Flight to Heaven - sex story

Flight to Heaven

Jack glanced at his mother-in-law's legs... again.

He tried to stop himself, but it was too late. His eyes were
already roaming her curvaceous thighs as they slid deliciously out of
the tan hiking shorts she wore.

"Damn," he cursed himself, pressing his lips together, "I
promised myself I wouldn't look again... she's going think I'm weird.
But she's such a good lookin' old broad... "

As he thought this, he felt a familiar, but disturbing rousing
in his groin. Disturbing because it was his mother-in-law he was
getting aroused over, and because he, too, wore a pair of tan hiking
shorts, much like hers.

His muscular thighs somehow caused the legs of the shorts to
ride up. He wasn't wearing undershorts, so if he even got half an
erection, he was afraid the head of his cock would pop out the leg-
hole and she would see it.

That was the last thing Jack remembered before the engine on
the little aircraft began coughing. Suddenly, that good looking set of
legs on a women easily twice his age - who, by the way, looked a lot
younger - seemed not so important.

Suddenly, all of Jack's survival flight training kicked in -
wings level, trim for best rate of descent, look for landmarks and
look for a place to land... and, get on the radio and start calling
out your position.

Actually, when he caught his breath - somewhere in between
looking for landmarks and getting on the radio - he realized they
weren't in too bad a shape.

They were only 40 to 50 miles from their destination, a small
town on the eastern edge of Nevada. The country was flat, but
desolate. Jack realized that even if he couldn't restart the now dead
engine, they were not in imminent danger. He could probably land the
airplane anywhere down there without trouble. If push came to shove,
they could walk out. It would take two or three days if they couldn't
find help, but that beat the alter native, he smiled grimly, and
picked up the airplane's mike and began broadcasting his last known
position and, since there was no time to dilly-dally over a map, their
now-supposed position.

At last, he worked his way to the end of his survival
checklist and, having picked the place he planned to put the craft
down, found he had time to look around inside the cockpit. Much to his
surprise, his racing eyes almost bumped into his good looking mother-
in-law. She sat stiffly beside him, bolt upright, both hands shoved
between her legs as though holding her pussy, but in a frantic sort of

Their eyes met. For one brief instant, Jack read terror in her
eyes. But, then, to his relief and her credit, her eyes seemed to
smile and he heard her say, quietly since the engine was now
completely dead, "Sorry, Jack, but when I get frightened, I have to
pee... a nd I'm really frightened!"

It was just what they both needed. A touch of truth, and
lightness in a situation that could have been grim. Jack knew he was
taking precious time from the business at hand, but he exchanged a
quick chuckle with Mary before turning his attention back to the job
of putting the little plane down on the flat piece of ground he had

It was just as he thought... a piece of cake. The little craft
rolled to a stop with room to spare. It was then that Jack realized
how tense he had become. He let out a big breath, and then, thinking
he would needle his mother-in-law, he grabbed his groin, and moaned, "
Oooooo, I have to pee."

Mary got it and they both laughed. They sat a spell, both
collecting their thoughts and letting their pulse rates slide back
toward normal. At length, Jack spoke.

"Well... we need to do a couple of things ... " he said,
halting as though thinking, "... and then... and then... "

"What ARE we going to do, Jack?" Mary interrupted, raising one
hand to partially cover her mouth, and keeping the other hand squeezed
tightly over her crotch.

Jack thought another minute in silence, and then laid it out
for her. Basically, he said, it's simple. Martial your resources, and
then wait.

"That's it?" she asked. "That's all we going to do???" She
said, incredulous.

"Yes... for now. We wait," Jack said, explaining about his
calls on the radio. If anyone heard, they would begin searching
immediately. Of course, there were so few airports with their radios
on out here in the boondocks, he said, that it was possible no one had
heard him. And, it was late afternoon. Too late to go scouting on
foot. And, he assured her, there was no need. The aircraft was intact.
If no one had heard them, he would simply use the airplane's radio to
raise a passing aircraft later this afternoon, or sometime during the
night, or surely by tomorrow morning. So, all they had to do was stay
with the aircraft. It would be noticeable from the air. "When they
find the airplane, they'll find us," he said. "Also, if we're out here
past dark, when no one at home hears from us they'll start calling and
find out we didn't arrive. One way or another, someone will be out
looking for us soon," he assured Mary.

And, since he flew regularly over this sparse country checking
his land developments, Jack explained that he always carried a few
gallons of water, dried food, and a few other things like blankets,
just in case. "This isn't going to be like eating at your favorite
restaurant, but we'll survive," he smiled, adding, "besides, we're

Could've been worse, ya know." He said it in a reassuring way,
and as he said it, he patted Mary on the leg as if to reinforce his

When he did that, he tried not to recoil, but it took almost
all his remaining energy not to react... When he touched her leg, it
was as though he had just received an electric shock. A tiny jolt,
like some kind of energy, seemed to bolt through is body. He quickly
withdrew his hand and, reaching across her, opened the cabin door.
"Let's get out and take a look at where we are," he smiled.

Jack busied himself with tying down the aircraft, and then
opened the cowling so he could look at the engine. While checking
through the access door, Jack watched Mary out of the corner of his
eye. She was a very attractive lady. She wasn't tall, only 5' 1" or
so, but she had dynamite legs, and the sweetest little breasts he'd
ever laid eyes on. It heartened him because he had heard somewhere
that if you wanted to know what your wife would look like in later
life, just look at your mother-in-law. Every time Jack looked at Mary,
he felt something in his pants stir, and it made him happy, thinking
that his wife might hold her looks as well as Mary.

"Find anything," came a voice from behind him. Jack turned to
see Mary standing with her hand still pressed to her crotch. With most
of the tension of the emergency landing behind him, Jack found himself
snickering almost out loud at the sight of this good looking, mature
woman groping her crotch like a child.

"No... probably a clogged fuel line," he chuckled, adding,
"What'sa matter... still gotta go?"

Mary smiled back and put both hands between her legs.

"Yeeeessssss," she squealed.

"Well, come on, then. Let's see what we can find. I noticed a
small canyon and some rocks over there as we landed," he said,
pointing off to the side.

Just as he said, there was a depression some yards away with
rocks and trees.

"You go behind those rocks, and I'll use these trees," he

He felt she would be okay with that... the both of them peeing
in such close proximity to each other. For one thing, in the few years
he had known his mother-in-law, he had found her to be not only
beautiful, but a bit of an adventuress. She had been divorced for
several years, which meant she had only herself to think about. She
spent time going off on white water rafting trips, overnight hikes
alone. Many was the time they had talked away the night about her
adventures, plus fun stuff like "when was your first time, and
where"... whatever came to mind. Frankly, Jack was as impressed with
his mother-in-law as he was the broad-minded daughter she had raised
and then turned over to him. Jack figured he had gotten to know Mary
well enough that taking a leak, under cover, ten yards apart was okay,
especially since they had just cheated death together.

Perhaps it was the rush of adrenaline that so filled Jack's
bladder, but it seemed he had been peeing for several minutes when he
heard a long, low wolf-whistle coming from behind him. Craning his
neck, he looked over his shoulder while still holding his cock and
trying to direct his diminishing stream of urine on the tree in front
of him.

There, not ten feet away, stood Mary, her lips puckered into a
whistle, and an coy, almost evil grin on her face.

"My... my... what a man you are... " and she whistled again.

Jack's first thought was to stuff his meat back into his
pants, but he knew it was too late for that. Besides, he reasoned,
she's not seeing anything she hasn't seen before, and perhaps this is
just another way for her to relieve the tension. Jack finished, and
then, almost as if he had been dared, he turned slightly so she could
see it all, and shook it... actually waved it around... before putting
it away. Hell, he thought, if she's going to creep up on me like that,
she'll have to look at it or turn her back and keep her distance.

But Mary didn't move away, or turn her head. She uttered not a
sound, and the look on her face reflected approval. Jack stuffed his
now enlarging cock back into his shorts, while a tingle of wonder and
worry flashed up his spine.

"Come on," he said. "It'll be dark soon and I want to check a
couple more things before we lose the light.

Back at the aircraft, Jack puttered around under the engine
cowling for several more minutes. Finally, he snapped the cowling
cover back in place and muttered a curse.

"What is it, Jack?" Mary asked.

"Oh... I thought maybe I could get it running but the fuel
line seems clogged." After staring at the airplane, as though that
would help start the engine, Jack said, "Well... let's get some of
that gear and make camp. We're likely to be here all night. Why don't
you pull that bag out of the back seat. It'll start cooling off pretty
soon. I'll drain some gas so we can start a fire."

Both went about their assigned jobs until Jack let out a yelp.

"Jack? You okay?" Mary called into the gathering dusk.
"Yeah... yeah. Damn! I spilled gas on my shorts. It's aviation fuel.
It really burns... " Jack sat the gas can down, and headed off to
collect some dead wood he had spotted while taking a leak. When he
returned, he laid the fire, and then, backing off, asked Mary to start

"I've got so much gas on me I'm afraid to strike a match,"
Jack laughed, rubbing himself. "Damn," he muttered, "it really burns."

"Oh, for goodness sake, Jack," Mary said, why don't you take
your shorts off... hang 'em up... let the gas evaporate."

"Naw... that's okay," Jack said, looking away.

"Oh, come on, Jack. I'm an old lady. Think I've never seen a
man in his drawers?" Mary said. She sounded sincere.

"That's not it... " Jack said slowly.

"Well, then, what is it, Jack," Mary persisted. By then she
was standing between him and the flickering fire, which outlined her
in a halo of gold-orange light. Jack was struck with her figure, and
with how much she was built like his wife... her daughter. In this
light, she looked very much like a well-built thirty-year-old woman,
not the 55year-old she was. Her skin was still taught, her legs were
shapely, and her breasts, although small, were perky, and, because he
had managed a secret peek now and then over the last five years, he
knew her breasts ended in nipples that had a distinct protruding
effect, something that made him hot every time he thought about it.

"Well... Mary ... I ... I'm not wearing any... underpants," he
said at last, dropping his head. He kept his head lowered, but raised
his eyes for just a quick look. He wasn't sure, but he thought he
caught a flicker of... of... of what? in Mary's eyes. Naw, he thought
at last. It's just the effects of the adrenaline wearing off, and of
the firelight, he told himself.

"Now, look here, Jack," Mary said, and she launched into a
lengthy, one-sided discussion/argument dealing which why Jack should
shuck his shorts. We're friends, we're related, we're adults, this is
an emergency... the list seemed endless to Jack, and the truth was, it
sounded to Jack like a great excuse to get naked, to show his stuff to
a lady who had occupied more than one fantasy he'd let play out in his
mind over the last few years. At last, Mary said, "... so I'll get the
blanket. You can use that while you shorts air out... okay?"

Jack pretended to think about it before nodding assent. Mary
held the blanket, none too high, Jack thought as he stepped out of his
shorts. At that, Mary wrapped the blanket around his waist. Jack
noticed how terrific she smelled as her arms slipped around his waist.
Almost instantly, as her arms, swinging the blanket in place, closed
around him, his cock began growing. Thank God for the blanket, he

The next hour or so was spent taking care of loose ends around
camp, eating not-so-yummy things, and talking about the fact that no
one had flown over. Apparently, Jack said, no one had heard his calls.

"But, there's tomorrow," he assured, squirming under the

"Is it still bothering you, Jack?" Mary asked. "Oh... a
little" Jack groaned. Actually, he was fighting a hard-on, but... a
little sympathy wouldn't hurt, he thought, and who knows where it
might lead?

"Listen, Jack," Mary said, "we have several gallons of water.
Let me wet a rag and see to that gasoline burn," and, without warning,
she peeled back the blanket, saying, "Let me look at that."

Jack was unprepared for her quick move, and he suddenly found
himself naked from the waist down, his thickening, growing cock
exposed to the night sky and dancing firelight as his mother-in-law
got down on her knees and peered at his crotch.

"Here," she directed, touching him on one hip, "turn this way
so I can see." She positioned Jack so more of the light from the small
fire fell on his lap. "Well... " she mused, "it doesn't... look... so
bad. How does it feel?"

"It burns... a little," he said, still squirming because his
damned cock seemed to have a mind of it's own. It continued to grow,
slowly, to be sure, but grow it did.

"Where?... " she said, reaching out. She touched him gently on
the inside of his leg, just to the side of his cock.

Again, Jack received the same little jolt of energy he felt
earlier. He was surprised, too, at how soft was her touch, how cool
her fingers felt, and how, though he willed it not to, it caused his
cock to stir... noticeably.

"Why, Jack," Mary said, a small smile playing on her lips,
"just be still for a minute or two and let me see whether I can make
that feel better."

Mary dipped an old wash cloth in water, rung it out and began
blotting the reddened area beside Jack's cock. She dibbed and dabbed
almost too long, Jack thought. Then, as before, without warning, she
used her free hand to move Jack's cock, as though it were in the way.
The coolness of the water on the cloth helped Jack keep his hardening
cock down to a kind of limp, arching thing, but when Mary touched it,
it was all over.

It grew noticeably. Still, Mary proceeded as though nothing
untoward were happening. Jack wondered whether he was going crazy. How
could she not notice, he wondered. Oh well... it seemed to be her
game, and he decided he'd play it her way.

Mary dabbed away, and, to Jack's surprise, the area of the
burn began feeling better, but it was hard to notice with his cock
growing like a wild thing.

"There... how's that?" she asked.

Jack wished she would continue, but...

"Fine," he choked. "Just fine."

"Well, let me tidy up a bit," Mary said, "and then, I think we
ought to turn in."

Jack thought she meant she would tidy up the campsite, but to
his surprise, Mary sat on her haunches and began unbuttoning her
blouse. She rang out the wash cloth in fresh water and began sponging
her upper body. It was as though Jack wasn't there.

She dabbed daintily at her arm pits, and ran the cloth over
the back of her neck. Then, reaching between her sweet little boobs,
she unhooked her bra and let it fall off her shoulders.

The sight was more than Jack could bear. Her breasts were firm
with nipples just as he had imagined them... pointy little raspberries
sitting atop a brownish swelling that protruded from her breasts. His
cock began behaving as though it were an entity unto itself. It became
rigid, and then, slowly it became so stiff it was almost painful.

But she didn't seem to mind that he was only feet from her,
watching, so he laid there, taking it in.

He could see how firm her breasts were when she brought the
damp cloth swooping down beneath them as she washed. When she did
this, the entire breast moved, as though it were hard. Who knows, he
thought, maybe her breasts get hard like my cock.

She was still sitting on her heels when she dipped, rinsed and
wrung out the cloth again. She carefully laid the cloth aside, and, to
Jack utter surprise, she stood and undid the button on her shorts. The
fly came open, one button at a time, revealing the sweetest little
belly Jack had ever seen. It had that sensual, feminine pooch to it.
There was something about that little mound of a belly that tore Jack

In an totally unhurried way, she began sliding the shorts down
off her hips, which, to Jack's further surprise were the perfection of
femaleness - slightly bony at the crest of the hip, descending
downward into a little hollow and then, the protruding hip/thigh bone,
making her hips the standard for female form. As the shorts slid
farther, Jack saw the beginning of her tawny, brown pubic hair. She
stopped wiggling, leaving her shorts hanging precariously on those
wonderful hip bones with just the top edge of her pussy hair showing.
She paid no attention to Jack, but Jack noticed she seemed to smiling
ever so slightly... as if to herself.

She picked up the cloth again, and set about washing her waist
area, and her sweet little tummy. She moved lower, repeated bumping
into the zipper of her shorts, which was drawn taught across her hips.

Finally, sighing as though she had struggled to make a
decision, she placed index fingers from both hands on the bunched up
edge of her shorts and began wiggling again. Her shorts hung on as
though they didn't want to budge, and finally, they fell loose,
slipping down her legs like an express elevator heading for the

Jack felt his breath catch... his heart stop... his blood
pressure rise ten points. All of Mary's sweetness and womanhood stood
before him, firelight dancing over her breasts, tummy, vulva, and

Her breasts had hard-ons, Jack was sure of that. They stood
our from her rib cage like a 15-year-old's. The little slope if her
tummy rose and then fell away toward her vulva, which, Jack believed,
was almost dripping. He could see the moisture glistening in the
firelight, twinkling out at him like tiny beacons calling his ship

It was obvious to Jack that this was a turning point. If
things went farther, it would never be the same between them again
between them. Did she really want to do this, he wondered. He knew she
had been divorced for several years, and that she stayed pretty close
to home where other men were concerned. He also knew that she got
horny because his wife - her daughter - mentioned it from time to

"But mom's particular," she had said. "She won't just hop in
bed with anyone. She probably wants someone like you, Jack," she had
said, adding, "She raised me to be particular, too, and she completely
approves of you as my husband." This subject, or something like it,
had come up a couple of other times, but Mary always struck Jack as so
prim and proper that it never entered his mind that something like
this could happen. But now, standing before him was Miss Prim, Miss
Proper, Miss Cool - and she looked anything but cool. She looked
"ready." What to do... what to do???

Very deliberately, Mary dipped and wrung the cloth again. She
took a small side step, causing her legs to open all the way up. Then,
slowly, she began washing her pussy. She moved her now puffy pussy
lips around in all directions as she applied the rough cloth. She
closed her eyes and let her head fall backward slightly as she pushed
the cloth back toward her ass and then withdrew it slowly so that it
trailed out, slipping now and again between her lips, brushing her

But she wasn't finished. Using her free hand, she reached
delicately between her legs and, using her pretty fingers, spread her
lips so that her clit protruded straight out. Gently, she brought the
wash cloth in direct contact with her clit, moving it in slow circles.
She began moving her hips in little circles that went in the opposite
direction. Her clit grew a deeper pink, and literally became blood-
engorged and swollen. I stuck out like a tiny hard-on.

She continued doing this while looking directly at Jack. It
wasn't one of those dreamy "girl-looks" you read about in magazines.

It was one of those direct looks, a look that says, hey, this
is me, this is my pussy and I know it's beautiful and so do you. Jack
was impressed with her sense of self. It was obvious that she was
happy to be who she was. Her breasts weren't the giant jugs you read
about in guy-books, but they didn't have to be. She was so absolutely
sure of herself that she'd look sexy without tits.

Well, what the hell, Jack thought. I've certainly gotten a
message here, and I don't think I've got it wrong. With that, Jack
threw back his cover, revealing his raging hard-on. His cock wasn't
one of those story-book cocks, either. But it had a nice length and
girth to it. More than a hand full, but not long enough to water the
garden with. Now, after seeing this much, Jack's cock felt huge,
stretched to it's limit. The corona was a deep red-purple, and the
shaft pulsed like it had its own heart.

Keeping his voice as calm as he could, Jack reached for the
cloth, saying, "I need a bath, too."

Mary smiled, re-dipped the cloth and handed it to Jack. Being
careful of his still tender spot, Jack began washing. He washed up the
inside of his legs, paying careful attention to his balls. He picked
up his sack with his free hand and placed his balls into the damp
cloth. He massaged them gently, his cock literally bounding with each
heartbeat. Then, he transferred his attention to his cock. Slowly, he
washed it, up and down, twirling the cloth around the engorged head.
Then up and around his flat, muscled stomach, and back down to his
purple cock.

"How's that?" he asked, laying the cloth aside.

"Fine," she smiled, "but I think you missed a tiny spot...

here," she pointed, and then said, "Never mind... I'll get it
for you."

She knelt beside Jack, who was still lying on the rumpled
blanket. She took his cock in her hand, stroking it delicately up and
down, and then bent forward and began licking the tip of his cock.

"Oh! My mistake," she laughed. "It was just a little cum...

mmmm... yummm... "

And then she was on him, her mouth, hot, wet and slippery,
sliding up and down on his pulsing shaft, her tongue slithering around
his cock. She made little slurping sounds, like a little girl eating a
lollipop. She writhed, slurped, slobbered and dripped saliva on his
balls. She drew his balls into her mouth and gently sucked them like a
piece of candy. Slowly, but surely, the pressure inside his testicles
grew, sending waves of warning to his brain.

Jack clenched his teeth and sucked in his breath. She was
bringing him dangerously close to blowing his load, and he didn't want
that to happen just now. The evening was young. This was something he
had only dreamed of and he didn't want to end it so soon. Hell, he'd
go back to it as soon as he could get it up again, he knew that, but
it would ruin the moment. If he had learned anything, it was that even
wild and woolly, totally unexpected sex, had its moment, and this was
that moment. Stopping in the middle just wouldn't be cool.

Jack touched Mary on the head, bringing her bobbing to a halt.

"My turn," he smiled, grateful to feel his climax recede a
couple of notches.

He placed Mary on the blanket and spread her legs. He kneeled
between them and began to massage her. From her feet up to her breasts
and back again. He worked on each leg, amazed at the muscle tone in
this lady. Then, her tummy, which was like her legs, toned and taut.
He drew little circles around her breasts, and in a feather-light
touch, brought his fingers up her hard, pointy breasts to close on her
hard little raspberry nipples.

She moved almost like a snake beneath his touch, writhing,
thrusting her hips forward so her wet slit caught the light of the
moon that was just sliding over the horizon. Jack dragged his hands
slowly over her breasts, bringing them downward, over her little tummy
until they met at her moist V. Gingerly, he began massaging each
vaginal lip in opposite directions so that as one rose, the other got
pulled down. Gently, gently he rolled the puffy lips below his
fingers, watching the inner lips of her vagina slip and move against
one another, occasionally making little slurping, snapping wet sounds
into the night sky.

Jack lay between her legs, lowering his face into her
glistening crotch. The scent of her almost made him lose his load
again. It was a peculiar blend of deep musk and light, airy smells...

"Pussy," Jack thought... "definitely pussy," and he lowered
his mouth so that hovered just above her wet folds and hard clit. He
exhaled slowly, directing a stream of hot, moist breath on her cunt-
lips. Mary moaned audibly.

"OhmyGodwhatwasthat?" she exhaled, all in one breath. Jack
smiled to himself, and flicked her clit with his tongue. Again, Mary
jumped. Jack lowered his mouth and sucked, gently at first, and then
harder until he had her lips, clit and vaginal folds puckered by
suction in his mouth. He held all of her in his mouth by suction while
he let his tongue explore the folded flesh. He found her clit and
began rolling it gently beneath his tongue.

Mary moaned, and as Jack peeked over her little tummy, he saw
her eyes roll back in her head. She closed her eyes and began pinching
her nipples... actually, she tweaked them with little tiny pinches,
making the little raspberries go flat on one side, and then, pulling
them upward, she released them so her entire breast jiggled like the
proverbial bowl of jelly.

Jack gently released his suction, allowing the folds of her
vaginal lips slip away, leaving her wet slit just below his tongue. He
pushed and without effort, slipped his tongue inside her vagina. He
began lapping like a dog. It was so good. Slightly salty, very creamy
and ever so slick. He could imagine his cock slipping into that pot
of warmth and wetness, and he had to think about something else before
it was too late.

He could feel her orgasm approaching, so he slowed and then

"Here," he directed, getting her to her knees. He slipped into
her position, and brought her over on top of him so she was straddling
his face.

"I want all your sweet juices when you cum, Mary... " and he
pulled her down to his mouth.

She responded now, unable to stop. She rocked back and forth,
fucking his mouth and tongue with her clit. He could feel her clit
ride up over his extended tongue, and then back down again, all the
while, her slippery lips massaged either side of his mouth, and her
sweet pussy juices drained into his eager mouth. Mary stopped her
rocking motion, replacing it with a frantic, hard back and forth
motion. It wasn't far off, Jack could tell.

He reached up and grabbed her ass and helped her by adding
back pressure so she could really buck her hips and slam her pussy
into his mouth.

"Oooohhhhh... Ja... Ja... ck... I'm... cu ...

cummmmmmmingggggggg!!!! Ah! Ah! Oh, Go... d."

Slowly, her rocking stopped, replaced by gentle muscular
contractions in her vagina. Jack could feel them with his tongue,
which was still buried deep in her slurpy pussy. She finally
crumpled. Jack caught her and helped her slide down his body until his
stiff cock fit exactly in the wet V of her legs.

She lay, panting for several minutes, nibbling on his ear and
kissing him lightly on the lips.

At length, she said, "Now... what is it pilots call that thing
they fly with... a joy stick? Yes... Well, Mr. Pilot, it seems I have
a joy stick knocking on my door, and I plan to go flying ... all
night... all night, do you hear?" She smiled, and reached between them
until she had his throbbing cock in her little hands. In one motion,
she raised her hips and guided his cock to the opening of her vagina.

It was so hot that both of them gasped.

"Oh, God," she said.

"Ahhh," Jack breathed.

Slowly, deliberately, almost with malice, she lowered herself
down, allowing the feeling of that now splitting cock to slide inch by
inch inside of her wet womanhood. Jack felt her clit slip over every
engorged vein in his cock. When she reached bottom, she arched her
back, pressing her pussy lips against Jack's pubic bone, trying to
seat his cock another quarter inch deeper in her throbbing pussy.

They held that position for at least a full minute, letting
Jack's cock soak in her juices. It was like applying lip balm to
chapped lips. His cock had engorged with so much blood it felt as
though the skin on his shaft would split. Soaking it in Mary's pussy
had the effect of softening the skin, making it more pliable.

Then, like dance partners moving to their own music, they
began a slow, rhythmic set of motions in which Mary would hump and
grind against Jack's pubic bone, rubbing her clit hard, followed by
Jack withdrawing and then slowly pushing his cock back into her pussy
several times.

Little by little, both began to stiffen, and soon, it was
obvious that neither was going to stop. They breathed in unison,
ground together in unison, moaned in unison until that tiny flame
burst in the belly of each of them, spreading heat in all directions,
until without actually being aware, both were bucking and fucking with
great explosions of Jack's cum searing Mary's hot, slippery vagina.

Mary stayed right where she was as Jack reached out and
flipped the blanket over them. Both were so exhausted they fell asleep
almost immediately with Jack's cock still inside Mary. They slept that
way until dawn when they were awakened by the sound of an aircraft

Jack scrambled to the cockpit of his plane, flipped on the

He was talking to the pilot who flew overhead when Mary slid
in beside him, still wrapped in the blanket. She took his free hand
and slid it between her legs and smiled at him.

"It's a guy I know from our home airport," Jack explained.
"Said they heard us last night, but we must have gone down too quick
to hear them respond," he added. "He's going to drop in here and pick
us up in a minute."

"Oh... shoot," Mary said, I hoped we would have to spend the
whole day.

"Does that mean you'll go flying with me again?" Jack asked.
They both knew they weren't talking about flying. "Anytime, Jack...
anytime. In fact, I fully expect you to get me a little pair of gold
wings when we get home. We'll have a little party at the house
tonight. You can pin them on in front of everyone... maybe make me
your official partner in all future crash landings... " she smiled.

Jack smiled back, picked up the mike, radioed his buddy. "Can
you hurry it up," he said to the pilot orbiting overhead, "I have to
get to a jewelry store before the day is over." He squeezed Mary's
pussy, which was beginning to mist again.

"What???" came the reply from above.

Jack and Mary looked at each other and laughed.

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