Getting my Mom - sex story

Getting my Mom

Dad left before I was a year old and was a real loser whom I rarely saw. He had gotten mom pregnant with me when she was 17 and she raised me alone. Mom is weird and didn't have any friends and devoted her whole nonworking time to me. We did everything together and most nights we slept in the same king sized bed. Living in a warm climate and being poor we didn't have much air conditioning so most of the time I'd sleep in just a pair of shorts and mom would wear a short nighty. Now mom is weird and crazy but she's also pretty hot. She's not too tall, maybe 5'2" with a full set with a thin waist and nice ass with dark skin and long black hair. She's got a great figure and though she's weird as all get out I can see why dad desired her and also why he beat it so quickly.

I grew like a weed and by the time I was 8 or 9 I was bigger than her. What really bugged me about her is that she treats me like I'm a baby. I mean really bad like holding my hand to cross the street and cutting my food in small pieces and tying my shoelaces and talking to me like a little child all the time. It really bugged me. But while she didn't notice me getting older I was maturing and I noticed that she was quite a hot woman. Sleeping with her as I got older was giving me fits because we'd be in bed no sheets over us and I could make out her ass and bare legs next to me. She wore loose panties that moved up when she slept and kept me awake looking at her between her legs. When I was sure she was asleep I'd look over her shoulder to see her large tits inside her loose nighty. From the time I was 10 I'd have to go to the bathroom during the night and jerk off to relieve the pressure. Some nights after I'd jerk off I'd go into my own room and to bed so I could get some sleep even though it was hot as hell in my small room.

I got older and bigger and she was just looking better and better to me. I know she's my mom but she's young and stacked and hot and my hormones were raging. And I hated that she treated me like such a baby even though I was bigger than she is. I shouldn't been looking at my mom this way but she is such a jerk that I can understand why my dad left so soon and I really didn't have much respect for her beyond how she turned me on. By the time I was 12 I was much bigger then her and pretty well hung maybe from jerking off so much so early. No guy could handle sleeping in the same bed with a hot almost naked woman even if she is his mom. I don't know what gave me the idea but I decided that watching wasn't enough anymore and I wanted more. So I'd 'accidentally' roll into her during the night, or ease myself into her back till she pushed me away. For all of her neurotic skittishness she was a pretty heavy sleeper and I was copping several really cheap feels but she never said anything so I kept it up and was touching her every chance I got.

One morning at dawn I layed close to her facing her back and had my cock sticking out of the front of my shorts with all the buttons open except the top one so she couldn't miss it when she turned over and woke up. She turned over into me and I pretended to be asleep with my cock hard and out the front of my shorts and she brushed it with her hand and quickly pulled it away. She didn't move for a few minutes and then got out of bed and went into the bathroom and I could hear her washing her hands. I considered this a victory and decided to keep it going because again she never said a word. She was pissed with me, I could tell, but being the idiot that she is, she never said why.

The next night I waited and waited until I was sure she was deep asleep and lightly picked the hem of her nighty up over her ass. Her loose cheap cotton panties were wedged in her cheeks showing a good part of her cheeks (it was easy to see because she was afraid of the dark and had freaking little night lights all over the damn place so seeing wasn't hard). I leaned over and could hear her regular breathing and slid the strap of her nighty off of her shoulder revealing a good view of her right tit and her large dark brown nipple. She had big wide nipples for a little woman. This was too much for me so I leaned myself against her back and draped my arm over her crooking my arm so that my hand landed right on her left tit. Surprisingly, she didn't move right away but when she awoke enough to know what was going on gave me a hard shove off of her. I pretended to mumble in my sleep and turned away without 'waking' having achieved a major victory by seeing her nipple and feeling her tit while pressing my hardon into her back. The next morning she seemed really perturbed with me but never said a word. I couldn't wait till dark.

That night I waited and when I was sure I opened the front of my short as much as I could and lifted her nighty up as high as it would go up to her shoulders revealing most of her back. I slid the strap off of her shoulder and had a good look at her tit and her big dark nipple. Her panties were loose from extended elastic because she wore the same ones over and over again year after year and I slid the top seam up over her ass cheek as far as I could get it. I stopped because I was breathing so hard and was so excited I thought I'd pass out but she didn't move. I laid there thinking what to do next. Most of her back was bare to me and most of her right cheek was exposed. I was in a high state of arousal even for a boy of 12 and a half. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go jerk off and leave her alone (shit, she's my damn mother) or did I want to lay on her again and cop another feel, or did I want to do more. I got my breathing under control and decided that I had to make a move. I slid my shorts off and leaned my body against her back feeling as much skin as I could my cock stickingbetween her ass. Instead of pretending to brush her tit I felt her up good and reached inside the front of her loose nighty and felt her nipple. She moved a little and then sprung awake and said what do you think you're doing really nasty. I didn't say a word as I swung my leg over hers pinning her in place in bed continuing to feel her tit as she squirmed to get free of me. Stop it she hissed. Sto it now. I mean it, real nasty. Now I was past the point of no reurn and was in another zone altogether. I had her arms pinned with my arm and her legs pinned with my leg and try as she did she couldn't move me. She hissed get off of me now but I didn't move. I pulled the front of her nighty up exposing her big tits and I rolled onto her more and pinned her down flat on the bed face up as she fought against me.

What are you doing? Stop this. Now she was more afraid than mad and I just smirked at her. I was possessed and I was going to possess her. She stopped moving and then started again but I was pretty much on top of her now and had her fully pinned to the bed. The one strap on her nighty was down and her tits were out and the other strap broke. She started to cry and now asked me to please stop this now. She got her left arm free but I quickly pinned it. I twisted her arm down and pulled her a little forward pinning her left arm underneath her back at her waist and leaning my weight down on her again. I now had my right arm free and began to pull her panties down. She fought hard, I'll give her that. She wasn't going to let this happen without a fight but I was way bigger than her and much stronger.

I decided that it was easier to just rip the cheap worn fabric of the panties off and I did just that at the crotch exposing her hairy pussy to my leg. Now she was crying but she couldn't move much and I guess was already worn out and resigned. I pushed my right knee between her legs and she started fighting again but she outdid herself by letting me slip in between her legs. She said your breaking my arm please stop but I ignored her. After all, it was her fault. If she'd lay still I'd let her arm free but she wouldn't and I needed my right hand to get my cock into her hairy pussy. She was pressed hard on the bed and I was between her legs and had my cock right on her pussy lips when she froze. NO! She screamed. NO! NO! NO! But it was too late. My cock was in her and I pushed hard to make sure that it was well up into her pussy. She tried to kick me with her legs but they were too short to hit me with any force and it just made my position on top of her and in her cunt that much easier for me. All this time I never said a word, just kept on towards my goal. With my cock all the way up inside her cunt and my right hand free, I grabbed her hair to hold her head and kissed her on her face. She still resisted and tried to move her face away but I had her firmly and I kissed her on her lips which she kept clenched shut all the while working my cock in and out of her wet cunt. She was mad as hell and was fighting me but her cunt was wet regardless. I'm not saying she was enjoying it. She most certainly wasn't.

I kept her pinned while I fucked her and finally she lay still bathed in sweat with her eyes and mouth clenched shut as I humped her and humped her. I fucked her for awhile sliding my big cock in and out as best I could without letting go of her before I shot my load up my mother's soft wet cunt. Jerking off was never like this. It was major awesome and she fought me almost the whole time until the end but all she did with her squirming around and grinding her hips to move me was make it that much better in spite of herself. I had her down and was between her legs and her kicking at me only raised her torso so I could stay deep inside her cunt. When I had come she wilted fully and just laid there with tear running from the corners of her eyes and sobs racking her body. She kept saying I don't believe you would do this to me. I just don't believe you would do this to me. I propped myself up on my right elbow and looked her straight in the eye and said get used to it and I got off of her and went to the bathroom to wash up.

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