Getting Caught by the Maid (maid,rich,fetis,fanatsies)

Getting Caught by the Maid

I'm just finishing up a business trip to the west
coast and wanted to tell you about the wonderful
orgasm I had about an hour ago!

On my last day of a trip I always check out at the
latest possible moment because I like to "get caught"
by the maids. Having been here, in Seattle for a few
days, I figured out the maids cleaned my room around
11:30am or so.

This morning I pulled the desk chair out from the desk
and situated it sideways, in full view of the door to
the hall. With my laptop on the desk, and lots of porn
displayed on it, I played with my cock for a couple of
hours and brought myself to the edge several times,
producing lots of pre-cum.

I was sitting completely naked in the chair, with the
curtains open (I'm always on the ground floor) and
made sure my cock was standing straight up in case
someone walked by the window.

The maid for this section of the hotel appeared to be
of college age, eighteen or nineteen, she had dark
hair, a very cute face and body, and even with the
"maid's dress," which falls at mid-knee, and her white
sneakers, her bare, brown Latina legs were smokin'
sexy! She always had a nice smile and greeting for me
when I would pass her in the hallway.

Today, being my last day, was the day that I
anticipated during my entire business trip. In fact,
just thinking about my normal "final exit" had
provided fuel, each evening and early morning, for my
wanking sessions.

This morning was no different than any other "check-
out" day. Keeping myself "close," but not "too-close,"
I fondled at the edge until I heard the maid's cart in
the hallway and knew she was cleaning the room across
the hall. I knew mine would be next.

Once I heard her vacuum cleaner running, I knew she
was almost finished and would be coming to my room in
a minute or two. I swiveled the desk chair so I was
about 45 degrees from the desk and 45 degrees to the
door. (I didn't want to appear "obvious" by facing
directly at the hall door.)

I brought myself as close as I could and still be able
to contain my semen. Then came the knock at the door,
which I ignored and gave a couple of slow strokes to
keep my sperm at the boiling point. Another knock,
except this time came the warning call, "Maid

I remained quiet and continued to keep my cock idling.
Then I heard her pass-key slide through the slot and
the lock clicked. She opened the door a crack and
called out once again, "Maid Service!"

My hand started moving up and down with a nice steady
rhythm as the door swung open. I acted surprised as I
looked up when the maid stepped through the doorway.
She looked surprised, or more like startled, when she
saw me sitting there naked in plain sight of the door.

Just as she started to stammer out an, "I'm sorry
Sir," I blew my load.

The first spurt flew a good 12-inches into the air and
landed on the desk. The maid's eyes widened and she
just stood frozen for a couple of seconds as she
watched my cum shooting from my swollen cock before
she lowered her eyes, mumbled another, "Sorry," and
closed the door.

It felt amazing, as it always does, surprising an
unsuspecting maid. I love "getting caught" by maids! I
figure they aren't going to tell anyone other than
their other "maid-friends," because they would be
afraid they would get in trouble from management for
"disturbing" a guest. It's almost the "perfect" place
to expose yourself and be able to have someone watch
you have an orgasm.

After milking the last remnants of jism from my shaft,
I cleaned the cum off my legs and hand and got
dressed. However, I didn't wipe off the desk. I left
the big splatter of cum for the maid to enjoy, along
with a $20 tip!

Now, I'm sitting at the gate of my flight and wanted
to get this posted while it was fresh in my mind. I'm
not wearing any underwear, as usual, and my cock has
been drooling pre-cum because I can feel the wetness
on the inside of my thigh.

There is still about 15 minutes before the boarding
call, and retelling this morning's adventure is making
my loins tremble and my balls are calling out for some
additional relief before the long flight; so I'm off
to the men's room to jack-off while I think about the
maid and the look on her face when she saw my cum

I'm so thankful for smart phones because they allow me
to always pull up masturbation material where ever I
may be, and, they allow me to grab pictures -
throughout my hotel stays - of the cute maids without
them realizing it. The little Latina from this morning
is definitely about to get a tribute!

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