Gail a Hot Mom (Fiction, Cheating, Group Sex, Interracial)

Gail a Hot Mom

Gail was a mom in her early 30’s, her husband Ralph worked in a warehouse as an assistant manager. He was constantly working the late shift. They lived in a two-bedroom condo but were constantly talking about buying a home.

Her neighbor was a lady named Sasha who would frequently be over having coffee or drinks.

Gail wasn’t a large woman 5’1” but did have big tits (44GG) her and Sasha were constantly complaining about not getting fucked often enough but both husbands had two jobs so when they got home, they were exhausted.

Sasha would often tell Gail “girl if I had those girls, I’d be getting strange cock every day”. At first Gail would laugh but quickly she realized Sasha wasn’t kidding. Sasha had a boy friend who would come over at least once or twice a week, they would spend all day in bed fucking.

Sasha’s boyfriend Jim wasn’t that big but as Sasha would tell her he had a 10” cock. Sasha would tell Gail how her and Jim would talk about hooking Gail up with several of his friend’s, Gail would just smile replying “one of these days maybe”.

It was Tuesday afternoon Gail was getting ready to feed the kids when her cell rang, it was Ralph he had to work the midnight shift so he would be staying at the warehouse till the am. As he hung up, she cursed as she was super horny.

After the kids had eaten, she went outside to sit, Jim and Sasha were on the deck both in their underwear. She looked over, “hey guys what are you doing”? Sasha smiled, “he’s recharging I’m draining cum I’m hopping for more sex before he has to leave”.

Gail was taken back by the comment, then Sasha told her “if you strip down to bra and panties you can come over why not join us”? She gave her a strange look then commented, “once I put the kids to bed I will for sure”.

An hour later her kids her kids were sleeping, she put on a yellow half bra which had her nipples sticking out a pair of yellow boy shorts one size to small, so she had a really pronounced camel toe. She walked out onto the deck waved to Sasha and Jim, “hey is the offer to come over and have a drink still good”?

They sat on the deck while Sasha got up to made drinks, as she sat their she realized Jim was feasting on her body, Sasha came out with drinks she had the look of a well fucked woman. Without thinking she said, “I wish I had that look on my face girlfriend”, Sasha laughed but Jim had a strange look on his face.

“Listen Gail you could have that look any time you want all you need do is tell me I have at least 6 friends who would love to help you with a contented look”.

Now it was Gail’s turn to get a strange look. “Jim if I said yes, I can’t bring them to my house because of my kids, motels get very expensive, that said I’d need a sitter which would cost me money I don’t have”.

Jim looked at Sasha they both exchanged knowing glances, “look Gail if that’s your only issue we could party here my kids are at my moms when Jim’s here so it would be just us. I’ve seen a couple of his friends they are hot and from what Jim says hung like horses”. Gail’s eye’s opened wide, “hung like horses that sounds good to me.

She took the last gulp of her drink, “ok Jim I need a hung like a horse boyfriend”. Jim Nodded, “give me a couple of minutes to make a few calls”.

Jim got up he headed for the kitchen, “Gail your doing the right thing my pussy hasn’t felt this good since before I was married, the feeling of cum leaking out is soothing”. Both women nodded in agreement.

Jim came back to the deck holding his phone, “Gail I have my friend Luis on the phone would you like to talk to him”? She looked at Sasha gulped handed Jim her empty glass, “yes I would thanks’ Jim”.

“Hello Luis, my name is Gail, well hi Gail it’s nice to talk to you would you push the red button on the phone so we can get a look at each other”? She pushed the button without realizing she was in her bra and panties. As the phone came to life on the screen was a very attractive black man, his eyes opened wide as he feasted on her image.

Both were quiet for a few seconds, “Gail you are very attractive I really want to get to know you”, she giggled. “Well sir you are quite handsome looking yourself”.

Jim and Sasha walked by her; Sasha pointed to her bedroom with a smile Gail nodded.

She sat at the kitchen table she propped the phone up, so her chest was visible she saw the smile on Luis’s face. She thought he can’t wait to get his hands on the girls, frankly I can’t wait either.

As their conversation continued, she hesitated as they could hear Sasha moaning, screaming and crying in the throws of passion. Luis laughed, “I guess Jim was right she is quite vocal in her lovemaking”. Gail gave him a coy smile “it appears she is”.

Luis asked, “when you make love are you that vocal? Well truth is you will have to find out for yourself sir”. Luis was grinning from ear to ear, “I can’t wait Gail would you like to go to lunch with me Friday”? She didn’t even hesitate, “I’d love to I’ll give you my cell number so you can call me tomorrow to tell me where and when, I don’t think Jim will be coming back until next week though”.

Luis acknowledge her comment, she stood up to get her cell which gave Luis a good look at her bottom half in the tight boy shorts with the camel toe. She hesitated for a second when she realized if she was lucky next week, they’d be fucking so why not let him see the package.

She gave him her number they chatted for another few minutes Sasha came out of the bedroom she had on white panties they had a very large wet stain in her crotch, she went to the fridge as Gail got a look at her butt only to realize she had another large wet spot, my god thought Gail she using both holes.

After she hung up, she sat at the table she kept wondering did I do the right thing? Sasha came out of her bedroom in a short white robe she sat down. “So, what’s up girlfriend did you make a date? Yes, were having lunch Friday, he’s calling me tomorrow with where and when. I need to get a sitter for the boys. No sweat Gail I’ll watch them until you get home it’s only lunch after all”.

Gail left a short time later she was terribly excited about meeting this very attractive black guy as usual she fell asleep on the sofa thinking about her date.

At Sasha’s house a very strange conversation was taking place between Sasha and Jim. “See Jim I told you I’d help you and your guys get a bunch of married white pussy, well she the only one so far”. Sasha nodded, “yes but as soon as Luis owns the pussy, she’ll be getting all the young white pussy in the area to join in, I did what you asked now how about my money”?

Jim smiled, “not until the entire club has one white pussy do you get a dime so get your arab ass working on so others”. He walked out she went back to the kitchen who else can I recruit for them??

Friday morning after her oldest was off to kindergarten she started getting ready. She wore the yellow bra and matching boy shorts, a tight pair of jeans black blouse with the first three buttons open revealing her very ample cleavage.

At 11 Sasha came to the back door she entered the kitchen as Gail was coming in. “Wow Gail you look hot, thanks Sasha you think he’ll like me”. Honey with those tits and tight ass showing like you are unless he’s dead hell yes he’ll like you”.

The girls had worked out a story in case Ralph called so at 11;30 she was off. She pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant at 12:01, sure enough there was Luis standing out front dressed in casual slacks and shirt. He really was handsome; she took a deep breath got out of the car and headed for him. She intentionally wiggled her hips and shook her tits more then she had to, she wanted to see the look on his face.

The look told her he was very interested; it also showed a lust for her a look she had seen in a very long time. “Hi, I’m Gail are you Luis? Yes, I am hello beautiful”. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips gently, she kept her lips pressed to his for a few seconds then moved away.

“Shall we go inside I’m hungry I hope you are too”. He opened the door for her as they entered he patted her ass she smiled, since the place had not yet filled up, they were seated immediately. Lunch was fun and exciting for her; it had been a long time since a man had paid this much attention to her, she loved it. As they had coffee, he placed his hand on hers she reacted by turn her hand upward to hold his hand.

They both looked up as another well-dressed black man was standing at the table, Luis smiled “hi Al didn’t know you were here, yes I am who is this breath-taking creature with you”. Luis smiled, “Albert this is Gail, Gail meet Albert”. She put her hand out they shook hands, “Gail I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more of you”? Again, she blushed, “that depends on Luis, well here’s my card if he’s not interested call me”.

Luis just sat there looking at Gail as Al turned and walked away. “Who was he Luis? A business associate he does property management we’ve been friends for over ten years”.

They left the restaurant Luis walked her to her car as she got in, he patted her butt a second time. She got in the car she turned toward him he pushed in took her head in both hands he put his tongue deep in her mouth. She responded in kinds as their tongues danced in her mouth together.

She felt his hand move to her left tit which she pushed out for him get a better hold of. After several minutes her breath was getting increasingly faster, she finally pushed away.

His hand was still caressing her tit, she smiled at him, “you’ve got me really wet you bad boy, well I have plans to make sure when I leave you the next time your soaking wet and completely satisfied”.

She was flushed, “baby that sounds great I’ll call you this afternoon to make plans now I’ve got to go”. He released her tit stepped back she pulled the door closed she was out of the parking lot in 2 minutes.

Sasha was finishing her conversation with Jim as Gail pulled in, she told him she’d call back later. Gail came in, “well girlfriend how did lunch go? Great I’m still wet and super horny I need a cock bad when can we invite them over”? Sasha smiled to herself, “Gail we’ve got to be careful my husband may want my pussy as you know I’m stretched to accommodate Jim I’ve got to be careful”.

Gail nodded she understood now for part two of Sasha’s plan, “Gail I have a question the woman across the street Barbara she seems horny, she has a good size rack her kids are in school all day her husband goes out of town for weeks at a time, think she’d be interested”?

Gail seemed a bit surprised by the suggestion, “you know Sasha I’ve spoken to her a few times something tells me she’d be very receptive for a cock, well let’s work on it as I’m not sure about them coming over till next week”. Gail slumped in her chair “oh fuck I’ve got a guy who wants to fuck me stupid and nowhere to go to”!

For the entire weekend and Monday, the two worked on Barbara she was indeed horny but when her husband and kids were gone, she got stoned then she used her vibrator she joked at the cost of batteries.

Tuesday the three were sitting in Gail’s kitchen it was apparent Barb was halfway stoned, “look you two if you need a place to fuck you can use my basement here’s the issue it’s one big room with a tv sofa and hall unit which separates the space but behind the wall unit there’s nothing”. Both women agreed it was doable the party was set to start on Friday at 10:30.

Gail called Luis excited as hell telling him the arrangements they had made she told him about the draw backs in the basement but Sasha and Jim didn’t seem to care, “Luis honey I’d don’t give a shit who sees me fucking if you’re ok with it were good for Friday”. Luis smiled, “Gail should I bring Al to keep Barb company”? She thought about it for several seconds, “sure she may even decide to get him to fuck her”.

Sasha spoke to Jim, “ok you’ve got two white married pussy’s waiting for black cock do I get my money? Not until they are owned as black cock cum sluts, I’ll see you Friday”, the line went dead.

Friday Gail was decked out she had a very skimpy outfit of a black bra and black cheek huggers black 5” heels she had jeans and a t-shirt in to go across the street. All three women sat in the kitchen at 10 am waiting for their guys.

Barb was smoking pot laced with hash the secondhand smoke had gotten the two of them high all three were very mellow. Gail spoke to Barb, “hey girlfriend any chance your going to get laid today”? Barb gave her a sly look, “if Sasha’s right I may want a 10” cock deep in me I mean what the fuck who wouldn’t”. They all laughed.

It was 10:20 a light blue Jag pulled up across the street in front of Sasha’s. Sasha ran to the front window “ladies’ cock is coming”. Sasha and Gail stripped down to their outfits; Barb sat there thinking about it.

Sasha opened the front door in walk Jim, Luis and Al Jim kissed Gail and went to Sasha. Luis grabbed Gail one hand was in her panties as his tongue danced in her mouth, after 30 second she pushed Luis back a bit,” hi Al that’s barb at the table go get acquainted”.

She turned back to Luis lets go downstairs baby by the time they got to the basement Sasha was already topless on her knees sucking Jim’s cock. Luis smiled now that’s a great visual”, Gail had opened his belt she fished out his cock it was enormous, “my god honey I’m not sure this thing will fit in me but I’m going to try my best, I’m sure you will sugar”.

They went to the sofa she sat he pulled the bra off sat down and immediately started sucking her nipples while gently rubbing her clit the pot and the sexual anticipation was too much, she had an orgasm on his hand. She looked into his eyes a coy look on her face, “baby I really need your cock now I’ve been fantasying about it all week now I want it”.

Luis got a wicked look “you’re going to get it darling have you ever been fucked stupid? No but I’m looking forward to trying it”. She put the head of the giant cock in her mouth to get it wet Luis pushed her down she was very wet he placed the large head at the lips of her pussy a gentle push the head was in.

She realized the size of his cock as with only the head in she could tell her pussy was going to get stretched wide to accommodate him, but even with only the head in her pussy it already felt wonderful.

Now Luis started a slow pushing motion as more and more of the cock wet deep inside her pussy. At about halfway he stopped moving this was so her body to get accustomed to him, he looked into her eyes she was in a sexual state like she had never experienced. “Lu baby I want every inch how big he is anyway, 11 inches “. Her pussy muscles were milking his cock in a vice like grip “more cock Lu” the same look appeared on his face as he continued to go deep into her body.

She realized the head of his cock was at her cervix with a firm push he sent the last two inches deep into her womb. Her eyes opened wide then as he started to pump, she was like a wild animal in heat. “Oh, my fucken god I’ve never been fuck like this I love you cock” suddenly she felt a surge of electric shock from deep in her womb racing up her body.

“Oh fuckmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! She had an orgasm like nothing she had ever experienced in her life, ‘uggggggggg fuckkkkkkkkkkk pussy another orgasm hit “ugggggggggg fuckkkkk was all she could utter he kept this up for three minutes she had at least 5 intense orgasms.

He looked deep into her eyes a big smile on his face his body stiffen he was completely buried in her pussy with his cock head deep in her womb. “oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk as she felt hot cum being pumped from deep in his ball into her womb, she was crying and screaming “fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee”. The feeling was so intense of have cum pumped directly into her womb she stated moaning, “cock cock cock was all she said.

It took two minutes for her breath to calm down enough for her to speak. “Baby your still hard” he smiled “yup”. Once again, he started pounding her pussy, you could hear her pussy squishing as cum flowed out. “Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeee I’m going to blow again fuckkkkkkkkkkk she was creaming his cock while he pounded her again.

She lost count of her orgasms but when he stiffen for the second time, she pulled him close “fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” her eyes rolled as another large load of cum went deep into her womb.

They laid there for-a while, he looked down at her “I’d like to own that pussy Gail” she smiled at him through glassy eyes “you do baby that pussy is yours do you’ve written your name in her do with her as you want just keep fucking her regularly, say it Gail tell me and the others your my white married black cock cum loving slut who is owned by Luis”.

Luis rolled of her he sat on the floor next to her, “ladies just so you know Luis now owns my pussy I’m his black cock cum loving slut and I’m proud of it”. She looked around to see Barb’s legs way up in the air she was grunting as it appeared Al was shotting cum deep in her. Within 5 minutes Barb was also asked to the black cock cum loving sluts club which she happily accepted.

Luis asked Al if he’d like to fuck Gail his response was, two thumbs up. Al looked at Barb “would you like to fuck Luis”? She smiled sweetly “oh yes please”.

Inside of five minutes Gail and Barb were moaning in pure lust fuckmeeeeeeeeeeee. Both women were rewarded with large loads of cum. Then after a short rest Gail grabbed Luis’s cock, she went to work sucking his balls and cock. It took her a while, but she was rewarded with a third blast of cum in her mouth which she swallowed every drop.

As the four lay on the floor Luis looked at Gail, “baby you’ve got a glow on your face”, she gave him a coy look. “Honey I’m already addicted to black cock especially yours you’re the guy who gave me this look I hope thanks to you I have it on my face a lot”. All four of them chuckled as it appeared Barb had the same look.

At 2”30 the guys left the women sat in the kitchen Gail and Barb were giggling like schoolgirls, Sasha was smiling but for a very different reason as per her deal with Jim she had been paid $500, $250 for each woman.

Gail looked at the other two “I have two things I need to do, first get back on regular birth control, the second is a bit more difficult”. As she paused Barb gave her a quizzing look “what the second? Well when Al does fuck me is accustomed to me with the advent of Luis and Al, I’m going to be stretch to accommodate them I wonder what Al will think”? Barb response was immediate “do you give a shit? Hell, no I’m not giving up the best sex of my entire life now that I’ve found it”. They all laughed, Gail jumped up, “damn its 2:45 the sitter needs to go by 3” she got dressed quickly, “I’ll talk to you guys later” she was out the door. Sasha got dressed and left soon after as she was walking across the street she smiled looking up and down the street, in her head she realized there was plenty of other married woman for her to recruit and get paid by the guys.

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