Huge Breasts (huge,bbw,mature)

Huge Breasts

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our very first edition of « World's biggest muscle studs", the show that brings together the very best specimens of human virility from the four corners of the planet to compete for our 1 million dollar prize money!"

The music starts blaring, light beams scour the stage where the presenter, Randy West, clad in only a bow tie and glittering black speedos has just announced the beginning of the ceremony. Members of the public in the Longdong Festival Hall applaud and some whistles are heard as a bevy of busty bikini babes enter from both backstage sides to perform their dance routine. At the end, they line up and the spotlight moves from one babe to the other as each tears off their top to roaring applause. With a wink, the babes leave and Randy West comes back to the centre of the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. As you know, preliminary contests were held all over the world and each competing country was allowed to send in one representative. We have tonight twelve studs that will compete against each other. Please welcome them!"

The audience of 5000 stands up and claps loudly as the almost-naked studs enter. Gasps are heard when eyes fall upon the bulging sizes of their white briefs. The undergarments were custom-made to fit each stud's immense package by Industrial Underwear Inc. Randy West introduces each stud in order of appearance.

"Mark Tyson, Canada, 28yo, 6ft6. Abdul Khan, India, 24yo, 5ft4. Jim Meredith, UK, 30yo, 6ft4. Patrick Lefort, France, 26yo, 6ft2. Sven Johannson, Sweden, 18yo, 5ft10. Guilherme Silva, Brasil, 25yo, 5ft8. Ewan McGregor, USA, 22yo, 5ft11. Erik Weber, Germany, 20yo, 6ft3. Dean Shephard, Australia, 23yo, 6ft2. Ricardo Pirelli, Italy, 24yo, 5ft8. John Stewart, South Africa, 21yo, 5ft6. Alexei Yurin, Russia, 19yo, 6ft5."

Each contestant strikes a pose, his muscles gleaming with sweat. The audience goes wild for the muscular horse-hung hunks. Some women at the front row tear off their panties and throw them towards the young studs. One delirious MILF manages to climb onto the stage only to be restrained by security guards. She is heard screaming the name of Sven, the Swedish contestant, imploring him to fuck her here and there as she is dragged backstage.

Randy West attempts to diffuse the growing tension.

"Well, here's one MILF who's already made up her mind as to the winner! However, let's give each contestant his chance to prove his worth with our first test." [sound of drums rolling]. "Of course, we start with a measuring contest." Turning round to the contestants, Randy West continues: "Gentlemen, drop the pouches and let's see your monster erections!"

The twelve busty bikini babes come back onstage, topless and smiling. Each is assigned to a stud, slowly pulling down his briefs, revealing the giant dangling meat inch by excrutiating inch to the sound of Joe Cocker's "You can leave your hat on".

Female cries are heard from the expective crowd. A couple of women faint and are taken care of by the medical team on site. The babes start yanking the giant fucksticks in unison to coax their respective stud into a hardon. The first male reaches the aroused state in less than ten seconds, soon followed by the others. In less than half a minute, all the young stallions are fully erect, displaying their proud manhoods in front of the TV cameras and the stunned spectators. Not a single one of them measures less than a full foot of fat, solid boymeat. Their massive balls rest heavily underneath their vertical pillars of virility. Each babe then proceeds with the measurements of both the length and circumference of the prodigious appendages. The camera zooms in on the first lady, 40yo Miranda Titsworthy, assigned to the Canadian black stallion Mark Tyson from Vancouver. She smiles at the camera and proudly announces her results: "15 and a quarter inch long, 8 and half inch around!"

Each babe follows suit in turn, the numbers being displayed on a giant screen behind the stage. The current top holder is highlighted in bright red, followed by the runner up and third-place contestant in paler shades. Points are awarded based on total volume of meat as a multiple of the average male (5 and half inch long and 4 and a quarter inch around, ie: a total of 7.9 cubic inches) with bonus points for the studs finishing in the top three spots (10, 6 and 3 points).

"Well, after our first round, Sven Johannson from Sweden is top with 34 points with his gigantic 19 and half inch long and 11 inch around penis, followed by Ewan McGregor from the US [Chant of "USA, USA" are heard in the background] on 23 points with a cock measuring 16.5 inches in length and 10 inches in circumference. Alexei Yurin is closely behind on 19 points with his whopping 17.5 by 9.5 inch teenage tubesteak!"

Young Sven beams with pride and makes his mammoth dong smack his heavy muscular pecs repeatedly for the delirious crowd. Huge drops of pre-goo erupt from his cum-cannon and splash onto his torso and shoulders. The other contestants, their massive peckers also drooling pre-cum look on with envy.

"The second round involves measuring our studs' other muscles." announces Randy with a wink. "We will take into account the varying heights of the contestants since some are young and still developing."

Again, the assigned MILF babes take out their measuring tapes and start rubbing their studs mountainous biceps with their fingernails, cooing with delight. Each stud flexes his right arm to make sure he will be measured at his very peak. The camera zooms in on the tapes as the readings are announced to rolling drums music. Twenty year old Eric Weber from Germany has the largest biceps of all at 28 inches of raw power. However, taking into account height, he is beaten his South African counterpart, 21yo John Stewart, who, despite his relatively smaller stature, tops at 26 inches of super-beefy arm muscle. For this, he jumps to second place on the leaderboard with 50 points, still behind the Swedish teen megastud on 56 points. Ewan McGregor is now third on 47 points.

"What do you get when you mix huge muscles and huge cocks? Our third round, where the muscular power of each stud's penis will be tested by adding weights at mid-shaft until the studs can't take anymore!"

Women gasp with delight at the announcement. Pussies start squirting at the thought of seeing those giant young peckers lifting colossal weights. More MILFs need medical attention as they gasp for air. A metal chain is firmly attached to each stud's still fully erect dong. The babes pull on the chains to test their rigidity, barely moving the unyielding iron rods of their respective stud in the process. The studs then attach a 100lbs iron weight on the first hook. While some cocks bend in the process, each weight is still maintained way above ground. A further 100lbs leads to the disqualification of a couple of boys: Abdul Khan and Guilherme Silva. With 300lbs pushing down on their massive shafts, a further three studs drop out of the race. The remaining studs are breathing heavily, concentrating on the task at hand. At 500lbs, only three studs remain: Mark, Patrick and Sven. The camera zooms in on their dongs, the stretch marks from the chain clearly visible, pushing down excrutiatingly onto their yet unbending shafts. Patrick must say goodbye at 600lbs. Mark and Sven eye each other in an attempt to intimidate each other. Mark flexes his cock, showing he can still manage to lift the incredible weight his powerful 15 incher is carrying. Sven follows suits, the epic battle begins. At 800lbs, both studs still manage to stay clear off the ground but their knees are starting to inexorably bend together with their cocks.

"Watch these two amazing human embodiments of virility, ladies and gentlemen! This is a sight to behold!" yells Randy in the microphone, the chattering noise from the public almost drowning his voice. At 1000lbs, Mark's cock has been pushed to its limits and the 28yo black stallion gives up, dropping the weights with a loud clanking thud. Sven tries to flex his tireless megadick but it barely moves, the effort is clearly taking its toll. Knowing he has already won this round, the cute blond superstud decides to let go and unties his chain, his cock wildly slapping his torso on the rebound.

"Another 30 points for Sven who takes a decisive lead, and a big round of applause for this astounding contestant! And to think he is only 18 and still has much progress to make!" roars the presenter as more women attempt to approach the stage. One busty MILF rips her dress open and displays her massive mammaries invitingly to the young stallion, but is quickly pulled back by security. The bikini babes come back with large measuring jars which they place in front of each competitor.

"This can only mean one thing: I-I-I-IT's...MILKING TIME!" chants Randy. The crowd goes wild, Randy encourages them into a rhythm by clapping his hands slowly at first. The babes immediately start tugging on the massive cranks in front of them, some even lick or try to engulf the apple-sized helmets into their hungry mouths. Everything goes to coax a massive load of warm cream as fast as possible from their stud. The camera wildly moves from one drooling cockhead to the other, attempting to capture the first erupting cum-cannon. The babes coat the extensive surface of their respective shafts with the tons of slimy pre-scum the studs are producing. It is already clear that everyone of them will manage a giant eruption. While the yanking continues, Randy West explains how points will be calculated for this final round.

"The amount of sperm in milliliters divided by the amount discharged by the average human being, ie: 3ml. Again, 10 bonus points to the winner, six for the runner-up and..."

Before he can finish his sentence, Abdul Khan from India roars mightily as his 12.5 inch shaft contracts for its impending discharge. Veronica Deepthroat, his assigned babe, quickly grabs the measuring jar and places it in front of his cumslit, leaving enough space for the camera to zoom in on the thick jets of boysap being erupted for the viewers' enjoyment. After 8 huge sperm grenades, the young stud burps a couple more smaller ones. Veronica lets the warm cream settle and reads out: "25 milliliters!". More studs are now on the brink of ejaculation. Two of them empty their giant nuts almost simultaneously. Ricardo Pirelli from Italy manages 32ml in 12 shots of creamy spunk, while Jim Meredith tops at 28ml of viscous sperm. Barbara Donglover lifts the jar to mouth level and loudly slurps his warm offering in front of the cameras.

"9 more to go, come on boys, give us all you've got, don't hold back!" encourages Randy as the drum beat increases its tempo. Patrick Lefort tilts his head backward in ecstasy as his 13 and a quarter inch French pussy-destroyer recoils from the strength of his first sperm grenade. The 26yo stud has monstrous balls which tighten up in their sack as massive shots of virile gunk shoot out continuously, smacking the sides of the jar. After ten shots, he has filled more than the previous three contestants combined! Guilherme Silva from Brasil starts his own ejaculations while Patrick still goes strong. By the end of it, he has delivered over 95ml of cream while Guilherme ends up with 36ml. More muscle studs fill up their jar until only Sven and Alexei are left. Their massive dongs are totally engorged, clearly on the brink of epic discharges. Pre-cum flows in rivulets from their angry knobheads. Pussy Galore tries to angle Alexei's monster dong when his first voluminous shot erupts mightily. Some of it lands on her cheeks before she can react. The 19yo Siberian hunk pushes down on his discharging cannon to aim better. Only sperm inside the jar will be counted according to the offficial rules.

Sven jettisons his own sperm cargo a short while later. He hasn't ejaculated in over two days so his giant 18yo nuts are full to the brim with his salty white nectar. The two muscle behemoths cum in unison, one shot from Alexei quickly followed by one from the Swedish teen wonderboy. After fifteen shots, both are still going strong. Alexei starts to peter out on the 20th shot but Sven is still going strong. His red-hot spunk is almost filling the jar to the brim and the organisers are left pondering whether they should bring a second jar to Ivana Fuckalot, the 45yo MILF now desperately holding the heavy sperm jar in front of the almost 20-inch cum cannon of her assigned stud. At the 25th shot, the jar is overfilling and thick cream runs down its side, covering Ivana's hands and arms. The babe decides to take matters into her own hands and lies the jar in front of her to let Sven cover her ample 36FF breasts with the remainder of his load. The boy manages a half dozen more massive shots, caking her huge upturned bosom in a inch-thick layer of his cream. She eagerly laps it up with her tongue while Sven's cum-cannon slows down and runs dry.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the jar has a capacit of 500ml and this Swedish muscle boystud has overfilled it. We have a clear winner with 248 points. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sven Johannson is crowned World's Biggest Muscle Stud 2014!"

The crowd erupts in a thunderous roar of applause and cries. Two babes place the crown of the proud winner's head. His still rockhard mammoth dong is reaching neck-level and oozing the aftermath of his copious discharge. Six babes position their hands along the shaft, not able to completely cover its tremendous length and pose for the photographers. Security is overwhelmed by a swarm of over-excited women.

"Good night ladies and Gentlemen and see you next year!" waves Randy West to the camera as the credits start rolling.

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