First time Grandmom - sex story

First time Grandmom

"Help your Grandma with shopping, okay hun?" My Mom said as we were driving to Grandma's. My Mom was nice, I hated my Dad so much. Like what's wrong with a 16 year old getting drunk on a Friday night? I returned home before midnight, I didn't have work or school today, and what's wrong with a little fun?

Whatever. Now I have to help my "Granny Mary" and waste my time with her.

"Danny!" My Granny yelled as she opened her apartment front door to see me there. She held out her arms and gave me a tight hug. I hugged her back gently. She called my Dad on her phone to let him know I was here just in-case I didn't just walk to my friends house instead of my Grandma's.

Grandma and I talked as she got coffee ready for me. She made it real quickly and handed me a small cup. I don't like coffee, but I guess it would make my Granny happy if I drank it.

"Grandma, how are you?" I asked her.

"I'm doing just fine, a bit lonely over here, but I just live." She said with a smile.

I smiled back at her but then looked down, "I'm sorry I haven't been coming around much often."

My grandma started laughing and said, "With all your girlfriends, and partying, and school, I wouldn't expect you to come much often."

I laughed, "I don't have a girlfriend Granny, never did. But I do party."

My grandma smiled.

"Do you want to maybe go outside for a walk?" I asked my grandma.

"I have to go shopping, you wouldn't mind tagging along would you with your old granny Mary?"

"Not at all," I said, "You're not even that old Granny, you look so young and beautiful. Better than high school gals."

My Grandmothers face got all red and she smiled. She didn't think she was good looking but she was. She is pretty fit, skinny, and has long light brown hair. Her hair reached to her shoulders which was something some high school girls didn't have. Her skin was pretty pale but very clear. Some wrinkles here and there, but she looked almost 10 years younger than she actually was.

Grandma and I went shopping to a local grocery store. I carried the groceries for her. We talked a lot, and she bought me an Iced Capp. When we were returning back to her house, it was really hot outside. We were sweating a lot coming into her house.

"Wow, it's amazing how the weatherman says it's gonna be a cool day today instead of a burning hot day." I said to my grandma as I put down the groceries on her kitchen counter.

"Yeah, why don't you go take a shower while I sort out the groceries." She said.

I looked at her and wondered what to say, "Um, I don't have any other clothes and I don't have a towel."

"Oh right, follow me." She said. I followed my Grandma into her room and into the closet. She handed me a bathrobe, a t-shirt, loose pants, and a towel...all belonging to my grandfather. "Here, use these for now." She said.

I was amazed she'd still keep her husband's clothes, let alone let someone else use them. Grandpa died a few years back but Grandma hasn't changed anything since he left.

I entered her bathroom and started the shower, removed my clothes, and entered the shower. It felt weird taking a shower at someone else's home. The water felt really cool hitting my sizzling skin. I used the soap and washed my sweaty body off. Everything felt so nice in the shower. All of a sudden, I felt cool air hit my body. I turned around and right as I did, I saw my grandma in her pink bathrobe staring at my naked body.

She took off her robe and started to join me in the shower, "It's so humid I think I'm gonna die." My grandma said.

I held my grandmothers hands so she wouldn't fall as she entered the shower... with me. What was she thinking??? She reached her arms past my body and turned the water on even more. The water was splashing all over the tub and my grandma closed the curtain. We were both getting wet as the water splashed all over the place. Cool water with our burning hot skin felt so nice.

I stared at my grandmothers naked body in awe. She was amazingly skinny, she has small saggy breasts with dark brown aerolas, small dark nipples, and her whole body was very pale, not many wrinkles, and she had light brown pubic hairs. Seeing her body nude, wet, and sweaty got my penis hard. My uncircumcised penis was 7 inches long pointing right at my grandmother. My grandma didn't seem to mind, she grabbed the soap. Then looked at me and smiled.

"Did you already apply soap?" She asked.

I nodded. She started to rub the soap over her stomach when I took a chance.

"Granny, can I help you put soap on?"

My grandma smiled as she handed me the soap. I rubbed the soap all over my hands and then put the soap on the side. I touched my grandmothers shoulders and started applying soap there real slowly and carefully. Her skin was very bumpy and curvy but it felt nice touching her and applying soap on her skin. I moved my hands under her shoulder and on her arms applying soap there as well. As I moved my foamy hands towards her stomach, I put my hands on her boobs. My grandma grinned when I did this. These were the first boobs I've ever touched in my life. They were small but felt friendly. I soaped all around my grandmothers boobs and real gently, I pinched her nipples at the same time.

"ooh, ooh." My grandma moaned. Her eyes were closed and her nipples became hard.

I applied more soap onto my hands and put my hands on my grandmother again. This time moving my hands from her stomach to her legs making sure I squeezed her butt a little as I did. When I was completed, my grandma opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"Are we done?" She asked me.

"Wait one second." I said to her. I was so excited that I thought of a plan.

I grabbed the soap once again and quickly rubbed it all over my neck, stomach, feet, and on my erect penis. My grandma was staring at me as she wondered what I was doing. Then I took a step closer, extended my arms, and hugged my grandmother tightly as the shower washed the soap on our mixed bodies. As I was hugging my grandma, my penis was in between her legs and touching her vagina. Both grandma and I hugged real tightly, feeling the soapy feeling release from our bodies and drain away until we slowly let go of each other and turned off the shower. It felt so amazing being this close and naked with my grandmother. We dried off and exited the steaming bathroom; She didn't seem to feel embarrassed about seeing my erect penis.

Thinking of what to do next, my grandma held my hand without saying anything. We were both naked and she was walking me towards her bedroom. After we entered her bedroom, she closed her bedroom door and laid down on her bed. I stared at her gorgeous body in amazement. I entered onto her bed and sat beside my grandma.

"I love you Granny Mary." I said to her.

"I love you also, Danny boy."

We stared at each-other, not knowing what will happen next. I knew what we both wanted to do, and I had to start off. I went in between my grandmothers legs and spread her knees exposing her hairy pink pussy in plain view. This was the first time I saw a vagina in real life and not just from porn. Grandmas pussy was very big, pink, with light brown pubic hairs around it. I lined up my penis and started to rub it against her cunt very softly. Pre-cum was flowing out right away as I found her hole. Using pre-cum as lubrication, I pushed my penis inside her wet cunt. It went in quite easily as we were still wet. The feeling was ecstatic.

"Uh, Oh yeah." My grandma moaned as I slowly entered her pussy. I took my time as it was my first time having sex with a girl and it was her first time having sex since grandpa died a few years back I guess. When my penis was all the way in and our pubic bones met, we both moaned as I weakened my body. I rested my whole body down on my grandma not wanting to cum right away. My nipples touched her erect nipples, my face was on top of hers, and she locked her legs around my butt tightly. I closed my eyes and kissed my grandmother on the lips. Our thin lips met and I let out my tongue while she let out hers meeting in the middle and allowing us to let out another pleasureful moan. We both shared a tender kiss while our bodies connected us together in a perfect missionary position.

From our faces all the way to our feet, we touched. Grandma was moaning and so was I. My penis felt so warm inside of my grandmothers wet pussy. I stopped kissing my grandmother and lifted my body from hers. I calmly went back on my knees between her legs just after she unlocked her legs, knowing what was to come. I began fucking her again. Her pussy lips was squeezing my dick and I felt really close to the point of no return.

I started to speed up my pace, fucking my grandma faster and faster, feeling the pleasure starting to extend throughout my body. My grandma and I were moaning and groaning together. I squeezed my grandma's boobs as I felt the semen start boiling in my testicles. My penis started contracting and I got an amazing feeling of excitement rush from inside of me. I pushed my prick all the way inside of grandma's pussy and unloaded all my cum inside of her. I felt the release of semen inside of grandma, and I also felt a warm liquidy feeling coming from grandma as we both groaned and finished off.



"Hey Mom, Grandma said I can stay over for the night at her house."

"So you're gonna stay there?"

"Yes, we are watching a movie and playing games."

"Okay, have a good night dear, I'm glad to see you are getting along with your grandmother."

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