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First gay experience

I know there is a lot of shit that goes on around here, but I want you to
know that this is an honest story. It is not neccessarily a spectacular
story - but it's a turn on just to retell it.

This is the first time I ever "really" had sex. I recall always being
turned on by good looking guys from the time I ever knew what sex was. I
can remember jacking off as early as when I was nine or ten. My first man
to man experience, if you want to call it that, was as a seventh grader
when two friends of mine (one my age, the other two years older)
masturbated together in the woods behind my house. Hell, we didn't know
what we were doing, but we knew it felt good. It wasn't long before I was
masturbating daily - always alone and always in the privacy of the
bathroom, emptying my load into the toilet so that no one would know what
I was doing. I would constantly be imagining what it would be like to be
with a "man" (17-19 year old). I didn't want to have sex with him - just
see him, touch him.

As an eigth grader I began a paper route in a neighborhood about a half
mile a way. It was a great experience: I would ride my bike down there,
pick up the papers and begin my route every afternoon at 4:00. One day,
just a couple of apparment buildings short of finishing. I saw a guy I
will never forget. He was getting out of a car with some friends at his
apartment. He was unbeliveable. He was a High Schooler, probably 16 or
17, dark blond, medium length hair, about 5'10" or so, and was built even
through his clothes I could tell he was built (not musceled - just well
built). I just sat there and watched him go in the building and up the
stairs. From that day on, every time I did my thing in the bathroom, I
was no longer alone - in my mind I was with this guy.

It got so that I could time my delivery to his apartment to coincide with
his arival. I never got up the nerve to say anything to him, but once I
did say hi and hand him his family's paper. Toward the end of that summer
I was rewarded. I had finished his apartment and the next two and was
passing behind his building to finish up my last set of apartments. As I
was passing underneath his apartment (which was on the third floor) I
glanced up and there he was standing on the balcony. The reward was that
he was shirtless in only a pair of shorts. He was all I imagined him to
be. He had a difined chest, tight abs and a small streak of hair that
decended from his belly button to the top of his shorts. That's all it
took - I imediately went around the corner between the two buildings,
found some bushes and ducked in. Glancing around to make sure I was
alone, I quickly dropped the bag of remaining papers and undid my belt and
jeans. Sliding my jeans and briefs to the ground together my fully
swollen dick sprang free. To show how incredibly horny I was, there were
already drops of pre cum oozing from my tender, virgin dick head. I
grabbed the shaft of my cock and began to frantically beat. It didn't
take long, the eroticism of the moment and being outdoors was more than I
could take. Within two or three minutes I was literally washing down the
side of the building with my juice. I had never cum so hard before. I
had sprayed so hard that it splattered back onto my legs and jeans. I
remember feeling so unbelievably good. As I softened and began to pull my
pants back up, I realized that there was cum all over them. I didn't know
what to do so I put them back on and sheepishly came out from the bushes
wearing my shirt out hoping it would cover it. At that point the only
thing I worried about was making sure my pants dryed before I got home so
mom would know. I kept timing my arrivals at his apartment so I would
meet him although I never saw him shirtless again. Nevertheless, every
time I jacked off, it would be with him.

As I grew older I became more and more shy. Never feeling truly
comfortable with guys. I was beginning to believe that I would never
actually be with a guy and became content with masturbating - I actually
developed quite an ability. In college, however, something happend to
change that.

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As I grew older I became more and more shy. Never feeling truly
comfortable with guys. I was beginning to believe that I would never
actually be with a guy and became content with masturbating - I actually
developed quite an ability. In college, however, something happend to
change that.

In my sophomore year I was selected to travel with a summer promotional
team that criss crossed the country promoting the school and recruiting
students. It seemed like it would be exciting and would open
opportunities for discovery. It was a team of eight people: four girls
and four guys. Every night we would share rooming assignments - guys
rotating with guys, girls with girls. It had been for the most part an
average kind of expereince we were doing our thing and everything was
going ok. One night we were in a town on the Jersey sure. I was assigned
to room with Kevin. Kevin and I had known each other from the time we
started college. I wouldn't consider ourselves good friends but we got
along fine. He was attractive and had a good build (he ran, often as mush
as ten miles a day). While I looked at him lustfully occasionally, I
never gave him much thought because he had been dating the same girl for
two years and had recently become engaged. That night was pretty much
like all the other nights. We both undressed (unfortunately he wore
boxers) and got in our separate beds. I talked with Kevin more that night
than in the whole two years I had known him. I knew he liked to run but I
also found out that he loved baseball and that he met Sherry his senior
year in high school. We talked about past girlfriends and that he had not
really dated anyone seriously until Sherry.

The next morning, we got up but had a couple of hours to kill before we
were to leave for the next town. Kevin and I decided to go for a run (I
was able to talk him into only going 5 miles). We got back, showered, and
changed (unfortunately, he changed his boxers in the bathroom) and got
ready to meet the others. I was just about to pick up my bags when he
came up to me and said, "I just want to thank you for talking last night
and the run this morning" and then he hugged me. I really was taken back
by this and I didn't know what to think. I summerized that he must be the
"touchy-feely" kind although It felt more than that. I finally mentally
dismissed it as innocent and we left.

Kevin and I talked a lot but it was nearly a week before we roomed
together again. We were in New York state and we were checking into a
small motel. Kevin and I ended up in a room with only a qyeen bed (I know
you can see it coming). I felt like Kevin would be uneasy with this so I
offered to stay on the floor - it would only be one night and I would be
fine. Kevin then countered with his offer and we went back and forth
until we agreed to share the bed. We began to settle in and undress
(Kevin again in his boxers). We laid there in the bed for a while, just
talking shit like you usually do when you room with someone, when
something happened I will never forget. All of a sudden Kevin began
rubbing my hand with his finger. Instantly my heart began to race. It
took me a minute to figure out what was happening and at least another to
get over the shock. I didn't immediately respond and Kevin stopped and
everything became silent. We both kind of laid there for a minute - I'm
sure Kevin was wondering what I would do while I was wondering if Kevin
was suggesting what I though he was suggesting. Sound confussing? Well,
it was. Not hearing anything from him for what seemed like forever, I
rolled on my side with my back to him.

After a short moment I felt a finger begin to slide slowly down my back
stop at the elastic band on my briefs and work it's way back to my soulder
blades. I knew then what Kevin wanted and it made me all the more nervous
-I had never been intimate with a guy before (well, only in my mind).
Finally, I got the nerve to roll over to my back again to face the
ceiling. I guess taking that as a signal, he placed his hand on my chest
and worked his way down. At first he cupped my balls and dick through my
underware. At his soft touch I immediately began to stiffen (I had never
in my 19 year old life ever been touched by anouther man). Feeling that I
was becoming aroused, he slid his hand under the waistband and began to
massage me. I gathered my mental state and finally said, "Kevin, what are
you doing? What about Sherry?" His reply was simply, "I can't help it if
I like guys too."

At that point I was fully erect with my cock head pocking way out from
under my briefs so that only the bottom half of the shaft, my balls and
Kevins hand were still under there. He wasn't jacking me off, but was
massaging and exploring. Still not sure what to do, I placed my hand on
his chest and began to rub his tits. I was amazed at how hard his nipples
were. I slowly let my hand slide over his abs and back up again feeling
his smooth, hairless skin.

I guess having become satified that I was fully hard, Kevin garbbed my
cock and just held it. With the other hand he through the covers
completely off and it was then that I finally saw him. He was great -
standing there through the slit in his shorts was his hard cock. It was a
bit shorter than mine (maybe 7") but was thicker and had a pronounced
curve. Having thrown back the sheets he began to slide my briefs
completely off, fully exposing my 7.5" digget and balls.

Feeling a bit bolder I decided it was my turn to move and I started to
remove his shorts. I knew I was still nervous (although excited) because
my hands were shaking as I pulled at the waist band. Raising his ass
slightly I was able to get the band over his hardon and slid them off -
and there he was in all of his glory. Nestled between his smooth legs was
an incredible set of balls - twice the size of mine - hairless and hanging
low. Still hanging on to my now throbbing cock he grabbed my waist and
pulled me closer and rolled his body so that we were now facing each
other. He let go of my stiff and grabbed my ass cheek and pulled so that
our hardened members where pressed against each other.

He then kissed my right tit and slowly worked up my neck finally arriving
at my mouth. At first he kissed me lightly then parting my lips with his
tounge he went in. I tried to return the pleasure but I'm not sure how
well. With each thrust of his tounge he pulled on my ass so that our
cocks were pressed harder together. I could feel his mushroom dick head
rub my shaft and his balls against my left thigh. In effect we were dry
humping each other. I was absolutely beside myself. This is what I had
dreamed about while jacking off and now it was a reallity. Like that day
at the apartments, the excitement was becoming more than I could stand.
Actually touching, feeling, and now having another man was sending spasims
of pleasure through my whole body. My balls began to consrict and my rod
began to tingle with that unmistakable sensation - I was about to explode.
I broke away from his kiss long enought to moan, "I'm cumming".
Immediately he pulled away and said, "wait - not yet". He withdrew his
cock from mine as I fought to hold back what seemed like the inevitable.
It was the hardest damn thing I ever did, I actually began to sweat. My
cock began to twitch and I closed my eyes, I knew what was about to
happen. Suddenly a small stream shot out out a foot or so. I guess that
must have relieved some of the pressure because I was able to hold off the
rest. Kevin took his finger, scooped up some of the cum that had pooled
on the sheet and slowly stuck his finger in his mouth, sucked on it a
couple of times and then slowly withdrew it. He then ran his finger
through the cum again but this time slid it in my mouth. It was the first
time I had ever tasted cum before but it has not been the last. That one
taste ignited a thirst for warm, thick, salty, man juice that I'm
constantly seeking to quinch. By doing this, Kevin told me two things.
First, he wanted to suck my cock and was inviting me to do him. Second, I
knew Kevin was experienced. He was not as "innovent" as I was led to

After my near explosion I decided that as hard as it might be I was not
going to cum before Kevin did and I was going to make sure of that.
Casting my inhabition aside, I slowly eased him down so that he was flat
on his back, my hands on his soulders, and our cocks and balls again
firmly pressed together. With his dick somewhat softened from our
unintended break I could again feel him grow to his full size against me.
I gently eased my chest against his and passionately kissed him - this
time not with our tounges but sucking each other's mouths. I couldn't
help but begin to hump him again - balls against balls, cock against cock,
stomach against stomach. I knew he was enjoying it because he began to
meet the thrust of my hips with his. Feeling much bolder and somewhat
more in control of my body I decided to do some exploring.

I broke free of his mouth and began to lick his face. I then slowly began
to ease my body down so that his cock and balls were against my belly and
I began to suck his hard nipples. I could feel his body tense as I teased
his tit - I took this as a good sign and moved to the other side. All the
while he continued to hump my body and I could feel every fucking inch of
his tool rub against my upper stomach. This was now it! I was finally
going to get what I had be craving all my life. I eased on down so that
his standing cock brush my right cheek and my mouth found those beautiful
balls. I took them both in my mouth and began to suck - the bottom of his
shaft pressed against my face. Sucking on his balls for what seemed like
forever, I decided it was time to go all the way and let the balls fall
from my mouth. Grabbing the base of his cock I positioned myself to take
it. I liked my way up the shaft savering every inch of his salty manhood.
Arriving at the head, I just swollowed it - it may not have been the
right thing to do but that's what I did. He didn't seem to mind. Trying
to inhale all that I could I still only get about half of it down my
virgin throat. I mouth fucked him as much as I could, but I could tell he
wanted more. Finally he suggested that I spin around so that my cock was
in his face. Positioning my dick over his face, with one hand he garbbed
my cock and with other my ass. In one swallow, he took it all - it kind
of made me feel bad that I was having trouble with his. Nontheless, with
a couple more attempts in my new, and might I add - highly pleasurable
position, I was able to finally swallow his whole cock.

Pulling my ass with his hands and thrusting his head he was working my
cock like crazy. Getting more comfortable with his cock in my mouth I was
now up on my hands mouth fucking him as hard as I could. Still, I began
to feel that I would soon cum. Wanting to hold true to my undisclosed
promise, I allowed my cock to slip free of his mouth. I moved up on my
knees thinking that would keep him from my dick for a while as I worked
even harder on him. But I was wrong. He grabbed my hips and pulled my
ass back into his face and he begand to tounge my ass. This litterally
sent spasims through my entire body. My cock began to twitch up and down
and I knew I was about to cum. Frantically, I began to use my fist on the
base of his thick shaft as I continued to suck - harder now more than
ever. After what seemed like forever, I could begin to feel him tense and
his breathing grew deeper and heavier. I knew now that my goal was soon
to be realized.

I quickly withdrew his cock from my mouth and swung my body around so that
we were in a position similar to when I started. Again, I was on my hands
looking down on him, my cock and balls pressed against his. I began to
hump him - balls against balls, his cock against my stomach and mine
against his. Fighting to hold back my cum, I couldn't hold back any
longer. Now I'm not just saying this - I came harder then than I had ever
up to then or since. I have never experienced a release like I did that
night. I gritted my teeth and groaned as I shot load after load. It hit
the headboard, the pillow, his face and chin and, of course, his stomach.
I got at least nine or ten good shots out of that. I my arms nearly
buckled as I emptied myself all over Kevin - but I had missed my goal.
Beginning to soften, I would not give up and I continued to fuck his
balls. After about a minute or so he finally began to groan and he
started to say, "I'm goin...", but before he could finish, he started to
shoot. Because of the curve of his cock he hit my face, which was bent
down over his chest, and his stomach. He didn't cum nearly as hard as me.
I attribute that more to my inability to please than to his ability to

That was my first experience with another guy. We went at one other time
that night and several more through the rest of the trip. Once we got
back to school, however, we never were together again. He got married and
I assume he's doing OK.

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