Meeting Elaine - sex story

Meeting Elaine

One of my earliest naughty escapades was when David and I were house hunting back in July 2011 when totally out of the blue I had very quickie sex with the husband of the house whilst he wife and my husband were downstairs. David had found that so erotic, as it was almost ‘sex with a stranger’ scenario, which at the time was his major turn on for me and it didn’t do me any harm either.

Dave and I had gone into the house and the husband Gary had looked at me and our eyes had sorta clicked; I’m not sure if his wife had seen it, but I’ve had that eye contact interchange about 5 times on first meet a guy and its lead to sex every time. Ho he managed it I’m not too sure but he got his wife to show Dave the garden as he and I went upstairs. I was very aware that as I went upstairs he was looking at my naked pussy, because all I had on was this very thin short summer halter necked dress and strappy high heels. He led me into a bedroom and unhooked the clasp of my halter neck and my dress floated to the floor.

As we kissed, I undid his belt and trousers and then he was inside me, hard and firm. It was fast and furious for maybe 5 minutes tops; I came hard as did he. We were both a bit flushed when we got back downstairs, I was dripping juice down my thighs and Dave immediately guessed what was up, by the time we got back to our car he was hard. I blew him as we drove home. I met Gary a couple of days later for a proper sex romp and he said he saw I was only wearing that dress as I stood in his doorway and it was an incredible turn on, I’ve met him on and off over the years now, many times, but that first instance was the hottest.

Of course part of that was being dressed in a way to encourage a ‘pass’ but without being dressed like a tart. Thus wearing fairly standard clothes, but braless and pantieless of course, hold up stockings and heels that were sexy and high, but stylish in black or nude colour with a 4½” heel. A split skirt, held together by just a couple of the buttons and belt at the waist, that was mini style but not ultra- short, a similar style but with buttons all up the front, silk cream or white blouses, a light, but short button all the way up dress. In fact not unlike what I would wear to the office.

But maybe the main difference and it certainly played a part in the incident below was David had presented me with a sexy ankle chain to wear on my left ankle, it was gold links with HW on it. Certainly I was told I had been unknowingly sending out signals to guys that I was a sexy wife and available. Guys who’d known me a while, did say that sometime before Christmas 2011 I changed, well if that was a light, the chain (when I wore it) was a beacon. By the end of 2011 It had become a requirement, by agreement that when with David at all in any circumstances I was to be pantieless, wear short skirts above my knee with heels of 4”+ hold up stockings. The chain was added to that. Over the years he added other jewellery mostly necklaces with even more sordid messages on them, mostly very subtle and not noticeable till you stood face to face with me.

So even though we had moved house at the end of 2011, every so often over the next couple of years David would phone an estate agent and asking to view a couple of houses. Each time I was on a dare from David, to do a sex act with the husband whilst we looked around. None of the guys were like my first incident, and sometimes the guy I wanted to do, we couldn’t because the wife was too close, although one exciting event was I did blow a guy in his kitchen whilst David kept his wife busy talking in the next room, he plus another 3 men that I wanted and I met after the event, all one offs.

Of course I said to David, that he ought to make a pass at the wife if it arose that he fancied her; and if he did so either at the time or later on like me, if he beat my numbers, I was do a forfeit of his. At that time, his desires for me to do one of those many things he liked to see me doing. So I was quite surprised when he actually beat my totals, in 2012, as I said mine was 4 he had 6.

What did also surprise me also at that time, was the number (about 30%) of husband’s who admitted to me they’d love to see their own wife get fucked or even gang-fucked, the opposite side of that was the men whilst having sex with me, hypocritically swore if their wife ever fucked anybody else they’d be divorced or worse. Strangely I wonder if those guys wondered why I never saw them again.


There was one incident in 2012 which arose from this game the following weekend, I got a phone call from the wife of a couple we’d seen over the weekend, and I thought I was in for verbal abuse. Then I realised that no, whilst her husband had been leering at me, she hadn’t strayed far from his side, but on the phone, she also sounded nervous. She wanted me to come over for coffee and discuss the price they wanted on the house, it was clear she was inviting just me on my own. As she was about to hang up she asked me if I’d wear what I wore when looking around the first time. Which I thought was odd.

I went over on my own about mid afternoon the next day, dressed as she asked of me; Light summer dress with buttons up the front, no underwear, light tan hold up stockings with 4½ high heeled white court shoes, but with the ankle chain. I was not at all sure what to expect from my visit, suffice to say that I was totally taken aback by what emerged.

Elaine was the name of the woman of the house and brown eyed dark brunette, maybe 3 or 4 years older than myself, but attractive and about the same size and shape as me and this afternoon she was dressed in a very similar outfit to myself. She was wearing a very see-thru summer dress in pale red and I could clearly see she had no bra on, even though she was a very full breasted woman, her button thru dress was unbuttoned almost to her navel, with her boobs threating to spill out any moment. When close up, it was also impossible not to see that she had both nipples pieced and now a small chain hung from tiny bars in her nipples. On her feet she wore a pair of very sexy red leather high heeled shoes, the stilettos on which were about 5” chrome and there was a tiny matching ankle strap, from each of which hung a tiny padlock. This was a total change from the very demur housewife on Saturday, who’d worn jeans, flat shoes and a modest blouse.

Initially she suggested we walk around the garden, and she pointed out various points of interest that we hadn’t been able to see as on Saturday when we visited there was a rain shower. Even now the ground was still damp. When we went back into the house, I asked if I should remove my shoes as they were a little muddy with some mown grass stuck to them. She wouldn’t hear of it.

She made us both coffee and we sat opposite each other in easy chairs talking about nothing particular, as on the phone I could tell she was nervous about something. I’d been there about half an hour and the coffee was long gone, when I asked her why she’d invited me over. She started to explain that she’d seen how I was dressed on the previous Saturday and she’d been thinking about me ever since, she pointed to my ankles. It slowly dawned on me what was happening, my lesbian experiences with Anita was to pay a result that even at this stage I didn’t know.

I told her to stand up and remove her dress and let me look at her. To my surprise she meekly obliged and stood naked in front of me about 20 seconds later. Unlike me she was totally shaven, and her body was in very good order, I was surprised to see that her labia were pierced and three little bars held her lips about a ½ inch apart. I could also see that her labia was inflamed and moist I was moistening up a lot at this development.

I was about to stand and drop my dress for Elaine, when she told me to stay still, please. She wasn’t nervous anymore, but the meekness was still there. Now she knelt in front of me and I allowed her to part my legs and push my dress up to my waist. Her hands started at my knees and slowly ran up the insides of my thighs, till her finger tips touched my pussy lips and she spread me apart. Expecting her to now lick me I slipped my hips forward. But no! Having opened me up her hands now took hold of my right leg at the calf and she kissed my lower leg on the calf muscle. This was like being with Anita and what followed it could have been Anita doing it.

Now she kissed slowly down till her lips were resting on my shoe’s ankle strap. Her eyes and mine were locked. Then she slowly let her tongue trail down the stiletto heel right to the steel tip. Now she slowly engulfed the whole heel into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how sexy that looked, I was juicing up indeed. She fellated the heel of my shoe for about 2 or 3 minutes just as if it was a small dick, sucking and licking. My high heeled weren’t that new and I later found the steel heel tip was quite sharp. It didn’t bother her, and after paying sexy homage to my heel, her mouth and lips mover over the leather uppers of my shoes, kissing and sucking the toes beneath. Finally to my gasp of “Oh yes!” her mouth moved to the very sole of my shoe, licking and lapping at the worn and dirty leather.

Only once my first shoe was spotless did she lean up and fasten her mouth to my very wet pussy. I came off against her mouth and tongue in moments. Having felt me climax and gush against her tongue, she now moved to my left leg and the whole process was repeated again. This time as she sucked and licked my heel and sole, she took the heel of the other shoe and pressed the tip right up against her hard nipple, “grind me” she asked. At first I was gentle, but she kept lifting her mouth off her chosen task to say ‘harder’ so I did.

The second time she pressed her mouth to my pussy, I was dribbling wetness and this time she eat me for ages, I came off several mini climaxes. She really knew how to please another woman, her oral technique was nothing short of fabulous and included the best anal rimming; I’d ever taken. She was better at this than Anita by a long way.

As I lay there having enjoyed her tongue, I was aware that I’d done nothing to her. I was about to reciprocate and I would have willingly done the same to her as I had receive. When she moved away, and surprised me yet again. From behind a chair, she produced a small flogger with about 4 or 5 straps on it. She asked me to use it on her. Had Anita not introduced me to the Sub/Dom scene, I might have freaked at this, but as it was I knew what she wanted and where she was coming from, because what I did to her in a very intense 15 minutes was something I had done to Anita about 6 times in the past 4 months.

Elaine knelt on the floor, put her arms behind her on the floor and held her head back presenting her breasts initially to me. I started out too mild for her, but within a minute she was yelping and her white breast flesh was tuning red all over, and marking a little. Then she got a foot stool out and putting her hips on that and spreading her thighs wide, she lay back and had me pussy whip her. I was enjoying myself, and my only fear was to hit too hard, but after 5 minutes she came off in a thunderous climax.

I now knelt and put my mouth against her pussy, which was red, raw and ever so moist. I eat and licked her for maybe 10 minutes while she recovered. I was now abreast of what this woman wanted. I then had her lick me again, this time starting gently I peed into her mouth, she loved that; of course she had to take every drop or make her lovely carpet smell. This was almost a total replication of what I had done to Anita in our last three meetings.

So that was how I got my first experience of dominating someone else. Of course it didn’t end there.

I returned a few days later at her request and this time we were both more prepared and I found out more about her. She and her husband were very much into leather and PVC dressing up, not so much him but he loved to see her in really high heels and leather, and she had an enormous collection of high heeled boots and shoes, over the years his fetish for heels had hooked her as well. She had been exploring her submissive tendencies for some years, mostly with him, in bondage which they did to each other when dressed up.

After our third session I asked if she submitted to men and how harsh had she ever been treated. She really only wanted to be dominated by other women and young attractive ones; her husband Matt, would allow her to be dominated by a male/female couple only if he could be present and the Dom male didn’t penetrated her pussy. So apart from introducing her to my sister things didn’t progress. Things didn’t change until I got Matt on his own one evening when over at their house.

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