Love in a changing booth (sex in shop,fuck,sexy)

Love in a changing booth

One afternoon in early October last year, I was clothes
shopping near the university in Nottingham when I had
one of those experiences you can usually only ever hope
for. As I went into one shop I noticed a really eye-
catching young woman, probably a student.

She was wearing a blue shirt and a pair of tight black
trousers that showed off her slim figure quite
beautifully. She was about 5' 7" with an easy, loose-
limbed elegance, wavy light brown hair down below her
shoulders, and a pretty but strong face, with big brown
eyes, a wide mouth, and high cheekbones.

We made eye contact and acknowledged each other with a
friendly, if brief, smile. Ah well, I thought, another
cute babe come and gone. A few minutes later I was in
another, rather quieter, shop just up the road. Towards
the back of the store I was browsing a low stand with
jeans on it, and quite by chance, there once more was
this same very good-looking woman across from me. We
acknowledged the coincidence with another smile, a
little longer this time.

When she bent down to pick up a pair of jeans, I had the
perfect view down the front of her shirt of her tits
hanging free. I must have been staring, for she glanced
up at me and gave me yet another smile, this time much
bigger, which I returned. She slowly straightened up and
held my gaze, and in a few moments we were both
absolutely intoxicated, lost deep inside one another's
eyes, imagining all sorts of scenarios.

It was one of the most unguarded and outrageously
wanton, sexual looks I have ever exchanged with anyone
in my entire life. After what seemed an age, she broke
eye contact, picked up a random pair of jeans, and
walked over to a changing booth, swinging her hips a
little and looking at me over her shoulder to make sure
I was looking at her. The booth had a curtain which she
nearly closed, deliberately leaving a gap.

I could clearly see her by walking a little to the side.
When she saw me watching her, she pulled her shirt up
over her head and dropped it on the floor. Her tits were
just perfect, fairly small and very pert. Best of all
was her tan, which made her pale breasts seem to glow,
with nice dark nipples providing a glorious contrast.

She beckoned me over with a finger, cupped her tits, and
mouthed, "Come here." I slid into the booth beside her,
my cock already on the rise, my heart beating hard, and
made sure the curtain was all the way across.

"You're fucking gorgeous," I whispered, not quite
believing this was happening.

"I'm gorgeous fucking, too," she replied, with a wicked
grin. "What's your name?"


"I'm Amanda, Joe. Pleased to meet you!" She reached out
her hand, I thought to shake mine, but with a quiet
chuckle she reached past my outstretched hand and
stroked my crotch. "You feel like you're pleased to meet

"Oh, you've got that right," I said.

Amanda undid the button at the top of my trousers,
worked the zip down a little, and then pushed her hand
down inside my underpants. I shuddered as she grasped my
dick nice and firmly and started rubbing it. "Have I got
this right, too?" She was smiling up at me, obviously
enjoying herself a great deal.

"Yes, you have!" I was gasping quietly, trying not to
make it obvious to other people in the shop what was
happening. The thrill of possible discovery just added
to my excitement.

While she continued wanking me gently inside my
trousers, I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. Then I
pulled her to me and felt her sweet little tits pressing
up against my bare chest. I always love that feeling.
"Kiss me," I whispered, and she stretched her neck up
and opened her mouth. Her lips met mine and the
electricity of our tongues touching made turned me on
even more. We kissed deeply, tonguing back and forth.

"God, you taste good," I said. It was hard for her to
keep her hand going as we kissed, so I moved back a

She got a more comfortable grip on my cock while I
unbuttoned and unzipped her trousers. I pushed my hand
down inside the front of her knickers and felt the
glorious warmth of her bush and her plump little sex.
She was already really wet, and wriggled her hips a bit
to give me better access.

I inserted the middle finger of my right hand up her
liquid smoothness and worked with my index and ring
fingers to open and caress her pussy lips. With my thumb
I lightly tickled her clit. We kissed again, and with my
left hand I caressed her tits, gently kneading the
nipples between finger and thumb.

Now she too was gasping quietly. "I love how your cock
is in my hand, Joe, but I need to feel you inside me,"
she whispered.

I thought I must have died and gone to heaven: a
beautiful stranger liked the prospect of having me as
much as I liked her and was willing to put out for me
there and then on the strength of one lusty look. She
peeled her trousers and kickers down to her ankles and
turned away from me. She spread her feet a little way
apart, bent over a little, and stuck her gorgeous, firm
bum out towards me.

Looking over her shoulder again she said, "Fuck me, Joe,
nice and quietly. Fuck me standing here." Her cheeks
were milky white, again contrasting very sexily with her
suntan above and below her bikini line. Her lips were
lightly covered in a pale fuzz, through which her open,
waiting pussy was clearly visible.

I lowered my trousers and briefs and stepped the small
step over to her. My cock was hot and hard, primed for
action, and positioned itself with no help from my hands
right at the entrance to her juicy hole. She reached
down between her legs, grasped my cock, and guided it
easily home into her soft tight hot wetness. I almost
cried out with joy but managed to suppress it. She felt
so good, so soft and welcoming as I thrust gently into
her, my balls nestling up against her vulva each time I
reached the top of my stroke.

I reached round and fondled her sweet tits. She was
right; she was gorgeous fucking. Watching my cock piston
in and out of her was so exciting, particularly the way
her pussy lips would come out about a half-inch each
time I began to withdraw. I was so turned on by both the
suddenness and the risk of the encounter � never mind
the incredible things that were happening to my body �
that disappointingly soon I felt myself close to the
edge of orgasm.

"I think I'm going to cum soon, if we're not careful," I

"Wait!" said Amanda. "Let me first. Lick your finger and
do my arsehole while you fuck me. Don't you dare cum
inside me, though. I'm not on the pill or anything, OK?"

"Not a problem, sweetheart," I said. I gave my middle
finger a good suck and tried to insert it up her bum.

At first her sphincter muscles tightened up and wouldn't
let me in, but after a little tickling and a little
wiggling she relaxed and I slid it up to the first
knuckle, all the while fucking her sweet pussy.
"Further, mmmh." As the second knuckle and then my whole
finger disappeared, I felt her orgasm starting from
somewhere deep inside.

"Oh, yes, that's so good, in and out, in and out." As my
finger went in my, cock went out, and vice-versa. I was
trying very hard � and managing � not to tip over the
edge of orgasm myself. Very quickly I felt her breath
constrict and her pussy tighten in quick spurts and get
even more juiced up. Then just as quickly her body
relaxed and she turned her head to smile at me
breathlessly. "Thanks! Finger out, now please," she
whispered. "Your turn."

I gave no more than half a dozen quick thrusts with my
cock, then, feeling the familiar build-up in my balls,
pulled out as she turned round and knelt down. "Cum
here," she said, pointing to her chest. She cupped her
tits just as she had when she invited me to join her in
the changing booth. I took my cock in my hand and pumped
once, twice, three times and then � aaaahhh � I quietly
erupted a hot rope of cum over her sweet little boobs.

With each stroke of my hand more cum spurted out onto
her. I rubbed the head of my cock on each of her nipples
and continued stroking until the last drops of jizz were
out. Shaking, I knelt down in front of her, and we
looked long and hard into each others' eyes, smiling. I
took her face in both my hands and we kissed again, long
and deep. She stroked my cock as we kissed.

She whispered, "We'd better clean up and get dressed,
Joe. Someone may be getting suspicious, we've been in
here so long."

In fact the whole encounter was less than 10 minutes, a
very quick fuck by my normal standards, but still an
awful long time for two people to be trying on one pair
of jeans! Amanda got some tissues out of her handbag and
gently wiped my mess off her tits. She was so cute
looking down at her chest while she did that, that it
made me want to start fucking her again, which might not
have been the best timing.

She went to wipe my cock off too, but I asked her not
to, as I wanted to continue enjoying the smell and feel
of her pussy juice on me. We dressed quickly and emerged
from the booth. The shop was still pretty empty, and
fortunately no one noticed the two of us coming out of
the same booth. She tossed the jeans back on the display
and hand-in-hand we walked out into the sunny autumn

That was the beginning of a fun couple of months. We had
a great deal of great sex, some of it in semi-public
places, which was always an added turn-on, but over the
weeks we realized that we didn't really have a lot in
common. We both wanted more out of a relationship than
just good screwing, so by Christmas we decided, quite
amicably, to stop seeing each other.

I was sorry to say goodbye to the wonderful sex, but not
at all sorry to have had this beautiful and gloriously
wanton woman in my life and bed and pants for a while.

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