Loose wife (porn stories,porn,story,xxx,wife)

Loose wife

Today, what with the continuing rise of the divorce rate, many people seem more surprised when a marriage holds together than when it breaks up. Yet despite many dire predictions about the gradual death of matrimony, the trend seems to be toward changing the internal structure and workings of that institution, rather than abandoning it.

We see an increasing number of books which dispense advice on how to make a marriage more "open". Sociologists have noted a tendency for many couples to form trial marriages in an attempt to gauge compatibility before legalizing their relationship. And increasing numbers of married couples are trying everything from sensitivity sessions to mate-trading in an attempt to make their manias more flexible and meaningful.

Jill and Hal Summers outwardly lead the respectable lives of a happy young American couple, yet behind the scenes find themselves undergoing a crisis in their marriage -- they find themselves growing further apart and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their sex life. It is only after they embark upon a new life style -- a style condemns by many but which, for them, is a new lease on life -- that they find themselves truly communicating once again, realizing that sex between them should be a mutual giving and receiving, not a power play.

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By the time they were halfway home, Jill knew they were going to fuck. The knowledge annoyed her. Not that she wasn't horny enough. It had been several days since Hal's hard cock had slipped up into her needing, cunt. Utile tremors of lust twitched her pussy-lips. Her crotch fit like a steaming swamp.

So why was she annoyed? Hal thinks he can reach out and grab my snatch anytime he wants. She thought. Whether I want to or not. Well, in a way he could. After that, they were married, living together, sharing the same big king-sized bed. And it wasn't as if Hal wasn't sexy enough.

So quit acting like a neurotic housewife, Jill, she warned herself. She'd be understanding. Let him pound his cock up her cunt, fuck the hell out of her.

Jill began to get excited as she thought about being fucked. Strange, though... if she thought about Hal fucking her, she turned off a little. But if she just concentrated on the image of a disembodied cock slipping up into her snatch, spreading open her hot pussy-lips, she got hotter and hotter.

It had been such a sexy party. Everyone drinking too much, losing their inhibitions. And there had been that couple in the hallway, who hadn't thought anyone could see them. The man's hand was shoved down the front of the woman's pants. From the way her hips were pumping, there was no doubt in Jill's mind his finger was buried up inside the woman's pussy-hole.

Hal's voice cut into her reverie. "Oooohh, baby, am I horny!" he moaned. "Why don't you give my joint a little loving attention."

"Here? Right now?" Jill asked, surprised. They were driving down a main street, lights all around. "Sure. There's hardly any traffic," Hal grunted.

"Come on... just pull the fucker out and start wailing." Oddly enough, the idea appealed to Jill. It had an element of adventure, flair. Something more exciting than the conventional bedroom fuck. Her cunt got a little hotter as she obediently reached down and unzipped Hal's fly.

His cock was already half-hard. She could feel it throbbing as she wormed her fingers through the opening in the front of his shorts. Hot and throbbing, a rubbery, meaty shaft.

"Easy... easy!" Hal groaned as she worked the thickening shaft out into the open. It was hard work, but at last the bulbous cock-head popped free.

Jill let go of her husband's cock for a moment. It uncoiled, after its confinement, like an awakening boa constrictor. Blood pounded into the thick-veined shaft, until the whole pulsing length thrust rigidly out of her husband's fly, pointing straight at the windshield.

Jill wrapped her fingers around her husband's swollen cock-shaft.

"Uuunnnggghh!" he grunted, his knuckles whitening as he gripped the steering wheel tightly.

The car swayed a little, from one side of the lane to the other.

Jill felt her cunt growing hotter and wetter as Hal's prick swelled bigger and bigger. She wormed closer to him on the seat.

"Come on. Beat me off!" Hal panted.

Jill started working her hands up and down his prick. The loose outer skin slid smoothly over the iron-hard inner core. Hal's cock-tip swelled out of her hand like a huge purplish mushroom.

"Suck it... can you suck it?" Hal groaned.

He loved to have his wife suck his cock. Jill hesitated. It was going to be hard to fit her head into his lap, with the steering wheel so close.

Jill half lay down on the seat, her torso twisted, her legs trailing over the edge of the seat. She wormed her head past the steering wheel. Did she really want to do this? Oh, hell, why not? It somehow reminded her of the man and the woman in the hallway at the party. Stealing sex, with the rest of the world likely to intrude at any moment.

Hal's bulbous cock-head was only a fraction of an inch from her face. As the car hit a bump, it dug softly into her cheek. She turned her head a little. Her lips opened to let the tip of her husband's massively swollen rod slip up into her mouth. Instantly, she tasted the pungent flavor of cock.

"Oooohhhh, Jesus God Almighty!" Hal blurted out.

He nearly ran off the road, but managed to get the car back under control. The bliss in his cock, with his wife's butter-soft mouth closing around the trembling shaft, was almost more than he could bear. Tears came to his eyes as he tried to concentrate on driving the car.

He looked down at his wife. A damned good-looking woman, even if he could only see the back of her head. Her thick lustrous dark hair spilled over his lap.

Jill's was thrust up a little as she struggled into a more comfortable position, her head buried in her husband's lip. Her short skirt had ridden up, baring the backs of her thighs. The smooth silky skin gleamed whitely in the street lighting.

"Thank God for power steering," Hal murmured as he took one hand from the wheel and slid it down towards Jill's ass. He felt her quiver as his hand pulled her skirt up, then worked up between her soft thighs.

Jesus Christ! Her panties were like a sponge! Dripping wet! Hal worked one finger up under the leg band of Jill's sopping panties. His fingertip dithered through thick warm puddles of pussyjuice, then popped up into his wife's cunt-hole.

"Uuuummmpphhh!" Jill gurgled around her mouthful of cocks.

Her body jerked as she felt her cunt stuffed full of her husband's hard, knowing finger. Her head began to bob back against his hand, helping work his finger deeper up into her hungry snatch.

They were in the suburbs now, with less traffic. There were fewer stop lights, but Hal managed to miss one. He was glad, because now he could concentrate on his wife's mouth around his cock. Her head was bobbing up and down, like her ass, her lips sliding nearly the full length of his rock-hard prick. He wondered how she could do it. How she could take the head of his cock down her throat the way she did.

His finger pounded in and out of her cunt, the leg band of her panties scraping against the side of his finger. He could feel her tight cunt working greedily against his fingertip, sucking at it like it was a cock about to spurt fizz up into her juicy hole.

Hal slowly became aware of something huge beside the car. He looked up, out the window. A huge truck-tractor rig had stopped at the light beside him. The driver, from his high vantage point, was staring straight down into his car. The man's eyes were bulging as he watched Jill sucking on her husband's cock. At Hal's hand disappearing up between his wife's thighs from behind. At the lewd way Jill's shapely buns were pumping up and down.

Hal smiled tautly up at the driver. Good thing Jill didn't know they were being watched. She'd probably freak out, stop sucking his cock. Fortunately, the light changed. Hal stepped hard on the gas, his car shooting away from the intersection. He almost last control with only one hand on the wheel and his balls throbbing wildly as she eagerly sucked his cock.

She had managed to work one hand down into his pants. Her fingers were stroking his drum-tight balls. Hal began to realize, from the way his cock was throbbing, that he was going to cum soon unless she stopped.

He debated doing just that, making her stop. But what a waste of good mouth-work! His cock ached to come, to shoot its hot load up into his wife's sucking mouth. But he knew he'd probably wreck the car.

"Oh, Jesus!" Hal suddenly mooned.

It was too late! He was already starting to cum? His cock was bucking and jerking, a hot burning sensation shooting up from his balls, racing the full length of the shuddering organ.

Barely in time, Hal managed to pall the car over and perk at the curb, the engine still running. His foot mashed down hard on the brake.

"Aaarrrggghh!" he groaned loudly as the first hot jets of sperm shot into his wife's hotly sucking mouth. His one hand clawed frantically at the wheel while his other hand dug as far up into Jill's gushing cunt as is it would go.

Jill was so hot and excited from Hal's finger-work up inside her wildly amused cunt that she at first barely noticed the signs of his impending orgasm. Then she became aware of the sudden final swelling of his climaxing prick. She barely had time to ready herself for the first hot gush of sperm. In a few seconds she was choking and coughing as she did her best to swallow every drop of her husband's spewing load.

Then she started to cum, too. Hal's hot finger-fucking, coupled with the lewd realization that she was sucking his cock almost in public, touched off her own climax.

"Aaaah!" she moaned around his gushing cock-tip, her mouth falling open helplessly. As her body bucked and writhed on the seat, great gobs of Hal's sperm poured back out her mouth to run down her chin. Her cunt spumed wildly, pouring a hot stream of girl-cum over Hal's hand.

The truck drove by the driver shifting down to low gear while he stared down into the car parked beside the road. He caught the last of Jill's wild movements, saw the cum glistening on her face. His cock lurched in his pants. "God Almighty!" he muttered, and hoped he was lucky enough to pick up a horny female hitchhiker.

As the truck began to accelerate, finally vanishing down around a bend in the road, Jill bucked out the last of her orgasm.

"Mmmmnnn," she sighed, sitting up, smoothing her skirt down around her thighs. She became aware of the sperm running in slippery trails down her chin. She tried wiping it off with the back of her hand. But there was too much. Pretty soon her hand was as messily sticky as her face.

Jill was fastidiously cleaning her face with a wad of kleenex, a pleasant glow still throbbing up inside her cunt, when Hal jerked the car away from the curb.

"Boy, oh boy, was that terrific!" he enthused. "But it's only the beginning, baby! Wait'll we get home. I'm gonna fuck your ears off."

A spark of resentment flared inside Jill. Hadn't the bastard had enough? The spontaneity of their lust-filled coupling in the car had turned her on when she'd thought she couldn't be turned on at all. Now, the thought of a planned, premeditated fuck when they got back to the house frankly bored her.

Which was strange to Jill. All her life she'd been a horny woman, wondering if she'd ever be able to get all the sex her body seemed to crave.

Well, she'd found a cure for her horniness, but not in the way she'd expected. Marriage. She had to admit it; it seemed to be turning her off like a switch. After only two years, the thought of Hal's big prick heading for her match no longer filled her with passion.

Oh, now and then she felt just as turned-on a ever with her husband. But only now and then. She remembered the first few months of their marriage, when it had seemed they were going to fuck one another to death. Hal had nearly lost his job. So many mornings he had been late to work, lingering in bed with his sexy young wife, soaking his ever-ready cock in juicy, hot cunt-meat.

All good things come to an end, Jill thought wryly. And she supposed the same held true with her and Hal's sex life. But what an awful thought.

Because they were married, supposedly facing the rest of their lives together. What a loss if their sex life died, leaving their marriage nothing but a burnt out hull!

Jill still loved Hal. She had no doubt of that. His wit, his tenderness, his very manliness, all deeply satisfied her. He was a fine companion, and indeed, a fine lover. So why the hell this strange sexual reluctance on her part?

Hal's sexual appetite toward her seemed to have cooled a little, too. She wondered why he was so turned-on tonight. Maybe he'd seen the couple necking in the hallway, too.

A sense of heaviness grew in Jill as they neared home. By the time they pulled into the driveway, she was steeling herself for the unwanted fuck she knew Hal would demand of her. Not demand, actually. But he was so enthusiastic, she didn't know how she could turn him down.

"Okay, baby, you head for the bedroom. I'm gonna put some music on," Hal said as they went in the front door.

Sighing. Jill went into the bedroom and began undressing. She lay down naked on top of the bedspread. She practiced spreading her legs, feeling the cool night air washing over her juice damp cunt. Lying there that way, crotch splayed lewdly open, she found herself getting a little turned-on. But not at the thought of Hal fucking her, as he intended to do.

Jill started thinking about the party, and about a man she had met tonight. A man named Pat, dark, slender, vibrant. So much different than Hal, who was big and muscular and blond. The difference was what excited her. Was Pat's cock different, too? Jill spun a web of fantasy, flying to imagine what Pat's cock might look like. She had never done anything like this before in her life.

Jill's fantasy popped like a bubble as Hal came breezily into the room. He was naked, too. His cock was already half-hard, dangling and swaying between his powerful thighs.

His eyes lit on Jill, sprawled naked on the bed. One damn good-looking woman! Hal realized he'd been taking Jill for granted for the past few months. The early part of their marriage, he hadn't been able to get enough of her lush young body. But lately, she'd been the handy hole to punch that he kept at home.

Several months ago, Hal had started fucking other women. Not often, but whenever the opportunity presented itself. Just enough to remind himself he was still young, still on the prowl.

But that was no reason to neglect the first-class piece of ass he had at home. He'd give Jill a fucking tonight that would make up for his recent neglect. He still loved his wife, and regretted that he'd started thinking of her as a comfortable part of his household furnishings.

Hal climbed up on the bed, lying down next to Jill. His cocktip dug into her side. With her eyes still closed, she was thinking of Pat. But when she felt Hal's prick against her body, she opened her eyes. It was almost a shock to see her husband. She had been so deeply immersed in her Pat fantasy.

Instantly, Jill felt her cunt drying up. A moment ago it had been merrily bubbling and steaming as she fantasized about Pat's cock. Now, as Hal's fingers diddled in her pussy-slit, she flinched a little. It almost hurt.

But there was still so much juice left over from Jill's earlier arousal that Hal didn't notice. He wormed his finger up into Jill's cunt. It seemed a little tight to him, but he supposed it was just because his wife was becoming excited. Sometimes, the hotter she got, the more desperately her hungry cunt clamped down on anything he fed it.

Jill felt herself turning off. But it was far too late to back out of letting Hal fuck her. The trouble was, with her cunt drying up it was liable to hurt when her husband finally shoved his big prick up into her tight hole.

Then Jill remembered how hot she'd gotten thinking about Pat. Well, why not do it again? It did seem a little like betrayal, to be thinking about another while her husband fucked her, but at the moment, theft seemed to be no other way. Also, Jill was a little annoyed that Hal was taking her sexual intent so much for granted.

Jill closed her eyes, conjuring up Pat's vibrant, dark good looks. She slowly stripped off his clothes in her mind's eye, until she had bared his cock. She imagined it to be slender, like the rest of him, bone-bait, jutting starkly from his slim loins.

Hal felt a of warmth from his wife's cunt. Naturally, he attributed it to his fine finger-work. As he flicked his thumb back and forth over Jill's clit, he had no idea her mind was full of the image of another man's cock.

By the time Hal finally climbed on her nude body, Jill was panting with desire. But desire for Pat. She tried to ignore Hal's considerable weight, it was unlike what she suspected Pat would feel like above her.

She kept her eyes tightly closed as she felt the spongy head of Hal's cock plying open her pussy-lips. He legs opened wider, raising up a little as she eagerly pulled Hal's crotch toward her own.

Hal's bloated prick slid up into his wife's waiting cunt.

"Ooooohhh!" Jill moaned as she felt herself penetrated. Inch after inch of bone-hard prick shoved its way slowly up into her welcoming cunt. A thrill of pleasure ran through her entire body. She almost opened her eyes, but stopped herself at the last moment. It was Pat who was fucking her. That image she kept firmly in her mind.

Hal ground his pubic bone down against his wife's. His cock was buried all the way up into her tight pussy-hole. He could feel her cunt trembling around the base of his cock. Jesus, she was hot tonight!

Hal started fucking slowly in and out of Jill's lush naked body. Her hips jerked into motion, fucking back. He put his hands under her round, taut ass-cheeks, guiding her movements, holding her loins up so he could shove another full inch of cock-shaft up into her hot, quivering cunt.

Jill kept her hands, at her sides, digging into the bedspread. She didn't dare touch Hal. Then her body would know it wasn't Pat, panting above her, fucking his marvelous, magical cock in and out of her glowing pussy. She had to keep silent, too, afraid she might blurt out Pat's name.

Funny... she, had never done more then exchange a few careful words with Pat, and now she was acting as if she had to conceal him as a lover. Just because of the unfaithful thoughts she was harboring in her mind.

"Ooooohhhh, baby, you're really hot tonight!" Hal panted.

He stared down at his wife's glowing face. Funny, she seldom fucked with her eyes closed, but her lids were shut tightly. In a way he liked it. It made her look more mysterious.

Hal's words nearly blew the whole fantasy bubble for Jill. His voice was all wrong, too deep for Pat's. She clung stubbornly to the image in her brain. Her cunt responded hotly, flowering open greedily as she visualized Pat's thrusting prick driving deep up into its sensitive depths.

"Ooooohhhh!" Jill moaned, the first mound she'd uttered since Hal had started fucking her.

She'd better cum soon, she realized hazily. Hal's cock was swelling larger and larger up inside her cunt. He was dearly going to cam.

Jill felt a mouth against her tits. She tried to imagine Pat licking her nipples, drawing them deep into his mouth, Hal was doing. He loved his wife's big tits, loved sucking them. Loved the way her dark, berry-red nipples responded.

"Ooohhh!" Jill wailed.

She was cumming! She could feel the spark ignite far up inside her match. It didn't matter who was fucking her now! She was on her way!

Hal felt his wife's body convulse under his. Her cunt milked hungrily around his throbbingly hard cock. Jesus, she was off, hot as a firecracker, cumming as only his dynamite wife could cum!

"Ooooohhhh, baby..." Hal moaned.

He couldn't hold back any longer, not the way her cunt was clamping rhythmically around his quivering shaft.

"YYYYYAAAA!" Hal roared, his back arching as the first searing burst of sperm shot the full length of his shuddering cock, jetting far up into Jill's convulsing cunt.

Jill was lost in an intense but distant world of shooting colon and wild, almost unbearable sensations. Hal was forgotten, Pat was forgotten. All that mattered was the ecstasy pouring through her body. Like the release of waters pouring through a breach in a shattered dam, energy poured through the writhing girl's spasming body, leaving her weak and purged as the last of her orgasm ended in a violent shudder.

Hal's cock slipped from her box. He rolled tiredly to the side, leaving her lying alone, his sweat drying on her naked body.

Slowly, Jill's ecstasy faded away, leaving her with a feeling she didn't like. A feeling that she'd somehow betrayed someone who loved and trusted her. She knew nothing about Hal's occasional bouts with other women.


Jill fidgeted around from group to group, wondering if Pat had been invited to the party. So far, she hadn't seen him. Maybe the best thing was to put him out of her mind, anyhow.

She knew she was acting like a child, worse yet, carrying on in her mind about a man she barely knew.

Yet, in a way, Jill felt she had an intimate relationship with Pat. Mostly on the strength of that wild fantasy-fuck, when it had really been Hal plowing a furrow up into her cunt.

Sill wondered if maybe she wasn't just horny. It had been a whole week since she'd last fucked Hal. The night of the last party. The night of the phantom Pat-fuck.

Maybe she'd just better quit playing around and wait until Hal took her home. She'd let him fuck her, if she wanted to. He sure hadn't been paying much sexual attention to her lately. This new realization came as a slight shock to Jill. She'd been so wrapped up in her own preoccupations that she'd hardly noticed. Hey! Maybe she'd better pay more attention to her home life!

Jill looked around for Hal. He was buried in a taking, laughing group, mostly female, mostly smashed. As she walked over to her husband, Jill saw he was deep in conversation with a lithe, sexy blonde. Where had she seen the woman before?

Then it came to her. At the last party. Locked deep in conversation with Hal. She'd been too interested in Pat then, to notice. Come to think of it, Hal had been talking to the blonde earlier this evening. Ever since they'd gotten to the party.

A small spark of jealousy flared up in Jill's mind. Even though she'd been bored with her husband lately, she felt alarm. Suddenly her basic security was threatened.

"Having a good time, dear?" she asked, moving next to Hal, possessively taking his arm.

"Huh? Oh, yea... sure," Hal grunted. His eyes barely met hem, then swung back to the blonde. "Honey, I want you to meet Sue. Sue, this is my wife, Jill."

Hal seemed to be going through the introduction ritual purely out of habit. Jill had the idea he hardly knew she existed. Becoming angry, she debated causing some kind of mild scene. Nothing she'd have to be too embarrassed about later. Maybe she could just start talking to Hal about something intimate. Some topic that would automatically cut out Sue.

Then she saw Pat. He had come into the room, alone, she noticed. No one with him. His dark, lively eyes swept over the group, met her, and stayed put. She felt a little thrill as she saw he was looking at her in recognition -- and with pleasure.

Well, two could play Hal's game. "See you later, dear," she murmured, letting go of his arm.

She let herself drift through the crowd, apparently aimlessly, saying hello here and there, finally ending up close enough to Pat so one of them would have to acknowledge the other.

Pat spoke first. "Hello, Jill," he said.

For a skinny guy, he certainly was sexy. Or so Jill thought. There was something so alive about him. So direct and sensual in the frank way his eyes slid approvingly up and down her lush figure. She felt a funny little flutter in her belly. As if she was about to get fucked.

"Hi," she said wishing she could think of something witty to say. But it wasn't necessary. Pat's eyes on her body told her that. For the first time in her life, she found herself approving of a man lusting after her for her body. She didn't give a damn whether or not he thought she had a brain in her head. All that mattered was the desire showing so plainly in both their eyes.

Hey, wait! she warned herself. You're a married woman! Jill felt a hint sinking inside herself as she faced that fad straight on. Her intense sexual attraction to Pat could never materialize as anything but fantasy.

Well, then, let fantasy reign. For the rest of the evening she'd pretend she and Pat had a sexual future. And she could see Hal glancing over at her. His eyes narrowed as he saw her standing with Pat. Serve him right if he got a little jealous, the lecher, with that damned blonde, Sue!

The rest of the evening passed very pleasantly for Sue, lost in conversation with Pat. She found him very interesting to talk to. Several times she tried to figure out why she found him sexy. She finally decided it was because he so openly desired her, in such a boyish, innocent way. His whole being said, in a friendly voice, "I'd like to fuck you!" Her whole being shouted back, "Me, too!"

Finally it was time to go home. Jill saw Hal squeeze Sue's hand before he left her, on his way to his wife. Now it was Jill's turn to introduce Pat to her husband. The two men shook hands, friendly enough, but with that strange male reserve, like two dogs cautiously sniffing at one another's genitals. They bath knew there was a woman between them.

On the way home, Hal was quiet most of the trip. So was Jill. Her thoughts were full of Pat.

"That guy, Pat looks like a nice guy," Hal finally said.

"He is," Jill murmured absently.

"It seems to me you're really attracted to him." Jill's head jerked up. Such directness she hadn't expected. "No more than you are to that Sue!" she snapped.

Hal smiled wryly. He had expected that. It was true. He definitely was attracted to Sue. What a build, what a set of tits! And she had made it clear she was also attracted to him. That there was a good chance they might end up in bed together. The very thought of sinking his cock in Sue's golden body made Hal catch his breath.

But she had also made it clear to him she wasn't going to fuck him unless it was all right with his wife. "I'm no home wrecker, and I don't sneak around," Sue had said flatly. A woman who knew her own mind.

When Hal had noticed the attention Jill and Pat were paying to one another, an idea had slowly formed in her head. Why not let Jill sleep with Pat? Then she couldn't complain if he made it with Sue. He had a friend, Harry. Married to a good-looking wife, who went in for swapping. He'd told Hal all about it. At the time, Hal hadn't been able to imagine how he could control his natural jealousy enough to let someone else fuck his wife.

But his lust for Sue was making him willing to give and take. A lot. Also, it hadn't been lost on him that something had gone out of their marriage. Some of the excitement. Maybe a kinky situation like he was thinking of might make the difference.

"Don't get me wrong," he said to Jill. "I don't mind at all. I meant it when I said he was a nice guy. I liked seeing you with him." Which wasn't completely true. Hal still had a little residual jealousy.

Jill was confined. What the hell was Hal getting at? Having been caught in her open admiration of Pat, and still smarting over the way Hal had literally drooled all over Sue, Jill was feeling very defensive.

"What would you think..." Hal started to say, "what would you think if I said it was all right me if you... sleep with him?" There! He'd said it!

Jill's eyes opened wide. First with surprise, then with horror. Instant paranoia flooded through her. Hal was trying to get rid of her!

"I... I think that's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard!" she choked out. "You... you just want to get rid of me so you can sleep with that... that creature, Sue!" she gasped. "Hal, I don't know how you can be so crude!"

Vainly Hal tried to reassure his pretty young wife, toil her his feelings about the declining state of their marriage. Or at least their sex life. But Jill wouldn't even talk to him. They rode the rest of the way back to their house in tense silence. Jill made a big show of getting extra bedding and setting herself up on the couch. Hal begged her a couple of times to come to bed with him, but finally angrily stomped off alone into the bedroom.

Jill was so upset it was impossible for her to go to sleep. Besides, the couch was uncomfortable. More than once she nearly decided to give up her protest and join Hal in their big comfortable bed.

But she was genuinely horrified at what he had proposed. What particularly upset her was that his suggestion she go ahead and fuck Pat was exactly what she herself wanted to do. Her whole body ached for it, and now, her last reason not to, the faithfulness she owed to her husband, had been removed by her husband and herself.

She just couldn't accept what Hal had proposed. In her mind, if she did, then she would be liable to the same treatment. Hal could run right out and fuck Sue. For the fist time in a long time, Jill realized how much the unthinking stability of her marriage meant to her. And now it was being threatened by dangerous, unsettling innovations the house quieted down around Jill. From the bedroom she heard Hal's soft snoring. The bastard! Sleeping while she agonized on the couch!

In the silence, Jill's mind began to wander. Without any warning, she found herself thinking about Pat again, and his imagined cock. The cock she had never seen in real life. Now it was possible. There was no missing the open invitation in his eyes. All she had to do was let go, do what everyone else wanted her to do -- Pat, her own husband, even Sue!

But she couldn't! It was all too new! Hal's casual suggestion threatened the whole pound of Jill's security!

Still, she couldn't stop thinking about Pat. And the more she thought about him, the hornier she got. A whole week with nothing up her cunt!

Jill was tempted to go into the bedroom and get Hal to fuck her. She could pretend it was Pat, like she'd done last time. But she'd be damned if she'd give Hal the satisfaction.

She thought about Pat again. About his sexy eyes. About the cock hidden inside his pants. Her cunt began to heat up, simmering like pudding on a stove. Damn! She had to do something!

She was hot, sweaty. Telling herself it was only to cool off, Jill wriggled out of her nightgown. She tried to relax under the thin sheet, but was too disturbingly aware of her sensitive cunt-lips rubbing together every time she moved.

What was worse, the sheet kept dragging across her nipples. They began to harden, poking up against the smooth material. Goose bumps broke out all over the nervous young wife's body. Oooohhh, her tits felt so sensitive!

She wondered how it would be to have Pat running his hands over their tender roundness, his fingers tweaking her hotly swollen nipples.

Without realizing she was doing it, Jill began to caress her own tits. "Mmmmm," she sighed as her palms glided over the tips of the erotically swollen globes. Her nipples throbbed with delight.

"Oooohhh, Pat," she sighed.

With a start, she realized she'd spoken out loud. Jill held her breath, wondering if Hal had heard. But his snores continued, peaceful and undisturbed. She remembered what a sound sleeper he was.

Jill's fingers began to dig into the soft flesh of her big tits. She no longer fought the intense feelings zinging through her body. Her thoughts of Pat became more vivid the harder she mauled her.

The sheet slipped lower as Jill writhed beneath it, until it was nearly down to her crotch. She felt the edge dragging across the upper fringes of her pussy hair, reminding Jill that her cunt needed attention, too. The more she aroused her throbbing tits, the hotter her pussy became.

"Ohhhhhh... damn!" Jill moaned.

She knew she couldn't fight it. She knew she was going to masturbate, right there on the living-room couch with her husband asleep in the other room. And every moment of it she was going to think about Pat!

Jill kept one hand working at her tit. The other stole lower, gliding over her trembling, naked belly, until it ran into the sheet. She pushed it onto the floor, totally baring her body. Then she reached down and pressed the tips of her fingers against her pussy-mound.

"Mmmmmnnnn," she sighed as a thrill of pleasure shot through her cunt.

For the next few minutes Jill stroked her outer pussy-lips, feeling the inner slit grow hotter and wetter. Only when she felt pussy juice gushing out of her cunt, running down onto the insides of her thighs, did she finally part her legs and work one fingertip up into her seething slit, her finger squishing through a sea of hot fragrant wetness.

"Uuuunnnggghhh," Jill moaned as her finger made contact with her tender inner tissues. She let the tip slide under her tender inner labes, softly stroking their sensitive softness. Her fingers slid easily through the well-lubricated channel.

Jill was teasing herself, putting off the moment when her finger would finally head straight for the bull's-eye -- her impatiently waiting clit. She moved her fingertip higher, right up to the base of the wild sensitive little nub. She spread her legs wide, opening up her gash farther. She sensed the rosy tip of her clit pop out from behind its protective covering.

"Aaaaahhh," Jill moaned as she finally glided her slippery fingertip over the top of her throbbing love-button. Her body jerked convulsively as a bolt of pure pleasure rocketed through her cunt.

Ooooohhhh, God, it would be wonderful to have Pat touching her like this, stroking her pussy-slit, getting her ready... ready to fuck!

Jill tried to visualize Pat lying next to her on the couch, his naked body pressed close to hers. She pretended one of the upholstery buttons on the back of the couch was the tip of hit swollen prick, jabbing demandingly into her side. The prick that would soon stab far-up into her hungry cunt.

Her cunt! Jill switched her finger from her glowing clit and slid it eagerly down the well-greased track of her pussy-slit. It caught in the opening to her cunt. She felt her pussy-hole flower open a little, hot and pulsing aching to be filled.

"Uuuummmm," Jill sighed as her finger slipped up into her cunt. She felt her hot wet pussy wails pulsing eagerly around her intruding finger. She began to finger-fuck herself, slowly sliding her finger in and out, shoving it as far up into her asshole as it would go.

Which wasn't far. Her finger was woefully tort. A lot shorter than a cock. And a lot thinner. That pert she could do something about. She slipped mother finger up into her cat beside the first. And when her pussy had gotten ad to that, a third. Soon, she was literally fist-fucking herself, four fingers ramming steadily up into her cunt.

"Mmmmm... Pat," she whispered, trying to pretend it was Pat's cock skewering up into her shuddering snatch. But it was a hard pretense to keep up... unless she wanted to believe Pat had a tort thick cock only four inches long.

Her fingers just weren't long enough! The upper reaches of her pussy screamed for attention, but her groping fingertips couldn't roach.

She needed something longer. Something that would ram pleasure all the way up to her womb. But what?

Thai she remembered. Just a couple of days to go a brush salesman had come to the door. To get rid of him, Jill had finally agreed to buy a dish mop. A dish mop with soft strands, but most important of all -- a long plastic handle.

Jill pulled her dripping fingers from her cunt. Getting to her feet a little shakily, she went into the kitchen. The dish mop was just where she had left it, in the back of a drawer, still unwed.

She pulled it out, examining it, turning it over and over with trembling fingers. Oh, yes! It would do. The handle was about eight or nine inches long, smooth and slick, about the same thickness as a good-sized cock. And thank God it was plastic. Jill would have been afraid to use it if it had a wooden handle. Splinters.

Trying not to think how ridiculous she must look, Jill carried her new lover, the dish mop, back to the couch. She lay down on her back and spread her legs. Cold air gushed up into her open wet cunt.

The trembling young woman worked the broad tip of the dish-mop handle up between her pussy-lips. She flinched. It was cold. So unlike a warm, living cock.

The dish-mop handle went into her cunt fairly easily, especially after she smeared a little pussy juice over its smooth plastic length.

"Uuuunnnhhhh," Jill moaned as she slowly rammed the cold hard shaft up into her pussy-hole.

She felt herself being spread open to accommodate the odd dildo she was shoving up her cunt. God, it was so long! It seemed to slide in forever, inch after inch, until at last she felt the rounded tip stretching the hr end of her pussy-channel.

There was still a little bit of the shaft sticking out. And of course, the mop-head. It protruded from between her legs, a fluffy white man, a little like a rabbit's tail. She could get a good hold on it the soft mop-head wasn't likely to slip in her grasp.

Jill started experimenting. Oooohhh, it felt good as she slowly moved the dish-mop handle in and out of her trembling cunt. She had so much control! She could decide how deep it was ping to go up into her shuddering hole, how fast, at what angle.

For a while she even rotated it, spinning the shaft between her fingers, twirling it around and around up inside her snatch.

Low, whimpering cries of delight bubbled from the brunette's throat. This was wonderful! But then she realized she'd forgotten her first intentions -- to pretend the dish mop was Pat's cock!

"Oooohhhh, lover, fuck me!" Jill panted a she began fucking her kitchen mop harder and harder into her creaming cunt. "Mmmmm, Pat, shove your hard cock all the way up to my tonsils!"

Jill had both hands on the dish mop now ramming it fiercely in and out of her steaming pussy-hole. She'd never had anything rammed so far up her snatch before. She could do anything to herself she wanted!

Jill took one hand from the dish mop and began stroking her clit again, at the same time keeping the plastic shaft chugging in and out of her cunt with the other hand.

"Oh, God, I can't stand it!" she babbled. "It's all too much!"

Jill's entire cuntal area burned and glowed. Her finger against her clit, her cunt full of mop-handle. A wild excitement grew, far up inside her belly.

"Pat... baby... I'm... I'm going to cum!" Jill whimpered.

Her finger flew faster and faster over her clit. She pounded the mop-handle as far up into her cunt as it would go.

She was almost going to beg Pat to cum with her, when she remembered his cock was only the lifeless plastic handle of a cheap dish mop. Nothing would come spurting out its smooth tip. No warm sperm would flood into her thirsty cunt.

No matter. It felt wonderful anyhow. Almost defiantly, Jill dug the fingers of both hands into the soft mop again, and screwed it as far up into her shuddering pussy as it would go.

It was almost as if the tip of it broke through some invisible inner barrier. Something let loose far up inside Jill's womb and she was cumming.

"Mmmnnnggghhh!" she moaned, gritting her teeth, trying not to cry out, afraid she would wake Hal and he would catch her in the midst of her lewd mop-fucking. Because she knew she wouldn't stop. Not even if he were standing right over her, staring down in shock.

But it was no good and she knew it. She had lost control near the end, when the only thing that mattered was how hard she could ram the mop-handle up into her screaming gash. She'd either have to fuck Pat for real, or push him out of her mind.

For a moment she thought, Why not? Go ahead and fleck Pat. Even your husband says he doesn't mind!

But such a big step. To suddenly decide to toss away her marriage vows. To open up her marriage to new and dangerous forces. Who know how she and Hal would feel about one another, when both of them were out fucking other people?

Because she had no doubt, once she had fucked Pat, that Hal would be all over Sue. She still didn't know it wouldn't be the first time he'd been unfaithful to her.

What to do? Wearily, Jill started to sit up, but a sharp twinge reminded her the dish mop was still stuck up her cunt. She slowly drew it out. It came loose with a wet sucking sound. She looked at the mop. The handle was shiny with her cunt juice. The soft head had turned soggy and smelled like pussy.

"Ugh!" Jill said. A sudden burst of anger swept over her, and she threw the dish mop across the room.


The next few days passed like a bad dream for Jill. She lived in a perpetual haze of indecision. Her horny, hungry cunt told her to go out and fuck Pat. Her frightened mind warned her of the horrible consequences, never spelled out in detail, but even more frightening in their vagueness.

Then one day it happened. She ran into Pat when she was out shopping.

"Jill!" she heard behind her on the street.

Spinning around, she saw Pat smiling at her, his eyes already at work on her body, trying to pry underneath her clothing.

Jill could hardly reply. She felt weak. It was as if temptation had crept up behind her and slugged the back of her head. Sandbagged.

"W-What are you doing here?" she stammered. Pat looked puzzled. "I've got the day off," he said. "Just out doing a few errands." His face creased in a smile. "Hey, how about joining me in a drink?"

Jill tried to refuse politely, but Pat kept pressing. She finally accepted, partly because she was beginning to realize how badly she needed a drink.

They went to a small bar. The first drink soothed her tremendously. Jill found herself enjoying being with Pat. Out by herself with a sexy man. Fortunately, in a nice safe public place.

The alcohol filled her with a warm glow. She became aware of Pat's knee pushing against her thigh. She pushed back, thrilled. Her pussy began to grow warm and moist. She could feel it steaming underneath the tight crotch band of her panties. So nice to be teased and tease back a little, and really, so harmless.

"You know, I don't even know where you live," she said to Pat. The conversation had been growing cautiously personal. She saw that Pat wasn't as threatening as she'd thought he was. In fact, in daylight, he scented a little shy.

Pat's eyes lit up. "I have a fabulous place!" he enthused. "Just moved into it the other day. It's on top of a hill, really private, with a fabulous, all around. Want to see it?"

Jill realized she'd trapped herself. "Well... I don't know..."

But the alcohol had given her false courage. She felt she was up to handling any moral challenge that came her way while she was with Pat. Or, so at least she told herself.

Pat's house turned out to be all he'd told her. A snug little bachelor pad on a large piece of ground, the city spread out below. Jill was genuinely impressed. She went the rounds of the big picture windows, exclaiming at the view.

But out of the corner of her eyes, she was acutely aware of the big bed in one corner. It had a spread made of some kind of fin. She wondered how it would feel on a naked back, then sternly warned herself against such thoughts.

Pat made a pass at her, reaching out to take Jill in his anus. She moved away, trying to make it look accidental, but her heart was beginning to hammer. She knew she should leave, ask Pat to take back to her car. But her body ached to stay.

Pat seemed to give up for a while. He turned to other delights. "Like to smoke a little weed?" he asked. "I bought some really good stuff the other day."

"Well... I don't know..." she said dubiously.

Neither she nor Hal were much into smoking marijuana. A little now and then when their more hip friends made an offering.

But it was a diversion, a chance to give herself time to think, to collect her scattered wits. Her body was almost shaking with desire from being so close to the man she'd wanted so long.

Pat was already rolling a joint. She watched how nimbly his fingers moved. Wondered if they'd be as light and sure stroking her clit, her nipples. A shudder shook the confused brunette's body.

Jill smoked when Pat lit up the joint and passed it to her. The acrid fumes at first made her cough. But slowly, she felt the drug seep into her bloodstream. Suddenly, she was split into two parts -- an eager, sex-starved body, and a disembodied mind, coolly watching everything that was happening.

She felt so detached. Even when Pat put the half-smoked roach down and came up to her. He pulled her up from her chair by the hands. She came willingly enough. Then his arms were around her. She felt her tits give as they pushed into his hard chest. His mouth was only inches from hers.

Then they were kissing, Pat's tongue worming deep into her mouth.

Jill's mind watched her body respond, shared every sharp, intense sensation, but did nothing to interfere. Pat's leg worked in between her thighs, opening her legs up, his thigh pressing demandingly against her cunt.

Jill felt signals of pleasure pouring up from her cunt, radiating slowly throughout her body. She knew she should stop Pat when he began to unbutton her blouse. But "should" didn't seem to have any real meaning any more. His fingers slipped underneath her bra, seeking out her nipples. Slow waves of feeling throbbed through her body as he fondled her quickly hardening nipples. She could feel each throb as a slow, separate wave of feelings.

Neither of them had so far said a word since Pat first took hold of her. Jill heard a funny rushing sound, and only slowly realized it was the sound of her own panting breath.

"Mmmmnnn," she finally sighed as Pat reached down and stuck a hand up underneath her skirt.

She flinched as she felt his fingers pawing at the front of her panties. He started rubbing her pussy through the slick nylon material.

I'm giving up, Jill told herself. I'm going to let him fuck me. That's the way everyone seems to want it. Why fight?

To Pat's surprise, Jill suddenly spread her legs as far apart as she could and still maintain her balance. Her crotch was now wide open to his fumbling fingers.

Pat was a lot shier than Jill had realized. He had been very impressed with the beautiful young brunette when he'd first seen her at the party. He'd been suave enough then, making it clear right from the first he wanted to fuck her. Not crudely. Just letting her know by her manner, and the open way he admired her body that he desired her.

And she'd seemed to respond in kind. It was one thins though, to play a parlor game of seduction at a cocktail party, and another to have the real live willing woman in his arms. Pat grew a little timid when he smoked dope. Jill's eager spreading of her legs had surprised him.

But he meant to go ahead. He meant to fuck the beautiful woman panting against him, her body spited tightly to his.

"God, I think it's hot in heft!" he blurted out. "Are you hot?"

"Oh, yes!" Jill panted. "Let's take our clothes off!"

Pat was surprised. It was all suddenly going so fast. For something like three weeks he'd been tying to get into Jill's pants, never really believing it was going to happen. And now, she was suddenly ready, obviously begging to be fucked!

Pat gulped as Jill stood back, her arms at her side. He wondered what she was going to do now.

"Well... aren't you going to undress me?" she asked throatily, her dark eyes shining with excitement.

Oh, Jesus! To get at the tits poking out the front of her blouse! It was already partly unbuttoned, the deep deft between her tits disappearing down into her bra.

Pat unbuttoned the rest of Jill's blouse, then fumblingly pulled it from her. Then he reached around behind the quietly smiling brunette, struggling with the catch of her brassiere. He'd never been very talented at this part of the seduction game. He bated all brassiere catches with a passion. They never seemed to open for him.

Finally, it was Jill who had to reach around behind her back and unfasten the clasp. Her bra peeled from her full tits like a glove. Pat stared at the big, pink-tipped globes, dancing and swaying erotically as Jill moved.

"Jesus!" he biased.

Forgetting everything else but the lush tits bouncing nakedly in front of his staring eyes, Pat reached out and sank his fingers into their resilient softness.

"Mmmmm," Jill sighed.

The dope had made her so sensitive. Pat's hands on her tits felt wonderful. Soft waves of feeling ran down from her mauled tits, through her belly, and into her loins. Her cunt spasmed eagerly.

Pat knelt in front of Jill, made her bend down a little and began sucking and licking her tits.

"Aaanhhhh," Jill moaned happily.

Her tits felt twice their normal size, hotly alive, trembling with pleasure. She watched Pat take his mouth from one nipple and move it to the next. The nipple he'd just left was shiny with his saliva.

And swollen hard as a pebble. Jill placed her hands at the sides of her tits, and pushed in and up, thrusting them forward towards Pat's hungry lips. Once she got going, there was nothing at all sexually shy about Jill.

Pat was so engrossed in Jill's beautiful tits that for the time being he forgot about the rest of her. Then he slowly became aware of a heady, rich odor, wafting up from the excited brunette's crotch. It was her pussy juice bubbling out in a slow steady stream.

Kneeling as he was, it was easy for Pat to reach up under Jill's skirt and pull down her panties. His eager fingers slid up between her thighs, heading for her now-naked cunt. Once again, Jill helped by spreading her legs. Pat, who had been pushing against a soft hairy mass of spongy crotch-flesh, suddenly felt her cunt open up. His finger slipped up into her hot, wet pussy-slit.

"Ooohhhh," Jill whimpered.

At last! Pat's fingers were in her snatch. It was all going to happen. He was going to fuck her!

Soaking his finger in Jill's cunt juice, Pat slowly slipped it up and down the trembling wife's hot slit. When he was sure his finger was as slippery as it would get, he carefully worked it up into her waiting cunt. One knuckle deep, two, then all the way to his palm.

He got more reaction than he'd expected. As soon as Jill felt her lover's finger slip up into her twat, after weeks of seemingly hopeless waiting, she literally exploded. Jill had one of the quickest, most savage orgasms of her life.

"AAAAAA!" she choked out.

Her head twisted back, her eyes wide-open but unseeing. Her crotch pounded forward wildly, driving against Pat's impaling finger. Hot gushes of pussy juice shot out over his hand. The girl's entire torso writhed and twisted, for five, maybe six seconds. Then she relaxed, putting her hands on Pat's shoulders to steady herself. She was shaking all over.

"When are you going to fuck me?" she panted, for as intense as her quickie orgasm had been, her body craved cock. A rigid pulsing shaft ramming up into her horny cunt.

Pat was stunned. Never before in his life had he met a woman like this. Jill's very sexuality overwhelmed him. He knew he was going to have a hell of a lot on his hands when it finally came time to pound his prick up into her snug pussy-hole. The same pussy-hole so snugly wrapped around his finger. He could feel its powerful internal muscles clasping and unclasping, sucking at his hand.

Jill began tearing at her skirt. It fell in a heap around her thighs, trapped by Pat's arm. He had to pull his finger out of her twat before she could completely kick tee of the brief garment. His finger came out with a wet sucking sound, the lewdest he'd ever heard.

Jill was now completely naked. Pat stood up, backing away to get a good look at her.

"My God!" he murmured.

She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Lushly, beautifully built, honey-dark skin, full, solid tits, an in curving waist flaring out into rich hips and thighs. And a perfect triangle of flossy brown pussy hair pointing straight down at her cunt.

Jesus. I'm going to fuck that! Pat thought incredulously.

This gorgeous, sexy woman was waiting for him to shove his aching cock up into the snug cunt his finger had been investigating. Maybe she'd cum like that again, going wild, as soon as his prick made its way up into her box. If she did, he doubted he could hold her down. She was obviously strong as hell.

"Aren't you going to take your clothes off?" Jill purred, coming close to Pat and unbuttoning his shirt.

When he was naked to the waist, she teasingly dragged her erect nipples under his chest. Pat thought he was going to pass out.

Jill's fingers were at his belt. Then unzipping his fly. He felt his pants dropping, leaving him naked except for his shorts. Automatically he kicked his pants any from his ankles.

Jill looked eagerly at the bulge inside Pat's tort. Disappointed, she saw it wasn't very big. Well, maybe his cock just wasn't hard yet. She'd take care of that.

Pat was becoming so self-conscious about the eager way Jill was staring at his crotch that he insisted upon turning around to take off his shorts.

Jill took the hint. She demurely turned, and lay on the bed. The soft fur of the cover felt wonderfully erotic against her naked back. Just like she'd thought it would when she first came into the room. Now she knew she'd intended to fuck Pat from the first. At least her body had. And it had forced her mind to follow.

She caught sight of Pat's lean, naked body as he launched himself onto the bed next to her. She couldn't make out whether his cock was any harder.

He was really thin, she thought as she felt him press against her. How different he was going to feel from Hal.

Jill's arms wrapped around Pat's shoulders as he once again buried his face in her lush tits. Jill was lying on her back, legs slightly spread, arching her back a little to thrust her tits up against Pat's slavering mouth. He was on his stomach, his cock buried underneath him.

Thrills rippled through Jill's body as Pat licked and slurped at her tits. Her nipples were so swollen they hurt a little. But it was a good hun.

When's he going to fuck me? Jill kept wondering.

She was ready to go. Still, she sighed happily when Pat laid one hand against her pussy-mound and began to play. She spread her thighs eagerly. His finger slipped up into her pussy slit again.

"Oooohhhh!" the turned-an brunette moaned.

Pat had found her clit this time. His agile fingers danced and flicked over the highly sensitive little nubbin. Jill's hips jerked helplessly upward. God, he was making her feel good! Ready to fuck! Wild to fuck!

Pat shoved a finger up her pussy-hole. Jill felt herself opening up. Pat inserted another finger, and another. Soon, he was finger-fucking her so hard his hand slapped loudly against her pussy-mound.

"Mmmmnnn... that's the way, lover! Oooohhhh, yes!" Jill crooned. "You're making me feel wonderful! So hot! Now fuck me!"

Jill tried to roll Pat over on top of her. He resisted, but finally propped himself up on his side, facing her. Jill's hand greedily reached out for his cock.

Limp as a rag. The surprised young woman found herself holding about three inches of soft, floppy prick. My God! Couldn't he get it up?

Pat read the panic in Jill's eyes. He flushed beet-red. "I... I'm sorry," he said miserably. "You're so fucking beautiful, and I've wanted you for so long... It's just all too much."

Jill was horrified. Oh. God! She wasn't going to get fucked! She'd heard of situations like this, where the man was so frantically eager that his entire body seized up. This was one of those times.

Despair flooded the young housewife's soul. But the look of total misery on Pat's face told her he felt even worse about it than she did. Jill felt suddenly full of compassion.

"That's okay," she said. "Another time." She felt like Earth Mother, lying naked and fertile, sexual power oozing from every pore. Too much power. She'd shorted Pat out.

She began stroking him gently, then placed his hand back on her tits, happy at least to have her nipples paid attention to. Pat looked immensely relieved. He'd been expecting scorn from Jill, blame.

"This... this has never happened to me before," he stammered. "Maybe it's the dope... maybe..."

"Just take it easy," Jill said soothingly.

She wanted to tell him she was so miserably horny she felt like crying. She wanted to ask him if he had a friend with a big hard cock, who could come over and fuck her. His foreplay had brought her to a peak of sexual readiness like she'd never experienced before. She wanted to scream!

But good breeding made Jill grit her teeth and ft continue making soothing sounds. Fortunately, it paid off.

Encouraged that he wouldn't have to immediately go and cut his throat in shame, Pat started scooting lower on the bed. "Hard-on or no hard-on, there's still one thing I can do," he said, grinning up at Jill.

"Hey! What're you doing?" Jill demanded as Pat began wriggling his shoulders in between her legs, which wasn't hard, because he was really very thin.

"I'm gonna eat your snatch," Pat mumbled. "I'm gonna tongue your pussy until you go out of your fucking mind."

Oh, Jesus, more foreplay, Jill thought despairingly. He was going to get her so hot she'd have an epileptic stroke. But he seemed so eager to please she hated to stop him. Resignedly, the disappointed young woman spread her legs for him.

Then she was glad she had. The most knowingly alive mouth she'd ever felt pressed itself against her cunt.

"Ahhhh!" Jill yelped. Her body spumed powerfully at Pat's tongue lanced up into her stunned pussy-slit.

Jill lost all sense of time and place. Her body was a big tuning fork on which Pat's mouth was playing a melody. For the time being she forgot her intense desire to be fucked. All that mattered were the incredible feelings Pat was lapping into her cunt.

Pat was surprised. He had been a little nervous about gluing his mouth to Jill's match, remembering how wildly she had spasmed when he'd fist dipped a finger up her twat. He was worried she might buck so hard she'd break his neck.

But Jill's hips moved slowly, languorously, her cunt twisting sensually up against his slavering mouth. He had all the time in the world to work on her honey-sweet clit. Jesus, but she had a nice cunt!

With his face buried in pussy-flesh, Pat stared upward, over the soft curse of Jill nervously fluttering belly to the high mounds of her tits. Pink-tipped little mountain peaks. He slid his hands up over her loins, reaching high until he had cupped a lush, swollen tit in each hand. His fingers worked on the nipples while his mouth was full of cunt.

Pat paid a lot of attention to Jill's clit at first, lightly licking the swollen little sex-bud. It felt to Jill like someone brushing her cunt with a live electric wire. Little tremors of pure joy rippled over her skin. Then Pat shoved his tongue straight up her pussy-hole, as far in as it would go.

"Uuh... uuh... uuuh..." Jill panted.

Pat rammed his tongue up into her cunt rhythmically, as if it were a small wet, cock. It drove Jill wild, because while it felt good, the deeper recesses of her snatch screamed for attention.

When he had Jill almost crazy with desire, Pat shifted back to her clit. This time he actually sucked the taut little mound right into his mouth, clasping it gently between his lips while his tongue stabbed repeatedly against the tip. At the same time, he shoved a finger far up into Jill's cunt, right beneath his cunt-juice slippery chin.

"AAAAaaahhhhh!" Jill wailed.

She didn't know how much more she could stand. Pat was a master cunt-licker. Again and again he brought Jill to the brink of orgasm, and then he would change his attack, lessening the pressure, leaving Jill hanging at about thirty thousand feet. At first it drove her nuts. But gradually, a slow deep arousal began to replace her previous hair trigger readiness. She knew she could go on forever, more turned-on than she'd ever been in her life.

The longer Pat kept his face buried between Jill's lush thighs, the more comfortable he felt with her gorgeous body. He had her at his mercy now. Feeling her squirm and twist underneath his cunt-lashing tongue, he sensed a difference in his own body.

His cock was getting hard.

Very, very slowly. But he could feel it tingling and growing, throbbing in response to the sensual writhings of Jill's beautiful naked form.

He reached down with one hand and began jacking himself off. It helped. His cock got bigger and bigger, until at last it was fully erect.

Suddenly, just when Jill was teetering on the edge of an orgasm again, Pat pulled his mouth away from her cunt.

"Oooohhhh, not now!" she whimpered. "Don't stop!"

"Enough cunt-eating, baby. I got something better for you," Pat crowed. With his cock hard, all his self-confidence had come back. "I'm gonna stick my cock up your cunt and fuck your brains out!"

Jill looked down wonderingly. Compared to Hal's huge, rock-hard joint, Pat's dick looked pretty small potatoes.

"Are you sure its hard?" she asked innocently, then wished she'd kept her mouth shut. It was a cock and she'd better not scare it away again.

"Sure, it's hard," Pat growled, massaging his swollen prick with one hand. "Open up and say ah baby. I'm a comin' in!"

Pat fell hungrily on Jill's lush body. He guided the tip of his cock up into her pussy-slit. There was a moment's fumbling until he found her cunt-hole, but then hewn in, ramming his cock in as far as it would go.

"Oooohhh," Jill sighed with relief.

At last she had a cock up her cunt! Not the world's champion cock, for sure, but a warm, alive cock, stroking pleasure into her love-starved cunt!

On second thought, as Pat hunched his prick in and out other hot slippery hole, Jill supposed Pat's prick was long enough. It was just that it was so rubbery and flexible. Not as iron-hard as Hal's. Jill had been fucking one man for so long she'd forgotten that cocks come in all sizes, shapes, and textures.

But, rubbery or not, Pat knew how to use his prick! He stroked it creatively up into her snatch, sometimes coming in a little from one side, sometimes circling up from the bottom, or best of all, striking deep into her cunt and holding it there, flexing the bulbous cock-head.

"Oh, yes, lover! Fuck my brains out! Do anything you want with me." Jill panted.

At last it was happening. She had made the break, fucked someone other than Hal. And she was glad! How exciting to have this wonderfully different cock slithering in and out of her cunt. She had to admit, Hal had a somewhat more exciting cock, but nobody could eat pussy the way Pat did. She'd be willing to bet on that.

Pat put his hands under Jill's ass-cheeks and lifted up. He was amazingly strong. Jill felt her loins press tightly against Pat's pelvis. With her cunt tipped upward, he pined another inch into her steaming depths.

"Oh, yes! Yes, keep it up! Ram it all the way into my cunt... I think I'm going to cum!"

After such a long, tremendous build-up, the actual fucking seemed a little anticlimactic to both Pat and Jill. They were both already on the edge. Jill felt Pat's prick harden a little inside her cunt.

She knew he was about to cum. Funny, his face didn't get wild like Hal's did when he was ready to shoot his load. A thoughtful, almost dreamy expression creased Pat's features. Only at the last moment did she feel his body spasm with pleasure.

Pat mashed his mouth down against Jill's as his cock began to spit jism up into her twat. She could taste her own pussy juice on his lips. It excited her wildly, knowing that was what her cunt tasted like, and knowing Pat was cumming up inside her horny snatch. Her own orgasm started.

"Oh! OH! OOOOHHHH!" Jill wailed, her body thrashing suddenly out of control.

The orgasm Pat had artfully denied her for so long crashed over her like an avalanche. Her eyes rolled back a little, showing a lot of white. Her hands clenched wildly at the furred cover. Her legs stuck out straight, quivering.

"Let 'er rip, honey," Pat panted as he felt of his sperm, combined with Jill's girl-cum, spraying out of her cunt, soaking into his pubic hair. A real snapping pussy!

Even though he'd finished cumming, Pat kept ramming his slowly shrinking cock as far as it would go up inside Jill's convulsing pussy, until at last she flopped back, exhausted.

"Please... no more!" she begged. All she wanted to do was get her breath back.

After a decent interval, Pat rolled from Jill's sated body. She lay breathing heavily, her eyes shining.

"Did you like it?" Pat asked smugly, knowing damned well she had. He'd redeemed his initial failure to get it up.

Had she liked it? Jill found the question almost absurd. Her whole being throbbed with fulfillment. Not only had she been fucked until her body had exploded into orgasm, but she had finally made the plunge, stepping outside her marriage for sex. Jill searched her mind for guilt, but could find nothing but

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