Middle age woman educates a young peasant - sex story

Middle age woman educates a young peasant

My Dad hired some itinerant workers who stopped in at the remote hamlet, all of thirty five people, three kilometres from our 82 hectare farm to work on some outbuildings round our dilapidated house. He lived on one floor to suit his ill health. I did too. The sprawling place that was home for Dad, Babushka, my sister who lived upstairs, needed a lot of work doing to it, but the old man could afford it. He was pensioned off from a lucrative government job. My mum died two years ago, leaving him sad but determined to keep up a good appearance both physically and materially.

It was the school holidays and Babs had gone to camp with her class. I stayed at home as Dad and I were going fishing later in the month and that was good enough for me. In the meantime I lazed around the place apart from the constant work needed to help him like feeding the animals. Computer games filled a lot of time, the one good thing this administration had done in this rural region had been to install good broadband and communications, there is an enormous military establishment not far way, who offered to train locals on basic IT and gave discounts on purchasing computers and stuff. I took advantage, much to Dad's initial chagrin. My pals never visited or me them, were busy on our farms. The old man was exceedingly grumpy now, so I went to to the village on my mountain bike. Dad and I chatted about the fishing trips we would go on and I got very excited about it. I was happy in my simple life. There were no girls in the village, the two old enough had gone to cities to learn some work.

Sometimes I would just watch the gang of four workers from a huge city a long way away, either from my window or even sitting outside and chatting to them while they toiled in the sun. Boris, the leader, was a big chunky bald man who was often off site checking work on other farms similar to ours, leaving the bossing about to Grigory, a darkly tanned youth with tattoos. The other two were Bogdan, a wiry older bloke and Katya, a powerful woman who often did the van driving. She was a hulk and usually worked as hard as the men, such was her body weight and inherent strength. I did take some sneaky looks, because apart from my dear deceased mother and Babs, I would never see females and relied on the internet, so when she bent over, her shorts would be stretched tight over her bum. Her thighs had a sort of lumpy orange peel look to them. I could always see the line of her knickers and what looked like a seam in them which cut across the crack of her arse. She was certainly no pinup.

My once school pal, the local magistrate's son emailed me some URLs of good filthy videos and I could hardly wait for Dad to leave for his clinic this morning. He cheerily left for the hamlet which had a travelling doctor every two weeks and was helped on board the beat up old Trabant saloon car that toured slowly round the clinic patients houses. As it chugged away I dived into my room and got the computer booted. I hadn't seen many videos like the ones my pal told me about.

It was fucking brilliant. It had page after page of topless and bottomless girls, who spreading their legs and arses, showing the detail of their cunts and arseholes. It was amazing how different they all were and I loved the black girls, black girls - where are they? whose nipples stuck out and their cunts always seemed to be bigger and meatier than the white girls. I got my cock out and rubbed it and up it came raw and solid. As I stared at a picture of a girl's cunt, which was so closely zoomed it was as if it was real size on the screen, my cum splattered out onto on my bed.

I moaned a bit until the feelings wore off and then felt guilty and dabbed at the mess to clean it off. The doorbell rattled as I finished and I had time to sort my gear before answering it. It was Katya. She grinned down at me before she spoke.

'Rushed to open the door then Georgy?'

I shrugged and grinned, smelling her cigarette breath and noticing how hot she looked. Her hair which always looked greasy, was plastered down on her forehead

'Can I put the kettle on? Boris's gone off with my flask in the van, Grigory has coffee and Bogdan's tea is so strong it makes my tits curl,' she chortled.

I nodded and stood aside and the big woman breezed past me with a strong whiff of body odour. I followed her into the kitchen where she got on with tea making as I stared at her arse. Encased in her usual slack, open legged, but very short shorts, it wobbled about as she busied herself, leaning and reaching into cupboards. She seemed to know where things were which puzzled me.

'Er how did you know where the mugs were kept?' I queried.

'Never mind, but I do. Put it down to woman's intuition,' she said, winking at me.

Waiting for the kettle, she leaned against the worktop, arms braced and spread wide, legs crossed and looking a bit weird at me.

'I'll get on with my computer work,' I lied.

'That's what you're doing then?' she asked, chuckling.

I nodded and turned to leave.

'Funny place to keep it ain't it?' she chuckled again.

I turned, puzzled and she pointed to my crotch.

'Latest model is it...your computer?'

As she said the words, I realised that she must have seen me wanking, but I was frozen to the spot as she strode across to me.

'Well why don't we check it out and see if its in good working order Georgy. I'm an expert on these types of computers.'

With that she grabbed at my shorts and held my dick and balls in one hand.

'Don't!' I squeaked indignantly.

Katya ignored me and stroked my stuff as she pulled me close. I went weak as she hoisted her sweaty tee shirt, thrust my head under it and I came face to tit with her boobs, which were in a black lacy bra. Christ! It was hot in there and it smelt strong, but I was in heaven as Katya felt into my shorts and got hold of my cock properly. I mean to be felt up by an old woman and have your face next to her tits was brilliant.

'Like that Georgy?' I heard her ask.

I mumbled a yes as she spoke again.

'Stick your hands in and have a feel. Push my bra up if you want. You want?'

Fuck! Did I? As I did, I knew my cock was hardening under her pulling and prodding.

'Yeah typical young lad, always randy eh? And you've only just cum,' she giggled, as she felt my hands roam over her tits. 'Saw you see? Through the window.'

I nearly fainted with embarrassment, but realised I was on to something bigger than porn.

'You gotta be more careful when you bash the bishop. Anyway Auntie Katya will show you what to do,' she told me.

I managed to push her bra up and her tits flopped out. They weren't huge, but I didn't care, they were bare. Her nipples were pale round circles without hardly any of that bulb thing in the middle and I stared at them.

'You can hold them you know. They won't bite,' she told me, as she stroked my bollocks. 'Tell you what, let's get you out of there, so you can see proper.'

Katya tugged at her tee shirt and flung it off and quickly resumed fondling my prick. 'How old are you Georgy?' she quizzed as I grasped her boobies which were slightly distorted under her bra. It carved into her fleshy upper body and made her flabby tits stick out as I rubbed them.

'Nineteen,' I answered and she whistled.

'Katya, you naughty girl. Feeling a young lad. But what I always say, if you're big enough, you're old enough and you're big enough Georgy, look.'

She stepped back and I looked down to see my stiffy. God I was proud and grinned at her.

'Clever dick,' she mocked gently as I fumbled her tits clumsily. 'Easy easy, just stroke them all over, yeah that's it, nice and gentle. Seen tits before have you?' she queried.

I shook my head then added, 'Well yeah, on the internet, you know.'

She chuckled. 'But these are the first real live ones eh? Thought so,' she said as I nodded. 'Right well give them a suck and a lick while I play with big boy here.'

I was worried I would cum over her, but got on with suckling her boobies. As I slobbered wetly over them, I stole glances to see what she was doing to me to make such brilliant feelings. She was rubbing the bottom of my cock in the palm of her hand and prodding under it with her fingers on each downward stroke. It was cool. I was so hard and my knob end looked red raw. With her other hand, Katya was rolling my goolies round and round, letting them fall through her fingers.

The kettle on the stove steamed its readiness ..

'Teas up,' she chortled. 'But I don't think we want it just yet do we?'

I had a mouthful of tit and wasn't going to let it go.

'No,' she answered for me. 'Now I think we should think about the time, so I'm going to give you a real treat 'cos those two buggers out there'll be wondering what I'm doing. Heh heh, if only they knew,' she laughed huskily.

Katya pulled away from me and stripped down her shorts and knickers.

'Ain't seen one of these real have you?' she said, thrusting her belly at me and holding her hands either side of the mass of hairs round her cunt.

I gulped, shaking my head as she pulled her hands wider and spread the fleshy mound, opening the flaps of her cunt.

'Go on have a good look and a feel,' she muttered into her chest.

I reached forward tentatively, sensing the heat of her body with my hand until it brushed into the hairs. I closed my hand onto the lumpy flaps that hung half open, feeling the wetness. I rubbed and my fingers were flooded with her sticky stuff.

'Come here and let me hold your cock,' she murmured, pushing her belly at my hand.

As Katya grabbed my woody again, she moaned and I burrowed into her tits again as I felt her cunt. She smelt really ripe from her armpits, but I'd noticed another smell was wafting around.

'Stick your fingers in Georgy,' she urged. 'As many as you want. Its OK you won't hurt me. Three kids have come out of it heh heh,' she chuckled throatily.

I felt at the gash under my hands and slid fingers into it, two at first, then three. Katya groaned.

'God I could do with a fuck, that's lovely Georgy. Shove them in and out pet.'

I did as told as her fingers worked magic on my dick.

'Its no good, you're going to have to fuck me,' she blurted.

I leapt away and said, 'Fuck you? I can't. I've never done that before.'

'Well you're going to learn and quickly. You always wanted to didn't you?'

I nodded somewhat fearfully as she turned round and bent over, leaning on the worktop.

'Yeah thought you did, now stick that monster in there and fuck me like your...' her voice tailed off.

Swiftly she swivelled and grabbed my horizontally charged cock and dragged me forward. Before I could react, Katya had spun round and grabbed me again and was pulling me on to her rump, with her arm through her legs.

'Stick it in and fuck me Georgy. For Christ's sake, you don't get many fifty two year old women asking you to fuck them do you? Get on with it,' she commanded, nudging my knob at her cunt.

I could see hairs all round it, straggling up round her arsehole - Fuck! I could see her arsehole.

A big gnarled crusty looking knob in a mass of wrinkles. As I budged forward to try this slimy wet hole whilst staring at her arse, my cum boiled over and it sprayed her buttocks. I groaned and my knees nearly gave way as the creamy white stuff flowed out, dribbling onto the floor.

'Shit!' Katya cried as the door was rattled.

Boris called. She dressed in a flash, made the pot of tea and left me gasping. I managed to wipe up and sort things out. I managed to glimpse her working ten minutes later, occasionally glancing at the house. I wondered whether to wave to her, but I didn't. What could I say when I saw her next?

My Dad came back and Boris and Katya went to talk to him at the barn. Boris left them to get some papers from his van and I saw my Dad give her a friendly pat on her bum. I had seen him do that before, so wasn't surprised, I recalled he had done it with mother, Babs and two cousins who cam to mother's funeral. But this time Katya patted his bum in return, just before Boris returned. Dad grinned at her then got on with the paperwork.

I braved an appearance as they finished for the day, they had two caravans paked on the far side of a field. We didn't speak, but Katya put her fingers over her mouth and cocked her eyebrow, shaking her head at me. I nodded getting the drift and she grinned and mouthed the word 'TOMORROW'.

It seemed like months, but it was only the next morning as I breakfasted eagerly and waited for the workers to arrive. Their work was going well and Dad was in a very jovial mood this morning. Trouble was I had promised to do a job for my Auntie Galina, Dad's sister who lived in the hamlet and try as I might I couldn't get out of it.

Yesterday had been such a red letter day in my life, with Katya wanking me, showing me her cunt, offering her greasy snatch by bending over in the kitchen and me splattering my cum all over her bum before getting stuck in and then being interrupted. It was almost too much for my tender virginal years and yet she had mouthed the word tomorrow to me before leaving the premises. What could I do? Nothing, fucking nothing. So to content myself with a glimpse of Katya's bulky body was all I had to look forward to before I left for my aunt's. Katya put her back into the work as the men did and her powerful and not exactly shapely frame was testament to her efforts. I eagerly waited her arrival

Dad then announced.

'The gang isn't coming today Georgy, so I'll have a quiet day while you're at Galina's. She'll look after you.'

My spirits drooped, not even a glimpse of the fifty two year woman who had taught me the first lessons of real sex beyond furtive wanks to a computer screen. As I mooched over my bread Dad eased his ailing frame across the kitchen, his breath wheezing and his movements hampered by arthritic joints, determined to keep moving, my thoughts switched to Auntie Galina.

She had humongous tits. They hung to her waist and she always wore tight short skirts. At least the scenery was spectacular when I was at her place and while I'd lusted after a sighting of bits of her body, I'd never achieved it. Yes - the odd flash of upper thigh when she sat of course, a sliver of knicker crotch at the same time, but she was clever and subtle in her movements.

'I'll get on with my exercises Georgy, OK? See you later,' said Dad.

I nodded glumly, even my thoughts were being rudely interrupted today, what chance had I? I watched the retreating back of my father as he went to his mini gym in the shed and cleared up in the kitchen, somewhat reluctant to start over to my aunt's.

Arriving on my bike, I was greeted by my stupid young cousin Yuliya. She's skinny with stringy blonde hair and metal specs with thick glass in them. She screamed a hello and called her mum, running into the house. I watched Yuliya's noisy entrance into the hallway with dismay. She's a fucking nuisance, with silly questions and giggles and her specs make her eyes look enormously weird. I thought maybe she would be at a summer camp or something, like my sister.

I wandered in after Yuliya to be met by Auntie Galina coming from the kitchen wiping her hands. She greeted me with a big smile, a big stride towards me and a big big hug into her tits. That was brilliant, being held tight, smothered by warm soft bazongers and the overpowering odour from her armpits. It always happened when we met and unlike most boys my age I didn't resist or squirm to get away, it was fucking great. My brain immediately snapped back to yesterday, when I had the first real contact with proper boobs. Katya's weren't anywhere as big as the two beauties I imagined under Auntie's gear, but as I soaked up the pillowy warmth I wondered how Auntie Galina's hangers would look without the hammock of a bra she must be wearing. I guessed her nipples would be better than Katya's, because my aunt's nips actually stuck out through whatever she was wearing.

Auntie Galina finally released me, asked about Dad and Babs and things and told me she wanted me to sort out the loft space. She would be out most of the day and again I felt cursed. Even she was depriving me of sightings of full blown womanhood that I so desperately craved.

'Yuliya is coming with me to meet up with Gleb,' she told me.

I breathed a sigh of relief at not being stuck with Yuliya. It must have been one of the days when the divorced couple got together for the sake of the girl. The morning had taken on a slightly upward note, then suddenly it blossomed further when I followed my aunt up the loft ladder. Fuck me! I could see all of her tanned legs, her arse cheeks and the sliver of her panty gusset being munched with each slow step upwards. Shit! It looked hot and steamy up there. Had she done this on purpose? I mean, yes she was inhibited and looked really raunchy, but surely not for my benefit. In any case I hefted my cock quickly before mounting the ladder and heard a soft giggle from Yuliya who was standing half inside her bedroom door.

She pointed at my crotch and grinned, then stuck her tongue out and disappeared. I reached Auntie Galina who was stood up in the huge loft space. She was puffing slightly and smoothing her brown skirt down over her ample thighs. Her massive chest was heaving under her loose white blouse and for the first time I noticed her daintily painted toe nails as she stood in her bare feet.

'Phew! Quite a climb eh Georgy? Don't want to come up here too often. You all right?' she panted.

I nodded an OK thinking about the climb, the views and how I might cum up here when she's gone. Memories like that would stay with me for ages and were perfect wanking material. She showed me the boxes and trunks she wanted shifting downstairs and the books I had to sort. That was actually the best bit, as they were an old collection of fishing manuals and stuff and I loved fishing. Uncle Gleb having left home and lived on an old cramped boat, was basically giving them to me and Dad in return for this sorting job, so it wasn't too bad to be here. I was sad to see Auntie Galina leave the loft and tried to get a glimpse down the front of her blouse but no such luck.

She and Yuliya shouted a goodbye later as I concentrated on my task. I heard her walk away across the gravel and the place went still and quiet. After a while, I'd nearly finished dumping good and bad stuff into piles down in the yard, so I grabbed some juice and biscuits Auntie had put by in the kitchen.

She had put the washing machine on in the utility room. I gazed across the well kept lawns, thinking about Katya yesterday in our garden and Auntie Galina's wonderfully panoramic views up her skirt. As I went to close the door separating the kitchen from the utility to cut the noise down, I spotted that two wash baskets were beside the whirring machine. One was empty but in the other, I could see wisps of white material at the top of one. It showed my highly charged sexual nature as my mind flagged up dirty knickers immediately and I fumbled into the basket finding to my utter delight, tiny little bits of silk and cotton which when unravelled formed G strings, thongs and panties of all shapes. A video I'd seen once had adverts where you could buy pinup models soiled underwear which was way beyond my pocket but now I was in heaven as I searched for the gusset bits and sniffed the exotic odours that must have come from my aunt's cunt.

I did find some much smaller, plainer pairs and assumed they were my cousin's. I did sniff and peer at them, but soon reverted to the mass of hammock like brassieres and knickers far more suited to Auntie Galina. I wondered how different her fanny would be to the one and only real one I'd ever seen. Katya's great, wet, flappy pussy had masses of hair round it and was surrounded by a bulging fat mound. Unlikely my aunt shaved hers, but I knew she liked to sunbathe a lot and occasionally her and Gleb went to a nudist resort. I had the most stupendous wank after a lazy build up. I found all of the undies in the basket, yes even including snotty Yuliya's, then after taking all my clothes off and covering myself with the lacy bits of silk, rubbing the dirtiest stained crotches all over my body but particularly my face, I fantasised on my big, blowsy Auntie dribbling her pussy juices on me.

I tidied up carefully, put some of the choice fishing stuff in my back pack and left the place securely locked to make my way home. On the bike ride home which I took at a leisurely pace, I could smell myself, satisfactorily getting great whiffs of dirty panties. It was cool. As I neared our house, my Dad and Katya were coming out of the front door, grinning widely and his hand was round her waist. This was odd and unexpected, so I stopped and peered through the barn. Katya wore a cut off white top which displayed her bulging midriff. Her black bra straps cut into her muscled, bare shoulders. The tightest possible jeans encased her lower half and I watched her slightly knock kneed, heavy footed walk as they approached where I was. I heard words like juicy, squealchy and loads of giggles as they chatted. I moved my bike into the open and acted surprised on seeing them. They certainly seemed surprised to see me.

'You're early son,' chortled Dad. 'Galina didn't sort you out then?'

'He's sorted already aren't you Georgy?' chuckled Katya, her eyes glinting at me. 'No need to worry about that one Igor.'

I mumbled a reply, he looked puzzled and I pushed my bike in. They laughed and walked to the gang's van as I watched her bounteous bum sway, then tighten as she bent to check something on the tyre on the old Moskvitch. How I wished I could grab those mountainous globes as I thought I would after her mouthed "tomorrow" when she left the house yesterday.

'Just taking your Dad. Saves him walking,' she called to me as I sullenly watched them climb into the car.

I wondered what she was doing here in the first place as Dad shouted.

'I am visiting Uncle Vladimar , back tonight OK?'

I nodded and waved and slunk inside and took a long swig of milk. What to do next? I had intended to suggest we look through the fishing stuff from Auntie Galina's house, but Dad was gone, so I wandered along to my room and glanced in to his room. The bed was made but very untidy, but what hit me hard was the definite smell of Katya. It certainly overpowered the natural scents wafting about my body after my jobs and bike ride. I sat on Dad's bed and pondered. The bed was untidy, she smelt strongly in here, they were talking juicy and giggling. I put two and two together. So they were screwing - it was the obvious scenario. Then I thought back to yesterday when she did seem to know her way round our kitchen. Then there were the pats on each other's bottoms as they talked...Shit!

Slightly fazed by the situation, albeit guessed, I wandered into my room and switched the computer on. I slumped on my bed and zapped through the very few emails from my pal, the latest telling me about new stuff he had sourced and providing the URLs to watch playbacks of some international women's athletics. Suddenly my mind was on cock alert as the screen showed several close-ups of the women sprinters. Virtually all the contestants were coloured women and some were fucking attractive ones. They all wore the extremely brief shorts and vests and those hard, black, gleaming butts looked absolutely fantastic. Buttocks wobbled and flexed, tensed and relaxed, some of the women hoisting the shorts round their butts, with fingers inserted inside. I rubbed my dick and it sprang to life as I thought about being behind them as a photographer when they all crouched for the start.

Imagine all those tight toned buns staring at you, through close up lens and the pouches of their black cunts peeping from between. I heaved my cock out and rubbed the juicy blob escaping over the whole of my knob end. The athletes must have shaved, because there was no sign of fanny hair escaping at the front when they were shown in close up, as the starter checked along the line. Wow! my hand was going full blast as the slow motion replays exposed every nuance of muscular female flesh in the struggle for track supremacy. Good find my friend.

Not a lot of tit was showing, but my wrist was a blur as I worked towards my second cumming that morning. Then the doorbell rattled. Not just a polite rattle and a wait, I heard the door squeak open. I cursed and wrapped my solid dick away, puzzled. We never got visitors. I went to the kitchen

Katya stood there grinning lewdly.

'At it again Georgy. Saw you again didn't I, pulling your pisser. You should be more careful, but there again why not, it's healthy,' she chuckled brushing her bulky body past me.

I groaned at my stupidity at wanking in my front facing, ground floor bedroom. That's how it all started yesterday when she'd seen me pulling my pisser. I found myself following her meekly across the kitchen. The chunky labourer whirled in the middle of the room as I breathed in her pungent scent, now very familiar. She crooked her finger and beckoned me forward. I gulped, taking in her slightly sweaty look, beads of perspiration on the ever so slightly fuzzy haired top lip. Her hair was damp and some strands stuck onto her forehead. One bra strap hung loose over her muscular upper arm.

'Come here Georgy. I have broken every fucking speed limit, not that there are any to get back here so come here now,' she said forcefully.

I was really puzzled.

'Yesterday you sort of said tomorrow to me, but you didn't turn up,' I told her sulkily.

'Hey! That's life. Last minute things go wrong. Boris's hurt his back last night in a freak accident near the vans with Grigory, so there was no point in us turning out today. Your dad obviously didn't tell you. I got a free day out if it, not much to do on my own bar bits, no fucking pay of course. Anyway I'm here now so what's the problem?' she countered.

She crooked her finger at me again. I stumbled towards her, wanting to ask, wanting to know for sure - but seriously, desperately, aching to fuck her. My mouth wouldn't open to quiz her as I got right up to her and she grabbed my cock. Katya chuckled. She bent to kiss my face. It was more a licking of my face than a kiss, but her expression changed fleetingly to one of puzzlement until her tongue dove into my tonsils as if she was searching for hidden treasure. I guessed she got another whiff of Auntie's panties, but I wasn't going to tell her that.

'Lets go find somewhere comfortable,' she whispered into my ear.

Her breath tickled me and I winced slightly, then she turned me, still holding my collection and dragged me down the passage. Bab's room was upstairs anyway. Dad's room was open and she glanced at me as we passed the open door and the give away state of the bed. I tried to speak, but merely a squeak escaped and Katya just grinned as she pulled me into my own room. The computer was paused and the high hurdlers were poised. She pulled me down to sit on the bed.

'I see, getting your rocks off to the black girls eh? You evil sexy man,' she chuckled.

'But...dd..ddDad?' I stammered, as she rubbed my erection up under my jeans.

'He's gone, don't worry about him. Christ! You're rampant, get your kit off Georgy.'

She ripped off her top and the waft of armpits hit my nostrils, until she whipped off my tee shirt as I sat dumbstruck. I watched her tits fall away from the black bra which she cast aside. She wasn't stacked and she had those type of tits that sort of hung flatly sideways, then bulged out into floppy paps but the nipples seemed to face inwards and crooked, giving them bog eyed look.

She twisted and knelt on the floor and loosened my belt. Without ceremony, I was pushed back on my bed and Katya dragged my jeans off me. My hard-on was dragged down with my shorts and it snapped violently back onto my belly as she stripped me, socks and all. She stood and smiled down on me, her lips lewdly licking over her mouth as she stared at my crotch. It did look fucking brilliant 'cos I have big balls too.

'Fuck me! Only nineteen Georgy. You're something else,' she murmured.

Speechless with the speed of her approach and still in shock at what I suspected, I gazed at the sturdy woman as she breathed in deeply and drew down her zip. She pulled her jeans down slowly, wiggling as she did so, there was no other way I guess, they were so tight. Her rotund belly ballooned out, the red wheals on her skin marked the tightness of her clothes and as she drew them down over her wide hips, the mass of pubic hair sprouted out.

I groaned and she grinned.

'Like it Georgy. Slow strip tease, better than those on screen eh?' she chortled. 'God! I've get onto that monster,' she added.

It was my turn to grin at her complimentary words about my dick and I grabbed it and started to rub it slowly. It was also Katya's turn to gasp and she dragged her plain white knickers off as fast as she could and finally stood naked before me. She shoved her hands down her front and I noticed her workers fists and stubby nails as her fingers dug into her mound. Wiry hairs either flattened or sprung free as Katya pulled her cunt lips wide and I could see the greasy appearance of the whole area, including her upper thighs. It was almost glossy with wetness.

I held my dick upright, as if to say come on then, but it was an involuntary movement, although she took it that way and leaned forward and grabbed at it, dropping her mouth over my knob end. She sucked furiously for a few moments and then gave a hearty chuckle.

'You smell strangely familiar. Don't know what it is. You ain't been wearing some of my pan...?'

Katya's speech dried up and didn't give me time to react, as I guessed what she was going to say. She twisted her body with its own powerful body odours, its flesh white apart from her lower legs and arms, brown from sunshine whilst working. Katya moved around, using my cock as a fulcrum point, her lips clasped on it until I was faced with her lower torso hanging over my face. Fuck! I'd seen this position in the vids and now it was happening to me. I know you're supposed to lick it but how and where? Shit! What would it taste like?

She didn't give me time to ponder as Katya simply arched her belly, bent her legs further and lowered her twat onto my face. The stench and heat from it just before she made contact, in fact at the point where her pubes tickled my nostrils, was powerful and strange, but I had no time to consider. The wet sopping mush of an open cunt enveloped my nose and mouth and I had to suck and breathe to survive it seemed.

There was so much juice, salty thick juice flowing from her it was incredible. At first in my ignorance I thought she was pissing, but as my tongue started to find its way round the many folds and crannies she offered me, I guessed it was her sex fluids. You don't see that much on professional porno but the amateur ones did. I didn't know it was so salty though. She lifted slightly and I had the most brilliant view up her snatch. It was if she'd purposely opened it. The hole was huge, a darkness beyond the red surrounding thick creases of skin and from it every second or so dribbled clear goo. Of course I was meant to suck on her, in fact I was starting to enjoy it, I mean she was doing so much with my dick, the feelings were superb.

Suddenly that stopped and she whirled round with surprising agility. Her legs flew over me until I was faced with her tits slapping above my face as she grinned down on me. I felt her belly brush over mine and her cunt captured my throbbing dick between her flappy bits. Katya eased back, but didn't manage to engage and tried again, her face searching the ceiling for inspiration and contorted with the effort and concentration. With a big "Aaaghhhhh" she glanced triumphantly back down to me as I felt the grasp of her pussy over my cock.

'Good boy Georgy. You haven't cum so quickly, like today eh?' she chuckled, thrusting her butt further down.

As I felt the heat build up round my shaft when it penetrated Katya's hoary minge, I remembered that day, when at just the moment I was going to shag her from behind as she bent over the work-top in the kitchen, I shot my load over her buttocks. She started to rock and the feelings were just brilliant as my cock felt all the power of an experienced child bearing twat, suck and thrust on my teenage penis. With each push down on me, there was the most squealchy noises from our joined genitals.

'You're really wet,' I gasped.

'You bet and I'm going to be wetter when you shoot up. You're giving me your load in my fanny this time aren't you Georgy. Not on the floor and my bum cheeks?'

I nodded happily, not having to do much as she rode me, but I played with her dangling paps, which wobbled over my face. Still - her nipples didn't harden or enlarge like some of the mags showed. They stayed as wide blotchy circles, hardly darker than the rest of her skin, but who was I to worry about that sort of thing, I was being screwed like there was no tomorrow. I grunted and gasped and came suddenly. No warning, just that massive ecstatic feeling of relief, but then I started to cry out with joy as Katya drove down on me, her inner cunt muscles tightening and drawing the last drop from me.

'Well, longer than yesterday, that's an improvement Georgy. You'll get better no doubt, with a bit of tuition,' she laughed heartily, finally stopping and levering up, sitting on me and running her hands through her sweaty hair.

'Did you cum too?' I asked breathlessly ignorant, placing my hands on her orange peel thighs and studying the flab of her paunch with a distinct crease up the middle to her belly button.

'Fuck no, but don't worry about me, I've already had one...'

Katya stopped and shook her head, shutting her eyes as if chastising herself for speaking. I tweaked what she had for nipples and ran my hand gently down over the soft folds of her belly to the top of her thatch. It was time, I decided, as she slowly opened her eyes and peered down at me from between strands of her matted damp locks.

'Had one what Katya?' I asked pointedly, still caressing her body, there was plenty of it within reach.

She tensed her cunt and it sent ripples over my waning dick, still inserted up her incredibly sloppy hole. 'Er!...it's like this Geo...' she started, tensing again and I again sensed the brilliant effects course through me.

I encouraged her with my eyes, piercing her with my stare. I knew what she was going to tell me, but I wanted it from her own lips. Suddenly I felt strangely enabled with power. I had found a weak spot in Katya's attitude. Without thought, I pulled her down to me so her head was alongside mine on my Star Wars bedspread. I realised I had made a forgiving sort of gesture as she sighed sweetly and nuzzled my neck.

'What's what like Katya?' I asked in reminder.

'You know don't you?'

I didn't reply.

'You knoooowww Georgy,' she pleaded.

Again I refused response, but patted her butt.

'Well it's your Dad and me...its sort of gone further than we meant. I mean he's lonely and my mans gone AWOL and I like to fuck,' she shivered and tensed below and my dick was squeezed noisily out of her snatch into the cooler air of my room.

She chuckled and waited for a response and after a pause I chuckled too. She squeezed me in a comforting way and continued. 'So we've fucked a few times and we get on well. Yes - we did arrange for me to come round this morning. He thought you'd be at your Auntie's for longer. We were going to fuck of course, but I can help him as well you see? Like today although that fucked things up in another way, I mean we only had time for a quickie after all, I wasn't too pleased, but there again if...'

'I could have found you fucking him couldn't I?' I said, my voice trembling.

She mewed and nodded into the side of my face as my hands traced over her powerful back.

'That's what you meant, you've already had one - a fuck you mean?' I urged.

'Yeah, yeah oh yeah a fuck alright, but I came too, that's what I meant,' she answered impatiently but then giggled, arching up and smiling down at me, licking her lips. 'You're going to be like your Dad if you see what I mean.'

I thought deeply, as Katya lumbered off me and curled alongside me, her hand finding my flaccidity, clutching it tenderly. In her hands I could feel how sticky it was, but I didn't care and evidently she didn't, the feelings were incredible. It was if she was nursing it, tending to its needs.

'You mean he made you cum and I can... or will,' I suggested.

'Fucking hell Georgy yes!' she exploded cheerily. 'With this Johnny One Eye you can't fail. You need more practice of course and I'm easy to cum but fucking hell!'

Katya wanked on my dick and the hardening started.

'See?' she said.

I grinned proudly then we both heard this wet fart noise. Katya lurched up and knelt on the bed. She filtered her hand under her cunt and another fart exuded from her.

'There's a toilet through there you know,' I urged her waiting for her shit stink.

'Its not my arse silly. It's my fanny, it's your cum coming back down, you've put so much in me,' she chuckled.

She held out her hand on which globs of white goo jellied. She licked it off with gusto and thrust her hand under again to catch another dropping.

'God I love men's cum. It's good for you, you know, I mean good for me - sort of,' she added.

'Is it good for me too?' I queried with a sly smile.

'It is if you keep it in the family,' she chuckled naughtily. 'I know what you're getting at.'

'So when I sucked you before, that was my Dad's cum?'

'Yeah it was Georgy, d'you mind?' she asked with a trace of embarrassment, biting her lip as if waiting for a cry of revulsion from me. Then she added, 'Of course a lot of it's my own stuff too, but you wouldn't know the difference when it's all mixed together.'

I thought deeply. She wasn't far off the mark guessing my feelings. The initial revulsion, which had seared through me - waned, as she bent my cock back and let it go. It slapped with a great noise onto my belly.

'That's what you were talking about when I first saw you today. You were coming out of the house and I heard you say juicy and squealchy to Dad,' I revealed.

'Well I was and still am, now I've got two loads of the Lutin boys cum up me,' she chuckled heartily. 'Need two pairs of knickers after that lot, but I think there's another treat in store for me isn't there, you naughty boy.'

She glanced at my dick which was magnificently erect again and I oozed pride. She laughed at my cocky expression.

'Make me cum this time Georgy. I'll show you how,' she breathed huskily, lying back and spreading her chubby thighs.

Katya grabbed a pillow, doubled it and thrust it under her hips, then she pulled me onto her hot bulk and my dick sank into her gaping snatch as if it knew the way automatically. She held me close as I started to rock on her, finding the increased angle of her belly and crotch created a different friction between our genitals. She stopped me plunging into her for a moment and infiltrated her hands down between us. I levered up to watch and saw her fingers pull her cunt lips wide. She held them and spoke.

'Now grind down on my cunt and keep the pressure as high up as possible, Ahhh yes good boy. You learn fast,' she sighed. 'You're really working on my clitty now, Ooohhhyeessss!'

She fastened her arms round me and made sure I levered high over her, forcing me to rise at the arch of her cunt. It felt like my dick was being bent back double in her, but it was superb and felt my jism rise again. I tried to stifle it and managed for a while, enjoying the pressure right at the root of where my dick sprouted from my belly. The small thatch of wiry hair I had must have been rasping her clit raw, but she seemed to be in an ecstatic state. Katya's mouth was twisted, her eyes were bogglingly wide and she grunted loudly with each shunt I gave her.

'I can't hold any longer Katya,' I cried.

'Oh oh no not yeee... oh ohhhhh. S'alright Georgy. Yes Yes yesssss...'

It was an incredible feeling making this older woman cum at the same time as me. Her legs thrashed and gripped me, her fingers raked down my back painfully and my cock pumped seeming gallons of my virginal sperm into her hungry wet fanny. Her groans tailed off into long gasps and sighs until I flopped, knackered on top of her heaving frame.

Apart from our panting, the old clock was the noisiest thing in my room as we lay still, our bodies slithering together in the sweaty overpowering mush of after sex. It was wonderful. She stirred and I slid off as she spoke.

'You smell sexy somehow, can't think what it is, but if I didn't know better I'd say you've found my knickers in your Dads room. I leave them for him, souvenirs you know. He sniffs them and rubs them on himself. But I haven't told you OK?'

I chuckled and decided to let her know some of my secrets. I mean if we were going to be lovers for the duration of their work.

'It's my Auntie's panties you can smell. She went out and I raided her wash basket 'cos I was so pissed off at not being able to fuck you this morning. I rubbed them on me and had a wank,' I spluttered with laughter.

'Well - like father like son,' Katya exploded with mirth.

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