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First time sex

From the moment they got married, Lauren and Randal Taylor always knew they wanted a son. Randal was the owner of a thriving business and it stood to reason that one day he would leave his company to his offspring. Wanting their name to be carried on, Lauren and Randal agreed that they both wanted a boy.

It was with great disappointment when they welcomed their daughter into the world a little less than a year later. They named her Tiffany after a dog Randal’s mom once owned because they could not think of anything else. They never even considered the possibility that they would have to come up with girl names.

Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Randal and Lauren opted to use artificial insemination in order to determine the gender of their next child. They already had his name picked out when he entered the world, once again, less than a year after their daughter was born.

Although Lauren had taken ample care of Tiffany during her second pregnancy, at the arrival of Jonas, or Jon for short, Lauren’s interest in her daughter fell to indifference. If ever Tiffany cried for reasons apart from hunger or changing, she was simply left to do so on her own. Randal was less neglectful of Tiffany directly but as a whole he often opted to focus his time on his business rather than his family.

Growing up, Tiffany and Jon were very aware of their differences, both physically and in the view of their parents’ eyes. Jon was often spoiled, given any toy or food he desired. Of course, Tiffany was allowed to pick out certain things as well but if she ever threw a tantrum to get something the way her brother did sometimes, she would be punished severely.

Over time, Tiffany grew to dislike spending time with her family because it was too apparent whom her parents favored. If ever she wanted them to buy her something they would buy two or she would have to share with her brother. He on the other hand had a much bigger room, stuffed to the brim with shiny things he really did not need. As a result, in order to escape the clutter, which often persisted even after the cleaning lady did her best to find a place for everything, Jon took to spending most of his time outside of his room, either in the living room, or in his sister’s room. She only had to complain to her parents once before she learned that they were not going to do anything about his intrusion upon her privacy.

On one particularly hot summer day, Tiffany was in her room reading a magazine on her bed. In order to combat the heat, she was wearing nothing more than her polka dot panties and a beret to keep her sweat drenched curly black hair out of her eyes. She was not even surprised when Jon burst through her door. He was never subtle about it as he would never get in trouble with their parents anyway. As was her usual routine, Tiffany tried to ignore him. His first action was always to browse around her room in search of something to play with.

Of course, compared to his jam packed room, Tiffany’s was practically barren. “What you doing?” he asked while plopping down on the side of her bed next to her, having abandoned the idea of entertaining himself. Once again, Tiffany ignored him. “I’m talking to you!” He slapped the magazine out of her hands rudely.

“What do you want?” she demanded while turning to face him. She did not care that she was flashing him a full view of her bare chest. It was not like there was much to look at. Her round globes were quite small, being able to fit in the palm of her hand with ease.

Jon decided to test the very idea. He reached over and clamped his hand down on his sister’s right breast in such a way that her nipple was between his middle and ring fingers. Tiffany’s face blushed bright red as she prepared to slap his hand away. With ease, Jon caught it with his other hand and begun to laugh while squeezing her tit tightly.

Tiffany’s mouth was agape. She had no idea what her brother was thinking. “I’ve always wondered what these looked like,” he admitted while closing his fingers in order to pinch her nipple. She could not help but elicit a slight squeak. “All the boys at school brag about having tight muscles but then they say they want a girl with saggy massive boobs. It’s quite the difference, isn’t it?”

“Boys and girls are different,” Tiffany grumbled in response. “You and I are perfect proof of that,” she referred to the fact that their parents obviously favored their son over their daughter.

“That’s not all we have different,” Jon announced while releasing her wrist to grab the hem of her panties with his other hand. She let out a shriek when he pulled them down to her thighs. On instinct she pushed her knees together to try hiding her bare cunt. “Would you like to see mine?” Jon asked while standing up and placing his hands on his shorts.

Tiffany’s mouth was once more wide in shock. She could not bring herself to stop him though. She was definitely curious. When his shorts slid down, his cock sprang up, stiff and long with a shape she could only liken to a banana. This was, after all, her first time seeing a naked boy. “Wha-why is it like that?” she stuttered while instinctively reaching out to touch the tip.

He flinched when she did but responded to her question in a normal voice. “It’s like this because of you,” he admitted while trying not to blush.

Tiffany failed to do the same though. “Because of me?” she asked cautiously while tapping the tip again. She squeaked again when she felt a slight wetness on her finger tip.

“Every time I see a girl I think is pretty, it gets like this,” Jon explained.

“You think I’m pretty?” Tiffany was once again caught off guard.

“Of course.” He nodded. “But it also gets this way when I see something like this.” He gestured to her bare chest. “When a girl in class bends over or I notice the shape of her breasts through her shirt, I get hard like this.”

“It’s a compliment,” Tiffany surmised while clasping her hand around the head of his cock. He closed his eyes as she ran her fingers down the shaft. The wetness from the tip helped at first but eventually it became hard not to tug on the outer skin of his cock, making him gasp. “Why am I doing this?” Tiffany asked in a genuinely confused voice. “I’m just so curious.”

“I’m curious too,” Jon admitted while placing a hand on the outside of her crotch. Tiffany gasped loudly in response while tossing her head back slightly. “Haven’t you ever touched yourself like this before?” Jon asked while purposefully going lower and pulling on the lips of her cunt slightly.

Instinctively, she opened her knees, spreading it wider for him to see and touch. “Yes,” she gasped again. “I touch myself a lot. It just feels so familiar when I do it. This is something else entirely. I have no control over what you’re doing to me.”

“What do you normally do?” Jon asked.

“Whenever I touch my nipples or my crotch, the other one tingles. I like to do it at the same time because it’s twice as intense.” Jon took this as an invitation to touch her nipples again, causing her to gasp once more before she continued explaining how she normally masturbates. “I’ve tried to push my fingers inside so many times but I can’t keep focused long enough. I always end up having to pee.”

“Have you ever wet yourself?” Jon asked boldly.

Tiffany’s face was as red as ever. She looked like she did not want to tell Jon about her embarrassing experience but something was compelling her to do so. “One time, I stayed after class because I didn’t want to go home,” she began. Jon simply sighed as he knew this was a common feeling of hers. “It got cold and my nipples got hard, just like your penis. I just couldn’t keep from pinching them. I told myself it was just warming them up but…”

“Pretty soon you were touching your crotch like always,” Jon finished her sentence.

“It happened so fast. One moment I was rubbing my crotch on the cold hard chair and the next I was rolling around on the floor peeing everywhere. I could not control myself and even bumped the desk several times. I was scared and cold and I went home crying but… I wanted to do it again.”

“Did you?” Jon was beyond curious.

Tiffany slowly nodded. “I always did it in the same place because the thought of being caught made it happen twice as fast. I learned when to expect it and how to get myself over to the potted plant in the corner before peeing.” Jon closed his eyes as he tried to imagine his older sister squatting over a plant while pulling her panties away from her dripping crotch. In his mind he could see her skinny frame and her small round face; her sweat drenched curls falling over her cheeks. He could see the shape of her butt, which was, admittedly, larger than her slightly disappointing chest. He even imagined what her cunt might look like as it opened up to expel her pee. Understandably his cock started to twitch in his sister’s hand. “Jon, what’s happening?” she gasped.

Rather than answering, Jon simply tried to pull his sister’s hand off of him. Just when she was covering the head of his cock again, she felt something warm splash into her palm. Curiosity drove her to pull her hand away and move her head closer so she could see better. When she was merely and inch away, his cock gave once last spasm and squirted a small thread of something white onto her face, painting the bridge of her nose just below her eyes.

“Jon, did you just pee on me?” Tiffany asked loudly. Looking up, she could see slight tears forming in the corners of his eyes. He was beyond embarrassed. She examined his face with the loving expression of an older sister realizing she had to be the responsible one. Like her, he was skinny but his face was less round and his hair was light brown and straight instead of curly. He was also taller; lankier. She had no doubt that beneath his shirt his chest was hairless. He looked like an innocent child to her for the first time in a long time; no longer the spoiled younger brother who cried whenever he was even slightly inconvenienced by her.

“Wait, it’s not pee,” Tiffany quickly realized while looking down at her hand. “It’s white and thick.” She used the fingers of her other hand to smear it around in her palm. Her face was turning red again but not from embarrassment. “It’s so warm,” she muttered. “I just want to touch it.” She brought her hand close to her face and inhaled the scent. “It doesn’t smell good but I still…” she trailed off instead of finishing.

“What are you doing?” Jon asked in horror as she stuck out her tongue and licked one of her fingers.

“I don’t know,” she moaned in apparent ecstasy. “This stuff is amazing. I just want to taste it.” She began to lick in between her fingers and all over her palm. She could not bring herself to swallow the slimy stuff so she simply held it in her mouth and let it mix with her saliva as she lapped up more and more of it. Jon watched mesmerized with his mouth agape and his cock twitching with each slurping sound she made. There was something unbelievably exciting about watching his white ejaculate disappearing into his sister’s pretty mouth. Watching her lips move around in an endless effort to keep it from dripping down her chin, he was struck with the desire to either kiss her or to move his cock in her mouth so he could squirt it inside her directly.

“There’s too much,” Tiffany gurgled as she finished lapping up all of her brother’s cum from her hands.

Jon noticed when her eyes darted toward the waste basket in the corner of the room. “Don’t,” he shouted while covering her mouth with his hands in an attempt to keep her from spitting it out.

Caught off guard by her brother, Tiffany instinctively swallowed, sending the torrent of mixed fluid down her throat. The warm slimy sensation made her sick. There was only one inevitable response. With her brother’s hands still covering her mouth, when she retched and threw up, the majority of the fluid sprayed out of her nose, with only some escaping in-between Jon’s fingers.

He moved his hand away quickly as she gasped for breath. Despite the fact that she was sputtering desperately spitting out vomit mixed with cum and saliva, Jon was still staring at her in blank amazement. Her eyes were unfocused and she seemed to be drowning but he could not look away. There was something exhilarating about seeing his own fluids leaking down her front and covering her chest and stomach. Without thinking, he reached out a hand to touch her front and smear the mess around on her skin. After struggling to breath for a long time, she laid down on the bed to rest and passed out immediately.

It took Jon a moment to realize that his sister was unconscious. She was still breathing though so he was not worried. Instead, he was eager to see and touch more of her. Without hesitation, he pulled her panties down the rest of the way, leaving her completely naked except for her beret and her own vomit. Next, he spread her legs so he could see her crotch more clearly. She had little to no hair obscuring her cunt lips from view.

The hole that was her actual pussy was no bigger than the width of Jon’s largest finger. She was not lying when she said she never got far inside when fingering herself. Curiosity drove Jon to try slipping a finger into her as well. The immediate expulsion of breath from his sister as she contorted along with the sensation startled Jon. He waited nearly a minute to make sure she would not wake up before continuing.

Though she remained unconscious, Tiffany could still feel the shivers running through her and convulsed accordingly. Unlike when she touched herself, this feeling was unfamiliar and her body could not prepare for it the same way. As such it took much less stimulus before she was ready to cum.

Jon was not prepared for what happened next. Tiffany’s eyes shot open as she grabbed his wrist and held it in place, grinding herself against his intruding fingers. She gasped and moaned in ecstasy as a torrent of liquid squirted out onto her mattress. Having just regained consciousness, she was too focused on the pleasure of cumming to be embarrassed. Instead she kept thrashing around and squeezing her legs together, trying to push her brother’s fingers deeper into herself.

When she finally stopped spasming, she collapsed on her bed, exhausted and covered in shiny sweat. She continued to jolt and squeak every once in a while though as Jon did not stop flicking his fingers inside of her and scraping the inner walls of her cunt. It took her several minutes of heavy breathing before she was able to open her eyes again. What she immediately noticed was her brother’s throbbing erection not far from the edge of the mattress.

Without hesitation, she reached over and grabbed hold of it, causing him to gasp. “It’s so warm,” she moaned with her sore throat. “It’s about to squirt again, I can feel it. Is that what you want, Jon? Do you want to cover your sister in your white stuff?” She did not know why she was taunting him.

“Tiff, can I please put it inside you?” Jon begged while pulling her mouth toward his cock by her hair.

She winced as she felt the tugging at her roots. “I don’t think I can swallow that stuff,” she argued. “I think I’ll drown. You can spray it on my belly though.” She continued to stroke him while redirecting his cock. “Do you like it when I touch you?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“I like it too. It feels so amazing when you push inside of me. It’s not my own fingers so I can’t control how I react. It’s like I’m trusting someone else with a part of me. I want to do this again and again. I want to have you poke my crotch like this while I rub your penis. Is that wrong? Am I a bad older sister?”

“I want it too,” Jon admitted while pushing into her accidentally due to the sudden spasm of his cock shooting a steady stream of white out onto her chest and stomach.

“Oh my god, it’s so warm and tantalizing. I just want to experience it on me. I don’t want to wash it off. We should do this every time. I’m not going to touch myself anymore. You need to do it to me. I don’t want you to do it alone either. I want to catch all of your white stuff on me. It’d be a waste not to.”

“Can I…? Can I squirt it in your mouth next time,” Jon asked while breathing heavily. She was still stroking him even though no more cum would come out of his cock. She answered by pulling him onto the mattress with her. He laid down next to her so that he could feel the warmth of her naked body. He could smell her sweat and the thought of licking her skin overwhelmed him.

“You’re such a naughty younger brother,” she teased him while giggling.

“I’m used to getting what I want,” he reminded her while spreading his fingers inside of her. She gasped as she recalled that she was mad at her brother when he first entered her room. Despite their parents’ best efforts to offer him everything he could ever want, she found something she could do for him that they could not. She felt slightly superior at that moment. That is how she planned to get back at her parents, by winning over her brother so that he would love her more than them.

“You can do whatever you want to me,” she whispered in his ear. “Just say whatever you want and I’ll give it to you.”

Jon responded by kissing her on the mouth. Tiffany was shocked but not upset. That was merely the first step toward winning him away from their parents. As she lay next to him, reveling in what they had just done, the thought dawned on her that what they just agreed to do for each other was quite different in nature. He would put his fingers inside her while she would stroke the outside of his cock. This was just further proof that the two of them, as well as boys and girls in general, were quite different. However, this was the first time she did not mind at all.

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