Getting used by BBC - sex story

Getting used by BBC

It was a normal Friday morning at work, not a lot going on, so I and a friend took off, we went for coffee, and talked, the chat turned to sex, I told her that I had not had any in a few weeks, we laughed and giggled like school girls, the decided to go shopping for underwear, we took her car and hit a few places, found a few good deals, jo-jo kept getting text messages, as we shopped, I must admit when she would try on something and ask me how she looked it was hard not to feel excited, the soft silk of the panties on her chocolate skin along with her sexy ass, wow it was hot, now I am not the best looking woman in the world, 5’6’’ a bit overweight, 55 years old my boobs sagged no more hard body for me, just a soft grandma, at the last store I found a nice set in red, I tried the bra and matching panties on , jo-jo stepped in to the changing room with me, and looked she could see the bra was a bit to small for my 38D boobs, and you could see my pubic hair sticking out of the panties, jo-jo ran her hand over my back down to my big white butt and cupped it the other hand slipped down my tummy to my pussy, I was hot and wet, she put her head close to my ear and kissed it saying ‘’you are a sexy white woman’’ and ‘’I know just what you need’’, her fingers slipped into my panties and rubbed my clit, I wanted more…. She kissed me deep, and whispered I know a motel we can go to, it’s a rundown seedy place just right for a nasty white cunt like you, she told me to get dressed, I striped off the bra and panties and stood naked in front of her as she took a couple photos of me with her cell phone.
We left the store and headed to this rundown motel, and checked in, our room was on the 2d floor as I walked up the stairs she would run her hands between my legs and say she liked my fat white pussy, the room was not the best, it was dirty and smelled of sperm and urine, she had me strip down in front of her then take a shower, she laid out my new underwear for me, as I put it on all I could think about is how I was going to feel as she used me like a cheap hooker, … I was lost in my thoughts when she said is my nasty fat white slut ready to play, as she walked in to the bathroom, and kissed me, she ran her tongue along me ear and said I have something for your fat white pussy…and guided me in to the room, I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw 5 very large black men in the room, I tried to turn but she stopped me, and held me in front of her, she reached around and put her hands on my belly and kissed my neck saying hear she is, the white woman to I sent you the photos of, she told me that they would all use me the whole weekend, as she put her hands on my boobs and squeezed them hard. … I let out a small yelp, she took me to the first man , he felt my boobs, ass and pussy as he passed me to the next, who did the same as he kissed me, I was passed from one to the other, the felt me up fingered my pussy and rectum, sucked my nipples then one told me to dance for them slow and nasty just like a white whore …I did as I was told, then I was pushed on to the bed and my legs pushed apart I was told to close my eyes and masturbate for them as they got undressed,
Once they were all naked, they pulled me from the bed and forced me over a table and held me down with my ass in the air, the first guy got behind me and rubbed his BBC along my pussy lips I was so wet that it slipped right in to me, he gave a thrust as his BBC filled my cunt, I screamed …jo-jo said I was to shut up, and reached under her skirt sliding her panties off she pushed them into my mouth, he started to stroke in and out of my cunt, the others were saying come on fuck the white bitch, fill her cunt, he must have fucked me deep for about 15 min. when he started to pound me hard and slapping my ass, as he emptied his cum into my pussy . before I could move the next guy had replaced him filling me fast and easy he was slamming his BBC deep in me, jo-jo came over and kissed me saying you love it, you fat white nasty whore take his black nasty cock, she pulled her panties out of my mouth and said go on beg for his black cock ….. I moaned yes fuck me fuck me with all your cocks, fuck me like a white pig…the second guy filled me with his load, I lay there spent, with cum running out of me, as the next man got behind me and slapped my ass hard first left then right again and again until with one mighty thrust his cock filled my open wet pussy, he fucked me hard , he pulled me off the table and pushed me to the floor, he pulled me up doggie style and put his cock in me, pushing my face down to the floor, I could smell the carpet, it smelled like piss, he them joined the others in dumping a load into me, then next guy took me and fucked me hard until he emptied his balls into my cunt , I was laying on the floor worn out, when the 5th man got on top of me and fucked me all I could do is lay there and let him take me when he was done with me I just laid on the floor with the cum running out of me, I laid there and listened to the make fun of me, until the pulled me off the floor and told me to get dressed they were hungry, I started to walk to the bathroom and one of them says hay bitch, your cloths are on the bed get dressed no shower for you, I looked to jo-jo and all she said was do as you’re told, , I looked but there was no undies or bra, they told me to get dressed with what was on the bed, so I did, as we walked across parking lot I could feel the warm air on my pussy and the cum running out of me and down my naked legs , I felt so humiliated and horny at the same time, I knew everyone was looking at me and my nipples were hard as rock, my pussy was getting wet again.
On the way back to the motel, the men would pull my skirt up and slap my ass or flash me to others, as we reached the parking lot, jo-jo made me take my top off and walk the rest of the way with my tits hanging out , we passed a couple on the stairs and one of the guys said you can look but that’s it this white cunt is ours …..Back in the room they ripped my skirt off and bent me over the bed, I wanted more cock, but when I felt the tip of a bottle enter my rectum I said no not that , one of the guys held my head down as another squirted oil in to my anus, jo-jo moved on to the bed as I looked up and saw her naked pussy in front of me, she moved it to my face and said eat my black cunt you fucking white whore I started to lick her pussy as I felt the first cock head on my ass hole, it was forced into me , as the head slipped into my rectum I moaned , I have been used in the ass a lot but this BBC was stretching me out and filling me up, I licked and licked on jo-jo as he humped my ass I could feel his balls hitting my pussy lips and then he unloaded deep in my rectum I went wild, the first was replaced by the second guy and so on until all 5 had put their load into my asshole this kept up throughout the night one after the other would violate me , slap me use my pussy and ass, I was made to walk outside naked with cum all over me if I had to use the bathroom they would watch me, I feel asleep about 4AM naked on the bed, I was awoken around 6AM as my legs were being forced open, a man I had never seen was mounting me he entered my pussy hard and pumped his cock in me, he pulled out shooting his cum all over me, and got off me, he was replaced by another man who did the same then shot his load on me, I tried to move but realized I was being held down spared eagle on the bed, I turn my head to see the window was open and 8 men were lined up looking at the action, one after the other they came in and fuck me each one shooting their cum on me, on my belly, my tits, my face, my pubic hair was matted and covered in cum , then I saw it as the men got done using me they would put $20 on the table and leave,
Once the men were all done with me jo-jo got on me and pressed her asshole on my mouth so I could lick and eat her ass out, one guy even got on the bed and fucked her as I was eating her ass he shot his load on my face, …they let me up and told me to get dressed, again no undies or bra, they walked us out to jo-jo’s car, before I could get in one guy pushed me down to my knees and pulled his cock out, he forced me to suck it until he shot his load on my face, and in my mouth, I was forced to suck all their cocks until my face was covered in cum, it was dripping down on my shirt, they helped me up and bent me over the hood, jo-jo pulled my skirt up and said see I told you her fat white cunt was ready to be gang banged each of the guys slapped my ass hard and told me goodbye, jo-jo took me home and as I was getting out of the car she handed me my bag full of the new undies I had bought and the money the guys paid for me, she asked if I had enjoyed my weekend, I leaned to her and gave her a long French kiss and told her yes I loved it

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