Minister's dagughter (erotic,short story,porno)

Minister's dagughter

The end justifies the means. How many times have we heard that expression? And how many people act as if that were their sole moral code?

When people live by this code, their own considerations become so overwhelming that they will often not only compromise others, but also themselves in order to achieve their goal. Such is the case with Midge Sommers, a beautiful teenager, fed up with the restrictions put upon her by her minister father, who sets out on her own to satisfy the overpowering cravings of her flesh. But Midge soon finds herself thrown into one degrading situation after another, forced to participate in mindless debauchery in her headlong drive to find her combination perfect man and "the good life". In the end, she begins to wonder if her goal is worth the physical and moral debasement she believes she must go through to obtain it.

THE MINISTER'S DAUGHTER -- the story of a young girl who learns the hard way that the road to happiness is a thorn-covered path at best. Her story holds a lesson for us all.

The Publisher


It was the summer of her eighteenth year when Midge decided she was not happy with herself, her family, or her life. All around her she saw the evidence of success, wealth and the good life. She wasn't exactly sure of what it was she did want, but she knew it wasn't what she had or what posed in the future for her.

The good Reverend Sommers, her father, an itinerant minister without a church, called her schoolmates "sons and daughters of the devil", and the multitude of material things they owned "playthings of Satan".

He had turned his wife, Midge's mother, into a babbling workhorse who provided most of the family's meager income while resigning herself to the fact that some day she would die and all would be better on the other side.

Midge didn't agree with this but she didn't know why. She also couldn't understand her father and her sister's attitude toward her. Her father would berate her and, sometimes, beat her when he caught her in clothes that he said made her look like a whore. Her sister would always side with her father on these occasions. It didn't dawn on Midge that the stares she received from her brother-in-law, Bill, could be the reason her sister seemed to hate her so much. They were just like the stares from the boys at school, the men on the street, and sometimes from her father.

Midge failed to recognize the difference between herself and other girls. She also paid no attention to the narrow hips, flat chest or sunken buttocks of her sister, as opposed to her own body. But a difference there was. She was matured, a full-titted, wide-hipped, sensual female animal.

She sensed the uncomfortable stirrings in her body when people, particularly men, touched her. But her mind had been so trained by her father's rantings about the sins of the body and sex in general that each time they occurred it frightened her rather than excited her.

It was an unbearable day. Another hot day in a long line of days during a sweltering summer. Since her mother, father, and sister, Beverly, had gone to a tent meeting that Sunday afternoon, Midge lounged around the house in only her panties.

She was upstairs reading and listening to music when she heard the back door open. "Who is it?" she said, reaching for her robe.

"It's Bill, Midge. Just wanted to borrow some ice. Our fridge is broken."

"Sure. Go ahead!" she said, dropping her robe and returning to her book. She smiled to herself, thinking that Bill probably wanted the ice for a drink. Since Beverly was gone Bill could sneak a drink and watch a Sunday afternoon baseball game. Midge liked her brother-in-law, and was sorry that he was shackled to such a shrew as Beverly.

She thought she heard the door slam downstairs. Listlessly, she moved around on the bed. Perspiration lay in a glistening sheen on her nearly nude body. Droplets weaved their way downward through the deep valley between her bare tits.

Suddenly, the sight of her own breasts intrigued her. With her thumb and forefinger she made a large O, and circled the aureole of one tit with it. The nipple hardened. She smiled, her curiosity piqued further. She lifted the huge bulb of her tit until the nipple was near her lips. She tongued it. She watched as it got even harder. She opened her mouth and sucked at it. The result heightened the storm of sexual tension that had lain dormant in her body. There seemed to be a direct line from her tits right down to the dark cleft between her legs. She reached inside her panties. She was wet there, soaking wet. Much the same as she remembered when she would wake up after her strange dreams.

She often dreamed about a faceless person coming to her bed in the middle of the night. She didn't know if it was a man or a woman. It was almost always the same. This person would whisper that she would be taken away to some far-off place and given anything and everything she could ever possibly want. Then the person would climb on her body and fuck and suck her in every way possible. Midge would grind her thighs together, knead her breasts, and in the midst of the dream she would come.

Thinking about her beautiful dreams Midge began probing the crack between the hairy lips of her cunt with her finger. It felt good, as it always did when she touched her body.

At the same time she seemed to hear her father's voice, screaming from somewhere in the back of her brain. "As in! Lust in the body is as in!"

Frightened, she grabbed her robe and started toward the downstairs bathroom for a cooling shower. On the stairs, between the heat and her haste, she dropped the robe to the floor.

She pushed the door open and stepped into the bathroom. In front of the commode stood Bill. He had just finished urinating and he was rapidly shaking his cock.

In surprise he turned to her, his hand still holding his prick. Her face, framed by her blonde, cascading hair, and the ripe, nearly naked woman's body, mesmerized him.

Midge was equally mesmerized. The bulbous knob at the end of the limp cock made her completely forget that she was naked, save for a pair of scanty panties.

"I... ah," he stammered, "... Johns aren't working right over at our place... we called the plumber... I thought..."

Unconsciously he began to move his hand back and forth on his prick. Quickly it grew rigid until the head was throbbing with pent-up passion. He couldn't help it. In all his life he had never seen or been so close to such a beautiful naked body.

Midge couldn't think of anything to reply. "I was going to take a shower," she blurted. "I'm hot." His cock utterly fascinated her, the way it throbbed and bounced in his hand.

"I am too... now," he said, throwing all caution to the winds and pumping harder and harder on his pulsing cock, making it appear to leap at her in the process.

"What are you doing to it?" she asked, her eyes like two glinting silver pieces as she watched his cockhead appear and disappear under the driving foreskin. The head got redder and redder as it grew.

"I'm jacking it... off," he said, his breath coming in short gasps between the words.

All the nights she had sneaked into the room next to her parents and watched them make love she had never had a good look at her father's cock. It had always been buried deeply in her mother's cunt, and the lights, at her father's insistence, were always off or very dim. When she had been able to see it through the bathroom keyhole it had always been limp and tiny.

Bill's long, rigid cock was the exact opposite, and the first hard-on she had ever seen. It excited her, overwhelmed her. She could feel the juices from her virgin pussy squeezing through her cunt lips and sliding, in softly flowing streams, down the insides of her thighs.

"Why are you doing that?" she asked, her hands unconsciously moving across her own body, her fingers plying in her cunt hair and the soft folds of her pussy.

"Because," he said, his voice almost a whisper of sexy huskiness, "looking at you like that turns me on so much. Your body is beautiful, Midge. It's the most beautiful body I've ever seen. I've watched you take sun baths on the back porch when the folks weren't home and then I would run upstairs and fuck Beverly without even taking all her clothes off most of the time."

"Can you do that to me?" she asked.


"Fuck me?"

"No," he said, his hand now moving so fast on his throbbing cock that it was almost a blur.

"Why not?" she said, bending a little so she could shove two fingers up her cunt. The juices from her pussy poured out across her fingers and the back of her hand as she shoved into herself.

"Because you're a virgin." The way she was playing with her cunt was driving him crazy.

She was shaking with desire, a desire she had never experienced before, as she watched the red knob of his cockhead dance before her eyes and glisten with drops of semen.

"If you stick it up in me I won't tell anyone," she sighed.

"You really do want me to fuck you, don't you, Midge?" he said, his eyes glazed with lust at her invitation.

"I want your cock inside me," she said, smiling at her own use of language that her father would beat her to death for using.

It was all the invitation he needed. He flung his clothes off in a frenzy of lust. He curled his fingers around the waistband of her panties and shredded them in one violent thrust.

She needed no urging. His crazed eyes and naked body further excited her. She threw herself down on the carpeted floor, spreading and raising her legs in absolute supplication.

Instantly he was on his hands and knees before her. "Oh God, what a cunt. What a beautiful, soft, velvety cunt."

Warm breath blew up into her slit. She felt her pussy lips spreading in delight as warm male hands clutched her thighs, and fingers rubbed her hot skin soothingly. It was her dream come to life and she loved it. She wanted it. She moaned aloud to let him know that anything he did was what she wanted him to do.

His lips closed over her mound, sucking her clitoris to a throbbing, rigid state. His mouth sucked hard. His tongue stabbed and slobbered, and flickered in and out between the pink cuntal folds, framing the slippery slit in her soft, bulging mound.

She grunted in both surprise and ecstasy as his tongue did the work her fingers had so often tried but never fully accomplished. He licked downward through her cunt and over her tightly puckered asshole. Then his tongue was in her anus, hot, like several tiny pokers probing her intimate recesses.

His head and mouth moved back up her body to her breasts and then down across her belly, his tongue kissing her soft flesh all the time. Again he was delving at the opening. Her cunt flowed like a river of hot juices as he slipped his nose, then his tongue, into her slippery pussy.

Midge gasped, and the gasp became a tiny scream. Her eyes rolled wildly, staring at the ceiling and her own toes wriggling in joy high above her. Her head moved back and forth, the blonde hair falling across her face to mask, partially, the intense twisted look of passion came over it.

She was being eaten for the first time in her life and she loved it. Her body was twitching and shaking with the lust and desire of an experienced woman. She could only guess at the supreme joy she would have when finally he would shove his rigid cock far up inside and she could feel its hard head pounding the tender walls of her steaming pussy.

He began lapping away harder at her magnificently developed clitoris. It wiggled and stuck out a bit more, like a tiny tongue that wanted to exchange licks with his. He sucked it and felt warm fluid flow in unrestrained gushes from her channel. He knew she wanted it, knew she was ready, knew she was a woman and could handle his cock as only a real woman could.

He swallowed the juices from her pussy as fast as he could lick them from her cunt, her thighs, her ass, and her belly.

She was shaking, quivering, moaning, just seconds away from a shattering orgasm. He raised up on his knees, bent her legs by the ankles far back over her head, and moved his dripping, bobbing prick within an inch of her gushing cunt.

Even in the quivering, pulsating heat of aroused lust, an arousal that had her squirming and gasping in a semiconscious delirium, she knew what was about to happen to her body. She spread her legs further apart in rapt anticipation.

He nudged the swollen, bulbous glans of his slippery cock in between the softly pulsing lips of her gaping cunt. He saw her eyes flare, her nostrils dilate, her mouth come open. He expected a scream to erupt from her throat as he rammed his big cock balls deep into her velvet, soaking sheath.

Her soft inner surfaces clasped his driving cock all the way, tightly milking its head. He had to force its way through the grasping, moist tightness. He felt a soft fleshy pressure against the swollen head, a moment of resistance, and then a sudden tearing, an exquisite yielding to the pressure of his thrust.

He burst through, accompanied by a warm bath over his shaft as it was swallowed up inside her narrow, virginal slit.

The scream never came.

Instead he saw a smile, warm and knowing, far beyond her years, stretch itself across her face, her white teeth clenched with intensity.

"I love it," she murmured in his ear between those clenched teeth. Her breath came in quick, short gasps as her body started to move in time with his. "I love cock, do you hear me? I LOVE COCK!"

Between the raw passion in her voice and the pounding of her hips she was driving him wild. Her pubic bone pounded against his as his shaft again and again found its way to the very depths of her willing cunt.

Exquisite sensations shot through his slick, impaling shaft. He reveled in the extreme heat and constriction of her cunt, in his total penetration of the long-sheltered hole between her legs.

The yielding flesh of her pussy's soft folds molded easily, with youthful suppleness, flowing around his thick cock as it pulled nearly out and then rammed forward again, all the way into the flowing warmth of her vagina.

He jerked it in and out as fast and as hard as he could, raising himself to look down between their sweating bodies to watch himself fucking her sweet, quivering, cunt. It slid in and out, all wet and shining with her cunt juices and red smears.

Midge's smooth, sweaty belly thrust up and rippled with constant little shudders.

She moaned unceasingly.

"Is it good?" he asked. "Is it good, little girl? 'Cause I'm fucking the shit out of you."

"Yes!" she shouted. "Fucking's wonderful! Fuck me! Fuck me with your cock! FUCK ME!"

Propping himself above her on his hands, he pulled his slippery prick back until her sexy body housed only the flaring crown between the lips of her ripely swollen mound. Then he began moving his hips in slow, gentle circles, teasing her with his cock just inside the opening of the gash between her soft thighs.

She hunched upward with her hips, straining to reach it. Her thirsty cunt tried to grab him back, all the way inside her. But he kept it where it was, just parting the lips of her hairy slit.

Her eyes filled with tears of frustration and she chewed her lip. Her hands slapped the rug and she shoved herself up, pushing her cunt up his cock like a hot, wet tube. It sheathed the smooth warm length of his prick and tried to suck it further in.

Again he withdrew, backing it away from her ever so slightly. It was a game that he had often wanted to try with his own wife, Midge's sister. But he had often failed because Beverly didn't seem to care. If be played around with her cunt instead of getting it over with she would just quit.

Beverly had none of the rampant need or passion that her younger sister seemed to have.

"Damn it, damn it to hell, you cocksucker!" she screamed, a rage in her voice that almost frightened him. "Stop it... stop fucking around. Fuck me! Give me your cock, you fucker! FUCK ME!"

He shoved the long, thick column all the way into her quaking belly, sinking it deep in a blind search for her womb, and her satisfaction.

She sighed out a long breath of pleasure. "Better, that's better. Oh shit, it feels so fucking good. Faster, give it to me, faster!"

Then she was twisting convulsively beneath him, straining to apply action with strong inner muscles, to suck his cock deep up her hot channel and get every inner surface caressed by his hard, stiff cock all at the same time.

The luscious sensuousness of her body jerked as she screwed herself onto his shaft. She threw her hips up to him wildly, slapping his sweaty belly with hers. Her cunt became a slushy, flowing swamp that surrounded and bathed his impaling cock with liquid heat.

The fire of lust that flared up deep inside her wet pussy and hunching, trembling belly were drowned in the sudden rolling waves of her orgasm. She quivered and twitched, juice and cum from her frothing cunt, drowning his cock.

She shrieked as she came, totally and beautifully, for the first time in her life. It was so intense that both her scream and her contorted face seemed to show pain and pleasure all at the same time.

His cock was on fire with the rising swell of fluid coming from his balls. Harder and harder he slammed his body against hers. His pubic hair nestled against hers as the hilt of his shaft pummeled her yielding, writhing body.

At the last second he jerked his painfully throbbing prick out of her juicy silt and sent cum squirting all up over her belly and right up to the fat bases of her bulging tits.

In shock, she struggled and slithered away from him. She watched, fascinated, as the milky cream flooded her belly and breasts. Smiling, she took a great gob of it on her finger and licked it. She loved it and she smiled at him to tell him so. She scraped more from her tits and licked it from her fingers.

"Jesus, what a fuck," he said, enraptured by her actions. Midge did things naturally that he had tried to get Beverly to do for years.

She moved back to him and took his cock into her mouth, squeezing the last drops of his cum into her throat.

"I love it. I love cock, and I love fucking," she said, her mouth widening so she could take all of his softening prick into it. "I don't ever want to stop fucking."

Midge had become a woman. And for a woman with her body, her face, and her desires, there was no turning back. It had been good with her brother-in-law, but somehow, not good enough. Something had been lacking. Her first fuck only planted the seed of what was to come.

She yearned to accept the offerings she got from other men and boys. She had a new spring to her step, and a new arch to her body that seemed to throw her enormous tits outward toward anyone and everyone she met. She was, without totally realizing it, flaunting herself and her new sexuality to any and all who would pay attention.

But she continued to fuck only Bill, thinking that he would be the safe one, since he couldn't brag or say anything to anyone about what they were doing. Also she feared that if she spread her body around in such a small town, word would somehow get back to her father, and she feared his wrath and his hand more than anything else in the world.

It was six months later. The following month she missed the second and she became scared. She went to her mother and asked that she be taken for a check-up. But she didn't tell her mother why.

At first she was nervous, scared, and a little embarrassed when she found herself nude from the waist down, and her legs spread wide in front of Doctor Hall. He seemed too young to be a doctor with a wife and two children. Too young and too handsome.

When he first touched her she was tight. But he only had to probe for a few seconds before her cunt lips widened and her pussy walls grew slick and creamy with flowing juices.

He smiled up at her between her legs. "That's it, Midge. Just relax."

Relax, she thought. How could she relax, when the more he touched her the more her body became tense and strained with the need for a cock.

She groaned and rolled her eyes up into her head when he inserted his fingers into her cunt. She didn't see the look, exchanged by him and the nurse, a look that transmitted knowing between them. It was a look that said that the young girl's groan was one of pure passion and not pain.

She felt the hand leave her crotch. She opened her eyes. The nurse had left the room.

"Midge," he said, his brow furrowed. "How long has it been since you lost your virginity?"

Fear flooded her face and she started to sit up on the table. "Listen, that's what I wanted to come here for... but my father..."

"Don't worry," he smiled, "I won't mention it to your parents."

"About six months ago," she said.

She thought she saw him smile, and the tone in his voice lightened. "Well, you're not pregnant, Midge. I can tell you that. But if you must go on having relations, I think you should be taking something."

"You mean you'll give me something?"

"If you want."

Something snapped inside her. She did like him, felt confident with him, and sensed that somehow he was probably on her side, but through it all she still felt tense from his touch. Without meaning to she let it all come out in anger.

"How do you know how I feel?" she said. "Didn't you see the way my pussy sucked at your hand? Don't you understand? I've only been fucked by one man but I want more. I want lots more." Tears started to ooze out of the corners of her eyes in anguish. "I can't help it. I dream about fucking, and cocks, all the time. I want it, and I need it."

She expected a hot reprisal back from him but he only smiled. It was a nice warm smile. "In that case," he said, his eyes roaming over her partly clad body. "I think I should give you a prescription for birth control pills."

He moved around the table as he spoke, and stood next to her arm. "You mean you're not going to preach at me?" she asked.

"No, quite the opposite," he said. "You are uncommonly developed for a girl your age. In fact, I've already talked with your mother about it. You see, she was the same way when she was your age."

"She was?" Midge tried to remember her mother's body in the frumpy housedresses she wore, or in bed, naked, with her father. She couldn't.

"Yes, and she wants much more for you than she's gotten for herself."

"I don't understand."

"You will," he smiled. It was a warm smile and it filled her with warmth. "In the meantime, live your life and enjoy what's been given to you so much sooner than your sisters."

So saying he reached over and smoothed a lock of her hair away from her forehead.

Instinctively, she reached up to grasp and squeeze his arm in friendship. The back of her hand brushed the front of his trousers. His cock was rock-hard, extending in a bulging line clear up to his belt.

He seemed flustered at her discovery and tried to step backward. She grasped his cock and held him tightly.

"Lock the door!" she commanded.


"Lock the door!"

He shook his head in wonderment but did as she asked. "What is it, Midge?" he said, returning to the side of the table.

"Now drop your pants and your shorts! Let me see your cock."

As if he were her puppet, pulled by strings which she manipulated, he did as she asked. At the same time she pulled her sweater up and undid her bra. Her huge tits leaped upward, their bulk heaving like ripe melons, the nipples already distended in passion.

"Midge... I," he managed.

"Now, stand between my legs. Yes, like that. Now reach across my body and play with my tits while you shove your fuck pole up my cunt! I want your cock. I want every inch of it up my hot pussy. I want to be fucked. I mean, I want to be really fucked."

He needed no further urging. His cock was rampant at the sound of her words and the subtle movements of her lovely body. Quickly, he placed the head of his cock where his fingers had already been. He thrust with a grunt and pleasure-filled moan. Ramming himself all the way into her hole, he began fucking her with all the strength in his body.

She moaned, groaned, and bucked beneath him, her ass mashing against the table with the thrill of a new and different cock inside her cunt. Her cunt was full of fat, jabbing meat and she loved it.

Her hips moved up and down in heaving rhythm to his hard jolting thrusts into her spongy wetness. The widening gash was lubricating freely as it took the full power of his cock's swollen length.

She began rotating her ass to hunch her cunt up in delicious wantonness. Her body arched sharply up to his lunging groin. Tremors leaped through the soft round slope of her belly as he slapped it repeatedly with his own.

She loved it, loved it even more than with Bill. She loved it because it was new, different, more dangerous, and more exciting.

He was a good man and he had a good cock. But something was still wrong. Heaving beneath him she felt something not there, not fulfilled. Suddenly, in her mind, she wished that there were another man in the room and that he was fucking her in the face while the young doctor filled her cunt.

"More! More!" she urged. "Give me more! Give me all of your cock!"

He looked down at her, his eyes widening in awe. He knew he had a good, large cock, and he was giving her all of it, but still it was not enough for this woman who turned him on so much.

Her body arched and shuddered. Her mouth screamed curses, urging him to greater heights. Her hands pulled at him, slithering over his sweaty hips and pounding asscheeks. She held tightly to him as he reamed out a passage in her belly's soft hot groove.

Her nipples scudded across his heaving chest and her breasts were flattened and squashed outward like big white satin-covered pillows by his driving weight.

"Yes, yes!" she moaned loudly as he strained and clamped her rounded, sweaty buttocks in both hands, his fingers digging into the bulging masses of flesh.

Pulling hard as he fucked, hard and deep, he pressed her soft pink and white body firmly against his and pounded it in a frenzied sexual intensity. His toes dug in and his legs strained. His cock slapped in and out with slurping noises. His heaving buttocks bunched into tight, hard balls of muscle.

She was wearing him down. He gasped and panted, pounding himself into the moist warmth of her pussy. His glazing eyes watched her contorted face and the way her big tits trembled and quivered and jumped all over her chest. Every inch of his big pole of a cock ground steadily into her, pounding what seemed to be the very core of her womb.

And still she screamed for more.

He dropped himself onto her with a sudden lurch that brought strained gasps from both of them. He wallowed on the almost ponderous masses of her breasts, the upthrust, flapping mountains of her chest, the silky-skinned cushions of her heaving tits.

Then he shot off what felt like a gallon of hot steaming cum up into her waiting, writhing, still grasping cunt. Seconds later he pushed himself up from her and looked down.

"Midge, I've never had such a fuck."

"Is that all?" was her only answer.

Gasping in anger he rolled away from her. "No normal man will ever satisfy you. You need the biggest, hardest, fattest, longest cock in the world."

"Yes, yes. I'd like that," she said, and began rubbing her pussy.


The doctor hadn't been enough, but he had whetted her insatiable sexual appetite. He had also given her freedom with the pills. Freedom to fuck whenever and whomever she wanted.

And fuck she did.

Almost every boy in her class at school had her at least once. She was so intense in her needs and in her sexuality that few of them ever came back for more even if she had wanted them. Usually she didn't. They disappointed her.

On any given night she could be with one boy or a dozen. One night she fucked six boys over and over again in the back seat of a car. It was all a waste. None of them seemed to satisfy her. Once, straddling a boy, fucking him from the top, his cock gorging deeply into her yawning cunt, she had felt she was there. But it was short-lived. He came too quickly and there was nothing but limp meat sliding from her cunt.

It was an indication, however, of what she soon discovered to be lacking: power. What she had to do, she found, was control the situation. If the cock wasn't big enough, or hard enough, then she could almost get enough satisfaction for the moment by being on top.

Her evenings away from the house turned into nights. She would come home; eat, go to bed, and sneak back out of the house.

When she couldn't find enough boys she started looking for older men. And when that became too dangerous she tried enlisting other girls to join in small orgies that she would organize if the other girls' houses could be used.

Midge would do anything to satisfy her need and craving for excitement and sex. She even took it to the length of creating games out of it. In this way she found out how far she could go in having her way with men, and retaining a certain amount of control over them.

She met Ross, a senior law student, at a dance. From the way she wore her hair and the mature way she handled all the men who crowded around her constantly, he took her to be at least twenty-five. She didn't discourage him and started dating him regularly.

He quickly became infatuated with her and took her out every chance he could. But she wouldn't let him fuck her and he became more frustrated with each date. When she saw that perhaps his interest was waning just a bit she would hint that, maybe next time, she would be more available for what he obviously wanted.

She would kiss him more ardently during these times and let him go a little further in exploring her tits beneath her dress. If he became really angry at her refusal she would take his hand and let him place it up under her skirt, on her cunt.

"We've just got to wait Ross," she would say, grinding her moist cunt over his hand until she could feel two fingers deep in her pussy. "We just can't go all the way yet. I... I'm just not ready. Now rub me off with your hand."

If it looked like he was shaking so bad that he might not be able to drive himself home, she would take his cock out of his pants and wrap it in his handkerchief. Then she would pound on the shaft, giggling to herself, until his flood would pour into the cloth and run over on her fingers.

This went on for many weeks until they were at one of his friend's apartment for dinner. The friend was a graduate engineer and very rich, plus being extremely handsome. Midge gleefully decided to herself that this was the right time and the right person.

At the conclusion of several drinks and dinner everyone decided to take in the town. Midge readily agreed, and on the way to the car the couples somehow got switched around in the seating.

They were on a major highway, nearly reaching the place they were going, when Ross finally noticed the pitching of the car and the noises coming from the back seat.

When he turned he saw his friend and Midge, both nude. Midge had her legs against the back of the front seat, and his friend was pounding every inch of his prick into her gaping cunt.

"Oh, fuck me, honey, fuck me! And when you finish fucking me I want to suck you off!"

Ross dropped her, so she went with the engineer for a while. But he too dropped her when she kept insisting that they organize orgies so they could both fuck different people every night.

Midge didn't care. There was always somebody new and different around and, in her own mind the small town she lived in wasn't really big enough for her. She had big ideas about big places with big people and she planned to put those ideas into effect as soon as she figured out how.

It was two years almost to the month after her initial experience with Bill when everything drastically changed for Midge.

Her father discovered, between warnings from the school, and stories circulating around the small town, about just what his daughter was doing with all her free time.

"You think you're too old and too big for a beating? Is that what you think?" he said.

"You wouldn't dare," she retorted.

"I'll teach you respect!" he shouted, flinging her mother's restraining hand from his arm.

"You go to hell!" Midge rasped at him through clenched teeth.

He threw her across her bed and ripped the robe from her body to leave her completely naked under his scornful eyes. She tried to cover her nude body from him but he wouldn't let her. He took his belt off, and laid it across her back, her ass, and her legs again and again.

Huge red welts rose all up and down her body. She screamed and begged him to stop. He didn't listen. She cried and begged some more until she realized, from the searingly heated look on his face that he was enjoying it and slobbering to himself over her nude body and what he was doing to it.

The more he beat her the wilder he got. He locked her mother out of the room when she tried to stop him. The blows got harder and angrier.

And then she noticed.

He had an erection. It bulged like a tent pole in the front of his pants.

You fucker, you son-of-a-bitching, cocksucking hypocrite! she screamed to herself. You'd like to fuck me just like everybody else, but you'd die first, wouldn't you?

Later, as her mother rubbed salve into the welts on her back, they talked.

"I can't help it, Mother. I just can't help it," she whimpered.

"I know. I know."

"And sometimes it's no good. I wish I hadn't done it."

"But then you do it again," her mother said. "Yes."

"I was the same way. I always wanted more but I settled for less. Don't you dare say I told you this but your father has never really satisfied me. Sex is a strong drive. In you and I stronger than most people. I always wanted to control my desires by indulging them. But I didn't and now it's too late."

"Why didn't you leave?"

"Money. A job. I don't know, honey. A man in this world can do just about anything, and get anything he wants because he has the power. He makes the money, gets the position and that gives him the power. The power to rule his own life."

"Yeah," said Midge, suddenly feeling the pain in her body ebbing away.

She drifted off into sleep only to be awakened by muffled voices in the next room. She recognized her father's voice add that of his sister, her Aunt May.

"I don't care," said her father. "If she must sin, if she must do such things with her body, then let her do it after she's left my house. I won't have every man and boy in town laughing at me because he's lain with my daughter."

"Still," said Aunt May. "You shouldn't have beat her. I hate to see that lovely body marred."

"She's a daughter of Satan and a sin-loving whore just like her mother."

"Maybe if you had been more of a man with her mother."

"Shut up, May! Shut up."

"Of course, you probably didn't have much left in you when you finally married. You gave it all to me when we were growing up. Raping your own sister..."

"I told you to shut up."

"You hypocritical son-of-a-bitch. Maybe that's why I love cunt now instead of cock. You ruined me too young. You were a fucking animal."

"Shut your foul mouth."

"Even now you'd still like to fuck me, wouldn't you? Well, get away. Go fuck your wife. She needs it. Go fuck her or I'll go suck her and show her what she's been missing all these years."

"Stay away from her! And from Midge, too! I've seen the way you lust for the girl."

"Shouldn't an aunt love her niece?"

So that was it, thought Midge. Now she knew what all the stories she had heard about her aunt had meant.

She hardly slept waiting for the morning. When it came, she bathed, shaved her legs and under her arms very carefully. She arranged her hair so that its natural curl framed her face in a coy and provocative way.

Her wardrobe was still extremely small but carefully chosen. She molded the lacy, French-cut bra over her breasts, pulling them up and inward until the pink of her huge aureoles just peeked through the lace above the cups. The bra was cut low to accentuate the perfect cleavage between the two cups.

The panties were also French-cut, high on the hip above the thigh to make the most of what was already perfect. The patch of shimmery cloth across the crotch barely hid the rich curls of her lightly colored pubic hair.

Over this she pulled a skirt so short that when she walked it flipped up enough to reveal the plush bulges of her asscheeks made by the tight line of her panties.

And the sweater, one full size too small, molded over her tits, making them appear even larger than they already were.

When she was finished she appraised herself in the full-length mirror behind her closet door. It had been a little over two years since she had taken her first cock.

In the mirror she saw a woman. And not just any woman, but one with a fierce determination.

As she opened the door to leave, her mother, atop the stairs, called to her: "Midge, where are you going dressed like that?"

"Housecleaning," she said, and walked on down the porch steps.

In the six-block walk to her Aunt May's house she drew cat-calls, wolf whistles, several attempts to pinch her provocatively swaying ass, and one solid proposition.

"Hey, baby. With your body and my body we outta get together. I mean shit, wow!"

He was sitting sideways in a long, expensive dark-blue car. The door was open and he rubbed his crotch while he spoke. His body was huge, even in a sitting position. His black skin was like ebony against the whiteness of the car's interior. Huge, corded muscles bulged in his shoulders, arms and legs beneath the overly tight clothes that covered his big frame.

She glanced up and down the street. It was deserted. She looked at his body again. This was as good a time as any, she thought.

"What have you got?" she asked.

"A lot, white Mama, more than enough."

He stood in the shadow of the car. He was huge, at least six foot five, and his cock, when he unzipped his fly and brought it out into the open, matched his body size in every way.

Her mouth watered and twitched involuntarily, and her cunt became at once both wet and hot when she saw it. His prong was beautiful. It was at least a foot long and wrist thick at the shaft. The head, when he skinned the foreskin back, was bulbous and purple. She wanted it.

She crossed the few feet to him, reached out and grasped it in her hand. The meat seemed to swell and expand within her grasp. It felt fantastic as she squeezed and kneaded it. That's the other thing I want, she thought. That kind of cock would at last satisfy me. She was sorely tempted to ease into the car with him and temporarily give up her mission. She wanted to spend the whole morning with this huge black man and feel that tremendous cock grinding inside her pussy.

"You like it, don't you, Mama?"

She looked up.

His face leered down at her.

He reached out and squeezed her mammoth tits. "Damn nice!" he said.

Cocky, she thought, sure of himself. No, no, the power is mine!

"Fuck off!" she said, smiling coyly and turning away from him. His mouth dropped open and his cock went limp as she turned and walked away with her hips and ass swaying.

At one time May had probably been beautiful. But passing forty she had started to let herself go. She was still attractive, but age had taken its toll on both her face and her figure. It was all still there, but not as refined as it once must have been.

"I promised I'd help you with the housework," Midge said, closing the door behind her and purposely posing before coming into the room.

"Yes," her aunt said. "I'd forgotten it was Saturday."

May tried but could not avert her eyes from the young girl's body. She was strikingly beautiful, voluptuously appealing. She wanted to reach out, knead and stroke, even crush those huge tits with both of her hands.

It had been going on for over two years. Aside from giving Midge a chance to earn a little extra money for herself by helping with the house every Saturday, May wanted the young girl alone with her so she could watch her move, and later dream.

Each week, after Midge would leave, May would undress, lie on her bed, and masturbate as she thought about her young niece's body.

But she had never seen Midge dressed as she was dressed this Saturday. It jarred her to the point where her speech faltered and her legs seemed to turn to wobbly rubber.

"I'll... I'll fix us some ice tea," she stammered. "I know you'd like some ice tea, Midge. You go ahead and... and start the vacuuming."

May stayed in the kitchen for nearly an hour. She heard Midge finish the downstairs, and then silence. Eventually the vacuum started whining over her head in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Tray in hand, May ascended the stairs and approached the bedroom door which was partially closed. She turned and backed into the room. Then she turned again, and what she saw nearly made her drop the tray.

Midge was nonchalantly, running the vacuum in only her panties and bra. Her young, white, creamy body was gloriously shimmering in the sunlight streaming through the open window.

Pouring the tea, Midge casually brushed her breasts across her aunt's shoulder. She sensed the shock that ran through the older woman's body and knew that her guess was right.

Her aunt indeed lusted for her, wanted her body in the worst way.

Glass in hand, Midge moved to the sofa across from May and sat. She propped one leg up in front of her and threw the other, full length down the cushions. Her pubic mound, its outline clearly definable, bulged invitingly beneath the thin panty material.

"Aren't you warm, Aunt May? I mean, with all your clothes on?"

The girl was driving her crazy, but she didn't dare do anything. She couldn't raise to the bait because, at this point, she still didn't realize that it was bait.

"No... no, I'm fine," she said, her knees shaking and her voice breaking.

What power I have over her, thought Midge, the blood thumping in her head, a strange tingling in her cunt.

They talked.

Midge eventually got around to the fact that she wanted to leave home, to go out on her own. She wanted to get away from her father.

May could only nod dumbly as her eyes devoured the beautiful body sprawled and constantly changing positions on the sofa across from her.

"I'd love to leave today, but that takes money. Lots of money."

Midge spoke lazily, rolling the glass across her naked belly, and her breasts. It left tiny rivulets of water in its wake.

"I'd like to help you, Midge," May said. "Would you?"

"But I'd hate to see you go very far away. I... I'd miss you."

"Oh, I wouldn't," Midge lied, thinking to herself; you old cunt. You just want me near you so you can have me when you want me. You haven't even had the guts to come right out and say that you want my cunt; "I'd just like to get a little place of my own here in town," she continued aloud.

"Would I be able to see you... often?" May asked, again trying to quiet her knees as Midge flexed her thigh muscles.

"Oh, of course," the girl replied.

"I'd like that," May said, feeling her own cunt twitch in anticipation.

Midge decided that it was time for the second and last step in her plan. She could see that her aunt was already on fire, that her body was shaking. It wouldn't take much more and she knew it.

"You see, Aunt May. I love to fuck. I truly love it. I want to have all the cocks I can handle, but not just any cocks. I want big cocks, rich cocks, so I can get any cock I want. I want them shoved clear up in me until I can hardly stand it. I want to feel own all over me. I want my tits sucked. I want to suck cock. I want to suck pussy. I want to have my pussy sucked. I read somewhere that no man can suck a woman's pussy like another woman. Is that true, Aunt May?"

"I think you'd find that true, Midge. Have you ever been with another woman. Have you ever... had your pussy taken care of by another woman... a woman who really knew what she was doing?"

"No, darling Auntie May, I haven't," Midge smiled.

She jumped to her feet, walked around the coffee table and stood directly in front of the older woman. She thrust her cunt, the pubic hairs bulging at the front of her panties, outward nearly into the woman's face.

"You're very beautiful," May said, her voice nearly breaking.

"I'm still hot, Aunt May. I think I'd like to take my bra off. But I'm embarrassed being naked in front of you."

"You don't have to be," said May, her tongue flicking from her mouth, yearning to touch the dark-pink aureoles of Midge's breasts.

"I'll tell you what, Aunt May. You take your clothes off too. We'll each see each other's tits and then I won't be embarrassed."

Midge reached behind her, unsnapped her bra and let it slide from her arms. The two huge tits leapt forward.

"They're beautiful," sighed May as she quickly stripped herself completely naked. Tiny drops of saliva formed at the corners of her mouth as she took her own clothes off, watching Midge at the same time.

Midge was a little surprised at her aunt's body. Because of the way the older woman always dressed, she had expected more dumpiness. Her aunt's breasts were as big or bigger than her own. And, while they did sag a little, there was a soft cushiness about them that made her gasp.

Her triangle was huge. Black, curly, matted hair stood out in a full three-inch bulge from her cunt.

The older woman's cunt excited her so much that she nearly succumbed when May's hands reached out for her, trying to grope for her own pussy.

At the last second sanity returned and she lightly tripped her way across the room. "There, now we can both be more comfortable, can't we?"

"Midge! What are you doing? What do you want?"

The woman was almost crying. She was tearing at her body with her hands, mashing her breasts and kneading her thighs together until the slurping caused by her cunt juices oozing into her thighs echoed in the room.

Midge continued as if they were talking over a common business transaction. "All I would really need is about five hundred dollars. That's not really an awful lot. Is it, Aunt May?"

No answer.

"Is it, Aunt May?"

Midge rolled backward onto the bed. She reached behind her and carefully slipped her panties up into the crack of her ass. The soft folds of her asscheeks molded around the material. Then she found the leg bands in the front and slowly pulled them together and up until the strip of cloth covering her crotch no longer covered it but disappeared in between the folds of her already moist cunt. The soft lips of her cunt bulged outward in cushiony, hairy splendor.

It was all May could stand. With a scream in her throat she mounted the girl, trying to kiss and fondle all of the tender young body at once.

The older woman was like an aroused animal. She mashed her own huge tits against the girl's, each iron-hard nipple giving heat and fire to another. She ground the bone of her pubis against Midge's clitoris. She wrapped her arms around the girl's buttocks, raising her hips so she could grind her own cunt into her, clitoris to clitoris, humping her like a man.

"Oh Midge, I love it. I love you. Oh God, you're so beautiful. Oh shit, I could fuck you so good. I wish I were a man so I could fuck you."

"Suck me, Aunt May! Suck my cunt!"

Midge was suddenly caught up in the fires of lesbian sex. Her aunt slid down a little and Midge caught her head and jammed it further down until it rested between her widespread thighs.

Just as roughly May used her own hands to tear at Midge's cunt lips, prying them apart wildly until the girl's erect clitoris was directly in front of her watering mouth.

She jammed her chin and her tongue into the mushy hole, groaning in pleasure as Midge's spunk spread across her free.

"Give me you, too! Give me you, too!" Midge screamed, clawing at the woman's ample ass and thighs.

May obliged, swinging her body around and dropping her own sopping cunt across Midge's face.

Their bodies clawed at each other. Tongues lapped at cunts. Cunts shoved against tongues and mouths. Hands mashed breasts as hips and buttocks thrashed about, entwined, on the bed.

Again and again they came, spewing their juices into each other, until the older woman thought it would be impossible to last another second.

But Midge wouldn't let her stop.

Midge squeezed her breasts into thrusting bullets and ran them up and down May's gaping cunt. Then she thrust them into her own mouth, sucking her aunt's cunt juices from them. She was all over the older woman's body, completely satiating both of them in the intimate joy of female sex.

Sleep, for both of them, when it came, was deep and sound. Hours later, when Midge awoke, her body was alive and still rippling from her first lesbian experience.

Before doing it she hadn't been sure, but now she had to admit that she had enjoyed it. In fact, she had loved it, probably more than she had enjoyed sex with the men and boys. But still there was that one thing lacking, that feeling of fullness that kept eluding her.

Beside her, May slept soundly. The sun had disappeared. In its place moonlight streamed through the window. She crawled from bed, dressed, and tiptoed down the stairs. She found the money easily, exactly where May had said it would be.

She found seven hundred in all. She toyed with the idea of taking it all but decided that she wouldn't sink as low as the rest of her family, and replaced the extra two hundred.

It was later than she thought. Everyone in her own house was sound asleep, or so she thought. Passing through the living room, she found her mother groggily half asleep on the sofa.

"Midge? Midge, is that you?"

"Yes, Mother. What are you doing down here?"

"Your father and I had another argument..."

"About me?"

"He took some pills to calm himself down and sleep. I think... he's..."

She dozed off in the middle of speaking.

Midge leaned over, kissed her mother on the forehead, and made her way up the stairs to her own room. Quietly, she packed her meager belongings into one small bag and returned to the hall.

Passing her parents' room, she nudged the door open just enough to look in. Dim light from the bedside lamp illuminated the bed. Her father was stretched out, naked, snoring loudly.

Something, she couldn't say what, drew her into the room. She stood beside the bed looking down at this man she hated. Contempt showed in the smile that spread across her taut face, thinning her lips.



How could she?

What could she do as a final show of contempt for him. A final show of her own power and will.

His cock curled long and fat, down between his legs. She reached and took it in her hand. He stirred, but remained oblivious. She ran her thumb along the fat crown, sliding her nail around the ridge. She found herself surprised at its length and girth even in repose. With her other hand she kneaded the huge balls, moving them around in the sac.

Slowly the staff grew in her fist. Bigger and bigger it got. She remembered the huge cock on the black man that morning, and stared in awe as her father's cock grew even larger. It swelled, stretching her fingers. The tiny eye in the blood-gorged head winked at her, or seemed to, as she squeezed and released the head.

The shaft itself grew to a point where she found it impossible to touch her thumb and forefinger around it. Still it grew as she massaged harder and harder. She fisted the staff and found that she couldn't touch her fingers around that.

"Jesus," she exclaimed in a hushed voice. "What did Mother want?"

Power and contempt, she thought, staring raptly at the head bobbing above her hands, directly in front of her face.

Quickly she removed her panties, raised her skirt, and swung her body over his. "Daddy, you bastard, you're going to get the fuck of your life and you won't even know it."

It was a whole new sexual situation for her. Her body shook with the thought of what she was about to do and who she was going to do it with. If it was wrong, Midge gave little or no thought to that fact. Poised there, above his body, the only part of her that gave vent to any kind of feeling was her cunt; it throbbed with the expectation, the anticipation of taking such a cock.

She ran the head back and forth along her slit, well lubricating its throbbing glans. Then she lowered her hips, using both her hands to hold the gigantic staff erect beneath her. The knob caressed her folds and she felt pain for the first time as just a part of the head pierced her cunt.

Harder and harder she worked, moving her hips in a circular arc, straining to take more and more of the powerful tool up inside her sucking channel. She could feel the flowing juices from her cunt pour across her hands where they held his cock in place.

"Oh God, what a cock. What a cock," she moaned as inch by inch the huge hunk of meat slithered into her sheath.

It was only half inside her but she could feel that the walls of her pussy were stretched to bunting. With one tremendous effort she threw her weight downward, taking all of his cock up her until she thought it would tear clear through her insides and wend its way up and out through her throat.

She stopped momentarily, letting the first surge of pain subside. Then, slowly and deliberately, she began to move around, up, down, milking and pulling, twisting his cock inside her.

Then he was all inside her, miles inside her, and her clitoris was stretched and pulled back inside her folds because of it. The tiny cock rubbed deliciously along the top of his larger one.

The cavern of her cunt had never experienced such a feeling. Her tits shook and slapped together as her whole body became a seething mass of unbridled lust and passion.

Her body sang and her hips danced as she pulled his cock ever deeper into her channel. Beneath her, even in sleep, his body began moving, matching her rhythms, surging upward to thrust his cock far inside her and fill her grasping cunt.

Her mind seemed to glaze over, the sexual pressure of his cock inside her driving out everything but the stark flush of lust.

She leaned over and whispered in his ear: "Do you like my cunt? Do you like the fucking that I'm giving you?"

"Yes," he sighed, almost incoherently, "it's good. It's so good."

She laughed and strained harder over him. She arched her back with each thrust, hardening her ass, fucking his cock with perfect timing. Her body boiled as her tits tingled and bounced in joy. Her loins and belly rippled as her come surged through every pore and fiber.

Completely spent, for the first time in her young life, she rolled from him. His cock was still throbbing and his balls shook with their unreleased fluid. He was in agony and she knew it.

"No... no, don't stop! Please, please, don't stop now," he groaned.

He reached down and began jerking his cock, trying to give himself some kind of relief from the burning fires she had started but failed to extinguish in his body.

"Don't stop, not now," he continued. "God, you've never been so good. Please, don't quit now!"

She looked at the huge cock that had just completely satisfied her and knew that somewhere, someday, she would find another one just like it, and everything in life along with it. Because that was what she had been lacking in all her sex games.

She grabbed her bag and moved to the door, where she turned.

"There, you bastard, you righteous prick, you sanctimonious son-of-a-bitch. You've had the best fuck of your life, and all the rest of your life you'll wonder where the hell it came from."


Lucille Beldon followed the bellhop into the room, checking the tautness of his buttocks in the tight pants.

"Will that be all, Ma'am?" he asked, unable to avert his eyes from her huge breasts. She was a little over the hill, he thought, but still a damn good-looking cunt, something he sure as hell wouldn't turn down if she decided to offer it.

"No," she said, handing him a twenty. "A bucket of ice, a quart of good Scotch, and two glasses from the dining room. I hate the fucking glasses they put in these rooms. The twenty's yours if you hurry."

"Yes, Ma'am!" he said with sincere emphasis, and dashed from the room.

Quickly she hung the few things she had brought with her in the closet, undressed and slipped into a thin, completely transparent negligee. The top and panties that should have gone with it went, instead, into a drawer.

She stretched across the bed, her body appearing nude through the gown in the room's half-light. She surveyed herself, the perfection of her body, in the full-length mirror across from the bed. At forty she was still a beautiful woman. Her body was full-figured, but it had little of its youthful resilience. The lush tits were heavy, yet they retained their cleavage even while she lay on her back, propped up on a pillow. The nipples were sharply contoured and pink, set off with huge aureoles, tinted a purple hue by the surge of passion she always aroused in her body by looking at herself.

The ample curves of her belly and hips molded into the dark patch of her pussy where it was clearly outlined and amplified by the gown's material. Her stomach was gently rounded, with a deep navel set in the tanned skin, and a mass of crisp black curls at her crotch.

It was a good and beautiful body. It had given her money and power and it would give her more. But right now she wanted sex for just herself. Sex for the sake of sex. That was one of the prime reasons she desired money and power, so she could dictate the course of her own desires and satisfy her every whim.

The bellhop would do for a start, she thought, he was young, good-looking, black, and obviously interested. It would be a good weekend full of laughs, kicks and sex, and all oft at her direction.

She needed these little holiday weekends away from the watchful eye of her husband, Roscoe, and the pressure of keeping her own abundant sexual desires under wraps lest they mark a weakness in her rather than a strength.

For a long time now she had managed to get away at least twice a month. And every time it had been something new, exciting, and different to feed her need for turning her sexual fantasies into reality.

The twenty dollars she got from them meant nothing to her. It was the excitement and the danger of selling her body to unknown men that she wanted.

She had just finished fucking the brains out of her third pickup when they came. There were five of them, four blacks and a white. They were all dressed to the teeth, mean, and mad.

"Mama, we don't like no free-lancin' in this neighborhood."

He was the biggest, with an ugly scar that ran down the side of his cheek, over his thick neck, and into his collar. She hoped he'd be the first because she was sure his cock would be huge and practiced.

"I don't know what the fuck you mean," she said, calmly buttoning her dress, careful to give them all a good solid look at the size and lushness of her tits first.

"Ah mean you're a queen cunt but you don't fuck this neighborhood without you first workin' for one of us. Do you dig that?"

"Fuck you!" she said, and spit in his face.

He only smiled as be slapped her with his left hand and balled his right into a fist to slam into her belly. She flew across the bed and, in an instant, they were holding her.

"So you want some fucking huh, some fuckin' for bread? Well, don't let it be said we don't pay for our fuckin' just like anybody else."

Scarface dropped his pants and shorts to his ankles but not before he'd pulled a bill from his pocket.

"What are you going to do?" she said, feigning fear and hoping that they wouldn't see the juices running like a river from her cunt.

"This here's a five. That's a buck from each of us. Now that outta make you feel good -- it's a buck apiece more than we usually pay. But then you look like a real quality piece."

He wadded the bill up, spit on it, and rolled it into a ball between his palms. When it was the size he wanted he shoved it up her cunt. Then she saw the huge, black cock, its purple head massive as he leaned forward and, in one stroke, buried it inside her ready cunt. His cock, full and hard with a bulging, throbbing head, sent the wadded bill far into her belly.

She loved it.

All five of them fucked her again and again until she was a bone weary mass of bruises and semen.

Another time, she had decided to try for kicks in Philly, instead of New York. On the way down a motorcycle gang passed her, screaming and careening around both sides of her car. In a second the idea came to her and she followed them.

When they stopped in front of an old ramshackle tavern she parked across the street. Twenty pairs of narrowed, disbelieving eyes stared as she entered and walked straight to the bar. She ordered a shot of whiskey, and downed it neat. Then she turned to the room and declared, in a loud, clear, ringing voice, "I suck, I fuck, and I've got twenty-four hours. Who's first?"

They stripped her in a back room and laid her out on a pool table. They all disrobed from the waist down, several of them not bothering to remove their boots, and stood around waiting their turn. There was never less than two of them on her at one time, and quite often there would be three.

One would be fucking her cunt or ass, whichever he hit first, and another would be reaming her throat, while a third straddled her belly, enclosing her huge tile over his cock and humping between them until he would splatter the bottom of her chin with his cum.

She had started to admit to herself that men in their twenties, late teens, and even in their early thirties could take their pick of pussy much younger and much better-looking than she was. She longed to get into some of the orgy action that she knew existed with the young crowd. And even though she had the money for such good times, she knew it was Roscoe's money. Without Roscoe she would be totally on her own, and she wasn't up to that big a gamble.

Roscoe was handsome, fairly young, and very rich when she met him. Before the wedding she dreamed of the good times they would have, and the good sex. It never happened.

Just before this trip they had gone through another knock-down, drag-out fight about sex. It had started the same way and it had ended sit had always ended.

"I know everything you do, Lucille," Roscoe said, trying his best to be firm with her. "And I've never said anything about it. There isn't really much I can say, I guess. I know you drive to New York every weekend or so, and pick up men. But I won't have it right here in the house."

"You won't, huh?" she said.

"No. And I mean it."

He had caught her with one of the houseboys. It wasn't the first time, but he insisted that it be the last. If it wasn't, he told her, then no matter how much he needed her, he would divorce her.

"Well, weekends a couple of times a month aren't enough, Roscoe," she said, trying with the force of her will and the beauty of her body to force him to look directly at her.

"Lucille, please?"

"Please what? Please don't run around naked? Why not, for Christ's sake? Does it excite you too much, Roscoe? Does it give you a big whopping hard-on? Shit! If it does give you a hard-on, I never noticed."

"Be serious, Lu. You know I..."

"Yes, I know all about your problem. But I've got my own problem. I want it. I need it, and I'm going to get it more often than weekends. Unless, that is, you want to start getting it up and fucking me. C'mon, Roscoe, fuck me!"

She jumped on the bed, lay back and stroked her tits, and spread her legs wide.

"I've wasted years on you, Roscoe. And now you know you've got me... I'm too old to leave you now. Or at least you think so."

He looked at the dark patch of her cunt and felt the stirrings of desire for her well up inside himself, desire that he knew he couldn't fulfill.

"Oh no!" she shouted, seeing the look he gave her, and the movement he made toward her. "I don't want your tongue. I don't just want to be sucked and slobbered over. I want to be fucked. I want some big, stiff, hard cock rammed up inside me. I want to feel hot cum shooting up my snatch. This snatch, Roscoe. The one that you can't seem to fill."

With her fingers she pulled the lips of her cunt wide apart so he could clearly see the raw, red gash. Then she grabbed a candle from the nightstand and shoved it far up her pussy.

"Like this!" she shouted. "This is how I want to fuck!"

She withdrew the candle and rammed it home again. Then faster and faster she worked, making the candle appear and disappear inside the walls of her sucking, velvety sheath.

He bowed his head, shaking it from side to side. "Yes, yes, all right," he said, a gasp in his voice. "Suck them, fuck them! All of them. Do what you want!" He sank to his knees, burying his face in his hands.

As always, at the end of an argument, she would feel pity for him. Underneath the surface hate and frustration that permeated their relationship, there was a strange brand of love.

"Roscoe," she said, dropping the candle beside the bed and holding her arms out to him. "Come, my darling. Come to me!"

He moved to his knees and crawled up between her legs. She grasped his head and guided it to her cunt. She hunched her hips upward, accepting his mouth and tongue with her softness.

He extended his tongue, slipping it lightly around the gentle contour

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A little outright bondage now and then was good for Victoria... or Tory, as she was called by then, hanging from the tight, binding straps and being forced to participate in the most astonishing of bizarre spectacles. Opal Andrews has arrived on the ..continue reading

3 Men & A Little Slut (Mary takes on the gang while hubby watches)

"If you don't like the idea of me being home late again, you can always come along and help me." said Mary with a pout. "You must be kidding!" I responded to my wife, "I'm completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do i ..continue reading

Two Latina's discover Asian Cock

I scurried quickly, trying to keep up with the 5'5, curvy, Mexican girl I had just met an hour ago at a nearby bar. As she led me down the dark street to her apartment, the moonlight highlighted her amazing curves. She had deliciously juicy thighs, a ..continue reading

Family Christmas Party

"Let's go Alex, we are going to hit traffic if we leave much later," my mom's voice grating on me like nails on a chalk board. "I'm coming!" I snapped back, "I don't know why we leave so damn early." I mumbled under my breath. "Watch your tone youn ..continue reading

Anita the whore is back

It was two weeks ago that we met Nikoletta with a bachelor party, but we did not smash him, but we agreed with him. We lied to her, we left her to chance because we thought she was sitting in front of Taxis. She thought she was crazy, and three of th ..continue reading