Father and Daughter story (inc,dad,daughter,oral,xxx)

Father and Daughter story

Every father thinks that there is something very special about any
daughter of his. He loves them from their birth and watches them
grow, shares with them all the difficulties of growing up, and
finally sees them leave the nest to continue with their own lives.
There is a love, a special kind of love, that means that they will
always be there for eachother. A love which gives each the desire to
comfort and protect eachother in times of need, sadness or distress.
Sometimes this love goes further to the point when a greater physical
love plays a part. This story reaches that point and beyond.

Andrew had worked hard all his life without too much to show for it.
True, he had a reasonable income, nice house and a few good friends
but there was a gap, a void that needed filling.

For many years this gap had been filled by his little daughter
Alison. He worked to provide for her, his life was scheduled to give
her what she needed. Many people would say that Andrew gave her
everything she wanted, but that was not true. He knew that he would
do her no favors by spoiling her. He gave her everything that she
would need in life -- education and love. As she grew she became
more independent. A maturing girl loves her father no less than
before, but she begins to want to strike out on her own. She has
friends with whom she can go places without the need of a chaperone.
She can do more of her schoolwork without help. She wants to choose
her clothes for herself. In short she requires less of her parents,
relying on her own initiative and resources.

Alison was no different from other girls in this but it created a
problem for Andrew. The more she did on her own the more the
loneliness set in for him. A feeling of envy or maybe rejection, a
feeling that his usefulness had come to an end. It was then that he
found that his love for Alison began to change.

The pair of them had lived alone since Ali was three years old. Her
mother had died in a car crash and left the two of them with but
eachother. Andrew always knew that part of his wife would always
live on in Alison. By the age of 11 she was a beautiful, intelligent
young girl just beginning to develop into a young woman. Andrew
began to notice her looks more and more, he could not help thinking
of her mother who had been a beauty. She was beginning to develop
the same look that he had fallen for with his wife so many years ago.

Ali had the most gorgeous red hair which fell just over her shoulders
and bounced and flowed as she walked. Her eyes were a hypnotic green
that could fix you to the spot and then gleam at you sending a shiver
of happiness right through your whole body. Her face was accentuated
with the lightest of freckles on each cheek. Andrew loved the way
they rose and fell as she smiled or laughed. She would wear jeans
and t-shirts most of the time but on special occasions she would wear
the black dress that used to be her mother's. Now that she was older
it fitted her frame so much better.

She was wearing this dress when he first noticed the change happening
in him. As she stood in the hallway waiting to go to a neighbor's
Christmas party he looked at her. His eyes took in the lovely body
that was growing inside that dress. Her tiny, little breasts were
just pushing the black material away from her body. They bobbled
slightly as she moved. The material clung more to her hips, molding
itself around the curves of her growing body. Andrew felt a slight
stirring in his loins. Embarrassed, he looked away and rebuked
himself for looking at his young daughter in such a way. They went
to the party and both had a good time, laughing and joking with their
friends and neighbors. All through that evening Andrew found himself
looking at his daughter more and more. He noticed the way she tossed
her hair when she laughed, the way she smiled and let her eyes beam
as she spoke to him or looked at him from across the room. As they
made their way home he felt un-nerved by the whole experience. Once
home they both showered and went to bed.

Over the course of the next few months Andrew began to feel more
attracted to his daughter. He would watch as she walked round the
house in just her little training bra and panties in the search for
clothes to wear. He watched as she swam in her bikini at the local
pool. He watched as she removed her clothes after she had come in
from school during a storm. At night he would think of her young
body and fantasise about seeing her completely naked. He made sure
that he was always around "just changing a light bulb" or "fixing the
carpet" outside the bathroom when she had a bath or shower -- hoping
to catch a glimpse of her young, wet body as she returned to her room
to dry and dress. Alison was getting to the stage where she was
self-conscious of her body and was keeping it more and more covered
up. Andrew's response was calculated. He began to show her his
body. At first it was purely by accident when dressing one morning,
then he would plan each encounter. This started when she was twelve
and by the time she reached fourteen she was used to seeing her
father naked walking to and from the bathroom or getting changed to
go out.

The frustration and guilt was building inside Andrew. He loved his
daughter, but wished there could be some greater way to show this
love. He dreamt of making love to her as he had done with her
mother. he would masturbate at night thinking of his daughter and
being locked together in a loving embrace and sharing a physical love
for eachother. Ali, on the other hand, had not even noticed her
father in that way, in fact she rarely even thought of boys except in
a romantic way. The few sexual thoughts she had were reserved for
some singer or sportsman or other who had appeared in the teen
magazines recently. She had wondered what sex would be like and had
massaged her vagina, but it really was not something that was ready
to take a major part in her life. She had kissed a few boys at
school and had even let one of them feel her tender breasts, but she
had gotten scared and that was where it had stopped.

On this particular day Andrew had been fixing something in the
kitchen and Ali had come home from school and gone upstairs into his
bedroom to use the telephone away from all the noise. She lay back
on the bed and talked to her friend Elspeth. They talked about
school, the coming holidays and what Elspeth wanted for her birthday.
Whilst they talked Andrew finished working and came upstairs to have
a shower before their evening meal. He stopped short of the bedroom
door and listened in to the conversation for a short while. It was
really quite uninteresting, but he was beginning to develop a plan.
He walked into the room and saw Ali propped up on the bed by three
pillows. She just smiled at him and continued talking. As he looked
at her he could see that her legs were raised and slightly parted.
She was showing her pink panties. Andrew looked for just a brief
moment, imagining the young mound hidden from view. He felt his
prick shudder and then grow under his jeans, pressing hard against
the top of his shorts. His mind raced, "It's now or never" he
thought to himself and started to undress. Ali took no notice. She
had witnessed this many times before and carried on talking on the

Andrew quickly stripped down to his shorts. He turned slightly so
that he was in profile to Ali and slipped his fingers into the
waistband. With one quick movement he slid the shorts down to his
knees. His manhood stood proudly to attention. Ali was in the
middle of talking about a science test they would be having on
Monday. She glanced up and looked at the naked form in front of her.
Andrew heard her stop speaking for a brief second, then heard her
say, "Sorry, what was I talking about?" He was quite disappointed
with her reaction. She calmly picked up the thread of her
conversation and continued. He walked over to the closet and took
out a robe and towel, then headed for the bathroom.

For a few minutes he stood thinking what a fool he had been. His
erection had diminished in the face of rejection. He rinsed the soap
from his body and left the shower. As he rubbed the towel over his
body he heard Ali call to him from outside the bathroom. "Daddy?"

"I'm in here, sweetheart," he replied. "Door's open." Ali walked
into the room and eyed him up and down.

"What's the matter?" asked Andrew.

"Nothing," she replied, then added, "Where's your thing gone?"

"What thing?"

"Your penis. When I saw it in the bedroom it was standing up and
looked all long."

"Oh, I had an erection, but it's gone now." Andrew was trying hard
to fight it but he was losing the battle. Slowly the blood flowed
and his prick started to rise again.

"I thought that men only got an erection when they had sex. Why did
you have one?" she asked in all innocence.

"W-well," he stammered, "men do get turned on by lots of things.
Even just thinking of sex."

"Were you thinking of sex then?" she asked, and then not waiting for
a reply, continued, "but you don't have sex, do you?"

At this point Andrew had reached a full erection which he covered
neatly with the towel. He wanted her. He wanted to show her his
love. It was true that he had not had sex for years and years, and
now he felt the yearning to experience the love that two people can
share together. He wanted to share the pleasure with his own

"How old are you now, Honey?" he asked.

"You know how old I am, Daddy, I'm fourteen -- just."

"Well, I think that you're old enough to understand what happens
between men and women -- you're nearly a woman yourself."

"I know all that stuff," she said curtly, "they teach us all about it
at school and I do talk to my friends, you know!"

"I've got to tell you something, Ali," he continued. "I'm only
human. and you said yourself that I haven't had sex for a long time.
You know how I loved your mother and how nobody else would do.
Hell, I don't even date!" he paused for a moment, then took a deep
breath and said: "For a little while now I have noticed you growing
up and you have made me start feeling aroused again."

"Daddy!" cried Alison. "I'm your daughter!"

"I know, sweetheart, but you are so beautiful and I love you so much,
my mind and body just can't ignore it. It's not easy for me. I have
missed your mother so much, but after a while I didn't feel any need
for sex, not if it was without her, but now I am beginning to
remember. It's all coming back. You must remember that it was love
that created you."

Ali felt so sorry for her father. She couldn't bear to think of him
being sad and so she rushed across the room and flung her arms around
his neck. "I love you, daddy, you know I do!" she sobbed, the tears
began to run down her face and fall onto Andrew's chest. He gripped
her tightly with both hands. The towel slipped to the floor and Ali
felt the stab of his hardness on her belly. She moved her head down
slightly to see what was pressing against her. She had never seen an
erection before and looked closely at it while pretending to still
have her face pressed into his chest. The wetness of his body was
making her school clothes damp. She could feel the water seeping
into her blouse and skirt.

For a full minute they stood and hugged eachother, then Andrew broke
the silence. "I saw you sitting on the bed when you were on the
phone to Elspeth. You had your legs apart and I could see your
panties. I started to imagine things -- you know -- seeing you. I
just couldn't help it. And now you are here and it's happening

Ali was confused and upset. How could her own father be turned on by
her? She was not much more than a child and didn't have that much to
look at, but the warmth of his embrace was wonderful. It felt as if
she was so safe. She thought of her father who by this time was
sobbing quietly too, his sobbing a mixture of pleasure and guilt all
rolled into one. She so wanted him to be back to 'normal', the
smiling, joking father who loved her so much. She felt a sensation
building up inside her as she clung to him. She couldn't really
understand why she felt the way she did, but it just seemed that she
had to do something.

Ali broke free from her father's embrace and took two paces backward.
She stood in front of him, staring with those big green eyes of
hers. She so wanted to help him. She thought for a second and
without taking her eyes away from his she reached round and
unfastened her school skirt. It gently slipped to the floor
revealing the little pink bikini panties.

Andrew looked down at her. He could see the lovely mound between her
legs and this made his penis twitch all the more. Ali knew she was
having the right effect and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She opened
it and slipped it from her shoulders. Andrew looked as her small
firm breasts appeared held tightly in her bra. He could see the
outline of her nipples pressing against the fabric. His erection
jolted again.

She had come this far and there would be no stopping now. Ali
reached behind her back and uncoupled the straps, then thrusting her
shoulders forward flipped the straps forwards and down until she was
just holding the cloth infront of her. With one deft movement she
threw her arms forward and let the bra slide down her arms and land
on the floor at his feet. She let her arms drop to her sides,
exposing her naked breasts to him. Andrew gasped a little as the
small mounds came into view. They were beautifully round and firm,
pointing towards him. Her nipples were a pinkish brown and were
beginning to swell a little. Ali felt the change and looked at her
breasts. This hadn't happened before without her rubbing them. She
looked at her father and how he was examining every inch of her with
his gaze. He looked so handsome, so kind, so caring -so much like
her 'old' daddy.

Finally, Ali took a deep breath. She hooked her thumbs into the top
of her panties and bent forwards, sliding them to the floor. She
stepped out of them and stood up, her mound exposed to his view. He
let his eyes roam over his daughter's sex, fascinated by the crop of
fine red hair that covered the long, darker slit that disappeared
between her closed thighs. Ali sensed his probing and spread her
legs slightly so that he could see more. Andrew's body quivered. He
was so close to coming right there.

"Can - Can I touch you, darling?" he asked in a soft voice.

"Yes, Daddy, but please be gentle," came the reply.

He moved forward and placed his right hand on top of her head, gently
stroking her lovely hair. He reached forward with his other hand and
brushed her cheek. Now with growing confidence he swept her hair
away from her face and gazed into her eyes. God -- how beautiful.
His hands continued down over her body, gently caressing her soft
skin. Her shoulders, arms, side. thighs, belly. He paused for a

Still looking deep into those hypnotic eyes he placed his fingers
lightly on her firm young breast. He traced small circular patterns
all around then concentrated on the protruding nipple. Each time he
brushed past it Ali breathed a little harder. He noticed the change
in her face, it had mellowed as she felt a wave of pleasure drift
through her body. Her eyes were slightly glazed. Her breathing grew
ever faster and the stiffness slowly melted away from her body. She
was enjoying this new experience.

Andrew continued to move his other hand downwards, letting his finger
slip gently into and out of her navel, then down further until he
felt the soft mat of her whispy pubic hair. He cupped his hand and
moved further so that her entire mound was now under his fingers.
Ali let out a little gasp as he slowly moved his hand up and down,
brushing the light covering of hair as he did so. He then let his
middle finger stiffen and slide into the folds of her skin. She
gasped again as he tenderly worked on her little clitoris which grew
ever harder to his touch. He moved his head towards her and kissed
the top of her sweet head, taking in the smell of her hair. She
moved her head back and kissed him squarely on the mouth -a baby
kiss, a little girl's kiss, a daughter's kiss.

"I love you, sweetheart," he moaned. "I love you so, so much."

"Oh, Daddy... Daddy!" came her breathless reply.

With that he picked up her little body and carried her from the
bathroom, leaving a pile of discarded clothes on the floor. As he
walked he thought of a book he had read. It contained a passage
where a father seduces his young daughter and finally takes her
virginity. He remembered how the little girl had shouted, "Fuck me
Daddy! Fuck me harder." and that the man had replied, "Take Daddy's
prick, Honey, let me fill your cunt, and I'll fill you with my cum.
Squeeze your cunt, let me fuck your cunt."

Andrew thought how different it would be for him and Ali. He didn't
want all this 'dirty' talk. This situation was born out of love, not
the lust of an older man for a small, virgin body.

He carried her into his bedroom and laid her on the bed. He moved
the pillows to make it more comfortable for her. She lay there,
looking up at him with her big, watery green eyes. She tossed her
hair back in that way he loved so much and smiled at him. He moved
her legs apart and gently rubbed her bud again. He could feel the
wetness of her juices on his hand. He slowly inserted one finger
between the lips and searched for the entrance to her love hole. Ali
was breathing faster again, and was beginning to make involuntary
movements with her hips. Suddenly his finger slipped deep into her
and her hips bucked. She let out a whimper and moaned as his finger
moved in and out of her body. He could feel her muscles tense
slightly -- she was going to come. He stopped short and slid his
finger from her body. She relaxed slightly, her eyes now closed in
concentration as the pleasure radiated through her body.

Ali did not know that it could feel so good. She continued to move
and twitch as if he still had his finger inside her. Without warning
she shuddered as she felt Andrew's fingers pull the lips of her labia
apart and insert his tongue. He lapped at the opening to her vagina,
taking in all the tastes and aromas of her young sex, then started
making longer strokes and caressed her clitoris. She cried out even
louder as his tongue delivered pleasure to her clit with every lick.
He could feel her juices flowing freely around his nose and mouth and
pressed his face hard into her mound. Ali's body was moving with
more urgency now, matching the movements of his probing tongue with
thrusts of her hips. She moaned rhythmically in time with her
bucking, the volume gradually increasing as the speed of the motions
increased. Andrew could feel her body begin to tense as she
approached her first orgasm. He felt her body stiffen, her back arch
and her hips press hard into his face without retreating. Ali let
out a louder moan and felt the warm pleasant ripple of orgasm surge
through her body, then the second surge that she thought was going to
blow her mind. Andrew gently lapped at the extra flow of juices that
came with his daughter's climax. For a few seconds the pair clung to
eachother then Ali relaxed and fell back onto the bed.

"Oh, Daddy!" she cried, "That felt so good, I have never felt like
that before."

"That's an orgasm, sweetheart. It's a wonderful feeling."

Ali looked at her father's body standing at the end of the bed in
front of her. His erection had not diminished and as she looked at
his body his penis quivered. She slipped off the bed and moved
towards her father. She reached out a hand and with a degree of
trepidation took his erection in her hand. She felt the involuntary
jerks as she touched it. She turned him round and pushed him back
towards the bed. As the backs of his legs touched the bed he sank
down in front of her. She sank to her knees, and taking a deep
breath took the first couple of inches into her mouth. She had never
done this before, never even dreamed of doing this before, but had
read about it being done and so thought that it was the thing to do
in this situation.

Her inexperience made the act all the more exciting for Andrew. He
moaned loudly as her lips pushed backwards and forwards across the
head of his manhood. Gradually more and more of his length
disappeared into her small mouth. She stopped for a second as the
tip prodded the back of her throat almost making her gag. She pulled
away then started to kiss and lick its entire length. Working her
mouth over the head again she used her tongue, licking all around the
swollen head and around the crease that lies just below it. Andrew's
moans grew more urgent and his hips started bucking as hers had done.
The waves of pleasure started rushing through his body and down into
his scrotum. He felt them tighten.

"I'm gonna come, darling." he moaned, and with that his penis
twitched and the first spurt shot from the end and coated the roof of
her mouth. Ali was both surprised and a little frightened as she
felt his cream wash round her mouth. A second, longer spurt hit the
back of her throat and she moved her head back making room to swallow
his load. The final few drops of cum dripped from the end of his
penis and landed on her tongue. She licked round removing all trace
of his seed and sat back on the floor in front of him, smiling the
broad, childish smile that he loved so much. She moved her tongue
round inside her mouth, feeling for the drops of cum that she hadn't
swallowed. She worked them against the roof of her mouth tasting the
taste of man for the first time.

Right in front of her eyes his erection ebbed away and he lay back on
the bed panting. It had been the most wonderful experience of his
life. His young daughter, just fourteen years old had pleasured him
in a way no woman had ever done -- and that included his much missed
wife. Ali got up and moved onto the bed next to him. For the next
twenty minutes nothing was said. She felt a warm glow inside her, a
great feeling that she had been able to help her father, and at the
same time a feeling that she had been fulfilled in some way. She had
grown up so much in the last half hour.

Andrew held her in his arms and stared at the ceiling. The guilt had
all but gone as he realized that she had thoroughly enjoyed their
love. He let one hand move down and started stroking her little clit
again. She moaned, almost purred, as she felt his touch and
reciprocated by taking his limp penis in her fingers, lightly rolling
it around. Gradually it began to grow in her little palm. He knew
what was next.

"Sweetheart," he spoke with a soft, caring voice. "Would you like us
to make love properly?"

"Will it hurt, Daddy?" she replied. "It seems so big and I'm still
only quite small."

"It might hurt a little at first," he admitted. "You see, you're
still a virgin and you have a small film of skin inside you to
protect the uppermost parts of your young vagina when you're litle.
I'll have to break through this before we can make love properly.
Every girl has to break her maidenhood at some time."

Not every girl has it done by her father, she thought!

Andrew moved her around on the large bed so that he was directly
between her thighs. He gently rubbed her clitoris again, and feeling
the juice begin to flow guided his manhood towards her. She lay
transfixed, waiting for the pain to come. He entered her a little
way and made small movements to stimulate her more. He did not want
to hurt her. He moved in slightly further and felt the tip of his
penis touch the covering of skin. Ali jumped a little as she felt
his touch. He took all his weight on his left forearm so that he
could stroke her hair reassuringly with his free hand, then with one
swift movement he thrust forward and broke through.

She cried out as the pain hit her but relaxed soon afterwards
thinking to herself that it had not been as bad as she had been
expecting. Andrew began a gentle rhythmic movement, slipping easily
in and out of her tight vagina. Ali was moving her hips up and down
in time with his so that each thrust was captured with a collision of
their bodies. The pain was subsiding, but she was not thinking of
this. She could feel her body start to tense and this time knew that
she was building up to a climax.

She clutched at her father's shoulders as they bounced on the bed.
Their breathing was syncronized to the movements of their hips, each
thrust being met with a moaning grunt from each of them. He felt
that his moment was coming and held her tight, and without a word
between them the strokes of lovemaking became fiercer and more
urgent. He felt the walls of her small vagina tense and he thrust
one last powerful thrust and felt his penis ram up against her
cervix. She let out a cry and came with a force much greater than
before. He too tensed as her climax gripped him inside of her and he
felt a stream of liquid rush through into her body. A few more
strokes emptied him completely and he rolled over onto the bed beside
her, exhausted.

They both knew that this would not be the last time that they shared
their love for eachother in this way. For a few minutes they had
been one with eachother, sharing feelings that few fathers and
daughters do. This had been an act of love between them and it would
remain so in the future. There was no lust for eachother's flesh, no
selfish desire to be sexually stimulated and no need to have sex at
every waking moment in the future. This was love, pure love, an
indescribable love that they would share when they both wanted to
show their deepest feelings for eachother and in that way it could
never be called dirty or depraived.

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