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Evening train

As usual the line at the ticket counter was quite long. But today I was not in the bored and jaded mood that had become my normal reaction to this daily event. Reaching the station and getting a ticket for my ride home every day, had soon palled and had become a somewhat blasé ritual.

Today the difference was that, a few feet in front of me stood a very attractive boy. He was slim and of medium height with a fresh looking face devoid of any trace of moustache or beard. He was dressed in a rather tight tee shirt that showed a shapely chest and a flat stomach. A clinging pair of jeans covered his lower body but unlike many of the other young men in the queue he was not wearing the modern low hip kind that exposed the top of his buns but hid the rest of the bottom in sagging folds. His jeans were pulled up to the correct level at the waist and delineated the shape of his neat backside ensuring it was clearly visible. And it was a neat bum that he carried; it swelled in a tight and compact bulge from the top of his legs, not large and heavy, but just of the right size to nestle comfortably in someone’s hands.

As we slowly moved forward to the ticket counter I could barely take my eyes off him. There was something very enticing in the way his body moved. The play of his muscles beneath the revealing clothes was symmetry in motion. I did my best to keep anyone from noticing my lingering glances and kept hoping that he was going in the same direction that I was. If this was so then I could at least feast my eyes on a nice body for a little while. Having been newly posted to this city I was still without any friends or acquaintances, and other than my office colleagues had no one to speak to or to have any interaction with.

After the boy purchased his ticket he moved on to the platform and stood towards the front edge waiting for the next train. I was careful to position myself close behind him so I could get into the same compartment.

When the train eventually pulled in to the platform it was not too hard for me to be close behind the boy as we were willy nilly pushed forward by those crowding behind us. Anyone who has travelled on a local suburban train in Mumbai India, will know just how crowded they can be and how a passenger is forced to stand in close proximity to others. It was quite easy for me to make sure I was standing directly behind the boy as the train started.

The shoving crowd and the jerky motions of the train, as it began to move forward caused us to be pushed and shoved so close to each other that I could feel his buttocks pressed against my crotch. He did not seem to be bothered by this; it was a common occurrence on these trains. As the train gathered speed and the motion of the carriages fell into a regular rhythm I could feel my prick harden a little.

He evidently felt this as well though he gave no outward sign. In a few moments he started to clench and relax his butt cheeks and pressed his whole body back against me hardening my cock even more that before. It was very clear he was also enjoying the sensations.

I had no idea if he was alighting before me or if his stop was after mine so I just enjoyed the proximity of a nubile body and the feelings his pert hard bum caused by pressing against my hard member. Today’s ride was indeed better than all the previous ones. And much to my astonishment it was going to get much, much better.

As the train jerked forward and back we were pressed even closer and closer together by the passengers on the footboard and clinging on to the handles near the door fighting their way into the compartment. He continued to flex and release his butt cheeks causing me to get so hard I thought my dick would burst the zip of my jeans. Suddenly he slipped his hand between us and pressed his backward facing palm to my distended cock. He lightly curled his fingers feeling the shape and size of it. This almost brought me to ejaculation, it had been quite a long time since I had another person touch me intimately.

As the train jerked to a stop I realised that my station was the next and reluctantly had move away from the boy and begin to push my way towards the exit. The crowd was such that I could only fight my way to the exit without knowing if the boy had noticed my departure. When the train reached my station and I had struggled and fought my way out of the compartment against the tide of inflowing humanity and was finally standing on the platform I turned around to try to catch a last glimpse of my travelling companion. Of course I knew in my mind that there was absolutely no chance whatsoever that I would actually be able to see through the mass of bodies that were between us.

Imagine my surprise and delight to find that he had also alighted and was standing a few feet away looking at me. We smiled at each other. And in that smile I could read an invitation, a recognition and a bonding that made me understand in an instant that I had found something of value in this crowded city.

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