Fun in the Sky - sex story

Fun in the Sky

(Thank god, looks like I'm going to get a quiet flight this time) Dean Mercer said to himself as he sighed with relief having just flown to LA from New York a couple of days prior to attend a business conference. Now he was boarding a flight to Sydney, Australia to attend another conference, his third in a week. Dean didn’t mind the travel, it gave him much needed time away from his wife, the couple was experiencing marital problems regarding his lack of motivation to settle down and start a family. Dean was 42, still in decent shape for a man his age even if he was sporting a bit of dad bod without actually being a dad, he had slightly graying, short, dark hair and towered over most people with his 6’5 height and large frame. His wife Katy was in her early 30’s, they had gotten married 5 years prior and worked as a cooperate lawyer until she decided she wanted a change and that's when the problems in their marriage really started. She wanted the couple to move from the hustle and bustle of the city to start a family closer to her childhood home in Maryland, something Dean wasn’t very keen on doing, he was still a bachelor at heart and enjoyed his carefree lifestyle, traveling around the world and of course meeting new woman which he kept a close secret from his wife.

“Right this way Sir”, the attractive, brunette, flight attendant suggested snapping him out of his ill thoughts, Dean smiled as he followed her down the aisle. He took liberal glances of her rear along the way, covered by a knee-length red, pencil, skirt, the material stretched nicely along her curves causing a twitch in Dean's crotch as he glanced a little too long.

“ excuse me, Sir here's your seat, I hope you have a great flight”, she offered before walking back to guide another passenger.

Dean got settled in, taking off his suit jacket and removing his pinstripe tie. He watched as a handful of other passengers took their seats, non giving him much interest until he spotted a younger, looking blonde girl approaching with the same hostess that lead him to his seat. This girl had that girl next door look to her, long, strawberry, blonde hair to the middle of her back that was tied into a ponytail, thick black-rimmed glasses over her big, hazel eyes, Dean couldn’t quite tell if she had a decent size chest, she hid it well with the pink, hooded jumper but one thing she wasn’t hiding was her bottom half that was parading around in tight black leggings that all the young girls wear these days.

“ here's your seat Miss, hope you enjoy your flight”, dean overheard as he took subtle glances to his right, he watched on as she turned her back to him, reaching up to place her bag in the overhead compartment, the view of her firm, fleshy ass cheeks staring right at him, dean couldn’t believe his luck, not only was the plane basically empty, but he had this hot piece of eye candy to look at for the rest of the 15 hour flight. Dean stared on as she struggled a bit, taking her time with the bag, in his perverted mind he hoped she was doing it on purpose for his benefit but he knew that would have been like winning the lottery.

“do you need a hand young lady?”, dean finally offered after gratefully watching the girl struggle for a good minute with the bag.

“ oh no I'm fine thank you, I'm just looking for a book I had in my bag”, the girl responded in the most sexy Australian accent he had heard in a long time as she looked over her shoulder at Dean with a friendly smile, “ I found it, but thank you for the offer”.

“you are very welcome”, Dean replied returning her smile and eyed her closely as she took her seat and got comfortable, that bountiful ass disappearing from his view much to Dean's anguish.

Deans mind raced thinking to himself that the girl had a close resemblance to the young actress Sydney Sweeny whom he had seen a couple of videos of on Pornhub, she looked to have a similar build and facial structure, but what he really wanted to know being a breasts man if she had the similar bust size that the actress was gifted with. All this thinking had Deans cock semi-erect and starting to protrude from his black slacks, it had been a long, busy week on the road and gave Dean little time to relieve his sexual tension. He had come close with a married mother of two while in LA but she had a moment of guilt about cheating and asked him to leave her hotel room just as he started to remove her panties, that's what lead him to a night alone on his laptop having to jerk one out to the young actress and now he was sat across from a girl that looked like she could be her twin.

“excuse me, do you mind if I take the seat by the window? It makes me feel less claustrophobic if I can look out one occasionally”, Dean heard from his right, he swiveled his neck to see the hot, young Aussie girl leaning over her seat to ask him.

“oh…. of course you can young lady, just let me grab my things and we can swap”, dean offered.

“no, no…. don’t worry, there's plenty of room, just stay where you are”

Dean couldn’t believe his eyes as the young woman got up and moved across the aisle, he got up from his seat as she carefully slipped passed Dean, almost bumping that gorgeous ass of hers into his crotch and took the next seat over, leaving a spare seat between the two.

“ thank you so much, I really don’t like to fly”, the girl confessed with a cute little giggle that had Dean grinning himself.

“ Its no bother, it's not every day I get to talk to a beautiful, Australian girl, I'm Dean by the way”

The girl blushed slightly at his comment tucking her blonde locks behind her ears before replying,“ It’s nice to meet you Dean I'm Lea, so I guess you are going to Australia for business?”.

“ You guessed it, just going for a 3 day business conference to talk to a few clients and make some deals, boring stuff I know”, Dean smiled as his attention was drawn to her cute facial features, her beaming smile and those glasses really gave her that sweet and innocent look but he could tell she had a wild side. “ so how about you, going home after a holiday?”.

“ mhm, yes, I have a high school friend who moved to LA a few years ago, it was nice to catch up with her”

“Sounds like you had a great time, I'm from New York, but LA is a lot of fun”

“ It was, probably too much fun”, the girl said, her lips curling into a cheeky grin which didn’t go unnoticed by Dean, “ but I've heard good things about New York as well, maybe next year”

“ you definitely should, maybe I could show you around if we end up on the same flight back”, dean joked causing them both to chuckle.

“ well if that happens then I'd be more than happy to have you ‘show’ me around”, Lea replied emphasizing the word show much to Dean’s surprise.

“ I didn’t mean it in that way young lady, but since you agreed I might have to take more trips to Australia to increase the chances of us meeting again”, Dean teased causing the girl to giggle flirtatiously.

Things were going smoothly for Dean he always enjoyed the thrill of seducing a new woman and Lea was seemingly open to his advancements much to his pleasant surprise, he learned she was 21 and was in her second year of university, studying for a teaching degree, they continued to chat as the plane darkened, getting to know one another over some drinks.

“ Alright why don’t we play a little drinking game?”, the blonde Aussie suggested as Dean readily agreed.

He smiled amusingly noticing she was getting a bit tipsy and becoming more flirtatious as time went on, “ what kind of game did you have in mind?”

The girl tapped a finger to her chin making out like she was thinking long and hard, “ how about never have I ever?, I played it for the first time on my trip, do you know how to play?”, she question dean, cutely gazing at him with her big, hazel ,eyes.

“sure, I haven't played that since college but I remember the rules”, dean replied while undoing a few buttons on his white collared shirt as he felt things heating up in the confined space.

Lea smiled gleefully, whipping her hair back and shaking out some cramping in the legs and arms to get comfy, “ guess ill go first then , never have I ever been in trouble with the law?”

Dean casually takes a sip of his drink as Lea giggles and gives him a curious look, “ so what did you do?” she asks

“ oh it was nothing, me and a few friends got in trouble smoking weed at a park, it was stupid really”.

“ oh, yeah, nothing wrong with a bit of weed”, the girl grins, “ OK your turn”

“hmm mm, let me think….. never have I ever slept with a person twice my age”, dean intently eyed the young lady , he noticed she bit her bottom lip coyly and took a gulp of her vodka and orange juice, “wow , ok, going to tell me the story?”, dean half-joked but they both knew he really wanted to know.

Lea bashfully smiled and saw the look of eagerness on Deans face which excited her immensely, she paused to make him sweat a little before confessing, “ well the first time was a year ago, my dad was hosting a company BBQ at our house, one of his co-workers was really trying to ‘get to know me’ if you know what I mean?, well things kind of got a little out of hand and we ended up back in my room for a little fun”

Dean grinned mischievously while hearing her short confession, his cock was once again twitching in his slacks as Lea’s cheeks turned a slight shade of pink out of embarrassment, “ well aren't you the naughty little daddy's girl”, dean teased as Lea reach out to slap his shoulder playfully

“ Alright, my turn”, Lea sternly announced trying to move on, “ never have I ever joined the mile high club”, the girl asked before giggling

Dean chuckled and picked up his plastic cup, he slowly brought it to his lips and watched as Lea stared at him intently, just as he was about to take a drink he quickly placed the cup back down and grinned at the open-mouthed young woman, “ sorry I never have”, he explained

“OMG, you are such a wanker, don’t trick me like that again”, she said a little too loudly before covering her mouth and looking around to see if anyone noticed, luckily most of the other passengers were too far away or sleeping to hear

“ whats a wanker? Is that Aussie slang for something”, Dean chuckled out

“ hmmmm, it means a tosser or I guess jerk off would be easier for Americans to understand”, Lea explained also motioning with her right hand the explicit gesture

“I see, well that's not very ladylike of you Lea”, Dean smiled as he saw the girl sticking out her tongue playfully, “ well I guess it's my turn, never have I ever flashed a stranger on a plane”, Dean asks with a smug look, clearly proud of his question

Lea couldn’t help but smile, she made no move for her cup, instead of crossing her arms just below her breasts and shaking her head at Dean

“that's a shame, I bet it would have made some poor wankers day”, Dean joked as Lea threw her head back and laughed.

“ well, it's a long flight, who knows, maybe that wanker might get lucky”, she replies giving Dean a cheeky wink, “ well I need to use the bathroom, those drinks are going right through me”.

Lea gingerly stood from her seat and Dean followed suit to allow her room to exit, he tried to cover his hard-on but not before Lea noticed the clear bulge, she smirked with delight loving the effect she was having on the older man, as she took the first few steps down the aisle a naughty thought went through her mind, she turned around, her head swiveling right to left to see if anyone was looking her way

“ hey wanker”, she whispered towards Dean catching his attention before reaching down to grab the hem of her pink hoodie and lifting it up over her ample breasts that were covered by a Lacy brassiere, the cups were black, with white dots and white and black lace straps, as quickly as she flashed him the goods she covered back up and quickly sauntered away towards the bathrooms.

Deans cock instantly hardened to full length upon seeing the risky display, her tits were just as hot as he daydreamed they were, he guessed they were in the D range and looked perfectly round, her skin had a sexy light brown glow, obliviously she got quite a lot of time to tan in the LA sun. It was all too much for Dean he quickly got up and made his way to the bathroom, he couldn’t take it any longer, his cock was aching and he needed relief and this teasing little, Aussie, minx was going to give it to him.

He waited by the locked door and looked over his shoulder hoping no one else would come to use it, his cock almost tearing open his slacks as the door opened and Lea came out with a shocked expression, Dean blocked her path and showed his manly presence by nudging her back inside the small cubicle, he followed her in and locked the door.

“what are you doing, someones going to catch us”, the girl protested

Dean was having none of it, he knew she wanted it just as much as him, “ everyone's asleep, don’t worry, look what you’ve done to me you little tease”, Dean motion down to his clear bulge

Lea looked down getting a closer look than she had before, her pussy was tingly as she relived herself even taking a moment to rub her clit thinking about Deans cock before he arrived, and now it was right here just inches away from her,she looked closely at it, in a sexual trance eyeing it up before her hands moved on their own to fondle it over his black slacks.

“that's it you little tease, take out my cock, show me how much of a slut you are”, Dean moaned out enjoying the girl's attentive touch

The change in his demeanor wasn’t lost on Lea, she loved his dirty talk, her pussy jolted as he said the word slut, something she rarely heard from the boys she dated, she was a slut, it was empowering to her, she was the reason Dean had turned into the primal,sex-driven, male lost in only thoughts of getting his sexual needs satisfied at that very moment, she smiled devilishly and sat back down on the toilet seat, her face now level with his crotch as she worked open the zipper that leads to his manhood, she reached up and tugged at his pants dropping them to his knees before leaning in to seductively lick the outside of his black,boxer briefs, tracing the length of his cock with her tongue, it twitched to her touch causing Lea to grin, she gazed up at dean who was lustfully staring down at her actions, that animalistic look on his face spurring her on.

“Hmm, that's it slut, you want that big cock don’t you?” Dean grunted out

Lea nodded her head playing the innocent submissive, something she was far from but knew It drove men like Dean wild, she pulled on the waistband of his underwear, slipping it down until his cock launch out smacking her on the nose, a drop of his clear, warm pre-cum smearing on the bridge as well as a droplet on the right lens of her glasses, she giggled and took a hold of it as best she could, her little hand barely able to wrap around his thick member, she gave him a few firm strokes eliciting a guttural moan from Deans mouth.

“ fuck yes you Aussie slut, wank that big dick, feel how fucking hard you got me with all that teasing”

Lea moaned her approval at Dean’s words, she leaned to one side, starting at the very base of his balls she licked up coating her saliva along his right shaft before repeating the same to the left, her sexy, hazel eyes never leaving Dean’s gaze as she liberally coated his manhood in her warm bodily fluids, she pulled her head back and licked away on his mushroom tip as her right hand jerked his thickness, now much easier to do with the added lubrication, she added more saliva from time to time when needed and reviled in the thrill of pleasing an older man in such a risky environment.

Dean groan out watching the little, blonde minx work her magic, not only did she have the perfect hand technique but the way she looked slapping the head of his cock on her outstretched tongue was a sight to behold, her glasses made her look sweet and innocent but there was no doubt this girl was a cock hungry slut, she twisted her hand around his member as she went up and down his rod, the squishy sounds were music to his ear’s along with her quiet but sultry moans, she was clearly enjoying servicing his cock just as much as he was enjoying receiving it. He didn’t think it could get any better until she engulfed her mouth around his throbbing head, her soft lips grinding along the underside of his cock, rubbing along the sensitive veins that pumped blood into the large appendage.

Dean threw his head back to groan in pleasure but it wasn’t long before he looked back down at the young, whore, worshiping his cock like no other had done in quite some time, there was no way he wanted to miss a single second of her cock sucking, he wanted the image of her young cheeks bulging out to accommodate his big, cock, head to burn in his brain forever. Her plump lips felt so soft, on his manhood, she added the right amount of suction to allow him to enjoy her efforts without pushing him over the edge, or struggle to hold off, this girl was clearly skilled in the art of cock-sucking, he knew at any moment she could have him on brink of busting his load but she knew he wanted to savor the moment of having a hot, young slut on his mature cock.

Up and down she bobbed her head, twisting her hand around the base to add extra stimulation, Dean was totally focused on the young slut beneath him and she was 100 percent engrossed in her cock pleasing efforts before they both heard someone outside the door, Lea paused with her mouth still around Dean’s cock, her tongue though, not stopping as it continued to swirl around his throbbing member, Dean put his ear to the door and heard a female voice complaining what was taking so long, he sighed cursing under his breath at his luck, here he was with a hot, young blonde slurping down his cock only to have it interrupted just as he felt his cum boiling up, just aching to be released into her hungry mouth. Lea pulled off his cock with a loud pop, that swung Deans attention back to her, he brought a finger to his lips gesturing for the young girl to be quiet, Lea giggled mouthing a whoopsie at her mistake, they both listen as the cubicle next door flushed and the woman frustratingly expresses her relief.

Dean thanked god before he looked down and smiled, Lea had the same reaction and met his with one of her own, his cock was still rock hard and dangled proudly in front of her face, they knew they shouldn't push their luck any further but both wanted to relive that sexual burning. Dean loved her little mouth but he desperately wanted to feel that young, pussy engulfing his cock, as if she read his mind the blonde, Aussie stood up and turned around, she bent over and reached back to peel her black tights down her heart shape ass much to Deans delight, her skimpy black lace and white poky dot thong that matched the bra came into view, the thin material piercing through her puffy pussy lips and ass crack as Dean looked on, licking his lips in anticipation, he took a hold of his cock and aimed it at her entrance, pushing aside her panties, rubbing the head up and down her wet gash before slamming it home deep inside her hot, young pussy causing the curvy slut to grunt out in reaction to the invasion. In different circumstances, Dean would have taken the time to savor the moment, maybe even bending down to taste her sweet nectar before he fucked her silly but he knew time wasn’t on his side, he took a moment to let her adjust to his size before giving her hard deep thrusts over and over.

Dean felt her wetness, the slut was more than ready to take his fucking, he looked on as she placed her hand on the wall in front of her and even started pushing back into his thrusts, he could tell she was trying her best to stay quiet, even biting on her fingers to do so, Dean took a hold of her hips and hammered her with all he had, doing his best to not slap into her rear with his thighs to cause extra noise that would clearly be heard, he reached around and begun rubbing her clit which induced a loud groan from his young sex partner.

He was close to that orgasm he desperately needed, being inside a young, tight pussy was even better than he had remembered, he looked down at the gorgeous creature he had conquered her ponytail swaying from their movements, her fleshy ass cheeks jiggling hypnotically as his thick, married cock speared her over and over. His train of thought was broken as he felt a tight squeeze around his cock, the Aussie beauty was cumming, and cumming hard by the looks of it, she let out a stifled scream, her hand still in her mouth to quiet her pleasured moans as she shook and spasmed on his manhood, Dean didn’t stop his thrusting, a warm rush of fluid washed over his cock, he peered down to see her girl cum coating his shaft leaving a coat of white milky fluid on his rod, he proudly grinned before upping his attack on her pussy wanting to have his own orgasmic high. He fucked her harder through her orgasm until he felt that surge of euphoria start to creep up, knowing it was only moments before he spewed his load he quickly pulled out begrudging since he didn’t know if it was safe or not to cum in her, he opted for the safe option and started to jerk his cock aiming it at her still shaking ass. His cock was sticky from the girl's cum and warm to the touch as he pumped it hard and fast, Lea surprised him at the last minute,

“no, cum in my mouth”, she cried out still in a daze after her incredible high

She hurriedly turned around and took a seat back on the toilet, she was a little too late as Dean’s cock started to spew its load, a long rope of cum shot out and hit her directly across the face, luckily her glasses blocked the hot, cum from getting in her eyes before she opened her mouth to take him inside, Dean kept cumming and cumming, groaning out his ecstasy as he looked on at the cum hungry, Aussie slut drinking down his load, he was impressed she could refrain from choking as his wife and other woman had trouble taking his sizable loads down their mouths. Her cum covered glasses adding to the erotic display knowing now why it was a fetish in the porn world to see a girl with glasses get them covered in cum, this was easily in the top 3 best orgasms of his life and it seemed like Dean’s cock didn’t want to stop shooting his thick goo down the girls throat.

Lea seemed to sense Deans orgasm was over, she pulled his cock out only to have a couple more spurts hit her nose and forehead which made her giggle, her hand took over from where her mouth left off, jerking him off on to her outstretched tongue, coaxing a few more drops of pearly, white, seed from his cock head. Dean loved the way she wanted every drop, and took the cum to her face like it was a badge of honor, not many girls would feel the same as he had found out on a few occasions when he misfired, his cock was still rock hard as Lea lapped up his cock, polishing it clean, leaving no trace of hers and his juices.

“ dam, your one hell of a fuck, young lady”, Dean expressed with labored breaths, his legs feeling weak as he leans his back against the door for support.

“ you are pretty good your self for an old guy”, Lea grinned giving his cock a final lick before wiping the cum off her lenses so she could see him clearly once more.

“ Sorry about that, I couldn’t hold it for a second longer”, Dean smirked while slowly pulling back on his underwear and slacks, admiring his cum on her sexy facial features.

“ from that look you don’t seem too sorry, you could have taken out my eyes, I don’t think I've seen a guy cum that much in a while”, she playfully teased getting up of the toilet seat to check herself in the mirror, “ geez you really got me good”, she giggles

“ well I can't lie, you certainly look good with some cum on your face”, Dean replies as he grins, watching Lea clean her face and glasses off in the sink.

“ I can't believe this was just a few spurts, I think I swallowed at least 4 times this much, god knows what I would have looked like if you blasted it all on me”

That image had Deans cock throbbing once more, he checked his watch and noticed they were only halfway in to the flight, “ well there's plenty of time left on the flight, maybe we can find out?”, he offered as Lea looked back at him through the mirror's reflection and wickedly smiled.

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