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Model sluts from hell

Steve stood, his muscular posture erect in the white, terry-cloth robe that draped over his solid frame. He strode in large steps from his dressing ensemble over to a tier of electronic controls. The controls were inset in a panel at the head of a ottoman settee upon which he reclined. He picked up a remote control from an end table and pressed an audio feed and said, "Hi you guys, how's everything going in there?"

In front of Steve, two persons' images were projected upon a large, center monitor that was flanked by smaller monitors. The figures started slightly, acknowledging that they heard his voice on the audio feed into their quarters in another part of the compound.

"Beautifully, darling, we're waiting for you. Are you coming down? Susan and I are having a bit of fun. Aren't we, honey," Lynn giggled.

"Uh huh," murmured a small feminine voice from the younger girl reclined in Lynn's lap.

On the large monitor Steve gazed at the tableau. Lynn, his "social assistant", was partially submerged almost to her navel in a spacious, marble hot tub. The girl leaning closely into Lynn was Susan, the latest girl to become one of Models' Inc.'s young models.

Models' Inc. was the name of one of the companies Steve controlled, and certainly the one that provided him with the most pleasant diversions from his other businesses.

"Relax and enjoy yourselves and I'll be down in a while," Steve instructed the girls over the audio line.

Steve manipulated the remote camera to zoom in on the two girls. Lynn, 17, was brunette, her luxuriant hair tied up with wisps streaming into her face and down onto her large chest. Her opulent breasts, nipples erect, glowed from the swimming light illuminating them from the water below. The firm, upthrust breasts were large, much too large, it would appear, to belong on such a slender, young girl.

But Lynn's breasts were not what had seized Steve's attention. One of her sinuous arms draped over the shoulder of Susan, the exceptionally beautiful, much younger girl cuddling Lynn. They were comfortable ensconced on the top step of the hot tub. The younger girl's pouting lips were nuzzling the stiff nipples poking from Lynn's chest.

Lynn came-on to Models' Inc. a couple of years ago and had booked a lot of work. But her bisexuality and penchant for debauchery had made her perfect for the job of integrating newly recruited models into Steve's lifestyle. She made the new girls feel comfortable and kept them in line. She had proven herself at making the new girls stick to strict work schedules and made them available to Steve's needs. Although she still enjoyed a promiscuous lifestyle, she was able to juggle it even with her new responsibilities.

The girl Lynn embraced was exceptionally beautiful. Her silken blonde hair was wet up to her neck and coiled down past her svelte waist to swirl in the water around her narrow, sweeping hips. Her arm was around Lynn's waist. One of her long, thin legs was casually pulled up next to her. On the shapely leg was a wet, mauve, silk stocking. Stockings worn in a hot tub, a product of Sherry's (another employee on Models' Inc. staff who dressed the girls to Steve's liking) post-modern fashion attitude.

"Christ," Steve thought, "What a piece of work," Steve could almost see the band at the top of Susan's stocking before it disappeared into the churning water that covered her lower body. The girl's small, perfectly shaped, breasts shown through the diaphanous, silk tank-top she wore, her nipples poking sharply outward. She turned toward Lynn, bent her graceful neck, and wrapped her pink lips around the nipple that was closest to her mouth.

"Fuuuuuck," Lynn droned as her head fell backwards in response to the suction. Lynn's hand was down the front of Susan's wet tank top pinching her left nipple. Lynn reached over with her other hand and ran it along the young girl's stockinged leg until it dipped below the water and settled between her legs. The younger girl sighed heavily, stuck out her delicate tongue and darted it over Lynn's stiff aureole before drawing her head between the older girl's well-developed cleavage in embrace. As Lynn's hand rubbed between Susan's legs, her little pink mouth turned up at one corner and her long curvaceous leg lifted in an effort to increase the stimulation of Lynn's hand on her slit hidden under the water. Her pleasure was evidenced by her stocking covered foot arching delicately.

"Oh, yea, fucking rub my clit! Oh yea. Rub it! Stick your fingers in me. Fuuck! I'm so horny. God that coke really did it for me," the young girl hissed in breathy gasps. Steve could see her buck her small hips in the warm, frothy water toward Lynn's probing fingers. Her suspended, pointy toes bobbing to the rhythm.

Steve was somewhat surprised at the course tone of the apparently prepubescent girl's language. Although she looked very permissive, she was so young that it caught him off guard. "They're doing everything younger every day," he thought to himself. Just last week he reluctantly met with a mother who wanted Steve's agency to represent her ten-year-old daughter. The girl's mother had dressed the girl up to look like a kiddy-slut, complete with stockings and miniskirt, and wanted Steve to fuck her. The mother made it known she was available too.

Steve reactivated the audio into the girls' quarters. "Where's Billie, girls?" They were still in the hot tub.

"I'm right here," came a young, masculine voice.

Steve zoomed back the video image and a young man entered the picture to settle on the step on the other side of the tub. He was about twenty-five with a muscular build, long dark hair, a very large dangling penis that was partially erect. A deep glowing tan covered his entire nude body.

"Lynn, do you want to introduce me to your new friend?" Steve asked.

"Her name's Susan," Lynn replied.

"I hear you want to be a model. Is that right?" another little giggle as the young girl raised her hand to her beautiful red lips and nibbled delicately on her fingernail.

"That's right, Mr. Hughner," she then replied.

"Why don't you stand up and show Billie your butt." She looked at Lynn, smiled, and slowly stood up in the hot tub. Her stunning figure brought a shot of heat to Steve's genitals. Although most of her legs were still submerged Steve got a view of her entire upper body. The stockings were not attached with garters and were somewhat drawn down by the water. Susan with a smile and a little giggle reached down to pull them up. As she did, she wiggled her narrow, prepubescent ass in a seesaw motion. When finished she straightened her torso, pushing out her small, but well-defined chest, displaying her charms for Billie's (and Steve's) delectation.

"Jesus," Steve muttered. "She's a fucking doll." His eyes fed upon her body, where the hard nipples protruded neatly from the clinging tank-top that was cut just above her willowy midriff, to the tops of her wet stockings where they adhered to her long limbs with water dripping down. On her well-structured, svelte ass clung a black thong that ran up the cleft between her legs, covering about an inch of flesh at that juncture.

The young girl exuded a titillating flirtatious persona, and yet, was demur in her demeanor. Although classic in her Anglo looks, her uptilted eyes hinted at a few drops of oriental blood. Her face said "innocent little girl", but her eyes and licentious body said, "precocious, unchaste slut".

The girl then took a tentative half-step toward the center of the tub where Billie was standing, giggled shyly and raised her hand to her mouth in self-consciousness. Billie closed the distance between them and placed his large hands almost around the entire circumference of Susan's tiny waist. She brought her arms up and placed them on Billie's shoulders. He lowered his head to place his lips on hers, wiggling his tongue up insider her mouth. She reciprocated by cupping the back of Billie's neck with her long, svelte fingers, and pulling his lips hard against hers.

Billie slid his hands up her torso, onto her short tank-top to caress her small breasts as they continued to French-kiss each other passionately. Then Steve could see Billie pinching the young girl's nipple as he reached through the arm-hole of her tank-top. A light tapping on the door of his bedroom suite distracted Steve.

"Come in," came his reply and he watched through the mirror as Nick came through the door and approached him from behind.

"I think she's ready. Are you going to go pay her a visit?" Nick asked...

"Where did you get her?" Steve asked incredulously.

"Bill sent her over. Her mother made arrangements for Susan to have a portfolio done, but when the girl showed at the shoot she was alone. Her mother's in L.A. with her new boyfriend for who knows how long. The photographer gave her a couple of lines and did her on the set. She's made a few of the rounds but she tests out clean. Ken evaluated her and she really picks up quick. I think you can move right along with her... oh yea, and she apparently is very tight."

Ken was the director of Models' Inc. and had the final say on who was admitted to the agency. Anyone admitted could be assured they would get top billing internationally.

"Christ, Nick. How old is this one?" he implored.

"Well, she's thirteen, but she photographs more like a fourteen year-old. I think she'll book very well. We've already bounced her photos off Maitlan, and he loves her. As far as her family, I think it will work out OK. Her mom basically signed her off to us -- she's got a blow problem and we gave her some money. Lynn did a good job of selling Models' Inc. to her. Showed her some portfolios and talked up the girls we promote. She already knew we were 'the best modeling agency in the world' -- her words. And look at the girl, obvious thoroughbred looks and a well-developed personality for a thirteen year old."


"Tina, wake up, sweetheart," he intoned over his shoulder toward a large sunken, sleeping area on the other side of the suite. There was no answer. He used the remote control to speak to Nick in his quarters.

"Nick, would you get Tina up. She's slept enough. Have Sherry clean her up real quick too. And get her a couple of snorts if she wants them. Then have Sherry bring her in here."

Back at the hot tub, Lynn appeared on the monitor with the thirteen year-old girl and the guy she was jacking-off. Lynn's large breasts appeared first. They defied gravity they if suspended from her slender torso by some enigmatic architecture, yet they had a natural kilter with uptilted bright pink nipples, as if lipstick had been applied to them. They glowed with a thin sheen of perspiration and a knotted pearl necklace dangled between them nearly to her slight waist.

She also had a tattoo of a tongue about the size of a shot glass that extended from between the lightly freckled area between her breasts over to the tip of her right nipple. It almost looked out of place because her beauty inferred high fashion model, a gaunt elegant presence: the tattoo, and the shaved side of her head, added an element of the forbidden -- good girl gone bad, a beautiful slut. Her truly breathtaking buttocks were diminutive, completely flawless and had a golden-tan glow. She was wearing a black bikini thong which showcased her dripping, tight and high ass-cheeks to full advantage, and circled up and around her impossibly thin waist. She would occasionally lift her long wispy hair from the side from which it was shaved and flip it dramatically to the other, showing off the tattoo that ran across the side of her head.

Steve gave her complete run of the compound and despite her penchant for bringing her current sex partners around, she was generally quite responsible.

Lynn wiggled that succulent posterior in an extravagant fashion as she sidled up to the embracing couple standing in the churning water, laughed, and put her slim arms around them. She and Billie kissed and Susan soon joined in. Their tongues fluttered together lightly, extending from their parted lips, and then they took turns kissing full-mouthed. She and Susan's breasts rubbed together through Susan's moist tank-top while Billie ran his hand down Lynn's sleek back and into the cleft between her curvy buttocks which led down between her thin, supple legs.

"God, you guys look like you're having a good time. Does she turn you on? Do you want to stick it in her Billie?" Steve teased over the sound system.

"You fucking know it, Mr. G...." he said enthusiastically, looking up at the camera with the little red light that indicated it was the one observing them.

"... if I get that far. You won't believe the little cunt on this thing. I can barely get my finger into it and there's just a little fuzz on it. Fuuuck, makes me hard. And she's hot too, aren't you, honey," he said affectionately as he turned back to her. Billie had slid Susan's thong to one side of her slit and his hand moved lightly between her lean legs, her hips akilter. She let out a little murmur and stuck her tongue back into his mouth, trying to climb up his body and center his hard dick on her horny little slit, needing penetration by more than a finger. Lynn was mouthing her small breasts and nipples through the wet shirt, with her hand rubbing her own hairless slit, her thong also pulled to the side of her little cunt.

Susan finished her kiss and looked coyly at Billie, "Can we get some more coke, honey?" she cooed.

"You betcha, darlin'. We'll fix you right up here. Come on you guys. Let's get out of the tub." He grasped Susan's hand and led her up the steps and Lynn followed, holding the other hand and giggling, "I want a good blast too!" she exclaimed wiggling her little ass-cheeks as she shimmied up the steps from the tub.

Behind the two girls lay a large recreation pit lined with black velvet cushions. Along the perimeter of the suite was gilt paneling, mirrored ceilings and rich tapestried walls. On the far side, off from the spa and fitness area, was a bar, game room, a swimming pool and a sundeck/atrium that led out onto the secured grounds of the compound.

The carefree kids grabbed towels -- large, fluffy towels -- dried themselves and moved over to the recreation pit lined with mirrors and the sides and above. A circular, black, marble table was the focal point at the center, on which was set all manner of refreshments, fruit and stimulants including a mirror with a large pile of cocaine. There was also crystal decanters filled with herbal and synthetic libations of every variety.

They laughed and joked, tickling and prodding each other as they positioned themselves in front of the elaborate refreshment station. Pulsing music played in the background and the mirrors on all sides reflected the beautiful images of their fit, young bodies. All three of the young people were truly, exceptionally attractive and vivacious human specimens. Even the young thirteen year-old Susan had a confident, bold demeanor. And now she wanted to get higher.

"Fuck yea, I want some more! Look at all that fucking coke!" she exclaimed in her sultry but enthusiastic voice as she shimmied on her knees up to the coke pile at the edge of the marble centerpiece. Her impish, child-like face smiling and laughing, radiating a Lolita's carnal playfulness.

She licked her long finger, stuck it into the coke pile, scooping as much onto it as she possibly could. She then brought it up to her aquiline nose and tried to inhale sharply. Cocaine shot out in a large cloud and most of it fell onto her delectable, stocking-clad knees. Everyone laughed and giggled hysterically. Billie and Lynn did the same, spending ample time to snort, lick and taste till content. They then settled back on the soft, black velvet cushions surrounded by throw-pillows as the tendrils of drug induced pleasure coursed and rippled through their bodies.

They were still playing around, but now there was a heavier sensual aspect to their reveling that was apparently induced by the exceptional amounts of cocaine they had snorted.

Billie had scooped several fingers into the coke pile and taken the heap over to where Susan was reclining on a plush pillow. "Open up your legs, sweetheart... you'll like this."

"Whatcha gonna do," little Susan asked, her speech slurred.

"I'm gonna rub it between your legs, that's what."

"Oh God, yea that sounds great," she exclaimed as she settled on her back and drew her long legs up, back and apart with a little girl's glee, and with the exceptional grace and ease only the truly beautiful can manage effortlessly.

Billie rubbed the pile of cocaine onto the cleft between her legs, scooping extra right onto her slit, then pushing it up into the elastic mouth of her tiny vagina with his index finger. In total he had at least seven or eight grams of the high grade Peruvian cocaine to apply to the little promiscuous girl's crotch.

Susan threw back her head with its long dark hair flowing and sighed as her pelvis twitched at each insertion of Billie's finger into her tight slit.

Lynn lay back and giggled. "Goddamn girl, last time I did that, I couldn't feel anything down there for three days! But I still had to keep something stuck up me just because it ached so bad." I totally wore out about four guys -- but they fucking loved it.

"Fucking look at that Nick! Look! She's top grade! Look at those legs! And no hair!" The girl exhibited her legs to great advantage as Billie applied the coke. They flailed and scissored back and forth and up and down showing their exceptional shapeliness in the drying stockings that wrapped them. They pulled back naturally, giving easy access to her succulent crotch -- her small feet arched daintily like a little-girl ballet dancer's.

No doubt the young girl realized the value of exhibiting her natural charms to full advantage since she knew Mr. G. could still be watching. Lynn had informed Susan that she should "act sexy", since the guy that could make her a modeling star would be watching her every move. What he thought of her would determine what she would get and even whether or not she could even stay with her new friends in the palatial compound.

"God look how limber she is, Nick! I can't wait to feel that spread around this," Steve gripped his erection which was protruding painfully from his dressing robe. He ran his hand slowly up and down its truly exceptional length, unusually excited at Nick's latest find.

Nick looked away from the monitors, having long ago learned that paying attention to any of the guests in the compound only made him horny. As Steve's chief domestic assistant, Nick's job was to carry out Steve's instructions related to keeping all persons in the compound happy.

Steve turned to Nick, "Where is Tina? Get her in here," he asked impatiently.

"Here she is. We're finished now," Sherry said. Sherry was a young blond in a black, leather bustier, wearing only a thong, black thigh-high stockings with runs and holes, and platform "disco" shoes. She led Tina over the black slate floor of the landing above, and down the few stairs to the settee where Steve was ensconced, his robe slightly parted and his mighty cock obscenely erected on his lower stomach, almost to his navel.

"Oh, thank-you Sherry. I hope you weren't busy or anything."

"Not at all, Mr. G.," she replied with a smile. I was just going over an outfit Lisa's wearing when she meets Maitlan tomorrow. Lisa was one of Steve's front-line models and Maitlan was the owner of Know! the largest advertiser of fashion in the world.

"Oh, a new one?" Sherry asked, looking at the large monitor.

"She's cute. What's her name?"

Steve looked at Nick, "What is it Nick? Susan! That's it! Isn't she something?" he exclaimed, wringing his hands like an excited schoolboy.

"Oh yeah, God what a little body. I bet she can photograph like a dream. Look at those cheekbones and that posture. Let me know when you're ready for her wardrobe -- or anything else you might require," Sherry offered and then said, "Tina was sleepy, but we got her dressed and she did a couple of hits. Isn't she cute in those shorts and shoes?" She presented Tina with her arm around the gorgeous girl's waist.

"Absolutely gorgeous," Steve replied.

"And I know how you like her little nipples to show through this sheer Chantilly gauze," Sherry said as she kissed Tina good-bye while caressing and squeezing her high ass with one hand and pinching her little-girl nipples with the other. Sherry's job was to accentuate the girls' natural beauty with stylish clothing and grooming. She also liked to rub her pussy on the girls sometimes and had often slept with Lynn, when Lynn didn't have any male friends over.

"Thanks, Sherry, baby," Steve winked at her and reached out his muscular, tan arm to Tina.

"Hi, sweetheart. How are ya. Did you get a good rest?" He asked the girl Sherry had brought him.

Tina, an absolutely striking 5'7," brunette, nodded her beautiful, gaunt head, an impish but naughty pout on her regal face. She lay down and snuggled up to Steve on the settee, settling her heavenly, opulent breasts against Steve's well-defined chest. The only thing separating their chests, the sheer, gauze blouse, was cut in a vee across her, succulent breasts, and then plunged to her midriff. She gave him an affectionate hug as she lay next to him.

"God, honey, I missed you," Steve murmured into her delicate ear.

"Let me see ya," he intoned.

"God, you look great, honey. Let's see what you're wearing." Steve perused Tina's languid form as she raised her long arms and stretched them above her head, simply because she knew she was irresistible in that pose.

Tina was also one of Models' Inc.'s front line models and was regularly featured in layouts in the major fashion magazines. She had worked for several of the industry's most prestigious accounts. She also loved sex, in fact, she had been being incorrigibly slutty until Steve had taken an interest in her several weeks ago.

Steve placed his hand on her flat abdomen and ran it up to her breasts. He gently tugged on a golden hoop that pierced her left nipple and leaned over her to tongue it through the black gauze where it joined her breast. Tina mewed like a luxuriating cat, stretched and arched her shapely back off the settee. Her long, slender legs were slightly spread and connected to a compact, tight, hard ass only a 14 year-old can have.

"Fuck, honey, I've been horny without ya," he whispered into her ear. He ran his hand down her long, sinuous body to her right ass-cheek and slapped it playfully. Tina stuck her tongue out and wet her succulent lips, her tongue, and a little smile, lingered. A gold post was embedded in the tip of her wisp-of-a-tongue and she wiggled it at Steve.

"You nasty little cunt," Steve hissed at her playfully.

"Do you need some more of this dick?" Steve grasped his erect cock and pressed it into the coquette's thigh and ran his hand up to the crotch of her tight, black, silk shorts where he cupped the cleft between her legs, pressing into her sex. He rubbed her softly at that juncture, and then he worked his fingers up the inside of her thigh, between the narrow strip of thin silk and the girls warm flesh. There he slid his fingers into the side of the immodest shorts and stroked the tiny slit of her cunt for a few moments. Then he deftly unsnapped the crotch -- a special feature he had designed into many of the clothes his girls wore.

Once her crotch cloth was unsnapped, he gripped her naked, teenage cunt unimpeded, while she whimpered, cooed and caressed his face. He lightly rubbed her there while he flicked his tongue into her mouth, framed by her little red lips, and dueled with her gold-studded tongue.

Steve was Tina's biggest conquest up to this point. He had been in sexual situations with her several times in the last few weeks. The previous night he had worked his large cock into her tight slit several times. Although she had plenty of experience, Tina's vagina was so small he had a hard time getting enough of his oversized dick into her so that he could cum. He had to call in another girl with a looser cunt to actually take his load. Tina understood and was very happy to get whatever she could from her current idol and she had stroked her studded tongue into Steve's mouth while he blasted his load up the other girl's hole.

Tina had been with Models' Inc. for about eight months and had already earned over $300,000. But the staff was somewhat concerned over Tina and her party habits. Although controlled drug use was not discouraged, chronic use was. And Tina had developed quite a habit for cocaine and some other drugs. John had her in therapy and she was doing quite well, now using coke only two or three times a day.

Tina was living with her father after her parents' divorce, but both she and her father agreed that, as a career move, going with Models' Inc. couldn't be beat. Ken, the head of the agency, insisted that Tina move into the compound and that her father relinquish guardianship. He agreed only when he was guaranteed $150,000 a year. Now Tina was one of only several models ascending into the big time. She could look forward to making many millions of dollars over the next few years.

Tina had attracted much attention from an early age and had attracted the affections of her seventeen year old next-door-neighbor when she was almost eleven. He got her worked up when she was over for a slumber party with his little sister. He had bumped into her in the bathroom and reached up her nightgown and cupped her sex in his hand. He rubbed and kissed her till they were interrupted by another girl who came in to pee. Later that night, after all the other girls had gone to sleep, Tina had sneaked into his room. He had to cover her mouth when he popped her cherry so his parents wouldn't wake up. Tina would go over to his house whenever his parents and little sister were gone and "do it". She even screwed most of his friends and leaned the basics of oral sex.

The next year, Tina's girlfriends' fathers started paying attention to her. James, a handsome contractor and the father of her best friend, took her into town with him to pick up some supplies when his family had invited Tina to go boating on Lake Powell. He had been eyeing her incredible body for some time, and her face was so beautiful he had to hide a boner every time he looked at it. On the way back he couldn't keep his eyes off her captivating eyes and stiff nipples that shown through her revealing swimsuit top.

He pulled off onto a dirt road and ran his had up her irresistible thigh. She leaned over and kissed him open-mouthed. He took her hand and led her into the back of the motor home where she rode up and down on his rod and he licked her slit for over an hour. It was the most incredible sexual experience of his life -- and with a twelve year-old. When they finally arrived back at the boat, his wife was suspicious about what took them so long. He denied everything, and Tina never said anything. She did, however, show up at his house, ostensibly to play with his daughter, at times she knew nobody would be there but him. He had fucked her several times on the bed he shared with his wife. But now Tina had moved onto far bigger game.

"Fuck, honey, I'm horny. Suck me a little will ya?" Steve implored. Tina moved down the settee to crouch between Steve's large, well-muscled legs. She spread his robe and ran her slender, flawless hands from his stomach to his genitals. She immediately grasped Steve's erect penis and licked the head while looking directly into Steve's eyes with a sultry gaze. Steve, looking down at her, moaned.

"Fuck yeah, sweetheart. That's it." Tina could almost hide behind Steve's cock, it was so large. Her hand barely encircled the circumference and its length was as long as her lower arm. She licked it again, this time on the tip where it was smeared with sticky precum. She yawned wide and was able to barely fit the entire head into her widely stretched mouth. She sucked -- flicking the gold-stud that pierced her fribulating tongue against the steely mass. Steve moaned lustily while he watched the beautiful 14 year-old race-horse slut copulate him almost sadistically.

While Tina sucked him, Steve turned his attention back to the monitor. Billie, Susan and Lynn had moved onto new things. Steve kicked up the volume in the other suite where they were partying so he could listen in.

Billie was in a 69 position above Susan's body, his large cock sawing into her wide-stretched little mouth. Occasionally she would take it out and share it with Lynn who was lying beside her caressing Susan's stiff nipples. Billie would shift his torso slightly and fuck Lynn's beautiful face for a while and then switch back to Susan's little mouth. All the while he was avidly licking the thirteen year-olds' impeccable fuck-slit. She was emitting an almost continuous series of whines, yelps and moans as Billie licked at the little pink slit, while his finger was lodged up the little crevice.

Occasionally, Billie would lift his head and look down between Susan's prettily spread legs at his obscenely large cock sawing into the two girl's mouth holes. He would invariable groan at this lascivious sight and then go back to licking the promiscuous little girl's cunt. Billie liked young girls, almost as much as Mr. G. and he especially liked real slutty, ravishing ones that really liked recreational sex with handsome strangers, like this little Susan slut.


Steve looked back down at the little model gripping his cock. She was now just licking the head and stroking his length with one hand while she stroked between her thin legs at her clitoris with the other.

She looked directly into his eyes as she brazenly performed fellatio on huge pole rising from his groin.

"OK, honey, get your little cunt up here. Steve, wants to try fucking it again," he implored. Tina smiled as she lifted her head.

"You do, huh? You want to try and stick that big thing up my little hole again?" she asked in her provocative 14 year-old whine.

"You know I do, sweetheart, now get your little ass up her."

Tina lifted her lithe body and arched her narrow torso. She assumed her most provocative, knavish stance -- hips akimbo, finger in her little pouting mouth, toying with the gold-stud that pierced it. She slowly ran the other hand up one thin thigh and over her pouting titties and then back down between her spectacularly sexy legs that were attached to her impossibly narrow pelvis. Once there she mischievously grasped her bare crotch and slowly stuck her middle-finger up herself. She had become very aware of the power she had over men.

No wonder he could bill her out at $1,700 per half-hour he thought to himself. She would give a 90 year-old a hard-on.

"You fucking little nasty whore. Get up here and fuck me!" Steve implored.

Tina sidled up and laid her thin body on Steve's, pulled her knees down on either side of him and then pushed herself up from his massive chest with her little hands on his bulging pecks. In this position her gauze-covered, budding breasts protruded to their fullest effect between the arms supporting her upper body on his chest. She knew she looked exceptionally provocative in this position and turned to look at herself in one of the many engraved and beveled mirrors lining the perimeter of the suite.

After studying her beauty and primping her hair for several seconds, she positioned the opening of the hairless slit between her legs, on Steve's cock's length, which lay erect on his stomach, reaching to his navel. She used his cock to warm herself up, by sawing it back and forth in her moist, fuck-groove.

"Fuck, honey. I'm real fucking horny, but your cock is so huge," she whined in her best spoiled brat voice. She knew men loved to hear her whine, but in this case she was almost sincere.

"I don't care. Get it up your little hole, baby. I want you to do it all by yourself. You can do it," Steve implored.

Tina shifted to a dainty squat position over Steve's body. She tucked the undone crotch flap of her little short pants up so they could both watch and revel as she tried to fit his horse dick into her nasty, little slit-of-a-cunt.

Her shorts were low-slung hip-huggers on her little ass -- kind of like a slutty grunger's version of a garter belt. No doubt that is why Sherry had selected it for her.

Tina licked her lips languidly and aligned Steve's massive penis with her tiny crack. Since Steve had had his pole up her before, they both knew it was possible. But it was hard to believe that that huge veined shaft -- a good 14 or 15 inches long and very wide would fit it the svelte 14 year old's cunt -- especially considering that she was of slight build and extremely thin even though she stood 5'10". Her waist couldn't have been over 16", and her tight hips were no more than 18", or 19". She had a somewhat emaciated, waif look that ironically enhanced her exceptional beauty.

Maitlan, the owner of Know! had also been very impressed with Tina. They had met several weeks ago during a long search Maitlan had been conducting for the model that would star in his media campaign for his line of extraordinarily popular fashion goods. Tina had been so excited at being selected to meet him that she couldn't sleep for a week beforehand.

The print portion of the ad campaign alone would book $34 million and the lucky race-horse model chosen for the job would sign a contract worth $3.7million.

All the girls' minds danced with visions of popping flash-bulbs, choice of the finest studs in the world, and fashion immortality.

But it was a long shot. Mainland would probably end-up with a Models' Inc. model, but there were quite a few others he had interest in as well.

Tina gripped Steve's cock with a look of juvenile determination on her lewd and lustful pubescent face, placed the head against her tiny, warm slit and slid back and forth on it, each time exerting a little more pressure while she centered it into her sex dimple. Over and over she pressed her stallion's brawny beef against her slit, trying with a spoiled little girl's impatience to satisfy her craving, gnawing in frustration and then licking licentiously on her fiendishly charming lips. She shamelessly looked into the older man's eyes while she whined and fussed. Finally, with a moan of frustration, throwing her ravishing head back, she pulled the cock head from her moist slot.

Frustrated at not being able to impale her lascivious sex tunnel on the huge dick, she changed her strategy. She grabbed the beefy pole, positioned it in front of her spread legs and rubbed her little clit rapidly up and down on its length in a furious determination to satisfy her craving to come. After a short time, while levering her hips rapidly back and forth, her beautiful face slowly contorted in a little girl's sluttish sneer of sexual ecstasy, she bleated, "Oh, oh, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh Steve, I'm squirting, baby. Fuuuuck!" finally having her breathy little cum.

She fell forward, pressing her pert tits against Steve's muscled pecks, and opened her eyes. Looking directly into the man's tanned, lined face she exclaimed, "I think I can take it now, baby. Ya ready?" Steve nodded.

"I just need a little coke rub before I do it," she mouthed breathily. Steve lifted his head.

"Nick," he spoke up, "Get Tina a little coke for her pussy, would ya?"

From a sofa at the top of the landing, Nick immediately rose, moved to a credenza and using a cellophane card scooped up a pile of flake. Upon Nick's approach to the settee that she and Steve were playing on, Tina rose from her position and lay back diagonally across Steve's chest with her lissom arm circling his head and neck.

This position allowed her to spread her beautiful legs so Nick could apply the coke to her slit and at the same time she could have some tongue play with Steve. While Nick bent to discharge the cocaine between her little white legs, he couldn't help admiring the teenage model's tattoo peeking out from the unsnapped crotch of her sinfully revealing, silk shorts.

Tina's tattoo was of an erect penis that started on the inside of the top of her supple thigh, with the head of the cock-tattoo positioned at the opening of the girl's small slit to give the illusion of it going into her cunt. The artist had even tattooed part of the penis-head on the girl's tiny labia so it appeared partially inside her sex slit.

Nick had taken her to the shop to have it applied. The artist recognized Tina as a top fashion model, but because she was so young he was hesitant to do the work. Nick had had to pay a large amount of money to get him to do it.

Nick thought back to that day... PG Tina had reclined on the sofa in the artist's studio, spread her curvaceous, stocking-clad legs slightly and pulled-up her mini-dress almost to her navel to give the artist access. She watched him, leaning back on her elbows. He attempted to go about the task of expertly engraving the multi-color design. But the only thing covering the little trollop's sex hole during the procedure was a one inch diaphanous thong.

After several hours of this, the artist -- a twenty something hipster with long black hair whose name was Bobbie -- let his obvious attraction for Tina be know. While kneeling between her stockinged legs he would, not so subtly, press his tented pants crotch against her ankle. Nick was amused since Tina seemed to enjoy it.

Tina enjoyed showing off her delectable body to the attractive artist and eventually, she reciprocated the young man's affections by stroking her leg against his erect cock and then giggling. Then she reached into her mini-dress top and fondled her stiff nipples while he attempted to do his work.

Finally, when the artist needed to tattoo the lips of Tina's slit, he nervously asked her to slid her thong to the side of her sex. She moved her hand down between her legs, slid two fingers under the thong to rub her moist slit. Then she pulled the thong aside and looked into the young artist's eyes and said, "God, Bobbie, getting this tattoo is fucking getting me hot. What are you going to do about it?"

In a bold move, the nervous artist moved his head forward to the opening between her legs and slithered his tongue over her swollen clit. Tina grabbed his head by the hair and pulled it up tight against her crotch and hissed, "I need a dick in me, stud. Can you take care of it?"

Bobbie had then looked up at Nick, seeking some sign of permission. Nick sat impassively, so Bobbie had unzipped his black leather pants and worked his stiff dick out and moved into position between Tina's spread thighs. Nick then interrupted the maneuver.

"You've got to wear a rubber if you fuck her, man," he instructed. "Shit," the young man stood, left the room and reemerged with the rubber stretched over his still erect cock.

Tina who had remained reclined on the sofa was now furiously pinching the nipples of her partially exposed, bra-less breasts through her small mini-dress top, her beautiful lithe legs now splayed wide open.

The artist again knelt between them. He playfully slapped Tina's hairless slit with his length and then ran the tip back and forth through her moist groove while she hissed: "Oh, fuck yea. Get it in me, stud," licking her lips and then pulling her cunt-lips apart to help him work the cock in. After several minutes, the artist was fully embedded in Tina's tight sheath, fucking her deftly while she moaned and bucked her lank and lean ass up at him.

"Fuck yea, squirt me, stud. Squirt me... What was your name? Oh, yea. Bobbie. That's it, that's it, fuck me, Bobbie," she spit, spreading her curvaceous legs impossibly wider and flexing against the artist's leather clad ass for added leverage as she ground her moist, tight slut-hole around his hot, plunging cock-pole.

Her dainty feet, clad in platform, ankle-high, toe-less boots bobbed up and down on either side of the guy's body as he rutted her. Then she locked her ankles around his ass and pulled him up and into her as hard as possible. She fucked the guy's mouth with her gold-posted tongue, moaning loudly each time he bottomed out in her hairless hole. His muscular torso rubbed against her now bared tits making her nipples stiff as they poked out from the top of her mini-dress while he levered his hard pole into her tight cunt again and again. Her little mini-dress was bunched up around her lithe panting, tummy, its top pulled to the side showing off her little girl's cleavage. The partially applied tattoo on her crotch was now slick with the sweat from their illicit and utterly hedonistic copulation.

The tattoo artist didn't last long with his straining dick stuck up such a choice little nasty morsel. How often did a guy get to slip his prong into this -- a fourteen year-old, nationally known, high-fashion model, who liked it hot and nasty and liked it now!! The carnal little slut's girdle-tight cunt contracted spasmodically around his swollen log till he jetted his gruel all the way up her hot, sucking fuck-hole.

"Oh fuuuuck! Fuck! You fuckin' little slut-whore, awwww!" he spat into her contorted face. Her clit sung at the top of her tightly stretched, elastic hole as he impaled her with his swollen prong. They came together yelping like dogs in heat as he pronged her repeatedly and then planted the pole and simply ground it as hard as he could into the tight slit between the beautiful, slut-model-child's splayed legs.

The little bitch's hole was so hot and tight that most of his come squeezed out of it immediately after he pulled out his cock. She fitfully scooped it up in her slender hand and sucked it off her fingers, panting breathily.

Tina whimpered, trembled and curled into a ball on the sofa while Nick comforted her by tenderly stroking her cheek. After a couple of blasts of coke she was back to her self. Before they left, the artist asked Nick how he could get hold of Tina later. Nick told him to forget it. It was amazing the effect this girl had on men.

Now, Nick finished shaking the cocaine from the cellophane card onto the little beauty's snatch. Tina reached down and rubbed it into herself, dipping two fingers into her little elastic hole, all the while looking up at Nick through heavy-lidded eyes and lasciviously circling her candy-pink lips with her gold-spiked tongue.

After squirming on the fingers, she pulled them out and stuck them into Steve's mouth along with her slip of a tongue. Steve's dick swelled at the lewdness of the erotic display of this precocious 14 year-old.

Once her crotch was tingling sufficiently, Tina rose once again over Steve's reclining body and repositioned her beautiful Junoesque legs on either side of his waist. She slid Steve's flinty dick into position at the opening to her sex and lowered her tiny hips. She balanced herself and reached her hands on either side of her slit and pulled the lips apart as far as she could and lowered herself until the head almost made its way into her, then lifted. She looked down at the huge column threatening to penetrate her small pink maw.

The head of Steve's cock was quite wet with her juices and poised at the entrance to her slit-of-pleasure. Encouraged, Tina applied the same technique again. As she pressed against the cock she watched the video monitor on the wall with Steve. Billie was still sawing his cock into the youngest girl's widely spread mouth. "Oh, look at that cute girl Billie's mouth-fucking," she said as she strained against Steve's cock.

The lewdness of watching Billie fuck the girl enabled Tina to finally get the entire head of the rich stud's cock to squelch up into her little teenage-slut cunt-hole. Maybe it was the fact that Tina had fucked Billie before and now she was watching him fuck someone else, and he didn't know it.

"Oh, fuuuck, honey. I got it in again -- all by myself." She looked down and saw that indeed the 3 inch head of the giant cock was wrapped tight by the elastic entrance to her tight hole. She then leaned forward and brought her torso down to Steve's, extended her arms around his neck and stuck her little tongue into his mouth for some mouth fucking.

"No, honey. Not yet. Get that fucker in more before you start that."

"Oh, fuck. It hurts, Steve," she whined. But she lifted up her little ass and then pushed back hard against the steely cock. With the added moisture and excruciating rotary movements, she was able slid her cunt further down his shaft.

Then she paused in mid-stroke, "Fuck, honey. You know you're by far the biggest guy to ever fuck me. No one else can do it for me now. I think you are stretching me out a little," she whined amorously.

"But you know what? I fucking love it!" And then, marshaling her entire licentious resolve, Tina levered her entire weight against the shaft and pushed back until he had almost half his massive length up her tight slit.

"All right, babe! That's it!" Steve exclaimed. Even though only half his length was up her little slit, she was absolutely stuffed. Steve felt the top of his cock against the back of her compact womb.

Slowly, her hole stretched to almost comfortably accommodate the mammoth cock, and along with help from the coke Nick had applied to her nasty slit, she got into what she enjoyed most -- sport-fucking her latest conquest.

Tina had now developed a penchant for wealthy older men with big dicks -- especially ones that, just by saying the word, could push her career to the stratosphere. Fame. Adoring fans. Lots of coke. Sliding dicks attached to her White Knight -- or Black Knight of the moment. She had been know to fuck with large black men too. Tina started her little fuck-ride with a vengeance.

Nick stood at the top of the landing, looking down at the couple on the settee. Tina's long body looked particularly small being so close to Steve's ample frame, especially with the hulking proboscis gaping obscenely from the stuffed hole between her legs. Her long, thin legs framed their pleasure, her new, svelte 14 year-old body, rutting the hairy, gnarly body of the 37 year-old man. The prurient contrast was dick-hardening. The little trollop's cunt-juice coated the swollen cock about half way down its length.

"Unnnh, unnnh, unnnh," she wailed as her ass spasmed, "I fucking got it in. Unnnh, unnnh, unnnh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuck," she churned her comely ass with determination. Then Tina raised up straight, her slight legs splayed across Steve's midsection and raised her willowy arms around her angelic head, all the while flicking her tongue over her pink lips. With one hand she reached under the gauze of her top and pinched her nipple where it was pierced with the ring. The other hand slid down to the top of her cock-stuffed, hairless slit and teased her clitoris. Within minutes she worked herself into a cum of such ferocity that her cunt clenched Steve's swollen cock so hard she couldn't stroke her clenching opening along the shaft anymore -- it was like a cork stuck in too tight of a bottle; she yelped like a hysterical poodle till her cum finished and her cunt relaxed enough to release its clench on the cock. Steve gently pushed her off his still erect dick, hugged her and then got up. Steve hadn't come. He was saving his load for someone else.


Still wearing his robe, Steve made his way to the suite in the east wing of his compound, winding his way through several corridors. Upon arrival, he silently let himself in and walked over to the sunken, circular "entertainment" pit.

The kids, unaware of his presence, were still having lots of fuck-fun. Steve sat at the edge of the pit and watched. Billie was now centering his affections on the new little thirteen year-old sex pot, and was, in fact, reclined on a large, velvet pillow while Susan licked and sucked his enormous dick. She was still wearing her little tank-top (which had dried by now) and her black thong. The thong, however had been pulled to one side by Lynn, who was positioned between her agile, fawn legs. Lynn had her mouth centered on the little trollop's sex hole and was slithering it over her clit. All the while Susan was mewling and cooing, and occasionally lifting her head to bleat an intense moan. It was apparent that she was near delirium with cocaine induced pleasure.

But she was aware enough to notice Steve watching her.

"Look, you guys," she notified the others. "Hi Steve," Lynn and Billie greeted.

"Hi kids. Don't let me get in the way of a good time," he laughed.

Lynn rose and went over to him, her large breasts bobbing, grasped his hand and pulled him over to the other two. Lynn reclined pulling him down with her.

"Hi, sweetheart. I'm Steve," Steve said, turning to the new girl. She was now sitting back on one of the pillows with Billie's arm around her shoulder.

"I'm Susan, pleased to meet you in person," she said demurely, averting her gaze. Steve was awestruck. If the girl looked good on the monitor, she was spectacular in person. Perfect features and skin. Little girl's cleavage delectably exposed through her thin tank-top. Long, lean limbs and she absolutely exuded that exceptionally powerful sexuality of the alluring and amoral young. And her voice. It belied her age -- it had smooth dulcet tones, lilting tones, that reminded him of something.

Although obviously on a coke high, the girl well maintained her composure, and smiled and chatted for a minute with Steve.

"So I'm really glad you're going to be staying with us. I just want you to know that I find you exceptionally attractive and I think you will do well her -- both at work and play," he chuckled.

Susan smiled and replied in a confident tone, gazing directly at him, "Well, I'd heard you were handsome yourself, but I never expected this. You are really hot!" Steve's ego swelled to the point he was embarrassed. He didn't think a thirteen year-old could have this effect on him. He was over three times the girl's age, but it didn't seem to put her off at all.

Suddenly, Susan giggled and then exclaimed, "Jesus, is that your cock?" Steve looked down and realized the conversation with the girl had given him a partial hard-on and its head peeked from the edge of his robe.

"Ah, yeah," Steve shifted himself a little self-conscious.

"I guess talking to you got me a little excited," he explained with a chuckle.

"God, that thing looks huge. How big is it?" she asked with a little girl's inquisitiveness. Steve pulled his robe back to expose his penis. Its length lay on his thigh, half-way to his knee.

"I thought Billie's cock was big, but yours is even bigger," she exclaimed. "Can I feel it?" she asked in her smooth as butter voice -- that was it. Her voice reminded him of butter. Butter. She moved toward him.

"I'd love it if you would, sweetheart," he could barely get the words out. His heart pounding and his cock lengthening.

Fuuuuck, this little girl was a shot of adrenaline to his sex drive. He was almost afraid he would ejaculate, like a high-school boy on his first date, if she touched him. Susan moved over to him, balanced on her knees and bent to touch and then rub the almost fully erect cock.

"Fuck, how do you do it with this thing. I couldn't ever get that in me -- could I?" she intoned with a coquette's ironic smile and a flick of the lips with her tiny tongue. Steve ignored her inquiry and urgently reached for her tiny waist where the thong wrapped around it. He pulled her down against him and brought her small pouting mouth down to his. He tried not to overwhelm her with the passion he felt for the precocious child-slut. His mouth closed over hers and he immediately felt a flick of her tongue as her mouth opened. Ummmh! He had to possess this creature.

High voltage shot through his being as her tongue danced against his lips, then she kissed him ardently and then lightly sucked his large tongue.

"Christ, honey. You are a dangerous little thing. You know that?" he nuzzled her long, lithe neck and ran his hand from her lean, curvaceous thigh, across the valley of her slight waist, to cup her pointing tittie pout, obviously erected from the lusty kiss. As his hand made the journey, Steve felt transported; the expression in her eyes was of hunger, but it was she who was feeding him.

She giggled, "You fucking make me horny... at least I think. I really need to fucking cum but I can't cause Billie stuck all that coke up me and now I can barely feel anything down there," she whined and ran her sinuous hand down between her legs and cupped her slit through the thong while she drew back the stockinged leg, an invitation for Steve to address her complaint. Steve bent his head and flicked his large tongue in a moist swathe across the pinnacle of her nipple poking out through her shirt. He then raised the tank top till it was above her breasts. He attached his lips to the adorable nipples, so pink they looked as if they had been lipsticked.

"Let me see what I can do, honey," Steve moved his hand from her breasts back down the supple length of her body. Susan cooed her agreement and rolled onto her arched back and shifted her stockinged legs slightly apart in anticipation. Steve's cock was so hard at the stimulation this Lolita was having on him that he was lightheaded.

Steve righted himself, then turned toward the black marble table in the center of the entertainment pit and reached for a small crystal decanter; attached inside the silver cap was a spoon. He scooped it into the white powdery contents and proffered the heaping spoonful first to Susan.

"This might bring back a little feeling. Would you like to try a little, baby?"

"What is it?" she asked. "It's Ecstasy, babe. It makes you feel real good and want to do it all night."

She giggled, "Really? Maybe I want to do it all night already!" flashing her perfect white smile and fluttering her heavy eyelids.

But she moved toward the spoon, covered one nostril, snorted and then the other. Billie and Lynn also took large snorts before he put the bottle away.

"Oh, God," Lynn exclaimed, "Last time I did this stuff, I went to a party with Cindy and we were so horny we fucked a guy in the bathroom and then I fucked a couple of other guys in their cars outside the bar we went to. I had one of them take me home and call up a couple of his friends and they fucked me all night. I even fucked two of them at the same time. I was still fuckin' horny in the morning. I think we went through about a gross of rubbers. I came home and masturbated for about three more hours," she giggled as she squeezed her cunt-mound through her thong. Lynn liked to talk openly about her sexual activities.

Steve quickly shucked his robe, ran a hand down his tanned, washboard stomach and stroked the massive organ that jutted obscenely from his crotch up past his navel.

As Susan raised up on her elbows to get a better look at him, Steve signaled to Billie and Lynn to join them. Lynn lifted and cradled Susan's exquisite head and shoulders in her lap and caressed her face, placing light affectionate kisses on her high cheek-bones, bubble-gum pink lips and breathtaking eyes while Billie laid his head on her chest, and lightly licked at her breasts and rubbed her delectable tummy.

Meanwhile, Steve moved between the young girl's long stockinged legs, reveling in their extensive splendor while jacking his gargantuan cock. He took his time reveling in the sight of the exceptional beauty of the promiscuous thirteen year-old's exceptional charms.

Billie lay with his head on the girl's ivory thigh and surveyed the sleek junction of Susan's legs where her slit hid. He reached his hand to push-aside the skimpy, transparent bikini-thong she wore to make way for Steve's large truncheon. His eyes followed the flawless curves of her thighs where they met in a confluence of sensuality. A tiny rose-colored crevice lay beneath a wisp of blond fleece at the cleft at the juncture of the anxious thirteen-year-old's legs. Below that lay the orbs of her lean, round buttocks, with the almost imperceptible rosebud of her ass-opening hidden in the clean line separating the svelte ass cheeks.

"Fuck, I can feel that feeling from the X again," Lynn intoned as she bent over above Susan's face, "Can you feel that, honey?" she asked.

Susan nodded and pulled down Lynn's face to her lips. She tongue-kissed her, displaying her craving. Lynn reached her hand down the front of Susan's shirt and moved it over her little tittie mound, squeezing it sharply. Billie pulled the tank-top up and tongued the same nipple. Lynn could feel it harden as she twisted it soaked in Billie's saliva as his tongue danced on its tip. Susan could feel waves of fuck-itch radiate from her cunt throughout her scintillating body. As if she wasn't horny enough already, now she had some more that was chemically induced.

"Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good," Susan murmured.

"I really need to come," she whined as she reached down her race-horse lean body, and slid her lissom hand to her moist little slit and then insinuated itself up inside her. She plunged the thin, long digit in and out several times, moved it up to moisten her clit, then pushed the thong farther to one side. She positioned a finger on either of her tiny labia and spread them lasciviously to expose the pink meat inside. She then looked directly at Steve and said lewdly, "Come on, stud. Let's see if you can get that fuckin' hunk a salami up my horny hole."

Steve's head swam at the carnality of her expression. He couldn't believe how precocious this beautiful little vamp was.

Steve lecherously viewed his target between the little hedonistic slut's lissom legs. It was a tiny little slit only about an inch and a half long (about the length of Steve's piss-slit on his cock) with hardly any lips. It would almost be invisible except she had been fuck-playing with Billie, Lynn and her own fingers. There was only a wisp of baby fuzz at the top of it. She was too young to have pubic hair.

Steve shuffled forward, still kneeling, bent his stiff timber down and rubbed it on the little, pink slit, no other contact between them.

"Oh, fuck, owww, Christ," they both moaned simultaneously. Her cunt opened up a little where the cock's piss slit rubbed it. Steve gripped his cock and slid it up and down the little opening between her stockinged legs. She convulsively spread them till they were parallel with the cushions and pulled them even farther back, till they were open over 180 degrees. Then Susan desperately reached between their legs, grabbed the cock and started to rub it back and forth in her little groove frantically. "Fuck, you stud. I've got to come!" She now had a wild, crazed expression of the debauched in her gorgeous Asian eyes.

After several minutes of this, Steve stopped her. He then had Lynn move down, put her head on Susan's tummy and tongue her little gash from above while Susan bucked her lean ass and whimpered loudly.

"Pull it open as far as you can, baby," he said to Lynn whose long, thin tongue writhed over the slit. When the opening was moist with her saliva, he extended his arm near Susan's shoulder so he could lean over her and clearly see her dazed expression. She frantically grabbed his arm with both of hers and looked back into his eyes, her face flush with animal lust.

"Get that fucker into me before I explode," she hissed up at him. Steve centered his oversized truncheon, moved forward until he felt the moist warmth of the depraved child-slut's sex dimple and pressed hard. With the help of Lynn's saliva and cunt-spreading fingers, his cockhead stretched her elastic cunt opening to the limit and then squelched inside just below the crown of the older stud's painfully hard dick.

"Good God," he bellowed and then continued pressing. He would have simply skewered the horny girl on his pole, but he didn't want to inflict any serious damage.

After several minutes of tiny in-out movement and great patience, he had over half of his stiff dick up the little 13 year-old's perfect, hairless cunt. She was whimpering deliriously, and would occasionally try to fuck back, but much too fast. Billie had to hold her hips down so that Steve could drive his huge cock in at his own pace.

Susan's little cunt ended up being quite accommodating, taking almost 3/4's of his length when fully adjusted. Perhaps it was her long physique which allowed her to take such a big cock up between her legs. When Steve came, he had Lynn put her face down by the little cunt. After the first jet squirted into Susan's hole, he pulled out, squirted several jets into Lynn's sucking mouth, and them jammed his still squirting dick back into Susan's hole for the finish. When he pulled out, Lynn scrambled between her legs to suck the rest of the cum from the delirious thirteen year-old's tortured hole. Steve moved around to Susan's head and had her wrap her succulent lips around his well-worn cock.


On Monday morning, Steve received an urgent call from Ken Svetlana, who ran Models' Inc. for him. "Steve, I got the call from Maitlan he's ready to sign with Models' Inc.. He's narrowed it down to Tina, Susan, and Lisa, final decision will be made next week," he almost ran on out of breath. "Can you believe it? We've got it, the largest media fashion-contract there is, $37 fucking million!" Ken had been assiduously pursuing this contract for three years, as had every other agency in the world.

"Congratulations, Ken! I knew you would come through. Where do we go from here?" Steve asked. "Maitlan will send his plane on Wednesday to pick up the girls and you and me. We'll meet him at his resort in Bridgetown down in Barbados. He wants to get to know the girls a little better before he makes up his mind which one."

"Sounds good, Ken. I'll be able to get away. You work with Sherry and get the girls all ready and we'll meet up with you on Wednesday."

Early Wednesday morning, Steve's helicopter shuttle picked up the five of them at the helipad on top of the compound. They landed at JFK and then boarded Maitlan's Lear Jet. The paparazzi were out in force. Whenever three of the most-demanded models in the world, the most powerful media tycoon and Models' Inc.'s CEO were in one place, it was a sure bet that the press would be on hand.

The girls were adorable and ravishing. They had been primped, pampered, and run through their routines. They had spent several hours a day working out for months and had never looked better. They coquettishly entertained the paparazzi's questions till Steve pulled them away.

When they arrived in Bridgetown, Maitlan was there to greet them with his famous hospitality, flowered wreaths, and kind words. His shuttle stood by to ferry them to his renowned resort the Valhalla, nestled in the Carlisle Bay to the Southwest of Bridgetown. On the flight, Tina sat in the middle perch, while Maitlan sat flanked by Lisa and Susan. Maitlan, being a Spaniard, had a familiar manner anyway, but he simply snuggled each of the girls on the way, being careful to not favor one over the other. They, of course, adored him. Maitlan, in his mid-thirties, was "tall, dark and handsome", not to mention, rich, connected, built, and available, with a scintillating personality that would put anyone at ease.

Although Maitlan had a well-established reputation for chasing young girls and a wild life-style, this encouraged the Models' Inc. girls who looked forward to bedding him, not just for the modeling contract, but because they each found him irresistible.

Along the way, he pointed out the rugged ridges and ravines along the coastline and the beautiful blue waters above the thick coral reefs. There was much excited chatter and vivacious conversation till the helicopter landed at his private helipad on the top of his residence. All were told to rest and prepare for an informal soiree at 9:00 PM; there was to be a surprise announcement.

Everyone assembled in their Caribbean garb in Maitlan's personal suite for an exquisite dinner of fresh seafood of every variety. The girls were too nervous to eat much, but tried to maintain there composure as best they could.

When the time came, Maitlan stood. "Girls, Ken, Steve. Thank you for coming. The reason for inviting you here is less in the spirit of a contest, and more in the spirit of a celebration. You see, in the process of seeking the model who would best represent, Know! I was looking for three things. Sex appeal, youth, and verve and all three of you exceptional young women have all three. For that reason I'm proud to have all three of you represent Know!" With that the three girls jumped up, squealed, hugged each other, Steve, Ken and then Maitlan. The papers were signed, champagne was uncorked and the celebration began.

Well after midnight, after the reality of the situation had settled into each of the girl's pretty heads, libations of every variety were consumed. Maitlan broke out several heaping trays of the world's finest cocaine. They all decided it was time to hit some dance clubs in Barbados, so Maitlan called for a car.

Tina insisted on sitting in Maitlan's lap for the ride. Maitlan had no complaints as they had been openly flirting all night. Tina sat her narrow ass on Maitlan's

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