HER LOVER SON (hardcore,sex,xxx,porn,masturbate,adult,family)


Psychologists invariably agree that man has certain needs which are an inherent part of his nature. The most commonly mentioned are the physical needs -- the needs for food, for water and shelter. The need for sex -- the "reproductive drive" as it is often referred to -- is also considered basic to man.

We see this last need demonstrated time and time again. Witness the failure of the early Communist drive to abolish the family structure. Or the contemporary depletion of the pristhood and the institutions of convents and monasteries.

This is the story of a woman whose sexual drive has been denied its proper outlet by an uncaring and selfish husband -- a man who feels he is living up to his end of the marriage "bargain" by insuring that his wife has a nice home and plenty of spending money. What he has forgotten, however, is that his wife needs much more than just material things. She also needs physical love.

But the die has been cast, and when the frustrated and lonely wife sees the outlet she needs for her pent-up sexuality, she grabs it. The fact that this outlet is her own son makes her story all the more shocking.

HER LOVER SON -- the story of a woman whose quest for sexual fulfillment leads her down a shadowy path -- to what? A story of interest to all who profess an interest in the institutions of marriage and the family.

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"Phil, I have something to tell you."

"What is it, Tam?"

"I'm pregnant. And I think it's your baby."

"You think! You think! What do you mean, you think it's my baby? Don't you know?"

"Oh, fuck you!" Joleen Jensen said as she turned off the television. The soap operas used to keep her satisfied, but they had long since become boring. She could sit back and mouth the words of all the characters before they even said them. Nothing new ever happened. Nothing exciting occurred. The same old stuff all the time. Women getting knocked up by one of the other characters.

Joleen didn't like to read the confession magazines any more, either. The reason was the same. She knew how the damned things would end before she had finished the first paragraph.

Books from the library grew dreary after a while, too. What she needed was something to liven thin up.

Joleen sat back, a bourbon on the rocks in her hand, and shouted at the top of her lungs, "Goddamn! I hate everything!" She took a stiff jolt of the fiery amber liquor. It seared her throat as it went down, then formed a warm spot inside her belly. She realized she'd be drunk in another twenty minutes or so if she kept drinking as fast as she had been for the past half-hour.

But what else was there to do? Her husband was gone most of the time. Dear Harold, she bitterly thought, the flying ace out there fucking all those young stewardesses then coming home and telling me he's too tired to do a Goddamn thing. He never was any good in bed, anyway.

Her husband was a good provider, if it was only money and a nice house you wanted. Joleen couldn't complain about that. But a golden cage held her prisoner as surely as a cast iron one could have. If only Harold wasn't flying so much. But the airlines needed experienced pilots, and Joleen had to reluctantly admit that her husband seemed to be one of the best.

He'd never had a crash, obviously. If he had, she thought, she could have collected a wad of insurance money and lived it up. That tight-fisted skinflint bought her what she wanted but never let her have any money of her own. And when she had told him she was going out to get a job, he hit the ceiling. She remembered the scene as if it had happened yesterday.

"A job? What the hell do you want to work for? We're not starving and I can damn well support you."

"But Harold, it gets pretty dreary just sitting around staring at the walls all day long. I want to get out and meet people. You're flying all over the world. You see people and places that I don't."

His answer had dripped ice. "I want you here. A woman's place is in the home." That had settled the argument.

For a while, Joleen had tried the bridge club scene. Those old biddies were worse than sitting alone and swearing at the uncaring walls. All the time grousing about something or talking about the people who didn't show up for their silly games. Vicious, those bitches were vicious. She could imagine what they said about her when she had decided to drop out of the club. Joleen imagined really inventive and vivid descriptions, lurid and all wrong. Joleen sighed and took another pull at her drink, draining it. She sat staring into the ice cubes wondering if she could finish off an entire quart today. If she did, she'd have to go to the liquor store for another bottle. Tomorrow was just as long as today.

The black-haired woman was shaken out of her reverie by the ringing of the doorbell. She heaved herself out of the chair. At least, she could insult the Avon lady or Fuller Brush man or whoever it was. That would add a little spice to her drab life.

The bored housewife opened the door to find the mailman standing on the steps. "Yes, what is it?" Joleen asked.

"Are you Mrs. Jensen? I have a special delivery package for you." He eyed her in obvious appreciation. Joleen wasn't bad-looking, but she didn't feel much reason existed for her to fix herself up properly. She didn't wear any makeup around the house, and she was dressed in blue jeans and a grubby denim work shirt.

The mailman ignored such superficial things and studied what lay beeath her exterior covering. He couldn't ignore the swell of her ample tits or those fabulous thighs and pert ass sticking out in back. Her jeans looked as if she had painted them on. Joleen's face was a bit on the pasty side from lack of sun, but it was finely boned and symmetric. She wasn't pretty and knew that, but she also knew she was far from being ugly. She was an attractive woman who tried to keep herself fit. For what, Joleen couldn't really say.

Seeing the mailman drinking in her attractive good looks gave Joleen an idea. This guy wasn't all that bad-looking. A run-of-the-mill type, but younger than a lot of the mailmen. Maybe thirty, only seven or eight years younger than she was. And he looked as horny as she was feeling.

"I'm Joleen Jensen. Special delivery, you said?" Her tongue licked red lips, the coral tip barely poking through to wet the entire area around her mouth. The invitation was erotically obvious. Joleen dropped her gaze to the man's crotch for the briefest instant and saw the tell-tale bulge of his cock.

Her hint hadn't been missed.

"Why don't you come in? I'll get a pen so I can sign for that package."

"That's okay, Mrs. Jensen. I have a pen..." His voice trailed off as Joleen turned and disappeared into the house. She had left the door open and the mailman standing on the steps wondering what to do.

Joleen called from the depths of the house, "Come on in for a few seconds. I finally found my pen." The mailman went in, package clutched in his hands as if he were afraid it would fly away.

He should have held the package more tightly. He dropped it on the floor when he saw Joleen. She had opened the front of her shirt and exposed her naked tits. The mailman's field of vision was totally filled with white fleshy tits and ruddy aureoles cresting them. The red nipples had begun to harden in obvious lust and seemed to be fingers pointing at him, beckoning him.

The man slipped the mail sack from his shoulder and placed it beside the forgotten package he had dropped on the floor. He muttered, "Wow, lady, look..."

Joleen slipped out of her work shirt and stood before him, naked to the waist. Her creamy skin was unmarred. Not a freckle or mole was visible to disturb the expanse of satiny skin. But the man wouldn't have noticed. His eyes were glued on those twin peaks of Joleen's tits. He felt his cock growing hard, and his hard-on begged to be thrust into this seductive woman's cunt.

"Call me Joleen." The woman spun around once, treating the mailman to a full view of her smooth, silky back as well as her arousing tits. Those tits bounced slightly, tracing out invisible figure eights in the air as the woman stopped. The bouncing motion made the mail carrier swallow hard.

"Come on, man!" Joleen cried. "You're supposed to be a male man! The least you can do is tell me your name."

"M-Mike. My name's Mike." Although he seemed uncomfortable, he didn't back away when Joleen sinuously glided over to him and threw her arms around his burly neck.

"How do you do, Mike?" Joleen reached behind Mike's head and pulled his lips to hers with brutal strength. The mailman resisted for a brief instant, then, as if saying "What the hell?" responded with a passionate intensity matching the brunette's.

Joleen's agile tongue slithered out of her mouth and forced its way into Mike's. Inside the man's mouth, Joleen's tongue began spiraling and twisting around in feverish activity. Mike tasted the sweet mixing of their saliya.

He quickly dropped the thought of leaving. He enjoyed Joleen's mouth, and she was offering him even more if he'd stay longer. Mike was never one to turn down such an erotic proposition, though it was the first time he had been seduced. Usually, it was he who had to seduce the woman. But he couldn't care less about all that now. He was too busy with an armful of woman wantonly pulling herself against his muscular body and demanding to be fucked.

Joleen rubbed against the coarse uniform Mike wore until her nipples were as hard as marbles. She thrust her body forward and poked her passion-inflated nipples into Mike's chest. Joleen's mouth sampled Mike's until the woman was breathing heavily and with poorly concealed lust for the man she so desperately clung to.

She couldn't stand it any longer. The housewife-turned-seductress began to unbutton Mike's shirt and unbuckle his trousers. While she was stripping the clothing off him, Mike was getting the skin-tight jeans off Joleen.

Mike soon stood before the woman dressed only in boxer shorts. Joleen's panties were brief, almost nonexistent. Mike's cock flipped out the front of his shorts as he ran his hands over the silk-clad asscheeks and pulled the woman firmly to him. His throbbing cock was smashed against the mound of her cunt. The mailman almost lost his mind when Joleen began rotating her hips in a mock fucking motion. The smooth cloth hiding the dark forest of cunt hair rubbed against the sensitive underside of Mike's cock.

"Dammit, Joleen, get those things off!" Mike ripped the skimpy briefs from Joleen's hips with a powerful tug. The elastic band snapped and the material tore, but neither cared. His shorts were cast aside at the same time.

Completely naked, they clung to each other. Their kisses became deeper, more passionate, more demanding. Soon, they crumpled to the floor locked in each other's arms. The feel of Joleen's cunt grinding against his crotch really turned Mike on in a big way. He was having to fight to keep from spewing his jism out in a wild ejaculation all over her belly.

The mailman knew from the way that brown thatch of hair between Joleen's legs had gotten wetter and wetter, her cunt must be itching and damned hot for his cock.

And he was right. Joleen's tongue had never left Mike's mouth. She circled around and around inside with rising lust, exploring every crevice she could find. Her hands roved his muscular back; she loved a man who kept his muscles in good tone. She felt the flex and ripple of his shoulders, his asscheeks, as he rolled between her wantonly spread legs.

Joleen was out of her mind with lust by this time. The feel of Mike's massive cock pressing into her stomach and rubbing against her dripping cunt sent thrills of erotic electricity surging throughout her body. When Mike gripped her right tit in his strong hand, she felt the beginnings of an orgasm in her neglected body.

It had been so damn long since a man had made love to her. Harold had been out of town for over two weeks. She needed a man. She was a sexy woman and the full ache between her legs had to be filled with pulsing, throbbing, totally alive cock. Mike began to squeeze her tit like he would a rubber ball. The fiery red nubbin that topped her snowy-white tit ended up between Mike's thumb and forefinger. He tweaked the nipple with a powerful grip as he mashed the soft titflesh below against her chest with the flat of his hand. The squeezing, tweaking and pushing actions sent lances of sheer, undiluted ecstasy into her chest.

Joleen's heartbeat increased drastically. Her breathing became tortured, and her breath gusted out in irregular machine-gun bursts. She felt her fingernails sink into Mike's back, drag along and leave thin, bloody trails. Joleen couldn't restrain herself. The man was pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

"Oh, Christ, Christ! Fuck me, damn you, fuck me!" Joleen repeated again and again.

Mike pulled himself into a position for entry into the steamy interior he felt lurking near the tip of his cock. He looked down into Joleen's lust-glazed brown eyes and smirked a bit. He wished all his special deliveries were as much fun as this one!

Joleen's body quivered when Mike shoved forward with his hips, his cock seeking entry. He missed her cunt, and his cock slipped down the liquid path along Joleen's crotch. Before Mike could reach down and guide his cock to its target, he felt the feverish grip of Joleen's fingers around his rigid shaft.

Joleen felt the full, blood-engorged cock and pulled it toward her hungry cunt. As the purpled head of Mike's prick slipped into her body, the brunette screamed out, "AAAIIEE! FUCK ME, DAMMIT! I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!"

The long, hard shaft pounded its way into her cunt. Joleen screamed again as she felt Mike drive balls deep into her hot channel. He held his position for a few seconds, fully inside the tight cunt.

The woman moaned and began to thrash as the sensations grew in her body. Filled to overflowing, her pussy began to water and dribble out a steady stream of cunt juice. The tingling feeling of having the cock shoved all the way up her cunt soon turned into a blazing fire that burned her loins. The flames licked and lapped at her insides and threatened to totally consume her. Joleen hunched upward in a vain attempt to take even more of Mike's wonderful, huge and masterful cock into her cunt.

The man began to retreat from her, however. He pulled out until his broad cockhead was just inside the pink, scalloped lips that guarded Joleen's cuntal channel. Mike rotated his hips and circled his cock around and around until the woman began to cry in reaction. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she felt the delicate tissues of her cuntlips being hammered by a jerking, throbbing cock.

Mike shoved back into Joleen's wet, hot and clutching cunt. When the housewife felt his cock searing along her channel again, she tensed the muscles in her stomach and clamped down on his cock as hard as she could.

It doubled the intensity of the sensations smashing through her body like sledgehammer blows. She could feel his cock leap and bounce around inside her, trying to escape to some spot even deeper in her belly.

Joleen raised her legs and rubbed her inner thighs against the sides of Mike's body. As he began pumping back and forth, in and out of her clasping cunt, a lewd slurching noise filled the air.

Mike knew it came from his hard cock being engulfed with the wanton Joleen's cunt juices, but he imagined it was something more. He pictured a tiny, pink-lipped and black-furred mouth closing around his cock and sucking with incredible greed.

Joleen's neglected body was ready for an orgasm as Mike pistoned his meaty cock into her with increasing force and smashed into her sensitive cuntal area. Her clit brushed against his hairy pubic bone, and raising her legs allowed Mike the deepest possible penetration of her cunt. Joleen's cunt practically spewed forth its hot liquids as she felt his cock expand inside her.

Joleen knew that Mike was almost ready to come. Knowing she was the one who had seduced him, that she was the one who had gotten him to fuck her, as well as feeling ripped apart by his massive cock, set off the atomic bomb blast of orgasm in the woman's loins. Joleen's hands clenched and gripped at Mike's back. Her body rocked up and down as she arched her back and locked her long, slender legs around Mike's waist in an attempt to pull him even further into her hungry cunt.

The waves of ecstasy blasted at her brain and set off fireworks that blanketed her entire universe. Joleen was tossed on the oceans of passion she had created and was removed from the boring, everyday world of her reality for a few brief moments.

All too soon, her orgasm passed and Joleen became aware of Mike's slowing piston action. His fucking of her cunt soon ceased, and a limp, white, cum-drenched worm slipped from her body. Mike raised himself to kneel between her legs, cock dangling like a hose between his hairy legs.

"That was really something. You got a tight cunt. About the tightest and hottest around here, Mrs. Jensen." Leaving her spread-legged on the floor, Mike stood and quickly began donning his uniform.

Joleen rubbed her clit and found it was still erect, needing attention. As she fingered it and relighted the fires of passion in her body, the woman said, "Do you have to go right now, Mike? Couldn't you stay awhile longer?"

"Sorry, lady. Not rain nor sleet nor snow can stop me from delivering junk mail. Or however that slogan goes. Have fun!" With that, Mike quickly left, still buttoning his shirt as he went out the door.

Joleen remained on the floor, fingering her clitoris. She sighed and leaned back, thrusting a finger up her cunt. Another ten minutes of finger-fucking herself and she climaxed again.

But it wasn't as good as having a man's cock inside her. Any man's cock.


Joleen dressed after getting off on her masturbation. She idly wondered if it would be possible to get the mailman to come on a regular basis... everyday, perhaps. The bored housewife discarded that idea right away. She knew it wasn't realistic to think that Mike whateverhisnamewas would provide her with the needed lift to get her out of her boring, dreary rut. Joleen remembered the old saying, "a rut is just a grave with the ends knocked out". She felt half-dead -- until Mike had come along to relieve her boredom.

She poured a couple fingers of bourbon into her glass and swirled it around for a few seconds before downing the entire contents of the tumbler. Joleen felt the impact of the alcohol in her stomach. For a moment, her knees felt weak and watery, and she had to sit down.

After the dizziness passed, she reached for the bottle again. The rest of the day drifted by veiled in a haze of liquor and longing for a steel-hard cock shoved up her cunt.

Joleen fell asleep for a while and was awakened when her eighteen-year-old son came staggering in.

The woman rubbed bleary eyes and knew from the difficulty she had in focusing her eyes, she was still drunk. But if she was drunk, Larry Jensen was in even worse shape. Her son couldn't make it down the hall without bouncing off one wall and smashing into the other.

"Larry!" she snapped. "Where the hell have you been? It's three in the morning."

Her son's answer came out in a string like taffy being pulled. His words were slurred, and she knew he was stoned out of his head. "Uh, hi, Mom. I... I've been over at... a friend's... house." As an afterthought, he added, "We were... studying. You know?"

Joleen could smell the sweet, pungent odor of marijuana as Larry came into the room. His clothes would have to be fumigated to get rid of the smell.

"Don't lie to me. You've been over at Katherine's smoking dope." She was having some trouble making her own words come out in the proper order.

Joleen took a stiff drink from the half-filled glass on the table beside her chair. She longingly looked at the fluid. It was the last from the bottle of Benchmark. Even the cheap stuff was gone; she had finished all of it off a couple days ago.

"So, all right, I was. Big fucking deal. You hit the bottle, I... I take a hit off... a joint. What's the difference?" Larry flopped down on the floor in front of his drunk mother.

Joleen studied her son as if for the first time. He looked so much like Harold, yet acted so differently. Larry had his father's aquiline nose, the sharp features and flat facial planes. Long black hair and piercing black eyes the color of coal finished the picture. Right now, those eyes seemed to be fogged over.

Joleen couldn't say too much about that. She felt a bit on the foggy side herself. She had drained an entire quart of bourbon, and her body had done nothing but soak it up like a sponge and get her drunker than a lord.

Besides, the woman didn't really think smoking dope was all that bad. Larry's grades had been steadily going down, but Joleen thought that was due more to Katherine than anything else. Larry had run across the red-haired girl two months after school had begun. Joleen wasn't sure, but she thought that Larry had probably been a virgin up to that encounter.

Her mind began to wonder about Larry. He looked so much like Harold. Did he fuck as poorly as his father? Or would he have learned things from Katherine that would make him a better lover? Harold was too traditional in his lovemaking. The missionary position or nothing. A woman's place was in the home. A woman's place was under her man.

Joleen wouldn't have minded the unoriginal fucking if Harold had been much good at it. She suspected he saved his really expert stuff for those damned sexy stewardesses. Joleen was certain that Harold balled every one of them he could entice into bed with him. And he had lots of opportunities flying to Europe once a month in addition to the domestic flights.

"Aw, come on, Mom. What's the matter?" Larry had reached out and limply put a hand on his mother's thigh. Joleen looked into her son's eyes again and realized that her mind had been wandering.

"Nothing, Larry. Nothing's the matter." She pressed her hand on top of his, then squeezed. Unbidden, Larry's hand closed on her thigh, then began stroking back and forth. Tremors of anticipation surged through the brunette's body.

Joleen's hand traveled along Larry's brawny arm while her legs unconsciously drifted apart. Without even realizing what she was doing, she was offering her body to her own son!

The thought filtered through her boozedrenched mind, but she didn't care. Her body was telling her she needed a man. Larry was man. And she wanted him so badly!

Joleen slipped from the chair and onto the deep pile shag rug. Larry lay down beside her and ran a hand under her shirt. His hand felt cool, exciting. As he pressed against her naked flesh, Joleen began to unbutton his gaudy, embroidered shirt. The buttons quickly parted, and Larry wiggled out of the garment. He returned the favor, and Joleen was naked to the waist, too.

Larry mumbled something, then began sucking on Joleen's tit. The woman lay back on the rug and began to writhe sensuously. The feel of the soft carpet on her naked back, the wondrous sensation of Larry's wet mouth engulfing her tit, those were her universe. She felt her son's tongue start at the base of one of the creamy cones, then begin a slow, agonizing journey up the slope. He reached the summit after licking most of the soft flesh of the tit and leaving behind a glistening, saliva-drenched trail.

Joleen felt the tiny nipple begin to surge and fill with blood and her heart rate accelerated. Her nipple expanded with each beat of her heart until it was fully erect and feeling as if it would burst like a balloon.

Through the fog that covered her mind like a blanket came the faint message, "This isn't right!" Joleen ignored it. It felt so good, so damned good, having a man's mouth sucking at her tits. Larry's hands added to her stimulation and quickly pushed down any protest that Joleen might have tried to voice.

The woman felt her son's hand snake its way across her stomach, then under the waistband of her jeans. Like a miner digging for gold, Larry's hand plummeted downward until he found the soft mat of her cunt mound. His fingers began a gentle motion, slipping from one side to the other. Fingers laced through the coarse strands of pubic hair and then lightly pulled.

Joleen thought that she'd lose her mind from the sheer carnal delight that hurtled through her body. She never remembered Larry's fumbling to get her blue jeans off nor did she remember the stroking hands across her torn silk briefs. The horny woman did remember the finger crammed up her cunt.

She felt as if a knife had ripped into her belly. That slender digit made her buck and arch her back to shove it as far as she could up into the seething, liquid interior of her cunt.

"Oh, Larry, darling Larry, my baby... fuck me! I want you to fuck me!" His mother's words were slurred and indistinct. Larry could barely hear or understand the words. But it didn't matter. That was what he wanted to do and that was what he was going to do!

Larry moved his mouth from its position high atop one of Joleen's tits and began a long, liquid journey down to her cunt. His tongue slipped and slid over her milky skin until he reached the deep well of her navel. He paused for a moment, then his tongue hardened and plunged it down into his mother's navel.

Joleen moaned and reached to take Larry's head in her hands. She pushed at the back of the black-haired youth's head to insure that his face wouldn't leave her belly button unattended for even a second.

The feel of his rough tongue swirling around inside her navel was a turn on like she had seldom before experienced. It was indescribable; lances of carnal pleasure stabbed into her belly each time his tongue lightly touched her. It was as if he had dipped his tongue in acid before beginning his explorations in the concave depression of her belly.

Larry wasn't satisfied to stay very long sampling this tiny hole. The one he aimed for was a bit larger; it was able to take his cock until he was buried balls deep in his mother. His mouth seemed to demand the right to explore first, and the youth allowed it the privilege knowing his cock would be satisfied later.

His chin rubbed against his mother's pubic mound. He followed the patch of hair down to the fully erect pink pillar of Joleen's cunt. Larry licked the pleasure-button a few times until his mother screamed out, "DAMMIT! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HAAARD!" She began to whimper and cry in her need for a cock. Larry continued to suck on the tiny stub of erectile tissue between Joleen's firm, well-fleshed thighs.

Larry's mind was moving slowly, still under the influence of the dope he had smoked earlier. All he saw was the gaping cunt in front of him. The wetness and the musky woman odor seemed to draw him ever onward and made him oblivious to the fact that he was getting ready to fuck his own mother.

Joleen was past caring who was sampling her pussy. Her cunt overflowed with juice and dribbled down the crack into her ass. It tickled; it stimulated. When Larry's tongue speared into her cunt, she cried out incoherently. "AAAIIEEEEE!"

Her hips began to shake with the pent-up feeling locked within her loins. The sexual tensions that had mounted were like flood waters behind a dam. When the dam burst, all hell would break loose. Her body hunched up to meet her son's mouth, obliviously cramming cunt forcefully into his face.

Larry continued to slurp up the hot oils that seeped from his mother's pink-lipped cunt. It was tasty, tangy, a treat he'd sampled enough to enjoy to the utmost. Larry shoved his ramrod of a tongue up as far into the slippery cunt as he could. Inside the velvet-cloaked channel, he began to wiggle his tongue around, tantalizing the walls of Joleen's cunt with the promise of something bigger and firmer to be rammed up his passage after he had had his fill of her succulent cunt juice.

The tongue slithering around inside the woman's cunt began to feel as if it were a branding iron charring her delicate pussy flesh. Joleen reached between her legs and shoved the black-haired head into her cunt. She wanted more of the tongue lashing her son was giving her!

The tiny fire that had begun to burn in her stomach was fanned into a full-fledged blaze by Larry's oral attentions to her clit. When he began to lick along the blood-engorged flaps that hid her cunt, the fire turned into a raging inferno that threatened to devour her entire being. His tongue thrashing about in her cuntal gash triggered a huge orgasm.

Larry felt his mother's stomach muscles tense and the walls of her cunt begin to ripple and convulse with orgasmic intensity. The gush of cunt juice threatened to drown her son. He avidly lapped it up like a cat lapping cream from a bowl, then Larry tired of the tempting treat.

It as time he fucked this horny woman! His very own mother!

Larry began to make his way up Joleen's body. Her arms wrapped around his body as the boy reached under his mother's armpits and fervently gripped her shoulders. As her legs drifted apart in obvious encouragement to him, Larry slammed his hips forward. His turgid, purpled cockhead smashed into the area around Joleen's cunt, but he failed to hit dead center.

His cock glided up and across the wet pubic thatch and stimulated the lower portion of his shaft. Larry gasped in reaction. He began to grind his hips against the pelvis of the woman trapped under him, and soon he felt his balls tightening and shrinking into a compressed sac that dangled under his eight-inch cock.

Joleen managed to guide the boy's massive prick down her cuntlips to the entrance to her hot hole.

"Now, Larry, oooohhh, NOW! FUCK MEEFE!" the woman shrieked. Team began to well up at the corners of her eyes as she screwed her eyelids tightly shut. The sensation ripping through her body threatened another orgasm, but Joleen wanted to prolong this wondrous feeling as long as possible. She wanted to revel in the feel of Larry's big, manly cock inside her cunt. She had felt it throb and jerk under her fingers. Now she wanted it deep up her cunt where it could do what it was designed to do.

Nature had meant for a man to fuck a woman. She wanted the ultimate experience of being filled with cock until she felt like she would be torn apart.

She wanted to be fucked!

Larry found the target and shoved powerfully with his hips. Muscles tightened and he rocketed forward, his battering ram of a cock sizzling up the tight, oozing tunnel of his mother's cunt. Larry felt his balls smash into his mother's ass, so swift was his initial stroke into her cunt. He paused for a moment, his heart beating heavily.

The teenager wanted to soak in the juices surrounding his dick. The heat and pressure around his cock made Joleen's cunt seem like a virgin's asshole. In a distracted fashion, Larry wondered why his father fooled around when he had a hot, tight cunt like this waiting for him at home. It didn't really matter to Larry. If his old man didn't want it, he would take over.

Larry pulled back, and his cock made an obscene sucking noise as he pulled out of his mother's cunt. He never hesitated. The boy immediately rammed forward again to surround his cock with the clutching warmth of the cunt being so freely and wantonly offered to him.

If Larry felt the compression and warmth on his dick, Joleen was feeling sensations a hundred times more intense and erotic. His massive cock scored along her cunt and millions of needles jabbed into her pussy walls. Larry's cock jerked and twitched inside Joleen; she felt every twitch and tremor, and her body magnified it until shock waves reverberated throughout her torso. Her breathing was heavy with lust. She clawed at her son's back with her fingernails and left bloody tracks to attest to her unbridled passion.

As Larry began an agonizing, slow rotation of his hips, Joleen felt another climax crouching to pounce on her. She began to hunch up and down to take as much of that sweet, punishing cock up her cunt as she could. As her knees raised on a level with Larry's shoulders, he corkscrewed himself forward another full inch into her hot pussy.

Larry felt the first contractions of his mother's cunt that signaled another orgasm. As she tightened her stomach muscles and clutched wildly at his buried cock, Larry began a frantic humping. His own orgasm jolted electrically throughout his groin. Release was only seconds away, and he wanted to cram himself even farther into his mother's hot cunt.

As Larry's hard strokes flamed into her belly, Joleen shrieked, "OOOOH GOD!" and climaxed. The tidal wave of ecstasy that swept through her body sent her to new, unexplored heights of sexual fulfillment.

Larry grunted as he continued pumping his cock into the well-lubricated cavity between Joleen's legs. When he felt the fiery tide of his jism creep down his shaft, Larry moaned and arched his back in one last attempt to rip his mother apart.

His balls blasted out gallons of creamy cum and whitewashed the walls of Joleen's cunt. For a brief moment, mother and son rocked together, mutual passion flooding their bodies. All too soon, the tides of orgasm ebbed and returned both of them to the world of reality.

Locked together in each other's arms, they rested.

In their drug and alcohol stupors, it wasn't long before they began fucking again.


Joleen stirred and pulled the covers over her bare, cold skin. Her shoulder was exposed to the frigid air of the bedroom. She had forgotten to turn up the heat again. With her head feeling like a rotten melon ready to split apart, and the taste of a well-worn sweat sock in her mouth, she didn't wonder why she had forgotten to turn up the thermostat the night before.

The blanket covered her to the neck, but as she pulled, she felt a resistance. That bothered her. Harold was out of town and wouldn't be back from his overseas flight for another week.

Joleen sat bolt upright in bed and ignored the blood pounding in her ears and the sharp jab of pain that needled into the back of her eyeballs. In horror, she saw the naked body of Larry in bed next to her. Bits and pieces of what had happened the previous night began to filter up out of the hangover-masked depths of her mind.

She remembered being drunk. She remembered Larry coming home from Katherine's stoned out of his tree. Her mouth felt as dry and parched as the desert sands when she remembered Larry fucking her.

She had fucked her own son!

The woman felt her stomach do a flipflop in reaction. That was unforgivable! Joleen could barely comprehend what she had done, the demands her body had made that forced her into fucking her own flesh and blood.

Larry stretched his cramped muscles without opening his eyes. He yawned an enormous yawn, then rolled onto his back and flexed his muscles like a cat awakening from a long nap. Joleen was fascinated in spite of herself as she watched the flow and play of her son's tendons and muscles.

Her son wasn't a weightlifter or a jock, but he wasn't any ninety-eight-pound weakling, either. There wasn't any flab on him like there was on Harold. In a way, her son reminded her of the man she had married nineteen years earlier. Larry was trim, well built, sleek, streamlined and one hell of a good fuck.

That thought frightened her for a moment, then her triphammering heart slowed back to normal. What was really so wrong with fucking her own son? There wasn't any chance of pregnancy; the pill had taken care of things like that. And she needed a man, a real man, around to sate her aching desires. Her sexual tensions had built to the point where she thought she would go insane. Was it really all that bad using her son as the outlet she needed?

The more Joleen thought about it, the more sense it made. Larry was around. Harold wasn't. Larry was a man, youthful and lustful. Harold was getting paunchy and hadn't really satisfied her in the last ten years.

Harold Jensen may have been an expert pilot, but when it came down to soaring in the sack, he was more of a canceled flight than anything else.

"Hi, Mom," said Larry, his voice tinged with the fuzzy blur of sleep.

"How are you this morning?" loleen could barely stand the sound of her own voice. The hangover made her tongue feel like a catcher's mitt, and she was sure that the evil little gnome inside her head would never stop kicking the backs of her eyeballs with those spiked golf shoes.

"Just great. But you look like warmed over death. You shouldn't drink like you do. Take up a clean vice."

He was sounding more and more cheerful. And Joleen hated him for it.

"Really, Mom. Dope's a lot better high. You must have one hell of a big hangover." He watched as she solemnly shook her head no.

"Hmmm," Larry muttered. Then he clapped his hands together in a sharp, emphatic sound that threatened to burst Joleen's eardrums.

"Dammit! Why the hell did you have to do that?" she cried.

"Ha! Thought so! You do have a hangover. And I bet you've forgotten what all happened last night. Booze makes people forget a lot of stuff. I remember everything."

Joleen wasn't sure if her son was boasting or merely stating a fact. She asked, "And what happened, Mr. Know-It-All?"

"After we finished fucking out in the living room, you sucked on my cock for a while. Then I got it up, we came in here and got it on again." He studied his mother for a few seconds, then said, "Mother of mine, have you ever got a tight one. Even tighter than Kathy's, and is she ever a hot one!"

Joleen saw her son didn't have the slightest remorse or hangup over fucking his own mother. In fact, he seemed to have enjoyed it. And he was complimenting her. Joleen couldn't remember the last time Harold had said anything halfway nice about their lovemaking. Mostly, he just grunted a lot, shot his load into her, then rolled off and went to sleep.

The woman shuddered as she thought of the many nights she had listened to Harold's snores disturbing the quiet.

"Don't you think it's a little... kinky... to ball your own mother?" Joleen asked in obvious surprise.

"Sure, that's what makes it such a turn on! It's really kinky! Face it, Mom, I can't stand the same things over and over. It's got to be exciting. You've got to do different things, or you'll get bored. I bet the old man is a real downer in the sack. Missionary position or nothing, right?"

It took Joleen a couple seconds to realize that Larry was talking about Harold. She hadn't realized how obvious it was, her relationship with her husband. Even her son had seen that Harold was less than adequate sexually. Joleen would not have cared if Harold had been inexpert as long as he had tried different positions. That hangup of his about always getting on top was tiresome after so many years of marriage. He wouldn't even eat her out, though he sometimes demanded that his wife suck his cock. The woman sometimes thought Harold had a large streak of sadism in him. That he delighted in making her do the same tired things year after year, refusing to innovate.

Hell, she had never even been fucked up the ass! In nineteen Goddamn years of marriage, Harold had completely missed her rear door.

That sudden thought made her answer, "That's the way it is, Larry. Your father's not much of an ace in bed. He's never... fucked me in... the ass." Her words stretched out. She wanted to see what effect they would have on her son.

Larry scratched his ribs, then his balls. The woman couldn't keep her eyes off his cock. Her son was really hung. That long cock of his could keep a harem satisfied. It had certainly kept her satisfied last night.

Larry, almost too casually, said, "That so? That must be a real shame because you have such a nice ass. It's so round and firm. Doesn't sag and look flabby like most women. This might sound really kinky to you, but I get a real charge out of watching you walk down the street. Or just around the house. Your butt sways so nice. Not up and down or from side to side but sort of in a circle. Really a turn on watching you from behind."

Larry continued to scratch at his groin, languorously, in obvious invitation.

Joleen licked her dry lips. Did she really want to be ass-fucked by her own son? It was apparent he'd do it. As the woman watched, she could see his cock slowly stiffening. Could she waste his beautiful hard-on?

The familiar aching and hollow feeling in her cunt returned. She needed a man, and Harold wasn't able to provide for her in that line any more. Larry seemed more than willing; he seemed to be eager for the opportunity to make it with his own mother.

The bored housewife made the big decision. She reached over and removed Larry's hand from his crotch and replaced it with her own. She purred, "What's a big boy like you doing jacking himself off? When there's a woman around?" Joleen began a gentle stroking of the semistiff cock curled in his groin. Her hand felt the stiff, bristling hair of her son's groin before she started the gradual journey down the hardening shaft. Two trips from balls to cockhead and Larry's prick was huge. As huge as Joleen remembered from the night before.

She held the quivering cock in her cool grasp, then squeezed. The pulsating vein along the shaft thrilled her. The feel of the loose skin as she stroked the cock excited her. When Larry pulled her lips to his for a deep soul kiss, Joleen almost ripped his prick out by the roots.

Unlike Harold, Larry didn't seem to mind the painful handling of his cock. He seemed to ignore it in his lust, his haste to pull his mother's body firmly against his own. Joleen gasped as the air rushed out of her lungs. Larry's grip around her body was like that of a bear's.

Her tongue dueled in the erotic, moist playground of her son's mouth. Their tongues twisted around and around and intertwined as they stimulated each other. When Joleen felt her nipples harden into tiny pebbles poking into Larry's sparsely haired chest, she knew that she would do whatever he wanted. She didn't want to deny him any part of her body, be it mouth or cunt or... asshole!

That singe thought thrilled her more than the entire last ten years of fucking Harold. She had been trapped, and now she was being liberated by her son. Joleen would gladly forsake everything she had for a good sex partner.

Larry squirted her tongue from his mouth with a thrust of his own oral member. He decided that he'd had enough of this mouth play the night before. He wanted to sample other delights of his mother's body. And her ear seemed like a good place to begin.

Larry exhaled heavily, hotly. His breath sensitized the delicate flesh of Joleen's earlobe. That simple action made her gasp in reaction and clutch him even closer. The feel of her tits pressing into his chest made him wonder if she could poke all the way through his body with those marble-hard pebbles on the tips of her tits.

He didn't know; he didn't care. If it killed him, what a way to go!

Larry thrust his tongue, cock hard, into his mother's ear. He wasn't able to penetrate very far, but it didn't make that much of a difference. She was properly aroused by his erotic foreplay. When he tasted the tender flesh of her earlobe, Joleen began to writhe and rub against him with a fierce sexual need. A need to be fucked.

As Larry tongue-fucked his mother's ear, Joleen gripped at her son's chest with her fingers. Unable to withstand the need any more, she pleaded, "Oh, Larry... fuck me! I want you up my ass! It's burning up! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCKMEFUCKME...!"

Larry heard the plea and felt his cock stiffen even more in response. To actually bury his cock up his mother's asshole! That was something he had thought about, had jacked off thinking about. A dream about to come true since she was actually begging him to do it!

It was lime for him to take command. She had more or less been in the driver's seat up till now.

Laryy would not allow that any longer. He pushed her away from him as he ordered, "On your hands and knees! Right now!"

Like a flash of lightning, Joleen obeyed. She almost panted in anticipation of having that huge hunk of manmeat shoved up her ass. Joleen poised herself on the bed waiting for her son to take her doggie style up the asshole.

Like an artist, Larry studied the material with which he had to work. His mother's perky ass poked up in the air, inviting him to spread those milky white asscheeks with his cock and plunge into her shit chute. He took both globes in his strong hands and kneaded the flesh. The flow of the skin under his powerful squeezing fingers excited Larry. He knew it excited his mother, too, because he could see the yawning cavern of her cunt begin to moisten with juice.

Larry gripped one assoheek and turned it in a counterclockwise direction. The right cheek was rotated in a clockwise pattern. Joleen felt as if she were being torn apart. The daggers of pain exploded in her loins like bombs detonating. Rut it was a good pain, a pain tied together with stimulation of her cunt. Joleen could feel the skin being stretched around her cunt, feel her clit being worked back and forth as her cuntlips were moved around the tiny spike of pleasure buried at the juncture of her labia.

Her son knew it was turning her on. The flow of her inner lubricants, proved that. Her heavy panting, the way her entire body shivered with carnal need, all showed Larry he was doing the right thing.

But he needed his own throbbing, jerking cock tended to and fast! He didn't want to squirt his jism all over his mother's back. He wanted to be inside her when he came. Getting into her ass would be hard unless he was properly oiled for the job.

Larry gripped his mother's trim waist with his hands and shoved his hips forward in a swooping thrust. His aim wasn't off a millimeter. The long, steely shaft penetrated Joleen's cunt and raced up her channel so fast they both gasped from the sudden friction.

Larry wished he could have stayed there, in this position, fucking his mother from behind like an animal. His fingers clamped down so tightly on her waist he left handprints.

He could stay buried up Joleen's cunt. Sure. But that wasn't what either of them really wanted. Larry quickly made the decision, then rammed in and out of the frothy cunt several more times to make sure he was properly greased and ready for action. Then he moved back and spread his mother's thighs a bit more. Larry had plenty of room. He just liked running his hands along the smooth, soft skin of the woman's inner thighs.

His cock glistening in the morning light that drifted into the bedroom through the open curtains, Larry advanced. The bed was soft and yielding and did not provide him with as firm a surface as he would have preferred. But all such thoughts vanished when the tip of his cock lightly touched against the tight sphincter of his mother's ass.

The tiny little muscle was clenched like a fist. It didn't want anything the size of Larry's cock shoved past it. But Larry was determined to cram his prick up his mother's asshole. The tip of his glans pressed firmly into the resisting asshole. Larry pulled his mother's hips back into his groin until the hairy upper portions of his thighs rubbed against the backs of her legs.

Joleen felt the anal muscle begin to relax as Larry slowly, inexorably shoved forward into her asshole. Larry didn't batter and smash into her, for which she was grateful. This was painful. It hurt like hell. She hadn't felt as much pain since she had her cherry popped when she was fifteen.

With his gradual movements, Larry soon buried the broad, turgid head of his fat cock inside his mother's ass. He caught his breath and poised himself. The muscle was relaxed and all was in readiness. He tensed the flat, strong muscles of his stomach, then heaved.

Joleen screamed as her ass was reamed by Larry's eight-inch cock. The first inch had been painful; this was a thousand times worse. She felt as if an entire army of fire ants had been turned loose in her asshole. Yet, at the same time, it was sheer Heaven. The feeling of a huge cock inside her, filling her and giving her pleasure, became the foremost sensation in her body, drowning out all pain.

The woman felt her internal membranes being stretched and pulled in new and unfamiliar directions. The feeling was delicious. Her entire body tingled and felt more alive than it ever had before. Joleen wondered why she hadn't done this before.

Ass-fucking was even more fun than having cock shoved up her cunt!

The warmth in her ass spread like slowly melting butter. The woman wiggled her butt and shoved back into her son's crotch to let him know that everything was okay. She didn't trust herself to say anything. All Joleen was able to do was purr like a contented cat, deep in her throat.

Larry didn't have to be told that everything was going fine. He could feel it. God, could he ever feel it! If he had thrust his cock into a surgeon's glove, the fit couldn't have been tighter. If the glove had been filled with hot lava, his cock couldn't have been surrounded by a hotter substance. Larry felt the searing heat along his entire shaft. He felt as if he had been caught in some erotically designed vise, his cock completely trapped in the jaws.

Larry withdrew, then slammed forward again. His mother groaned, "Uuuummm, goood, Larry, so goood! Fuck my asss!" Her passions mounted higher and higher as Larry picked up the speed of his stroking.

The friction became virtually unbearable as Larry made one huge thrust after another into the grasping, hot tunnel of Joleen's ass. His piston action continued until his balls felt as if they were ready to explode.

Joleen's reaction to the fucking of her virgin ass was even more potent. The fire kindled in her loins spread like napalm. She was engulfed in the radioactive fires devouring her innards. The buried spike of Larry's cock seemed to be the center for the intense, wonderful sensations radiating throughout her belly.

The woman bounced a bit on the soft bed and the springing action shoved her son's prick even farther up her ass. Lance after sweet lance of flame licked at her and gradually crept along her nerves until her entire being shook and trembled in reaction.

There was no gradual building toward an orgasm for Joleen. Not this time. The velvet and iron grip clamped down on her and tossed her high on the hurricane winds of ecstasy before she was aware of what was happening. Joleen floated and soared and sailed until her body was drained of all energy. Never had she felt so sexually sated as when she finally drifted down from that incredible sexual high.

Larry had felt his mother's body go rigid with climax. His own was quick to follow. The idea of fucking his mother was a turn on; fucking her up the shit chute was even more exciting to the youth. His cock seemed to expand even more, fill up the tiny diameter of the woman's asshole to capacity, before it literally exploded.

A flood of jism dynamited into Joleen's ass. Larry bucked and hunched in his lust as his mighty cock spewed out its fiery load. All too soon, his cock began to deflate and Larry looked down between his legs. His once-proud cock dribbled out of his mother's ass amid a flow of his own cum. White gobs of the sticky cream clung to his prick as the fleshy rod rapidly shrank. Larry felt weak, and collapsed onto the bed. Joleen curled up next to him and quietly said, "That was super, or whatever you call it, Larry."

"Super? You mean it was one hell of a fuck!"

"Right on!"

Then they drifted off to sleep, curled up against each other like young lovers.


The afternoon sunlight filtered in through the window bathing the sleeping mother and son. Joleen stirred and reached out. Her hand found warm flesh. She began to stroke it. The firm muscles under the asscheek she found began to flex. In a few minutes, Larry turned over and took his mother in his arms.

"Morning, Mom. How's things?"

Joleen began to wipe the sleep from her eyes.

Her hangover was gone. For that she was glad. But the guilt still remained. She had fucked her own son. And she had done it twice!

Her answer was weak. "All right, I suppose."

Larry laughed harshly. "Still hung up over what we did? Hell, Mom, no reason to be. If the old man's no good, you deserve someone better. Right? I just happened to be around."

"Is that all you think about... about screwing your own mother?"

Larry's eyes widened slightly. "Yeah. What more do you want me to say? I really got off on it. You're one hell of a good lay."

"Y-You're not feeling the least bit guilty? I mean... incest!" Joleen's brain had cleared and the fog of booze had gone. The full impact of what they had done had hit her.

"Incest? Shit, that's just a scare word out of the Dark Ages. I dig you, you dig me. We make a good team together in the sack. And you've got a damn tight cunt. And don't tell me I'm not any good at fucking. I've fucked enough chicks to know what's good and what isn't."

Joleen studied her son. She believed her son when he said she was a good lay. Joleen knew she was, and that bothered her quite a bit.

Her sex drive was strong, and Harold insisted on the old "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!" style of fucking. If he ever took more than ten minutes to ball her, she had forgotten when. And he never even tried for a second time. Said he didn't like sloppy seconds. Harold usually rolled over on his pot belly and went to sleep, snoring loudly.

Joleen looked at Larry. Maybe he had the right idea. Why did she even bother to stick around with Harold? That bastard didn't really mistreat her physically. He was more cunning. All he tried was mental torture. He kept her locked in a golden cage so that she wouldn't get out and find some other stud to service her.

It was Harold's bad luck that Larry was around.

With him, Joleen thought she might have found the way out of her money-lined nest. She had been afraid of leaving Harold because he was able to give her lots of nice clothes, a good house and a new car every year.

The one thing he didn't give her was a good fucking. Ever.

Joleen couldn't even be sure Harold loved her.

"Maybe you're right, Larry."

"Hell, yes, I'm right! And you know it! Don't you?" her son demanded.

Joleen thought for a few seconds as she studied his deep black eyes, now blazing with cold intensity.

"You're right," she admitted, and meant it.

"Now what are you going to do to get out of here? It's pretty plain that we can fuck all we want. But you need more. Besides, Katherine's enough to wear me out. I'm not putting her on ice, even for my own sweet, tight-assed mother." Larry's tone was conversational.

Joleen marveled at how calmly he took all this. She was lost in a bewildering flood of emotions.

It must be the new morality, she told herself. He could accept all sorts of things that her upbringing told her were wrong. And Larry seemed to be the happier right now. He seemed to be better adjusted than she ever had been.

What use was money if it made you unhappy? It was certainly no good to Joleen since it didn't bring her even a moderately good fucking. She had toyed with the idea of going out and finding a stud to service her. The money could be wormed out of Harold if she played her cards right. She could nag him until he gave her some to shut her mouth. If only he were freer with his money and less so with the stuff like cars and clothes and furniture.

Joleen knew that she could really knock out a dude if she wore some of the clothes she had hanging in her closet and never had the chance to wear. That brilliant red dress slit up the side that exposed her legs, thighs and ass and let her tits dribble out the top would make any man's cock hard.

But she lacked the courage to go out to a bar and get picked up. Joleen's strict upbringing and religious hangups caught her in a really bad trap.

"So why not come to a party over at Katherine's tonight?" Larry had seen the distracted look in her eyes and had guessed what she was thinking.

"A party?" Joleen was unsure of herself. She knew what kind of parties Larry had been going to.

"Yeah. Don't get so uptight. You don't have to smoke dope unless you want to. Most of the people that show up usually bring a bottle. You know. Wine. Sangria or whatever."

"Wh-what do you do at the party?"

"It's just a party. Come along and see for yourself. But you'd better leave your Puritan morals here if you decide to come. It'll be over at Katherine's pad. You know where she's at."

Without further discussion, Larry lithely vaulted out of the bed and walked off. Joleen watched him go. His taut muscles rippling as he walked made her cunt ache for him again. How she needed a man, a real man -- and all the time!

That decided her to go to the party. She didn't want to get involved with the drug scene, but Larry said people showed up and just got drunk. That suited her fine. And maybe she could find someone who'd be willing to fuck her. Someone who would be good at it. Someone she could enjoy in bed.

Joleen lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling for a long time. The tiny cracks that had begun to appear in the plaster didn't interest her. The woman's mind was on her relationship with Harold, how rotten it had become. Then she lovingly thought of Larry and how fine it had been to have him fuck her. He had even fucked her up the ass.

That had been the first time for her. And that decided her to go to Larry's party for sure. If she could find someone who interested her, who could satisfy her body's sexual hungers, it would be time well spent. And if she didn't find someone who would fuck her cross-eyed, the time wouldn't be wasted. She could be getting pleasantly drunk and forget all about her problems.

Otherwise, she'd just sit around the house getting drunk all by herself, feeling miserable and maybe watching the crummy situation comedies on television.

Joleen was uncertain how to dress for the party, and Larry had long since gone to spend the afternoon wherever he went. The woman was certain her son didn't bother to go to school any more. Exactly what he did with his time, she wasn't sure. She didn't really care one way or the other, either.

As long as he didn't turn out like his father, Joleen figured everything would be all right.

Joleen finally decided that the clothes she wore around the house would be the best choice. Larry's friends would all be high school age, or so she imagined.

Joleen Jensen was in for a big surprise.

She hesitantly approached Katherine's apartment. The noise from inside was muted, but still audible outside. Nothing too loud to provoke the neighbors into calling the cops, but there was still enough noise to let Joleen know she had found the right place. She self-consciously rubbed her sweaty palms on her blue jeans and wondered if the embroidered work shirt she wore would be considered out of place.

Would everyone consider her to be an outsider trying to butt in on their fun? Or would it be like Larry said? Everyone would either accept her or not, and on their own terms. It would be interesting to meet people who formed opinions on their own without being influenced by dress or background. The dreary people that Harold dragged home with him were all such snobs. Dollar signs seemed to be in their eyes whenever they looked over the house. And the bitches in the bridge club were just as bad. Everything was money, money, money.

Joleen would have been willing to bet anything not a singe one of these old biddies had had a good fuck within the last six months.

She knocked timidly, then louder as her confidence grew.

Katherine came to the door. Joleen recognized her immediately by the flame-red hair. She quickly studied her son's girlfriend and decided he had good taste in women. Katherine was tall, a bit on the stocky side. But everything was in the right place and there was lots of it.

Katherine didn't have a beautiful face, but it was passable. Her body, however, was obviously her primary asset. In more ways than one. The redhead had an ass that just didn't quit. It was round and firm. It bounced slightly as she walked, rolled around with a swaying motion that Joleen appreciated, even envied.

The other girl's tits were almost fully exposed. She, too, wore a blue work shirt with embroidered pornographic designs. Hers was unbuttoned and hanging loose to reveal the whiteness of the huge tits underneath. They drooped a bit under their own weight, but those mounds of titflesh were a real turn on. Joleen couldn't understand it exactly, but she found herself getting all itchy in the cunt just looking at the lovely red-haired Katherine.

In some way Joleen didn't quite understand, her own son's girlfriend turned her on.

"Yeah?" said Katherine, then, recognizing Joleen, she exclaimed, "Hey! You're Larry's old lady! Come on in! The party's just getting started!"

"Thanks." Joleen went in clutching the bottle of bourbon she had brought. Inside the small apartment were a half-dozen people lounging around in various states of undress. A couple of men were stripped to the waist. Joleen's heart beat faster at the sight of one of them. The hairy mat on his chest and the bulging biceps made her want to rip off her clothes, go stuff her cunt into his face and beg him to fuck her as hard as he could.

Joleen refrained from the impulse as Katherine told her, "The glasses and ice are out in the kitchen. Go ahead and help yourself to anything you want."

The meaning was clear.

Joleen made her way through the crowd to the small kitchen and fixed a strong drink. She thought she might need it. The faint aroma of grass drifted to her, but she decided this was one of the things she'd have to put up with. To get a chance at fucking the guy with the broad chest, she'd put up with a hell of a lot.

She made her way back to the living room and stood, watching the scene in progress. Katherine was busy putting another stack of records on the stereo. Joleen wasn't all that much into rock music, but she thought she recognized the song that was starting.

Katherine went back to her intimate discussion with a skeleton-thin teenager sitting on the sofa. The boy's hand drifted to the open blouse and fondled Katherine's big tits. The girl didn't seem to mind. Quite the contrary, she seemed to encourage it. Katherine reached over and was soon stroking the guy's zippered crotch. Joleen could see the outline of the guys cock pressing against his jeans as he got harder and harder from the handjob.

Just watching made Joleen hot. She didn't come to this party to listen to music or get drunk or watch others making out.

She came to get fucked.

A voice from the floor said, "Aren't you a bit lonesome up there? All by yourself?"

Joleen looked down and saw a guy, maybe eighteen or nineteen, staring up at her. "It is a bit lonely. What do you suggest to cure that piss-poor condition?"

"For starters, how about you getting that fine ass of yours down here where I can see if it's real or not."

"It's real. No padding."

"I don't believe it. It's too perfect not to be padded out."

Joleen felt the boy's hand creeping up her leg, massaging and squeezing her calf. That was all it took for Joleen to collapse to the floor and lay beside the man.

He wasn't too bad-looking. Not the muscular type like the dude across the room, but he was adequate for what Joleen wanted. Besides, she suspected it didn't matter what kind of equipment the guy had as long as he could use it well.

Her gaze followed her hand to his groin. She saw the bulge under his jeans, then felt the outline of a cock under her fingers. A quick motion freed his cock. Joleen eagerly grabbed it and began stroking up and down.

The guy gulped hard when he felt the friction along his cock.

"Damn, you don't waste any time, do you? My name's Ray."

"Mine's Joleen. And why don't you put that damn thing out and unbutton my blouse?"

Ray looked surprised and then passed the roach along to someone behind him. Joleen heard him say, "I won't be needing this for a while."

When Ray turned back, however, he didn't even attempt to work on the buttons holding Joleen's shirt together. He reached to her waist and undid her belt. Then he slid his hands around her to her well-fleshed ass.

"Damnation!" he exclaimed. "You weren't shitting me! Those are for real! Not a bit of padding anywhere I can feel!" His fingers were cool on her asscheeks. When Ray began to squeeze, Joleen returned the favor and clamped down on his cock. She rubbed up and down his prick, feeling it quiver and jerk under her handling. The woman's fingers traced out the huge blue vein along the shaft, then drifted up its length to the head of the huge cock.

Joleen lightly ran her fingernails over the sensitive cockhead, then pressed the tip between her fingers. Ray gasped but said nothing.

He moved his fingers down the humid crease of her ass. His fingers managed to find her tiny ashole and entered. It wiggled and wormed its way up into Joleen's shit chute until the woman couldn't restrain herself any longer.

"Oh, God, Ray! Stop it! STOP IT! I want you to fuck me, not play with my asshole!"

Ray gulped as Joleen tightene

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'How did I get here' I wondered to myself as I stood there in the aisle of the theater looking at my wife. 'How had things gone so terribly wrong and what the hell was I going to do about it?' It had all started last week at a party with our friend ..continue reading