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Home for work

Jacob came home at 5:25pm, as he did almost every day. It was Friday, so Ava knew to be ready. She heard him pull into the drive and she got into place. Jacob lingered in the car to finish the song that was playing. He liked to make himself hard to help him lock into character. He was in his late twenties and in the best shape of his life. He had always been athletic, but the recent addition of swimming to his workout regimen caused his body to really stand out. He had thick brown hair and piercing blue eyes. As the song finished and he became hard, Jacob took the keys out and opened his door.

Ava heard it shut. She had meticulously cleaned the house earlier in the day, and had dinner in the oven that would take an hour or so to cook. She had dimmed the lights just slightly, neatly arranged the usual toys, and put on soft ambient music. Such was her Friday routine every Friday for the past two months. Ava had recently opened up to Jacob about wanting him to be more dominant. Their sex had been great, but she always had a deep desire to be owned by her husband of two years. He was happy to oblige.

She knelt there in the exact center of the living room, perfectly aligned with the front door of their home so he, and whoever else might be walking on the sidewalk, would see her flawless, naked body when he opened the door. She had a lean figure with enormous, natural E cup breasts that hung perfectly off her chest. Her nearly black hair was pulled behind in a ponytail, exposing her light green eyes and fair skin. Her legs were spread, as he demanded, with her hands resting on her thighs, waiting for his orders. She hadn't been allowed to cum in five days, and the afternoon spent fantasizing about what he would do to her had her nipples erect and her freshly shaved pussy showing a hint of wetness. As much as she wanted to cheat and masturbate while he was gone, the sexual frustration of denial combined with the desire to obey him made abstaining so much more rewarding. As she heard the turning of the doorknob, she snapped out of her daydream and focused on his entrance.

Jacob stared at her as he stepped in, always leaving the door open a few seconds longer than necessary. He shut it and locked it, and slowly walked towards her, letting his deliberate footsteps on the entryway tile build her anticipation. He crossed onto the carpet of the living room and stopped right in front of her so that all she could see was his erection showing through his fitted khaki pants. Oh, how she loved that cock. He quickly bent down and jerked her head back by the base of her ponytail. Speaking sternly, right in her face, he asked "Do you want this cock, slut?"

Before she could answer, he slapped her and pulled her head into his crotch. "Do you?" he asked more irritated due to the delay in her response. "Yes, sir!" she replied, her voice completely muffled by his pants.

"Then show me. Get back into position one," he told her. Grabbing her threw Ava off balance, so she quickly resumed the position she had been in when he arrived. Jacob tore off his belt and folded it in half, slapping her face with it before tossing it on the table next to the toys. He undid his button and zipper. She could see a small, dark circle where his precum had accumulated on his underwear, which made her bite her lip. He pulled his pants and underwear down, letting his cock spring out, bouncing once before the head landed on the tip of her nose. Staring at it made her temporarily go cross-eyed. She waited for his command like an obedient labrador waiting for permission to get the treat from off of its nose.

"Suck me."

She immediately took him into her mouth and bobbed against his shaft. His thickness was just enough to stretch her mouth but not prohibit her from taking him all in. He was so hard right now and she loved the feeling of his head rubbing against the roof of her mouth. His cock was smooth, despite it being hard, and warm. She sucked him sloppily, as he liked, making sure to coat all eight inches of him with her spit. Ava wished she could use her hands to cup his balls or grab his ass, but it was strictly forbidden in position one, and all she could do was slide her mouth up and down against his dick until he felt like taking her.

"That's right slut, suck my cock. Tighter," he ordered as he stealthily grabbed a long riding crop from the table. Holding it in his right hand, he tapped it against her pussy lips. Though relatively gentle, the stiffness of the crop stung slightly, but its touch always made her drip. The tap, tap, tap against her clit as she sucked him made her go crazy, and she wanted to bring her hand down to finish herself off, knowing she would never be able to cum from its tapping alone. After five days, she was dying to have an orgasm and began going down on him more intensely, hoping he would grant her a release if she did a good job.

Jacob loved how turned on his wife got from being slutty. He knew all of her bodily tells, and knew she wanted to cum as soon as possible. As she had learned by this point, every time he could tell she wanted it, he was that much more determined to deny her. As good as she was at giving head, he could last a long time, and tonight he was going to.

"Give me your throat!" he said as he pulled out and gave her face another slap. That was her cue to lean back slightly and relax her throat. "Yes, sir."

He stepped forward, placed a foot on either side of her legs, and brought his hands to the back of her head, his cock resting against her left cheek. "What are you?" he asked forcefully.

"I'm a slut."

"Wrong," he said as he shoved his cock onto her face, rubbing his slick shaft all over her nose and eyes and forehead, "you're a fucking slut. What are you?"

"I'm a fucking slut!"

"Do you want me to throat fuck you?"

"Yes sir, please throat fuck me."

"Beg for it," he ordered while slapping his dick on her lips.

"Please fuck my slut mouth, sir! I just want to be used by your fucking cock until you cum all over my face. Please let me take you!"

"Okay," he said as he immediately forced his cock into the back of her throat. With his hands leveraged behind her head, he repeatedly slammed her face to the base of his shaft causing her to gag each time she hit bottom. She had been trained to take him deep and to hold her breath for a long time. Every fifteen seconds or so he would stop just long enough for her to take a single breath before ravaging her again.

Drool was now dribbling down her chin and tears were trickling down her cheeks as Jacob relentlessly fucked her mouth. A single bead of moisture from her pussy joined her spit and fell onto the floor. Taking a break, he stopped thrusting into her face and instead bottomed out inside of her. He held her head with her nose pressed against his abdomen until he heard her begin to gag and struggle for air. At that point, he slowly counted out loud "one...two...three..." before releasing his grip on her head. She coughed and inhaled, but obediently swallowed him whole again. After four more repetitions, he shoved her to the ground and sat on her face.

"Suck on my balls," he demanded as he squeezed her head with his calves. Ava complied, and he added, "What are you?" She mumbled inaudibly, prompting Jacob to remove his balls from her mouth and slap her firmly across the face.

"I asked, What are you?"

"A fucking slut!" she responded, this time her tongue free from obstruction.

"That's right, a fucking slut. Resume."

She sucked gently on his sack, filled with cum, waiting to shoot a massive load across her face. She caressed and massaged his testicles individually with her tongue while he stroked his huge member an inch above her face. He reached his hand back towards her pussy and began giving her clit tiny spanks, like he had with the crop, but much quicker in succession. She began moaning and a few shrieks of pleasure escaped the vacuum she had formed around his balls. He brought them out and let them rest on her chin as he continued spanking her pussy.

"Oh fuck, I'm close," she said, causing him to give her one slightly harder clit spanking. It almost pushed her over the edge, but she ultimately just plateaued.

"You know not to speak unless I ask you a question or unless it's to say 'Yes, sir'," he chastised. "You can moan and scream all you want, but I don't want to hear any words coming from your slut mouth unless I tell you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," she replied apologetically.

Jacob got up and went to the table where he grabbed a long, rectangular, wooden paddle. Throwing it across the room, he ordered, "Crawl to the paddle and bring it back to me in your mouth, slut."

Ava hurriedly crawled over to it, and without using her hands, lowered her head to retrieve the paddle. She returned quickly as well, and gazed up at Jacob, looking for his approval. He gave her a gentle pat on the head, called her a good girl, and politely asked her to drop it into his hand.

"Now you know I don't want to do this," he began, as if talking to a pet, "but you disobeyed by speaking without being told, so now I have to spank you. It's the only way you'll learn." After a short pause, he deliberately and clearly said, "Two!"

"Yes, sir," she answered, immediately assuming her second position: doggy style with her face on the ground, hands behind her back, legs spread, and ass thrust out.

"Count off as I paddle you. We'll go to ten."

Smack! The paddle was relatively light, but still stung with minimal effort. "One, sir!" Smack! He hit her in the exact some spot, turning her ass red. "Two, sir!" she said, her face squished against the floor. Smack! The clear imprint of the word 'owned' from the paddle could now be read on her flesh. "Three, sir!" His insistence on hitting the same spot caused an intense burning sensation. She got off on pain, but without being able to touch herself, she could only squirm in pleasure. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! He quickly paddled her twice on each cheek. Ava hesitated, and then said "Eight, sir!"

"Wrong! That was seven you stupid fucking slut!" He then spanked her harder across both cheeks at the same time. "That was eight!" Smack! "That was nine!" Smack! "And that was ten!"

The pain became nearly unbearable as he took his anger out on her ass. She knew she had disappointed him and desperately wanted to regain his approval. "I'm sorry, sir," she plead, "Punish me however you want."

He fell on top of her forcing her body flat on the ground, and stuck his bulging cock into her pussy. He held both of her hands above her head with one of his, and used the other to brace himself on her face. His weight placed a great amount of pressure on her wrists and head as he mercilessly began fucking her on the carpet. He needed no lube as Ava was soaking from his treatment of her already. She had been longing all day for his thick cock to fill her up.

"Do you like it when I rape you like a whore?" he grunted as he pounded her into the floor, causing minor friction burns to appear on her tits and chin.

"Yes, fuck me like a whore!" she screamed, desperate to cum.

He thrusted even harder and faster, gaging the approach of her orgasm by her moans. "Are you ready to cum, slut?"

"Oh, God yes, please, sir! Please let me cum!"

He fucked her right until he knew she was going to be pushed over into orgasm, and then immediately pulled out and slapped her red ass. "If you want to cum, you're going to fucking earn it!" He got up and went to the table, where he grabbed a length of black rope and a glass butt plug. With her still in the same position, Jacob brought her knees together and began lashing the rope around her ankles. He then knocked her over onto her back and brought the rope up, wrapping it so her wrists were secured to her thighs.

"Lube it up, slut," he said sternly as he shoved the plug into her mouth. Ava sloppily slobbered it up before he pulled it back out. In a single, impatient motion, he inserted the plug into her ass, causing her to both grunt and lose her breath at the same time. Her sphincter sealed around the base of it, and she could feel him manipulate it with his finger. Its gentle massage was making her wet.

"Get up and go over to the wall," he scowled before kicking the exposed end of the plug with his foot. He stood back to watch her struggle. The restraints made it difficult for her to get on her feet, but she eventually was able to roll along the length of her back until she had momentum enough to stand. As soon as she did though, she fell trying to walk. Inwardly amused but outwardly projecting irritation, Jacob dragged her by the feet across the room. He pulled her up by her ponytail until the pain forced her to stand upright. Against the wall was a leather collar and leash that looped through an eye-ring about seven feet in the air. He placed the collar around her neck, grabbed her by the jaw, and spit in her face. He then slapped her and taunted her, saying "Let's just see how bad you want it." He went back to the table and grabbed a Hitachi wand vibrator. He plugged it into an outlet behind Ava, and then told her, "You're going to assume a wall sit position while I hold this to your cunt. If you sit higher than a 90-degree angle, I will stop it. If you fall, I will stop it. To motivate you not to fall, I will hold the end of this leash and you will strangle yourself until you sit back up. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. I won't disappoint you again."

He pressed the on button and Ava could hear the dull humming sound beneath her. "Begin."

She dropped so her knees were at a square and her back was pressed against the wall. She had a couple of inches of slack on her collar so she could move her head slightly from side to side. Jacob thrust the wand against her pussy and she immediately felt the intense and satisfying vibrations it elicited.

"Oohhh yeah!", she moaned, careful not to let any other words escape her mouth that would compel him to spank her further. The power of the vibrator flushed her whole body with warmth and she thought she would be able to cum any minute. Despite this and being in decent shape, the bound position she was in, combined with her fatigue from being used earlier, caused her legs to wobble about twenty seconds in. Her approaching climax exacerbated it further, and she knew she was about to fall. The good slut she was tried her hardest to push through, but her legs involuntarily gave out and she began choking on the noose around her neck. Jacob removed the wand as she grasped for the wall and gasped for air. In a few seconds, she was back into position and he began rubbing the vibrator back and forth against her clit.

Ava began singing from the pleasure and deep burn in her thighs. She was on the edge and tried lowering her weight slightly onto the wand to help get her off. Jacob slowly lowered it to match her efforts, and she soon fell from shifting her weight too much, but was able to get back up before choking too much. Now every second was agony as she was always closer to falling than cumming. She screamed and moaned through the pain giving her somewhat more strength. Jacob, thoroughly enjoying her difficulty, could sense she was nearing her final sequence before orgasm.

"Are you ready to cum, slut?"

"Yes, sir, please can I cum?" she blurted out as fast as possible, hoping she could make it.

"I want you to fucking cum, now!" he said as he thrust the wand harder against her. The added support he gave with the stronger pulses of the toy was exactly what she needed. She yelled at the top of her lungs as the most incredible orgasm she could remember feeling overcame her. Her anus contracted on the plug and she began squirting onto the carpet beneath her while electric waves of euphoria rushed through her body.

Her shuddering caused her to collapse and the leash choked her hard. With one hand gripping the end of the leash tightly and the other maintaining vibrator contact on her pussy, Jacob watched as her legs quivered and face went red. Ava, meanwhile, felt every sensation at once—physical exhaustion, overwhelming pleasure, choking, immobility—as blackness approached. She went unconscious for half a second before Jacob let go off the leash and let her fall to the ground.

She came to again as her body instinctively inhaled oxygen. Her sight became less fuzzy, her hearing sharpened, and her body began reacting to the unmistakable feeling of Jacob fucking her. He was on top furiously thrusting into her and pressing her legs nearly behind her head. A switch flipped on in her brain, and in an instant she was ready to cum.

"May I cum again sir?" she heard herself moan, not knowing she actually uttered the words.

"No!" he punctuated with a particularly hard and deep thrust before removing himself from her. He quickly began loosening her restraints. Ava needed to cum again. She only enjoyed her orgasm for a moment before blacking out, and she felt deprived.

"Get your ass over to the bed in position three!"

She moved but not as fast as either of them had wanted, so he began slapping her pussy, encouraging her body to move quicker. When she got to the side of the bed, she bent over and rested her torso on top of it with her feet on the ground and legs pressed together, leaving her open for penetration from behind. She brought her arms behind her back and buried her face in the sheets.

Jacob brought a few items from the table and placed them on the bed beside Ava. The first was a leather arm brace which wrapped around both of her forearms and was fastened together with two belts. He snugly attached it, rendering her arms immobile. Next he picked up what resembled a horse bit, except for it was made of leather. Two leather straps extended from either end of it for several feet.

"Bite down on this, slut," he said as he spanked her ass and then placed the bit in her mouth. She clamped down on it, feeling the grooves her teeth had made during previous sessions. Finally, he grabbed a black dildo that was slightly thicker and longer than his own well-endowed cock. She couldn't see it but was somewhat expecting him to use it on her. He drizzled lube over it liberally and worked it along the entirety of the shaft. Without warning, he grabbed the end of the plug in her ass and gently began tugging it out. Eventually, her sphincter gave way and it popped out, sending a brief rush of pleasure through her. He dropped down and began tonguing her ass aggressively. She shrieked. Being rimmed was one of her favorite sensations. As she moaned, he shoved the black cock in her pussy hard, making her gasp, mostly in pain but with a tinge of carnal satisfaction. She quickly adjusted to it and he began pumping it in and out of her, twisting it with each motion. Jacob buried his tongue an inch into her ass and began flicking it up and down. The combination of it and the dildo drove her insane, and she wanted to cum, but she knew he wouldn't let her enjoy it long. And he didn't.

"Hold it in. Don't you dare let it come out," he said as he stood up. She clenched her cunt around it, but knew it would stay in by its thickness alone. He began to violently spank her with his hand, resurrecting the burning sensation she felt on her cheeks moments ago. She bit down hard into the leather in her mouth. The vibrations from the spanking reverberated through the cock in her pussy, keeping her on edge despite the forcefulness of his hand. He stopped and began rubbing her gingerly, soothing the heat. She heard the lube bottle pop open once more, but ignored it as he began thrusting the dildo in her again, this time more forceful and pleasurable than previously. She let out a string of ecstatic grunts that were suppressed only slightly by the bit, and she felt close to cumming.

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