Fullfilled fantasy - sex story

Fullfilled fantasy

This story started a while back when we were in our 30s. My name is Alfredo, people call me Fred. My parents immigrated from Mexico, so for a Latino to be 5’ 9” is quite is actually quite tall. I was 36 and my wife Aileen is taller than I am. Aile is a Caucasian woman with Irish roots and much taller than me, I have a very successful financial consulting business, that allow for Aile to stay home and sometimes helps me out. Aile is a very slender and sexy woman, the minute a man sees her, men’s dicks get hard, this is not an understatement, that’s one reason I married her. Aile was 33 at the time, she is 6’1”, shoulder length red hair and green eyes, great body, legs up to her ass, and perky tits, she doesn’t even look like the mother of our twin sons.

Since I was in high school, I liked to watch porn, mostly white women getting royally fucked by big black cocks, I guess that’s why I often envisioned watching Aile with her legs spread wide as several black men took turns fucking the shit out of her. I knew it was dream, because Ally would never go for it. I had tried to talk to her about opening up our sex lives to another man of her choosing, but she just blew it off as a fantasy. She told me she believed that sexual fantasies were Okay, but they should be left as fantasies. When I heard her say “she believed in sexual fantasies”, I thought that’s my chance to take my fantasy to the next step, even though I was not sure what the next step would be.

The one thing I figured I had in my favor was that while Aile was outwardly quite conservative, she liked to please me and dressed very provocatively in the privacy of our bedroom. My wife had so many sets of very sexy lingerie’ that if I didn’t know her, she could easily have been the hottest whore in town. All her lingerie’ was very short, skimpy and made her look like a French whore. Aile also let me take pictures of her, but with the understanding not to show them to anybody, they were just my private stash. One of my favorites was her red nightie, she wore the tiny very sheer red top showed off her large areolas. I could also see a trace of her red pubic hair through her sheer red panties, when she turned around her ass cheeks were not even covered at all. Sometimes she wore a red garter belt and small netted hosiery with black and sometimes high-thighs with stilettos. I had several hundred pictures of her in every piece of lingerie’ she owned, she would also do real sexy poses for me and raised her skirt revealing her very long legs in high-thighs and panties. I was no different than most men, even if they tell their wives tell them not show her private pictures to no one, I did it anyway. I started blurring what I could around her eyes in pictures and videos I had and started posting them on several adult websites.

I was curious to the responses I might get or not. I posted her pics and vids on several cuckhold and, hot-wife websites. One of the websites where white guys shared their wives with black men really intrigued me so I posted interracial websites. Watching interracial sites of big muscular black studs fucking the shit of white housewives constantly made me envision my favorite fantasy. As black studs fucked white housewives, I pictured it was Aile laying in our marital bed in her red nightie screaming her head off as the black stud had her long legs on his shoulders, while repeatedly plowing his huge black cock with a massive force in her white pussy. I wanted to see it at least one time, I couldn’t get that fantasy out my mind. I was determined to get her fucked by a black dick. As part of my plan I bought a prepaid private phone so men that saw her pictures could contact me. I made up a text message name so I could be contacted and at least in the beginning all would anonymous.

As I was watching one of my favorite websites, there was a sudden ping on the phone and there it was the first message. I got a text from a guy called himself “JABBC”, I called myself “fredo”, little did I know this was the first message that was about to change our lives.
JABBC: nice pic, does she fuck
Suddenly I got cold feet, I didn’t know if I wanted to answer, but the fantasy came back into my mind, and I answered.
Fredo: she only fucks me, but I would like to change that
He sent me a pic of Aile I had posted on her knees on the side of the bed and her ass up high.
JABBC: I sure would like to drive all my dick up that fine pussy, I would like to wrap up those long legs around me and fuck that pussy hard.
Fredo: how did you get the handle JABBC
JABBC: my “Jamaican Aaden Big Black Cock” is pure dynamite.
JABBC: the white wives I fuck at our church don’t complain about it
JABBC: they keep coming back for more
Fredo: you fuck wives that go to your church, really
JABBC: if I could get to that, I would drive my all cock deep in that ass
Fredo: hate to break it to you but that’ll never happen
Fredo: we’ve been married for a few years
Fredo: twin boys later she won’t let me fuck her in the ass, I’ve tried
Fredo: she is really very outwardly conservative
Fredo: she’ll jack me off, but won’t even give me a blow job, she thinks it’s filthy
JABBC: yo man, you might like this
JABBC sent me a video of blond woman around Aile’s age, her eyes were blurred. Three black very muscular studs with the biggest black dicks that I have ever seen were fucking the shit of her. They were on a bed with young woman sitting on a huge cock and another guy was drilling her ass deep with his huge cock, while the third guy was standing beside her as was going crazy moaning real loud as he fucked her mouth.
JABBC: this slut was the same way, look at her now, she sucks lots of cock and loves to swallow wads of cum.
JABBC: she claimed to be a conservative wife about a year ago, we fucked the conservative out of her, LOL
JABBC: this little whore is a pro at taking lots of black cock up her ass
JABBC sent me some me pictures of how conservative she still dresses at church and a second picture of how she dresses in the clubs. It was incredible, you would never think it was the same church woman dressed in very short skirts, no panties, black guys had her on a table legs spread fingering her pussy. The video showed several guys taking turns fucking her at the club as her husband looked on. Once I saw these pictures and videos, I knew I was hooked, I wanted more than ever to see Aile take black cock at least up her white pussy, just at least once.

Fredo: so how do you think I should approach my wife; she will never go for nothing like this.
JABBC: no that’s not how it starts, let’s go to dinner, bring your wife and I will bring Lisa with me.
JABBC: we will have some wine and talk; let Lisa talk to your wife, she’s good at it, oh, my name is Aaden.

We exchanged information and made plans for a nice restaurant in town that has a dance floor. When I told Aile about going out on Friday night, she was very happy. I told her I wanted her to meet some friends. We arrived at the restaurant, we met Aaden and Lisa, looking at Lisa, she was beautiful and dressed in very short skirt and top, not very conservative, but not the whore clothes I had seen her wear on the video.

Slow music started playing and I Lisa asked me for a dance and Aaden asked Aile. Lisa asked me about what Aile liked, I replied, she likes to dress up sexy for me but only in our bedroom. She lets me take pictures of her in lingerie’ and poses for me raising her skirt to show me high-thighs and panties, but that’s about it. She replied, believe if she does that privately, she is exhibitionist, she has fantasies she doesn’t want to share, because she was taught to be conservative all her life. We need to help her bring out all those fantasies that’s all. We sat down, Aile leaned over to me and said, wow, Aaden got hard dancing with me, I felt it, it is huge. I winked at her, she smiled and started drinking some wine. We all got up to dance again, Aaden took Aile to the dance floor, this time I could see he was grinding a little bit harder onto her pussy. As they danced, Aile looked at Aaden smiling, this time he slipped his left hand midway her waist and ass. The dance was over and again Aile leaned over and said, he is huge, bigger than the first time, it’s getting to steamy for me. I winked at her and replied, all is O.K. with me, you work so hard with the twins all day, live a little, have some fun, nothing serious will happen on the dance floor. My wife smiled and drank some wine.

Lisa told Aile, let’s go to the girl’s room. Later I learned what was said, between them. Lisa asked Aile, how do you like Aaden? Aile said, he’s a hot hunk, but I got to stop dancing with him. Lisa asked, why? Aile replied, I don’t mind a little innocent flirting, but wow, he started grinding against me, his manhood quickly got so huge, my mind started wondering where it shouldn’t wonder, I’m married to Fred and I have his kids. Lisa replied, I’m married and have two kids also. Aile said, really, and you’re here with Aaden, how about your husband. Lisa, oh my husband knows, he lets me do some things some men probably don’t like, but that’s enough about me, look at this. Lisa pulled out of picture of Aaden alone with the hardest erection, Aile was mesmerized staring at the picture, saying I know I felt him huge, but I didn’t know it was that big. Lisa put the picture away and said, let’s go back they’ll wonder what happened to us.

They came back and sat down had some more wine and this time I danced with my wife. Just to keep interested I put on a little grind on her pussy, so I could keep her interested, but I was not as good as Aaden. Aile said, wow, did you know that Lisa is married to someone else, but her husband apparently let’s her play. I told her how Aaden started grinding against me and how huge he got, then she showed me a picture of him naked with biggest cock I have ever seen. I said, I thought you said, you only been with me. She replied, that’s true, but women do see magazines also. I said, conservative women see adult magazines, she said, of course we aren’t dead. Do you want me to let you play? Aile replied, well, can I be very honest with you, you’re my husband and I don’t want to lie to you, I replied, shoot. She came back with, I don’t mind some honest flirting, but that’s all, do you mind if I dance with Aaden some more, it’s just flirting nothing else, not that I’m going to act on your fantasy, but it was you that brought up the fantasy remember. He’s a good- looking guy and a great dancer, it will be no more than just a little flirting, promise. I thought, there it is, finally the opening to my fantasy, I couldn’t say no to a chance of a seeing a huge black cock ravage her pussy. I said, yes, you can dance with him all night if you want, I trust you. She replied with kiss, saying thank you and I love you. I said, have fun.

During the next hour, they danced every slow song, Aaden was now really grinding against Aile’s pussy and she even began to grind back. Ally said, look at her, it won’t be long before Aaden has the legs spread wide open and starts plowing your wife’s hot pussy. I asked Lisa, you think Aile’s already hot, she replied, oh hell yeah, the way Aaden is grinding on her, if you touched her panty crotch, you would find her panties are soaking wet, right around now in her mind she wants all that hard huge cock up her hot pussy. It was getting late and the restaurant-club was nearly empty, we kept looking at them as they danced. A little bit earlier Aile drank a couple of more glasses of wine and was feeling no pain as she danced with her eyes closed and had her head on Aaden’s shoulder. Aaden had both his arms around my wife’s waist as he grinded his cock into her pussy. She didn’t even notice or didn’t care when Aaden dropped his left arm and raised her skirt half way up revealing her black panties. Aaden held her raised skirt with his right hand bring his left around and touched Aile’s pussy through her panties giving us a sign with his lips, saying “VERY WET” and a thumbs up. Lisa said, she’s ready, let’s go to your house, let Aaden sit in the back and tell her to sit in the back to keep Aaden company, keep an eye in the rear- view mirror, just don’t have an accident, Aaden will take it from there.

I did as Lisa said, we took off. I looked in the rea-view mirror and Aaden gave me a thumbs up. Aile rested her head with her eyes close on Aadens’ shoulder. Aaden kissed her ear and neck as he had done on the dance floor, for the first he proceeded to kiss her on the lips lightly, which quickly turned into a long French kiss. As he kissed her passionately, he took one of Aile’s hands and placed on his crotch asking Aile, like that? Aile said, that’s so big. Aaden unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his knees, out popped the biggest black cock I have ever seen. He went back to French kissing her as he took both of her hands and placed them on his huge shaft and started moving her hands up and down on his huge monster, about a minute later he moved his hands away, she started working both of her hands up and down with no help. He broke off the kiss and asked her, you like that? She said, it’s so big and so hard, he then he slowly pushed her head down to his cock, and told her to lick it, she immediately obeyed without any objections. She started licking the head of his cock, and then he said, now lick up and down my shaft, she did immediately. Aaden then told her, put that cock head in your mouth, again she quickly obeyed, he said that’s it, start going up and down on my shaft, take as much as can inside your mouth each time you come down. I thought she always objected giving me a blow job because she felt it was too dirty, but on this guy she never met, in no time, she started going crazy, she began with powerful downward strokes trying to take as much as she could in her mouth, even if she gagged, she was going nuts on his huge cock.

Aaden told her that’s it baby, that’s it, like that black cock don’t you, Aile replied in a sexy moaning voice, oooh yeeees, it’s so huge, black and beautiful and went back sucking real hard on it gagging again. Suddenly Aaden, yelled out, SHIT I’M GOING TO BLOW A NUT, and he started dumping his wad in Aile’s mouth. I thought since Aile had never swallowed cum so I thought she would start throwing up, but instead she began going nuts swallowing all he dumped in her mouth. The next was a shocker, Aaden told her in a louder tone, COME ON SLUT LICK MY SHAFT AND BALLS, Aile didn’t even flinch when he called her a slut, with pure lust in her eyes she stared at his huge cock and began to lick up and down his thick shaft. Aile began to moan loud and make slurping noises as she ran her tongue up and down his very long and thick shaft. Aaden told my wife, come on little whore, suck and lick those balls good and clean, make sure you eat all that cum you’re licking your daddy’s balls. I was floored, Aaden was now calling my very conservative wife a whore, and treating her like a whore, all Aile did was quickly obey what Aaden told her to do. Aile was slurping her tongue on his balls and putting one ball at time in her mouth and sucking on it, making loud noises and moaning. As Aile was sucking on his balls, Aaden said, look at you go you little whore, you like your daddy’s big black balls, come suck on the some more, show your daddy what a whore you really are. She began again sucking and licking Aaden’s huge balls, she was in so much lust, she looked up at Aaden and said out loud, OH DADDY, PLEASE LET ME SUCK COCK AGAIN! Aaden replied in a loud tone, I’LL LET YOU SUCK YOUR DADDY’S COCK AGAIN, ONLY IF YOU PUT MORE COCK IN YOUR MOUTH, COME GET YOUR DADDY’S COCK. I could not believe it, she started saying out loud, OH DADDY, OH DADDY and started lowering her mouth down on his monster trying to take as much cock in her mouth as she could until she began gagging.

With quick motions Aile was going up and down his massive tool, she had turned into a woman I no longer new. This was not the same conservative woman that had birthed twins. I had asked for blowjobs so many times and she would do it because she called them dirty. She hated if men called women sluts and whores, yet here we were, Aaden was calling her a slut and whore and didn’t care. She was so amazed at Aaden’s cock, she no longer realized I was present as she forced her mouth lower and lower on his shaft taking as much cock as she could in her mouth. Aaden than bucked up and held his cock in her mouth and started wad after wad of jism. This time Aile didn’t have to be instructed in nothing. She took all the cum Aaden could dump in her mouth and licked his cock and balls clean. When she finished, she looked up at Aaden, and asked, did you like that daddy, did your little whore lick daddy’s cock right?

We got to the house and we parked in the driveway and Lisa parked behind us. We got off and Aaden reached for Aile, they walked in front of us. As we walked Aaden was kissing Aile while he raised her skirt with his right hand, putting his hand under the waistband of her panties and massaging her ass. There were no objections from my wife, she didn’t even care if a neighbor might see her, she was lost in lust.

Lisa said, make sure you video this, it’s going to get hot. We got into our bedroom, he laid her on the edge of our bed, he stripped down naked, and their stood a real tall muscular black stud with the biggest hardest dick I had ever seen. Aaden raised her skirt, placed his hand on her panties and in one hard quick pull he ripped my wife’s panties off and threw the shreds on the floor. He turned to her and told her out loud, BITCH, I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU YOUR BLACK DADDY’S WHORE! He walked over spread her legs, leaded over and put his cockhead on the entrance of her vagina, Aile was going nuts, please put it in, please put in. Aaden, said out loud, COME ON WHORE, YOU WANT YOUR BLACK DADDY’S COCK MOVE THAT HOT WHITE CUNT UP HERE, TAKE MY COCK IN THAT HOT PUSSY. I was so floored, I could never get Aile to do anything I sexually wanted and here was this black turning my wife into a whore right in front of my face, and I was enjoying every minute of it.

Aaden again yelled out, COME ON WHORE TAKE THAT COCK IN YOUR HOT CUNT! I couldn’t hardly believe what I saw next. Aile, planted her feet on the side of the bed and began driving her hips upward driving Aaden’s cockhead into her pussy, while saying, oooooh iiiit’s biiiiig, iiiiit’s so biiiiig, sooo gooood. Aaden said, that’s it, slut, fuck your black daddy’s cock, Aile was going crazy rocking up and down inserting as much cock as she could in her pussy. Aaden suddenly grabbled her legs and spread them wide on his shoulder and raised Aile’s ass straight up, and in one massive thrust plunged all his twelve inch cock can diameter cock in her wet and very willing pussy, she screamed out, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, he started hitting her cunt hard. He was coming directly up and down fulling engulfing all his monster cock in her pussy, his was hitting rock bottom. Aile was screaming, OOOOOOH DAAAAADDDY, OOOOOOOOH DAAAAADY. Aaden yelled out loud, as he thust hard in her cunt, WHO’S YOUR DADDY WHORE, YOUR PUSSY BELONGS TO YOUR BLACK DADDY? COME ON SAY IT FUCKING WHORE! He had Aile and a full scream, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAH and then, she saying it out loud, YOU’RE MY BLACK DADDY, MY PUSSY BELONGS IS YOURS, FUCK IT DADDY, FUCK YOUR WHORE, FUCK ME HARD, OH DADDY KEEP FUCKING ME. Suddenly Aaden tensed up, I knew what that meant, Aile was not protected but at this point, I didn’t have a fuck, I wanted to see all the jism in her hot pussy. Aaden started dumping wad after wad in my wife’s fertile pussy, at that I realized he probably impregnated her, but it was such a hot thrill to watch him drive his huge cock in to her and make her scream, he could do things with my wife I couldn’t.

I decided to leave them alone for tonight, Lisa went home, I told her I was sure Aile had no problem taking Aaden home next day. I had a cam in our bedroom so I could the action from out guest room where I would sleep for tonight. Aaden fucked Aile all night as I thought, what else Aaden might have in store for Aile.

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