I met Madam and Madam showed me what sex was really about - sex story

I met Madam and Madam showed me what sex was really about

I am the records secretary at the state level for the
PTA. I travel a few times a year to attend conferences
and such. I'm thirty-eight with two kids in high
school. I have quite a bit of free time and I workout
almost every day.

I am told I am still very attractive and don't look a
day more than twenty-eight. I was blessed with a
Thirty-four-D chest with really big nipples and am five
foot four inches, one hundred and nineteen pounds and

My husband has never been a real fire ball in bed, but
he has been adequate and when you haven't had
something, you don't miss it. In this caseit being a
cunt shattering orgasm, caused by the G spot being
stimulated. This brings me to what I am doing checking
into a hotel, four hundred miles from home. I am here
attending a very big PTA conference.

Hotel management had set up tables in alphabetical
order to make it as easy as possible to get checked in.
Finally it was my turn and the man behind the table
told me my room number then the woman checking in at
the next table told me we were roommates. She was
almost of Amazonian proportions. She was six feet even,
long blond hair, fairly big tits and very self assured.
She came over, took my bag and said, "No sense waiting
for a bell hop" and walked to the elevators. When we
entered the room, she asked what bed I wanted and put
my bag on the bed, then stood there looking me up and

I felt just a tad uncomfortable, as she was looking at
me like a man would. After taking a really good look
she said, "Very nice honey, what do you look like
without clothes?" I didn't know what to say to that, so
I just stood there with my mouth open. She walked over
to me, put her hands on my waist and told me how pretty
I am and she can't believe how lucky she was, getting
me for a roomy. I still didn't know what to say, but
she did, she smiled at me and said, "I'm going to have
you sweetie, you are one hot little cunt and I'm going
to make your little pussy feel so fucking good, you
won't believe your luck that you are getting to fuck

I was speechless. My husband didn't even talk to me
like that. When she leaned in and kissed me I just let
her; even opening my mouth so she could tongue me. She
finished kissing me, my head was spinning and then she
told me that she knew I was a hot cunted little cock
sucker and before she was done with my sweet cunt, I'll
think I died and went to fuck heaven. She kissed me
again, told me to take my clothes off before she
fucking ripped them the fuck off of me and to get in
the fucking bed and spread my fucking legs for my new

I just stood there staring at her, still in a trance.
She turned me around and she ripped my blouse right off
of me then pulled my bra up over my head and grabbed my
tits. She was kneading my tits, while kissing my neck
and it felt so damn good, I moaned, which spurred her
on even more. She pulled on my nipples, making them
twice as big, while telling me she was going to fuck my
brains out. I was so fucking hot from her
administrations and sexy talk that my pussy was leaking
and my panties were soaked.

She bent down and pulled my skirt and panties off in
one motion, leaving me standing there in my garter
belt, black stockings, heels and nothing else. She
stood up, turned me around again, took a good long look
at me and said, "Look how hot my little cunt lapper is.
Her little pussy is soaking wet for me. My little whore
must be ready to get fucked." She grabbed my pussy,
pulled me into her and stuck her tongue down my throat,
while inserting a finger in my steaming pussy.

She pulled her finger out of her pussy, put it in my
mouth and told me to stand there while she got
undressed. I could see myself in the mirror and I was
really impressed with how hot I looked. My tits
standing straight up, my nipples standing at attention
just like two little cocks, my pussy all wet and
dripping; I thought it was a shame this wasn't on film.
I asked her what her name was and she told me that I
was to call her mistress and she would call me her
little fucking cunt, which made my pussy boil over a

She took her pants off, she wasn't wearing any undies
and she had a blond bush that looked like a forest was
growing on her pussy. I asked her if I should take off
my garter belt and stockings. She in return asked why I
thought she left them on me. She said I looked too
fucking sexy to take them off and she pulled me into
her and kissed me. Her hot body felt so good pressing
into mine, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed

She picked me up while we were still kissing, it was so
fucking sexy I came a little. While putting me on the
bed, she told me that she was going to make me the best
little cunt fuck in the world and all I could do was
moan. I had never worn anything when my husband and I
had sex and now, here I was, laying in bed with my legs
spread for this dyke and I had on my garter belt,
stockings and my high heels. I've never felt as sexy as
I did then.

My mistress got between my legs, started kissing my
thighs and all around my pussy. My brain fried at the
incredible feeling of it all. When she licked my raging
pussy, I screamed and my ass came a foot off the bed as
I had a huge orgasm, actually squirting cunt juice out
of my pussy. She pushed my legs back, so my ass and
pussy were in the air and attacked my cunt with her
tongue, using it like a cock and tongue fucking my

She made me play with my clit, a first for me when I
was having sex, and in no time my pussy was a raging
furnace again. I screamed again as I had the most
incredible orgasm of my life. She kept me in that
position, my legs all the way back over my shoulders
and my ass off the bed and I felt her finger probing my
asshole. She had long thin, very pretty hands and when
she slipped her one finger into my asshole, it felt so
good I moaned again.

I felt her fingers from her other hand invade my pussy,
I didn't know how many fingers, but it sure as hell
felt good; and then she started to suck my clit. I was
in frenzy. She was moving her fingers in and out of my
ass and pussy at the same time, I could feel them
rubbing together inside me and what her sucking on my
clit was doing to me, put me in a place I had never
been before. Nothing existed for me but her fingers and
mouth, working my asshole and boiling hot cunt.

I felt that feeling welling up inside my pussy again. I
can't even describe what it did to my hot little cunt,
but after a few minutes my little pussy erupted like
Mt. Vesuvius, spewing hot cum all over both of us. It
was so fucking intense, I couldn't get my breath. I was
lying, panting like a bitch in heat and saying, "Oh
mistress" over and over. She kept me in that same
position, talking and kissing me all over, while I
recovered enough to breathe normally.

As soon as I was breathing normal again, she started
moving her fingers around in my pussy again and I could
feel her putting more fingers in. My cunt felt so full
it was incredible and when she told me she had her
whole hand in my cunt, up to her wrist. I came again.
She didn't stop with that though, she was running her
fingers all over the inside of my cunt and then she
touched something that made me grunt like a pig and beg
for more.

Nothing I had ever experienced had gotten me ready for
my first G spot experience; it turned me into an
animal, begging like a whore for more. When she
concentrated on it, I became a mindless cum machine.
Cum was just pouring out of me and she gave me that
feeling twice more before I blacked out from the
extreme pleasure of it all. When I came back from my
nap, my mistress was holding me in her arms and when
she saw I was back, she asked me if I enjoyed being her
fuck slave. I wrapped my arms around her and said, "God
yes madam, oh yes, it was the greatest feeling ever,"
and she kissed me, telling me she liked being called
madam, so that's what I was to call her now.

She put her tit in my mouth and told me to suckle on it
like I was a baby. I was in such a happy state; I took
her nipple in my mouth and sucked just like I was a
baby. She started moaning, so I sucked harder. She was
moaning loud now and she told me that it was time for
me to take care of her; so get between her legs and
make her cunt a happy cunt.

I wasn't real sure about kissing her cunt, but I
figured after what she did for me and that since I
wanted her to do it again, I'd get between her legs
like a good little cunt. She spread her legs wide; her
pussy was encircled by her blond bush, so I pushed the
hair out of the way and kissed her hot cunt. The aroma
wafting off her pussy drove me crazy. It smelled so
good to me, like inhaling perfume, and I kissed her
pussy all over.

Her cunt was so wet that her wetness covered my lips.
When I licked my lips, I knew I just had to have more
of her sweet pussy, so I started licking her really
hot, sweet cunt. The cunt juice I was now getting was
even more intoxicating than my first taste of her

She was now moaning, "Eat madam's pussy baby. Eat that
pussy and show madam what a good cunt lapper you are
sweets." Then she kind of roared out, "Eat my fucking
cunt you cunt lapping bitch! Fucking eat me you fucking
cunt! Eat me, make me cum in your mouth you fucking
slut whore!" She arched her back, filled my mouth with
the most delicious hot fluid, and much to my delight, I
knew I had made her cum in my mouth.

I kept sucking and licking her beautiful pussy, mostly
because I wanted more of her hot fuck juice and partly
because her calling me every name in the book while I
was eating her pussy, made me so fucking horny that I
came again. She then turned me over, mounted my face,
pushed her pussy into my waiting mouth and fucked my
face with her hot cunt. My face was covered in cunt
cum, her cum was pouring down my throat and I was never
so happy in my life, I was sucking her pussy so hard,
she had to make me stop before I ate her pussy alive.

Laying in my madams arms, I realized I still had my
heels and stockings on and asked madam if I should take
them off. She slapped my ass, told me that she will
tell me when I can take them off and from now on, she
would tell me everything to do and slapped my bare ass
again. She told me she had a big treat for me after she
rested a bit; she had a strap-on and was going to fuck
me with it.

I looked at her, asked if she was going to fuck me like
she was a man and she smiled at me and said, "Yes baby,
I'm going to fuck you like a man, only better." Then
she asked if I had ever been ass fucked. I told her my
husband had done it a few times and asked why she
wanted to know. She got a big shit eating grin on her
face and said, "Because I am going to fuck you up the
ass baby and stretch your little asshole to a proper
size for fucking."

I just smiled at her because I was already getting
antsy, waiting for her to fuck me with her strap-on.
She got up to put get strap-on and I got on my hands
and knees, just like the girls in the few lesbian
movies I had watched did when they were getting fucked
by a strap-on.

When mistress turned around and saw me, she asked me
what the fuck I was doing. When I told her, she laughed
and told me,Next time cunt. This time I want you on
your back like a good fucking whore. When I rolled
over, I got a bit of a shock. The strap-on she had on
looked just like a real cock but it was about ten
inches long and a lot fatter then my husband's cock.
She saw the look on my face and said, "Don't worry
baby, your hot box can take it and besides, I'm going
to fuck you with this no matter what; so spread your
fucking legs and show me what a good whore you are."

I spread my legs; she got between them and started
rubbing her "Cock" over my pussy and talking to me. It
didn't take long before my pussy was in flames and I
started begging her to fuck me. She pushed the head of
the monster into my pussy and it really stretched me
out. I was only uncomfortable for about a minute or so
and just as I started liking that thing in me, she
pushed it in all the way and I hollered loud.

It didn't really hurt me so much as the sensation was
totally unexpected. I never had anything that big in my
pussy since my kids were born. She held it there,
kissing and talking to me and I went from feeling like
my pussy was going to burst wide open, to a stuffed but
nice feeling in my cunt. Madam started moving it around
in me and it went from nice to fucking hot, to blazing
hot. I was now moving my ass around and madam started
fucking me like a man, drawing that cock almost all the
way out and then ramming it home into my waiting pussy.

It didn't take long before my pussy erupted again and
then madam told me to wrap my legs around her, so I
wrapped both arms and legs around her. He was working
that cock slow now and telling me to squeeze. As I
squeezed, she told me how wonderful my nylon covered
legs felt wrapped around her and I realized I also
liked the feeling also of having my nylon covered legs
wrapped around her. She was fucking me so slow and that
cock was making my pussy feel so full.

The cock was so long inside me that I was cumming in
short bursts, one after the other. When I looked in the
mirror at us, I thought I looked like a porn star in my
garter belt, stockings and heels and I erupted like a
volcano again. Madam turned to look at us, smiled a
real big smile and told me I looked like a fucking porn
star and put a fuck show on with me as the star, as we
watched me take the big cock.

When I couldn't cum anymore and madam was so tired she
couldn't fuck me anymore, she just sprawled out on top
of me and left the big cock in my cunt. I really liked
having it there. I looked at the clock and couldn't
believe it was almost six thirty at night. We had
entered the room at a little past twelve noon; we had
been fucking for six hours, no wonder I was so tired. I
told madam what time it was, she couldn't believe it
either and since we were both hungry and tired we
ordered room service.

When it arrived, we never moved, yelled for whoever to
come in and put the tip on the check, they did and had
to get a great show, madam was still laying on me with
the cock buried in my pussy and my legs rapped around
her. I bet that person kicked themselves for not
bringing a camera. We got up, ate fell back into bed in
each others arms and slept until seven the next

We started the new day off with madam's arm buried in
my cunt and my face glued to madam's pussy. She had me
screaming in no time as she found my G spot and fucked
me to death touching it. We spent all three days in
bed; I think all the bellhops got to see us naked as we
never put clothes on for any reason those three days, I
never even opened my suitcase.

I would like to relate that everything went back to
normal after our three day fuck fest, but I realized
that I just couldn't live without madam, so I left my
family and moved in with madam about eight months ago
and haven't worn clothes since, but my pussy is so
fucking happy, nothing else matters.

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