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Fucked my best friend

I discovered a couple's club in town was having a lingerie party one Saturday night. I asked Ellen if she'd like to go, she said ok but wanted to try to find a room nearby so we wouldn't have to worry about drinking and driving. I checked the address and found it was near the apartment where my best friend Ricky lives. I called and asked if he was interested in going and if we could stay with him. Of course he was so I then called the club to see if he would be allowed as our third. They said as long as he stayed with us it would be fine.

We arrived at Ricky's place around 8 and got ready. Ellen bought a sexy new black nightgown that was sheer at the top and short. It was also slut up the sides nearly to her waist. She showered and got dressed. I wore a silk robe with matching boxers and Ricky wore silk boxers and a silk tank top. His boxers left little to the imagination, much like Ellen's nightie. We took a cab to the club, the driver was speechless when he saw how we were dressed. Ellen sat in the front seat with him and we sat in the back. We got his number so we could call for a ride home and went inside.

It wasn't very crowded when we arrived but soon after it got very crowded. It was byob and we had an ice chest full of booze. By 10:30 the place was hopping We were sitting at table by the dance floor. Ellen was sitting between Ricky and me. Ricky asked her to dance and they walked over to the floor. Ellen had nothing on under the nightie and every guy around was checking out her ass , it was completely visible as she spun around dancing. Soon, they played a slow song and Ricky grabbed her around the waist and held her close. He's wanted to fuck HER for years, and almost did a couple of times.

His hands were on her ass as they danced lifting her nightie so everyone could see. She didn't seem to mind and had her arms locked around his neck. During the 2nd slow song he kissed her, she kissed him back eagerly and didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that both his hands were on her bare ass. When they came back to the table I pointed out a room nearby with a door. There was a man there letting people in and out but making sure the door stayed closed. I asked Ellen to follow me and took her hand and we went inside. Ricky was still at the table.

There was a couch and a love seat inside and some chairs as well two guys and a lady were using the live seat having fun. Two more guys were watching sitting in the chairs. I took Ellen to the sofa and she began giving me head. Her ass was up since she was on her knees and both guys behind her had a view of her spread open push! One of them moved over behind her and began playing with her pussy. She didn't react at all except to moan a bit but when he started licking her she got up and said she was ready to go.

We went out and called our cab driver. He arrived in minutes and Ellen once a gay sat up front. Ricky told him to take us to a nearby bar. Ellen reminded him of how we were dressed but he told her they wouldn't mind so off we went. It was around 1:00 and the bars close at 2:00. There were about 5 people counting the bartender 2 guys playing pool and a woman with a very young guy sitting at a table. Ricky put quarters on the pool table but the 2 guys left when their game ended so he and I began playing. Ellen was sitting at the table with the lady and the young guy. After a few minutes the lady joined us to play.

Ellen was clearly having fun with the kid, she was flirting heavily and he was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Ellen's tots were totally visible, the nightie was completely see-thru at the top. They played a song Ellen loves, a slow blues song, and I heard her ask him to dance. The lady was playing Ricky and I heard her ask him who Ellen was. He explained 'she's his husband and my EX sister in law.' The lady then said that was her son Ellen was dancing with. She asked if I was ok with it, she didn't want him getting beat up. I said it was fine. She then told us it was his 17th birthday and she brought him out for some fun.

Ellen was clearly enjoying herself. The kid looked barely 16 and was about 6'2' but skinny as a rail. She had her arms around him and then took his hands and placed them on her ass under her nightie! Mom was watching and I asked if she was good with it. She said she loved it and laughed. As they played pool I watched Ellen dance slowly with the kid. His hands were all over her and soon he was kissing her. All to soon it was closing time and we paid our tab. They invus back to their place but

we decided it was bedtime and said no. Since we didn't have a ride they drove us to Ricky's place. Ellen sat in back with the kid and Ricky, while I sat up front with mom.

When we got to Ricky's apartment Ellen kissed the kid goodnight and we went inside. The apartment was a 1 bedroom with a king size bed. Ellen showered off and Ricky told us we could use the bedroom so she cra led in bed naked. Ricky showered next, then me. When I got out Ricky was lying on the sofa. I told him the bed was big enough for all of us. He refused at first but I said we would drive home before we would let him sleep on the sofa. He said 'you know I sleep naked' I told him that was ok and we got in bed with Ellen in the middle.

All 3 of us were naked lying there. I knew Ellen wouldn't fuck him since he was her ex-brother in law but he's been trying for years. I was about to fall asleep when I heard Ellen say 'ooh, that feels good!' I slowly turned toward her and saw Ricky playing with her pussy. He soon made his way down and started eating her. Her eyes were closed but her hands were on his head. She seemed to cum quickly. He then climbed up and Spread her legs. The sheet that had been covering us he tossed to the side. I watched as he began pushing his cock into her pussy!

Ellen always said she knew he had a huge dick, and she was right! Not only is it very long, but very thick as well! She was already wet from him eating her pussy but he still had to go very slowly. When he finally pushed inside her I saw her eyes open wide and heard her gasp. She raised her legs up and then turned to me. My eyes were mostly closed so I'm sure she thought I was asleep. She looked at me for a minute, then closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck. At first he moved very slowly. I could here the noise as he moved in and out of her, she was obviously wet and very turned on!

Ellen has always preferred slow easy fucking, she said she can't cum from rough sex. Ricky had told me that he likes rough sex preferring to slam hard into a pussy. I've told him before that if Ellen ever agreed to fuck him he'd have to go easy. He's always laughed but said he fuck HER however she wanted as long as he got to fuck her. As he fucked her now, he began speeding up going faster and faster. As he picked up the pace Ellen raised her legs higher. Soon, Ricky lifted them up and placed them on his shoulders. Her pussy was up and he was now slamming his cock inside her. It sounded like he was slapping her hard with his hand! Ellen was grunting loudly, her breathing was hard and she was moaning as well. She soon grabbed his ass with her hands and was pulling him into her and began telling him 'oh Ricky, fuck me! Fuck my pussy!' Ricky continued to fuck her like crazy but finally asked 'am I hurting you? '. Ellen said 'yes! But please don't stop! God that feels fantastic!'

She then bit his neck and practically screamed as she came! Ricky was still going and she came again almost immediately. He still hadn't cum and she said 'you have to finish! I won't be able to walk tomorrow if you don't!' Ricky asked if he could cum inside her and she said 'of course!' He pounded her for another minute or two and I heard her moan again just as he said 'ok I'm cumming!' She locked her legs around his back and her arms around his neck. He held onto her and shoved deep inside her and stopped as he emptied his load. After, they lay there and held each other then Ellen went and took a shower.

I was awake now and lay there turned on by what I had witnessed. Ellen came back to bed and snuggled me while Ricky snuggled her. I finally dozed off but woke later by movement in the bed. I looked and saw Ellen on her knees over Ricky giving him head. He'd been asleep but soon woke. When he did she crawled up and straddled him and slowly eased onto his dick. When he was fully inside her she leaned forward and whispered 'I wanted to feel your cock inside me once more but I don't think I could handle being fucked like that again!' Ricky asked if he'd been too rough but Ellen said 'God no! It was fantastic! I just know how sore I'm already going to be but I really want to feel you in me again, if that's ok.' Ricky laughed and said 'anytime!'

Ellen rocked back and forth until she once again came. Afterwards she crawled between us and lay her head on his shoulder holding his cock in one hand. Since that time they've fucked many more times. She says that to this day he has the largest cock she's ever seen and can last longer than any man she's ever fucked!

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