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Jenna was a petite probably 18-year-old girl in summer camp . She enjoyed activities such as swimming, archery, minibikes, and horseback riding. Everything was going great, except she always got hungry late at night. Dinner was at 6, but she had trouble sleeping, and come midnight, she was desperate for a snack. Being around 18, her hormones were kicking in, and was interested in all things sexual.

Jenna: If only there was a fat load of cum, I could swallow, that would hit the spot… (Jenna thought)

She preferred to sleep in a silk nightie with no underwear. The fabric was pink and thin, and rose high up her thigh. The girls joked they could see her ass cheeks when she skipped or bent over. It made it easier for her to touch herself without drawing attention. Most of the other girls found ways to discretely masturbate as well.

One night, she was thinking about the horses she was riding earlier that day, especially a brown and white spotted male, with an especially large appendage. She masturbated to the thought of the horse fucking her, and inflating her with cum. Afterwards, she was still restless and decided to go to the bathroom, with a quick detour.

She sneaked over to the barn where the horses were kept, illuminated by a soft lamp, left on for safety purposes. Thinking just with her lady parts, she found the stall with her favorite horse. “Milkshake” was written on a placard hanging on the door.

Jenna: What a suitable name. (She thought)

Jenna: Hey Milkshake, do you mind if I join you?

Milkshake was startled, but calmed down after realizing she wasn’t a threat.

Jenna reached out and petted the horse, on the mane, on his chest, under his belly, then slowly rubbing towards his cock.

Jenna: This is it

She was getting excited, knowing what she was about to do. Her pussy already dripping with anticipation. Her juices were running along her inner thy of her right leg. She began touching herself as she got on both knees. Then she slowly moved her hands to the base of Milkshakes cock. The horse stamped his feet. She began rubbing it slowly towards the tip. Reaching back into her pussy for more juice to lubricate it. His cock was growing now. She could feel it swell in her hands. Her thumb and fingers were being separated by his growing member. Her heart was beating faster and her breaths were deeper.

Overcome by lust she kneeled underneath him, his cock pointed straight at her. She grabs is shaft with both hands and pulls herself forward. Mouth open, salivating, guiding the head of his member towards her tongue. She tasted his gooey warm wetness that was dripping from his cock.

Jenna: Precum (she thought)

She brought herself closer and engulfed her lips around the head and created a little suction. Blood rushed to the head of his penis and it swelled, stretching her jaw wide open. She was disappointed she was not going to get all of it in, but she wanted to try to get as much as she could.

She shoved his cock to the back of her mouth and began motioning back and forth. It was too wide to fit down her throat, but she wanted to feel more of him inside her. She strained to get more of it in.

Taking several moments without breath, plugging her throat. She was feeling stressed and her jaw was getting tired. Milkshake wasn’t getting satisfied and wanted to go deeper too.

He bucks his hips forward, sending his cock forcefully down her throat. Jenna was unable to breathe but was very happy.

She felt relieved and her throat relaxed. Milkshake started thrusting.

She could feel him adjacent to her heart, then upwards to the back of her throat. The only thing preventing him from going deeper was her mouth being unable to open wider.

Jenna was touching herself, fingering herself to orgasm. She was about to pass out from the lack of oxygen, but her lust prevented her from backing off.

Then his cock swelled, her throat burned, and he thrust one last time, kissing the entrance to her stomach. His cock erupted in a massive torrent of cum, blasting directly into her stomach. Continuous jolts shocked her system as he continued to pour his semen into her belly. She was feeling full, praying her belly wasn’t going to explode. It grew larger and larger. Jenna had no choice; she had to stay there and accept what she was given. Her belly felt hot. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Her body convulsed in ecstasy, then she passed out. All the cum remained in her belly, and her nightie was only partially stained. Mainly from her own juices.

When she came to, Milkshake was licking her pussy with his long tongue. He was partially hard and wanted the real thing.

Jenna’s belly had died down, as she had digested about half the load in her stomach. Her stomach was still full, just not inflated.

She bucked her hips towards his tongue, wanting more and more. She looked out, and saw it was still dark. But she was scared it would be daylight soon.

She found a long bench and laid it underneath Milkshake. She didn’t know how, but she was desperate to take his cock. She lies on her back, underneath him, and rubs his shaft with her feet.

He was now fully erect but needed guiding. She takes his penis and places it at her entrance. He presses forward, but it was too big, and it bounces off.

Feeling desperate, she begins fingering herself with both hands, stretching it, and smearing her juices all over. Then she adds lubricant to his penis, and massages it completely, even his balls.

His cock was soaked and ready to burst again. She aims it at her entrance once again and he thrusts, she yells out, quick to catch her voice.

The horse stammers and begins thrusting like before. His giant cock scraped her insides, breaking her hymen and smashes against her cervix.

She didn’t want to get caught, and had to hold the pain in. Her stomach was getting compressed and she felt like vomiting, but she held it in.

The horse had no regard for her pleasure. He was bucking for his own sake. Trying to get off, but he wasn’t getting deep enough.

He pounds her cervix over and over, getting it bruised and forcefully expanding the depth of her vagina. Then the light flickered on, and a voice yelled out. “hello?” “I heard someone yell. Is everything alright?” Milkshake was still thrusting, trying to go deeper.

Jenna was terrified. She did not want to get caught. It would be way too embarrassing for her. If only there was a way to get him deeper so he would stop moving!

She thought, maybe if I get it past my cervix, it’ll be enough. But how could I do this?

She brought her feet to the edge of the bench and pulled herself down. Pressing his cock against her deepest parts.

It was partially satiating, but he wouldn’t quit moving. She pressed as hard as she could, and Milkshake taken by his own desires, bucks forward.

A sharp pain penetrates her belly and she feel him sink three inches deeper. She almost screamed, but held it in. The base of his cock was almost as big as her thigh.

She felt like she was giving birth. The horse started thrusting again, but she had to stop him. So, she moved her hips on her own.

The horse settled down and allowed her to fuck him. Three quarters of his cock was inside of her. It was the deepest it would go.

She looked down and her belly was bulging and swollen. As she was moving her hips, she got turned on again.

With the prospect of being caught, and having the biggest cock ever inside of her, she found pleasure in the pain.

The man who called out, walked along the stalls. But she was hiding behind the door, still on her bench. The stallion was blocking his view.

She grew scared and excited, not wanting to get caught, she made herself smaller, and settled deeply on Milkshakes cock. She was burning from the inside and started to cum extremely hard.

This time, her entire vagina convulsed. Her womb, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vaginal canal throbbed in conjunction.

This squeezed Milkshakes cock so tightly, his cock erupted involuntarily. Hot liquid flooded her womb and inflated it like a balloon.

Her fallopian tubes expanded as billions of sperm shot towards her egg. The sensation was too similar to being impregnated, and it triggered another orgasm in her.

His cock was too wide to let any sperm escape, and all of it inflated her to the point of appearing heavily pregnant.

The man left, still confused as to what he heard. Probably another girl fucking the horses, he thought. She decided to wait it out, keeping his member inside her.

Her womb was stuck in the expanded position, and her cervix closed right up after being relieved. Still she dripped horse cum from under her as she snuck back into her cabin.

The next day the other campers had a mystery and she had to play along. Trying to keep her soiled nightie hidden.

She rode the horses all day, giving special attention to Milkshake. Whose cock expanded at the sight of her. Feeling happy, she decided to continue with her midnight snacks.

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