, Eva lightly kissed her
husband, Mike, as she rolled out of bed to change into
her running gear. She was proud of her body, at 36 and
running had helped her maintain her
shape. She was tall, 5 feet, 10 inches, but only
weighed 125 pounds. As she stood in front of the
mirror, she admired her large, 38C breast.

The children had not taken any of the firmness from
them; her waist was still very narrow, as were her
hips. She admired how her pubic hair was cut very short
and in a strip exactly one-half inch wide, just like
her husband like it. Besides, when she worn her swim
suit with it's narrow strip in the front, the trim was

Eva quickly pulled on her running shorts, red, silk-
like. She frown because she had intended to purchase a
new pair, this pair was so short that the cheeks of her
ass peek out and when she ran, even more was exposed.
Eva did not worry because the early hour, no one was
ever around to see. She adjusted the sports bra top so
her ample breasts were constricted, pulled her long
blond hair into a ponytail and again check her image in
the mirror.

"Very attractive," she thought, "even for 36 and two

Eva selected a tape of running music, and headed out
into the morning air for her normal run of 5 miles.
Mike had always worried about Eva running so far from
home, but Eva assured him nothing could happen at 4 in
the morning. As Eva ran she admired the pre-dawn
darkness, not quite dark, but not quite light, just
enough to see without artificial light.

Eva felt strong and her pace was quicker as she turned
up the trail that lead through the quarter-mile of
woods before coming out onto the road. It was early
spring, the leaves were coming out on the trees, and
Eva ran to the beat of the music concentrating on her
pace and breathing. She did not see or hear the two men
as they moved about in the woods, watching her.

Joe and Jack had seen Eva running every morning on
their way to work at the construction company. Joe had
commented on her round ass and firm breast. Jack like
her small, pert mouth. Each had discussed almost daily
what they would do to her if she gave them a chance.

It was Joe's idea to follow her over a period and map
out her route. He had told Jack of his plan and the two
had set about preparing what they would need and
arranging everything. They both agreed to wear skin
mask so they could not be identified. Joe could feel
the bulge in his jeans growing as he watched Eva, like
clockwork, make the turn onto the trail. He looked over
and Jack positioned himself on the other side and they

Eva was startled from her run by her the sudden
blackness of the hood Joe threw over her head. She
tried to scream, but he held his hand tight over her
mouth. Jack grabbed her legs and together the two men
carried her deep into the woods. Eva could not catch
her breath under the hood and began to panic thrashing
with her arms and kicking with her legs.

Joe had planned well and quickly Jack had wrapped the
rope around her legs while Joe pulled her arms behind
her back and tied them tightly with another piece of
rope. Joe took his long hunting knife and placed at the
base of Eva's neck, just where she could feel the point
and told her not to move.

Eva froze; terrified that she would be cut or worse
killed. She did not utter a sound as Joe removed the
hood and stuffed a rag into her mouth and covered it
with tape. Joe then let Eva dropped to the ground while
he and Jack discussed their plan.

The fear Eva felt was suffocating. Her arms ached where
she laid on them tied behind her back. She tried to
move her legs, but Jack had bound them well also. Eva
tried to scoot away on her back. She had only a moved a
few inches when the larger of the two men, Joe, began
walking toward her. Tears streamed down Eva's face as
she saw the knife in his hand.

She vigorously shook her head "NO" and tried to move
away as he approached. The other man, smaller, stood at
her head and stopped her retreat. She closed her eyes
tight and the knife approach waiting for the first cut.
Instead, Eva heard the material of her running shorts
cut away, then the coolness of the air as it hit her
almost bear cunt.

Next, the sports bra was slice away and her breast
sprang free. Eva could feel the cold air and her
nipples hardened to the coolness. She could hear the
men comment on how beautiful her body was as she opened
her eyes and realized, with the exception of her
running shoes, she was completely naked and exposed to
the two men. The larger man reached down and pinched
the nipple of her left breast until she cried out
through the gag.

Eva was shaking her head back and forth "NO" without
any affect on the large man. She looked to find the
smaller man and he could not be seen. The large man
told her not to make a sound, that they were going to
"use" her for a while, but would not hurt her if she
were cooperative. Eva realized she was at their mercy
and did not want to be hurt.

When the large man asked if she understood, she nodded
yes. Then Eva heard the sound of a truck as it approach
through the woods. She was thankful for the
distraction, as the larger man had begun to pull her
pubic hair and attempt to worm his finger into her
cunt. Eva had squeezed her legs tightly together and
prevented this violation.

As the truck stopped, the smaller man exited. Eva
noticed that the truck was very large and that it
looked like the old bread trucks she had seen. The
large man left Eva on the ground, went to the rear of
Jack held Eva in front of the padded stool that was
about 18 inches off the ground. He and Joe had rigged
the truck just for this purpose. Now, the games were
over and he would start working on Eva.

He spun Eva around and quickly removed the tape and
rag. Eva began to beg them to let her go. Joe pulled
her ponytail and she scream as Jack placed the round
ring gag into her mouth and handed the ties to Joe to
secure. Eva felt as if her mouth were stretched to the
maximum as her jaw muscles spasmed to the size and
stiffness of the ring gag. Jack then turned Eva around
and untied her legs, pushing her over the padded stool.

Joe then quickly bent her lower legs back to her thighs
and tied them in place, then place another rope around
each thigh and cruelly pulled her legs open as far as
they would go without breaking. Eva was in agony. The
padded stool was just wide enough to support her
abdomen. Her breasts hung like pendulum toward the
truck floor. She could feel her cunt lips opening as
they pulled her legs apart and secured them.

Eva could not believe this was happening. Her hands
still tied behind her back and the ring-gag prevented
any escape, any hope of screaming. Eva knew she was
going to be rape, she just did not know how many
different ways she would be raped.

Jack patted Joe on the back to congratulate him on
their success. Eva was their property now and their
plan had worked perfectly. There, splayed open before
them was the object of their lust. Eva's cunt was
slightly parted, her ass clearly accessible, and her
breast and mouth inviting. Jack got behind Eva while
Joe moved to the front. Eva watch in horror as the
small man took two clamps from a bag and attached one
to each of her nipples.

As he tighten the clamps, her muted screams just cause
him to chuckle. Once in place, Eva look down and saw a
string with a medal hook attached to each clamp. She
was confused until she saw him placed the first weight
on her right breast. She threw her head back at the
pain as her breast, following her nipple was pulled by
the weight toward the floor.

She began shaking her head again as he did the same to
the second breast. The weights pulled Eva's breast
almost to the floor of the truck, each of her nipples
were turning blue from the s as she continued to plea
with her eyes for relief.

Joe nodded to Jack that all was in place and Eva jump
when she felt larger man's hand on her cunt. Eva
realized that jumping made the weights attached to her
breast bob up and down, she tried to hold still as she
felt his finger stroke her clit and force it's way
inside of her dry cunt.

Eva felt first one finger, as the larger man sawed the
obscene finger in and out of Eva's cunt, she thought
the shame would consume her. Eva looked at the smaller
man in front of her as he began to remove his clothes
and for the first time Eva realized that she was going
to be raped.

As the man behind her inserted a second finger into her
dry cunt, Eva began to struggle again. She did not care
about the pain in her breast from the weights, she only
wanted to try and do something to avoid what she knew
was coming. She could hear their laughter at her
pathetic attempts to free herself.

Jack could feel how tight her cunt was as he tried to
open it with his fingers. Her struggling only made it
easier for him to saw in and out of her dry hold. He
finally decided that she was not going to help him any.
Joe was already stripped standing at her head, grinning
with his 9 inches dick standing straight out. Jack
quickly shed his clothes and positioned himself at the
entrance to her cunt. The head of his dick jumped as it
touch the shaved lips of her spread wide hole. He
hesitated and then shoved the entire 11 inches deep
into her cunt.

Eva arched her back and head and she felt his hard dick
slam into her. She felt as if she were impaled on a
sharp pole and she quickly stopped struggling, afraid
of the pain or injury she would cause. The larger man
deep inside her cunt began to move slowly at first, in
and out. Then, without, warning, he began to pound into
Eva's cunt. If not for the way the footstool was
mounted on the floor of the truck, it would have easily
moved with each thrust.

The tears flowed in a steady stream down Eva's eyes as
she felt her cunt being stretched and violated by the
fierce pounding of the larger man. The smaller man in
front of her just watch him with his hand slowing
stroking his dick. Eva realized that he would take her
next and that there was nothing she could do. Eva
groaned as she felt the larger man stiffened and then
felt the warm seed spraying the walls of her ravaged
cunt. The larger man softened quickly and let himself
slide from her hold. Eva could feel his sperm leaking
down the inside of her thigh. She felt so dirty, so
violated. Little did she know what was to come.

Joe quickly exchanged places with Jack. Now Jack stood
at Eva's head with his flaccid dick coated with her
juices. Joe began by spreading Eva's ass cheeks to
reveal her red, asshole. He spit directly into her
rectum and shoved his middle finger to his hand into
her asshole and worked the spit around to provide a
little lubrication. Joe then positioned the head of his
dick at the small orifice and in one quick plunge,
drove himself to the balls into Eva's ass. Jack laughed
and stood ready while Joe positioned himself and

Eva had never had anyone even touch her ass and now she
felt on fire as she felt the smaller man's dick slide
into her bowels until she could feel his balls slapping
against her ass. The pain was so intense, that again
she arched her back and threw back her head. This time,
the smaller man grabbed her ponytail like a reign of a
horse and pulled her head upright.

Eva realized in horror that her mouth was now perfectly
positioned for the larger man. She could not move, she
could not close her mouth due to the ring gag; she
could only whimpered as the larger man moved his
flaccid dick into her mouth and ordered her to use her
tongue and make it hard again. Eva could smell her
juices and his juices mixed together as she felt his
dick against the back of her mouth. She held very still
until the larger man slapped her with an open hand
across the side of the face, first once, then again,
and stopped as Eva furiously began to lick and suck as
best she could on his dick.

"Clean it good, bitch," Jack barked at her.

While the smaller man began to fuck her ass in slow,
long strokes, he held her hair and allowed the larger
man to fuck her mouth. Eva was resigned to endure the
rape she was being subjected to and tried to relax. The
larger man's dick was moving further down her throat
and she did not want to vomit. As she relaxed, the pain
in her ass eased and the smaller man sense the
relaxation and began to speed up his in and out

Eva felt him tense and grow large inside her, he groan
and spilled his hot seed deep into her bowels. The
liquid burned deep inside of her as the smaller man
quickly removed his dick from her ass with a "pop." The
larger man was hard again and as the smaller man came
into her ass, he removed his dick from her mouth to
watch. Eva's holes were empty for the moment, but she
could feel the sticky liquid sliding from ass and
across her cunt, finally dripping to the floor of the

Eva hung her head and openly sobbed as the two men
switch places again. The larger man worked his hard
again dick into her ass and the smaller man stood in
front of her waiting. Eva felt the tug at her hair,
lifted her head and could smell her bowels on the
smaller man dick, poised at her mouth. She knew she had
no choice as the smaller man slid his shit stained dick
into her mouth.

Eva's sobs turned to whimpers as the two men took turns
in her ass and mouth. Eva realized she would never be
the same again. When they were finally finished with
her, her ass and cunt were so sore they felt as if they
were bleeding. Their cum dripped from both holes and
stung the rawness as it made puddles on the floor of
the van.

The two men stood in front of her and the larger one
took something out of the bag. Eva realized it was some
sort of black hood. He instructed Eva not to make a
sound and reinforced his instructions with a hard slap
to her face. Then the larger man removed the ring from
her mouth and quickly slid the black mask over her
head, pulling her ponytail through the top.

Eva was in complete darkness as the eyeholes were
sealed. Across her mouth she could feel a zipper and
realized that they had placed a rubber submissive's
mask on her. Next she felt the clamps removed from her
nipples and the burning as the blood rushed into the
abuse tissue. Eva could hear the two men talking, but
could not move from her bindings.

"How much should we charge?" the smaller man asked.

"How about 20 dollars for her cunt, 30 for her ass and
if they buy both, she can clean them in between."

Eva knew they were talking about her and tried to
protest through the mask and struggle against her
bonds. She felt the truck moving and the panic consumed
her as the reality that her rape was far from over
consumed her thoughts.

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