Farm sex story - sex story

Farm sex story

David was very depressed. His parents had been killed in an airplane accident. He'd been uprooted from his neighborhood and his school and moved out to his grandparent's farm. There were no neighbors near the Snyder's farm. The nearest house was two miles away and they had no kids his age. The nearest kids his age, outside of his aunts and uncles, lived six miles away. He found that out on the school bus.

His aunts and uncles were his age. His father had been born when his grandmother was seventeen, then his grandparents hadn't had any more kids for a while. There were fertility problems and twenty years passed until their next child was born.

He had five aunts and uncles. His Uncle Ted was seventeen, and his twin aunts, Alice and Joan, were fourteen, a year and a half older than David was. His Uncle John was two months older than he was and his Aunt Susan was a year younger. She had just turned twelve but she was still his aunt.

He wasn't getting along very well. His aunts and uncles acted as if he were an intruder, especially John. He slept in the same bed with John but they hardly said a word to each other. He didn't know anything about living on a farm. They got up early in the morning and had chores to do. He'd never been up that early and had trouble getting awake. He didn't know how to do the chores anyhow. Each time he tried to help he messed it up, like the time he had tried to milk the cow. Every time he tried, one of them would say, "Let me do that, you don't know how," and take the job over. He felt useless.

They didn't treat him mean, most of the time they just ignored him. Ma Snyder would hug and kiss him now and then in an absentminded sort of a way and Pa Snyder would pat his shoulder as he walked by, but grandpa didn't say very much.

He didn't feel that he was wanted like he did when his parents were alive. They always had time to talk to him and find out what he'd been doing in school and after school for that matter. Sometimes he'd been annoyed that they questioned him so closely, now he wished someone cared enough to try to pry into his private life. He missed his parents and even though these people were all family he didn't feel close to them. A lot of the time he felt like crying.

He had to sleep in the same bed with John and that was a problem too. He had been used to some privacy. He'd had a room of his own in the city and he was used to jerking off in bed before he went to sleep at night. He couldn't do it because John would hear. It took him a lot longer to get to sleep now. Even when he went to the bathroom and jerked off into the toilet it didn't help much. There was only one bathroom in the farmhouse and it seemed that someone was always in it. He wasn't used to that either.

He was shy about getting undressed when John was there. He didn't like to let John see him naked but there wasn't much he could do about it. He was curious about John and he did get to see John without any clothes on. It seemed to him that John's penis was about the same size as his, but he couldn't tell for sure because he never saw it hard. John looked at his penis too, and that always embarrassed him.

A month passed and David was more miserable than ever. Nothing improved. Pa Snyder had gone with John to do some chores in the barn and hadn't taken him with them. Up till now his grandfather, at least, had treated him as he had the other children.

He got undressed and got into bed. John came in ten minutes later and did the same. He got into his pajamas and sat on the edge of the bed looking at David. David didn't know what to expect. John usually just ignored him. It was as if he wasn't there at all. He waited to find out what was up now.

"Uh, David, Pa's just been talking to me."

Well at least John had said something.


"He said I haven't been treating you very well, uh, and I guess he's right."

David didn't know what was coming now or what to say. John had been so stand offish that he thought he didn't like him at all. He really sounded as if he was sorry he hadn't been talking to David and doing things with him. David just kept quiet and waited to find out what else was coming.

"He said that you didn't know how to do things on a farm because you never had a chance to learn how to do them. That just taking a job away from you wasn't very nice. I should stop and show you how it's done. I know I've told you not to follow me, but from now on will you go around with me when I do my chores. I'll try to teach you how I do them."

A load came off David's shoulders. If John would teach him how to do the chores maybe John would be friends with him and he wouldn't be so lonely.

"Gee, can I? I'd like to do that. I had things I had to do in the city but the girls do most of those jobs here on the farm and I do want to be able to help some."

"Well, I'll try to help now. I want to be friends with you. It's hard trying to ignore someone who sleeps in the same bed with you. I haven't felt good about that but didn't know how to change once I started. Uh -- some things I don't do too well either. Ted does them better than me and he's still teaching me. Pa talked to him too, and he's willing to show you how to do those things along with me. He realizes he hasn't been fair either."

David started to cry. John didn't know what to do.

"Uh, what's the matter?"

"I don't know. I just felt so lonely. I miss mom and dad so much and no one here seemed to care. I wanted to be friends but I just didn't know how to do it either. I don't know why I'm crying now. Maybe its because I've wanted to cry for so long and didn't want you to see me do it. I do want to learn to do things, I'm glad you're going to show me how."

David sat next to John on the edge of the bed and John put his arm around David's shoulder and sat close to him. David's sobs waned and he dried his eyes on his pajama sleeve. He looked at John and gave a weak grin.

"Uh, thanks, John. Thanks for going to teach me and thanks for not laughing at me for crying. Uh, and thank you for caring."

He wanted to tell John thanks for holding him right then but that would embarrass him too much. He felt a lot better now. Maybe living on the farm wouldn't be too bad.

The boys got into bed. David felt the best he had since he came here. He was about to fall asleep when John rolled over and faced him.

"Uh, David?"


"I really haven't been very nice. I haven't even talked to you very much."

"Yeh, I know. Uh, why haven't you? Do you mind telling me?"

"Well, it's sort of personal. I don't like the idea of having to share my bed. I've always had a bed for myself and I like to sleep alone."

"Gee, I can understand that. I don't like sharing a bed either. You don't have any privacy at all. I always had my own bedroom in the city. I don't like the idea of sharing a bedroom let alone a bed. The only thing is that there aren't any more bedrooms here and there's not room for another bed in here. I'm just in the way."

There was silence for a while but John didn't turn away. David felt that something else coming but had no idea what it was.

"Uh, David?"


"You know that privacy thing you just said. I want to ask you something very private. Do you mind?"

David studied that for a while. What was John leading up to?

"I guess not. If we're going to be friends we'll have to tell each other private things."

John hesitated again, looked away, looked back at David, then blurted out his question.

"Uh, don't you ever jerk off?"

Wow! That was private. David looked at John and blushed. John was blushing too. Oh hell, if he was going to be friends he might as well go all the way. He had talked to a couple of his friends in the city about jerking off and they'd traded their limited information. If he was going to be friends with John there was no reason he couldn't do the same with him. He might as well tell John the truth.

"Uh, I guess I do. Don't you?"

"Gee, yeh. One of the reasons I don't like to share my bed is I can't jerk off at night with you here. I listened but I never heard you jerking off. If I heard you jerk off then I wouldn't mind doing it."

"Uh, I sneak into the bathroom to do it. I prefer doing it in bed too, but I couldn't do it with you here."

"Oh, that's why you go to the bathroom after bedtime almost every night. I should have thought of that. I've been jerking off when I wash up at night before going to bed."

John sat up and looked at David. David still didn't know what else John wanted to say but he was willing to wait and find out. The conversation was getting real interesting. He hoped John was going to suggest that they jerk off in bed from now on.

He'd never let anyone see him jerk off before and he guessed it would be embarrassing at first but he thought he could get used to it. Besides it would be interesting to see John jerk off. He'd never seen anyone else jerk off either. He sat on the bed next to John. He was beginning to like his uncle more and more.

"Oh hell, would it bother you if I jerked off now?"

"Gees no. Do you mind if I jerk off too? I did it in bed every night before I went to sleep. I've missed that. I wanted to ask you the same thing just now but I was too embarrassed. I'm glad you asked."

By this time David was sitting up too. John threw his arms around him and hugged him.

"Let's do it together. I should have tried to talk to you sooner. I'm sorry. It was just too embarrassing and I didn't know where to start."

David felt like crying again. John was nice and he did care. David wanted to hug John some more but he didn't feel that would be right. The more he thought of it would be fun to have John watch him jerk off. John was going to let him watch and David thought that could be a lot of fun too. Maybe John did some things that he didn't know about. Maybe he could learn things that would make jerking off feel better. David couldn't wait to get started, now that the decision had been made.

David had tried to get a look at John's cock the first couple of nights he'd been there but John always turned his back when he changed into his pajamas. Now that he thought of it, he'd done the same thing. Did John want to see his penis too?

For the first time David really looked at his uncle. John was an inch taller than he was at about five foot six inches. He weighed ten pounds more, about one forty and he had slightly bigger muscles. David guessed that his muscles would build up after he did some farm work too. He and John did look alike, almost like brothers. They both had dark brown hair and hazel eyes and each of them was starting to get some fuzz on his upper lip although neither of them had shaved yet.

Neither boy want to be first. They realized the problem and matched movements as they took off their pajama pants. Both of their penises were hard. Each examined the other's penis for the first time.

Each had a few dozen hairs around their penises and, due to their aroused condition, each of them had a drop of pre cum oozing out of the tip. David wanted to feel John's cock but was to shy to suggest it.

"They look about the same size. How long is your penis?"

"Uh, three and three quarter inches the last time I measured."

"That's about the same size as mine. Wait let me get the ruler."

John ran over to his desk and got out a ruler. He proceeded to measure David's cock. John surprised David by taking hold of his penis and laying the ruler along the length of it. David had never had anyone touch his penis that he could remember and it felt good to have John hold his cock. It seemed to David that John was taking a long time to read the ruler.

John had to reposition the ruler several times before he was satisfied with the results. Each time John repositioned ruler his hand would slide over David's penis and it felt better each time John moved his hand. His penis was three and seven eighths inches, it had grown a little since he last measured. David hoped that John would handle his penis again the next time they measured.

John handed the ruler David. David had never touched another boy's penis and he was interested in what it would feel like. He had taken lessons from John while John was measuring his penis.

He felt all around John's penis as he repositioned the ruler. He liked feeling John's penis. After using as much time as he thought he could feeling John's penis, David determined that it measured three and three quarter inches, just an eight of an inch shorter than his own.

It was evident that John didn't mind having David play around with his penis any more than it had bothered David to have John play around with his. Maybe they would measure each other's penises every night. That would be fun.

They were going to be good friends. David was sure of that now. He wanted to hug John again. Feeling his penis had been fun and having John feel his penis was neat. He wondered what it would feel like if they jerked each other off and he blushed. He was glad John didn't know what he was thinking. John broke into his line of thought. He was blushing too. Was he thinking the same thing?

"Uh, David, how long have you been shooting off? I started about six months ago."

"I guess about the same time, maybe a month earlier, but I've been jerking off a lot longer than that. It felt good even if nothing shot out of my piss hole."

"I did too. It was neat pulling my penis till I got that good feeling even though I didn't shoot off yet."

David didn't feel so much like an alien any more. He and John were a lot alike. They even thought the same way sometimes. John even said some of things he'd been thinking. John proved that right then.

"Uh, I think I jerk off to much. I promise I'm only going to jerk off once a day but the next time I get hard I jerk off again. It feels to good to stop."

"Yeh, I know all about it. I always promise myself the same thing. But just like you, I forget about it the next time I get a hard on. I feel the same way about it, it feels to good to stop."

John took the kleenex box from the night table and put it between them. Both boys lounged back against the head board, looked at each other again, spit on their hands in unison, and slid their hands down over their cocks.

David could see that John was just as careful as he was not to pump too fast. John liked to make the good feelings last just as much as he did. Each boy ran his hand along the stem of his penis without using much pressure. Each would stop now and then to run his finger around the head of his penis. David was almost ready to come when he was surprised to see John wet finger on his other hand, lift his hips a little, and run his finger up and down his ass crack. David stopped pumping to watch this new approach. He'd never heard of anything like that before.

"Why are you doing that?"

"It makes it feel better, you ought to try it."

"Uh, okay."

David studied what John was doing and assumed the position he was in, licked his finger, and copied John's motions. It did feel real good when he ran his finger along his ass crack, particularly when he tickled his asshole. Maybe he could learn some more neat things from John. He rubbed a little harder and found it felt even better. He concentrated on tickling the area around his asshole and noticed that John did too.

"Gee, you're right. It does feel neat."

Both boys applied themselves to the business of producing a good climax. The only sounds were a constant slick, slick, slick of spit wet hands racing up and down hard adolescent penises. Occasionally one or the other of them would pause to gather a little more spit on his hand then he would go back to pumping again. Now and then one of them would grunt. Both of them found it was exciting to watch someone else jerk off. Each of them felt that it made their own jerk off feel better.

Their hands collided reaching for the kleenex and; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; David's cum erupted into his hand, while spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble; John collected a handful of his own cum. They sat there, each holding the handful of cum, and looked at each other. David blushed, shrugged, and licked his hand clean. He'd been doing that for the last month or so and liked it. He watched John to see what his response would be. He hoped John wouldn't think that it was too nasty.

John's face split into a big grin and he did the same thing. He'd been doing that for almost two months before David had come to live on the farm. He was afraid that David would think it was gross if he did it first. He was glad David thought about things the same way he did. He'd missed almost a month but he and David could have a lot of fun together.

"Gee, David, I was stupid not trying to be friends sooner. I'm sorry I took so long and had to get a lecture from pop before I tried."

"I guess I could have said something too. Maybe even if I just jerked off one time we wouldn't have waited this long."

The boys played with their now soft penises for a moment or two then pulled on their pajama pants, hugged each other, lay down and were asleep in short order.

David woke up during the night. Until tonight each of the boys had slept on his own side of the bed never touching the other, now David found he was cuddled against John's back. His penis had come out of the fly of his pajamas and rested against John's ass. David's penis was hard and throbbing. John was asleep and breathing evenly. David reached inside John's pajamas and felt his penis again. It was soft but it didn't stay that way very long. David rubbed his finger over the head of John's penis and John wiggled as his penis got hard.

David took his hand away. John turned over and his own hand went down to his penis. David was sitting against the head board fingering his hard on. John took one look and joined him. Both boys grinned at each other and jerked off again. This time they didn't bother with the kleenex box.


John shook David awake the next morning.

"Come on, David, we have to get out to the barn and do the chores."

The boys staggered into the bathroom and pissed at the same time. Both of them pulled on their penises a few times to milk the last drops out. Both of them got hards on. They looked at each other, grinned, and started pumping.

From his experience each of them assumed this was the normal morning procedure for the other. Neither of them realized it was the normal early morning procedure for almost all thirteen year olds. They just thought that it proved how much they thought like each other. They came to a climax in short order and shot their cum into the toilet.

They washed up, got dressed, and John led David out to the barn. There were a dozen cows that had to be milked. John showed David how to attach the suction cups to cows teats and how to stay out of the way of their kicks and swinging tails. While the milking machine ran the boys mucked the stalls and gave the cows some grain and fresh hay. David felt that he'd done a day's work already but he was happy about it. He didn't feel so much like an outcast. He was doing something useful.

They were back at the house for breakfast earlier than usual and walked into the kitchen with their arms around each other. Ma hugged both boys as they passed and Pa Snyder patted both of them on the shoulder. He looked from one to the other.

"Well, you found out I was right, huh, John?"

"Gees yeh. I was stupid."

David wasn't going to let his friend John take all the blame.

"Well, I guess I didn't help very much, Pa Snyder. I might have tried harder."

"They say 'all's well that ends well'. I saw the problem from the first and I probably could have straightened things out sooner, but it might not have worked as well. I figured by this time you were both so upset that you'd try anything to make things work. I'm glad they seem to be working out so well."

"I don't know why I thought David was different, we even think the same way about most things."

"Yeh, I thought John was different too. I just couldn't understand him."

The boys stood there with their arms around each other's shoulders and beamed. Pa and Ma Snyder beamed back at them and the family sat down at the table for a big breakfast.

For the first time David ate right along with his aunts and uncles. He hadn't had much of an appetite up till now. Maybe doing that work in the barn is what made him ready to eat more. Maybe it was because his aunts and uncles included him in the conversation now that John had accepted him.

David did much better in school that day too. He was a good student and enjoyed his studies. He hadn't been doing well because of the strained relations at the farm. That was over and he felt better about everything and was more alert. John sat with him on the school bus on the way home from school that afternoon. That was a first too. Up till now John had avoided him.

There was a certain privacy in sitting in the same seat together. If they spoke in low voices, no one could hear them over the general racket. On the way home from school John went over the afternoon chores. They mainly consisted of getting the cows from the fields and herding them back to the barn.

It wasn't very hard, the cows knew what was expected and generally started toward the barn as soon as they saw someone coming. There were a few you had to be careful about because they might play mean tricks but David would learn about that in time. He might get a few bruises learning, but nothing serious. John would try to tell him what to look out for, but in this case experience was the best teacher.

The boys left their books at the house and went to attend the cattle. For the first time David paid some attention to the calves. Now he was part of the family he took a normal interest in the things around him. The calves were cute and David petted them and, when John suggested it, scratched their necks. They liked having their necks scratched and pushed up against him in a friendly manner. There were a lot of little things to learn on the farm.

One of the calves sucked David's finger into it's mouth and nursed on it. That was cute too, and David laughed at the calf's mistake. He told John it felt sort of funny to have the calf mistake his finger for a teat. John blushed and David couldn't understand why. He looked at John and raised his eyebrows. John looked away, blushed again and stammered a little.

"Uh, wait till we get behind those trees and I'll show you."

When they got behind the trees John looked at him in a funny way and grinned.

"I have to take a piss don't you? Nobody will see us if we go behind those trees."

David was as suggestible as the next person and when John asked him if he had to take a piss his bladder said yes. David followed John's lead and unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. A calf saw it and came over to nurse. Before David knew what was happening the calf was sucking his penis. John was laughing at what was happening to David but he offered his own penis to another calf.

David just stood there with his eyes wide, his chin fallen to his chest, and his penis in the calf's mouth. He'd never felt anything like this before in his life. Wow! It was awesome! He watched John pump his penis into the other calf's mouth and he fucked his penis into the mouth of the calf that was sucking on it. His cock was being sucked! He'd heard about getting a blow job from a girl but not about having a calf do it. He wondered if it would feel any different if it was a girl sucking his cock. Right now he wanted to pay attention to what was happening to his penis.

Both boys grunted and pumped their penises in and out of the calves' mouths. After less than a minute of the strong sucking action they were shooting off. Both of the boys let the calves nurse until their penises were soft then they pulled penises out of the calves mouths. The calves wanted to keep on sucking. Maybe they thought cum tasted like milk and they wanted more. David was sure he couldn't take much more of the sucking. He certainly wasn't capable of serving up as much cum as a cow could give milk.

They massaged their soft penises and David contemplated the possibilities. Living on a farm could be fun. He wondered if John had more surprises in store for him. He was about to put his penis in his pants when he noticed that John was still fingering his.

"Sometimes they keep sucking till I get hard again and I shoot off a second time. One time I even let one bring me off four times but my balls ached all day after that. John stoked his soft penis and it started to harden up. Do you want to try another time now?"

David's penis started to harden up again too just from seeing John's penis harden. He hadn't thought of that. That sure was a good feeling he'd had. He ought to try it again and see if it still felt as good. He knew from experience that it took longer to come a second time and he'd get more time to feel that good sucking motion.

"Uh, I guess so. That felt real neat. My balls might ache if I do it now but I want to try it anyway."

The boys approached the calves and the calves sucked their partially hardened penises back into their mouth. It wasn't very long until both boys were pumping their hips as fast as they could. It took a lot longer this time and it felt even better to David. He was glad John had suggested this. He just wouldn't have thought of it.

His cum spurted out of his penis at the same time he saw John's hips jerk and he guessed that John had come at the same time he did. He was sure of it when John pulled his soft penis out of the calf's mouth. David did the same thing. John was right. If he did this many more times in one day his balls would ache. He had a lot of questions for John.

"How long have you been doing this."

"A long time. Before I shot off I let them keep on sucking. One time I got that good feeling six times before I stopped. That was the first time it made my balls ache."

"Boy there's a lot of good things that go on around a farm."

"Uh, that's not all. Uh, I'll show you something else sometime soon. It's even better but please don't ask me to tell you yet. It's not something I can talk about. It would embarrass me too much."

David looked at him. He was full of curiosity but respected John's wishes. He'd find out soon enough and if it was better than getting sucked off by a calf it must be real good. He put his arm around John's shoulder and they herded the cows back to the barn.

The boys got home and did most of their homework before supper. Where they had gone to different rooms before they went to the bedroom and worked together today. John found David was good at math and could help him when he had a problem. David found that John remembered all the dates in history and could straighten him out when he mixed them up. David knew more about literature and books. John was better and grammar and spelling.

Both were good students and were proud that they could get good marks in school. Each appreciated the help the other was giving him. Both of them liked their growing relationship and were a glad that it wasn't just having their penises sucked by calves and jerking off together. Not that they wanted to give that up. Far from it. Both knew that they were going to jerk off together that night when they went to bed and both of them were looking forward to it.

David was drawn out of the cocoon he'd spun around himself. At the dinner table that night he discovered that his aunts were girls. Alice and Joan were pretty. David got them mixed up they looked so much alike. They had long blond hair that they usually wore in a ponytail, but let loose over their shoulders tonight. Their blue eyes sparkled and they teased David about one thing or another.

David was embarrassed that he couldn't take his eyes of the twins tits and he got a hard on. He was glad they were sitting at the table so no one could see his pants pushed out in front.

Susan was real cute too. She was just starting to get tits. She had light brown hair and wore it shorter than her sisters. Her eyes were a much darker blue and she seemed a little shier than her sisters. David caught her looking at him a couple of times and that made him feel good. He was no longer an outcast. Even Ted, from his lordly position as oldest resident son, talked to him a couple of times.

After dinner Alice suggested scrabble. It was the first time since got here they did anything but watch TV after dinner. They had a very competitive game. Every one of them congratulated him when he won two of the three games they played. On a farm you go to bed earlier than you do in the city.

Now that he'd had a full day of farm life, David wasn't so resentful at having to go up to bed so early. He was tired and he knew that John would get him up early in the morning. He blushed and got a hard on when each of the girls gave him a little hug and peck as they went to their rooms.

The boys took their shower together that night and David got a hard on when his penis accidentally rubbed John's side. John laughed and rubbed his penis against David's side. They rubbed bodies a couple of times more. John offered to soap David's back and David accepted. John soaped his back then rubbed his soapy hand up and down David's ass crack. That felt real neat.

David returned the back soaping including the rubbing of John's ass, then soaped John's penis. John soaped David's penis. They looked at each other, both of them blushed, and each let go of the other's penis. They finished their showers in a hurry and got into their pajamas to go to bed. They bounced into bed and looked at each other. They pulled off their pajama bottoms and sat against the head board.

"Uh, John?"


"That was fun having the calves suck us off."

"Yeh, I always like that too but it's best not to let them do it every day. They suck so hard and their tongues are so rough they can get you irritated and your penis itches."

David examined his penis to see if there was any sign of irritation. The head was a little red but that was normal when he had a hard on.

"It looks okay now but I'm glad you told me. Uh, it was fun in the shower too."

"Yeh I liked that. It was neat."

"Uh, John?"

John looked at David quizzically. Was David thinking the same thing he was?


"When we were measuring each other's penises last night. Did you like it when I held your penis? I liked the feel of it and I liked it when you held mine."

He was! Wow!

"Uh, yeh, I sort of did like that."

John blushed again. If David was having trouble making the suggestion, he'd help him along.

"Uh, David, it didn't take that long to measure, I just liked feeling your penis so I made it last and I was glad when you didn't hurry when you measured mine."

"It felt real neat when you soaped my penis in the shower. Did you like it when I soaped yours?"

"Gees, yeh. That was really neat. We have to do that again."

David blushed and looked the other way. It had taken a lot of circumlocution but he finally had the conversation where he wanted it.

"I wonder what it feels like to have someone else jerk you off. Uh, I'll jerk you off if you do me?"

John blushed but gave David a hug, he hadn't had the nerve to ask himself.

"I wanted to ask you but I was too embarrassed. I was afraid you might think I was queer. I'm glad you had enough nerve to ask. Let's do it."

The boys spit on their hands and each took hold of the other's penis. David used his thumb and rubbed it over the head of John's penis. John did the same to thing David's. John wet a finger and massaged the spot right under David's pisshole. David liked that and he wet his finger and massaged John in the same place. Neither of them was in a hurry. Both of them wanted to make the good feelings last.

David made a loose ring of his thumb and index finger and ran it up and down John's penis. It caught the rim of his penis head each time it went past. This was new to John and it felt neat. He did the same thing to David. Each gradually tightened his fists, applied more friction, and pumped his hands up and down the penis he was holding. Each of them pumped his hips up to meet the other boy's hand strokes. Their breathing got heavier and they concentrated on the feelings they were getting as well as what they were doing.

This felt much better than jerking yourself off. It was real neat. John tickled David's asshole. David's hips jerked, he returned the favor, and made John's hips jerk the same way his had. They speeded. Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble; David had a handful of John's cum. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; John collected a handful of David's cum.

They sat there each holding a handful of the other's cum and looked at each other. Each of them knew what they were going to do but neither of them wanted to be the one to do it first. They both blushed and without saying a word licked the cum off their hands.

Not saying a word they pulled on their pajama bottoms. John turned to David and hugged him. David hugged back and the boys kissed. Both of them pulled away and they blushed as they looked each other in the eye. It was all right for girls to kiss each other but not boys. Both of them were quiet for a few moments.

"Does this make us gay, David?"

"Uh, maybe, but I don't think so."

"Why not. We're boys and we're doing things with each other."

"Yeh, but its only jerking off. Don't you get a hard on when you look at girls. I got one when I noticed the tits on Alice and Joan at supper tonight. Then, when they kissed me right before we came to bed, I got another hard on. I don't think that would happen if I were gay. I don't think gays get hard from looking at girls or kissing them."

"Gee, I always get hard when I notice them. Uh, every now and then I get to see them too, then I have to jerk off or I stay hard and my balls begin to ache."

"See, if you were gay you wouldn't be interested in a girl. I have a couple of books my father bought me last year right after I had my first wet dream. They're about sex and growing up. They say it's natural to masturbate, and that almost all boys do it and most girls do it too. One book says that boys our age sometimes experiment with each other and it usually doesn't mean a thing. Uh, what did you mean when you said you saw more than Alice's and Joan's tits?"

"I'm glad the book says that. Can I see it. Uh, I'll tell you about the tits later? I really want to see the books now."

David got out of bed and hunted around through the bureau drawer that he'd hidden them in and brought them back to bed. John got his flashlight and they went through the books till they found the part John wanted to see. He read it carefully three or four times and agreed with David's interpretation of the section.

They put the books away and got back into bed. John turned to tell David about his sisters and found David was asleep already. He was tired himself and he was asleep in less than a minute.

David woke up during the night. He was curled up against John's back. As it had the night before, his penis had come out of the fly of his pajamas. He had a hard on and it was resting in John's ass crack. John wiggled his hips and it felt real good to David. He felt John's crotch and he had a hard on too. He reached inside John's pajamas and gently massaged it. John's hips twitched and he started to fuck his penis into David's loosely cupped hand. David grinned and kept his fingers curled so John could fuck his fist.

John woke up as he shot off into David's hand. His hips flexed a few more times until his penis was soft.

"Wow! That was neat. I thought I was fucking a girl, then I knew it was only a wet dream. It wasn't until after I shot off that I realized you were jerking me off. Let me jerk you off now."

He turned around, deposited some spit on his hand, and pumped it up and down David's penis until David shot off. Both boys were asleep again in seconds.


David had trouble waking up when John tried to get him out of bed the next morning. Two days before John would have just let him sleep, but now it was important to have David with him. He'd miss David's company even if David didn't help him with the morning chores. John was now willing to admit that David made things easier for him.

They staggered to the bathroom to wash. They pissed, milked down the last drops, got hards on, and looked at each other and broke into a grin. Without saying a word each of the boys spit into his hand and grabbed the other's penis. Each boy fucked his penis through the other's fist until he shot his cum into the toilet bowl.

They went to the barn, did the morning chores, and got back to the house just as breakfast was served. David had an immense appetite. He ate a bigger breakfast than he'd ever eaten in his life. He laughed and joked with everyone. He was part of the family. There was a general scramble to get to the school bus and school went even better than it had yesterday.

On the school bus coming back from school John told him they had another chore to do after herding the cows in today. They dropped off their books and ran out to the pasture. The cows started toward the barn. David petted a calf and led it toward the tree line. John told him not today they had too much else to do. David reluctantly joined John driving the cows in front of them.

As soon as the cows were settled. John took him to an old jeep and they got in. John started it up and backed it out of the shed to David's astonishment.

"How can you drive? You don't have a license. You're too young."

"Gee, don't you know? Uh, how could you? I can drive on the farm. You don't have to have a license if you don't go on the road. I'll teach you how to drive. I'll let you drive some today. It's not hard really. This is an old jeep and it doesn't have license plates because it probably wouldn't pass inspection so it can't be driven on county roads anyway. I'll drive as far as the path to the sheep meadow then let you drive for a while."

John was as good as his word. He drove through the main structure area to a couple of car tracks that led along the edge of the field. John showed David how to shift gears and traded seats with him. David stalled the car. John showed him how to start it up again. David got it started and stalled it again.

"That's all right, keep trying. It'll come all of a sudden. That's what happened when Ted taught me."

David tried three more times before he got the jeep moving. He was driving the jeep at fifteen miles an hour in second gear but he was doing it all by himself and he was very proud of that. He stalled the car twice more but got it started again without John's help each time.

When they got to the sheep meadow and turned off the ignition he hugged John again and found he was almost crying once more. Everybody was so nice to him, particularly John.

David got another lesson in farming. John explained why they had to move the sheep. You can't leave sheep in a field for too long because they crop down to the grass roots and destroy the ground cover. They moved the sheep around four different fields about once a week.

Each of the other three fields were left to regrow for three weeks. This was the day for moving the sheep. It wasn't difficult. They got behind the sheep and made noises. The sheep moved away from the noise. They herded the sheep to the next meadow and closed the fence gate when they had them all in.

It wasn't quite as easy as it sounds because one or another of the sheep wandered away and one of the boys would have to run after it. They were both winded when the job was done. John sat down and leaned back against a tree. David joined him. He was puffing harder than John was.

"Uh, David?"


"You remember I said there were better things than the calves?"


"There was a reason I didn't let you go behind the trees today."

"Yeh? Why?"

John was beating around the bush. There must be something real good going to happen. He was impatient to find out what it was but he knew he couldn't hurry John along. He sat there and waited.

"Well, uh, let me show you."

John lead David toward the sheep, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his penis. David saw that John had a hard on and he couldn't imagine why John would have a boner on now. David's eyebrows went up but he took his penis out and it got hard just seeing John's. John pointed to one of the sheep.

"There, you take that one."

David went toward the sheep John had pointed out to him. Was the sheep going to suck them off like the calves did? John hadn't pointed out a lamb, he'd pointed out a full grown ewe. David watched John get behind another ewe and was astonished when he saw John push his hard penis all the way into the sheep's cunt. Wow! David's penis started to throb.

John was fucking a ewe and had invited him to fuck another one. He looked at the rear end of the sheep in front of him and saw that its cunt was just the right height for him to push his penis into it. He moved in behind it, held it by its hips, and pushed. His penis slid right into the sheep's cunt. This was real neat. He'd never felt anything like it before. David watched John to see what he should do next.

John pumped his hips, his penis slid in and out of the ewe's cunt. David copied him and wondered if this was what fucking a girl was like. It sure felt good. The ewe he was fucking stood there and looked over her shoulder at him. She didn't mind it at all. She even moved back against his penis. John's ewe did the same thing. Maybe the ewes liked to be fucked. David hoped so because he wanted to do it often.

Both boys pumped and panted. David's balls tighten up and spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; he shot off into the ewe's cunt. John's hips jerked at the same time, John shot off too. Both boys pumped till their penises were soft then pulled out. David looked at his penis and it didn't look any different but it sure felt different and it sure felt good. John led David back to the jeep. He hadn't zipped up his pants yet so David didn't zip his up.

They sat in the front seat and waited to get their breaths back.

"You see it is too embarrassing to talk about."

"Why? Now I remember a book saying farm boys did that with sheep. I didn't pay much attention it at the time except maybe I jerked off thinking about it. I never thought I'd be living on a farm."

"It does? Wow! Then I'm not doing something real nasty?"

"I think that's what it say's. We'll look it up when we get home."

John reached over and fondled David's limp penis. David looked questioningly, but John hadn't led him wrong yet. He fondled John's penis. Both penises were slick with cum and their hands slid up and down the other's penis. Soon both of them had hard penises again.

The boys looked at each other and grinned then jumped out of the jeep and jumped another ewe.

It took a little longer this time, the boys had the horny edge taken off. David noticed that John was pumping slower so he slowed down too, he really wanted this to last. Each of the boys fucked his penis into the ewe he was humping for a good five minutes before his hips speeded up. As he speeded up David felt the cum rise in his balls and it came gushing out of his penis about the same time John's hips jerked. The boys slowed down and their shriveled penises slipped out of the ewe's cunts.

This time John tucked his penis into his pants and so did David, but not until he'd pumped it into his hand a couple of times.

"That was real neat. Where did you learn that, John."

"Uh, I saw Ted do it before I could shoot off. I tried it then and liked it. After that we always did it together when we moved the sheep. Uh, John, don't let him know I told you, he told me never to tell anyone that we did that to the sheep. He said he was going to miss moving the sheep, but maybe he could sneak out to the sheep meadow some other time."

It was no wonder John and Ted hadn't liked him very much. He interfered some interesting things they'd been doing. He'd have been mad too if someone interfered with his fucking the sheep.

"Did you and Ted fuck the sheep together often?"

"Uh, yeh."

"Gee, I'm sorry I get in the way of Ted doing things with you. Did you do other things with Ted? Uh, like you do with me? Is that something else I messed up because I was always in the way?"

"Well, some of them. He showed me how to have a calf suck you off and, before I even shot off, he let me watch him when he jerked off so that I could see what shooting cum looked like. But we never touched each other like you and I do."

"Uh, uh, David, if you don't mind I'm going to tell him that your doing the same things that he used to do with me. He may want to join us. Boy, you should see his penis. It's real big! I'll bet it's more than six inches long by now. It was six inches just before you got here. Gee, I wonder if he'd jerk me off or let me jerk him off."

"I don't mind if you tell him about the animals -- but... uh -- but maybe it would be better if you didn't tell him about jerking each other off. He might take it the wrong. I don't want him to think I'm gay."

"I guess your right. I'll tell him we're doing the same things he and I did. But, gee, it would be fun to feel his big penis. I've wanted to for a long time. I won't tell him about what we do unless you agree."

They got in the jeep, drove it back to the shed, and parked it. While the were walking back to the house David got an idea. He stopped in his tracks and looked at John.

"John, do you have any more surprises for me?"

"Uh, not about the animals, I guess. Maybe some others, but I'm saving them."

John gave David a crooked grin and David knew that there were some more interesting things around this farm, but he also knew he wouldn't find out about them until John was ready. If they were as good as having his cock sucked by a calf or fucking a ewe he was willing to wait till John was ready.

They went upstairs but they didn't start their homework till they found the references to farm animals in David's sex books. They found the book that said that it wasn't unusual for farm boys to fuck sheep. In fact most of them tried it at one time or another. John read the references very carefully and he was glad what they were doing wasn't considered abnormal. They even found another reference that mentioned having calves suck their cocks, only the book called it a penis. John grinned at David in relief. What he had considered nasty and abnormal was common practice on a farm according to the book. John decided he better read the book all the way through. The two of them checked to see if there was anything else in the book then got around to doing their homework.

That evening John and David played monopoly with Joan and Alice. The four of them sat cross legged on the floor. Joan and Alice usually wore jeans but they'd changed into short skirts before dinner. David took one look and his penis came to attention. Their panties stretched across their crotches and David saw blond hair around the leg holes. He got a hard on, blushed, and looked at John. John's penis was hard too and he was looking exactly where David was looking.

David wondered if the girls knew he could almost see their cunts. He glanced at the girls then turned away so they wouldn't notice where he was looking. Each time he glanced the girls were still in the same position. They sat there and grinned at the boys.

David blushed again when he realized that the girls were looking at the crotch of his pants and the crotch of John's. They knew where he and John were looking and they made no move to hide what the boys were trying to see. They were as interested in seeing the outline of the boys' penises as the boys were looking at the outline of their cunts.

David took the instruction sheet for the game and put it in his lap to hide his hard on. The girls closed their knees so that David couldn't see anything any more.

The girls knew the boys were looking and were letting them, but it was only on condition that they let the girls see the outline of their hard penises. John looked at him then looked at the instruction book in his lap and shook his head no. He was telling David that he shouldn't try to hide his hard on. David was still blushing but he wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. David removed the instruction sheet from his lap and the girls spread their knees again.

David concentrated on what he saw. The panties were pulled tight and there was a crease down the middle where the slit should be. Some strands of blond hair peeked out of the leg holes. The panties were getting damp and David could almost see through them. He wished the light were brighter. The girls panties got wetter and wetter, they were almost transparent now but he still couldn't see everything he wanted to.

They continued to play monopoly but David remembered nothing about it. The exhibition the girls gave was munch more important than winning a game. In some ways it was the longest game of monopoly that David ever played but it also seemed that it was only minutes until it was over and the girls closed their knees and he couldn't see up their dresses any more.

The boys showered together again and they couldn't wait till they got to bed that night. They jerked each other off in the shower. With all the stimulation each of the boys shot off as soon as the other touched his penis. David had a hundred questions he wanted to ask John. He waited until they were finished and got into bed. David turned to John with his eyebrows raised. He had to find out what was going on.

"They did that on purpose, didn't they?"

"They sure did. They do it every now and then to tease me. It embarrasses me to have them look at my penis, but they just won't let me see anything unless I let them see what they want. When I found out that they weren't going to let me see under their dress unless I let them see the outline of my penis I knew what I had to do. They've been doing that every now and then since I started to shoot off."

"Wow! I guess that's one of those surprises you were telling me about this afternoon. Do you have any more secrets I'm going to find out?"

"Yeh, that's one of the surprises and there are a few more things too, but I don't know how soon I can show you. It depends on the weather."

John had that crooked grin again when he made that cryptic remark. By this time both boys had hard penises again and John pulled down his pajama pants. David did the same.

They weren't as hot as they had been in the shower and they spent as much time as they could giving each other their good night jerk off. Before long they both shot off and licked up each other's cum. They fell right into a sound sleep.


The boys got up next morning and went through their usual routine. They pissed, jerked each other off, washed, did their chores, had breakfast, and scrambled for the school bus.

David was back to normal now and was doing very well in school. John introduced him around and he got to know some of John's friends. Life was worth living again. It was a much more interesting life than he had led in the city.

The boys at school talked about the same things that the boys in the city talked about, their favorite sports teams and girls. David didn't believe the farm boys any more than he believed the city boys when they talked about what they had done with girls.

He noticed that none of them said anything about being sucked off by calves or fucking ewes. He knew that most of the boys they talked to lived on farms that kept both cows and sheep. The book said most of them did what he and John were doing. He was fitting into the new neighborhood. There were some things you could talk about and some things you couldn't.

There was an interesting conversation on the bus going home from school.

"Uh, David?"

David knew something interesting was coming when John stammered then put a question mark after his name.

"Yeh? What is it this time?"

"Uh, don't do things with the calves today. Uh, will you do what I say no matter what it is?"

"Gee, I don't know. Why?"

"Well, unless you're willing to do that, I can't show you what I want to. I know for sure you want to see what I'm going to show you."

David gave this some consideration. The way John was talking had David worried but John still hadn't steered him wrong. He'd go along with what John wanted but he had some reservations.

"Uh, okay, if I can do it."

"You can do it all right. It might be difficult, and you'll be embarrassed, but I know you can do it. Uh, I'll be doing it right along with you. I've done it before but I still get embarrassed."

David was curious. What in the world could John be planning? He'd said there was nothing more that the two of them could do with animals. What else was there? Well, he'd find out pretty soon. John wasn't going to tell him until he was ready. He would just have to wait.

They got the cows in the barn and John led him off in another direction. David recognized that they were on their way to one of the small ponds that were located on the farm. It was late in the spring and at breakfast that morning Alice said something about it getting to be swimming weather. If he and John were going to go swimming with the girls, how come that hadn't gone back to the house for their bathing suits?

David heard the girls' voices. John gave him that crooked grin and held his fingers to his lips. He led David behind some trees and peeped out toward the pond. David looked over John's shoulder. Alice and Joan were there and they were getting undressed! Wow!

David watched the girls take off their shirts and jeans. They were wearing bras and panties. They turned away from the trees and took them off exposing their bare buttocks to the boys. Without turning back, they dove into the pond. By this time David's penis was standing at attention and throbbing with excitement. He'd never seen a girls bare ass before. He reached down to rub his penis and kept his eyes glued to the pond.

John reached over and unzipped his pants. David unzipped John's pants and pulled out John's penis at the same time John pulled his out. He felt drops of cum forming on the tip of John's penis and drops were oozing out of his own.

John held on to David's penis so David followed that lead. Now and then one of them would stroke the other's penis, but they kept their eyes on the pond. The girls were playing around in the pond. One or the other of them would be facing the boys and David got a good look at their tits.

Wow! Each time he got a clear view his hand tightened on John's penis and John's tightened on his. He wished he had a ewe to fuck. He wondered why John didn't jerk him off and why he pulled away each time David tried to pump his hand on John's penis.

David found out why. The girls came out of the pond. It appeared as if the girls were looking right at him. The girls' tits bounced as the two of them came out of the water and their blond bushes came into view. Now they faced the boys letting them get a clear view of their tits and the blond bush between their legs. They had a little more hair than he or John had. Maybe he and John would have that much hair next year. Even with all that hair David could see the slits between the girls' legs. Now John started pumping his penis and he pumped on John's penis in response.

The girls used their hands as squeegees, and got down over their bellies. As they got to their thighs he saw the lips of their cunts open a little and he saw some pink. He wished he could see more but what he saw was exciting enough.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his cum shot into John's hand. Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble; his hand gathered in a load of John's cum. He kept watching the girls and licked his hand.

The girls dressed and looked to the trees he and John were hiding behind. Did they know that the boys were watching? It seemed like they did. They walked off in another direction. John looked at David and grinned that crooked grin.

"Now comes the hard part. It's our turn."

"What do you mean?"

"Now that the girls are finished it's our turn to take a swim."

"But we don't have our bathing suits. The girls might come back again and see us. I couldn't let the girls see me bare assed naked."

"That's the idea. They let us see them without anything on and now they want a chance to see us."

"I can't do that!"

"Yes you can. If we don't do it, they won't won't let us see them any more."


David remembered the episode of the monopoly game and now he understood what was going on. John almost had to drag David out to the grassy area in front of the pond. John started to undress. David looked around him.

"Where are the girls?"

"Behind those bushes over there."


David blushed a beet red, turned his back to the bushes, and undressed. John faced the same way he did and, in spite of the fact that he'd done this before, blushed too. Now the boys bare buttocks were in clear view of the girls and they made a dash for the pond. They ran until they were up to their hips in water and David heaved a sigh of relief.

"Uh, David."


"That's not the hard part."


"We have to get out of the pond facing the bushes."

"Oh no!"

"Yeh, they expect it."

"Oh, gee, I don't think I can do it."

"You have to or they won't put the show on for us any more."


The boys stood close together whispering. David felt John's hand on his penis. David put his hand on John's penis and gave it a couple of strokes. John's penis was hard again and so was his. Knowing the girls were watching them while they jerked each other off was as exciting as it was embarrassing.

David ran his fist up and down John's hard cock and John's hand did the same thing on his penis. It took longer to come this time but each brought the other to his limits in short order. They looked down in the clear water and saw the strands of milky cum stream out of their penises.

It was time to get out and get dressed. David blushed again and noted that John did too. Both of them slowed as the water got to waist level and they were hardly moving when their penises came out of the water. One thing about jerking off was they didn't have hards on when they came out of the water. But, even a soft penis was embarrassing enough. They started to run. David grabbed for his clothes and John stopped him.

"We have to do it as slow as they did."

David looked at the bushes and blushed again. If he had to do something like the girls had done he would do it right. With a rush of bravado, he put his hand around his penis and jerked on it a couple of times. His penis sprang to attention immediately. Let the girls have a real show!

John was amazed. He couldn't let David do more than he was willing to do so he stroked his own penis to a new erection. At that point David lost his nerve. He picked up his clothes and hurried into them.

"How long have you been doing that, John?"

"Since last fall, when I started to shoot cum."

"How did it happen?"

"Well, I accidentally came on them one day and hid in that clump of trees we used today. The girls did pretty much what they did today except the didn't brush the water off their bodies. I went back the next day to try and spy on them again and the girls were talking. Alice said she wondered if I was going to go swimming and Joan said that they didn't think they were going to swim that day unless I went swimming first. They went behind the bushes they used today. I was chicken, I just couldn't get undressed in front of them."

"I came back the next day and the same conversation took place. When they went away I got undressed and swam for a while. I got dressed and went behind the trees. The girls did what they did today. There were only a few more nice days last fall, and this is the first good day this spring. We haven't said anything to each other about it but things are sort of understood."

"Gee, how did you get the nerve to play with your penis so they could see you?"

"I don't know. I just did it. I was as surprised as you were when I did. I guess I was tired of following your lead and wanted to do something on my own."

"Wow! I'll bet the girls do something more the next nice day. They've been teasing me with sex since we been putting swimming shows for each other. They're always fair though. I left the bathroom door open once when I pissed and they saw me. The next afternoon Alice got up from the toilet when I passed by. I could see the outside of her cunt."

"That was another reason I didn't like it when you came, we had to stop doing that. It's not really fair though they can see everything we've got, but we can't see what the have hidden in their cunts very well. Gee, I bet they leave the bathroom door open again now that you gave them that show when we were swimming."

John was right. They got back to the house and went upstairs to do homework. The bathroom door was open, Joan got off the toilet, turned toward the door, and pushed her finger into her cunt. The boys watched with eyes popping out of their heads, went into the bedroom, and jerked each other off. Both of them were ready in spite of the two recent hand jobs they'd given each other.

The boys would have been even more excited if they saw and heard what went on in the twins' room. Joan was telling what had transpired.

"You should have seen the look on the boys' faces when I pushed my finger into my cunt."

"I'll bet!"

"Yeh and their pants pushed out in front too."

"I'm sure of that. Hey, do you think we can get them to jerk off while we're watching?"

"You know, neither of them had hards on when they came out from swimming. John always did last spring. I'll bet they jerked off under water!"

"Wow! I'll bet they did! Maybe we can get them to let us watch. I was surprised when David pulled on his penis today. Maybe we can get him to go a lot farther than we got John to go. He's as cute as John is. I'm beginning to really like him. Did you see how red he got when we let him see our panties?"

"I sure did and did you see how far his pants pushed out. I don't think he knows what happened during the game. He was too flustered."

"It wasn't fair catching him unaware like that, but when we closed our knees he let us see his hard on again, he caught on real fast. Then when John told him he had to let us see him today, he did that penis pulling trick. He gets embarrassed but I think he has a little more nerve than John does. Maybe with the two of them we can get them to do more things."

"Gee, I'd love to watch him jerk off and see the cum shoot out of his penis. Maybe we can get them to jerk off for us if we let them see us finger fucking ourselves?"

"Gee, maybe we can. We have to figure a way. Wow, I'm horny. Just imagine watching them jerk off. What do you want to do? Shall I lap your cunt first, or do you want to sixty nine?"

The girls had been finger fucking each other during the conversation but they wanted more than that now. The subject matter got them hot. They lay down on the bed, head to toe, and buried their heads in each other's crotches. They'd been doing this for over a year and each knew what the other liked. Joan spent most of the time sucking Alice's clit and Alice ran her tongue in and out of Joan's inner cunt lips. Both of them shuddered and had orgasms about the same time.

Alice made sure she was in the bathroom with the door open when the boys finished their homework. The boys came out of their room to go to dinner. They saw that the bathroom door was open again and watched as Alice got up from the toilet. She opened the lips of her cunt with one hand and pushed a finger in and out a couple of times before turning away. The boys' penises were hard again, and it was well into dinner before they subsided.

That evening everyone watched TV before they went to bed. David kept looking at the twins and caught them looking at him from time to time. They didn't put a show on for him but his penis stayed hard. He kept thinking of Alice finger fucking herself so they could see it. John said it was because he pulled on his penis at the swimming pool and they were trying to be fair. What would the twins do if he let them watch him jerk off all the way? He wanted to talk about it with John so he went up to bed a little early. John went up with him.

In the shower John moved in close to David as he soaped his back. He moved closer and his penis rubbed along David's ass crack. It felt real good and he bucked his hips a couple of times. His penis slipped between David's thighs and it felt even better.

"Gee, hold your legs together real tight, this feels good. Let me fuck between your thighs then you try it between mine."

David squeezed his thighs together and John fucked his penis between his them. David liked the feel of John's penis riding in and out. He liked the feel of it rubbing his balls too. He held his thighs tight together and swayed his hips back and forth to match the John's rhythm. John speeded up with his hip thrusts. David felt John jerk and squeezed his thighs real tight. He saw John's cum spurt out from between his own legs and that was a real turn on too. John was panting and grinning at the same time.

"Boy, you

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I was feeling horny as hell the other night and made a call to Slightly Older Lesbians (SOL) to hook up with an older woman's horny like me. In the past, I would have gone to Novak's R Bar or Lilly's Music & Social House but women in the St. Louis, ..continue reading