Milk Maid Lover 2 (Diary, Black, Interracial, Lactation)

Milk Maid Lover 2

The next morning, we were preparing for discharge and I was saddened I haven’t had any more contact with the girl. Darla’s milk still hasn’t come in and we were worried as to if it ever would. The nurse gave Darla and I a pamphlet on different vitamins and techniques that would improve milk production.

They also told us we could come by as often as needed to get more of the surrogate’s breast milk. There was no fee, but a donation would be appreciated to enable the only surrogate they had to be able to continue volunteering.

I wondered to myself how she functioned throughout the day with her breast leaking continuously like that. I was sure it must have been difficult to work a regular job. The nurse exited the room and Darla asked me to go ahead and write a check for our donation as it seems we would be needing her services for a while longer.

I wrote the check for a thousand dollars and went to give it to the nurse. I wasn’t sure who to make the check out to and needed more information. The older nurse accepted the check and informed me she would fill out the needed information. Disappointed by not knowing the girl’s full name I accepted it and walked away.

Soon we were headed downstairs, mother and son in a wheelchair with me pushing the chair. We stopped by the nursery to pick up some pre-made bottles of milk and soon exited the building. Darla satisfied that we could come in at anytime to pick up more formula thanked everyone on our way down.

Helping both mother and son into the car I noticed a small red card on the floor of the backseat. Not wanting Darla to see it, I placed the diaper bag on top of it to conceal it. I had a ray of hope that the note was from the surrogate and I couldn’t wait to get home to read it. The ride home was pleasant and we both discussed Caden and how much we loved him.

Arriving home, I helped Darla into the house while carrying Caden inside as well. He was fast asleep, and Darla was exhausted. Darla held him in her arms in the nursery rocking chair and fell asleep. I took that time to unload the car but first picking up the red notecard off the floor and reading it. I was thrilled at seeing it was indeed from the girl. It read you still need to be punished because you’re a dirty old man.

I smiled and looked around feeling guilty as if someone could tell how extremely happy I was at reading the note. At the bottom of the note was a phone number and instructions to text the number at 10pm. Looking at my watch it was only 11am.

Running inside I unpacked and made Darla a sandwich for when she would awake. I tried to busy myself as time seemed to stand still. I couldn’t wait to contact the girl even if it was through text message.

The day seemed to pass without incident, and I enjoyed my time with Darla and my son. Darla was happy and was still attempting to breast feed but still no such luck. She sent me to the pharmacist to pick up the things the nurse had suggested to help.

Soon it was 10pm and I went into my study and messaged the number only saying hello. The phone dinged and I read a message that listed an address and I assumed I was to travel there. I looked in on Darla and found her any Caden asleep and I slipped out of the door and into my car. I punched the address into my GPS and was happy to see it was the birthing center. I drove over and parked in the parking lot and messaged back saying I am outside.

Soon I seen her exit the building and walking over towards me. The free-flowing gown she was wearing stopped just under her bubbly shaped ass. I could see her large breast sway as she walked towards me. I got out of the car to meet her. She walked to the passenger side of the car and I quickly opened the door for her to get inside. Closing behind her I made my way back to the driver’s side and got in.

Unsure of what to say, I sat silently looking forward. I felt her hand running through my thinning hair and I leaned into it. “I have to punish you” she said, and I nodded. She instructed me to drive and I pulled off. She gave me directions and I followed without saying a word. Soon we were at a lavish looking hotel. I got out of the car and opened her door. She began walking and I followed her like a lost puppy.

The hotel clerk seemed to know her as he nodded as she approached and handed her a key without her having to give her name or any information. I felt nervous but couldn’t bring myself to even ask a question.

We entered an elevator and she released one of her boobs and it beckoned me over. I began sucking the sweet milk and it tasted better than before. I grabbed her tit with both hands and sucked squeezing as I did. The milk rushed in my mouth with urgency and I struggled to swallow each mouthful before being given another. I didn’t want to spill one drop.

The door opened while I was still attached and she laughed, knowing I had completely forgotten where I was at. I unwillingly pulled myself free while she righted herself and we stepped out of the elevator. We stood in front of the first room on the right and soon the door opened without her having to knock.

We walked inside and I was surprised to see another man already waiting on the bed. He was a middle-age white man with expensive looking shoes. He walked over to us and stood right in front of her completely ignoring me. I felt concern as I didn’t know what was happening. She walked over to the bed and sat leaving the two of us standing. She looked at me and said this is Dr Kremlin he is your punishment. Confused I turned to him and he smiled.

She told me to sit in the chair over by the bed and not to say a word. I obey although I was lost as to what was happening here. She stood back up and walked over to this so-called doctor. Undress me she said to him and he slipped her dress straps off her thin shoulders and it slid to the floor.

Her naked form seemed to glow as she stepped out of the dress. She looked towards me and guided his head to her breast. He began to suck her nipples hard and I could see the milk bubbling at the edges of his thin lips trying to swallow every drop as I just did.

He reached around her thin waist and picked the girl up and she wrapped her long legs around his waist never loosing contact with her milky buds. He went over to the bed and sat continuing to suck her. I felt my cock throbbing in my pants as I looked on. I soon realized my punishment was to watch him enjoy her. “Come closer” she said to me and I obeyed. I sat on the bed next to them now able to hear his groans and gulps. I reached out to rub my hand down her shoulder, and he glared at me as a dog would protecting his bone. That didn’t stop me as I needed any kind of contact with her. Her skin felt electric sending sparks throughout my whole body.

I began to kiss her shoulder timidly hoping she wasn’t going to deny me this. She pulled away from him and stood up and told us both to undress. We both hurriedly pulled and snatched our clothing away as if it was a race. She kneeled on the bed on her knees and I hurried over to her wide opened ass and she shook her finger at me.

I had to watch as he lowered himself to her opening and began licking her ass hole to her pussy while she pulled her ass open wide for him. He slurped and sucked her dripping juices all while I stood naked watching. I watched her face and could see the joy he was bringing her, and I felt so needy. I crawled across the bed and began putting kisses on her ass cheek as he continued eating her. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head away from her to the bed.

“Watch him eat my ass” she said, and I was forced to do so while feeling the wetness from my harden cock dripping pre-cum. Soon she turned over and he really went to work on pussy sucking the harden enlarged clit into his mouth. His auburn beard coated in her juices dragged along her opening. She giggled telling him he was going to eat it all.

She rolled him under her and straddled his face and began to ride his face. Her milky tits dripping a steady stream of milk onto his head as she rode him. I attempted again to get involved not being able to help myself. I leaned over and ran my tongue over the dripping bud, she allowed me, so I continued now being able to wrap my lips around the nipple, I began to suck lightly at first and then harder filling my mouth with her delicious milk.

Soon her body froze up and I knew she was coming and so did he. He grabbed her hips forcing more of her onto his face as he did. She cried out as she shook and trembled calling us both some dirty ole white men. Pushing me from her breast she leaned up releasing his face from her soaked cunt.

He didn’t move and neither did I. She rolled over and got back on her knees looking at him she told him to come fuck her and in one swift motion he positioned himself behind her and pushed deep inside of her. She cried out in pleasure at the feel of him buried deep in her teenaged pussy. I crawled over and she pulled me close and began to kiss me. I felt her tongue swiping over mine and I lost control panting and moaning as she kissed me.

She pulled away grabbing my cock and tugging it. Her hand felt like fire and I felt wild. She slowly pumped me looking into my eyes as she did. “Do you want to please me” she asked, and I barked out something incoherent that meant yes and she laughed. She looked back at the doctor pounding her hard from behind. She raised one knee slightly changing her position while he was still buried deep inside her. Her exposed pussy was facing me, and I could clearly see his cock sliding in and out of her, her juices dripping and coating his tightly packed balls.

“Eat my pussy” she said. I searched her face and realized she wanted me to eat her while he fucked her. My face being next to another man’s pulsating cock and I didn’t give it a second thought. I lay on my side next to them and lifted my head to her pussy and began licking. Soon she lowered her leg and straddled my face riding my face as he continued fucking her. I could hear the slapping of their flesh and that somehow spurred me on. Drips of their combined fluids dripping to my chin and I could care less as I continued trying to get more of her into my mouth. She grinded her sweet little pussy on my face and I loved it. His nuts slightly grazing my chin didn’t discourage me. It only fueled me. Hoping it was my tongue that would bring her over the edge and not his cock. I wanted to please her and if sucking her tightly stuffed pussy pleased her then so be it. Reaching up with both hands I found her filled wet breast and I pulled and tugged at her sensitive nipples as she continued the assault on my face.

It felt so good being in service to her I never wanted it to end. I heard him beg to cum over and over and she finally reward him with a yes, his pace increased and soon he was filling her pussy with his seed. He cried out as he did thanking her over and over and slid out of her open pussy. She pushed me further down and I was soon tongue fucking her cum soaked opening and I didn’t care. I knew his cum was spilling out into my mouth and I continued thrusting my tongue into her now sloppy wet pussy. “Good boy” she said and I increased the speed of my tongue as it entered her pussy.

She grabbed my head hard and began to shake and cry out she was coming and I couldn’t be happier knowing it was me that made her cum. Soon her juices were covering my face as she rode out her orgasm. She cried out as she succumb to the feel of my tongue and I was overjoyed.

After climbing off my face I lay completely still awaiting further instructions. The good doctor also patiently waiting as well. Run a bath she said to him and he obeyed. Soon the very large tub was filled and she entered the tub and told the two of us to bathe her. Together we lathered her up and cleaned her beautiful body while she relaxed in the hot water.

She finished and told the doctor he could take a shower and she pulled me back into the bedroom while he did. She sat on the side of the bed and pulled me to stand in between her opened legs. She grabbed my still harden cock and began to slowly jerk it back and forth. The feel of her tiny silky hand was amazing. She leaned down and kiss the head and my knees buckled, she then wrapped her full lips around me, and I almost collapsed.

Between sucks she began to speak, my head was in a cloud and I was steady rising higher into the atmosphere. “You want to fuck my mouth,” don’t you? She said. I couldn’t form a sentence or utter a word for that matter. As she continued sucking and releasing the head of my cock, I felt her hands reach up and grab mine. She put my hands on either side of her head and started pushing and pulling me into her mouth. I continued the rhythm on my own once she released her hands from mine.

I listened to her moan loudly as I continued fucking her face. Each stroke went deeper and with more power. The sounds of her gagging as I hit the back of throat scared me, until she moved closer to get more. The monster was back, and I set him free to get as much as he wanted. I grabbed her breast with one hand and her head with the other and started to pound her face hard. My balls smacking her chin as I did. She allowed me all I wanted and within a couple strokes I couldn’t hold it off I came yelling in her mouth. I tried to pull free to spray her breast but she wanted every drop. Grabbing the back of her head I held on for dear life as I continued to come in her throat. Feeling her throat contract when she swallowed just made me crazy and I continued coming for what seem like forever.

Completely spent my weak knees could barely continue holding me up, I felt her luscious lips tugging on the head of my cock milking the last few drops from me. My knees bent and my body hovered over her I knotted my hands into her thick coils of hair breathing hard as if I had just ran a marathon. Looking over my shoulder I seen the doctor standing with his towel tented in the front. I imagined being turned on by the sight of her sucking me dry. She pulled free and I stumbled back to the wall not able to stand straight up yet.

I watched her walk over to him and pull his towel free and lower to her knees and took him in her mouth. His head fell back, and he sprawled into the wall and then the chair. He sat and she really went to work on him. She sucked him all the while humming an unfamiliar tune. She pulled him down the length of the chair and lifted his leg giving her complete access to his balls. I seen her suck both into her mouth and tug ever so gently as she did. His eyes were glued to her with his mouth hung open.

Further down she pulled him and then in one motion she grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs up. He kept them held high and wide as she went lower. I knew when she reached his puckered asshole because his mouth made a O. “Jack it” she said, and he did. Even after blowing the biggest load I sat in envy as she slurped and smacked on his asshole. He was covered in a thin layer of sweat and bucked wildly in the small armchair. I noticed a milky puddled beneath them as her tits continued to drip a steady stream of milk.

Soon he was begging for release and she said nothing. His cries to cum was intoxicating and I was frozen in place wondering how long he could hold out. Soon she lifted her head from his ass kissing her way back up his balls and then grabbing his swollen cock. She looked him right in the eye and sucked her finger. Then in one movement she eased her finger deep in his asshole and his whole body went rigid. Placing her mouth on the head of his cock she sucked hard as a baby would a bottle. “Please” he cried, “please”. She looked over to me and I was watching intently, I hadn’t noticed I had climbed off the bed and onto the floor to get a better view. Her finger still pumping his asshole she said “look what a nasty ole man he is, look how well behaved he is, pleasing me, he knows this is my cock and it only cums when I tell it too”. I now understood, I came without permission and he knew his place.

She squeezed the base of his cock and went back to sucking, he was practically crying at this point. Her eyes still fixed on me she told him to cum and without hesitation he blew his load high into the air. She reattached her mouth and sucked him still fingering his ass. His eyes pulsated out of his sockets, his hand tangled in her hair and he cried out breathlessly shooting his load deep into her throat. She sucked his full length into her mouth and his body spasmed out of control as he continued unloading.

The whole scene was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Releasing his cock she crooned good boy, good boy. Oh how I wanted to be a good boy. She pulled her finger free of his ass and stood up over him. Frozen he was unable to move and she leaned down to kiss him. He thanked her and she laughed.

Get dressed she told me and reluctantly I did. I was saddened to see she was not riding back with me but in fact she was staying there with the doctor. She instructed him to dress and walk me out. He and I exited the room and entered the elevator. “I don’t care that’s she fucking you now, but she’s always going to be mine” he said. Not knowing what to say I stayed silent. Even when she fucking some big dick black guy she always comes home to me, he said.

We exited the elevator and walked out into the parking lot, and I turned to him and began to speak as we walked to my car. I told him, I had no intentions to be without her and he would have to accept that. I went on to say I’m not sure how this began but she was all I could think about and after tonight I was sure to be ready anytime she allowed me. He laughed and held his hand out to shake mine. He said he knew that feeling very well.

He began again saying the first time she made an appointment without her parents it was because she started lactating and she was scared. When she came into the office, I was stunned by how big her breast was and I made sure my nurse was with me through the whole checkup because I didn’t trust myself. I ran several tests and was aroused the whole time. A week later I had her come back in and she arrived early. I was at lunch and it was only her and Maxine my nurse in the office. I listened intently as he continued.

“I returned earlier than normal from lunch wanting time to jerk my cock before she arrived, because I was sure my harden state didn’t go unnoticed her last visit. I walked in the examining room and found her naked with Maxine between her knees sucking her pussy. I couldn’t believe it and I yelled at them to stop”.

“Maxine, only pausing for a moment continued licking the girl as Lanae held her head in place. She called me over and couldn’t help myself. I leaned over her and began sucking those big milky titties and she tasted so good. She soon pulled Maxine head from her wet cunt and began kissing her. Her legs up sin the stirrups Maxine and I latched on to one breast a piece while I played in her pussy. Fingering her and teasing her clit. She told me to fuck her and I dropped my pants and stepped between her outstretched thighs and pushed into her tight pussy and began pumping myself in and out of her. I was amazed by the fill of her constricted pussy squeezing me. Soon I was ready to cum and she knew it and she told me I better not cum or I would never fuck her again. Maxine still sucking her breast and rubbing her swollen clit was easing fingers into her own pussy. She pushed Maxine head down and soon I was watching Maxine tongue sweeping across her clit and it was more than I could stand. I began to come in her pussy apologizing as I did, I couldn’t stop myself, but I didn’t want her to deny me further access to her sweet little body.

Maxine and I have been fucking and sucking her ever since, she punished me like she did you but instead I watched as her and Maxine ate each other pussies and fucked each other. I quickly learned to control myself and she rewards me with the hardest orgasms ever. “You aren’t the first dad from that clinic she was fucking, and you probably won’t be the last. The last two went wild with jealousy and left their wives. They couldn’t handle that Lanae is a free spirit that couldn’t be contained. Her medical condition causing the over production of milk was also controlling her sexual drive.

I was amazed at the things he was saying and asked what happened to the last two, he dropped his head and said they both had to be made to leave her alone. Neither of the two could share her, and she never wanted either to leave their wives. I convinced her to take a restraining order out on the two and she did. Only downside was this introduced her to James. James is a cop rather detective that took a special interest in our girl.

I had moved Lanae in with me convincing her it was safer until those two were sure to have left her alone. I came home one evening and found James on my sofa with Lanae on his cock. She was riding his cock cowboy style and was screaming in pleasure as he was filling her deep. He had the biggest black cock I had ever seen, and he commanded her attention. With you and I he said, she’s in control but with him she’s completely submissive.

He held her by the back of neck forcing her further down on his massive cock all while telling her to take it. I watched as her milk streams out across the room as he pounded her on top of him. She loved his control and I loved her being pleased. She asked him if I could eat her pussy while he fucked her and he agreed. I kneeled in front of the two and buried my face in her pussy. Her knees on top of his he pulled her back and forced her legs wider and I slurped harder and harder sucking her clit, felling the warm milk spray upon my back as I did.

Soon James was ready to cum, and he didn’t need permission he grabbed her tighter pushing me away as he did and unloaded deep in her young pussy. As she felt his hot seed fill her she began to cum too and he fucked her harder. She collapse upon him and her drained body drifted off to sleep. James wouldn’t allow me to move her he relished seeing her spread open on top of him.

He stood with her and carried her to bed coming out only to tell me, that was his pussy now, but he’ll let me keep babysitting it because it makes her happy. He thought his words would anger me but they didn’t, I knew he could fuck her whenever he wanted but regardless of whomever she was always going to be mine.

I stood n awe not knowing what to think or to say, then he said let me get back up before she starts to miss me. We brought you here because she needs to make sure you’re not a psycho first before bringing you into our home. Good night he said, and he walked away.

The drive home was filled with the images of tonight and the thoughts of sharing her with at least two other men and one woman. I knew deep down none of that mattered as I needed her the monster needed her, and he would take whatever he could get.

Pulling into my driveway I noticed the living-room light on. I had hoped Darla hadn’t awakened in my absence. I entered the house and found her holding Caden in her arms. She looked overjoyed. Her milk had come in she mouthed and that’s all she cared about as she nursed our son. I was happy too, because I knew I didn’t need an excuse now to see the girl she would beckon me whenever she was ready for me and I would come without a second notice.

Darla never even questioned my whereabouts and that made things even sweeter. Darla was going to be a great mother, and a great wife. She would be all too consumed with Caden to notice my comings and goings. Plus, I’ve never given her a reason to suspect anything out of the ordinary. I knew I would have to be careful, but I also knew a baby was all Darla wanted and I provided a very comfortable life, she could be the perfect little stay at home wife that she craved to be.

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