Margaret Turns Forty - sex story

Margaret Turns Forty

Margaret looked into the full-length mirror and she
liked what she saw. She couldn't believe that this
slim, beautiful woman, staring back at her, was really
her. It didn't seem possible that she had just turned

Now just look at her. She was getting dressed in her
motel room. She hadn't put her dress on yet. She was
wearing a black garter belt, with matching bra,
panties, and shear silk stockings. She continued to
watch herself as she slipped her short black dress
over her head. It was form fitting and really showed
off her body, slim, tight, and youthful looking. The
black 3 inch heals finished the ensemble and made her
look like she always wanted to look - the type of
woman who turned heads when she walked in to the room.

She stopped at the mirror to give her hair and make-up
a final once check. Like her, they were perfect,
though she would have never dreamed of describing her-
self as perfect.

Pausing at the mirror, Margaret thought how lucky she
was to have a job that let her travel a little. Not
to much but enough to get away from home when the
environment became to stifling with kids, husbands and

Satisfied at last, she walked out of her door. Her
plan was to go to the lounge, have a couple of drinks,
perhaps even dance and flirt a little and then go to
bed. This is exactly what the night was to bring, but
she never imagined that it would happen the way that
it did.

The lounge was the same as any lounge in the nicer
motels. A bar, dark, with bored travelers looking for
some diversion. Margaret sat down at the bar and
ordered her first drink. She decided to be daring and
had alcohol, a margarita, instead of her normal Diet
Pepsi. When she looked back on this night she always
felt that this was a major factor in the decisions she
made that night, decisions that she regretted but
decisions, the memories of which, also gave her a
wicked thrill.

Like most lounges, there weren't many women. There
were none there that looked half as good she. Before
long she had two unsolicited drinks sitting in front
of her and had firmly, but politely, rebuffed three
offers for company.

She was thinking about leaving and going back to her
room when a man walked up. Not a man really. She
suspected that he was about 20, half her age. However,
he was stunning. Tall, athletic - a dream come true.
When he asked her to dance she said yes without even
thinking twice. On the dance floor he moved with the
grace of a trained dancer and the energy of youth.

She was very flattered with this younger man's atten-
tion but three dances, without a break, was too much
for her. Especially when the last dance was slow and
she felt the flutter of desire when she was in his
arms. What was she thinking? She knew she could be
his mother, but she wanted him and she could feel that
the desire was reciprocated.

They walked back to the bar together and sat down. He
was bright, funny, charming, and exuded a masculine
appeal that had her blushing like a sixteen-year-old
virgin. When they at last sat she was thirsty and hot,
and she had gulped her margarita down. Before she had
realized it she had had three drinks and was consider-
ing another.

The man was very solicitous to her needs and she could
feel a chemistry building between them. They talked
about what he did (a student) and what he wanted out
of life. She felt a special rapport building with him
and the age difference didn't seem to matter.

She couldn't believe her own words when she asked him
to come to her room "to relax". He smiled and said it
would be great but that he would rather go to his room,
in the motel across the street. She didn't know him
and should have known better, but she saw herself
picking up her purse and change and walking out the
door with the young man.

When they got into his room he dimmed the lights. She
noticed that he hadn't locked the door but, at the
time, gave it no thought. He took her into his arms
and kissed her. She felt herself melting into him and
returning his kiss with a passion that surprised even

Before long she was down to garter and heels and he
asked her to leave it on. His body was perfect. Taught,
firm, a dancers body, with a hard, slim musculature
that she found very erotic. She was down on her knees;
worshipping his slim tapered cock. She licked and
stroked him and was very satisfied when she felt his
cum flowing into her mouth.

"Not bad for an old broad." she thought.

He gasped, and pulled her head towards him when he
came. She choked on his cock and had to work hard to
free herself so that she could breath.

He sat down on the bed and pulled her to him. He went
down on her and what he lacked in knowledge; he made
up for in enthusiasm. Margaret came to a satisfying,
if not thunderous, orgasm.

Being young, he was already hard again, and quickly
entered her. He like many young men, thought the way
to satisfy her was to pound as long and hard as he
could. He had incredible staying power. Margaret
wasn't used to this and, when he finally came, she
was already a bit sore. She realized that he was
young and trying to please her. Next time, she
thought, I'll let him know how to do it.

She was lying in bed with him, already feeling guilty,
when he reached over and turned the room light on. Now,
why would he do that, she thought?

She only later realized that this was a signal to the
other four men waiting outside. Shortly after the
light came on, four men walked into the room.

The tallest one said, "Well Tom, what have you got
for us this time...?

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