Giving in to my cousin (Fiction, Coercion, Hardcore, Incest)

Giving in to my cousin

“Wow it’s so big!” said my brother, peering out of the car window. “It’s even bigger on the inside!” My dad shot back, chuckling as we pulled into the driveway. I just rolled my eyes in the back seat, I didn’t feel like laughing at jokes yet. The end of the road trip to my Aunt’s mansion quickly reminded me of my circumstances. A few nights ago our house caught fire and we were forced to relocate. My dad threw a party and someone bought that rum that you can light on fire. They tried doing “fire shots” and guess what happened. I thought these people were adults?? anyway, Luckily my dad’s sister has a huge house and said we were welcome as long as we needed, so my dad packed us all up with everything we could salvage and we booked it up here. As we rode along the driveway I began to make out some cars parked in front, some of them looked very expensive. The land closer to the house was beautifully landscaped, not that much needed to be done in the winter, but you could tell they kept it maintained. Looking back at the house was almost shocking, actually being close to it I started to realize how large it actually was, like a castle almost. Literally bigger than my school. It was mostly brick with large, dark windows. My Aunt and cousin met us by the front of the house as we were getting out of the car. It was the first time I had seen them in years. We made our awkward greetings and they exchanged their sorrow for the loss of our house, I was sad, but for some reason it seemed like I was the only sad one. My dad and brother were happier than ever to live in this mansion while I’m here missing what I had back home. That house will always be more home than this, even if it has one of those soda machines that mixes whatever flavor you want in the kitchen.

It was later in the day while I was fetching some final items from the car that I had my first real interaction with my cousin Rad. He came outside to greet me with a “sup morgan!” “sup Rad” I said back unenthusiastically as I turned toward him. He was a couple years younger than me, slender but not tall. He stood about an inch and a half shorter than me with curly blond hair that almost made up the difference. His eyes shot from my waist up to my eyes, he was definitely staring at my ass before I turned around. “are you all set up? I saw you got the room across from mine.” “yeah,” I replied “just gotta grab some last things out of the car.” “Cool cool” he mumbled. “You look great by the way, so much hotter than when I last saw you,” he said slowly with a grin “haha well I would hope so, I was 10 the last time I saw you.” That was a little weird, but I guess thats just hormones. “do you have a boyfriend?” He asked almost eagerly, I just gave him a puzzled look and shot back “thats not really your business kid.” He just said “heh” and retreated back to the house. That was weirder, ok, my younger cousin asked me if I have a boyfriend. Maybe he just wants someone to play online games with or something? He lives all alone with his mom and doesn’t seem to have many in-person friends. I decided to ignore this development for now and focus on processing the loss of my house and my stuff. Luckily my room was spared but I had little things all over the house, pictures, keepsakes from family and friends, it sucked to lose all that. I wasn’t going to worry about my cousin’s inability to quell the sexual energy bursting from his seams. Though I do know what that feels like, I wasn’t good at containing myself either at his age. I figured it was harmless and wouldn’t go anywhere. I had no idea what I was getting into.

After bringing the last of my things to my new room I decided to explore the house, for a little while anyway. I didn’t think it was possible to see all of this castle in one evening. I had not seen Rad anywhere, or anyone else to be honest, maybe everyone decided to do this too and got lost. I passed a corridor that led over the main entertaining hall and out to the upper east wing. Things were super fancy over here, big paintings everywhere, statues and other various art. Even a feature with moving water, in a house. I noticed a grunting sound coming from down the hall, it was familiar, I walked toward it. As I got closer to the sound the grunting stopped, I kept my footsteps silent. I started to make out voices becoming more and more and more clear. A woman and a man, one sounded like my dad so I figured it was him and my aunt. Stepping up to the door I began to make out full sentences. “mmmmm you feel so good,” “I love you so much, you’re so beautiful.” I didn’t expect to hear that, and the shock factor made me immediately look inside. The door was open so I just peeked around the corner and I saw them. I saw my dad balls deep in… in his sister! I realized at this point, and it made sense, that I had found the master suite of this place. She probably never expected someone to be snooping around her private wing, but I couldn’t really tell the difference, none of the doors were even locked. Still standing there watching my dad bone my aunt, my brain was screaming at me to turn tail and run back to my room, but I couldn’t look away. I was too curious. I wanted to see how those two made love. They were both naked and the lights were on so I had a pretty good view. My aunt was on her back laying on the bed with her ass right at the edge of the mattress and her legs up in the air. My dad stood in front of her, buried deep, keeping her legs rested on his shoulders. With his left hand he fondled her breasts, pinching her nipples and twisting them. With his right he held her head and firmly stuck his thumb into her mouth, she gladly sucked on it as he slowly rocked his cock in and out of her, her hands gripping his arms at her side, waiting for his initiative. After a few pumps he removed his thumb from her mouth and she let out a little gasp. He parted her hair with his right hand and stretched her legs back down to her body, leaning over he gave her a deep passionate kiss. They swapped spit for a good minute. They were so into it I was entranced. Watching that kiss stirred me up in ways I’m not proud to admit. That made me feel paranoid so I left. Not without hearing moans increasing in pitch on my way out, they were having a good time. when I made it back to my room it was dark and I was dead from everything. I passed out in just a few minutes after closing my door.

December 07, 2011

Everyone’s gone today, dad told me he wanted to take the family out to the arcade for half the day, conveniently he could also get trashed there for half the day with my aunt but he didn’t mention that. The thought made me a little sick to my stomach so I decided to call out from the family get together and chill at home. I took a shower while they were leaving, then went to one of the entertaining halls to find a couch to sit on and bowl of fancy candy to steal. Sitting on the couch I tried to read my book, I was on page 16 and this was my 4th attempt to really get into it. I noticed myself getting distracted looking out of the 3 story tall windows that overlooked the south side of the property. It was gorgeous, there was just nature, not another house or a road in sight. Unfortunately I had one thing I needed to do today, my damn laundry. I’m used to my dad washing our clothes but he’s been… around less. I can’t imagine what he’s up to. I was slightly concerned, the last time I looked at my hamper there were, well, things missing. Just a couple underwears, but I was getting suspicious. Since I hadn’t done laundry in a bit I was down to my cute stuff and it’s expensive, this is more than I tend to lose track of. But they’ll turn up like they always do, under my bed or something. I felt a breeze over my head accompanied by a soft wooshing that startled me and I snapped around. I looked up in disbelief to see my cousin was home, and he was like half an inch from my face getting done smelling my hair. “Rad what the FUCK!” I shouted at him as I pulled my face away from his.

“hey Morgan” he said back normally “how’s your book?”

“Rad, why are you home, why were you just smelling my head?” I groaned. I was not in the mood to deal with this when I thought I would have a few hours to myself. He walked around the couch to the front and took a seat next to me. He leaned back and stretched his arms out on the couch, thankfully I was far enough away that one arm wasn’t around me.

“ahh I just wasn’t feeling it” he breathed. He looked at me up and down, his eyes stopping at all the interesting places. “just feelin a little sick so I stayed home,” he said now looking into my eyes. This fucking kid, he heard I was staying home and decided to stay back as well just to terrorize me, ugh. He slid a little closer and looked at my book.

“whatcha reading?” he asked

“none of your business” I said back firmly, also looking at my book. “ask me something else” fuck why did I say that.

“ok, do you have a boyfriend” He persisted, leaning closer. I looked at him. His hair was brushed nicely and his eyes sparkled. His skin looked smooth and he smelled nice, he must have just showered. I was ashamed to admit I found him cute, really ashamed. Being the spoiled, pushy annoying little shit he is. But I couldn’t stop myself from imagining what I might do if we weren’t related.

“Why does it matter to you” I gulped, kind of scared of what he would say back “what, are you gonna ask me out if I’m single?” I added with a smirk. He shifted his body closer. He was like actually too close now, I needed to move away.

“I don’t know probably” he said before I could react, “Just wondering if you have someone you mess around with” His smug look caught me off guard and kept my attention on his face. I didn’t even notice his left arm reaching for my chest. He cupped my boob with his left hand and started to move his face toward mine. He was able to give me a little squeeze before I realized what was going on. I let out a yelp and slapped his hand away, and shuffled away from him on the couch.

“Rad what the fuck, you can’t touch me like that! Get the hell out of here!” he didn’t budge.

“hahaha, looks like its a no bra day, huh. Have you ever done it with a guy before?” he chuckled.

“shut UP and go back to your room! Leave me alone, I’m your cousin thats disgusting” I was shouting at this point.

“oh fine, whatever” he snorted “I don’t know if I can get up though, I’m still worn out from the show”

“you went to a show?” I asked

“yeah, your shower this morning” he chuckled

“you piece of shit! I’m telling my dad when he gets home” I cried back

“JEEZ calm down Morgan, that was a joke, you remembered to lock the door this time” He could barely get that zinger out with a straight face. “I was talking about the show a couple nights ago, in the east wing” My eyes opened wide as I looked back at Rad. “Matter of fact I think you were in the audience” he added, “yeah you were, but you left before it got good hahaha.”

My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Did Rad know about them? Has it been going on before we moved here? When did they start? I didn’t need to ask how often because I already knew it was all day, neither of them are ever around. Did rad watch them regularly? Do they know he knows? Do they know I know? I was still sitting there staring with my jaw dropped, computing all the information that was just dumped on me.

“Earth to morgan, uh hey, uhhhhh, well I guess thats my queue to leave” Rad said, starting to get up.

“WAIT” I cried. “What do you know about them?”

“I thought you wanted me to leave” he said.

“please” I begged

“fine, but you have to answer my questions first”

“ugh, ok. I don’t have a boyfriend, no I’m not a virgin” I said softly looking down at my feet.

“ever do anal? Or get tied up?” he asked with a big grin on his face.

“No anal, have been tied up” I couldn’t believe I just told him the truth, shit I could have lied.

“WHOA haha, nice, well I guess I can tell you the saga now” he said.

“Have they done it before??” I continued to question him and got some answers about his mom and my dad’s relationship. Rad was happy to keep me around him with this info that he knew I was after. His mother confided to him that she was always close with my dad like this, when they were growing up they didn’t have many people around, so they experimented with each other and since developed a relationship where if they are lonely and in the same place, they use each other for that kind of pleasure. Hearing this kind of made my head explode, and I really wasn’t prepared for Rad’s follow up even though I knew it was coming.

“Have you ever thought of what it would be like to have a person like that?” he looked at me with wide eyes.

“NO Rad, I just want to relax today, please leave me alone.” I pleaded and looked down at my phone, trying to distract myself.

He walked closer to me, which I should have noticed, and he snatched my phone, taking a few quick steps back.

“Hey! Give that back!” I shouted, I was too exhausted from this exchange to get up and chase him, at least until he really pissed me off. He took my phone and put it almost all the way down the front of his PANTS. He shook his hips around and dared me to take it from him.

“Thats DISGUSTING give me my phone back or I’m calling my dad, now” I demanded.

Rad gave in at that point and removed my phone from the inside of his boxers, he handed it to me and I gripped it by one corner with my thumb and pointer finger. As Rad walked out of the hall something in my head itched. I don’t know what it was but I knew what I wanted to do, no, what I had to do in the moment. I didn’t have much time to get the full effect. As soon as he round the corner I put the phone right up to my nose and inhaled deep, yep, there was definitely some dick smell on here. I was so embarrassed to be turned on that I got angry at myself, but drowning in the musky scent kept me calm. I put my book down and took out my book mark, looks like fifth time’s the charm.

December 18, 2011

The last couple weeks have been a mix between crazy boredom and hormone charged interactions with my cousin, as the house is empty for suspicious amounts of time. Well I say “empty” but everyone could be home and I wouldn’t notice. I just mean they aren’t in my… and Rad’s area of the house. About Rad and our interactions. He either tries to flirt with me or touch me randomly every few days. I never let anything happen, I just tell him to get lost, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t wearing me down. I’m all alone up here too. As I told Rad I don’t have a boyfriend and haven’t for a while. I also like sex and intimacy so I’m lonely as well. Not only that but I have my own hormones too and it really doesn’t help that he’s my fucking type. The thought of giving in and letting him have me, letting that asshole have his way with me and use my body to get himself off made me so horny and disgusted at the same time, it was way way too much. I had to actively keep myself from thinking it. Because I didn’t want to do that, at least I think, he’s my cousin and he’s always annoying the shit out of me.

Last week I was on my way to the laundry room to put my clothes in the wash, my dirty hamper was in there with everything that needed washed. As I walked down the hallway I noticed Rad was in the laundry room pressing something to his face. Awesome, he was the one taking my underwear. I could tell pretty clearly as he wrapped my undies around his nose, took a deep breath then pocketed them. He acted like it was nothing, walking right past me afterward with a “hey Morgan.” I couldn’t deal with it anymore, I needed something to change. I took this info to my dad and aunt. But their reaction is what did me over. They didn’t care! “oh he’s just got hormones you know what thats like!” “you’re the older one you just have to step up here and be the bigger person.” UNBELIEVABLE, they weren’t going to help me. I guess it really was too distracting to have your incestuous sex toy around all the time. “fuck it” I thought. I’m tired of being horny and alone and constantly getting hit on by a guy I both hate and fantasize about fucking. They get to break the rules together so I can too.

December 20, 2011

A couple days went by and I decided to experiment. Rad hadn’t bothered me in a bit and I was feeling brave so I left my bathroom door cracked when I went to take a shower, in case Rad wanted a show. I made sure to wait until he was in his room with his door opened so he could hear that the noise form the water was louder than usual. I even mentioned to him that I was going to shower when I saw him. What the fuck was I thinking? I couldn’t stop myself undressing as the water ran warmer. I kept the corner of my eye on the mirror, I figured out the exact angle he could watch me from, still nothing. As I checked the temp of the water with my hand I heard a couple creeks from the floor. The thought of being the object of this horny boy’s masturbation sessions got me so hot. I checked the mirror again without being obvious, and he was there! He definitely thought I didn’t see him because he stayed put. I was so aroused and ashamed at the same time. My conflicted feelings led to a long shower. I made sure to turn around a lot and give Rad a good view. After washing myself I shaved my crotch and my legs, I wanted to be all smooth. After I was done in the shower I toweled off and started to apply lotion. I glanced at my spot in the mirror and saw him still there. It took all the willpower I had to not start touching myself to my ideas knowing he was watching, but I managed to stay in control long enough to finish up, put the towel around me and walk back to my room just down the hall. I exited the bathroom to find the hallway empty, Rad timed his escape well. I noticed his door was closed as I walked back into my room, he was probably rubbing one out right now, god the thought of that made wet. I closed my door so I could give myself a little treat too. This is fun. I’m not thinking about our old house nearly as much, and I’m not worried about Rad anymore. I’m actually excited when I hear or see him around.

As soon as I got into my room I dropped my towel and pulled on a pair of my cute panties before falling backwards on my bed. I began to touch myself to the thought of him doing the same thing just across the hall. I thought about his eyes, his hair, his arms. As I built more momentum I pushed my undies aside and slid a finger in, I pictured his body laying over mine, rocking back and forth to my finger’s penetration. I pictured his cock entering me. I wondered what it looked like, how big it was, if it was cut, what he smelled like down there. I went faster and faster, rubbing myself with one hand and penetrating myself with the other. Feeling my orgasm approaching, I imagined Rad cumming in me and that sent me over the edge. I began to convulse, my hands continuing to do their work as I rode out my orgasm. It ended with a series of deep breaths and self deprecating thoughts over what just I thought about to get myself to cum. I still thought he was a total ass and spoiled, and my cousin, but I was beginning to realize that’s part of our dynamic. Oh god we have a dynamic. I got up from bed when I could, removed my panties, now soaked, and threw them on the hallway floor between my room and Rad’s so he would think I dropped them from my laundry hamper. I thought about what he would do with them and almost went for a round two.

December 21, 2011

I woke pretty late the next day to a text from my aunt. She said that Rad’s been down about something and asked me to play video games with him in his room today because I’m his “favorite cousin.” Bingo, here was my chance. Oh I’ll play with him you dad-stealing bitch, I’ll play with him real good. I put on a pair of veeery short yoga shorts, basically stretchy sports underwear, and a loose t shirt and walked to my mirror to check myself out. The mirror in my room was insane, full height and even had a computer built into it. I checked myself out for a good few minutes before deciding it was time. My heart was beating a little fast, I’m ashamed to admit I was actually nervous. I grabbed my phone and made my way over to his room, opening his door after a couple knocks. I hoped I would catch him jacking off but he was just laying on his bed playing on his hand held console. “hey Rad, I heard you could use some company?” I said, in the sweetest w

ay I’ve spoken to him so far while still sounding platonic.

“Oh hey Morgan… whoa” As soon as he looked over his vision locked onto my legs, this was the first time he’s seen me wear these shorts, or anything near this short “you look great, and yeah come check out this game” he finished his thought, looking back up at me then his game. I walked into the room and closed the door, this was it. It smelled sweaty in here, but I guess I expected that since it was a boy’s room. It was cleaner than I thought it would be, but still there was a bunch of laundry on the floor and a small collection of empty water bottles. I approached his bed and looked at him. He was pretty good, I had to admit. He was still on his back holding the game over his head. The only way I could “check out the game” would be to lay on my back next to him, so I did that. I plopped myself on my back, shoulder to shoulder with my cousin and looked at the game he was playing. It looked like a cartoon and didn’t really have anything familiar on the screen.

“That looks cool” I said anyway, it didn’t really matter what he was doing with the game, he would definitely have different thoughts pretty soon if he didn’t have them already.

“Have you played this before?” he asked.

“No I don’t really play video games” I said back, trying to make eye contact but his vision was glued to the game.

“aww thats too bad, this is a good one” he mumbled, he didn’t sound stellar come to think about it.

“everything alright?” I asked.

“I was playing a tournament over the past few days and got knocked out a few rounds before the finals, I was kind of hoping to win” he said back, sounding let down.

“oh man that sucks, but it sounds like you at least held your own for a little bit, whats it called?” I asked. He told me the name of the tournament and I picked up my phone to look it up. I found his username on their site and found the tournament he played in. It listed a lot of statistics for something that looked like old cartoon characters beating the shit out of each other. “wow you die a lot” I remarked. He put down his game and looked over.

“Hey! don’t look at my stats, I’m still rising through the ranks” he shot at me. I began to read his stats out loud to him. I could tell he didn’t like that when he took me phone so I could no longer read them. Just like last time he put the phone in his pants. “Read my KD now” he said, folding his arms behind his head and laying back. He had on a pair of black athletic shorts and a tank top, I could see the definition in his shoulder muscles, was he working out? Well, this was my chance. I rolled onto my side facing him and looked him right in his eyes as I started moving my right hand to my phone. I pressed my hand on the top of my phone. He gulped, still looking at me. I looked over at his waist and slowly slid my hand underneath the phone, between it and him. Reaching my hand in slowly I found his cock, definitely starting to get hard. I loosely gripped it and looked back up at him. I flipped his dick around, so the head would point up toward his chest and began to stroke it lightly.

“I was thinking about what you said Rad” I mumbled, almost too embarrassed to explain myself.

“oh yeah? Looks like some good thoughts” he chuckled.

“I’m sorry you lost your tournament, would it make you feel better if I sucked your cock?” I gushed, barely getting those words out correctly. Not to mention trying to sound sexy on top of that, I hope it didn’t sound too weird, in the moment I couldn’t remember and it was 2 seconds ago.

“yeah definitely” he exclaimed, visibly excited.

“Have you ever had a girl suck it before?” I asked with a grin on my face, blushing at this point thinking about what was about to happen. I worked on removing my phone from his pants while he answered.

“no no, I’ve never really done anything sexual before” he confessed. I pulled my phone out of his shorts, and brought it up to my nose to smell all while still looking into his eyes. He smiled when he saw me do it, I hoped he thought it was hot and not weird.

“mmm my phone smells so good for some reason” I shot a little compliment before I chucked the phone onto he other side of the bed and sat up. I got into position in front of his legs. I looked down at his crotch and could make out his bulge. It didn’t feel small in my hand but I still haven’t SEEN it. Unable to resist any longer I reached for one side of his shorts with each of my hand. Gripping both his shorts and underwear I began to pull them away. Slowly his mid section was completely revealed as I pulled the shorts passed his feet and threw them on the floor. He spread his legs and gave me the full view. The excitement must have got to him because he looked completely hard now. On my knees on the mattress in front of him I had a great view. He was still laying back on the bed with his arms behind his head. Looking right at me. His cock lay on his stomach over his shirt, his balls draped down. Everything was shaved, which I was happy about, I really wasn’t expecting it either from this guy. I moved closer to him and leaned in for a better look. I gripped his penis with my hand and stood it up. It was uncut, moderately veiny, and what I imagined was average size. The head had a beautiful mushroom shape and a size that was consistent with the rest of his cock. Standing up it didn’t have any curve or bend to it, it just stood at attention.

“do you like it?” he asked, smiling at me.

“yeah, you have a nice cock Rad” I breathed, while slowly stroking him up and down.

“mmmhh that feels nice” he reported. Stretching his head back and closing his eyes, ready to be serviced. I bent down and planted a kiss right on his balls, letting his dick rest on the left side of my face. I peeked my tongue out of my lips and started to lick him slowly as I inhaled deep. It was like what my phone smelled like times ten, but that made sense I guess. Just a strong sweat-musk. It turned me on so much. I took one of his balls into my mouth and sucked it gently. Letting it out I continued to explore with my tongue. I knew he wouldn’t last long once I got going, so I tried to get my fill of tasting it in now. I licked his balls from the bottom up, and again down from the base off his penis. I licked under his balls with a wide flat tongue, then tasted the skin in between his thighs and his crotch. Satisfied with playing around down there, I grabbed his cock with my hand again. I began to stroke him slowly up and down. I made eye contact and we both smiled, then I licked from the base of his cock all the way to the tip. Once, twice, then a third time. It twitched a little every time I got to the end it was so cute! I stood it up with my hand and looked at it straight on. God that was my favorite view of a cock, probably because thats how it looks right before I get to suck on one. I brought my face closer and kissed it. Then I let it part my lips and sucked the head into my mouth. Rad let out a deep grunt, he must have liked that. His noise turned me on so I started to massage the head with my tongue, going round and around. With my tongue on the bottom side of his cock I slid more of it into my mouth with a suction, then slowly pulled it out, keeping the seal air tight. I bobbed my head up and down like this until his cock was a little wetter, then I began to take it deeper. I was able to get his whole member into my mouth with it barely touching the back of my throat. How fun. Realizing what I could do in the moment I began to stroke the length of his cock with my mouth and tongue, keeping suction along the way. I haven’t been able to do this with a partner before, as they had all been too big for me to take in without swallowing, and I still had trouble with my gag reflex. I was happy I could pleasure Rad without worrying about that. My full dick-length sucking lasted about 13 seconds before Rad came in my mouth, breathing heavy and letting out another deep grunt. As soon as I felt him start to twitch I buried my head in his crotch. Swallowing down his cum as soon as it entered my mouth. There was a lot, I counted four large ropes of cum shot into my mouth, I almost burst at the seams and lost some. After swallowing I slowly pulled his dick from my mouth. I was so turned on I could barely stand it, I started to rub myself right before he came but didn’t have time to do much before he was done. I let his cock rest oh his stomach and looked back at him, just grinning.

“Holy shit Morgan, that was amazing!” He said, just smiling at me.

“Take that shirt off I wanna see you naked.” I commanded, but he didn’t move, he had his own ideas.

“I wanna see YOU naked” he shot back, “and I’m already more naked than you are so you have to go first.” I didn’t agree with his argument but I wasn’t going to fight it. Whatever order it happened in we were both getting naked really soon. I didn’t say anything back, just grabbed my shirt at my waist and pulled it over my head quickly, revealing my boobs to my cousin. “WOW look at those!” he shouted “let me touch!” he said, reaching his arms toward me. I leaned over him so he could reach and he was more excited than i’ve ever seen him. “Holy shit Morgan you’re so fuckin hot” he said, his eyes exploring my naked upper body. He fondled one breast, then another, he played with my nipples. After having his fill with his hands he sat up a bit and put his arms around me, pulling me down with him as he laid back. This pulled my chest right onto his face and he began to suck on my nipples, kissing my chest in between every switch. When he was done he looked up at me, then put a hand behind my head and pulled me in for a kiss. I didn’t hesitate. Our lips met with what felt like fireworks behind my closed eyelids. I was surprised when he shoved his tongue in my mouth, not all guys are into that right after getting blown. It was awkward at first but we fell into a nice rhythm, and continued to kiss. I pulled away from him when we were done and couldn’t believe how passionate that felt. “god morgan, I want to lick every inch of your body.”

“alright, go for it” I tried to say all sexy.

“I can do that??” he asked, he seemed puzzled I was willing to let him do that, even after swallowing his load.

“yeah you can do whatever you want” I said back, staring into his eyes as they lit up after he heard me.

“get on your back” he commanded, and I obliged. I plopped myself on the bed as I had done before, just more naked this time. While I was moving he grabbed his phone and did something, hopefully not getting a picture, but I wasn’t going to push that now I was too excited. He sat up and fondled my breasts again briefly before moving in front of me, how I sat in front of him just minutes ago. Without hesitation he grabbed my shorts at my waist and began to pull them off. I lifted my legs and kept them together to make it easy for him. After my shorts were off he parted my legs but only let my right leg fall to the bed, he held on to my left leg. With his hand gripped on my calf, he brought my foot up to his face and began to smell it, hard. I didn’t know he was into this, and hadn’t know anyone who was prior to him, so this was new for me. After planting his nose in between my toes to get a good whiff of my.. feet smell? Is that what hey call it? He put my big toe in his mouth and started to suck on it! It felt weird but not bad, just kind of awkward. I was committed to being his little toy at this point so I wasn’t going to protest whatever he was into. I did start to worry what else he was into. I’d be ok with like most stuff as long as he doesn’t want to poop on me or anything. Would I poop on him? Maybe, as long as he was the one cleaning it up. I lost myself in these thoughts until he was done with my foot. He spread my left leg down onto the bed and leaned his body down so his face was at my crotch. He was taking a good look at the first vagina he’s seen in real life.

“do you like it?” I asked, in the same tone that he asked me if I liked his penis.

“oh yeah Morgan, you have a beautiful pussy” he murmured, looking into my eyes. He lowered his face down and began licking at it. He started with little licks at first, just at my entrance, but slowly built up to very flat-tongue licks, all the way from my ass to my clit.

“mmmm I like that Rad” I breathed, taking in the view of my cousin licking my pussy. I gasped a little as I felt the little jolts of pleasure from each lick. I let out a couple short moans and I could tell that turned Rad on. He moved past my pussy and started to kiss my tummy. I noticed he still had his shirt on and that kind of upset me since I was WAY more naked now. I sat up and just went for it, I pulled up on his shirt until it reached his arms, and he moved his arms up so I could remove it. His stomach was slightly defined, definitely not bulky but not scrawny either, and very little body fat. Like I said he was my type. Seeing him fully naked was a better view than I expected, his cock and stomach being the major surprises of the day. Thinking of his cock, I looked over at it and it looked rearing to go. We must have been thinking alike because he brought his right hand to my face and moved it into position for a kiss. He planted his lips on mine and pulled back soon after with a pop from where out mouths met.

“I wanna put it in you” he looked right into my eyes and whispered.

“do it” I egged him on. He was already on top of me, we were both naked and ready to go. He hovered his body over mine and I looked up at him. I loved that angle, seeing my lover get ready to take me. “put it in slowly the first time” I asked him.

“alright” he breathed. With his left hand he led himself to my entrance. I could feel a shock wave through my body when it touched me. I was about to have sex with my cousin, for real, not just letting him find my dirty panties, not just hand stuff, not just showering in front of him, not just awkwardly kissing one night at the family vacation house while everyone is out, under the guise of practice. His eyes moved from where we met back to my face. We looked deep into each other’s eyes as he pushed into me for the first time. I breathed in sharp, letting out a moan. His cock slowly stretched me out as he pushed farther and farther. The combination of a lot of foreplay and me being super wet made the experience painless, but very intense. Our eyes stayed locked until he was all the way inside me, I looked down at where we met and our bodies were right on eachother. “oh my god it’s so warm” he sighed, looking down at me.

“of course it’s warm, you’re inside my body” I giggled back, smiling up at my cousin. He leaned down and kissed me passionately as he began to pull his cock out of me. We swapped spit as he rocked back and forth stretching me out and feeling his first pussy. He pulled away from the kiss and said, almost in disbelief “god damn Morgan, this feels so good, it’s like your pussy is sucking my dick.”

“hahaha I’m glad you like it” I said back, It was hard to modulate the tone of my words with his dick sliding in and out of me so I tried not to talk much more . He was getting more comfortable with the motion so he began to go faster. He laid his body onto mine and started to suck on my left ear as he fucked me. “mmmm yes Rad fuck me” I gasped, moaning louder with his quick pumps. Rad kept rocking my world for a few seconds after that then then tensed up, he shoved his cock deep and stopped pounding. I could feel a few twitches and a warm liquidy feeling from inside me. We both moaned and grunted with eachother, but before we were really “done” rad looked over at the door and shouted “NOW”

I was confused at that but even more confused to see my dad open Rad’s door! He walked in, holding a polaroid camera. He snapped a shot of Rad balls deep in me, in the middle of cumming inside me. Then quickly retreated outside and closed the door. Rad collapsed on me, breathing heavy. “oh shit that was so good Morgan, you feel amazing.” he said, now starting to nibble on my ear again. “I’m glad you finally came around to the family tradition, we were beginning to worry you weren’t into it”

“um Rad, what the fuck was that.” Everything happened so fast I was unable to react. Especially with Rad laying on top of me, his cock slowly turning soft inside me, a feeling I loved. “RAD” I shouted at him.

“Whoa you’re right next to my ear morgs” he said, lifting himself up of of me.

“What do you mean family tradition?? my dad just took a picture of us fucking!” I cried, exasperated, still trying to process today’s events.

“every woman in our family has a picture taken of them during their first incestuous creampie, and it’s always a surprise and trust me, It makes for an amazing family scrap book” he explained, I again, for maybe the hundredth time could not believe what I was hearing.

“They’re gonna put that in a SCRAP BOOK” I said, almost hysterical.

“whoa whoa, Morgan” He got close and held me, trying to calm me down. “It’s ok, it’s Not just you, every woman in the family, and it’s a private scrap book. Wanna see the first time your dad came in my mom?”

I was conflicted. I already decided to enter into this fucked up fantasy distraction, but I didn’t realize it went this deep and was beginning to wonder if I made a mistake. My curiosity got the better of me as always, though, as the opportunity to see THAT picture, actually got me excited. I wonder if she was in the same position that I saw her in person with my dad when they first did it. “...yes” I responded, in a quiet reserved tone. Rad giggled.

“alright, but I want you to lay on your back again first” he said smiling at me, his arm still around me. I couldn’t really believe that until I looked back down at his dick and saw it hard again.

“are you ready to go again already?” I asked surprised, not really into the idea of another round, but I was committed.

“yeah, actually, this time I want to try doggy, get on your hands and knees” he commanded.

“alright” I mumbled back and got into position for him.

“you sure you wanna keep going? I didn’t wear you out did I” He asked chuckling. I didn’t feel like explaining that a total of 46 seconds of sex didn’t wear me out, I just wanted to make him cum again.

“just, just.. do whatcha need to do Rad” I said, wiggling my booty at him, inviting him to mount me.

Rad got behind me in position and I pushed my waist up to expose my pussy entrance to him. He put his hands on my sides and wasted no time entering me. His cock was still wet from our juices and I was basically a river at this point so he had no problem sliding all the way in. “Ahhhhh” I let out a moan as it entered. It felt like it reached deeper from this angle. I still couldn’t believe Rad wanted to go again, this kid was gonna be hard to keep pleased. At least I would never be bored around here ever again. His first few penetrations were gentle, but when he got comfortable in position he started to pound me, faster than he did when we fucked the first time. I couldn’t keep my body held up from the rush of sensations so I dropped my chest down to the bed, keeping my ass up in the air for my cousin. He pushed harder and harder, nudging my head into my pillow more and more with each thrust in me.

“Morgan, I want you to tell me what kind of kinky shit you’re into” He mumbled in between grunts.

“Right now?? lets do that later” I pleaded.

“No tell me now, I wanna hear you say it while I’m in you” he commanded again.

“I’m not even that kinky!” I said, pleading again, I didn’t think he was going to make me explain this, I was working out how to say it in my head.

“Just tell me Morgan, before I cum” he commanded a third time

“OK, I wanna get, ugh, used by a bunch of ahh! guys, like 20 guys and just oooh let them take turns with me. Fuck! I wanna suck and fuck every last one until they’re drained of all their cum.” He pumped faster and faster as I was saying this, making it difficult to get the words out near the end. After I finished talking he buried himself in me deep and came again. I didn’t even have time to dry off from the last one, I thought that was so hot. Rad pulled himself out slowly and laid down next to me. My body collapsed sideways, facing him. He kissed me and played with my hair for a couple seconds then said, “alright, I think I have a book to show you.”

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