Mary Masturbates (F-solo, mast)

Mary Masturbates

If she was feeling particularly horny, on the evenings
when she didn't have a date, she would enjoy the
pleasures of her body herself. She didn't think of it as
masturbation. Masturbation was evil. Rather she was just
relaxing herself for a good night's sleep. Sex for one
was often better than sex for two.

Mary liked the feeling of a cock in her cunt, especially
if it was used by an expert. But she found in high
school that she could often give herself better climaxes
than she got with many of the boys she dated.

Usually with guys it was over too quickly. When she
pleasured herself she could spend as much time as she
wanted on whatever gave her the most satisfaction. She
learned that, while she probably was not truly multi-
orgasmic, she could have several orgasms in a single
session if she took her time and did herself properly.

Mary had a short latency period between climaxes. She
could make herself cum, having not just a minimal climax
but a wild, leg thrashing, one, rest for a few minutes
to catch her breath, then do it to herself again. Her
youth helped her recover quickly and, of course, she
knew just how to touch herself.

In a way she was sad that she grew so much that she had
to quit gymnastics. Gymnastic competitions gave her the
chance to display her nubile body in a very socially
accepting way. Basically Mary was an exhibitionist. She
could preen, pose, and show off her breasts and legs to
her heart's content.

The floor exercise was her best event. Mary treated this
routine as an opportunity to seduce the judges both by
her athleticism and femininity. She would intersperse
her tumbling routines and back flips with sexy poses
that were just shy of obscene. Mary often won the event
at local gymnastic meets, especially if the judges were
male. She was simply a beautiful and desirable nymphet.

When she undressed for bed she admired herself in the
bathroom mirror, turning all around so that she could
get a good view. She saw the reflection of a very
attractive young woman with a good athletic figure, nice
hips and a small waist. Her boobs were spectacular. Mary
was aware that she wasn't the most attractive girl in
school, at least judging by the criteria of the fashion
magazines. There were several that would clearly precede
her on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Mary was thankful that she had lucked out in the genetic
appearance sweepstakes. She knew she had a few flaws, of
course. She felt that her legs, and in fact all her
muscles, were too well defined. Her calves and thighs
were a bit too solid, her face too young. Mary didn't
quite meet the ideals of the models in Playboy. She also
knew that her "flaws" added to her sexuality and
probably drove her boyfriends crazy. But like most girls
she wanted to be perfect. Or at least as perfect as the
girls in the fashion magazines.

Mary's biggest flaw was the one that didn't show in the
mirror and was the hardest to acknowledge. She had very
weak impulse control, especially when it came to sex. If
she wanted to do it, she did it. She simply delighted in
the feelings that her very sexually responsive body
would let her experience. Mary found it very easy to
start making love, either to a partner or to herself,
and very hard to stop. Her body was her private
amusement park and she had a free pass on all the rides.

"I like the way I look," Mary said quietly to no one in
particular. "If I were a lesbian, I would love to "do"
me myself." She imagined herself sucking and licking a
mirror image of her body and got turned on by the very
thought. She could feel her nipples start to stiffen in
anticipation of self pleasuring. How wonderful it would
be to go 69 with a clone of herself, giving and
receiving orgasms for hours. Of course, she "did"
herself often, probably far too often.

Mary's face was perky and cute but too young and naive
looking to be on such a sexy, womanly body. It promised
a combination of worldliness and innocence. From the
neck up she looked like an attractive 14 year old. Her
cheeks were pink and a bit pudgy. She wore her hair in a
pony tail and used a minimum of makeup.

Mary could pass for a Playboy centerfold version of
every man's little sister or the young girl next door.
One of her friends suggested that she resembled Leslie
Caron in the film "Gigi," a young girl's face on a
courtesan's body. Mary read that all men wanted to fuck
their little sister. No wonder all the men she met
wanted to fuck her. If she was a man she would want to
fuck the girl in the mirror herself.

She often sat in front or her bedroom mirror watching
herself play with her body. It wasn't a narcissistic
self love. Rather she was so carnally obsessed that she
wanted to explore all aspects of her sexual nature.
There were times when Mary wished that she had a penis
so that she could have the experience of fucking

She knew the pleasures that she felt when a boy's cock
was plunging in and out of her cunt. Boys seemed to get
so excited and cum so quickly. It was as if their entire
sexual buildup was compressed into the few minutes that
their cock was in her cunt. She realized that even if
she did have a penis it would be anatomically impossible
to fuck herself with it. But she wished she could
experience what the boys felt when they made love to

Her boobs were her favorite toys, just made for sucking.
Mary's breasts kept growing all through high school. By
the time she was a senior they were a full size D, maybe
even bigger. The half melon sized tits were firm and
meaty without a trace of sag. They were warm and
comfortable. She held them in her arms and stroked the
surface just like petting a small puppy. They were her
secret friends, always with her, always willing to

Mary could tilt her breast up and put her entire nipple
in her mouth without having to bend her head. She could
barely lick her nipples when she was in grade school but
now she could grasp the entire end of her tit in her
mouth and suck and chew to her heart's content. The
feelings were indescribable. Warm, sexy, and very

She ran her tongue around the swollen nipple, exploring
each of the tiny bumps on her areola. She reveled in the
sensation. Her nipples were so sensitive. Chewing her
nipples sent little erotic surges through her entire
body. She even fantasized about sucking milk from her
breasts if she ever got pregnant.

As she looked at her image in the mirror, she raised
each breast to her mouth and planted a kiss on the
nipple. Just looking at her tits was exciting. She
raised her right breast with both hands and squeezed her
fingers around the middle. She loved squeezing her
tittie. The breast was both soft and resilient and
indented easily under her finger pressure. Squeezing and
pulling her tits hard made them hurt a little. She
realized that she was a bit of a maschocist. Mary knew,
through her reading, that sexual pain was exciting. It
added a little spice to her arousal. If she played with
her boobs long enough she could have an actual climax.

The end of her breast bulged under her finger pressure,
the areola and nipple growing even bigger. It felt so
good. Would it burst if she really squeezed tightly? She
pushed the expanded end into her mouth and bit down
hard. It hurt but the pain, mixed with the pleasure of
chewing her nipple, felt so erotic that it almost made
her cum. She would definitely have tooth marks on her
tit. She repeated with the left breast. No point playing
favorites. Then she winked and made a face at the mirror

Mary realized the absurdity of the sight, her very young
face sucking on her burlesque queen boobs. It was almost
perverse. But she enjoyed what she could do to her
outsized breasts and the feelings she got from the light
torture of her sensitive nipples.

Mary held a breast in her mouth with one hand and
lowered the other hand between her legs. She worked her
fingers in and out of the moist tunnel and when they
became sufficiently wet started stroking her clitoris.
Her consciousness was now totally centered on her
vagina. In her mind she became only a throbbing cunt.
She had no idea how long she fingered her cunt and
sucked her tittie.

It could have been seconds or it could have been
minutes. All she knew is that she couldn't stop doing it
to herself. She didn't intend to go all the way but her
body was calling the shots. She sucked harder and moved
her fingers faster. The feelings were intense. All Mary
could think about now was making herself cum. Just
before she climaxed the world seemed to vanish. Mary saw
nothing and all she could hear was her muted scream when
she orgasmed.

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