Judy Gets More Than Her Hair Done (threesome,barber,porn stories,sex stories)

Judy Gets More Than Her Hair Done

Judy and I both had been putting in a lot of time at our
jobs. We had been married for almost a year. We had made
plans to take a trip to Las Vegas. I was suppose to fly
in from Chicago on Saturday and we were booked to leave
that Monday. Judy was going to get her hair fixed that
Saturday. She had been unable to get her hair done on
her Saturday appointment. Her hairdresser had come down
with the flu.

Her best friend Joyce had set her up with her
hairdresser Brad, for a Sunday appointment at I pm.
Joyce called Judy at 11 o'clock Sunday morning told her
she was having trouble with one of her kids and couldn't
go with her. Judy looked at me with those big green

"John, could you go with me Judy asked? Joyce's
hairdresser is a guy and his shop is in his home. I
would feel a lot safer if you went with me. I will owe
you one if you."

"You know I wanted to watch the football games? I will
go with you and will owe me two." How could I turn those
big green eyes pleading with me down?

Judy ran and jumped in the shower and changed her
clothes. She put on a tank top, no bra and a real tight
pair of levies and her western boots. What a fine ass!
Out the door we went. We arrived at his house ten
minutes early. It was a large ranch style home. We
knocked on the door, a guy answered.

He said, "I am Brad and you must be Judy? I usually
don't work on Sundays but Joyce is such a good client I
could not say no to her. Joyce talks about you all the
time. You are much better looking than she led me to
believe. In fact she called me this morning and told me
she was not coming with you I was expecting you to be

I thought to myself six foot one blonde hair, piercing
blue eyes, he looked to be between twenty-five or
thirty. I knew this guy was a womanizer. I didn't know
if I wanted Judy with him. I was glad I was with her.

Judy said, "Thanks for the compliment. This is John my
boy friend and he is missing his football."

Brad reached out and shook my hand. "I want to show you
two what I have done here. I bought this house five
years ago and decided I was going to have my shop here.
When you walked in you are in the waiting room. You can
see there is a big screen I have direct TV. John you can
see all your games while I do Judy's hair. You also can
have a beer a glass of wine or a soft drink the frig is
stocked. Follow me down this short hallway, on the right
is the bathroom. At the end of the hallway is my

I said Brad, "Did you do all this work? It looks great."

"My friend who is a general contractor did 90% of it. I
had to hire another contractor to do the electrical."

We were standing in Brad's office. There was a window in
front of his desk that looked into the shop. You could
see everything that was going on. Brad reached up and
pulled the blinds down. At the left side of the room
there was a door right before you stepped into the shop.
I reached to open the door Brad stopped me.

"This is my storage area. I keep all my perms and color,
all my excess supplies. It is usually locked you can't
trust anyone. I really don't want you to see the inside
it is really a mess. Let's go ahead and go into the
shop. This used to be a three car garage."

Brad opened the door to the shop and we walked in. On
the right hand side was two cutting areas with hydraulic
chairs. To the right of the chairs there was a door that
lead to the outside. The whole back wall, where the
garage doors use to be, was a large room where he did
all his chemical work. On the left side of the room was
four shampoo bowls. Still on the left side was a
changing room. I walked into the changing room. I
noticed there were mirrors on all of the walls and a
large couch.

Brad asked me, "Do you want to go back in and watch the
football games while we get started?"

"I guess so I don't want to watch you cut her hair that
would be a real bore when I have football on."

I went back inside and turned the TV on and grabbed a
beer. I decide to go back to Brad's office to take a
look and see what they were doing. I pulled the blinds
up a couple of inches. I had notice when we were taking
the tour through the shop that there were mirrors on the
office wall, looking into the office from the shop. That
lead me to believe it was a two-way mirror. That meant I
could see them but they could not see me. I notice
speaker so I turned it on I could hear them talking very

Brad was looking at Judy's hair suggesting how much to
cut. He also suggested a type of coloring and Judy
seemed to agree with him.

"I want you to go into the changing room. Take all your
clothes off and your boots. The reason for this is when
I am doing any chemical work its possible I might spill
whatever I am using. I just want to protect your clothes
and those beautiful boots. Here is a smock that ties in
the front put it on. While you are doing that I am going
in to see how John is doing."

I knew I had to get out of the office and get back to
the TV. I let the shades down and out I went. I could
almost see the door in the office that lead to the shop.
I heard the door open. In a reflection from a mirror in
the office I saw Brad go into the storage room. I
thought to myself maybe he is getting the chemicals that
he was going to use.

Ten minutes later Brad walked down the hall towards the
waiting room where I was. He said, "John how is it going
is your team winning? Judy is starting her second glass
of wine. I think she is getting really relaxed. I have
to ask you a favor. Please don't come out to the shop.
When the door is opened it will cause a sudden draft and
it really can affect the chemical that I will be using."

"Sure, I am in the middle of a game and my team is six
points behind. So if you hear some hollering don't let
it bother you two just get her hair done."

He left the room with a big smile on his face, and
didn't say another word. Now I knew there was something
being planned and I was going to watch. The hell with
the football game! As soon as I heard the office door
close I went back down to the office. My first thought
was to look into the storage room. You would never guess
what I found?

Two-way mirrors, that means he stood there for ten
minutes and watched Judy take her clothes off. I got the
biggest tint in my pants it was really exciting for me
waiting to see what was going to happen. I pulled up the
chair in front of the desk. Then I lifted the shades
four inches, setting down for the show that was going to

Brad took Judy over to the shampoo bowl and washed her
hair. He then took her into the chemical room. I heard
the blow dryer going. After the hair was dry I saw him
applying something to her hair. When they came back to
the styling area Judy had a plastic bag over her hair.

Brad sat down in one of the chairs and Judy sat in the
other. They have been together about twenty-five
minutes. Nothing is happening my hard on is starting to
go away. Maybe he didn't like what he saw when Judy was
undressing. There is no normal man out there that would
not like to see those thirty-four double Ds. I thought
to myself maybe he is gay.

I decided to go back to the football game and see how my
team was doing and another beer. I watched the game for
about ten minutes. I started getting curios to see if
anything was happening between those two. I got back in
the office and Brad was standing behind Judy messaging
her shoulders.

Brad said, "Judy we have about twenty minutes more for
this color to be on."

They started talking about everything football their
jobs. Finally Brad took Judy over to the shampoo bowl
and rinsed the color out. They went back and Judy sat in
the hydraulic chair.

Judy said, "Brad we have talked about football,
hairdressing and my job. We have not gotten into family.
Are you married do you have any kids, what's going on in
your personal life?"

"Well, I have never been married, no kids. I am 28 years
old. My mom and dad are still alive. I am really close
to my dad. My mom ran off with another goy when I was
ten and have not seen her since. My dad got married a
year after she left. His new wife has been a mother to
me. They have been married seventeen years.

"This stuff I'm going to tell you about, I usually don't
talk about. Not many people know this. Two years ago a
drunk driver T-boned my mom's car she is now a vegetable
it has almost killed my dad. He goes to her every day
and sets with her. If I could I would pull the plug but
there is no plug. She could live like this for another
thirty years."

Judy got up put her arms around him, kissed him on the
lips. He put his hand right on her boob and squeezed it.
They kissed for about two or three minutes really
passionate. He undid the front of her smock, slid his
hands in and started playing with her nipples.

"Judy I have to go to the restroom I'm so sorry." When
he came back, he said, "I want you to get rid of your
boyfriend? He has been watching us. The shades were
pulled up and the speaker was turned on in the office. I
would feel a lot safer if he was not here. I really
don't like him.

Judy thought for a couple of minutes, "I think I have an
idea. I will be back in a minute."

Judy walks into the waiting room. "You still watching
the football game?" She asked me.

"No I am playing with myself." Which was almost true.
"Are you two through?"

"We have had so much trouble with this color. We have to
do it all over. I was wondering if you could do me a
favor. I will give the list of things we need for
tomorrow. While he is getting my hair straightened out
you can do the shopping. It's going to be another two

"Give me the dang list. I will try to get everything

Judy left and came back with the list. She gave me a
kiss and went back to get her hair finished. The list
was a mile long it was going to take me all of two hours
to get everything. The first thoughts that went through
my mind. I was not going to be able to watch. It was
right around 2:30 when I left. I ran, I went to every
store. I got everything on the list.

I got back to Brad's at 4:15. I parked down the street
and quietly opened the front door. Nobody heard me come
in. I looked down the hallway to the office. Brad and
Judy were locked in an embrace. They were standing side
ways to me. I could see Brad had his hand under her tank
top playing with her tit. I stepped back to the door
opened and shut it real loud. They came walking down the
hall towards me.

"Judy your hair looks great. Have you paid him?"

"She took care of it. We had a great Sunday afternoon,"
Brad said.

"Judy we have a lot to do so let's get out of here."

Brad looked over at me with a snake eating smile. He
said to Judy, "Give me a call when you get back in

Judy went over and gave Brad a hug. Out the door we
went. I was so anxious to get Judy alone to find out
what happened.

I said to her, "What in the heck happened after I left.

Before you left Brad had to go to the restroom. He
jumped up and went through the office on his way to the
restroom he noticed that the speaker was on, the shade
was pulled up so he knew that you had been watching.

When he came back he said, "Get your boyfriend out of
here, he's been watching and I don't particularly care
for that."

"I waited a while before I came up and ask you to go
shopping. I had to think of an excuse to get rid of you.
I will tell you the rest in bed tonight."

Judy put her hand over on me, I was as hard as a frozen
bratwurst. It was almost 6 pm so we decide to stop and
get something to eat. We stopped at out favorite Italian
dinner house. I just had a big plate of spaghetti and
two glass of wine, Judy had the same. By the time we
finished it was almost 7:30. We still had to pack for
our trip when we got home. It seemed like this was
taking forever. We finally got everything done.

Judy said, "I'm going to jump into the shower. Why don't
you get in bed and wait for me?"

So I took all my clothes off and got in bed. Judy was in
the shower for about twenty minutes. I had the biggest
hard on that I ever had. I had dimmed the lights. Judy
comes in the room, she had put a white thong on. Just
like the one she had worn today.

She was standing at the foot of the bed when, she said,
"after I got you to leave I walked back into the shop.
Brad was setting in one of the hydraulic chairs."

"Take the smock off, the thong also. I want to see that
beautiful body of yours and see if you shave that pussy.
My god John doesn't deserve something like this!"

I dropped the smock to the floor and crossed my arms
over my boobs, pretending to be shy. He got up out of
the chair put hand under my chin, putting his lips on
mine. He slowly put his tongue inside my mouth. He
tasted really good. I put my arms around him' pushing my
boobs into his stomach. He had unbuttoned his shirt so
we were skin to skin. He had a real hairy chest. I put
my tongue on his nipple and started flicking it fast. He
started taking deep breaths. I could feel his cock
getting hard. It was right in my stomach.

I finally said, "Judy get in bed I can't take this

"I just want to show you how I took my thong off for
Brad. I rolled it down real slow so he could see my
shaven pussy. I just wanted him to put his fingers
inside me," Judy replied.

Judy finally crawled on top of me. She was so wet my
cock slipped right in. "This is the way Brad had me get
on him."

"Brad picked me up and carried me into the changing
room. All the time he had me in his arms we were
kissing. He put me on my feet and dropped his pants and
shorts. He sat down on the couch, pulling me over to
him. He took his hand and spread my pussy lips apart. He
started eating me out."

"These are the pinkest pussy lips I have ever seen."

"He stuck his tongue in me!!!!"

Judy started screaming, "OH! OHH! OOOOHHHH! My! GOOOOD
it feels so good. John stick it in deeper go faster I'm

I had to grit me teeth so I wouldn't cum. I wanted to
hear the rest of the story. Judy finally came back down
to earth. I had to get a wet bath cloth to wipe us down
she was as red as a beat.

She said, "John that was so good I really do like story
time, sometimes its better than the real thing."

"Am I going to get to hear the rest of the story?"

"Of course I will just talk in your ear and play with
you. Brad stuck two fingers inside of me and was still
licking my pussy. Brad laid back on the couch. I got on
top of him. He sticks his cock inside of me. He starts
working it real slow.

All of a sudden I felt some lips on my neck. They were
kissing and biting right on my shoulders. Two hands
reached in from behind and was squeezing my tits. At
first I thought it was you. A face came around and
started kissing me on my lips. Sticking his tongue in
and out of my mouth."

I heard, Brad say, "Dad isn't this beautiful?"

"You taste wonderful. this is just what I needed."

So now I know who it is. I can't get up and run. I might
as well enjoy. I have never done a three some with two
guys. Brad keeps fucking me his dad stands in front of
me totally nude. I take his cock putting it up to my
tongue and start licking it. It was much bigger than
Brad's. I put my mouth around the head and I could taste
the pre cum. I stuck it all the way in my mouth sliding
my teeth over it real fast. Brad was still humping me
and squeezing my tits. Brad finally let loose inside of

Brad's dad pulled me off his cock and said, "I don't
want to cum this way. I want to cum inside of you. Brad,
get up it's my turn I want the couch." He laid me down
on my back.

He just stood there staring at me. "I feel like the
luckiest man in the world right now. You are fantastic!
Now I want to fuck you and you enjoy it." He said.

"You are one hell of a good looking man. I want you to
put that cock in me."

He ran his fingers up to my pussy, sticking them deep
inside of me. He laid down on top of me. I could feel
his cock going in me. He was kissing me. He had his
tongue deep into my mouth. He started real slow. He
would pull his cock all the way out and slowly put it
back in. He did this six or seven times, he was teasing.
I was so horny by now.

I screamed, "Fuck me hard, fuck me hard, I want to cum
with you. I felt his cock hit bottom. He started humping
me real fast. I was gasping for air, I dug my finger
nails into his back and was biting his shoulder it felt
so good.

"AH! Ah! Ah! OH MY GOD!" I yelled. I could feel his cock
jerking inside of me. He was! He was! Getting off with
me. We both clasped in each other's arms. I was
exhausted. I looked at him and said, "You were great. I
don't know your name. I don't want to know it either.
But I'll never forget you."

I got up went to the restroom got dressed. I was waiting
for you when you walked in and caught Brad and I
kissing. Yes I did see you come in and so did Brad. He
squeezed my tit real hard when he saw you.

I laid there and did not get off I was so intrigued with
her story. I knew there would be another night that she
would tell this one over. I Looked over at the clock and
it was almost 12 o'clock. We had a big day ahead of us.
We needed some sleep. I looked over at her she was sound

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