Ex's have last-time sex on New Year's Eve (newyear,erotic,2017)

Ex's have last-time sex on New Year's Eve

Judy looks from the clock down to her ex. "Last time, right?" Judy asks, earning an assuring nod from her Bestfriend/ex-girlfriend.

Those words will never be true, Judy thinks as her body hovers over the lower half of Imarhia's for probably, the 23rd time this year. The duo could never stop being sexual lovers, it was just too addicting. It felt amazing to be loved after a break up or bad news. It was truly a gift from god to always have someone to give you an orgasm wherever, whenever.

Judy keeps falling into these situations where she takes it so far that its impossible to escape. And when Imarhia asked for head, on this New Year's Day, because she didn't get much for Christmas, Judy didn't hesitate to say yes.

"Last time." Imarhia nods, exhaling deeply before tucking Judy's head under the covers to keep from pulling her up and kissing her. She swore she would never do that again. Suddenly, her eyes roll to the back of her head as the wet muscle in Judy's mouth flicks at her clit, teasing her.

Judy smiles to herself when she feels the younger girl squirming under her trying to create friction. Her mouth doesn't stop teasing until small, short pants show her that Imarhia's had enough of it.

A high pitched yelp followed by multiple curse words fill the air when soft lips wrap around her clit, fogging Imharia's mind. Her fingers tangle in Judy's curls, pulling at them causing the studs to moan and send vibes through her body.

Judy lets her teeth rake over the pulsing nub, bringing her Bestfriend closer before reluctantly tugging her mouth away from the flesh. Instead, she rips her pants and underwear off, placing herself in between Imarhia's legs and instantly rocking back and forth when their clits meet.

Imarhia throws a loud moan into her exs face, pulling her impossibly closer as she brings her closer to her climax. Her nails dig deeply into Judy's back as her stomach clenches and her body becomes frigid.

Just watching the girls face contort in pleasure makes Judy's body begin to react wildly. Her hips stiffly move in sharp circles as her core desperately tries to grab at Something that isn't there.

"Uhh, Fuck." Judy nearly shouts as Imarhia's hips rhythmically mimic hers, thrusting them both into a hard orgasm as their tense buds violently rip back and forth against each other.

Imarhia's thigh muscles clench just before her breath stops in her throat. She tries so hard to keep her eyes opened so she can see Judy cum for, probably, the last time but they are forced shut.

Judy manages to keep hers open, looking down at where their bodies connected, watching their beaded clits grind slowly as her abs sculpt deeply from the pressure of her orgasm.

Imarhia comes down first, already wanting more. She refuses to stop.

"Fuck... More." Imarhia gasps, her pupils huge and full of want.

Judy gets the same wanting feeling and takes her hand down Imarhia's body until it settles in between her best friend's tan thighs. Her fingers graze gently across her clit making her hips jerk forward from sensitivity.

"N-not there." Imarhia comments, grabbing Judy's wrist to guide her hand lower. "There, please."

Judy smiles evilly before diving her middle finger in and thrusting it in and out slowly, feeling completely in control.

"Please, Judy." Imarhia begs, pouting. "I need you to make me cum. No games, just make me cum again." Her voice is all too raspy, helpless and serious.

Judy fulfills the request, driving her finger in harder before adding a second and pounding in and out as her other hand reaches down to rub at her own clit.

She watches Imarhia's eyelids twitch as her expert fingers poke and ram into the back of her soaking core, making that wet, sloshy sound fill the room. Her own fingers rub small circles at her swollen clit, ready to cum again. She feels Imarhia clench around her fingers just as both of their jaws drop.

They both get the same urge to kiss each other as this beautiful moment passes by but they've promised that exs don't swap spit unless they are dating again. And they were most certainly not dating.

Soon enough, Judy breaks under the pressure, bashing her lips into Imharia's as a wave of pressure rips through her. It makes her face twitch in the cutest, sexiest way causing Imarhia to explode under her.

Imarhia's metal covered teeth chatter into their sloppy, vibrating kiss as her mind clouds and a moaned name escapes her throat.

"O-oh my god." Judy pants, thick beads of sweat causing curls to form just above her damp forehead. "H-happy new year."

Imarhia's heated pink cheeks dim before her face grows somewhat disappointed. This meant that this might actually be their last time.

"Yeah, Happy new year." Imarhia half smiles at her bestie.

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