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Junkyard Family

Keri giggled into her palm, unsuccessfully hiding her reaction to Lauren Henderson's dilemma. She wasn't alone of course. Brenda and Amy were giggling too. The three of them stood a little apart from their friend as she tried to find a way of turning down Lorne Cunningham's invitation to a movie without hurting his feelings too much.

The four of them, along with two dozen other teenagers, were waiting for the bus home, the number eight, which wound its way through Kemmingham's less prosperous suburbs on its way to and from downtown and the airport.

Keri went to St. Patrick High, a reasonably good school, surrounded on one side by private and semi-detached homes and on the other by townhouse projects populated by the lower middle class and a sprinkling of welfare recipients.

Keri didn't live in either area, which marked her as something of an oddball. She'd had to fight that since she'd started here a few years ago, and had largely succeeded in becoming "in" with the right people. That was a major accomplishment, considering she lived in a garbage dump and had a jockette suspected of lesbianism for a sister.

Lauren returned to the little group, rolling her eyes in the air as the others broke out in open giggling.

"What did you tell him?" Amy demanded.

"I told him my grandparents were visiting this week and I had to stay around the house."


"Not really. He asked me about next week."

"What'd you say then?" Brenda asked.

"I said I didn't want to commit myself to dates that far off in case something came up."

"He'll just ask you next week," Keri said.

"I know. God! You'd think he'd take a hint."

"I think he's kind of cute," Amy sighed.

"He's a goof!" Brenda snorted.

"He's a little geek!" Laurel scowled.

"He can't be worse than Dennis Howe," Amy giggled. She set off the others, even Laurel, who'd had the misfortune to have gone out with Dennis last month and barely escaped with her thinking processes intact.

The bus arrived then and the four of them joined the crowd before the door. The boys pushed in ahead, as usual, except for Mike Hooper and Tommy Jones, who wound up right behind Keri. She tapped Amy on the shoulder and pointed behind her. Amy rolled her eyes and grimaced.

Keri stepped up the stairs finally, knowing without any doubt whatsoever that the guys' eyes were locked onto her ass and trying to see up under her miniskirt. She ignored them and followed the others down the narrow aisle to the back.

The bus filled up quickly and then started up. Keri was wedged in tightly between Amy and Tommy, not a good place to be since Tommy was a noted pervert. The bus lurched and bounced through the poorly paved streets, and Keri found herself pressed hard into Amy's side, her right breast squashed against the short blonde's upper arm.

Tommy was pressed into her too, though it was his crotch not his chest. He looked casual but Keri knew he wasn't doing anything to keep himself away.

Amy leaned forward, putting her hand over her mouth and against Keri's ear. "See if you can give him a hard-on," she said.

Keri drew back, laughing and shaking her head at Amy. She leaned forward and put her mouth against the blonde's ear. "You cocktease!" she accused her friend.

Amy grinned and nodded, then pushed her backwards against Tommy.

"Forget it!" Keri said.

"Chicken!" Amy taunted.

"I don't want his dick pushing against me!"

"It's not like he can do anything about it."

"You do it."

"You're there. Besides, I'm wearing these." She meant her baggy green pants.

Amy's eyes were challenging as she looked back at her friend. Keri sighed in defeat. This was a kind of game with them and it wasn't really possible to refuse a challenge. She pursed her lips and turned slightly to bring her ass more fully against Tommy's groin. Slowly, pretending it was the bus and not her, she worked her behind back in little slapping motions against Tommy. Several times she pressed herself hard against him, then kind of rubbed her ass from side to side. It didn't take more than a minute for Tommy's pants to sport a very hard bulge.

The little white mini she was wearing was extremely thin and she could easily feel his erection pressed against her ass. She could even feel its size and direction. It was laying down his right leg, pressed into her right buttock.

She moved a little to the right to bring his cock right up against the center of her ass, right over her ass crack and pushed back hard just as the bus bumped upward. She ignored Tommy completely of course.

Amy watched him out of the corner of her eye, also pretending to ignore him.

The bus had emptied out a little by now and Lauren and Brenda moved back to find seats. Amy grabbed Keri's wrist and pulled her after them. Tommy quickly pulled his bag over in front of his pants. His face looked flushed and hot.

Keri sat down in one of the side facing seats next to Amy, and the two of them commenced giggling madly. Brenda demanded an explanation and then started chortling as Amy whispered it. She turned and whispered to Lauren who opened her mouth in delighted reproach. They all looked at Tommy, who was just leaving through the back door. Amy whispered something to Brenda who passed it on to Amy who whispered it to Keri.

"Lauren says he missed his stop. He should have gotten off about five stops back!" She chortled gleefully.

"Boys are all sex fiends," Keri sighed.

"You just discovered that?" Amy grinned.

"Not hardly." She crossed her legs, looking frostily at the middle-aged man across from her, who was staring at them. His attention wasn't on her face so he missed the look.

Brenda got off with Lauren, then a few stops later Amy said goodbye and pulled the cord. Keri was left alone in the mostly empty bus as it made its way further south to the largely empty industrial area around the airport. She spotted the big steel fence around her father's junkyard and yanked the bell cord, then got off. The street was pretty empty. There was nothing on the other side but waist high grass and a few trees.

Her father's junk yard, or "Salvage Center" as it said on the twenty foot high fence, occupied almost the entire street and went back at least a block. It was an enormous area, filled mostly with junked cars and small metal sheds and shacks, along with all the huge, noisy machinery necessary to turn a big family stationwagon into a two-foot-square block of metal.

Keri walked in through the big gate and passed around the tall piles of treadless rubber tires and a giant sea of mud, then walked down a narrow lane lined with automotive parts. She walked into the big steel and wood "shop" that held her home.

In front, was a giant 8-bay garage, packed with junked old cars and the pieces of hundreds of others. Through this mess was where she and her family lived -- a small wing of nine rooms that kept her father, four brothers and sister, as well as her. It wasn't exactly a palace. In fact, it was an incredibly ugly building that was freezing in winter and roasting in summer.

The only redeeming thing about it was that she had her own room. Her little sister, Jody had her own room, too. Her brothers shared their bedrooms, two in each.

Her dad had sold their "real" house when their mother had died about three years ago. He'd built this addition to the big, barn-like garage and moved them all in. It was kind of an interesting place, at least it had been when she was a kid. Now she was embarrassed to bring anyone here. It was like living in a giant, ramshackle corrugated shed.

She passed Jason, bent over one of the cars in the garage, and went in through the little door marked "Employees Only." That was basically their front door. She walked down the narrow hallway to the so-called living room and threw her bag on the chesterfield.

There was nobody there, as usual. Her dad, Jason, Mark, and Joe were all out working in the yard. Steve was still at school. She turned and went down another hall to her bedroom, then went into her own room and closed the door.

It hadn't been easy fitting in at St. Patrick's, living where she did. She was still considered a little weird by some people.

She flicked on the television, and clicked the remote control to the music station. Her dad had put together a satellite dish a while ago, and hooked it up to the televisions in the house. They never lacked for any kind of electronic toys, that was certain.

They never lacked for cars either, at least, the boys didn't. All four of her brothers had cars, and her dad had three. All of them had been junked by somebody but rebuilt by her dad and brothers. It had taken her a lot of whining and yelling before they'd finally put one together for her and it had never run properly, which was why she usually took the bus to school.

Her father was a chauvinist pig of the first order, a blue collar, hard working sexist pig who thought women were for the kitchen and the bedroom. He had been surprised she'd even wanted a car. Surely she could get a boy to drive her around, he'd said.

She sighed, and stripped off her mini skirt and blouse. Her brothers had taken after her dad, which made it practically impossible for a girl to live around here. There wasn't any alternative though, not if she wanted to finish high school and go to college.

She wasn't sure what she was going to take in college, something involving paperwork that would get her a high paying white collar job. She didn't intend to work with her hands like her father did and her mother had. She hated her father, and wasn't terribly fond of her brothers, either. She had no intention of working at some "Chicken Delight" for minimum wage for the rest of her life, however. And she certainly didn't want to stay home and do the "paperwork" for her father's business.

She stripped off her bra and panties and walked over to the dresser. She picked up a brush and began running it through her hair, examining herself in the mirror as she did. Perhaps her looks were one of the reasons why her father and brothers refused to take her seriously. They were all so ignorant and sexist that they figured any pretty girl with big breasts, a small waist, and long legs must be a dumb, helpless bimbo.

She rubbed a hand under her right breast, cupping the malleable orb gently. She had big boobs all right -- thirty-eight-D's. They were round and heavy on her chest, and attracted boys like honey did flies.

She had a gently curving waist, nicely sized hips, and a pair of magnificent legs. She turned casually. Her ass was pretty good too, she noted.

Her best feature though, was, she thought, her hair. It was long and luxuriously thick. It fell around her pretty face and dainty shoulders in cascading waves of coppery brown. She smiled, posing for the mirror. She was hot-looking, knew it, accepted it with a kind of casual nonchalance, and coped with the results as best she could. That meant a lot of wrestling with boys who thought like her family -- that a girl with big tits was an easy make.

She put on a robe and sunglasses, picked up a radio and suntan lotion, and walked down the hall to the narrow stairway that led way up to the roof.

The roof was a good fifty feet above the yard, and covered in little stones and tarpaper. She set her things down and pulled out the lawnchair she kept up here, then unfolded it and took off her robe. She propped a two by four under the doorknob to keep any of her brothers from coming up and settled down to get an all over tan.

She picked up the lotion and spilled it onto her palm, then slowly began rubbing it onto her body. She oiled up her shoulders and chest, rolling her hand in slow circles over her breasts until they gleamed in the sunlight. She poured some on her legs and ran her hand up and down the long, lithe limb, then did the same to the other. She lay back and poured some on her belly, sighing as the coolish liquid pooled and then dribbled down over her belly button and into her pubic hair.

Her hand went to her crotch, catching the oil before it slid off. She started rubbing it over her belly, then down her hips and thighs. Her oiled hand glided across her soft warm skin, sliding down between her legs to rub easily across her pubic mound. He fingers felt the shallow indentation of her cleft as they passed over it. She straightened her index finger and pressed it between her pussy-lips, sawing it back and forth indifferently.

She thought about Tommy Jones and what she'd done on the bus. She knew, she absolutely, positively knew, that he would masturbate while thinking about her, that he would jerk-off as he fucked her senseless in his mind. She wondered if he'd do it in the shower after school or wait until he went to bed tonight. Maybe he was jerking-off even now, thinking about her beneath him, legs spread, breasts swollen...

The idea excited her. She was used to boys and men lusting after her by now, but the way she could turn them on without even trying still filled her with a kind of egotistical pride. She knew from living with her four brothers the way boys thought and acted.

Probably every boy in her class at school had jacked-off while fantasizing about fucking her. Why, she'd been fucked silly by dozens of boys who had never even touched her. It had been done in their minds, where she was helpless and cock-hungry. She wondered sometimes, about what they did to her while fantasizing.

Once, after she'd actually fucked Mike Allan, she'd asked him if he'd ever jerked-off while thinking about her. He'd gotten kind of red, but admitted he had, not once, not twice, but dozens of times -- even before he had ever dated her. That had been an eye-opener. He'd been reluctant to tell her what images he'd played out in his mind, but had admitted that she'd been all kinds of things, whore, prostitute, rape victim, nurse, teacher, secretary, and policewoman among others. They'd done the dirty deed in every imaginable position, in all kinds of unlikely places. None of them had come close to matching the actual event, he'd assured her.

He wouldn't be any more specific. She would have liked a detailed description of at least one of the fantasies. Had he tied her spreadeagled on a big bed and then fucked her mercilessly? Maybe. Maybe he'd taken her on her hands and knees like a bitch dog in heat.

Her hand had been unconsciously working at her crotch while she was thinking. It was rubbing back and forth over her glistening, oily pussy mouth, her finger sliding back and forth between her tight cuntlips as she daydreamed. She found that she was getting turned-on by thinking about Tommy, and Mike, and the ways they'd used and abused her in their fantasies.

How many times, she wondered, rubbing harder at her crotch, had the boys she knew made love to her? Had she screamed and howled in ecstasy as they'd poled her?

She dug her middle finger in deeper, sliding it into her tight little pussy to the first joint, dipping it in and out. She pulled both her legs off the lawnchair, pulling them apart to open up her crotch even more. Her finger pushed deeper, wiggling in to the second joint.

She wished she could read their minds. What was Tommy doing now? What was he thinking?

She imagined him in the shower, his cock, an enormous hard erection, covered in soap as his hands worked back and forth over it.

She'd seen Joe last month jerking off in the shower. He hadn't locked the door and she'd snuck in to get her make-up case. The curtain had had a six inch wide crack between it and the wall. She'd been unable to resist, and had peaked in.

Joe had been leaning back against the wall, his eyes closed. Both his hands were folded around his cock as he rubbed them back and forth. His cock had been big, but not huge. It had been very hard though, with the little helmet bloated out at the end.

She imagined Tommy doing that now, jerking off his hard cock while he thought about her. She guessed she was down on her hands and knees, him behind her, his cock ramming into her cunt from the rear.

She closed her eyes as the image rolled through her.

Her finger pushed into the knuckle in her cunt as she rubbed her other fingers over her clitty and mound. She squeezed her greasy breasts, mashing them from side to side. Her hips started to slowly hump upward against her finger, which as deep inside her and wriggling around like a snake.

She started pumping the finger in and out of her twat, moving it easily as the suntan lotion on her cunt was pushed inside her by her deep-dipping finger. She slid a second finger into her cunt, humping harder against them as she imagined all the boys in class jerking off while fantasizing about her.

She gripped her left nipple between her thumb and finger and rolled it around. It was long and hard, pointed towards the sky as her aroused body made her breasts expand and harden.

All the boys in class were with her then, forming a huge ring around her naked body, fighting to possess her. Cocks touched her all over, hard erections that rubbed against her arms and face and breasts and belly an back and thighs and legs as the boys crowded around.

Then there was a cock in her mouth and another in her cunt, both pumping madly away. Hands caressed her body, squeezing and fondling her all over as the excited boys crowded around. One after another stuck their hard organs into her body and pumped her, then spewed forth a long gushing fountain of sperm.

She was fucked continuously, her belly filling with sperm, her body cumming and cumming as the boys gang banged her without relief.


Mark swung the hammer again, cursing as the joint refused to give.

"Try it from your side," he said.

Joe clambered up the far side of the long crane and pounded with the long hammer he held. Still it refused to give. They needed this crane to lift the cars up and drop them onto the pile. If they couldn't fix it themselves, they'd have to call in a repair guy from the company, which would cost a fortune.

Mark wiped his dirty hand across his sweating forehead, shaking his head tiredly. He looked around the yard as Joe hammered on the other side again. The view from up there was terrific, not that there was much to see. It certainly wasn't worth climbing up the long length of the crane's arm for a look.

He glanced out near the back, where his dad was busy working with the crusher. He'd be awfully pissed off if they couldn't fix this fuckin' thing.

"Hey, Mark! Take a look over there!" Joe's voice was amused.

Mark looked around the crane at him, then back to the garage where he was pointing. At first, he didn't know what he was talking about, then he looked upward onto the roof. They were slightly higher than the roof here, and he could see that someone was on it, a girl, a naked girl.

He whistled under his breath and laughed. It was Keri, sunbathing in the nude from the look of things.

"Think she can hear us from here?" he chortled.

"She might jump off the roof!" Joe snickered.

Mark watched for another few seconds, before turning back to the crane's arm. Goddamn, his sister had some fucking body, he thought.

"Hey, look at that!" Joe sounded startled and a little excited.

"Would you stop peeping at your little sister?" Mark growled.

"She's jerkin' off!"

"What?" He turned around and looked. Keri was lying flat on a lawnchair. He could see her legs were pulled apart, her feet off the sides of the chair. Her hands were in her crotch and... on her big tits! He swallowed in surprise as he saw her ass humping up and down, doing slow circles on the chair. Oh, God! It was almost too much to watch!

As the two of them watched, spellbound, Keri's back arched, rising high, her body bowing and holding still for an agonizing long moment. Then she dropped flat and lay still as death.

They continued to watch for almost a full minute, as if turned to stone. Then Mark cleared his throat and tore his eyes away.

"Get back to work, Joe," he growled.

"Shit! Did you see her..."

"I said, get the fuck back to work!" Mark snapped. He hammered at the joint with his mallet, trying to ignore the immense boner in his pants, and trying not to think of his little sister.


Keri lay there in the sun for most of an hour before finally picking up her things and going back downstairs. She never saw her brothers. She put her robe on. It was a cheap one, and she'd wash it later, then went downstairs again.

She got a towel and went to the bathroom to shower off. It was locked. She sighed and leaned against the wall. There was a thump off to her left, and a few seconds later Jody rushed past, flung her bag into the living room and went into the kitchen.

Jody was almost as bad as the others, Keri thought. The jerks at school were wrong to think she was a lesbian. She didn't know how she knew that, but she was certain of it.

Jody was a tomboy all right, there was no doubt about that. Keri was sure she wasn't hot for girls, though. But she didn't think Jody was hot for boys, either. She didn't think Jody cared about anything but sports. The little twerp was on every freaking sports team the school had!

Jody came out of the kitchen, holding a sandwich. She waved at Keri, her mouth full of food, and went into her room, banging the door shut. Keri shook her head. When she'd been Jody's age, she'd already been out dating seniors. Jody didn't date at all.

Maybe, she thought, if the little jerk would wear decent clothes, instead of those sweatpants, sweatshirts, and jeans an sneakers she always wore. The jeans weren't even tight or designer jeans. The ones she wore would have fit a boy as well as a girl.

The shame of it was that Jody was cute, not sexy, drop dead, glamour girl hot, but cute nevertheless. A small pert nose, lightly freckled at the top, big blue eyes, and short, but really nice golden blonde hair. She had a pretty decent body too, if Keri was any judge of things, and she was. It wasn't as good as hers of course, but it was plenty good enough to attract the boys, if the kid would only wear the kind of clothes that would let them notice, and not those dull baggy things.

Last week, the two of them had had to help their brothers around the yard. Donald Morgan had dropped by then, his eyes had passed over Jody quickly, like all her boyfriends, then had shot back so fast it was a wonder he hadn't given himself whiplash.

It had been hot, and the work heavy. Jody had been wearing a pair of shorts and a thin sleeveless t-shirt tied under her breasts like a halter. There had been absolutely no disguising the fact that she was female on that day. Her smaller, but round breasts stuck out against the thin cotton, her nipples little points against the yellow material. Her figure was thin, but hourglass shaped, designed to catch the boys' eyes.

Don had been astonished.

Jody had ignored him, answering his attempts to strike up a conversation with casual indifference and moving off with a load of garbage. It was as if the stupid girl hadn't even noticed the way he'd been looking at her. Don had watched her round little ass until she turned a corner, then moved over to where Keri'd been pretending not to have seen him.

The bathroom door finally opened, jerking her out of her reverie.

Mark came out. He looked startled as he saw her, his eyes widening in a double-take.

Keri looked down at herself to see if her robe had come open or something.

"What?" she demanded.

"Nothing," he said, looking away. He walked past her and down to the kitchen.

Weird, she thought to herself. She went into the bathroom and closed the door, then tossed her robe in the far corner and turned on the shower. It only took a few minutes to wash the suntan oil off herself.

She was careful not to get her hair wet. It would take her an hour to dry it properly and she'd have to do that again tomorrow morning anyway. She turned off the water and pulled the towel down off the hook, then rubbed herself dry. She was about to reach for her robe when she remembered that it would be covered in oil. She tsked, and wrapped the towel around herself instead. It was big enough to cover her boobs and behind... but just.

She opened the door and walked down to her room. She passed Joe, who also stared at he strangely. What was with these guys anyway? Maybe she'd gotten sunburned in the face or something. She turned around to ask him but then Steve came around the corner, almost colliding with her.

"Watch where you're going!" she groused.

"Don't block the hall, Miss Beauty Queen."

"Up yours!" she sniffed, turning back to her room.

She felt his hands on the back of the towel, but before she could grab it, he'd pulled hard, tearing the thing off her and leaving her naked.

Keri screamed and ran into her room, her hands trying to cover her big, fleshy, bouncing breasts and crotch at the same time.

She couldn't, of course, cover her firm, prefectly-round ass, which was facing Steven. He laughed uproariously as she ran into her room and slammed the door behind her.


It was Keri's job to get dinner, of course. Jody had to help, but the girl was hopeless in the kitchen and mostly did the cleaning up. It pissed Keri off that the boys could just come in and sit down, while she had to do all the work; but her father was unmovable. They were men. They worked hard all day. Hell, Steven just went to school like her and Jody.

She resisted the temptation to toss the mashed potatoes in Steven's face when she brought them in and set them down on the table. He grinned cockily at her and she glared fiercely.

"Jody, take off that hat," her dad ordered.

Jody looked up at the baseball cap she wore and sighed, then took it off and threw it across the room onto a chair.

"No hats at the table. How many times I have to tell you guys that?" he demanded, ignoring the fact that Jody was a girl, as he often did.

"You and Joe get that crane working?" he asked Mark.

"Yeah. We had a bitch of a time doing it, though."

"Watch your language around your sisters!"

Her brothers were all big guys, the smallest still over six feet tall, but her dad was the biggest. He had an enormous barrel chest that came from lifting and hauling heavy objects every day for year after year. His skin was tanned darkly. His hair was short but neatly combed for dinner, as always.

The boys did what he said more because they knew he could beat the shit out of them then because he owned and ran the salvage yard they worked at and was their dad.

They were a crude, rude, chauvinistic bunch, Keri thought, but at least her dad had some manners.

She returned to get the rest of the food, noting that Joe was looking at her oddly again. She wondered what that was about. She'd checked herself in the mirror. She didn't look odd or weird.

"I got made co-captain of the basketball team," Jody announced.

"Well, good for you," her dad said.

"Huh! Girls' basketball," Steve sniffed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jody glared.

"How could you even make a basketball team, short stuff?" Mark grinned.

"I'm not short, okay!" She was exactly five feet three, no matter how she tried to exaggerate it.

"You ain't no giant," Jason laughed.

"Midget basketball," Steve chortled.

"Fuck you guys!" Jody snapped.

"I said watch your language at the table, and I meant you too Missy!" her dad growled.

"Sorry," she said, not sounding very.

Keri dropped the last of the food on the table and sat down next to Jody.

"Why do you keep wasting your time on all those sport things?" she sighed. "You could have plenty of boyfriends if you'd give it half a chance."

"Boyfriends? She's too young for boyfriends," her dad said, confusedly.

"Oh, Daddy. You're so silly," Keri groaned.

"I don't want any stupid boyfriend!" Jody glared fiercely.

"Who'd want to be your boyfriend?" Steve laughed.

"Some little midget boy," Joe taunted.

"She's too young to be dating," her father stubbornly maintained.

"Daddy, she's almost 15. I was dating when I was her age. Hell, I was dating years before I was her age."

"That's cause you got big boobs," Steve sneered. He didn't dare say "tits" around their father.

"Up yours!" Keri answered.

"Jody ain't got no boobs," he laughed. "Nobody'd want to date her."

"You shut your yap, boy!" her father said, slapping the table. "All of you shut up and eat."


After dinner, Keri went to her room to study. She intended to get a scholarship to a university. She knew her old man had enough money to pay her way if he wanted to, but she didn't think he would. He hadn't for the boys, not that they'd shown any signs of wanting to go, anyway. If she got a scholarship, she figured she'd be able to prove to everybody that she wasn't some dumb, big-chested bimbo. Maybe then they'd start taking her seriously and stop treating her as a sex object.


Jody finally finished doing the dishes and threw the towel down in disgust. Everyone else had long since left the kitchen and dining room, going about their own rotten business while she'd been stuck here slaving away -- as usual. She gave a low curse and walked out into the hall.

She saw Jason slouching on the couch watching a wrestling show on the TV. There wasn't any sign of anyone else. She walked down to the bedrooms, passing Keri's closed door.

She glanced at her watch. It was still pretty early. If she hurried, she could have a shower and go out and meet the guys for a little poker before it got too late.

She grabbed a towel and went into the bathroom. She looked at herself wryly as she stripped off her sweatshirt and pants, then skimmed out of her jockey shorts and halter bra. She wished she'd been born a boy. Boys got everything they wanted. They had everything easy.

She sighed and turned on the water, then stepped into the shower, thinking about the game tomorrow with Markham High. She was the best scorer on the field hockey team, and knew she'd wipe out the Markham team.

After a quick ten minute shower, she turned off the water and stepped out onto the floor, dripping water. She wiped her hair and body quickly, then grabbed the blow dryer. In another five minutes her short hair was combed dry and more or less neat. She was almost finished when there was a tap on the door.

"Gimmie a couple of minutes," she called out.

"Open the door," her father called.


She pulled on her pants and slipped the sweatshirt over her head, then turned and pulled the door open, tossing her head to get the bangs out of her eyes. Her dad pushed her back and stepped inside, then closed the door behind him. He moved against her, his arms going around her and pulling her against him.

"Dadddeee!" she complained.

His hands grabbed her behind, squeezing her firm-but-soft ass cheeks through her pants. His lips came down hard on hers, mashing against them wetly. His tongue pushed against her lips, sliding between and into her mouth. He pushed her backwards against the counter, his hands roving quickly all over her body.

"I... I gotta go," she whined. "I'm supposed to meet some people."

"They kin wait," he gasped. "I won't take long."

His mouth slid down her throat, his teeth nipping and chewing on her tender flesh. His hand slid into her pants and cupped her pussy mound firmly, squeezing upwards.

"Unggghhh..." she gasped as he squeezed harder.

His mouth covered hers again, his tongue sliding back and forth between their lips as he rolled them against hers. His hand slid up from her crotch and up under her sweatshirt, shoving it upward over her breasts. He bent and kissed her right nipple, then sucked it into his mouth and suckled heavily. He squeezed her breast as he sucked it, sliding his hand up and down her smooth, flat belly and under the elastic of her pants to cup her crotch again. He rubbed his hand back and forth over her pussy, then stiffened a finger and thrust it up inside her.

Jody was pushed backwards across the counter, her legs kicking out sideways as she sought to maintain her balance. Her cunt was wide open and vulnerable as her dad began to pump his finger in and out of her. His thumb flicked over her clit, sending jolts of sexual energy into her frame.

He bit down on her nipple, holding it between his teeth as he pulled his head back. He pinched the nipple, pulling it outward, stretching it painfully and distending her small soft breast.

"That hurts!" she groaned, trying to push his face away.

He would have no resistance from her, however. He seized both her wrists and pulled them above her head, holding them tightly together in one big hand as he continued to paw and fondle her lithe young body.

Her ass cheeks ground into the sharp edge of the counter as he lifted her off the floor and pulled her pants down. He jerked them over her knees and off, throwing them on the floor. Then his hands were on her hips, lifting her forward off the counter and quickly twirling her around. He grabbed her sweatshirt and jerked it up and off in one quick motion, leaving her naked. He pushed her forward across the counter, his foot kicking her legs apart.

"Spread those legs, baby," he panted, his eyes staring at her gorgeously proportioned ass cheeks.

He caressed them reverently, his hard, callused hands scraping across her flawlessly white, fleecy soft skin. He slapped his hand down suddenly, squeezing his fingers tightly as he grabbed a fistful of her meaty ass and laughed in pleasure.

"You got a sweet little ass here, honey," he snickered.

He pulled out his cock. It was ten inches long and several inches thick. He'd seen guys with longer cocks in his life, though not many, but he'd never seen any with a thicker boner than his own. He pointed the head at his daughter's tight little blonde cunt opening and jammed it forward. He grunted in satisfaction as he felt her pulpy cunt meat press against his cock head. He rubbed the head up and down her slit several times, pressing deep, then centered it against her hole and pushed forward.

Jody gasped in pain as the thickness of his massive cock pried her cuntlips open and began to work its way into her body. She gripped her fingers in tight fists against the counter top as the air hissed through her teeth. Her little cunt lips spread and spread before the relentless forward drive of her father's massive cock head. It buried itself fully between her tightly stretch cuntlips and lay there throbbing with power for a few seconds, then the assault continued as it moved forward into her cunt tunnel.

She felt the thick cock tool cleaving her tight elastic tunnel, forcing it far apart as it slowly drove into her hole. Inch after inch after inch slid forward, moving down the length of her fuck tunnel to the very end of her cunt hole. It pressed against her cervix and still moved forward, cramming more of itself inside her until she felt her dad's big round hairy balls pressing against her crotch.

He sighed in pleasure, his hands sliding over her ass meat, squeezing and rubbing the soft skin. His hands moved upward, rubbing up and down her back, then moving onto her shoulders. He gripped her shoulders and pulled her upward off the counter, jerking her upper body up and back against him.

The edge of the counter dug into her hips as she perched precariously on her toes, legs spread wide. Her father hunched forward slightly, spreading his legs to keep himself at her level. His hands gripped her waist tightly, then slid around under her arms, and cupped her breasts tightly.

He began to mash and squeeze them roughly, for he wasn't a gentle man. Even his slow entry so far was more out of necessity, caused by her tightness, than out of any consideration for her. Jim Conner had never known or been taught to give consideration to his sexual partners. His sex had always been fast and rough, with his girlfriends, with his wife, and then after she'd died, with Jody. It really didn't matter that much to him that she was his daughter. Their fucking had begun almost as an accident, when he was tired and drunk and she'd come home late from a date, stoned on grass for the first time.

What had started as a spanking, with her across his knees and his hands cracking down on her bare buns, had changed to fondling, then finger-fucking, then an all-out, balls-deep doggie fuck. He'd put her on her hands and knees and rammed himself into her from behind. It had been an almost natural act to him, taking a woman as she ought to be took. He probably wouldn't have thought about doing it with his own daughter had the circumstances not conspired against them. She'd been too dazed to put up a fight or even protest.

After that night, though, well, the damage had been done. She wasn't no virgin anymore, and he saw no reason why he shouldn't be able to poke her now and then when the mood struck him. She had a fine little body after all, and he thought it would be kind of a waste for it to go around unused now that it wasn't virginal.

Now he jammed his fuck tool high up inside his daughter's belly, luxuriating in her cunt's tight squeezing action around his shaft and the tight grip of her cuntlips around the base of his pole.

He drew back, pulling the long, fat length of his organ from her hot, silky depths, then pushed forward again, drawing a grunt from her as the mammoth prick thrust up between her buttocks and high into her guts. He began humping against her, ripping his cock in and out in fast little jabs. His hands tore at her breasts as his excitement mounted. He twisted them from side to side and mashed them flat, letting them ooze out between his spread fingers.

Jody lost her balance, and his hand grabbed her around the belly, pushing her forward onto the counter top again. He kicked her legs back out an began to fuck into her with hard strokes. He jammed his cock into her and jerked it out, tearing her fuck hole open for his monster prick. His hands held her waist as he pistoned his dick in and out of her pussy. He was panting heavily, sweat pouring off him as he pumped his hips against her.

Jody whimpered against the pain of his giant cock pounding back and forth inside her. In self defence, she reached her right hand down between her legs and began to rub her clitty. She gritted her teeth as his cock ripped in and out, rubbing hard at her clit.

Slowly, juices started to ooze out into her fuck hole. She felt the syrupy stuff envelope his cock, coating it and her silky insides with a gentle lubricating fluid to ease his passage. She pressed her clit upward against his plunging fuck-tool, feeling her dad's hairy cock saw back and forth on it like sandpaper.

She groaned, drawing a deep breath as hot sexual energy flowed through her. She felt her breasts swelling, her nipples stiffening. She felt the spreading warmth in her belly as her belly responded to his hot, torrid fucking. As always, she had tried to simply grit her teeth and bear the pain, rather than give into her body's needs. As always, she'd failed. Just like that first time, she could feel her body beginning to shake, could feel her cunt sparkle and bubble with crackling sexual tension. She remembered briefly, the awe that had gripped her as his immense organ had pumped in and out of her virgin cunt tube. She had been ripped open and thrown through orgasm after orgasm, each of which she had floated through on a sea of wondrous astonishment. She had lost all control of her body then, become a whore, a sluttish, shameless female animal, totally in thrall to a hard pounding cock. Every time since then, the same thing had happened, leaving her in fear for her sanity.

Now she could feel her mind becoming dizzy under the onslaught of fiery sensual impulses. Her nerve endings spasmed and twitched. Her skin seemed to be burning up. She opened her mouth in a soundless cry of despair as her body trembled and shuddered in a desperate sexual dance. Her head thrashed from side to side and her buttocks slammed back against her father's churning cock tool. She jammed her cunt back to meet each brutal lunging thrust, taking the hard impact of his cock knob against her cervix with blinding pain and terrible excitement. Her guts tumbled and boiled, her mind reeled, her cunt shook and spasmed around the long prick moving within.

Her father gripped her hair, jerking her back against him as he ground his loins into her buttocks savagely. His lips came down bruisingly hard on hers, his tongue writhing with hers within her mouth. His hand went down to her crotch, covering hers, pressing it harshly against her cuntmound as his plunging prick tore in and out.

"Take it, baby! Take my cock! Suck it up, you whore!" he gasped. "Cum! Cum on my prick! Cum for me, you bitch!" he hissed, ramming his hips forward and up, almost lifting her off her feet with the force of his skewering cock pole.

"Ohhh, babyyy!" he groaned.

"Daddy! Daddyyy! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" she grunted. Her arms flailed, her head swept up and back against him, her back arched and her breasts swelled even more. She rode from one cum to another, rising higher and higher on to an all possessing orgasmic plateau that took her mind and flung it about like a doll in a tornado.

His cock pistoned in and out of her now drooling fuck pot, her cunt syrup covered their crotches and dribbled down her legs.

Her eyes were wild and staring as she came with appalling intensity, riding his terrible organ into a mind shattering climax that ripped up and down her spine.

Jim hammered his cock into her tight, hot, sucking little butterhole, rodding furiously as the little blonde wept and groaned and gargled insanely. Her body shook and thrashed in his grip, challenging even his strength to hold her steady. He felt her sucking cunt drawing the juices out of his balls, sucking them down the length of his shaft until...

"Uuunnnggghhh!" he groaned.

His cock exploded, spewing wad after wad of sticky white sperm up into his daughter's belly. He felt her cunt sucking every drop, pulling it out of him, draining his life blood with an insatiable hunger.

His belly slammed hard into her buttocks. He threw her back onto the counter, his hands gripping her thin thighs and tearing her legs open wide. He ground himself against her cunt, mashing the tender flesh, frantically trying to push every last part of him, cock, balls, even his belly up into her hot, sucking maw.

He pulled back and slammed his hard cock deep into her sodden depths once more, his fingers digging deep into her hips as he pummelled her lovely buttocks with his belly. His cock, still hard despite his cum, seemed to actually grow under the desperate pressure her cunt put on it. He slammed into her with fast, vicious strokes, his cock a trip-hammer as it sliced in and out of her. Her ass cheeks bounced and jiggled as his hips and belly slapped into them in a continuous spanking that promised to leave them sore and bruised.

Jody was draped over the counter, gurgling exhaustedly. Her eyes blurred and focused and blurred again as her ass and cunt were pounded. Her father's fat prick was like an immense log between her legs, splitting her wide as it stabbed her cunt box with its remorseless weight. She closed her eyes as another orgasm set her tired body shivering and trembling against the counter top. She moaned, her body sapped and spent, her cunt sore, her buttocks aching. She gritted her teeth and let the climax wash over and through her, draining the last of her energy.

She felt his cock get even wider as it throbbed and pulsed inside her lower belly. Then she felt hot dripping cum spray into her -- dirty, white, sticky sperm shot up into the deepest part of her womb and coated her insides with its salty heat.

Her dad pulled his softening cock out of her and she gasped as the pressure on her cunt-lips dropped away. Slowly they began to close, their resilience challenged but not beaten. Still, they didn't close completely, and a small rivulet of white jism dribbled down out of her cunt and down her legs.

Her dad grabbed her ass again with a laugh, squeezing her buttocks tightly as he did up his pants. He opened the door and went out, leaving Jody bent across the counter.

She lay there for a couple of minutes, then slowly brought herself erect. She glanced tiredly at her watch. Less than ten minutes had passed since she had opened the bathroom door to her father. She still had time to go out, but no longer the energy. She cupped her pubic mound, her hand coming away covered in juice. She decided that a long, hot bath would be the more fitting activity for the night.


Jeff Hamilton opened his eyes wider, the better to see with. He nudged Graham, who looked around and followed his gaze.

"Yum, yum," he said.

"Fuckin' right!"

"Wouldn't I like a taste of her."

"Lookit those tits," Jeff sighed.

"Like to suck on them."

"Who wouldn't?"

"Think she puts out?"

"Course she does. Lookit those legs, would ya. Lookit that little bitty skirt. You can practically see her ass."

They stared as the girl approached.

"Hi, Keri," Jeff called.

"Hi, Jeff," she replied, waving casually.

"Can I suck on your titties?" he said, too quiet for her to hear. He and Graham watched her pass by, their eyes watching her ass cheeks as she moved away.

"Can I fuck you till your ears leak?" Graham asked, in the same tone.

"Till you beg for mercy?" Jeff snickered.

"What a waste!" Graham sighed.


"Bitches like that wasting their time at school when they could be in bed getting fucked."

"By you, you mean?"

"And everyone."

They moved away from the fence they'd been leaning on and followed Keri down the walk to school.

"Think you can get into her pants?" Graham asked.

"Maybe. If I can get her to go out with me."

"Get pictures."

"Yeah, right. Wouldn't I like that."

"Where's she live, anyway?"

"Down near Hunt Road, near some kind of junkyard."

"We ought to get my dad's binoculars and go over there. Maybe we could see her undressing or something."

"What I wouldn't give to see her naked," Jeff sighed, rolling his eyes.


Keri walked through the door of the school and down the hall to her locker. She met Amy on the way.

"Nice shoes," she said, looking at the little blue shoes Amy wore.

"Got them last week at Sumners."

"How much?"


"Not bad. They match your pants and shirt perfectly." Amy was wearing a pair of tight, light blue pants that framed her perfect round ass and slim legs. On top of them was a darker blue blouse that showed the two points of Amy's nipples through the filmy material. Amy's long, straight blonde hair covered her shoulders and hung down around her chest and arms.

"Yeah. What are you doing after school tonight?"

"Nothing much. What about you?"

"Nothing. Want to come over to my place?"

"Uh, no thanks," Keri grinned.

"What's the matter? Don't want my grandfather feeling you up again?"

"Not really."

"He's just a horny old man, that's all."

"Let him feel you up then."

"Why don't we go to your place and watch the satellite?"

"If you want," Keri sighed.

"I think your place is cool."

"Please. I live in a junk yard."

Amy shrugged. "So the view isn't much. It's still a nice place inside."

"If you forget about my family."

"They're not so bad. Better than my grandfather."

"They're all macho pigs, including my sister."

They went into biology class and separated. Mr. Jaimeson made everybody sit according to a seating plan. Keri sat up in the front row. She sat down and crossed her long legs, pulling on her skirt, which had ridden up when she'd sat.

A few minutes later, Mr. Jaimeson came in and dropped his briefcase on the desk, then began to lecture them on the DNA factor. Keri did her best to stay awake. She hated biology. It was by far her worst subject, and her marks reflected that. If she didn't do something about her biology marks soon they would drag her overall average down too far to get a scholarship. She planned to do something about it today. Right after biology class, in fact, when she had a free period.

The dress she was wearing was the means to get her marks increased. It wasn't sluttish exactly. It didn't leave everything hanging our or anything. Nobody could see her nipples through it. It wasn't rubbery or shiny spandex. Despite that, it was, she thought, incredibly sexy. It was white, short and very, very tight. Every curve and bulge of her body was reflected and enhanced in it. Her breasts made two absolutely perfect round swells in the top of the dress. The hem hugged her thighs tightly, and reflected the roundness of her ass whenever she moved. She was glad that the requirement to wear uniforms to class had been rescinded a few years ago.

She knew Jaimeson thought she was sexy. Sometimes, when the students were working on something and Jaimeson was at his desk, she'd look up out of the corner of her eyes and notice him watching her, staring at her legs or boobs. She was counting on that today. They were supposed to have a quiz, one she'd dreaded. She was going to try to do to Jaimeson what she'd done to Tommy on the bus last night.

Sure enough, within twenty minutes, the quizzes were handed out and Jaimeson sat at his desk watching them, or wandered back and forth across the front of the class. She pretended to work on the quiz, but kept half her thoughts and one eye on Jaimeson.

He kept glancing at her legs and looking away. It wouldn't do to get caught staring at her. She uncrossed her legs, and let them spread, pretending to be engrossed in the quiz. Jaimeson looked longer, then moved to his desk and sat down.

She grinned to herself. She'd tried to be subtle, opening her legs toward the empty desk, not to where Jaimeson had been standing. She watched out of the corner of her eyes as Jaimeson slowly slumped downward in his chair.

Dirty old man, she thought. Jaimeson wasn't old, really. He was younger than her father. Still, anyone over thirty was old to her. She let her legs open further, knowing Jaimeson would be able to see right up to her panties from where he slumped. She wasn't wearing any panties of course, so he was in for a surprise.

He spilled his coffee cup onto the floor and everyone looked up.

Keri hid her smile.

He cleaned it up quickly and then walked nervously over to the far corner, trying not to look at her. That lasted for about two minutes and then he was back at his desk, drawn there irresistibly. He slumped down again. Keri's legs were almost wide enough to be called on. The only way she could pretend innocence was by leaning forward intently and staring at her paper. Her spread thighs had pulled the short hem upwards so her cunt was practically out in the air now.

She glanced up secretively. Jaimeson was forgetting to look away every second or two, staring straight into her brown, trimmed, thinly-furred fuck-hole with a look like a cat staring at a bird.

The time for the quiz was supposed to have been up five minutes ago and almost everyone had already finished. Jaimeson blinked awake and called out for the quizzes to be handed forward. He usually picked them up, but Keri was betting he had a hard-on and couldn't move.

The papers were passed to the front row and then down the row to the left side where the girl handed them across his desk to him. The bell rang just then, saving Jaimeson from finding an excuse to remain in his seat. Everyone got up, except him and headed for the door.

Keri pulled her skirt down nonchalantly and went back to where Amy was.

"I'll see you in math," she said.

"Yeah, okay," Amy answered, going down the hall with Brad Timmons.

After everyone had left, she went back into the classroom just in time to see Jaimeson starting to get out of his chair.

"May I talk to you for a second, Mr. Jaimeson?" she called.

He looked startled and dropped back behind the desk. "Oh, uh... of course, uh, Keri."

She closed the door behind her. She'd already locked it. She walked down the aisle to his desk and then stood next to Jaimeson. His face was at a level with her crotch as he sat there and he looked away quickly, his face going up to look at hers.

"What..." He cleared his throat. "What can I do for you?"

"It's about my marks."


"Well, I'm trying to get a scholarship. Right now, with my sixty-five in biology, my average mark is an eighty-nine."

"That's an excellent overall average," he said.

"Not for a scholarship. If my biology mark was, say... ninety-four, then my average would jump all the way to ninety-four."

"Well, you'll just have to study harder."

"I do study hard. I study biology a lot, but I just don't understand it."

"What is it you want me to do?"

"Well..." She sat her right buttock on the left side of his desk, facing him. His eyes almost went to her skirt but quickly shot back to her face.

"I was hoping you could give me some private tutoring."

"Uh... I'm too busy for that these days, Keri."

"I need that scholarship, Mr. Jaimeson." she scowled. She stood up and, her hands going to her skirt.

As Jaimeson watched in stunned amazement, she slowly pulled the hem up over her buttocks and hips. His eyes stared at her bare crotch, ogling her cunt slit and little thatch of coppery brown hair.

"I... I... You..."

"It would be worth your while to help me, sir," she said, her voice soft and persuasive. She pulled the bottom up higher, up along her belly to her breasts, then up over them and over her shoulders. She had no bra on and stood there completely nude now, save for her heels.

Jaimeson was swallowing repeatedly, and sweating profusely. He gaped at her blatant, perfect, firm, teenaged nudity, hardly even breathing. He seemed almost to be turned to stone.

Her eyes scanned his crotch. Well, one part of him had been turned to stone, anyway. She leaned forward over him, her firm, fat breasts inches from his dazed face.

"I really, reeeaaally need private tutoring," she breathed.

His hands came up, as if to ward her off.

"The door!" panic in his voice.

"Locked," she replied calmly.

She put her hands in his, squeezing them, then pulling them up against her naked breasts. She pushed his open hands against the center of her boobs, pressing them in and groaning.

"Oh God!" he moaned.

She looked hungrily at him, then threw her left leg across him and sat down in his lap, facing him.

He stared up at her in amazement, his hands still on her breasts. He let out a long shaky breath and then he buried his face between her breasts. He slobbered and licked and kissed her chest as she rubbed her pendulous boobs against his face. He started moving his face around, his mouth slurping against first one then the other breast, kissing and nipping at her nipples, soaking her flesh with his drool. His hands went around her back and pulled her into him.

She cooed and grinded her pelvis against him, rubbing her crotch into his belly. Her hands slid through his hair as he sucked on her tits, and she pretended excitement. In fact, she WAS starting to get aroused, not from Jaimeson, who was okay looking, but an old guy.

No. She was getting aroused from the sheer wantonness of her act. Here she was completely NAKED, sitting in a teacher's lap, right in the middle of school!

Jaimeson's hand dropped to her buttocks and he started caressing her skin as she leaned forward into him. His fingers slid down her ass crack and over her puckered anus, but couldn't reach to her cunt.

Keri pulled his face up to hers and then kissed his lips. He returned the kiss hungrily. His lips crushing hers as his tongue shot into her mouth.

Her hands reached down between her legs to his crotch, rubbing against his erection. She opened his pants and slid her small hand inside. She pulled his big pecker out, surprised at its size. She had only fucked two boys and neither of them had had a cock as big as this. She fisted it and then pointed it at her cunt. She rose upward, squatting over his lap, and pulling his cocktip against her cleft. She concentrated and then slowly lowered herself, feeling her cuntlips spread apart as she came down on his rod. She groaned theatrically and leaned her chest backward as she sank down on his hard erection. It slid upwards into her body, cleaving the folds of her silky fuck box and moving deep into her belly.

"Oooooooh!" she groaned. She spread her legs, coming down fully on his prong, feeling his balls and the zipper and material of his pants press into her buttocks.

Then, she was down all the way. She slid her ass from side to side and began kissing Jaimeson again.

His hands came up and squeezed her breasts as she sat on his cockrod. Then she started to rise, sliding her cunt tunnel upwards. Several inches of cock slid out of her body. Then she sank back down again, taking it all back inside. She started to fuck down on him, her hands around his shoulders for balance as she began pulling her ass up and down over his cock.

Her legs were rapidly tiring, but he didn't look like he was going to take long. His eyes were bugging out and his chest was heaving in and out. She wondered briefly if he'd have a heart attack. What would she do then?

Then his arms went around her waist and locked her tight against him in a bear hug. He held her still, his cock deep up her fuck tunnel. She felt him shiver and tremble against her, and felt his flooding heat inside her cunt. She smiled in satisfaction, holding her breasts against his face as he came inside her.

She kissed him lightly on the forehead, then slowly rose, standing beside him. She looked over for her dress and started to walk towards it.

Jaimeson grabbed her wrist though and hauled her back against him.

She overbalanced and fell backwards across him, half sitting, half lying across his lap.


"Not so fast, honey," he panted.

"What is it?"

"You don't buy me that easy."


"Uh, uh. You aren't even a sixty-five, you little slut. I corrected your test from Tuesday and you're down to fifty-nine. If you want that bumped up almost forty points you're going to have to work for it."

She stared at him in surprise. She thought Jaimeson was a simple little twerp and would wrap around her finger willingly.

"What?" she asked, suspiciously. She pulled away from him, standing up beside his desk.

His eyes roved over her body. Now he made no effort to hide his lust for her.

"In for a penny, in for a pound."


"It means, sweety, I might as well get my money's worth."

"Hey, I no cheap hooker, Mr. Jaimeson."

"All women are whores, Keri. They just have different prices and different ways they choose to get paid."

She opened her mouth to protest but he interrupted her.

"I've been looking at those big tits and that tight little ass of yours for months, now; not to mention these fucking legs," he sighed, his hand sliding up and down her leg above the knee.

"What do you want?" she asked again, slightly apprehensive.

"I want you to do some of the things I've dreamed of having you do to and for me."

Shit. She hadn't even thought about him when she was masturbating on the roof. Did all the men teachers fantasize about her too? Did they jerk off to her image at night?

He stood up and rummaged in several desk drawers, then came out with a couple of pieces of cord.

"First, I want you to suck me off," he said.

"Well, okay." It wasn't like she hadn't done that before. She had been afraid he wanted something weird.

"First, turn around and put your hands behind your back."

"What? Why?"

"Because I'm going to tie your hands."

"Now way!" she said, jerking backwards.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just want your hands behind you when you suck me."

"Why? Are you afraid I'm going to pick your pocket?"

"It's part of the image. Come on now. Do it."

She turned around and put her hands behind her.

Jaimeson carefully tied the cords around her, locking her wrists tightly together.

She was nervous and pulled on her wrists but they wouldn't move at all.

"Now get down on your knees," he said, pushing down on her shoulders.

She was a little confused but did as he ordered.

"Straighten your back. Don't sit on your heels, you little whore."

"Hey, don't call me a whore."

"It's what you are, Keri. Face that fact. Sex for grades -- you choose the game. It's what all you women are."

She straightened up.

He walked around in front of her, then did a complete circle around her body, his eyes ravishing her.

"Lovely. Absolutely gorgeous. You're body is more perfect than I even imagined. The perfect image," he sighed.

He took his pants off and folded them across his chair.

"Do you know how often I've dreamed of this, Keri?" He stepped in front of her, his cock already starting to harden again. It was slightly wet from her cunt as he pushed it against her lips.

She opened her mouth and sucked him in. He tasted very odd. She rolled his cock around in her mouth for several seconds before realizing it was her own taste. It was the taste of her cunt juices on his organ. She slurped on it, sucking and sliding her tongue around and around the head, then back along the shaft.

The cock began to harden rapidly and he slid it back out so only his cockhead was in her mouth. He didn't touch her at all at first. He simply stood upright, his hands folded across his chest, his legs spread slightly as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it across her cheeks, wiping the cum and spit across her face before pushing the head into her lips again. She sucked it down, bobbing her head up and down the length again.

Jaimeson's hands slipped down around her ears and cupped them, then squeezed them. He used them as handles and began to fuck into her mouth. He jammed the head of his cock against the back of her mouth as he thrust into her forcefully. She grunted and gurgled around his fat prick each time he pushed it insistently against the back wall of her mouth.

His hands slid around her head, sliding through her thick coppery hair, squeezing great handfuls of it and sliding his fingers through the silky strands. He pressed the back of her head against his cock and jammed his cock in again.

Keri sputtered as a wad of sperm shot into her throat. She swallowed quickly and continuously as more and more jism spewed out into her mouth. She drank his cock juice, glad that it signalled an end to this little fantasy game.

She was starting to get worried about being found here. The door might be locked but a lot of people had keys and if she were found like this she would never, ever, ever, never live it down. She'd be famous. The talk of the school for years to come.

He staggered back with a great gasp and leaned against the wall staring at her. His cock was no longer erect and she hoped it would stay soft. She hadn't envisioned all this when she'd planed on seducing him. She'd thought she would be in control. When had it all gone wrong?

"What a hot little mouth. God, I love to fuck you hot assed teenagers," he leered.

She blinked her eyes in surprise. Did he do this often?

"Get up, Keri," he said. He grabbed her under her arm and pulled her upward.

"Untie me," she grumped.

He did without protest and she heaved a sigh of relief as the cords came off her wrists.

"Is that it? Do I get my ninety-four now?"

"Nope, not yet."

"We're going to get caught," she whined, looking around at the door.

"Nobody uses this room until noon, as you no doubt knew from the schedule on the door. Still..."

"The first one brought you up to seventy, the blow-job up to eighty. If you want to go to ninety-four you'll have to do what I say."

"Well," she grumped. "I guess I don't have any choice."

"None at all, baby," he grinned.

"What do you want?"

"I want you to bend across my desk."

She looked down at his cock. It was soft. "What for?"

"I'm going to spank you."

She gazed at him in amazement, wondering if she'd heard right. "Are you kidding?"

"No, I'm not, baby. You're a bad little girl and you need a good spanking."

"You're sick!"

"Not at all."

"I won't."

"You've been spanked before. You'll survive."

"I can go and tell the..."

"Tell who? It's your word against mine, Keri. I'll just say you're making it up. You'll come off looking like a lying bimbo. Mad at a teacher in a class you're getting poor grades."

She glared at him furiously.

"Bend over my desk so I can see those sweet little cheeks of yours."


"Now! We don't have all fucking day!"

What was it he'd said? In for a penny, in for a pound? She bent across the desk.

"Grab the other side of the desk with your hands," he said.

She did and then gritted her teeth, waiting for his hand to fall, waiting for the slap and the sharp pain that would follow. Nothing happened at first. She turned to see Jaimeson staring at her ass, ogling her cheeks reverently.

"You're wasted on teenage boys, Keri. You ought to turn professional. Your body deserves a higher class of men." His hand slid over her buttocks, rubbing softly.

He opened one of his desk drawers and pulled out a round, wooden paddle with a little rubber ball attached by an elastic string. He tore the ball off, leaving just the paddle and then stepped behind her.

"Not too hard," she begged.

Then the paddle splatted down on her buttocks and she cried out as a stinging pain shot into her. She jerked away from the desk but he flung her back, his hand against her back pushing her against the top. The paddle came down again, and again and again.

Keri squawled in pain, jerking h

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Bdsm Princess

My name is Ross, a PhD Student in Physics and just moved to USA from a small island in southern Asia. I knew my life would change forever, and it would be a new chapter in my life, but I hadn't even dreamt of the way that the change came. The first ..continue reading

Mall Matchup

On Saturday, we went to the mall. Her birthday was soon approaching, and I made it a point to try to bring her to some of her favorite stores, to "scope things out" so to speak. She would pick things out, make some comment. And I, stealthily, would m ..continue reading

My BBW Mother

My name is Pete, I am 28, live in the UK and have a good job. I am a fairly good looking guy, 6'0, and quite muscular. I live with my mother Denise who is 54. I used to live in London and have a gorgeous girlfriend up until the age of 23. She was bl ..continue reading

Megan's first job

‘NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED’, the job ad read, it grabbed my attention right away since I was fresh out of high school and really didn’t have any real working experience or qualifications at the time. I was 18 and still living at home with my mum and ..continue reading

Jackie's pissing fun

Jackie had found herself a boyfriend, so we didn't see as much of her as we wanted and some times as much as she wanted to either, saying how she had missed our group fuck's at Keith's, we told her a lot of the guy's had asked how she was, and when w ..continue reading