Great Horn of Africa (cuckold chump)

Great Horn of Africa

It funny how things work out. My wife and I were laying
in bed watching a porno flick. It was supposed to be
about a white girl who got sold into white slavery by
her husband, or father, or somebody close to her. The
plot wasn't all that good, but the action scenes were
pretty hot.

Beth and I have been married for nearly twenty years. We
got married right out of high school, and neither of us
have ever had another sexual partner. I know I haven't,
and I'm pretty sure about Beth. I'm Scott Wheeler, by
the way.

At thirty eight, and after having two children, Beth is
still a fine looking woman. She works hard to keep her
body in good shape, although no one but me ever gets to
enjoy it.

Our love life has slowed down considerably over the past
few years. Age and mileage seemed to be taking over.
After we got married, Beth worked to send me to business
school. I opened my own accounting business. I'm a CPA
with a long list of good clients.

We finally got to where we are living comfortably. Our
oldest daughter is in college, and the youngest is a
senior in high school. Every aspect of my life is good,
except in the bedroom. Watching porno seems to be one of
the few things that would get us excited enough to make
love. I guess I'm a little sad about that.

"I wonder what that would be like?" Beth said aloud, as
we watched the videotape.

"I'll show you in a few minutes," I said trying to do a
villainous leer.

"Not that, silly. I mean, being a prostitute. Going to
bed and making love to strangers."

"I doubt there is much love involved," I said dryly. "I
suspect it just plain ol' fucking." Beth hates the word
fuck, and usually fusses at me for using it. This time
she seemed to either not hear me, or decided to ignore

"I mean it would be an exciting life, I would think. Not
knowing who your next customer would be. What they would
be like. What they would want you to do for them."

"I guess," I said wondering where this line of
conversation would go. Beth seldom commented on the
porno I brought in. Sometimes she won't even watch them.

"That poor girl has a black pimp... is that the right
word?" I nodded. "Her pimp tells her where to go, and
what to do every day of her life." She was silent a
moment and then continued. "He takes her whenever he
wants to. He does unspeakable thing to her. Why are you

"They're not unspeakable, Beth. The pimp often speaks of
them. 'Get over here bitch and suck my cock.' 'Come here
whore, and bend over so I can fuck your ass'."

"You know what I mean," Beth punched me in the ribs. "I
pity the poor girl."

I noticed that Beth was rubbing one of her nipples. "And
yet you also envy her," I said.

"Yes, I guess so, in a way," she answered after a few
moments. "I wonder what it would be like to be totally
uninhibited... to have sex with a lot of different men.
To do that and not have to think about it. not to have a
choice in the matter."

"So, you want me to find you a pimp?" I teased.

"You don't know any pimps," she said with a laugh.

"As a matter-of-fact, I do know a pimp. I have one for a
client, Miss know-it-all."

"Really? I didn't know that. Who is it?"

"You know I don't discuss my clients, at home," I said
putting my arm around her shoulders. "When I get him to
take you on as his whore, you'll get to know him very
well then."

"Why? What will he do to me?"

"Before he puts you to work, he'll have to try you out.
He would take you to his house and fuck you all weekend
long to see if you had what it takes. Then he'd bring in
a few friends to fuck you also." I kept up that kind of
talk for a while. I played with her ample breasts, and
when I put my hand down between her legs, I was a little
surprised to find that she was soaking wet. I knew I was
on to something, I just wasn't sure what it was.

Like a lot of men, when I find something that works, I
stick with it. I used the theme for several weeks, and
it worked like a charm every time. Beth would almost
immediately warm up. We fucked like a couple of rabbits.


Two days after the end of the quarter, like clockwork,
Roland Morgan brought his papers and books to my office.
Roland, or Big R, as he's known on the street, has many
irons in the fire. He owns a strip club, a convenience
store, a liquor store, and a couple more enterprises.
Most designed to laundry the illegal flow of money from
his whores.

On our first meeting, I made it a point to tell Big R
that I wasn't like a lawyer. I told him not to tell me
anything that he didn't want told in court. Big R
laughed when I told him that. He told me he wasn't
worried, that he was protected. I discovered that he was
paying out large sums of money to the cops. It was
entered on his books as casual employment and
miscellaneous expenses.

I didn't know, or want to know, how many cops he was
paying off, but the figures for casual employment and
miscellaneous were large. On paper, Big R was a wealthy
man, and I was sure that a lot of cash didn't get to the

"How's it going Mister Wheeler?" Big R asked setting the
arm load of books on my desk. Describing Big R is
difficult because there nothing about him that's unusual
or remarkable. He's black, I'd guess late thirties or
early forties, Five-nine or five-ten, and medium weight,
neither heavy or light. He's a spiffy dresser, but not
pimp flashy. He seemed to be mild mannered and soft
spoken. I decided to ask him something that had been
bothering me.

"Couldn't be better Mister Morgan," I answered. "I know
it's none of my business, but I've wondered why they
call you Big R."

He threw back his head and laughed. "Yeah, I can see why
you might wonder. My momma named me Roland and my Pop
took one look at my equipment, and called me Big R. The
name just stuck."

I know I must have turned five shades of red. I managed
to say, "Oh, I see."

"Yeah, when you start out life with a big dick, you get
tagged with some sort of nickname. Go on, Mister
Wheeler. You can ask."

"Ah, err... well how big was it?"

"My seventh grade teacher measured it," he said
laughing. "It was six and a half inches long then.
Coming in at just under nine inches now. I kinda grew
into it, I guess."

"Your school teacher measured it?" I stammered. "Why?"

"She was curious I guess. I fucked her two years later
in the backseat of her car in the school parking lot."
He laughed. "I had grown some by then. You going to call
me when you get my books done?"

"Yes," I said. "I know I'm asking a lot of questions,
but how does a person become a pimp?"

"I guess there's a lot of ways," he said. "I started in
high school. Girls found out I had a big dick, and I got
in a lot of panties. It wasn't long before I had more
pussy than I could handle, so I sold some to the other
guys. I had a variety of gals. Black, white, Hispanics,
and a few Asian. I found that the black guys wanted
white girls, and white guys wanted black girls, and
almost any of them would fuck a gook or Mexican gal. I
found out what the demand was, and supplied it. Still
do, for that matter."

"I see. I guess that's what makes the world go around.
Supply and demand. Still have a lot of girls?"

"I got twelve right now," he said. "Ten white girls and
two black ones. I supply mostly to the black community,
and they want white nookie. How long we been doing
business? Four or five years, ain't it? So why all the
questions now? I don't mind, but I'm curious."

"Oh, this woman I know was asking me about
prostitution," I said. "I told her I'd check around."
God! It sounded lame even to me.

"She's thinkin' about trying it?" Big R asked. "You can
tell her it's fuckin' dangerous to go out independent.
Lot of things can, and will go wrong. What she look

I don't know why, but I described Beth perfectly to him.

"Sounds like she might make a good whore. A mature white
woman, that has been around the block a few times can
make some serious money."

Son of a bitch! He was looking at the photo of Beth on
my desk. "You tell her that I'm fair with my bitches. I
don't dope them, or keep their money. They can work as
much, or as little as they want. All I ask is they be
fair with me, and keep themselves clean. I insist on a
check-up every two weeks, and that everybody uses a
rubber." He looked me in the eye. "How serious is this
chick? Is she thinking about it for the money, or for
the fun of it?"

"I guess mostly for the fun of it. She doesn't need the
money." How on earth did I let the conversation get this
far. What the hell was I thinking?

"Best kind of whore," Big R said, glancing at Beth's
picture again. "If she's looking for adventure, I can
supply it. I got to go. Call me when the books are ready
to be picked up."


"I spoke with Big... ah, my client today," I said. Beth
and I were sitting at the kitchen table. The only
daughter at home, wasn't at home, as usual.

"What big client is that, dear?"

"Not a big client. The pimp client I told you about."
Beth's fork stopped half way to her mouth.

"What did you talk about?" she asked, putting the food
back on her plate.

"This and that," I answered, probably a little smug.
"How things were going with his business."

"And how are things in his business?"

"Apparently pretty good," I know I was grinning like a
simpleton, but I couldn't help it Beth pushed her food
around on the plate a few moments then got up, and put
her plate in the sink.

"I'm going to take a shower and go on the bed," Beth
said leaving the kitchen.

"Okay, I'll be up in a little while. Oh, by the way," I
called after she had left. "He said you could interview
for a job anytime you wanted to." Timing is everything.
I waited for it. I didn't have to look up to know that
she was back in the doorway. I could hear her breathing.

"What are you talking about, Scott?" she demanded.

"What? I thought you had gone." I was playing it cool
and having some fun. "I mentioned to my client, that I
knew a woman who was thinking about becoming a
prostitute. When I described her, he became interested.
He said it sounded like she would make a good whore for
him." Beth came on in the kitchen, and stopped beside my

"Are you out of your mind?" she said, her voice cold,
and trembling with passion. Not the good kind. "Tell me,
Scott, are you out of your God damned mind?" Her voice
had risen to a screech.

"Hey, Beth, calm down," I said. I wasn't having any fun
now. "I didn't tell him who. I didn't give him any names
or anything. He won't be calling you on the phone." She
glared hard at me, her chest rising and falling. "I
can't believe you," she said, and hurried out of the
room. It's strange how something can turn into a bucket
of shit so quick.

I watched some TV a while, read a book for a while, and
stalled as long as I could. I was absolutely in no rush
to go up to bed. I woke up when my daughter came in at
quarter passed eleven. I lucked out, because Beth was
asleep when I got to the bed.


The next day I was up and out of the house before Beth
awoke, but that evening she seemed to be her old
cheerful self. You can bet your ass, I didn't bring up
the subject of our discontent. Actually, it was a couple
nights later that it was mentioned. Beth brought it up.

"So what did you tell him?" she asked. I was already in
bed and Beth was brushing her long auburn hair. She was
looking at me in the mirror. It crossed my mind,
briefly, to faint a lack of understanding, but I knew
she knew I knew.

"Not all that much. I ask him how he got in the
business, and it kind of evolved from there." I repeated
the conversation between Big R and me.

"You told him I was pretty?" she asked.

"I did not. I told him that my friend was beautiful and
super sexy." She didn't say anything for a while.

"I overreacted didn't I?"

"Maybe just a tad," I acknowledged. "But maybe you were
justified. Who knows?"

"I can't believe his teacher measured his... thing.
That's too bizarre. And they did it a couple years

"That's what he said. He strikes me as a man that
doesn't have to brag."

"And he said that he thought I could do well in the

"He certainly did. He said a sexy mature woman could do
very well." When she didn't respond right away I said,
"While he was talking to me, I got a mental picture of
you and him... together... you know... having sex." Beth
turned around to look directly at me. A smile was
playing around her mouth.

"Tell me about that mental image. What exactly did you

I went into a long and fanciful story of what I saw in
my mind. Beth came and lay down beside me as I spun the
yarn. Some of it I had visualized, but most I conjured
up from my mind. I had no more than finished the tale
and Beth was all over me. She was like a wild woman who
had been denied sex for a long time.


"You got a VCR?' Big R asked me. He had come to get the
books. I told him I did, and he handed me a video tape.
"You tell your friend to watch this tape, and then if
she wants to talk, we can."

After he left I put the tape in my player that's build
in the small TV I have in the office. The tape started
showing Big R setting behind a big desk. He was speaking
to someone out of sight.

"Why do you want to get in the business?" he asked. The
sound wasn't all that clear, but I could understand him.

"I need some money," a female voice said. "I need a lot
of money, fast." The camera widened out, and I saw an
attractive white woman sitting on a chair in front of
the desk. The angle didn't change, and I wondered if it
was done remotely.

"You ever been a professional whore?" Big R asked. She
shook her head and murmured something I couldn't hear.
"I'm going to assume that you ain't a virgin."

"No, I'm hardly a virgin. I'm married, and I have two

"Most of our customers are black," Big R said. "You ever
fucked a black man before?" She shook her head in the
negative. "Do you like to fuck?" She nodded her head.
"You get a blood test, like I ask you to do?"

"Yes sir, I did. Like I told you on the phone I have
never had sex with anybody except my husband... ever."

"I guess that answers the question about threesomes and
gangbangs. Ever made it with a chick?"

"No sir," she answered in a soft voice.

"Why did you decide you wanted to be a whore?" Big R
asked bluntly.

"I don't know. I guess because I thought I could make
some money doing something I like, and that I'm good at.
I don't have any training or skills to fall back on.
I've always been a housewife and mother. Last year my
husband got sick. He was out of work for nearly six
months. We got way behind in our bills. The mortgage
company is demanding back house payments, or they'll

"Your hubby know that you are applying to be a whore?"
She nodded slowly.

"He's all right with it?"

"Yes. I don't know if he is or not. He said he was, but
I don't know for sure. We're desperate, so it doesn't
really matter. He's working two jobs, and we still
aren't catching up very fast."

"We are being videotaped," Big R said. "You see that
camera over there on the shelf? Look right at the camera
and say your name, your age, and that you are applying
for a job as a whore of your own free will." The woman
turned slightly, and looked right into the camera.

"My name is Holly May McAllister. I am twenty-six years
old. I am applying for a job as a whore of my own free

"Stand up Holly May," big R instructed. "I want you to
take off your clothes. Keep looking at the camera while
you do." The woman did as he instructed. Soon she was
naked. Holly May had breasts that were in the category
of "mouthful", but they were well formed.

The camera zoomed in on her chest and I could see that
her boobs were like two cones on her chest. The camera
panned down to show that she had a narrow strip of pubic
hair above her slit. The camera widened back out to show
all of her. I wondered who was operating the camera, as
Big R didn't seem to move his hands. The only
nervousness she displayed was biting her lower lip.

"Are you ready to continue?" Big R asked her. She
nodded, and he led her through a door behind the desk.
The picture went snowy, and then reappeared again in a
bedroom setting. Big R was sitting on the edge of a bed
with his clothes off. He was holding a huge cock in one
hand. Obviously he had been truthful about the size of
his cock. I stopped the tape and rewound it. I wanted to
watch it with Beth. I had to watch it with her.


Beth's story:

I know I am a very lucky woman. I'm married to a
wonderful man, I have two wonderful daughters, and I
live in a nice house. Everything is perfect. That's not
exactly the truth. It's not perfect, just comfortable.
I'm not sure when I begun to have feelings of
dissatisfaction. Maybe they came in small increments
over a long period of time. I don't know.

Scott is a hard working man. He had to be earlier in our
marriage, because we were usually only a few dollars
from financial disaster. Scott's problem is, he didn't
know when to slow down. We managed over the years to
save enough so that both girls can go to college without
us having to scrimp. Scott made some good investments
that has paid off. He doesn't need to work all the time
like he used to. But he does.

One night a couple of weeks ago, Scott brought in
another adult video. I don't care for them much, but
I've learned that if I want sex I have to put up with
them. They do serve the purpose of arousing Scott. This
tape was a lot different. The theme was a white girl who
went to work as a prostitute for a black pimp. There was
a lot of sex between her and various black men.

I realize that it was just a movie with professional
actors, but for some reason it sang to me. I envied the
girl, and her ability to have casual sex with strangers.
I liked the idea that she got paid to have sex with a
lot of men. There was one scene that stuck in my mind
vividly. The scene is firmly stuck in my memory so that
I can quote the dialog from my memory.

The woman just returned from servicing a customer...
john, they called it. Her pimp and another man were
waiting on her. She smiles at her pimp, and gives him a
big, long, deep kiss.

"Get your cunt all juiced up, did you?" the pimp said..
The woman said she had. "Get them clothes off, and let
us see your slick, gooey pussy." The woman glanced at
the other man, but took her clothes off. "Look here
Tyrone," the pimp said. "She's still wet from her black
sexin' That mutherfucker use a rubber?" The girl said of
course. She said she knew the rules. "Good. Get down on
your knees and give my cock a good suckin' Me and Tyrone
are going to give you some more black cock."

The girl, Gina or Tina, got down, and took the man's big
black penis out of his pants and proceeded to give him
oral sex. I have never cared for oral sex, but she made
it look like fun. Over the next thirty minutes or so,
the pimp, and the man called Tyrone, had sex her in
every imaginable position and combinations.

The finale was that both men took her. One in her vagina
and one in her rectum. I admired, and envied the ease
with which she took both of them in her. She appeared as
if she liked it a lot. I said my thoughts aloud to Scott
without think about it. The end result was Scott and I
had sex that was greater than any in recent history for
us. In fact our sex life took a sharp upturn for the
next several weeks.

The words they used in that video kept running through
my head. Pussy, cunt, whore, cock and fuck. All words
that I hate, and never use. Scott said fuck sometimes,
but I always chided him when he did. For some reason I
couldn't get the nasty words out of my mind.

Scott has a client that he says is a pimp. I doubted it
at first, but I can usually tell when Scott is lying to
me. One night he had the audacity to tell me he had
discussed me with the pimp. I flew into a rage. I wanted
to choke Scott, but as quickly as the anger came, it
left, and for some strange reason I was glad Scott
talked to the pimp.


When Scott brought the tape home, I thought it was
another video from the rental store. Scott told me it
was special, and to wait until bedtime to watch it. I
felt a tingle between my legs. If whatever it was, would
get Scott an erection, I would watch it with him.

That night I finished in the bathroom first and was
lying on the bed waiting for Scott. He came out and
started the tape. He said that he had seen the first few
minutes, so I was to start without him.

It was an interview for a prostitute, and when the
camera widened out and I saw the woman I nearly fainted.
I gasped, and Scott stuck his head out of the bathroom.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Oh... my... god!" I said. "I know her. That's Holly...
something. I can't remember her last name."

"Holly McAllister. How do you know her?" Scott said
pushing the pause button.

"We were in the book club together," I said, staring at
the frozen image on the TV. "She dropped out several
months ago. I don't know the details, but something was
wrong at home."

"Sickness," Scott said starting the tape again. "I'll be
out in a few minutes. Keep watching."

And watch, I did. I had wondered what had happened to
Holly. I had not seem her since the last book club
meeting four or five months earlier. Now I knew.
Apparently Holly had taken a job outside the home.

"This is where I stopped it," Scott said getting on the
bed beside me. The scene showed the black man sitting on
the bed holding his... cock, dammit. I might as well say
it as think it. His cock was bigger than any I had ever
seen in the porno movies Scott had brought home. I
watched, totally enthralled, as a nude Holly went over
and knelt down in front of the man.

I watched without blinking, because I was afraid I might
miss something. Holly took the man's penis... his cock,
and stroked it, and then took it in her mouth. Neither
Scott or I said a word as we watched her head bobbing up
and down on his manhood. Her mouth was stretched wide
and her cheeks were inflated as she sucked him. I
managed to tear my eyes away long enough to glance at
Scotts cock, and see that he was aroused.

The black man pulled Holly from his cock and pulled her
down on the bed with him where he proceeded to take her
forcefully. Her legs flew open, as he pressed himself
into her. Holly moaned loudly as he enter her a little
at a time. I could plainly hear her ask him to go
slower, which he did. I was fascinated as I watched this
girl I knew, being taken by this black man with the huge

"What is his name?" I asked Scott without taking my eyes
from the TV. "I don't want to think of him as 'that
man', 'that pimp' or that 'black man'. I want to know
his name."

"They call him Big R," Scott said.

Big R. okay, I had a name for the black creature that
was fucking Holly so hard. Suddenly Holly started
bucking, and yelling that she was coming. Big R just
kept fucking her. That was what it was. It wasn't making
love, having sex, or any other thing. It was fucking,
pure and simple. Fucking. I said the word out loud,
tasting it, savoring it, and causing Scott to stare at
me. Holly had another orgasm, and another after that.

"How do they do that?" I asked Scott.

"How do they do what?"

"Make the camera change places and zoom in like that."

"Somebody is operating them from a remote site, I
guess," Scott answered.

The idea that they were being watched by someone else,
caused my heart to beat even harder. I didn't think that
was possible. There were unseen eyes watching as his
huge cock piston in and out of her. Unseen eyes watched
as he withdrew his cock, and put her on her knees, and
begun to fuck her doggy style. Eyes of an unknown person
watched as the camera zoomed in to where Big R and Holly
were connected, and saw the sperm gushing out around his
black rod as it went in and out of her.

My nipples were rock hard and I stroked them to try to
relive the aching. Big R used his sperm and her juices
to facilitate his finger going into her.ass. He used one
finger and then two. Suddenly he withdrew his cock from
her. her cunt. Okay, I can say it. He took it out of her
cunt, and rammed it in her ass. He got almost half of it
in before she could react. Holly screamed loudly, and
tried to crawl away from the anal intruder. It did her
no good, because he was holding tightly to her hips. He
jerked her back until she was fully impelled on his

Big R held her still and didn't move himself until she
quieted down. After she became quiet, he began to move
his hips, slowly at first and then faster until Holly
began to rock with him. I could see her fingers playing
with her clitoris as he butt fucked her. I couldn't take
any more. I grabbed the remote and stopped the tape.

"Fuck me, Scott," I said. "Fuck me like Big R did Holly.
Make me your bitch."

Good old Scott was ready, willing and able. He was as
excited as I was, I think. I let, no, I demanded that,
Scott fuck me in the ass, something I hadn't let him do
all that often. After a prolonged bout of sex, I drifted
off into a troubled sleep. I had dreams all night of a
black man taking me like Big R took Holly.

After Scott left for work, I managed to get a few hours
of dreamless sleep. I got up after nine o'clock, which
was most unusual for me. I ate a quick breakfast and did
some detective work. I called a friend, who was also in
the book club with Holly. Marge knew where Holly lived.
With that information, and what I knew from the
interview I found the phone number.

"Hi Holly? This is Beth Wheeler," I said when a woman
answered the phone.

"How on earth are you doing?"

"Oh, Beth, hi," she said. "I'm fine. How are you?"

"I'm fine. We have missed you at the book club meetings,
and I wanted to check on you."

"Why how nice of you. I had to drop out and get a job.
Maybe in a few months I'll be able rejoin the group."

"How's your work going?" I asked. I was about to do
something mean, and I dreaded it, because I'm not a mean

"Good, I enjoy it."

"Holly can we meet for coffee or maybe lunch? I would
like to talk about your job. I know about Big R."

There was a long silence on the line.

"Oh, shit," Holly said softly. "How did you find out?"

"Look Holly," I said. "I'm not going to divulge your
secrets. I have no intention of hurting you in any way.
I promise you that. I just need to talk to you in
person. Please meet with me."

"Yeah, sure, why not?" Holly said in a resigned tone of
voice. "Where?"

"How about coffee in an hour at the Town and Country
caf�. I know it's an imposition to you, but it's
important to me." I knew she knew where it was because
we had some book club meeting there for a while. She
agreed, and I hurried off to get dressed. I don't know
exactly why, but I felt the need to look good for Holly.
Is that not strange? I wanted to dress up for a


There wasn't but two other customers in the Town and
Country Caf�. The lunch crowd hadn't started and the
breakfast crowd had gone. Holly was waiting for me at a
table by the window.

"Sorry Holly. Am I late?" I said looking at my watch.

"No, I'm a little early. I just sit down, and I saw you
parking. I ordered coffee for both of us. I hope that's

"Yes, that fine. I want to thank you for meeting me," I
said. "And I want you to know I meant what I said. I'll
tell nobody what I know, and I won't cause you any
trouble." Holly looked steadily at me and nodded. "You
look great, Holly." She did look good, more confident
and assured.

"Thank you," she said with a slight smile. "You look
good also. How do you know Big R?"

"Actually, I don't know him," I said. I took a deep
breath and plunged right in. "My husband knows him from
a business relationship. I found out that you were
working for Big R, and I wanted to ask you some
questions about it. Rest assured, I'm not going to be
judgmental. Oh, shoot. I'm doing this all wrong. Let me
back up a little, and give you some background." I
started with Scott bringing home the first interracial
video tape, and told her everything. She let me tell my
story without interrupting me.

"So you want to know what it's like to be a whore?"
Holly asked when I finished. "Okay, but first let's get
this straight. You don't want to become a whore. Not
really. This is not a way for you to make money, because
you don't need money. Beth, you want to be a slut. You
are looking for adventure, for excitement, for some
illicit sex, because you are bored, and your married sex
life stinks. How close am I?"

I gave it some thought. "Pretty close," I admitted. " Is
there adventure, and excitement? Can you tell me what
it's like being... you know?"

"A whore. We can say the word," Holly said. "Sure I can.
Is there adventure? Sure there's adventure, and there's
excitement, and plenty of illicit sex, but it's not
exactly like the videos. You have to be careful.
Personal hygiene becomes a way of life for you. Hell, I
got the crabs my second trip out. Big R is careful who
gets to use his bitches. Ninety percent of the men are
nice enough, it's the other ten percent you have to
watch out for.

"When you work for Big R you have to do some gratis
work. You know, give his boys some pussy from time to
time, but he makes it up to you. I know it's not
important to you, but the money is real good. Big R
let's his girls work as much, or as little as they want
to. When I first started, I worked almost every day and

"We were in debt up past our eyebrows, and getting
deeper. When we got even with the creditors, I eased off
some. Right now I'm only working a couple nights a week,
and some special events. Have you and your husband ever
swung? You know... swap parties, or that sort of thing?"

"No, nothing like that at all."

"Look Beth, I don't know what to tell you. You aren't
really asking for advice on whether to do it or not.
You've made up your mind about that already, haven't

"No... I don't... I don't really know. Maybe I have. How
many girls does Big R have working for him?"

"I don't know for sure. A dozen or so, I guess. I only
know a few of them. The ones I know about are white. One
is a granny."

"A granny? I guess I could qualify for that."

"Not for a few years," Holly said laughing. "His granny
is about sixty and looks it."

"Really? There's a demand for an old woman?"

"Apparently there is a demand. I guess there are some
black men who really get off fucking an old white woman.
Maybe fucking their old school teacher vicariously.
Anyway, I hear Granny does all right for herself. There
is one white chick, Olga, who specializes in ass
sucking." Holly laughed at my expression. "Hey, when you
get in the business, you're going to find a lot of
kinks. If you are strong for women's right, you need to
find your adventure elsewhere. You try to tell Big R
that it's your body, he'll be damned quick to tell you,
not while you're working for him. Your body is his body,
and he'll decide what's to be done with it. If you have
any sexual hang-up, you better get over them. I had to
learn a lot of things quick."

"Like what?" I asked.

"Sex with women for one thing," she said. "Have you ever
made it with a chick?" I shook my head. "Me either until
about three days after I started. One of Big R's friends
shoved my face in a chick's pussy, and told me to eat

"What did you do?"

"I ate it," Holly said with a laugh. "Look, Beth, these
guys don't ask you if you want to do this or if you
would like to do that. They won't ask your permission.
They tell you to do it, and you better do it or you'll
regret it. For one thing Big R will run you off, but
most likely, you'll get the hell slapped out of you. A
lot of these guys will want to double up on you. I don't
know what Big R would charge for you, but he put a three
hundred dollar minimum on my ass.

"One guy for an hour, three hundred. Two guys for an
hour is only five hundred. These guys aren't rocket
scientists, but they can do the math. Joe Blow and his
buddy save a hundred by doubling up on me. It works both
ways. It saves them a hundred, but it saves me an hour,
and time is money."

"You have to do a lot of anal sex?"

"Yeah," Holly answered with a grin. "Some of the black
guys get off doing a woman in what they think is the
final degradation and humiliation. Look, sex is all
about head games. I found out early on that I get a lot
of repeat customers by acting like it's terrible for me.
I play the part of the poor little victim as far as I
can, and it works for me."

"Wow, there's a lot to think about isn't there?" We
sipped out coffee in silence for a few minutes. "Let me
ask you one more question, Holly. If you had it to do
over would you?"

Holly didn't answer for a few moments. "In five and a
half months I managed to get us out of debt except for
the house and my new car. Unlike you, I was looking for
a way out. Apparently you're looking for a way in."
Holly paused and stared out the window for a couple of
minutes. "Yes I would," she finally said. "Not just for
the money, either.

"Over the past several months I've made a discovery
about myself that I didn't know before. I like sex. I
like sex a lot, and I like a lot of sex. Some of Big R's
bitches don't really like men. They don't really like
sex. Being a whore is a means to an end for them. I was
motivated by a need for quick cash, but along the way
something awoke in me. I found out I like to fuck."

I noticed that two elderly women had taken the table
next to ours. Apparently Holly had not noticed, or
didn't care. Both women appeared to be well off, by
their dress. One of them looked up at Holly's last

"Good for you honey," the woman said loud enough for us
to hear. "Fuck the silly bastards to death, and make
them pay through the nose for it." Her companion nodded
her head in agreement with the statement. Laughing,
Holly and I left the caf�. The lunch crowd was beginning
to arrive, anyway.

"Look, Holly," I said when we got to the curb. "Big R
doesn't know who I am or anything about me. At least not
yet. Please don't mention our conversation to him."

"Okay," she answered me. "However you want it. We both
know that it's not going to be long before you try sex
with a black man. Let me urge you to be damned careful.
Aside from the diseases, there are other dangers you
need to consider. If you want to try it, do it with
somebody safe, like Big R, who will take care of you. If
you want to talk again, let me know. I'm available for
you. Now I have one last question for you. How did you
find out about me?"

"Big R gave Scott a video tape of your interview. Scott
and I watched it last night."

"Oh, I see," she said blushing slightly, "Did you like

"Loved it! We didn't watch it all because we had to
stop, and take care of business. We both were hot and
horny. We stopped the tape just after Big R screwed your

"Then you missed the part where Big R, and his friend
Russell, doubled up on me. I think Big R added some
other sessions on the tape. I think there might be a bit
where I pulled a train for them. I haven't seen all of
it yet. I'd like to see it sometime. Call me, Beth. In
fact call me, and let me know what you think about the
rest of the tape. " She walked away, and I hurried home
to watch some more of the video tape.


Scott's story:

The next day after Beth and I watched Holly's video was
a long one. I had trouble focusing on my work. Two
things were clear to me. One, I was getting a lot of hot
sex, and two, Beth was getting very interested in this
thing... whatever it is. I guess it was the third thing
that bothered me most, and that is, things were not
going to stay like they were. I didn't know if I was
going to like the changes or not.

At lunch time I took a few minutes just to think about
my feelings. How would I feel if Beth actually went to
Big R? The thought of another man's dick in my wife sent
waves of anxiety through me. When I imagined it, I also
felt an excitement that I couldn't quite get a handle
on. The image never failed to bring me a throbbing hard-
on. That fact couldn't be denied. There I sat at my
desk, with a boner. I called home to see how Beth was

"Hi, it's me," I said when she answered. "What's going
on with you?"

"You will not believe what I just did," she sounded a
little out of breath. "I just finished masturbating
while watching that video of Holly." She was sure right.
I didn't believe it. Doing that was so out of character
for her. Saying it, even more so. "How is your day?" she

"Apparently not as good as yours," I said. "What brought
the self gratification on?"

"I met with Holly this morning," Beth said. "We had a
long talk about... things."

"What things?"

"Her motivation for being a prostitute. How she liked
it, and what were some of the things she did. That sort
of things."

"I see. Just regular girl talk, huh? Did you watch the
rest of the video or just review what we've already

"Both," she giggled. "You are going to love the part you
didn't see. I sure won't mind watching it again with

"I can't wait," I said realizing it was true. I couldn't
wait. At that very moment I made a decision to bring in
more accountants to do some of the work. Hell, I should
be able to take off in the afternoon if I wanted to.
Working my ass off suddenly got very old. That afternoon
I started the ball rolling to buy out a competitor who
wanted to retire. He had four CPA's working for him, and
I'd keep all of them, and maybe even hire one more.

I was met at my front door by my beautiful wife wearing
a slinky dressing gown. She handed me a cocktail. Both
the dressing gown and cocktail were unusual, but most
welcome. Beth literally dragged me to the bedroom.

"You won't believe what Big R, and some guy did to
Holly," she said. She had the tape in the bedroom
player, and set at where we left off the night before.
While I watched, I took my coat and tie off. Beth lay on
the bed, the dressing gown opened to her waist. I
noticed that she had shaved most of her pubic hair off,
leaving only a landing strip like Holly had.

I tore my eyes away from my wife and back to the TV.
Holly was sitting on Big R, facing away toward the
camera. She was leaned back so it was apparent that Big
R's cock was in her ass. She had a look of pure
enjoyment on her face. Another man entered the picture.
He was also black. The stranger stood looking at Holly
for a moment while stroking a fairly large cock. Not as
large as Big R, but still impressive.

"Watch this, Scott," Beth said in a strained voice.
"Watch what he does."

The man went in between their legs, reached out and took
hold of Holly's small breasts. He twisted and pulled at
her nipples, causing her to sit up straighter. The
stranger leaned down and kissed Holly, still grasping
her nipples. One of Holly's hands came up around the
man's neck while the other was at his waist. They kissed
for a long time and holly's hand left the man's neck and
disappeared between them. I assumed that she had a grip
on his cock. The camera changed position, and I could
see that she did indeed have hold of his cock. She was
pulling it toward her pussy.

"Watch Scott," Beth said as if I were able to be
distracted. Fat chance of that happening right then. The
man moved closer and Holly positioned the head of his
cock to her cunt. Then with a lunge the man rammed his
cock in her with one motion. Holly screamed loudly. She
had her hands on the man's chest as if to shove him away
from her.

"Take it easy!" Holly yelled. "Easy, dammit!" In just a
few moments she was yelling for them to fuck her harder,
and every few minutes she would cry out in ecstasy as
she had an orgasm.

I looked over at Beth who was gazing at the screen and
playing with her own wet pussy. In all the time we've
been married, I never saw her finger herself. I took my
pants and shorts off, and got on the bed beside her.
With one hand she took my cock, and slowly stroked it,
while frigging herself with the other hand. It was a
time of many firsts for us.

"I want you in me when they gang-bang her," Beth said
urgently. I lay back, and let her mount me, her back to
me as Holly had been to Big R. I had to lean over to see
around her. I could feel Beth's finger working her clit
while I was in her. Beth came within a few seconds and
continued to do so for the next ten minutes, until I
came in her.

Pre-dinner sex was another new thing. I think I like it.
Beth had dinner warming in the over and we set down with
Carla, our youngest, and had a nice meal. Carl seem
confused at her mothers and my antics during dinner. I
guess we were a bit giddy. I announced that I was buying
out old man Carlson and both Carla and Beth were
surprised and pleased.

"Good for you Scott," Beth said. "Let the others do the
work and you just set back and watch them. I hope you
don't lose any of your big customers." The reference to
"big" sent both Beth and I into a fit of laughter.

"What's wrong with you two?" Carla asked. "You are both
acting weird." That comment caused more merriment. Carla
seemed happy to escape from us.

Later that night as Beth and I were ready for bed, we
talked about what was going on in our lives. The changes
that seemed to be happening. The consensus was, we
neither one, had a clue as to where it was leading, and
we both knew that it was leading somewhere.

"The only thing that bothers me is, will you love me no
matter what," Beth said.

"I can hopefully put your mind at ease on that," I told
her. "We've been through too much to let something
happen. Yes, Beth, I'll always love you no matter what.
When do you want to meet him?" She didn't answer for so
long I thought she had gone to sleep.

"Not where Holly did," she said softly. "Someplace
where... I don't know. How about here?"


"Soon, I think. Maybe for dinner or for cocktails."

"I'll let you know," I said. Soon we were both asleep.

The next morning I called Big R.

"Good morning Mister Morgan," I said. "My wife and I
would like for you to come for dinner. Would Friday
night be convenient? "

"And a good morning to you also, Mister Wheeler," came
Big R's voice. "I don't know why we don't dispense with
the misters, do you? I have to wonder who you are
inviting to dinner. Roland Morgan or Big R?" That
question completely threw me for a moment. I managed to

"Both," I answered. "Roland Morgan for dinner and maybe
Big R for after dinner drinks. Do you think that could
be arranged?"

"Certainly, Scott," he answered with a chuckle. "I
assume your friend liked the video?"

"Loved it, Roland," I answered. "Absolutely loved it.
I'll see you at seven o'clock Friday evening." I gave
him directions to my house and hung up, with a silly
sense of satisfaction.


Beth's story:

Holy cow I did it! I told Scott I wanted to meet Big R.
Scott didn't let any grass grow under his feet. He call
me the next morning and told me that we would be hosting
a dinner for a client named Roland Morgan on Friday
night. It's Big R, I could tell by the sound of Scott's

The rest of that day, and all day Friday I was almost
beside myself. When we host a dinner for a client, I use
a caterer. It was simpler, and a lot easier on my
nerves. I was so filled with anxiety that I doubt that I
could have boiled water.

By Friday afternoon I was calm. Of course I had a little
help from a bottle of Jack Daniels. I tried on several
outfits and discarded all of them. I finally settled on
a simple, but expensive black cocktail dress. It had a
rather daring neckline, and spaghetti straps. The dress
came to mid thigh. Sexy, but elegant, I thought. I
didn't wear a bra. My legs have a nice tan and I didn't
wear stockings. Just a pair of black pumps. Scott came
home as I finished dressing. He apparently approved.

"Wow, sweetheart, you look good enough to eat." I gave
him a big kiss. "Ah, I think I taste of the nectar from
Lynchburg Tennessee on your lips. Why don't you fix me
one while I grab a shower?"

"Sure thing, sugar-booger," I said playfully. "Carla is
spending the night with a friend. They are going to a
movie first."

At fifteen minutes until seven, everything was ready. I
was getting butterflies again, which annoyed me. I
wasn't a silly school girl waiting on her first date. I
am a married housewife with children waiting on. I
laughed out loud, and said it out loud. "A pimp."

"What was that dear?" Scott asked.

"I said, I heard a car door. It must be him."

When the door bell rang, Scott went to the door. "Hey,
Roland, come on in."

I stood nervously waiting in the hallway. The school
girl jitters were back.

"Roland is there somebody waiting in your car?" I heard
Scott say.

"Yeah, That's Russell, or Russ some call him. He's
usually around somewhere close."

"Do you want to invite him in?" Scott asked uncertainly.

"Nah, he's fine. I'll call him if he's needed. Nice
place you got here."

"Thanks, Roland. Come and meet the wife." That was my
cue. I came into the living room. "Honey, there you are,
this is Roland Morgan. Roland, my wife Beth."

"Mrs. Wheeler, it so a pleasure to meet you," Roland

"Now Mister Morgan you must call me Beth," I said.

"Okay, but you must call me Roland. I was just telling
Scott that you have a beautiful place here. Please
excuse me, while I mention to Scott what a beautiful
wife he has, also."

Roland Morgan just oozed charm. Then and all through
dinner. He regaled us with stories about himself and his
various endeavors. Nothing about his being a pimp was
mentioned or even hinted at. From every appearance he
was Roland Morgan, charming businessman. I began to
wonder if I had made a mistake, and that he wasn't Big
R, the pimp.

After dinner we went out onto the patio for drinks. My
head was slightly buzzing from the wine we had with
dinner and the Jack Daniels before.

"So Big R," Scott said when we were seated with the
drinks. "Everything cool on the street?"

"Yeah man, everything is super cool. Strip joint is
jumpin' and the girls are jivin'. Life is good."

"What night is best for your bitches?" Scott asked.
Something had happened. It was like I had left the room
during a movie, and nobody told me what had happened
while I was gone.

"Friday is usually pretty good 'cause it's payday for a
lot of guys," the black man said. "So that's lay-day for
some. Course every night is good if you got the right
ladies working for you. I got a opening that I plan to
interview for later. Can't have too many vacancies, you

His voice was even different. I blinked a couple of
times to make sure he was the same man. "I always give
my bitches a test drive before I put them to work." He
was looking across at me. I felt myself beginning to
moisten. Was this really happening?

"What makes a good streetwalker?" Scott asked, glancing
at me.

"I don't know. I got nothing but prime pussy, and I
don't put them on the street. All my bitches are top
grade. Some say table grade, cause they are good for
eatin'" He was looking at me while talking to Scott. My
face felt flush. My whole body felt flush.

"How do you test drive them?' Scott inquired.

"A gal come to me and says she wants to go to work
selling her pussy. That don't mean she any good at it.
Before I sell her ass, I have to know if it's any good
or not. Not every woman who wants to be a ho can do the
job. Takes a certain kind of woman to be a good whore."

"What kind of woman?" I heard myself ask. I was sitting
beside Scott on the porch sofa, and Roland, who had
suddenly became Big R, was sitting across from us in a
chair. Scott got up to get more drinks, and when he did,
Big R came over and sat beside me.

"First of all she's got to want to be a whore, or has to
be a whore. The ones that want to are the best. They got
to be able to learn the tricks of the trade, and do it
pretty quick. Them that don't learn will be out turning
tricks on the street pretty soon. Good whores like to
fuck." He put his hand on my thigh where the dress
stopped. He rubbed my leg with the tips of his fingers.
"Every once in a while I get a bitch that's just curious
about what it would be like to fuck a black man."

"How does that work?" Scott said. He handed us the
drinks and took a seat across from us.

"Depends," Big R said continuing to stroke my leg. "I
fuck'em of course.

Most of the time I call Russell in to fuck'em , too. I
value his opinion. Sometimes that satisfies them, and I
never see them again. Most of the time I make a few buck
off their ass before they decide to try something else.
Once in a great while I find a jewel. That very special
woman who goes wild for black cock, and can't get enough
of it. The woman in the video you saw, was one such
jewel. She's made me a bunch of money and having a ball
doing it. Everybody wins."

"Holly," I said without thinking.

"Yes, Holly," Big R said. His stroking had moved the hem
of my dress up almost high enough to expose my black
panties. " Holly discovered that she enjoyed being the
center of attention of a couple black studs. She found
out that she loves it when two or more men of color fuck
her." He stopped stroking me and put his arm around my
shoulders and pulled me closer to him.

"Tell me, Beth, do you think you would enjoy a big,
hard, black cock?" I wasn't sure I could actually form
words, so I just nodded my head. Big R flicked the thin
strap off my shoulder. "Yes, I think you would. I think
Scott would enjoy watching you get fucked by a black
cock or two. Isn't that right, Scott?"

"Yes," Scott answered almost inaudibly. "I would."

Big R set his drink on the table beside the sofa and
pulled the other strap from my shoulder. "Scott would
you go out to the car and ask Russell to come in,
please. I'm going to fuck Beth, and Russell always gets
a kick watching it happen when I fuck a white woman for
her first time." Scott quickly left the patio.

It all sounded so matter of fact, as if he were
discussing some inane subject, and not the sexual taking
of another person. One of his hands rested on by breast
and the other pulled the top of my dress down,
completely exposing my breasts. Scott was back soon,
followed by another man.

"Ah, here is my main man, Russell. Russ, this is Beth.
For the time being, Beth belongs to Scott. Doesn't Beth
have nice tits?"

"Yeah, nice big titties," Russell said. He came over and
took both my breasts in his hands and hefted them like a
couple of melons. "Yeah R, them's nice fat tits." He
pinched my nipples, casing a shiver to run through me.

"They are indeed, Russ," Big R said. "Scott, would you
be so kind as to show Russ and I where the bedroom is.
We are going to fuck Beth now." He had to help me up
from the sofa. My knees were not strong enough to hold
me. My mind seemed frozen. As we went through the living
room, Big R unzipped my dress, and when it fell to the
floor, I stepped out of it, and we continued on. I was
now wearing only panties and heels, my full breasts
swayed as we walked to the bedroom, following Scott and
the man called Russ. Big R fondled one breast as we

I stopped just inside the bedroom door. I think when I
saw the bed, it all became clear to me. Suddenly what
had been surreal became very real. Until that moment it
had not been really happening. But now I understood that
I was going to be... fucked. Fucked by two black men on
my bed, in my house, and my husband was going to watch.
I felt Big R give me a gentle push toward the bed. It
wasn't hard, it wasn't even an insistent push. More of a
reminder that I wanted this to happen. I went on into
the bedroom.

"Say this," Big R said. "I am Beth Wheeler. I am over
the age of eighteen, and I want to be fucked by these
two black men. Say today's date." Russell held up a
small recorder, and I repeated the words.

I felt Big R pulling my panties down. I could also feel
the wetness between my legs. Scott sat down on my
dressing stool, and Russell took off his clothes. I
could sense that Big R was also taking off his clothing,
but I didn't turn around to look. I kept my eyes on my
husband. I felt Big R's hand on my butt. I felt him
caressing me. I felt his finger reaching my pussy from
behind. I opened my legs to accommodate him. He inserted
one finger in me and then another.

"She's wet, Russ," Big R said. "Very wet and ready. Turn
around Beth and look at me." I did as he said. A very
unremarkable man with a remarkable cock. It was not
sticking out, but it was hard. His cock looked much
larger than it had in the video. "Do you want to suck my
cock, Beth?" I nodded, still not trusting my vocal
abilities. "Get on your knees, Beth. Take my cock in
your hands, and feel how hard it is for you. Take it
into your mouth, and worship my black cock."

I did as he told me to do. His cock was hot and heavy,
and big. It seemed to pulsate with a life of its own. I
licked the small drop of moisture from the tip, and then
put as much of it as I could into my mouth. Big R's cock
had a kind of sweet taste, almost like honey. I sucked
and licked his cock for a few minutes, and then I
realized that Russell had moved beside Big R, and he was
holding his cock out to me.

I alternated between the two men for a long time.
Sucking first one then the other. Russell's cock had a
slight salty taste, and was not as large as Big R's. Big
R and Little R, but Little R was still larger than any
cock I had ever seen, let alone held and sucked. I
wasn't aware at the time that Russell handed a camcorder
to Scott who taped the whole thing.

"Bitch is pretty good, ain't she R?" Russell said.

"Yeah, pretty good cocksucker, Russ," Big R responded. I
took ridiculous pride in their words. "Hey Beth! You
ready to get some black cock in your cunt?"

I heard someone, me I guess, say, "Yesss. I want black
cock in me."

From that point on, it's mostly a kaleidoscope of
orgasms with a tiny bit of pain mixed in. I think I
climaxed more in a few hours than all of my life
previously. Big R took me first, then handed me off to
Russell. I lost track of who fucked me when. I had at
least one cock in me for over two hours straight.

Much of the time I had both cocks in me. That tiny bit
of pain came when Big R stuck that awesome cock in my
ass for the first time. I do remember screaming at him
to take it out, but he didn't. He and Russell both
fucked me in my ass at least twice more. I vaguely
remember Scott putting me in the shower. I was semi-
comatose at the time.

The next thing I remember was waking up, the sun shining
in the bedroom window and birds singing outside.


Scott's story:

I left Bath sleeping peacefully and went in to the
office. There were a couple of things that needed to be
done, and my new employees weren't up to speed on my
stuff. The problem was, I couldn't concentrate on
numbers. I sat alone at my desk and wrestled with a
number of conflicting emotions. I felt anger at Beth,
and at myself, I felt betrayal of both Beth, and myself.

I felt remorse, and I felt uncertainty. The guilt came
from my part in the debauchery. I, Scott Wheeler, set it
up, made it happen, and watched it happen. I wondered
what Beth was feeling about it. Was she angry at me, at
herself? Did she have remorse? After a couple of
fruitless hours I closed the files, turned off the
computer, and made ready to leave. I was almost to the
door when the phone rang.

"Hi Scott," came Roland Morgan's voice. "Beth said you
left a note that you were working."

"Hi Roland," I said. "Yeah, had some work to do. You
talked with Beth, then?"

"Oh yeah, we had a nice little chat. She said her butt
was a little tender but otherwise she was okay. How you
doin'? You about ate up with guilt yet? Have you got
over being pissed off yet?"

"What makes you think I'm pissed off?"

"Come on Scott," he said laughing. "Husbands always feel
bad the next day after they see their wives getting the
fucking of a lifetime. Mostly they get pissed at me, and
that's okay with me. You and I both know it was going to
happen sooner or later. The thoughts was in her head.
She saw pictures of blacks fucking whites, and she was
bound to try it. The question you have to address is,
was it a one shot deal, or does she want more?"

"I didn't talk to her this morning," I said. "What did
she tell you?"

"I didn't ask. That's something you two will have to
work out between you. My educated guess is, she'll do
whatever you want her to do. You've been married a long
time, so she's got pretty good at compromising, and
going along with you. If I were you, I'd just cool it a
few days and see what develops. One thing to keep in
mind is how much she liked what happened to her. If you
will be honest with yourself, you liked it, too. I'll
send you a copy of the tape you made last night. I'll be
in touch." He hung up.

I got home about noon, and Beth was her normally
cheerful self. She had lunch ready for me. I started
several times that afternoon to bring it up, and force a
discussion, but I refrained from doing so. Sunday we
lounged around and watched Carla and her friends play in
the pool.

By Wednesday I was busy merging my company with the one
I bought. It was a busy time for me, and I managed to
push what I thought of as the "dark incident" to the
back part of my brain. By Friday evening things seemed
to be going smoothly at work. I lucked out with my new
employees. Two men and two women, and all seemed to know
their way around a set of books.

After dinner that night, Beth and I were having a drink
on the patio.

Neither of us had said much, and I don't know why I
brought it up.

"Your ass still sore?" I asked out of a clear sky. Beth
stared at me through the twilight then laughed.

"No, that didn't last but a couple days. It never was
too bad. I'm going out on a limb here, but I assume
you're ready to talk about it."

"Yeah, I guess I am. It's been a long week for me."

"I guess so. Are you all right now?"

"Yes," I answered a little surprised that it was mostly
true. "Are you?"

"I'm fine," she answered. "I had a few bad moments on
Saturday morning when I woke up alone. Until I found the
note, I thought you had left me for good."

"Not bloody likely," I said with a laugh. "I'm not going
to give up the best cocksucker and whore for black cock
around. Tell me about it from your perception."

"I'm not sure I can," she answered also laughing. "I've
tried all week to play it all back in my mind. I just
remember having a thousand orgasms."

"A thousand, you say?"

"Okay, that's an exaggeration," she said smiling at me.
"I do know I had a lot of them. Big ones like I use to
get back when."

"Was it better than sex with me?" I had not planned on
asking that stupid question.

"No, not better. just different. Sex with you is easy,
laidback, and sweet. Sex with Russell and Big R was raw.
There was nothing easy or sweet about it. It was
unrefined animal passion."

"And you liked it?"

"Yes, I liked it."

"Are you going to continue having raw sex with them?"
There it was; the sixty four thousand dollar question.

"That is up to you, Scott," she said evenly. "I'm not
going to jeopardize our marriage and friendship just to
have sex."

"So if I say it's all right, you'll do it again?"

"Yes I will," she answered immediately.

"If I say it's okay, you'll be a whore for Big R?"

"Yes," she said. "I would like to try it, but not at the
risk of losing you. You tell me."

I thought about that. I thought about it and felt good,
but don't ask me why. A psychiatrist probably would say
that I had control issues. That I was okay with things
as long as I made the decisions, or that I needed the
illusion that I was in control. Or the shrink may simple
say that I was crazy. I suspect that the good doctor
would use fancier words to say that I was a whacko. But
there it was.

A calmness settled over me like a warm and comfortable
blanket. It was Scott Wheeler's call. I could say no
way, Jos�, and Beth would do it my way, and be unhappy.
Maybe not unhappy, just left unfulfilled with a hollow
spot in her spirit. On the other hand, I could give her
permission, and she would be a happy wife... and whore.
What to do, what to do?

"I want you to do whatever makes you happy, Beth. I've
never wanted anything but that. Give it a try, if you
want to." There was this little imp sitting on my
shoulder laughing his ass off. He was laughing and
calling me a cuckold chump. Fuck you little imp. I bet I
was going to get lucky. Good luck finding a slut imp.

Keys: cuckold chump

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