Fucked my ex-wife an her friend in theass while they where drunk - sex story

Fucked my ex-wife an her friend in theass while they where drunk

It happended about 3 years ago. At the time I was already divorced from my wife and I was a broke bum simple as that.
My ex-wife had called me to babysit my daughter so she could go to a work Christmas party so I came over for free food free cble and beer.Everything was normal my ex-wife like normal acted like a nooty bitch along with her best friend they put me down and laughed at me like normal but like I said earlier I did not care I was a bum with thick skin.
They left and it was a normal night my daughter went wild playing with the neighbor kids and passed out around 9 pm .So I was at my ex-wifes house watching tv and went to sleep for a bit.
So about 1 in the morning I hear the cab pull up I walk outside to help them go inside .Its cold as heck out side so I try helping them in and her friend tells me to go buy some liquor and gives a a fifty of course I buy the cheapest stuff and keep the change. So I get back with the liquor and those bitches have drunk up all the beer.It was freezing out side so when I went inside it was like a oven they had put the heat up and to top it off I became their bartender as they talked and laughed so I serve them shots for about another hour I get them black out drunk.
I figured they where drunk so I took a look thru their purses to see if I could score some cash not all of it but some of it! So as I was going thru their purses I see them both laid out one on the sofa the other on the floor.My ex-wife shes a bit heavy she has a big butt and big tits and is pretty her friend is a small girl she has big tits and a small waist she looks very pretty too they are both stuck up bitches.So as I went thru their purses I found a few bucks.So I was looking at them just laid out so I decided to take my wife to her room,It was pretty easy I picked her up and she never even woke up.So when I got there I decided to strip her naked to see if she said something not a peep.So I had her naked and did not know what todo . So I decided to fingered her pussy sucked her big tits she was a sexy big girl umm her pussy was nice and clean shaven not a hair ….That got me hard im not a guy with a huge dick but I have my 7 incher ready for battle…I decided a good fuck would finish off my nite realy good..so I opened her legss up and started to rub my dick all over her pussy lips until I got her nice and wet and slid my cock in her going in as deep as I could she did not even move but dam it felt good I started to fuck her fast and hard I knew if she would have been awake she would of loved it… Then I thought I didn’t even have a condom on and did not want to get her pregnant so against all my will I pulled out and went in search of a condom..it realy suked but sometimes you have to suffer a bit so im looking all over for a condom I cuould not find one so I go back to the roon and my ex-wife is laid out the same way so I decide to fuck her in the ass that way I could cum up her ass and not worry so I turn her over and spread her ass her asshole looks so good and her pussy does too I pull out my cell phone and tooka picture of her ass spread open for a souvenir .So I decided to use spit only to fuck her ass so I spit on my dick and on her ass she did not even make sound when I rub the tip of my dick on her asshole and when I slide in the head she just moans a bitt but dam it feels so good sliding my rock hard dick into a tight brown asshole I start to fuck her ass slowly at first until I could slide my whole dick into her ass she doesn’t even wake up I pull out just to see how I left her asshole and to see the gape she has it looks like its trying to blow me a kiss so I take another picture with my cell and start to assfuck her again im deep in her ass and think to myself I got another whore in the other room dead drunk why not fuck her ass to..I pull out and spread my ex-wife ass to see how I destroyed it so far and it realy turns me on so I go and pick up her friend up and bring her into the room.She is not heavy at all I strip her down and find shes wearing a thong that realy looks good I deide to finger her pusyy and it felt pretty loose but her ass was a pink beautiful thing to see I finger her ass with delicate care she realy is a sexy bitch I rub my dick on her asshole and slowly slide my dick up her ass she moans and I don’t know for sure but think she actually pushed back onto my dick I fuck her ass slowly for a little bit then pull out and fuck my ex-wife taking turns assfucking them until I get to a point that Im ramming my dick from one ass to the other fuck I have never had two assholes to fuck at the same time when its time to cum in my ex- wifes asshole I fucken cum with all my force it feels so good to fill up a womens asshole with cum.I let my dick come out on its own from my ex-wifes destroyed gaping asshole and see my cum drip out of her ass..I clean her up a bit I and take the last of my pictures .Spreading their assholes wide to see the gape I left after the assfucking I gave them and to be honest my wives friend had her asshole spread more wide open than my ex-wifes asshole so in my book her friend is the bigger anal whore.I had to dress them up and put them back where they where it was a drag but worth the effort to have zero problems. In the morning they woke up before me .her friend goes home and my wife kicks me out and to my surprise I never hear anything about that night only that they got drunk..It was a good nite for me I got to fuck them in the ass and stole money what more could I have asked for.

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