Girl Scout Sympathies - sex story

Girl Scout Sympathies

I shuddered as soon as I opened my apartment door. The sight of the
green uniform this evening made my mouth turn dry and my skin run wet.
I thought it was long enough that I wouldn't react this way, but
apparently it wasn't.

It was only one girl instead of the usual four pack bundle, but there
was no mistaking who and what the she was. She was a Girl Scout.

It seemed like forever since I had my misfortunate adventures...umm...
experiences. The situation became so bad that I changed my name, yet
that didn't improve my circumstances. I still never got the girl and
unbelievably things only became worse.

Over the last couple of years, the giddy and extrapolated days of the
legendary heroes in Girl Scout literature faded away. I heard nothing
about the girls. I still couldn't mention _that_ name, but that was
of no consequence now. Life had moved on as it was inclined to do
and that was an excellent thing. I had no intention of ever making
contact with a Girl Scout again, yet here was a green clad girl at my
door step.

I took a deep breath first before I tentatively said, "Hello?"

"Justice Guy?" the young, pretty brunette asked.

"just-this-guy. Not 'justice' and no capitals. It's all in

"Oh, that makes more sense," she said as if a great revelation came
upon her young intellect. "'Justice Guy' sounded too cool for you."

Here it came. The insults, the putdowns, the nookie box teasing. I
responded with the requisite verbal sparring to get it over with. It
was unavoidable.

"No, I'm not cool. If you're looking for Justice Guy, he lives in
the apartment below."

"You thought that was funny, didn't you?"

"I just say what comes to mind."

"I can tell. You really should think before you write something

"I know, I know. I'll say it for you. My writing stinks. My
writing is so bad that dogs have to hire rats to chew up the paper
that the stories are printed on. My writing makes Teletubbies look
creative. My combinations of words and sentences are classified as
weapon-grade material."

"I don't get it."

"Never mind. It's just a little self-deprecating humor."

"Self-defecating? Yuck!"

"Self-deprecating," I pronounced slowly. "Look at the codes.
There's no scat."

"You know, I was worried that you might be like really super
loser-ish, but you don't look as bad as I expected."

I pursed my lips in annoyance. She was determined to hurl insults.
A girl scout couldn't help it when she was around me.

"What do you want? I'm free of all debts."

"I'm here to earn my SF badge. It's a new requirement."

"Science Fiction? Do you have to read Asimov, Bradbury?" I had a
nice collection of classic science fiction.


"Never mind," I sighed. "So how do you earn your SF badge?"

"A Sympathy Fuck."

"What's that?" I felt stupid for briefly considering the badge had
a connection with literature.

"You know. Sympathy. Fuck."

I tried again.

"So what so you have to do?"

"Well…duh. Sympathy Fuck."

Where was a brick wall I could talk to?

"What does that mean...in English?"

"I don't get it."

"What exactly do you need to do to earn your badge?"

She spoke slowly. "A...Sympathy...Fuck."

"You said that. How do you earn it?" I didn't really care. I just
needed to get to the end of this conversation, so she would go away
and I could resume my Girl Scout-free life.

"We have to fuck a loser. You know - sympathy. Why else would I be

Okay, okay, she called me a loser, however she said something more
and it certainly did not go unnoticed.

"You are here to fuck me?" I tried to keep the hope out of my voice.

"Yeah," she said with resignation. "So can we get it over with?"

Something was not right. Something was completely wrong. This
wasn't how things happened.

"Are you serious? You want to fuck me?"

"Want to...have to...whatever."

"Let me get this straight. My cock will go inside your cunt."

"Yeah, yeah," she interrupted. "Thrust, thrust, spew, spew."

"This is bizarre." I spoke quietly but she heard.


"Because I never get the girl. You know my history."

"It's a new Girl Scout year. We can change the rules or pretend
previous years never happened."

"Like with Bobby Ewing?"


"Never mind"

"So can we fuck so I can get home?"

"Sure, sure!" I stepped out of the way, so she could enter.
"Go straight back." I pointed.

I didn't care if she had no enthusiasm. I didn't care one iota.
I was about to fuck a Girl Scout! I reread the last sentence
several times just to make sure it was true.

She undressed. I watched. She soon stood naked in my bedroom.
This was real!

"What are you waiting for?" she snapped.

"Be patient. Remember I'm a loser. It takes me time."

"Yeah, yeah, right. Do you mind if I don't watch you undress?"


Why would I care? I was about to fuck a Girl Scout. Where did
my exclamation point go?

When I was naked I asked her naked backside, "Who's on top?"

"I am."

I slid onto the bed on my back.

"Hey, you're bigger than I expected," she said with evident surprise.
"You're cock is like normal size."

"What did you expect?" I said and immediately wished I hadn't because
I knew how she would reply.

"I figured you were only a couple of inches long when hard. I guess
it's your other qualities that make you a loser. You know, like the
fact that you are a loser."

With an impending momentous time like this, I easily ignored her

She climbed on the bed, crawled between my legs, and grabbed my cock.

"Mmmm...nice and warm," she said. Her touch felt amazing.

She rose up and straddled me while keeping her hand on my cock. She
sunk down. I entered her pussy.

"Ohhhh!" I groaned. My cock throbbed like a rapid heartbeat.

She bounced up and down with slow movements. I groaned and tried to
keep my eyes open during the powerful sensations because I wanted to
witness this prominent event in my life.

Even more importantly, the words 'I', 'am', 'fucking', 'a', and
'Girl Scout' were being used in the same sentence.

"Ooooh," she moaned. "This feels too good for you to be a loser.
This feels really good."

I slowly thrust up to meet her motion. It was feeling better and
better and better.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned deeply.

I grabbed her hips to increase the power of our thrusts. She pulled
my hands up the side of her body and slid them over her small tits.
With thumbs and forefingers, I rolled her nipples.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried out. "Squeeze them! Harder!"

I pulled her nipples as I continued my motion. She doubled her effort
and bounced faster on my cock. I groaned out and it became difficult
to focus on her tits. I was close to cumming.

"Oooooh!" she moaned while slowly descending on my cock. She softly
said, "Yesssss!" as she began to orgasm.

With her pussy fully down on my cock and in the midst of climactic
contraction, I groaned hard and with a loud gasp released. I
continued to gasp as throb after throb of cum shot into her warm
nookie box.

"Damn," she said a few seconds later. "That was really good!"

A few minutes later, she wiped her pussy with her panties then dressed
without the panties. She opened her purse, took out a piece of paper
and unfolded it.

"Do you have a pen?" she asked.

I rolled over and pulled one out of the nightstand. From my bookcase,
she pulled out a hardcover book which happened to be my thesaurus.
She blew the dust off the book then flattened out the paper on it.

"Sign here," she said and pointed at the line.

I sat up and scanned over the document. The girl's name was Emily.
The heading said _Sympathy Fuck Certification_. The body of the text
when boiled down to its basics said _I, just-this-guy, certify that I
fucked Emily_. I signed and dated it.

"Thanks." She took a Ziploc from her purse. She placed the paper
and her panties inside then put the bag back in her purse.

"You know," she said. "You're pretty cool after all." She kissed my
lips firmly while forcefully squeezing my cock.

"Do you want to do it again?" I asked hopefully.

"I do, but I can't. Sorry. I have piano practice."

"Tomorrow?" Yeah, I sounded desperate but I wanted more.

"Bye," she said with a warm smile and then she left.


I was in my bathrobe the next evening. My old thesaurus was dusted
off and displayed prominently on the bookshelf next to the front door.

The door bell rang.

I opened the door.

Two Girl Scouts, a blonde and a brunette, stood at my door.

Keys: school bruinette sqirt girls

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