Marie's training intensifies - sex story

Marie's training intensifies

Lora opened the lid of the can of protein drink. She scooped one full tablespoon and dumped it into a tall glass. She looked down at her friend, kneeling on the hard tiles just a few feet away to her left. Marie's eyes were red and tears dripped down her cheeks but she stayed silent as instructed. The stiff posture collar kept her head turned upward, the tears running into her ears and down her neck. There were pools in the spots where her hands rested on the collar, fingers clasped tightly behind her neck.
"Get up and move backward an inch," Lora said casually, dipping the scoop into the can again.
A quiet sob escaped Marie's lips as she struggled to lift her knees. Her legs wouldn't respond for several seconds, then finally they came up an inch or so off the tiles. Some of the rice and half-peas were embedded in her pale flesh, some of it fell to the floor as she moved.
"Add another quarter cup of each" Lora said casually.
Marie just whispered, "Yes Mistress." She opened her knees slightly, resting now on the balls of her feet.
"Well, go ahead," Lora snapped.
Marie squeezed her eyes shut and whimpered slightly. She struggled to get to her feet but fell over sideways. Her legs were completely fatigued, Lora had put her there at exactly six-twenty, just as she had every morning since she moved in with her. That was exactly two weeks ago and it wasn't any easier kneeling there now than it was that first time.
Lora went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of distilled water, poured it into the protein powder. Marie pushed herself up with her hands, waddled slowly to the counter and picked up the bag of rice and peas. She twisted it open and poured about a quarter cup on the floor where she'd been kneeling.
"Good girl. Back into position now," Lora said. Marie twisted the bag closed and walked slowly back to her spot. Lora looked at the kitchen clock. It was only six-thirty. Marie had been kneeling only ten minutes, she had another fifteen to go.
"Breakfast was fine, dear," Lora said. "How did it feel, branching out a bit?"
"It felt wonderful, Mistress," Marie said. She reached for the edge of the counter to steady herself, knelt back down on the tiny shells, gasping at the pain, then let go of the counter and crossed her fingers behind her neck again.
Lora pulled a chair across the kitchen floor and sat down beside her. "I think you've seen enough bondage movies for a while." She slid the end of a turkey baster into the tall glass and sucked up three inches of the protein drink. "Open up." Marie opened her mouth and Lora slid the long tube between her lips, across her tongue and down into the back of her throat. Marie didn't gag until it was a full two inches past her epiglottis. She jerked forward slightly and Lora squeezed the bulb, shooting the drink directly into her throat.
"You're getting better," she said sweetly. Marie blinked back the tears, closed her lips around the plastic tube and moved her head up and down slightly. "Good. Good cocksucker training," Lora said, then leaned forward and kissed Marie on the cheek.
Lora pulled the tube out and said, "open up." Marie opened her mouth anxiously and Lora dumped the rest of the drink onto her face. Marie swallowed desperately but nearly half of it overflowed her mouth and ran down the front of her body. She moaned.
"You don't need all of that, do you?" Lora teased. She set the glass down on the counter and reached for Marie's nipples. She squeezed them between her finger and thumb, held them still, increasing the pressure the letting go, watching her friend's eyelids close and open as the waves of feeling went through her.
"You know, you've lost six pounds in just two weeks. I'm impressed. And I think this diet is helping, isn't it?"
"Yes, Mistress," Marie whispered.
It was true. She'd wrestled with her weight her whole life. She was still nearly a hundred pounds over her "ideal" weight but had never been able to make much of a dent in it. Lora was going to change all that. Marie was giving her under a thousand calories a day and most of that was protein powder or vegetable drinks. She hadn't had a real meal since the first night they'd been together, the night John had agreed to let the two of them bring him "a surprise".
Lora had explained to him at their last get together four nights ago that the weight loss easn't really a goal. Lora had friends all over the world who wanted to have their way with a plumper. Controlling Marie's diet was more of a psychological tool for Lora to help her friend get rid of the years of conservative defenses she'd built up around her own sexual nature. Lora knew her friend well enough to know she had a deep submissive streak and was aroused by obedience. And by pain. Marie could just never admit it to herself. At least, not before now.
She let go of Marie's nipples and watched her friend's body shudder, then deflate ever so slightly, her arousal short-circuited again. It didn't matter. She knew what was next and she could wait. Their routine had been the same every day and today was no exception.
"Six forty-five," Lora announced. "You can get up and clean this mess up. Be in your room in five minutes."
"Yes, Mistress," Marie stammered, pulling herself up on the edge of the counter. Her knees and legs were in agony but she didn't want to lose any time. She took the hand broom and swept up the peas and rice, poured them back into the bag she used every morning. Then, she walked to her room as quickly as she could, her legs stiff from the pain, her knees barely able to bend, but her body anxious for what was coming next.
Marie sat on the bed, her hands in her lap, as instructed. Lora unbuckled the posture collar and took it off. Marie was completely naked now, her big tits and the roll of fat around her waist pale and white against the burgundy colored sheets. The first few days, she'd tried to cover herself whenever she could but eventually she got comfortable being naked around Lora and now she felt a bit off when Lora's friends came over and she had to get dressed. She looked down at her knees and shins, the deep red indentations from the peas and rice were still well-defined and painful. Looking at them turned her on and she opened her legs, letting her hands slip just a little further down until she was pressing the base of her thumb against her clitoris. She started to rub and opened her legs wider, watching Lora at the computer terminal.
"Already starting, are we?" she asked without turning her head.
Marie answered softly, "yes, Mistress. It's six fifty."
"And..." Lora asked, enjoying making Marie repeat her memorized litany as often as possible.
"And this one's cunt is hungry, hungry for dildoes and fingers and fists. It's cunt is for abuse. It's asshole is for fucking, its rectum craves meat. Its anus is for sucking cock and its mouth is there only to make men happy." Marie shuddered as she talked. Lora had made her write the little speech over and over hundreds of times in a notebook during their first week.
"And the rest of you?"
Marie closed her eyes and rubbed herself faster between the legs. The second part turned her on even more than the first. "Its flesh is to beat. Its tongue is for cleaning assholes, balls and cunts. Its mind is for depravity and its entire reason for being is as an object of pleasure. You may use me any way you like." She came as she said the word "object" and kept shuddering through the rest of the speech.
"Good," Lora said, standing up. "Here, I've found something for you."
Marie slid back on the bed until she was leaning against the headboard. The big screen television lit up and Marie was watching three women in business suits who were busy wiring up another younger woman, big breasted and naked. They wrapped copper wires around her fingers and toes and TENS pads all over her body. Marie was puzzled but the woman was beautiful and her eyes locked on the woman's belly, flat and tanned.
"You'll be shocked as well once we get further into your training. You remember the small shockers you wore for John in the bar that night? Well, soon it will be time for you to graduate."
Lora left the room, locking it from the outside while Marie settled down for the first of her three daily porn-and-masturbation sessions. Lora had started those right off as well. At six forty-five and again at nine, Lora locked her in her room and Marie watched porn and masturbated. The first few days, Lora had stayed with her, making sure she was constantly touching, probing, using the vibrators and dildoes Lora provided, and not taking her eyes off of the screen. Now, Marie was an eager student, fascinated by and curious about the depths of the depravities these women had allowed to be captured on video. Everything turned her on and she was constantly cumming. From the first videos of fuck-and-suck sessions to threesomes to bondage and light spanking, she welcomed every new bit of sexual information like a starving person at a buffet. She had so many years to make up for.
At seven forty-five, the lights flashed and the television shut itself off. Marie was lost in another world, the vibrator pressed have between her legs. She had been cumming non-stop for the last ten minutes, her eyes glued to a pair of slim Asian women who were kissing and stroking each other, each helping the other try to ignore the shocks that were being administered by a timer on the wall behind them.
She pulled herself back into the real world and turned off the vibrator, set it down on the table next to the bed. She sat there and turned her head, stared into the bathroom.
Marie still hated this part of the morning, even five weeks later. She ran through the steps in her mind, dreading each one, feeling her stomach turn, wanting to throw up. First was what Lora called "thinning her bush". Marie hated this more than most of the rest of it. Lora was turning her into one of the bimbos in the videos. Yes, she wanted to experience these things, but no, she didn't want to have to be one of the silicon-titted, clean-shaved pencil-thin models in the movies. She was proud of her thick, lush cunt bush and John always said he loved it too. Now, Lora had her plucking twenty hairs from that bush each morning, holding them in her mouth through the rest of the morning's routine.
Next were the two enemas she had to give herself. These were horrible but not because of the pain or the humiliation. They were horrible because they were always filmed. Lora told her that the videos were fetching a good price with her worldwide clients but that she wasn't satisfied. At the start of week 6 of her 'training', the feeds would be live - video and sound. That was only a few days away now and Marie dreaded it terribly. But Lora insisted it would bring double the price she was getting for the recordings.
The first enema was a single bag of soapy, warm water. Marie held it in for only five minutes, then squatted over the toilet and emptied herself into the bowl. The second one was the tough one. Lora insisted on two full bags, then an anal plug.
Marie got up off of the bed, went into the bathroom and turned on the warm water. She took the box from under the sink that contained the hoses, bags and nozzles she would need. Lora had already picked out the plug. Marie picked it up and circled the base with her thumb and finger. Bigger again. Lora had been gradually up-sizing the dildoes every few days, this one would stretch her asshole to a little over two inches diameter. At its widest point, it flared to twice that. but she was confident it would slip inside her easily. That confidence sent a shudder of excitement through her. She was getting what she wanted. And more.
After she finished plucking, she licked the twenty hairs off of her palm and felt them spreading across her tongue, floating in her saliva just above her taste buds. She didn't gag and was proud of it.
She drained the first enema out easily then filled herself with the second batch. She looked at the clock - eight twenty-nine. The same time every day. She would spend eight-thirty until nine on her back in bed, motionless, another component of Lora's training. She'd cried every day and wondered if today would be any different.
Walking slowly from the bowl to the sink, she drew and drank three tall glasses of water -- in a few hours, Lora would exercise yet another type of absolute control over Marie's body.
Moving slowly - the pain in her legs was still noticeable - she headed back toward the bed. Even walking like this, each step measured in inches, she could hear the soapy water sloshing around inside her. She fought back the tears.
Marie lay down on the bed, slid herself into the exact center, then put her feet together and her arms at her sides. Now the awful waiting began.
The first few days, she had no idea what Lora had in mind with this half-hour of absolute stillness. But as the weeks went on, it became more and more clear. It was a daily half-hour in hell.
Today, the bladder was first. Marie struggled to keep her body still but the need to piss was strong and she clenched. That sent a shock wave through her belly and the water in her rectum and colon responded, sending waves of pain up and down her back. She raised her hips but that only made the water move upward, pushing against her lungs. The pain shot through her chest and down to her ass again.
Marie started crying. She cried more easily now. The first days and weeks, she'd managed to hold out until the half hour was nearly over. Twice, she didn't cry at all. She'd been proud of that, she had beaten Lora. But that was all behind her. Now, she knew it was inevitable and surrendered herself to it at the slightest sign. She no longer even bothered to curl her hands into fists. Her arms and legs were strangely relaxed, but the rest of her, neck to crotch, was clenched tight and trembling. She squeezed her eyes tight, her breathing fast and shallow, her head pressed backward hard into the mattress.
What did I get myself into? This is insane! The thoughts scurried through her head, hardly registering against the backdrop of pain radiating from her insides. She's going to ruin me, I'm never going to be able to go out without diapers or maybe I'll have to have surgery. My insides are ruined, my colon is stretched, I am never going to recover.
Marie knew it wasn't true, Lora explained it to her over and over the first few weeks, but she couldn't escape the fear. Then, the anger came. What the fuck is John thinking? I said I wanted to try something new, not...aaarrggghhhh. I can't even think straight. Fuck the two of them Fuck them! I am not going to go on with this.
It was the same every day, back and forth between fear and anger, and always against the backdrop of her insides cramping up. By now, even this many weeks later, her legs started moving involuntarily, knees bending, kicking at the sheets, and always, she ended up with her knees wide and raised, trying with all her might to push out the plug, picturing the water spraying all over the bed and the wall and the relief she would feel, the blessed relief! as her body drained and the water flooded onto the floor.
But it never happened. the plug was always too big, Lora was a master, a scientist at this, Marie felt it pushing, pushing, but always it was too big to push all the way through. And she would relent and relax and swoon as the plug slid back in, pushing the water deeper inside her, her belly swimming again like it was floating at sea, then the camps setting back in.
And always, while this was going on, she would hear Lora's voice in her ear, "your body is mine, I control everything you do, everything, everything..." She let her hand slide between her legs and started masturbating, shuddering because she knew that an orgasm with this much water inside her body would rip her apart but not caring, I don't care, I need the pain to stop and if I cum the pain will go away for a second, for a second, that's all I need, just a second without this pain..
And then, as she'd felt for the last three weeks, just as she was getting to the point of cumming, there were Lora's hands firmly pulling her fingers away from her cunt.
"Time's up. It's time to flush your ass and get ready for the movies," Lora said.
Marie, pure animal now, nodded and muttered, "yes, yes, yes, yes" and tried to sit up. She cried from the pain and Lora held her, walked her into the bathroom and over the edge of the bathtub.
"There you go, dear, there you go," she said as Marie squatted, still crying and incoherent. "Are you ready?" Marie's head bobbed up and down eagerly, her arms braced against the front of the shower, tears running down her face. She opened her legs and Lora pulled the plug hard. Marie dropped to her knees as the flood of water splashed all over the tub, all over her legs and feet and back, the pain of the cramps replaced by the pain of release. Inevitably, she'd lose her bladder as well, the spray splashing against the front wall of the tub.
It took her nearly five minute this time to get herself back under control and coherent. She looked into Lora's eyes and said softly, "thank you."

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